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Konner 2d
why do we hate when we should love
why can’t we forgive and just make up
instead we get mad and hold up guns
we fall into society and now look who’s won
so who’s really winning? the world. or us.

we’re surrounded by people yet all alone
trapped in our minds, trapped in our phones
we say we’re “ok”
but you can tell by the tone
we’re fighting, we’re scared, we just want to feel at home
so who’s really winning? the world. or us.
the truth is we’re trapped in society
and scared to be us
so we conform, we change, we try to fit there ways
but the reality is we’ll never be enough
we have to choose happiness, choose love
choose forgiveness and choose to trust
we have to forget society and choose US
So Ask yourself
who will you let win? the world. or us.
Erenn Sep 4
“I didn’t mean that”
“That’s not what I meant”
“Well, You are fat”
“You’re just a Friend”

             It’s just words
Yes the truth hurts
But to bring a person down, embarrassing them and helping a person grow are two different things.
Be kind. With your words.
Bhill Aug 30
I watched from the background
The very existence of such a powerful being was overwhelming
What was your secret
What did you process that others did not
What happened to allow your evolution
Those enormous accomplishments stunned the heavens
Created a space so improved, perfected and large
Wow is all I got left...

Wait, where are we
Have we reached our destination or are we at the fringe

Brian Hill - 2019 # 222
I've been watching too many space shows...
Will Bittner Aug 26
If Humanity were a clock,
We would be
The last second.
The last second
On a time bomb
About to explode.

If Humanity were a star,
We would be
Tiny and Dull.
Tiny and Dull
But hot enough still
To burn our world away.

If Humanity were Earth's master,
We would be
Alone on our tiny rock.
Alone on our tiny rock,
Unimpeded by nature,
A world we've always wanted.

If Humanity were humane,
We would be unable to look
On what we've done.
On what we've done
We look anyways
But we don't see.

We are blinded by our pride.
Atika Zahin Aug 12
(read till the end)

Can you feel the pain
Of the power that stands in drain?

Flooded with the heart's desire
You can't contain that fire

Power that drives you insane
Treated with all that violence

A dagger in the soul
That scar's you forever and more

Statues are not what you symbolize in sand and clay
But this is what you describe today

In front of the mirror you make stand
With power so grand

With a dark touch to the silvery hue
The image doesn't reflect you

And the first question asked : Why so?
Cause no mirror reflects a shadow

Its just the eyes that differentiate the shades
But there will be no image

Slaved by the un-bated fire
Look at the monster you made

So grave and so faint
That there is no image

Dried tears of coal
Power so unchecked and unquestioned
Printed so in your soul
But the mirror has no reflection

Scared by the truth unchained?
It is what you have to witness

Dreams in your eyes
With the skies devine

More ruthless than the under links
That is what power in hand means

"I should have the greatest image of all
Great, beautiful and tall"

Reflect the glory and power that you drained
But there is no reflection

Thinking all these among the shadowed trees
Swayed by the gentle breeze

"What in mind?"
Asked the child so innocent and blind

'Will the child think of me so low?
If I tell him I am a shadow'

So instead I put on a charming smile
That hides all the crimes

"Come closer my child
Let me hold you for a while"

'After all I was knocking the doors of insanity
While my death flirted with me'
I has a dark meaning.Its about a powerful man who thinks he has everything but has nothing.Here the mirror is the world and his image (reflection) is what people think of him.
Carl D'Souza Aug 1
Is Justice
the principles
of how a society should function
to facilitate the joy and happiness
of every citizen?
In contrast,
has modern law
become the powerful and wealthy
imposing their
demands and expectations
on the rest of us?
Is law
the principles of Justice?
Is law
principles which guide the behaviour of every citizen
to facilitate the joy and happiness
of every citizen?
Kay Jul 16
To the woman who took me on as an extra grandkid when I lost my grandma and never got to say goodbye
I am sorry I couldn't say goodbye to you too.

To the woman who assured me I wasn't a failure and I could do anything I set my mind to
I am sorry I can't be strong right now.

To the woman i lived with for three years
I am sorry I haven't stopped by to visit again.

My heart is so heavy right now
without you I am struggling to breathe.

And even though I hate hugs, I grew to love your hugs.

Rest in Peace Mrs. Houde.
To the woman who past on today... 7/15/19...
Lynn Jun 27
The Ocean
   she’s wild and unpredictable
That is what makes her so much fun
   she’s a risk.
She may toss you senseless in
   her unending watery folds
Or perhaps envelope you gently in
   a shallow blanket.
soft enough to give life
strong enough to drown it away.
Valentin Jun 22
Could you imagine
How powerful it is
To control yourself
To take your own decisions
To be the only one to choose
To be your own master
To depend of no one except you
To decide what you want to do
Could you feel this freedom
No one is stopping you
No one is preventing you from doing anything
No one matters
Only you matters
You are your present
You are your future
You feel alive
You feel free
But could you take the time
Take the time to realize
How powerful you are
How strong you are
You take your biggest decisions
You are everything
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