Spoke to a Baphomet
Down by the willow
He was watching the moon bathe in that same river
That dissolved everything in its way

He whispered:' This is your version of Aegri somnia'

I tell him that this is not a bad dream and that
I really am shattered in a thousand pieces
And that
I came to lay my burden down before I close my eyes

So, he offers a rope and I suddenly see a brighter season

He plays me dirty, one for the shepherd none for the sheep

I asked for my own Beatrice back

she burns in a pit
9th circle - still have her knife in my back
And only then he tells me the rules-the waiting game begins only when the lights go out


Game over.
*lat.troubled dreams; sick man's dreams
*Dante's lover, Beatrice
I feel like an incomplete puzzle,
Clumsy waltzing in a field of wood chippers.
I don't just fall to pieces, I shred.
I tear and bleed, most importantly I hurt.

Fuck. I hurt.

I've never been full,
I've never seen the bigger picture.
Always out of reach, lacking perspective.

As my own world is ripped apart,
I further delve into gnashing teeth of hell.

But it's not just mine, this shared damnation,
Leaves us all to rot.

I've no clever line to sum it all up,
I've lost the words which sing of hope.
There's this piece inside of me
which often seeks tranquility
but then it drenched in agony,
all because of a somebody.
A somebody that carries hell with him,
not a ring of flames but of darkness within,
Inflicting so much pain with a devilish grin
Showing no mercy, so brutal and mean.

So here's a poem that rhyme,
a piece of me is lost for quite some time,
couldn't find it's way back
'coz everything is covered in pitch black.
So now, this piece I have inside,
will forever be on the hide,
retreating slowly on the back of my mind,
making sure that it can never be find.
wake up to a life full of fake lies and empty promises
how did it end up like this after all the truth and love
what happened to all the love that died
half way in between death and life
where do we go after we are gone
hell or heaven
wake up to crying souls and dying hope
how can it end like this

Most days seem like a blur
A strike of pure energy, lightning
They fade in and out till the years end and begins anew.

Most of the time I find myself alone
Neglect opportunities to be with friends and families to feel their warmth and comfort

But I met someone along the way, the one who saw through my facade, who saw through the frozen wasteland
In that instant that person became my world
She lives there, bringing out the fire in my soul

It seems as of now I feel purpose a goal I had been missing, its been there and finally found it through her

Don't mistake this for a love poem, this is my journey to becoming someone better for myself and her

I will never give up on her nor the future I see so many things plan to get in the way of that but i don't mind it's just a test to get there and I know we will both pass with flying colors

For now however, my world is vacant only temporarily
Her flame still exists wandering giving life to the planet waiting for her to return
And she will, my system just needs patience for the star to come back

Until then I'll envelope myself in that flame, let it fill my system and remind me when I'm in the dark because until she comes back it's just me, myself, and I

Were holding it together for both of us and a future to come

"I've been to hell and I'm still sitting by the fire warming myself from the winters. Greeting my demons while continuing, I'm not staying here forever. I will come back I promise" -Tony Alberto Cortez
Warmth and pursuit of goals
She is everything
The frost won't keep me
My hell is my own
I will stay and leave on my own accord
Cat Lynn 21h
Within every heart, there is a chain hooked up to a wall of flesh, blood and stone.

Scars open and cut too deeply, we rather thirst and drink our own blood then eat the molded food that the guards of fire and destruction serve us.

We try so hard to escape this hell inside our minds. But it almost seems impossible and mindless.

Every day, we live in a living nightmare. We would rather die than live another second in this kingdom of depression and wrath.

There is only one law, and the law is the image of death is nothing but a dream.  

We can try our hardest to desire the blood spill and the gushing out of beaten bones and origins to spill out of our weak and limp bodies, but all we'll do is spawn back into this waste land

Tears stream down the faces of many innocent broken people; they feast on each other like beast of a large skeleton bump sight,

We're tortured until our back bone is visible, and our voices are empty and numb.

Our fingers lay in pieces of flesh on the cold mossy stone floor from making meals for these zombies like monsters.

The meals are the hearts and frightened minds of our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters; we weep for them and wish for no comfort.

**I am the only prisoner in this Endless Fire Hell that has a window in their dang room. I can see a brighter, safer, more loving place just millions of miles away.

I often reach my hand out the window, to at least feel tiny drops of refreshing rain on my black burning skin.

I cry aloud, calling for some kind of help, but I know that calling and crying won't get me anywhere.

The rain drops are the only loving thing I have, for they heal my scar and fix my wounds, the only hopeful thing that my blurry eyes and beaten hands have ever seen and felt.

Under neither this dungeon in the sky, is a vast and cool ocean that I long to swim in the feeling of freedom and satisfaction.

Within every moment as I swim in the burning and melting lava pool, oh how the lava is stained by the blood and eyes of prisoners that have slowly melted away.

Their skin slowly ripping off their skull as they scream in a high and painful voice… Oh how I long to feel the rain. Oh how I long for it.

On one faithful day, there was a great down pour, and the rain drops starts to sing in harmony with serenity and joy, which caused the stones of bitterness that surround my window to give way and crumble and fall into the sea.

I smiled bright for the first time in 16 years. I took the chance and jumped, but then quickly grabbed hold of a left over stone, my arm stretched in pain.

How silly of me to just jump and not knowing if I’ll die and spawn back here or if the guards will see me in the ocean and band the rain from this Nether.

My Arm soon gave up its last strength as my bloody hand finally let the stone go. I could feel the rain, filling and soaking my entire body,

I crashed into the ocean, my eyes closed, and my mouth allowing the water of purity to drown me, my arms and leg motionless as I began to sink.

I would rather die in something I love, than live in something I hate...
Written on February 11, 2016, 10:37 am
**During the time I wrote this, I used the "d*mn" word... instead of dang"

Alright, this is not a poem, but more of a story... so apologies if I disappointed any of you guys with that.

I wrote this poem after an accident with my family, where I fell into deep anger and rebellion. I wrote this poem to let out the hopelessness I felt, to let out the madness I felt locked up in.  I was very distant from God, from my family, from my church. Rereading this revealed to me how much HATRED I had...  I am blessed and surprised how God or even the people I know could ever forgive me...

Another way to look at this poem is without Him, We do live in a mind state of Hell. We will go to Hell, unless we escape that Hell, which s through Jesus Christ, which I would think represents the Down Pour. And when she Died in something she Loved, there are so many people who Died PROUDLY for their faith... and I know they would die for something they love, then live in a world of Hate... and I know in a heart beat I would do it... the Prison of Hell would Represent us being trapped in this world of Sin or being trapped in sin in general and how monstrous it is.... So I guess that's another way to look at it
KAE 1d
she was so pure
she was a little ray of sunshine
she was bright

but she was broke
she cry  
she is so desperate in that sea of tears
she shouted for help, but nobody could hear her
she couldn’t deal with all of her demons
she wanted to tear off her skin

but no

she has to deal with her demons, including her three personalities

and that's when she knew that she is going to burn in hell
Michele 1d
You find humor in the darkest things,
But I can tell when you don't want me to see.
We are two little black birds, and you are so much larger than me.
You think your black hole has swallowed you whole,
You can't escape your role, you are part of my soul.

You teach me to keep flying,
Show me where the easiest path may be.
We have fallen to Hell--
Ah, no, actually... We are the Q U E E N S.

You've watched me all these years
And within those years never forgot me.
You've seemed so unchanging,
So strong, yeah, like black tea.
You give me a sturdy branch in which to always land.
You tell me there is nothing impossible,
If you'd be my sister... That'd be grand.

We are two little black birds trying to fly.
Life can be so unfair,
But you've taught me there's no law in the sky.
You fill me with everything I needed in a friend...
But still you know my worries that tell me it will end.
You take me to the top of a highest tree
And tell me candidly that I can just... Be.
Written for my very dear best friend who has supported me through so much these last couple months. I've known her for so long, but I am only just realizing how much I needed a friend like her over the years, but was never ready for it until now. Let's never drift apart again... Forgive me and stay with me forever? ♥
poor Ms May inherited Brexit
she sure wishes that she could hex it
away to the gorges of hell
so that no supporter can tell
that she‘s found an ingenious exit
Just kill
Feel the thrill
You have your power still
The violence
Breaks the silence
Come with me back to Hell

Your eyes
Can't disguise
The ire that you hide
So feel it
But don't reveal it
Until it's time to

Break the weak and burn the broken
This is what your soul desires
Show them everything you feel
Make them know that you are real
Come with me into the fire

So kill
Feel the thrill
You have your power still
The violence
Breaks the silence
Come with me back to Hell

Break their bones and spill their blood
This is what you want to do
Show them that you cannot feel
Make them know that you are real
Come with me into the fire

So kill
Feel the thrill
You'll have your vengeance yet
The violence
Breaks the silence
They will never forget you
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