i have read once
that  " what is after death "
                       "your deeds "after birth
                            "hell , for sinners"
                               " heaven for innocents "

                                 "its reflection of you "
                                    "your deeds "

hope you like this one

my old people told me
there is "no fire" in the hell
everyone is taking their own
"burning themselves "

hope you will love this one

i have read once
that  " what is after death "
                       "your deeds "after birth
                            "hell , for sinners"
                               " heaven for innocents "

                                 "its reflection of you "
                                    "your deeds "

searching souls

"You shine so bright, in darkest night,
When no one else would try.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
Where there's no more need to cry.

For beauty can't compare to you,
And neither could the Earth.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
So take off, for what its worth.

You whisper now, a quiet attempt,
To stop the salty tears.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
To getaway from all your fears.

You place your hand upon my cheek,
And gently rub the skin.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
Let your afterlife begin.

Teary eyes, and rosey cheeks,
Your smiles could never fail.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
On the tears in which you sail.

I look at you and now I know,
That darling you are home.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
Cause its hell when I'm alone..."

I am sad Π^Π

Mom, what do you do at work?
well my little chickadee
I put flies, in jeans
and extra zippers, are a perk

Hey there Dad, how was your day?
I plugged the holes in 55 flat tires
if I had my way, and say
you know, that I'd retire

Sis, how did it go, on the assembly line?
the repetitive motions and tasks
get to my arms and back
and may just break, my spine

Yo Bro, was today an exciting trip?
it's always a good day, driving my truck
when I didn't jack-knife
or my trailer, flip

I've always pondered, and thought
just what some people live, and do
earning a living for their families
and the hell, that they, go through

Ever seen this show? I know it's about how things are made.
What I remember most is watching all the hands doin the same thing over and over for hours a day, and I can't help but wonder, are their minds even attached anymore? :/

Today  prosperity  gospel
Is no gospel at all.
It's  a quick hyped  self-seeking herasee
A false religion
Teaches a self help gospel
Without the holy fear of God ..
Or salvation.

Love me for who I am.
But when the time comes
for me to end,
Let me be among the dead;
Leave me in the grave.

Keep me in your memory;
don't speak wealth
to my name.
Know that I'm gone forever
Forever, far away.

Love me for who I am;
Leave me for who
I will be.

But when I no longer am,
leave me be
within the grave.

If you love me for who I am,
Let praise be spoken
where praise is due;
Know this however:
I am no perfect man.

Don't try to bring life
to these dead bones.
Don't bring me back to life;
don't speak of my name.

I did not ask to seek fame.

If you love me,
keep this commandment
I give thee:

Don't worship me
nor pay tribute
merely in word or song.
But keep me in your memory
and if you want to honour me,
live honourably, not in vain.

Don't lie to yourself.
Don't think I dwell
in the heavenly heights
even though I may be.
Only God determines my fate;
He alone seals my destiny.

Don't weep for me
but for yourselves
and for your children.

And if you love me,
repent and live!
See the Glory
I've shown to you,
though not of my own.

If you love me,
love me for who I am,
and be thankful
when I am gone.

For my funeral.
Evelyn McGee Sep 14

So when we take our last breath
And my last thought is of you
So when I go to where I'm meant to be
And you go your deserving route
You will be my little bit of Heaven
In my world full of Hell.

Paras Bajaj Sep 14

Red lips and weird faces.
Star-like eyes and no traces.
Benevolent ways and eminently wise.
Little hell and little paradise.

Timeless beauty but compassionate.
Gold-like bright but great.
No wings but flies high.
Little hell and little paradise.

Paras Bajaj

Seema Sep 14

With all the past thoughts
With all the broken knots
Of my heart and mind
With every feeling I can find
I've buried it deep
Deep where, I can keep
In my heart's darkest well
The secrets that I can't tell
There is a burning fire of hell
Within my heart,
Where my soul is barred in a cell
My body, a medium to real hell
I can't figure out if it's a spell
Each night my aura repels
Within the dark cell, my soul dwells
The darkness consumes me slowly
The night has turned unholy
Tongue like flame rises to leap
Every night it's impossible to sleep...


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