It’s nothing but a dream?
I wish...
It’s a nightmare with a scream.
But I wish I couldn’t dream,
And I wish I couldn’t scream;
I wish I’d never sleep or think at all.
[Here lies another piece of shit that I wrote during my break at work because I was bored, and I had a couple of seconds to waste. It’s not as bad as the other one, but still. So sorry, fam.]
One can never be friends with the devil.
Just as he smiles easily, he can toss
you in the oven.
The wise words of my mother loool!
Lyn xxx
Hell I've seen it,
lived it, and those
there unaware
that that is it,
that maybe there
was some other place,
less crowded, less

The noise of the place,
the attitude of those there,
the total lack of concern
or care, no understanding
of love or the essence of love,
only lust, lust of body,
of wealth, of land, of all.

Hell I’ve seen it,
been there, known them there,
pushing stuff into the orifices
to escape from the place,
unaware they are,
on the treadmill
of the ever turning wheel,
always wanting
to feel feel feel.

The vanity of vanities,
how they look,
how they appear,
the tone of the body,
the length of nails or lashes,
the shape of the bodies,
the lustful appeal,
and the thump thump
of the beat, the dancing
of always moving feet,
and the gaze of long
everlasting despair
and the blankness
in their lostness
of their stare,
unaware they are there.
Everytime Heaven cries
Oh Hell breaks loose
For Hell was never a caring person
but for Heaven's sake he did.

Hell saw doves roaming around her
How everytime she walks closer to Hell her Father latches on every creation He did to stop them.

For their love was forbidden
but in the eyes of Hell
He saw the garden of Eden in Heaven
for in the eyes of Heaven
She saw purgatory in Hell
that only her heart can be the judge to his actions

They all fall in love
and in their eyes
they will never be different.
Oh yee of little faith
He's the devil;
reincarnated in a teasing smile.
He's hell running around
with the taste of caution
on his lips.
His sinful eyes, and
coward touch  
overrule a thousand kingdoms
in paradise.
He's my only eternity,
the only pair of eyes I want
to remember when I'm stranded
in that sweltering darkness
everyone fears so much.
Hes a million sunsets giving life to an
eternal moonlight, though his
sunrises will never be mine to own,
his fickle moon sets will
always guide me back to


I'm a walking paradox

Two legs
two arms
and one fractured soul

I'm a conflicting contradiction

I want him to pay
yet how could someone
be so broken
to not understand
they broke someone else

and how can something so heavy
leave its mark on me
yet can be just another day of life for you

because its not just that day
that haunts me
it's every day that followed

where I relive
and you forget
your heaven
my hell

but how can you forget
something you may have never known
I have no belief in Heaven
But I'm living in Hell
Yet another terror attack in England today. When will it stop.
Chaundra Aug 12
I feel like I am drowning
And I’ve sunk to the bottom
I am aware of what has happened
I am trying like hell to come up
But everything I try seems to fail
It my chest feels real heavy
When do I give up ?
I think I’ve had enough
Look into mine eyes
tell me what thou see

I see a prison, a soul
with hopes of escaping

I see padded walls
with a crazed man aching

I see deep sorrow
a human breaking

I see a gray sky
always raining

I see a husk of skin
eternally forsaking

I see a chasm
forever isolating

I see a mind
always creating
and hating
thy creation

I gazed upon thine eyes
and I saw hell in thy pupils
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