Crying shadows bleed on my doorstep; lost souls,
Itching and scratching and clawing to cross my threshold,
I promise- It wasn't always cluttered and baleful,
Demons slither to places dank, wet, dead, cold.
Piles and piles of garbage
In my room
In my brain
In my mind
I'm too busy sitting in it
To do any spring cleaning
Long across the grains
Watching the hills float
Screaming till he faints
A droplet in his throat

Straight shooting arrows
Vaporized his proud entity
Raising both arms in sorrow
He cried his eyes empty

An attempt to beg forgiveness
Fell on his knees and rose
When hope struck the witness
On a lost mirage long across
Her face, though initially strange
Begins to wear a familiar aspect
Eyes intensely alive
Circles which obliterate all memory

Grace not knowing itself

Her memory asks to stay the night
Occupying the chambers of my heart
Going to work on its four walls
Pouring herself into its compartments

Leaving no room for anything else

I can remember the pulsations of her wandering
As if I had lived in heaven once
But had somehow strayed from this angel in attendance
Who had promised to meet me again

To make heaven of ****
I will fail you,
I will fall.
Let you down just like before.
Everything I built will burn.

Broken dreams and broken trust
Crush the hopes you held so dear.
A shallow wave,
I'm so wind tossed.
I can't find my way.

A thousand nights I've spent right here.
A thousand times I've fallen down.
I spend more time in the grave
Than with the living.

What is wrong?
Why can't I change?
I'm always lost or in the way,
And so tired now,
I just want to die.

Because I'm so tired
Of my own tired out excuses.
And I'm so done
With this over played refrain.
I've rehearsed these lines
A thousand times,
But everything is useless.
No matter how hard I try, how hard I cry,
Nothing will ever change.

Can you find me?!
Do you still love me?!
Will you save me once again?
I spend more time falling,
Than I ever do on my feet.
Tell me! Please! Tell me!
What the **** is wrong with me?!
Meera 2d
She looks like heaven
And tastes like ****
Naoki B 2d
A fatal error in the back of my mind
The anxious moments they never fall behind
So I receed to the walls, the safe confines
But to hide from fears, a life defined
So what do I do, do I stay behind these lines
And wait for time to just rip my mind
Or walk through fire while burning inside
October 3d
Everyone is living their fairytale
While I’m living in ****
Come back to me already
Let's make this right
Mend this hole and close it tight
No one has to ever know
The deep cuts created
The harmful words spoke
Let’s go back to the way things were
Before you shattered my heart
Before everything between you and me fell apart
I saw a man on a hill
Overlooking a valley that stretched over miles
With tears drenched on his cheeks

I knew by the shovel in his hand
And the mound beside his feet
He was sad

The gravestone was nameless
And when I peered over to see
There was nothing there

That's when I saw a man take his life
Falling thousands of feet into ****
But I thought he was an angel

He wasn't sad,
He was in pain.
And I didn't realize that in time.
So I took myself and stood on a hill
Overlooking a valley that stretched over miles
With tears drenched on my cheeks

I didn't know why but
I held the shovel in my hand
Beside the hole in the ground

I was sad
I wanted to **** myself
I hate myself

They didn't know,
That I was in pain.
And didn't realize that this time.
- SkullsNBones
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