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She was happy and angelic
Just like a Disney princess...
Believed in an asthetic world which never existed...
Believed in people who didn't know how to love...
She celebrated each and every day with them
Gave them her heart and trust....silly!
But how could she forget...
Neither it was Disney nor she was a princess.
They hurt her with their knives of words and actions.

She bleeded everyday more and more...
But she was not a it ain't in her blood
She picked up her sword and the bruised pieces...
Put them back with the bandaids.

They thought of her as a dream...that could be broken easily,
But she is a nightmare...dressed up as a dream.
In this world of princesses,
She will be a Queen...
Now don't get near'll get burned
Her heart is all black...
I saw her pretending to be happy.
But now I guess.... she is tired.
The demons that once played and made her cry
They are bowing down to her.

Even though she is all black  
But I'll miss the old her...whatever she was
Atleast she was mine.

To all the girls out there who first lost themselves but then found a Queen inside them.
Alive Again Oct 15
Stagnant, though I've made all this progress.
Recently thinking makes it hurt more,
but for a moment today
I really put the pieces together.

This painful youth, there was a fire raging inside
and it hurt and it made my heart race.
Today I tried to pick up where I left off



and I watched it crumble in my hands?

Confused, I took a hard look, and that fire had gone out.
His name still rings in my mind infrequently, all on its own.
Those sweet memories still in striking detail, I reach for them.
A moment of reunion, a moment.
And you feel stupid for never realizing you'd miss that time,

that you.

And, you know, I've never been closer to all that I've worked for.
And I couldn't care less, I've never felt more empty.
I'm so alone and it'll be a long long time before I ever feel something like that again. If I ever do.
I didn't need to love him to feel that kind of shame.
Every investment I made in my new freedom this summer made me creep back inside myself, slowly, until drinking and dressing up became a new trauma.

The fire was something to live for,
now I just feel like a rectangle.
Path appeared
As he walked on the path
The walk was smooth
Till the path turned into two paths
One lead to his wife
The other to his girl friend
He was now confused
It took him time to decide
The wife and the girl friend got worried
Set out in search of him
Path appeared
As they walked on their path
Both reached
The common path
Where he stood confused
Reality came to the fore
They both stripped him of his clothes
He sits naked there till date
He declared him a saint
He has now many women followers
Shows them door to heaven
No body dares to touch the saint
Politicians and police touch his feet
He shows them the path
Path appears
As they walk on the path
max Oct 8
With words so harsh
She's trying to comfort me
telling me I have to think rationally
She can't hear her own voice
But I,
I do
I hear it more clearly than I would like to
My once beloved melody
That now only hurts
Irem Sep 30
Does my strength
Make you afraid

Does my strength
Break all these rusty
Dusty taboos
Stuck in your head

Does my strength
Rebuild your thoughts
Polishes your mind
Brand new, alive.
Rosie Toes Sep 28
Sitting inside in silence
lumber, drywall, glass, two coats of off-white paint are the barriers between me and the scene I see.
A green jungle out in front of me, I have front row seating.
Like a symphony without sound.
Each tree, with each limb, with each branch, has dozens of leaves taking their turn, having their fun in the wind.
The movement, mimicking waves in the ocean.
The wind is so powerful.
How can I not hear it?
The trees, limbs, branches, leaves, they are dancing to a melody,
a song I can only see.
It looks like beauty, but also looks like chaos,
is it the same to see people on a rollercoaster with the sound off?
Trunks slightly swaying, limbs being tested, branches nearly breaking, leaves are flying out of sight.
And to imagine, I would've missed it all, if I had my blinds down, or my eyes shut.
Jiya Sep 23
i am a very sad person

my daily musings consist of
falling tastefully from
the glorious heights of
towering buildings
in the CBD

overzealous edgy branding
accentuates my
razor sharp words
showing off my
sexiest features

i have the hallmarks of
a depressed teenager?
shocker innit
i wear it on my sleeve
my emotions, that is
or rather
under my sleeve

it took a couple years but
finally I have come to find
that people appreciate a splash of
broken young lady in their lives

i’m just kinda
sick of pushing it down y’know
my new hobbies include
******* the will to live
out of unsuspecting
girls who
run around preaching
false niceties

you see
it's because I’m also
a very mad person
in more ways than one
i have poison on my tongue
spitting cynical-juices
at everyone who dares speak

just, ignore me! Please!
i beg of you.
let my sadness simmer
with the boiling of my blood

‘double, double toil and trouble
fire burn and cauldron bubble’

i recite the lines as
i cackle away
understanding that
the witches from Macbeth
were really just women
with attitude

in this guise I prepare
to the rip the flesh
from the bones of
those whom I love the most

for I am sad and mad
therefore it is a justified
act of violence
and one who is both sad and mad
can only hope to commit
such acts of treachery

i shall feel joy
for the first time in years
smiling a ****** smile
as acting on ones deepest desires
is awfully fulfilling
tc Sep 17
we light our bones on fire
using the wood of words
we cling to on foggy nights,
beneath the echo of flickering stars
we wish the sea wasn’t so heavy
that it didn’t carry too many
uncertainties so that we could sink
without the prospect of drowning
so that we could breathe underwater
for a long while and embrace a world
we aren’t accustomed to
i didn’t choose to be an animal
of the land especially when the sea
looks more like a promise than the trees
i hate the premise of being rooted
when all i want to do is float
to wash away with the scent
of the beach after we realise
what a curse it is to be human
the only thing that could
put out this fire is salt
but we are too busy burning ourselves
and lighting our planet
and we do so beneath the echo
of flickering stars as they watch
how sad it must be for them
to witness from afar
knowing there’s nothing
they can do to stop it
i know how that feels, too.

we light our bones on fire
using the wood of words we cling to
words we didn’t say;
should have said;
could have said differently;
on foggy nights when the sky is clouded
and it’s too late
we shouldn’t get to enjoy nice things
until we can look after the one
gifted to us when we were birthed
and ****** and screaming but alive
alive as the eyes of the earth tear up
at yet another miracle placed before it
a life
raised in the water of the womb
mother nature always has big plans
but i don’t think we are ready
i don’t think we are breathing
heavy enough to feel the weight
of the damage caused
when was the last time you smelt fresh air?
how i’d love to bury my body under the ocean
watch the star flicker at me
one last time as i did
i was going back to where i came from.
the planet is a mess
Do you dare think
that you are superior?
You are not familiar with her, she
who stands before you.
Yet you find yourself above such a creature
who has moved oceans and rescued
sailors out at sea, while swallowing
bucketfuls of salt water, without protest.
You dare think that you are superior?
She has washed up on shore, spurting blood from her lips but she does not tell you her adventures in turmoil.  
You do not care, for you are only passing through.
You begin to utter choice words, but you may bite your tongue.
For she will send the tides to drown you out at sea.
Inspired by years of working in customer service and facing people who think it's cool to be cruel to you when they do not know who you really are.
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