The mural, it was of myself
Amongst lycanthropic flowers
I was in the Balkins
And 6am was the hour

I saw this in a psych ward
The strangest thing it was
To see a portrait of myself
It seemed as if I was in ****
Strange experience I had at a psych ward in Texas. Feel free to ask me more about it.
someguy 4h
Where am I? What is this? How did I get here?
Who are these strange unfamiliar creatures around me?
Like arduous bees they are swarming to work for the best of their kind
Or so I’ve first thought, when I saw their world
Not looking for reasons, for judgments, for cause… to me they are like a virus
A despicable spawn – relentless, unstoppable, greedy, they’ll destroy everything
Even if they don’t profit at all, they’ll die for their ego – such is their law
And in this whirlpool of blood, **** and wars – one question is born
What was the science for? What for was the art? What for was the flight of thoughts of our kind?
Why are we here? What goals to pursue?!
All meaningless was it, just for the time **** sake? Or are we just animals that jumped way too high above our heads?
Was it just that, or was it something more? I guess we won’t know, I guess we are here to find it out on our own

Remember your birth, remember your name
And never you dare to forget all that pain

Please take this blindfolding light away from me
It burns, hurts, melts my eyes, it makes them bleed
Breathing is hard, air crushes my lungs, I’m coughing with spit
I beg of you, stop, you’ve done enough no enslave me
Just tell me, what is the reason of all us, people, existing here
Brought to this world all together, together we’re born and together we die…
Prison – one word to describe this gloomy nefarious cell
A place where no light reaches and no sun shines
And If you’ve ever come to this forsaken land, my friend, listen to my advise
No matter how much you want to escape, this nightmare will forever chase (you),
And even if you’re brave enough to choose suicide, the “man in the tunnel” will always bring you back to “life”,
They’ll never let us run away from this cage, from this doom, from this ****,
This is the place where our eternity shall be spend and where our hopes will die… again and again

I slit my wrists and I crush my bones, I poke my eyes and I cut my throat
No virtues exist in this realm of despair, where *** has been drowned in the pool of a software
I choose my fate and I choose my end, so I choose to meet it standing straight with a sword in my hand

The world flickers me, I flicker back,
A butterfly, I feel so tempted by this energy and light
But it’s like a dejavu, feels like it’s not a first time,
The pictures of my past lives blink in my eyes,
My mirror of soul, my deceiving sensors of truth and lies,
And again I find myself surrounded by convicts, by prisoners... they are my mates
We all share same world, same home, same cell,
Still we can not even try to understand ourselves,
Doomed to exist in this chaos divided we fall, united… we’ve never stood a chance
Our nature has already taken care of us – no matter how much we try to help, to support or understand
We all are chained in our brain cells, we are condemned and we are slayed
We even can not help ourselves, we all are left to die in pain, in misery and loneliness
Help will not come, just not today, and not tomorrow… and centuries will pass, and we will still be on our own,
In pain, in misery, in loneliness… we all are here to die once more, one billion times more, before our torture ends… again…
And then… world flickers me… will I flicker back?

After this fraud, this lie, this pain
I will stand up again and again
I will come back and in my veins
I will digest all of that hate
And with my bare hands I will
Tear all the matter, time and space
Destroy this universe in flames
And on the ashes I will build
A new beginning, my new will
No ***’s forsaken land will be,
No creature will be in misery,
No pain, no fear, no more lies,
And no more soul will be baptized,
For I’m legion, I am many,
I am that *** that you’re praying!!!

I will remake all my mistakes,
And for forgiveness I must pray,
For all of this is my own fault,
I’m sorry, I was wrong

But do not worry living beings,
This universe and all you see,
I have created from my own,
An endless, everlasting source
The source that runs through you and me,
You humans call it – energy!

I will come back and I do swear,
I will not rest until I’m better,
I will be greater this I pledge
And just as promised… I’ll create the perfect world for every single each (of you)
This is some kind of a mix of poetry&prose that represents an evolution/diversity of thoughts of a human being about our world (though generally addressed in one direction).

Small spoiler here - at the end I wanted to weave in some of Nietzsche ideas, mainly the Ubermensch idea.
someguy 5h
The pain awakes deep in my belly
Making me want to scream at top of my lungs,
Reap and tear the flesh off my bones,
Dragging all insides on the outside

Now that I’m lying dead and broken,
Blood, **** and liquids of my body
Fill my throat, go into my nose and into my eyes,
Making me choke on them in pre-death convulsions

And so I’m dead, I depart my sinful body,
Watching angels coming for me from above,
Reaching with their shining hands for my soul
Only demons are faster, their hands are burning fire,
And before I realize it, I’ve already been dragged into ****, chained and cursed for eternity
Anne Cast 12h
My name is Hiro and yet I couldn't save you
If I hadn't picked up your hat
Maybe I would've caught up to you
I remember those flames
As if I've found **** on earth
Your disappearing silhouette continues to replay in my mind
As though foreshadowing you leaving from this lifetime
Just once I hated your caring nature
If you hadn't cared so much
You would still be here
I am blinded by regret
Over something I couldn't control
I was close to the flames but I felt so cold
As time went still
I froze where I was
My tears aching to be free
My cries wanting to mimic the explosion
Like those flames that took you away from me
Lesson learned
After i got burned
Not the first nor the third
No it took many hits before i learned

Sometimes you have to fall
Deep into **** and crawl
Before you can find any meaning and stand tall
You'll hit and hit so many walls

One day you'll be free
Tell yourself no more stupidity
Until you get wrapped into it again suddenly

Life brought tricks and sneaks to get you
To go back and make the same mistakes you always do
It's just a test to see if you'll make it through

Cause i guess it'll never stop until the lesson has been learned
Good ol tricky life trying to pull the same bologna it did to me before, but i refuse! I cried it out and got hurt until i stopped and realized maybe some people were right. Even if i hate the reasons why i can't change them and it's just breaking me so I'll learn my lesson and move on
Amanda 4d
Love you but it hurts like ****
To see what I do to you
Since the moment we met it seems
Your life has crumbled, fallen through.

Can tell you don't want to blame me
For problems that have risen
What other explanation is there
How we ended up in this position?

Not sure where I led you astray
But amidst dazed conversations
We got lost, wandered off the path
Into a forest of fazing situations.

One catastrophe after the next
Round in circles we run
Lightning strikes, vengeance proud
Each time we think we are done.

Don't know what I did to cause
Pause in progress to your goals
You are falling in *****-traps
Don't remember digging any holes.

Careless steps have consequences
Put fences in your tracks
Unwittingly tackled defenses
Attacks leaving dents on your back.

My smile is weapon of choice
Clearly broken but bear arms
Friends don't think I possess enough strength
My blows do not cause you harm.

Once upon a time we had magic
Holding onto lovestruck days
Holding something quickly fading
Chilled fingertips can hardly graze.

Doubt haunts my every move
Cools the fire which burned so strong
Instinct telling me to run
The picture before me is wrong.

Misguided, confused, questioning everything
More hopeless each troubling day
Broken, insecure, misery loves company
Will I stop painting your skies grey?

I failed in so many inconsiderate ways
A destroyer of all things good
In this prison I know as my life
Regretting decisions I should.

See you stumble on my flaws
Don't know why you stay with me
Think of how much I've  worsened your world
Our future black with all we can't be.
:I don't know how to change for the better it is just so difficult sometimes
Camryn 4d
The voices keep talking,
telling me to do it,
to finish the final chapter,
by scratching a line through it.

To end the pain and suffering,
and all the teasing as well,
by taking the voices advice,
and sending yourself to ****.

You feel the cold steel,
as you hold the knife,
and with one swift movement,
you take your own life.
it was fine to say
that nothing would hurt me
but the crushing weight
of hideous swan songs
darling, you should know
i was built for her
and made for you

house of knives
the sigil was burning
from across the sea
and under the covers
you pulled away
blood red lights
kissed my animal face
when i heard your name
Charlie 7d
The Inferno devours the infant,
Blaze towering the callousness,
The envelope of Innocence innate within,
Collapses under the Wrath of ****.

The Son of the Divines fails to rise,
Wobbly and tiny are his limbs,
All alone in the cruel world,
His snivels muffled, by the Hands beneath.

Years into the Netherworld,
The Phoenix reduced to gruesome ashes,
Screaming scars donning the lad,
Made him stronger in spite the cracks.

It was time for the Sun to burn again,
For the ten steps of **** would be torn apart,
The Bloom of the Phoenix from the ashes burnt,
Would quench the Blaze and obliterate the ****.

And so did the Phoenix rise,
Darker than Satan, yet brighter than The Light.
Breaking **** loose on **** itself,
Wrecking the cages of the Living Dead.

He spread his wings, embraced the warmth
Born of The Light, raised by The Dark
But as time passed, people forgot,
The Legend of The Dark Phoenix.
No one is listening
Whenever I told my warnings
To them,
But they shrugged it off
Like nothing was intentional
Of the circumstances.

The lies spread
Rapidly like wildfire,
But every truth lays under the rubble
While the lies run clean,
And the trace of deception
Was accused of me.

I inhale the pain
Right through the core
Of my heart,
But cowardice I've faced,
And in total silence,
I swore.

Within the passing time
As chaos sustained,
The light
Came through the surface
And every truth
Was set free.

It was a prison cell
Of **** and doom,
While I was the victim
Of your treacherous game,
But the scars hold history
Will remain.
A true story that I've been through.
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