Hell is a place where there is no longer a reason.

Seema 2d

Tired eyes, flutter
In a dark corner
What could be better?
Then a lost loner
Why would it matter?
To anyone, my absence
As eyes get wetter
In troubled essence.
A step ahead,
dunes of ashes
A step back,
Hands from hell, clashes.
Fireballs from the sky,
Rain to prick
I question my existence
But evil plays its trick
This is when I shatter
Alone in a dark room
While the voices chatter
Calling me, to my doom...


No words can express the emotions I feel and the hell I see

A strong crushing feeling on the edge of existence
  Investigating a never-ending black tunnel
A crypt of hopeless souls forever seeking shelter
  Without a lamp to guide their fruitlessness
I see the ghastly faces set upon every person still
  Cold, pale and downtrodden with weight
Devoid of any glow to indicate they are alive
  They are obscure and discarded remains
Theirs is a cell of forgetfulness and tragic pain
  Forever feeling along the walls of torment

as old as dragon bones
the devil laughs without a smile
his silver eyes glint with deceit

an angel whispers a lullaby
her rose quarts eyes sparkle
with the dust of goddesses

as opposite as day and night
yet they sit atop familiar shoulders
and steal glances at one another
between protruding collarbones

By Arcassin Burnham

Mister Mr. Spare me the cheap talk and all
Of the schemes,
I'm not amused by your dilemma of sneaking
Behind scenes,
I'm just waiting for all of these nightmares to
Turn into dreams,
The problems will occur wherever you are by
All means,

I'm glad to be a teacher,
I hate to be learning,
While gravity is holding us down,
Inside we're burning,
So I lock myself in a freezer to prevent being grilled,
Didn't ask to hear about your gossip,
Please save me the grief.
I'm glad to be a teacher,

Mister Mr.


Her lips taste like sparkling wine,
Eyes glowing like painted skies,
Her touch like summer rain,
She lost in her beautiful mind,
Smashing me with electric smiles,
I take her hand and let her walk me through hell,
She burns like fire,
But smells like sunny winter days.

Sanny Jul 12

It's been a year.

Since I lost myself.

To be with him.

To start the journey through hell.

If only I knew then what I know now.

I would never had said yes.

I can see the ghost of myself, laughing happily,
through the mirror of regret.

Here I am, destroyed. Devastated. Lost.

I wish I knew what I signed up for.

The worst year of my life.

If only I knew..

Muyi Jul 12

Sometimes I'm happy
Sometimes I'm sad
Sometimes I'm angry
Sometimes I'm glad
At times I'm up
At times  I'm down
Sometimes I smile
But mostly...I frown

Help me I am in great pain
frankie Jul 10

i crave a love so pure
a love in which angels
sing from the heavens above
a true love
but true love isn't really true
the angels won't sing down to hell.

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