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Alicia Moore May 20
Loving you is my greatest achievement.
Who knew that a task so demanding
could be maintained so effortlessly?

My greatest achievement is loving you.
Who would have guessed that emotions so powerful
would eventually be so simple to convey?

Loving you isn’t easy,
loving anyone never is,
but it is my greatest achievement of all.
Gemma May 11
The words danced from my mouth
Desperate to bring on the rain.
They fell to the ground and shattered.
Fragile though they were,
they fueled thunder and created storms.
Akta Agarwal Apr 25
Drugs can destroy life,
it's a bad vibes
but why the person get addicted with it,
because they were craving for love like this,
Why do we blame the person
who is addicted,
why don't we have taken care of its
from the beginning,
why she felt lonely?
why she have to find out something to share things
other then her family,
yes that's true drugs destroy many life
but not only the addicted person is responsible for this
her close one is also responsible for this,
but she can be free from this cage called drugs
which is eating her happiness,
if she will get love,
for which only she has taken support of drugs,
do love her so much
that's there is no needs of drugs,
yes it's hard
and it will also take a lot of time,
but only the drug called love can replace this harmful drug,
and the persons have to be patience also,
and then slowly everything will gonna be fine,
just assure her that you are here to give her positive vibes.
Love is the strongest power that is capable of replacing drugs
Tuffy Mutombo Apr 15
I am afraid that you are falling in love with the expectations you have of me

While you ignore the toxic version of me
The loud, broken, desperate version of me

You don’t really see me, you see job offers
a few kids, a wedding ring, new homes, new cars  
While you ignore my deep scars

I am afraid you are falling in love with who you want me to be

While ignoring the real me, the trauma suffering, addict struggling, broken soul, who is afraid to love

You are ignoring the angry man who needs therapy but decides it’s better to feed his anger and throw his emotions at the end of liquor bottles

The man who your mother warned you would break your heart.
I am a victim of my pain, but you ignore that because you see something within. You want me to be that perfect man of your dreams, that you forget to face your nightmares

You hide my scars, feed me compliments while preaching to me about your biological timeline, lying and telling me everything will turn out fine if I find a job that makes a lot of money, bought a new car, a new home with a picket fence, change my accent, dress and act a certain way   

Please don’t try to save me
Save your imagination for thinking it can transform me to meet your expectations
Sometimes those we love to forget to love the real version of us. They think about all the great things and forget to address the warning signs early due to their need to make you their "one and only". Expectations destroy relationships and **** any hope for change. We need to do better at truly loving each other.
KyleB Apr 11
The earth feels small,
loosing size constantly as the sun lowers herself
the world is immersed in her ****** streams of warmth.
It is fading
the sky becomes stronger, rocks us in the darkness of minor stars
- so big, so far away.
They matter so little
It is far away, yet so big.
We think of it as little.

What do they think of us?
Stars are suns
But are they all the same?

Millions are sweeping around the universes
so big
So hot
Far away
Looking small

They are hiding their meaning
.. You have to find it

Do you want it?

The stars are suns
So small
But they are big
If we let them be
If we explore their truth

Do we mind the darkness around them?
Do you see it?

Our eyes are meant to find light
We focus
Nobody minds

Nobody wants to find darkness
We are all looking for another sun
Lost in the cloak of darkness we want to escape from

Shooting stars.
Her: Hey how are you
Me: I am still a fool
Her: Why
Me: Because I am still willing to fall for you
Her: I just called to check up on you
Her: Heard you been facing a tough time
Me: Yes I have been facing a tough time
Me: I have been feeling empty inside
Me: I been feeling like a hole has been ripped in my heart
Me: Even though my heart beats,
Me: It still beats to the soundtrack of your voice
Her: I am confused
Her: I gave you my heart and you decided to break it
Her: Now you crying and facing regret
Her: I gave you my all, and you gave me just enough of you
Her: Enough to keep me interested
Her: While loving me from a distance
Her: As you fought the resistance, you never gave us a chance
Her: You ignored love when it came knocking
Me: I know, I was wrong for thinking you would stay forever
Me: I took you for granted, I took what we had and destroyed it
Me: You calling me shows me that we still stand a chance
Her: Some chapters are better left closed
Her: I am just keeping my promise
Her: I told you I would be there for you
Her: Even if it meant loving you from a distance
Her: I see the good in you
Her: But I can't be with you if you don't see it too
Me: I see what you mean, I still have a lot to learn
Me: I tried to find you in the last person who claimed to love me
Me: But failed to realize that a love that you gave could never be duplicated, a love full of compassion, desire, a love so deep the soul can feel it. Now I get it, I was numb at the moment because I was afraid to feel loved, afraid to lose myself in you, afraid to face my darkest fears
Me: I was afraid to let you hold my insecurities, thinking it would destroy me.  So I never gave you all of me. Because I thought it was impossible to love me
Her: Impossible is a word cowards use to ignore life's greatest opportunities. I believed in you and saw all that you could be
Her: I saw past your insecurities, I just hoped you saw me for me and stopped running away from me
Her: Your fear introduced countless hours of tears to me
Her: You left me outside your heart as I knocked for you to let me in
Her: Now that I healed from the pain and hurt you caused me, you want me to open up those old scars, those old memories
Me: I am sorry, that I hurt you so badly. I hurt myself too along the way for being ignorant of your love
Me: Your words were the closure I was looking for
Me: The piece to my peace I was missing
Me: I now undersatnd what it means to have had and lost
Her: I am sorry too... I wish you luck as you search for the real you
Her: When you find him please tell him next time to love instead of run, tell him its ok to feel too. Tell him true love comes to those who seek it with all of their heart and soul. Tell him its ok to fall
Me: Thank you for everything
Me: I now understand
Her: You are welcome, I will be here until the end
Orah Mar 26
When I close my eyes
I become a time traveler

I can’t always control the destination
Nevertheless, I certainly know when I have arrived at the desired location

The mixture of emotions always taste like acid
And the memory of our meet paralyzes me

A lovely summer day
Full of laughter
And new friends
Marked a new beginning
That ended in a great tragedy

Agony switched places with happiness

Tears of laughter became tears full of sorrow

Music could no longer drown out my screams

And every friend transformed into an enemy
LC Mar 24
a memory wrapped its cold, rough hands
around my throat, squeezing it tightly.
as I tried to walk away, the memory
stuck its foot out, blocking my path.
I could only muster a pitiful squeak
as I fell face first onto the ground,
and the memory fell on top of me,
effectively holding my body hostage.
its hands were still on my throat,
but it was invisible to everyone else.
they only saw me fall to the ground.
they asked me what was wrong,
but I did not have air that could
breathe life into the powerful words
that were begging to leave my mind.
a sheet of paper suddenly appeared
underneath my right palm,
and a pencil rolled my way.
I gripped the sturdy pencil with
every ounce of strength I still had,
steadying the paper with my wrist,
and I wrote the words I couldn't say
so they would stop begging to leave,
even as the memory gripped my throat.
as I kept writing, I noticed the memory
stopped feeling as heavy on my body.
it was getting ****** into the paper.
it resisted at first, but after a while,
the memory slowly let go of me
and relaxed into the pencil marks.
when I had no more words left,
I picked myself up off the ground,
placed the pencil above my ear,
took the paper, hugged it to my chest,
and walked away with a smile on my face.
You will never understand my underlying battle beneath the surface if you spent a millenia breaking me down

I have fought
I have lost
I've felt

That isn't all that I am
I am
What I've learned
How I fought back
How I chose to over come
The ways I surmounted

That's ok
You were never meant to dissect my beating heart on the table simply for your selfishness of knowing

All that I am
I wish someone truly took the time to realize how amazing I am sometimes but then I realize I am that someone I rely on myself for support and inspiration. And only myself
Akta Agarwal Mar 10
She gave life ,
She is a wife ,
She is a mother,
She is a friend,
She is a sister with whom all the secrets are safe to the end.
She is strong, smart, sensual, caring, giving, surviving, tolerant and powerful.
She is a woman,
She sometimes do swallows her pride bcoz of her children's happiness putting her feelings aside.
She is a gentle and sweet person who cheers people up whenever they're feeling down.
She is a class clown that gives people reasons to smile everyday.
She can sacrifice her smile and happiness bcoz of her loved ones.
She is that power to whom we have given the name goddesses shakti, kali, bhawani e. t. c.
Her power can't be able to defined in words.
She is someone so beautiful from her heart's ♥ .
She is not only beautiful from outer side but she have beautiful talents.
she is so sweet as sugar, cold as ice, hurt her once and she will break you twice .
She is so sweet and soft as per situation but she can become hard as stone and sour as bitter gourd as per the situation also.
She is a woman.
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