Can you hear him singing?
It's midnight and he's dancing
He's singing
By their stone immobile graves
Can you see his wild manic smile
As he dances in the dark?
It's a lilt on the wind
An animal cry to the heavens
He will return to the muddy earth
Torn skin and bare feet
A spectre of savagery
Calling down Hell's glory
He's got a demon by his side
He's got a devil for a whore
He's got a hellhound as his steed
His insane wail
Bends away the crooked trees
It tears away the poor man's sleep
It burns away the rich man's morality
Can you feel his laugh?
It's a sound you can never forget
It's midnight and he's corrupted the night
He's corrupted the innocent
The church bells ring out in the night
Violently the preachers cower
But the wail becomes a shriek
They've hidden the evil tonight
But the grass is slick
With the blood of sacrifice
The night may be over but he's still singing
He's still dancing

Seema 7h

It's my fears...
That track down my tears
Long been years
Yet no one hears
Listening lies through my ears
It's my pain...
That drizzle like rain
Who else was at gain?
By pronouncing me insane
Here am held inside this room
Questions and questions
My colorful world, now a gloom
A fresh flower, lost its bloom
Now I rest with painful treat
Tomorrow another sorrowful greet
Death where are you?
Why am I standing away from the queue?
I am getting better, ain't I?
Please don't give me false hope, don't you lie!
Smiling away, hands in cuff, covered in blood
Drooling like a dope
They gave me a false hope
So I killed the robe man, thinking he was Pope
No escape, am doomed for eternity
Poisoned my food, later they blame the security
A hell on earth, now kneeling to my death
Happy are those but they'll soon feel my wrath...


Fiction write.

Love’s spring bud falls as an autumn leaf,
Sinking into the murky soil that is life,
Its  remnants left rotting, to be soaked in, nourishing a new love,
Why can’t the sun shine through this haze of mediocrity,
Where have all those beautiful weeds gone.
If my soul doesn’t freeze, maybe this one will flourish,

Though accumulated
power and wealth,
A King was depressed
with anxiety and bad health.

Once he saw a man
With peaceful face,
Mind without qualm
and not in any haste.

He approached the man
and asked ,O peaceful mind,
Life turning out to be mess
Have mercy , please unwind.

You must have seen
The heaven and Hell,
Please show me the way
King started to yell.

Mocking at him
With viscious smile,
Replied the man
Your effort is futile.

Asking useless question
such an idiot you are,
Heaven and hell, imaginery
Donot you know so far.

Being humiliated
And filled with Anger,
King raised his sword
and man was in Danger.

Instead, man laughed
This all I had to tell,
Glorifying self ego
is the way to Hell.

You have broken my ego
and have given a dent,
Realizing his mistake
King started to repent.

If you desire for heaven
Man said with pity in eye,
Ego is the only obstacle
which you have to pacify.

Ajay Amitabh Suman
       23.08.2017, Wednesday

This is a poem about importance of controlling the Ego. I have interpreted the heaven and hell in my own way. To me heaven and hell and not the places as pre-conceived. In fact it is a mental status of a man, which can be manged and controlled. Here is a story, when a Saint taught a King the lesson about heaven and hell. The saint first of all made the King angry and given him glimpse of Hell. When in the second stage, the Saint made the King realize his mistake and learnt the lesson of calming the Ego. The King became peaceful. The moral of this poem is that when a person, who is able to control the ego then remain unperturbed and peaceful in all adverse situation. This kind of man can be said to be in the state of heaven. Thus when ever the man is able to remain, cool, calm, tranquil and happy, that the heaven like situation. To me when ever a man is losing its cool, getting angry, he is landing in the realm of hell. Hence keep an eye to the drama played by the Ego is very important. A man himself is master of his own destiny and can create heaven and hell for himself.
Bryan 4d

I had a second chance at heaven
And I threw it all away.
I once again felt my happiness
Sour into hate.
On this page are the words
That exemplify my rage.
I once was great
But now I'm lost,
To this misery and pain.
My path: a fog, through trodden dirt
To a cemetery gate.
For what dark fate
Does this soul
So very anxiously await?

My boots are caked with mud.
The smell of iron permeates,
Along with moss, the smell of dirt,
And most certainly decay.
Never mind my mortal soul...
What kind of demon lies awake
In the midst of human fruit,
Over-ripened in the day?

The splitting corpses seem to beg me,
"Stay away, stay away!"
Burgeoned fruit spills forth,
As the rinds peel away.

The tortures yet continue,
Testing will and sanity.
Stumbling forth into the mixes,
Pestilences use the meat:
Fruits of flies spill their guts
Under muddied, weary feet,
And in the soup, in the gore,
Coagulation races feast:
Clots of blood battle vermin;
Scabs crunch like autumn leaves.
To this yet, there is more
On this journey I have seen:
Fire burns, and humans shit,
And mix the ashes in the breeze.
What soulless cur,
What kind of beast
Inhales with pleasure
When he breathes?

Smoke and fire burn the horizon.
There is nothing left of peace.
To the camps I was swept,
In the tide of the deceased.

Hard at work in heat,
Tattered and flayed meat
Toils in agony,
Swinging hammers in defeat.
Blood-slickened handles
Slip from fingers weak:
Wood and metal sings
At worn and weary feet.

Rusted chains sling,
Slicing through the heat,
Slicing through the smoke,
Slicing through the meat.
In the distant, murky background,
Drums of war greet,
As flesh and bone and flame
Dance to the beat.

Chastened bones respond,
Breaking stones in the beyond.
The work of hell waits
For no man very long.
Gangs of chains tag along,
Making quite the fiendish song,
As the billions in the lakes
Add their agonies to the throng.
The shrieks of charred lungs,
And throats ruined long,
Build the thickness of the air:
An anguished plague of smog.
Keep the fires burning;
Add another human log.
Respite is just a word,
An idea like winter frost:
Once before, it had purpose,
But now, its meaning, lost.

Abandon hope, is what they say...
But not for very long.
In the fire, in the rock,
They find their words are gone.
... Long forgotten, but for the lyrics
Of the Devil's favorite song:
A timeless tune, that my soul
Had been singing all along.

Patrick 5d

“I am” said Prometheus
When he set a spark to
The heart of man
Shifting the putrid tides
Away from the banks of
Our collective soul
But the Gods and their
Jingling chains
Vowed revenge slithering away
Into the depths

Now a storm brews on the cusp
Of humanity’s peripheral
Waiting to ravage our souls
Into tattered flags
Splitting the land in two
Opening the door of Hades wrath
Where men fall to an eternity of
Wailing and gnashing of teeth
Until the clock quits ticking
Then the land will run dry
Leaving Prometheus to weep
Alongside dear Sisyphus

Aishah 6d

is where
I would go
if by all means
I get to spend
my last day
on earth
with you

So this is heaven,
So this is hell,
So this is love,
Who can tell.

This poem and others are available in my ebook The Neverborn. Available from Amazon
The Neverborn
Jobira Oct 13

It's being said many times that,
The world will be over; and all will be gone
The dead would be risen
with new flesh and bone

On that judgement day,
Some shall be free;
others shall be outcast-
Forever accursed,
in the future for the past; and
The nefarious shall be caged
with fire gateway

When that day comes, for all to stand,
Whether darkness or light,
whichever you find,
To those I command,
Who would really let
his two eyes blind?

I claim not pity
Or hold my deeds, to the highest,
Nor merit anything
more than most
But, with the fibers of my being,
What I know of my own offspring
I destined not
put one in the fire ring
For love not banish for eternity

Repost from
@jobiranyc (6/17/2017)

I am having doubts about heaven and hell because...

The love I have for my children is more than myself.
I can walk through fires for them.
All of us is siners.
Will then God, banish us to hell forever ?
I believe that his not that cruel like we are.

I have made changes to this poem which was posted back in June.
Silence Oct 12

The madness in her eyes drew me

It told me she's been through hell and back

And survived

This one is actually about my life and how people say that in the sunlight my eyes are I guess piercing so yeaaaa
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