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Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2022
We're riding bikes on this trip known as life

In midnight hours

Facing wind with a hefty amount of risk mixed with intoxication adorning my head with an imaginary crown in place of where nonexistent helmet should be

Drunk not on alcohol
Instead from the countless tears formed by self-hatred
Hot liquid bubbling over edges of my eyelids

I hope we find our way
We travel without light guiding our direction
Two insignificant nomads blindly navigating this vast existential void
Attempting to reach sort of adequate destination before time reaches us
Held together by fingers and an invisible magnetism more powerful than the unknown forces pulling and prodding around us at all angles
And led forward by our hearts
I miss my partner in crime
Descovia Jul 2022
The light in me is alive!
Nothing will stop me.
Earthquake-erupting-eardrum shattering explosions
Brightening and exciting
Transforming the hues of the skies.
Rage with heat
silent as fire
No element can conquer or counter me
My hatred is unmatched
My love is stronger compared
to any living external force

Spirit or in flesh.
Prepare for the worse and arm
yourself with your best!
My frustration in combination with faith of heart
beautifully spreads chaotic balance.
Summoned by the user who exceeds the power of fire users.
Terrifyingly destructive if misused, peacefully and devastatingly
enhances life in all I love.
I can be at peace, with all I have to face.
It will provide blessings to my joys.
Magic is a source to not play with as a toy.

Blissful Nobody May 2022
I have a tail from the past,
Some wings to the future,
A strong stomach for now,
My beauty is Chimerical,
I have changed and evolved,
Into an unworldly being,
Understood by none,
Misunderstood often,
I have lived on.

With memories of the past,
Oblivious smiles at the future ,
Curiously treading now,
I leave my footprints ,
Only to be erased,
So a different me ,
Shall walk the path again.
My nature is chimerical ,
Everchanging and Evolving.

“Give me a name?
So stereotypical of you!”
My being is an enigma,
An untamed beast ,
Expansive till I shall consume,
The infinite possibilities,
An identity is limiting,
For what I was ,
What I’ll be ,
And what I am.
In this limitless form,
Chimerical I have become.
Strong, limitless and powerful
I S A A C Apr 2022
you lie like a cheap rug, but I fill in the blanks for my own peace
you are just an actor, I am directing the scenes
you are not as powerful as you seem
all my power is found in the in-betweens
the venom rumors, toxic to your reputation
with all my information like a computer
are you sure you want to test me?
Zack Ripley Mar 2022
silence can be...awkward.
but it can also be a powerful tool.
depending on your intention, it can represent respect.
it can help you grieve.
it can make it easier to breathe.
and in a world that can bring the brutality of war
into the safety of your home,
when you feel lost for words,
like there's nothing you can say,
the sound of silence can say it all
The rays of the sun,
Shining straight at me,
As it falls, to the southwest,
A beautiful scene, a gift from nature,
The most powerful, over the rest,
Through leafless trees, two days before winter,
Up high & alone, I can see many squirrels’ nests.
When out of my sight, the burning out star,
Will still shine, bright, as we see the reflection,
Off the moon and stars at night.
As the big ball of fire grows closer, to the horizon,
As for as, my eyes can see, looking out my window,
It reminds me of a ship lowering its mast, out in the sea.

The Original: Tom Maxwell
12/19/2021 AD
4:20 PM
Ren Sturgis Jan 2022
Tantalizing, Tantalizing, Tantalizing
Frigid, Frigid, Frigid
A game we both play,
a game of tag..
Confident they'll win
Sure that I'll lose
Sharp, Sharp, Sharp
Powerful, Powerful, Powerful
Inspired by an ****** workshop, Unearthing our ****** Archetypes
Led by Moonyeka and FoxDen
Look in the mirror and see what I do
A beautiful woman, and that woman is you

Conquering the obstacles life puts in your way
You pick yourself up when the worlds in disarray

The first few days are the hardest days
I've learned this fact in a number of ways

But I see you walking with such great pride
So why are you worried, put those concerns aside

And one day, again, you'll be riding high
So ignore all the bad things that keep passing by

‪Just stay level headed, focus on your dream‬
Things will come around, they ain’t as crazy as they seem

And you will find in a moments time
That you will be stronger and that you will shine

A note to her
Jay M Aug 2021
Lover's drive
Knows no bounds
Not distance, nor rules
With the other they thrive
Running along like gleeful hounds
Eyes glittering like the most prized jewels

- Jay M
August 21st, 2021
Nothing is more powerful than that of a driven lover- let alone a driven pair of lovers.
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