Umi 10h

Hellfire do not go out!
Please just stay as you are
Once in the flames I wander through an answerless world
All the embers burning all the people are turning, trying to get away..
Hellfire do not go out!
Please just stay as you are
No matter how much they walk, no matter how far...
In the end they are consumed by these merciless flames
Burnt away, until not even their names,
Are remembered here, in this world full of shames
As the fire burns I ask myself wether this is a nightmare or not
And as it consumes my very soul and makes me then rot
I begin to then understand my very purpose, my destiny
Just being fuel for that fire to burn is what was planned for me
Oh Hellfire, will you go out ?
No, once you are about to go out, you just keep roaring loud
Come back hotter, more painful than I can take
My body is burning up, I think my mind is going to break
And as this torture goes on
I wished I would be gone

~ Umi

By Arcassin Burnham

Wrong place,  wrong time, two nickels make a dime, but I just don't wanna fail.

Too many heartbreaks plus hardships,  set sail for through fiery hell.

Life is hard,  we all know,  the same scenario,
It's not hard than you portray.

Good things,  good days,  come and go,
Melting away.

Do you see the shame?  That you threw on me , laughing and scheming afflicting the
Meaning of pain,
No respect given in this life will leave you in suspense , making it harder to sustain.


The angels and the devils want to make you their own
Until you die, they'll leave you alone

Make your choices
But in your mind keep their voices

Sink to the inferno of the condemned
Or rise to the gates of the euphoria
You decide.

Yeah, this one's a little religious

in hell he heaves his final breath,
yet untouched by the hand of death.

flies feed fearlessly on his rotting flesh-
no hand to disturb their festive feast.

undecided, uninvited, unfulfilled… but full of contusions.
body bent, broken, and covered with burning confusion.

dreaming during day, at night he seldom rests.
in races he is last and also the least.

walking wonders welcome woe-
infallible and impeccable- past him they go.

his heart hops, skips, and flips,
but for some reason, still it beats.

when he looks in the mirror, what does he see?
he sees imperfection… he sees inadequacy.

livid, lonely, longing to kiss her lips,
solo, he sails in the salty sea of sheets.

books baffle brains, from him escapes brilliance.
fighting his fate, unarmed, outnumbered, but still resilient.

Umi 3d

Oh mark the words which I do say,
Who knows..tomorrow could be our last day
When you understand that it is true it will be too late,
It is said that each soul has it's given date
Oh my children, your mothers embrace cannot protect you
You will face your God...if you only knew
Please my children purify your very deeds
After all this is what it needs
To past the test..please promise me to do your very best
Death can come without any warning; an unwanted guest
Come on my children let us pray,
That our sins do not weigh (too much)
Please my children do not sigh..its really okey to cry
Once your soul is about to leave, God is the only one to rely
Once you withness you breathe, one last time, you are about to die
At last it will come to heaven or hell
This is why my children, I tell you to choose your actions well..
Be good..alright ?

~ Umi

Inspired by a Nasheed
Ian Woods Dec 2017

with a sickly, licking sound
Hell’s vengeful fires leapt
left a blackened patch of ground
where scorching flames had swept

there a human corpse was found
face down, prone it slept
bed an ashy, charcoaled mound
but flesh intact, well kept

the damned, confused, stood around
but cursed souls must accept
if too wet to burn they’re drowned
in the countless tears they’ve wept

Fills my lungs
My rooms
My house
My world.

Torches my mind
My family
My love
My universe.

Consumes my heart
My thoughts
My body
My soul.

To me,
To you,
To everyone.

I'm stuck in a fiery pit of emotions.

A Male fatale,
Eyes of golden green.
Hair like a Doré angel.
And muscles so mean.
Subverting the life of another.
Pale or frozen.
Glass blown and sharp.
Angels of heaven dancing on his skin,
A King of Clubs and diamond studded desire,
Keeping me in line.
Leather, shades, and wings outstretched,
A Poet joker.
A dancing demon.
Shush sweet Vampyre.
You devour the love out of me -
Paradise might overhear.
You to me are everything I dreamed -
Jealousy will ensue.
I wish I was your only,
As you are to another,
And another and another.
So help me please.
There's no blessed plot for me now.

Get Out Of My Head

although the election results,
(and his imprimatur dissolving, fading, receding,
et cetera now ranks as old news,
i still feel that adulation beckons cheers

defying odds to win the hearts and minds
aside from this one voter who cast his vote
for a (as he calls himself "mutt" of mongrel -
with no insinuation for denigration)

toward a biracial mortal male who epitomizes
that je nais sais quois ambition du jour
to tackle the multitude of local
and/or global challenges
with his prized defensive team.

no doubt he probably already composed
some rough draft per his inaugural address
(or yours - eminent president elect
if ye happen to be perusing the contents
of this email) will address the outstanding crisis

that confront the home turf
and international world stage
populated with tough rooted quandaries,
which hardly allows, enables
and provides for mushroom to err.

rather than fritter critical and valuable time
to blame or fear for the prior
republican administration
that could be held accountable
for the current morass, i reckon

that tis prudent to expend
the precious sands of time to ameliorate
those most serious issues without resorting
to fear, which machiavellian technique
this admirer begs to differ.

aside from begging to differ
with your philosophy to affect guilt
in other (as like an invisible prod),
the paradigm presented promulgated
(in prestigious media resources)

pleases this papa of deux daughters,
which principles of the first
african american occupant of the white house
brings solace within this spirit.

no matter mind boggling and overwhelming lesions
seem to witness this two hundred quarter
plus democratic experiment to hemorrhage
and require emergency action,

i feel reassured that resuscitation
of this body politick will recover
and become restored to vibrant health
thru the confident intervention thru diligence,

intelligence, ordinance, et cetera of (emma)
eminence filled pride without prejudice,
sense and sensibility to become like
some wunderkind in the oval office.

even now (about one month or less)
when that oath taken to heart to uphold
the covenant of life, liberty
and the pursuit of happiness

(as attempted to be codified by founding fathers
of this country - i.e. these united states of america)
stunned disbelief still abounds
within my liberal filled conscience,

yet excited at the prospect
one young(ish) noble representative
of homo sapiens exhibits
much esteemed aura, charisma, dogma,

and persona so pertinent at this juncture
in the history of fifty states who weathered
(yet survived) dramas that nearly rent asunder
the very fabric of this amazing society.

unbeknownst to anyone such as dumbledorf,
estimable magicians with awesome powers
of prestidigitation, j.k. rowling, santa claus,
seers, soothsayers, the wizard of oz, tooth fairy),

la de da to forecast if thine indomitable agility,
civility, electricity, gentility, integrity,
et cetera will be effective to deliver
superhuman feats of accomplishments.

this audacity of hope (telepathically communicated
from dreams of my widower father and late mother)
blessedly delivered some capacity of genuine faith
that seems hinged on the evident decency enunciated

(time and again - ever since ye took
to the campaign trail and now amazingly finds
one gracious honoree to guide the populace at large)
to offer deliverance and salvation.


"the devil asked me how i knew the halls of hell, i told him i didn't need a map for the darkness i knew so well."

i've been drowning for ages,
and here you are wondering why water's found a home in my lungs.
love is not my strong suit,
but it's so much easier with you.
the darkness that i play with,
tells me to stay and don't let go.
i smile in the eyes of the dead,
and tell them they're no longer my home.
i am not afraid anymore,
for i have already walked these halls,
already slammed these doors,
"if it's the darkness you're running from,"
you told me so sweetly,
"i will help you hide.
but if it's the demons and the monsters,
that's a war that rages on inside."
i looked at you with eyes so blue as chains held my hands to my sides,
i couldn't reach out to you and baby you said that was fine.
as i stepped into heaven with you,
i set the gates on fire,
"but look what you made me do,"
i whispered as you cried and called me a liar.

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