As we fell,
Into those depths I proceed to dwell,

The devil emerges from your delicate shell,

Only to maliciously tell,
This world to endure would become my hell.

There's this rabbit hole
I'm slowing falling down
Night after night I think of you
Than I ever use to
I saw a picture of you Friday
Broke my heart again
You're not supposed to still look
Just like you did
When your love was
I've started to miss you again
After doing so well
This isn't like wonderland
It's my own

He smiled the way lucifer did when he fell
Becoming part of hell
He laughed the way a witch would cackle
Leaving my heart in a ramshackle
Taking souls to the inferno
Your touch as cold a inverno
All quiver and wonder what nightmare you came from
Thinking about you makes me squirm
You are lucifer formly known as my lust lover
You have too many secrets to uncover
What a tragic tale of pain
For a world so mundane
Every crime you commit makes you sicker
You are my sinful lust lover , known as  Lucifer

Just a little tale of the hearts sinful desires, I hope one person can understand.
JAC 1d

Are but blemishes on the surface
Of safety, comfort, love and strength
But blemishes hurt like hell.

Turn the volume up.
Let it wash your mind away.
Just listen.
Change yourself.

Prepare your world.
Let the time and imagination collide.
Watch it fall, watch it crumble.
Pray, and pray for something improbable.

Close your eyes, sleep.
Feel the drug kick in.
Hitting you harder.
Making you insane.

Taking a step towards nothing.
Look behind without emotion.
The truth is far away.

Hold your own hand.
Stop thinking.
Say his words.
And make them happen.

Stay alone, stay forever here.
No escape, no rescues.
No one cares.
You won’t even care.

Hands choking you.
You hold your breath anyway.
The air is poisonous around him.
He wants control.

You never struggled.
You believed in fate.
You’re hopeless.

Make your own history.
Tell them about your life.
Your suffering.
Your time in hell.

And show them how you escaped a fate of only death.

I hope you wern't planning on recinding or otherwise negating
Any sort of promise or promises you may have made
It would be a shame if you came out all this way
Just to find that I take great pains in the protection of my name

Or more likely you'll be the one in pain

Offered to hell as an infant I was born admist flame
Knocking down doors with each new refrain
Quick wit and free form thought
Fought off devil after monster every cut or wound a stain

You've no idea just how much I stand to gain

Tempt fate
Take that jump
You'll need a name change, and multiple states
Later I'll still find out
Treck though death itself, and
I'll teach you what my lifes about

Make your call, and make it now

I'm getting really fucking bored


Drifting on the wind or water,
they both feel the same.
I drift from mind to mind
and I sit from time to time,
wondering where the days have gone.

Perhaps I am meant to move,
I cannot possibly sit still.
For this isn't my home
and here I am alone.
I must find where I belong.

Onward, into the dark I go,
seeking the truth
and seeking the light.
Hell has plans for me,
but heaven holds my destiny.

originally written 5/24/16

I was the bringer of dawn, pulling the sun
into the sky and allowing my constellation
to fade before His light. I leant against
the edge of darkness and stood, for a moment,
amongst the bright white of Heaven's Throne, deep
chasms of blue circling my feet.
I was the greatest of them all,

He made me the greatest of them all. I
was a prince, the lord of the air. Now,
I am nothing. The shining one, light bearer;
sent to epitomise darkness and evil.
My wings have been blackened by soot and clogged
by smoke - they will never fly again.
I will never see the sun or be free
amongst the stars once more, pushing the sky
around the Earth. I will never feel His
approving hand on my shoulder or resting
on my head. He cast me away as if
I was nothing and cut my hair from my head,
replacing flaxen curls with horns of blackened bone.

The Devil, they call me. The slanderer
who was hurled from heaven to hell. I see myself
in pools of despair: is this who I have become?
Where did the man who shook the earth
with the beat of his wings and make whole countries
tremble go? I made the world a wilderness
and now I'm gone it has been cultivated
into a dull plain of melancholy.
I am nothing without the white brightness
of the night's sky, I was son
of the morning. Venus was my head,
the morning star my heart.
Now, my constellation lies in the ashes
of soul fire because of my foolish pride and envy.

~~ Lucifer: 'light-bringing, morning star'. ~~

Some days,
My demonic, hellish, scrambled mind wonders how her pain feels
And wants to recreate the scorch marks on her hips,
On mine
Or starve myself as to "lose weight"
Saying I'm just not hungry

Some days,
My demonic, hellish, scrambled mind wants to survive a suicide
So I can know the pain that comes with it
Or watch as I slowly fade to nothing

I can't imagine the pain it would cause others
It's the reason I'm still here

Yet the calluses on my knuckles show how I let it out
And wipe away each tear with another punch
So that one day I won't feel anything
And I won't need the meds
Or the doctors
Or the supports
Or the air I'm stealing from someone who actually needs it

Some days,
My demonic, hellish, scrambled mind wants to see what would happen if I left without saying anything
Just to see if anyone would miss me
And if they didn't
Leave and try to start over

I cause pain
and some days,
Just some days,
My demonic, hellish, scrambled mind wonders what it would be like to be happy.

its me 7d

Oh enter me fearless lover!! Enter me as a corpse would a tomb! Wither and wilt to dust as those before you have done! Take upon my fate and if you should fail perhaps I'll join you in that flesh casket and we'll sail it across river Styx! For you too are damned…are you not?

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