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Many people say that, actions speak louder than words,
these short little lines we write speak to us in a way a gift or a hug could never,
do speak louder than words.
But words,
speak directly to our mind and heart:
bypassing the inconsistencies and shows us one's intentions,
words, do mean something
I am the first drop of dew,
That falls on,
Flowers of different hue,
I am the sweetness of tea,
and bitterness of coffee
I am the cloud,
That has both
Thunder and rain,
I am the
Strong wind,
That blows,
I am the sweet whistling wind,
That brings peace,
I am the water fall,
I am the sea,
I am the sky and the stars,
I am the beauty,
I am the beast,
I am no ordinary person,
I am a woman…………..
Noah Clark Feb 3
Never underestimate a
creative mind.
No matter how
many books you
memorize, creativity
will always be
more powerful.
sky Jan 30
The spell you have on me
is so powerful
Your name need be mentioned once
and I feel as if everything will be okay
Lieke Jan 26
With my red lipstick on
soaring through the deep
melting through it all

hair behind me
chin raised up high
arms spread out
vision clear

look back
see you
deep breath
keep going
With my red lipstick on.
December, 2017
I am Medusa; stone cold
I am Hera; a queen
I am Persephone; powerful
I am Athena; a fighter
I am Aphrodite; a lover
I am Artemis; uprising
I am Demeter; sustaining
I am Hestia; of hearth and fire

I am Olympus in its full glory.
basically, this poem is about the hidden power you carry and the strength you don't realise you have.
I love the way you underestimate me and all that I can do.

That in itself is the greatest power over you that you could ever give me.
i hate when people underestimate me. it ****** me off so much. like, you don't know me so don't assume the things i can do. just because i don't fulfill my potential doesn't mean i'm powerless.
Prince eduard Jan 14
Jesus Christ
Your name is a stronghold
Yes, it is where we go
A name everyday we hold
When we lose our way
It's where we're bold to go on to

Your name is powerful
Simple yet has all wonders
It's where we came sinful
Yet in your name made graceful

We cry in the midst of life
And you're here and you're our light
We came to You, hurt
And You healed us
You give us hope
You gave us faith
And You use everything around us
As You will to enliven us
Oh! You enlighten us
Oh God, In Your Name
Inflame our love

You humble the prideful
And you don't like the boastful
But you exalts the humble
And by Your grace
You give us without number
In Your name our voice we lift
In Your name our hands we raise

Like a mother warship, the main force   An eternal limitless power we've got in Your Name
Oh what a Righteous God we have in You
What a Faithful Friend we're with You
What a Loving God our cries known by You

A Word but mystified in all it's essence
You can't describe all its fullness
Because eternity, the being All-Powerful it represents
Now I wish to feel it in every senses

Oh in Your Name we are safe
In your name we're comforted
I pray that whenever we call in Your Name
You send angels upon us
Lift us when we "lame"
Hallelujah! God bless!
pick your battles.
you can scream
into the mountain
are you ready
for an avalanche?

- katrina ******
some things are not worth fighting about.

instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
can you feel your womanhood?
your *******
your curves
your stretch marks
your hips
your lips
your brain
can you feel your
gentle shoulders sway through the pain
     as the universe quivers between your hips
can you feel your power?

- katrina ******
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