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Kushal 14h
I Hate It.

Somewhere along the line I must have sinned,
What other explanation is there for this situation I'm in.
Imprisoned, in shackles, while one or both above and below cackle.

I am not permitted anything more than a glimpse,
Slivers of light through silver bars
That only remind me how dark is Dark.

I looking longingly towards solitude without temptation,
Yet I cannot separate the two.

Now I have an answer to a question I never before thought to ask...

Limbo is worse than Hell,
For you may still glimpse at the beauty of worlds above.
If you feel like
you've been going through hell,
if you feel you've thrown
all your coins
into the bottom of the wishing well,
if you feel like
you want to scream and yell,
I want you to know
it's okay to let yourself break.
Because there's only so much
people can take.
And when you make a mistake,
just know it will be okay.
Because tomorrow's another day.
tree 4d
i had a fantasy of loving someone to death
i'd love their soul, their deepest, darkest secrets and fears,
i'd give up my heart for them
they'd love me back by some twist of fate, and
we would live happily ever after

but then why is it that by the time i learn of my love, it is entirely irrelevant?
they've moved on, and i'm stuck between chapters
eventually i'll have to start the next

and why can't that next chapter be with you?

is it so wrong to try to love someone?
is it a sin to accept love without reciprocating it?

'what if you hurt yourself? what if you hurt them?'
well then so be it, what is a life without suffering?
if i am a sinner for accepting happiness into my life without bashing myself for it, then i guess i'll burn in hell

i'd rather be in heaven with you for a slice of my life
than burden myself with the obligation of fulfilling a fairytale
i may not be in love with you
but i could be
The ocean has a variety of conspiracies of being in its mystical state —
even creatures there knows how the world evolves in being in aggressive selfishness,
these people were still uncertain if it's five or seven oceans that we have,
everything is a metaphor —
all that we have can be fictional.
But, how do we determine if it's rather the reality and not just a conspiracy of thoughts put in science?

There are a variety of creatures and beings found scattered all over the earth, there were lullabies discovered in the means of this present time.
Everyone is entering a phase where reality turns fictional and the fictional happens more in reality.

But, despite all the conspiracies made by the geniuses, nothing can top the intelligence of the universe uniquely creating the earth filled with people —
different faces, different integrity, different minds
logical and artistic.

Among the other things, the ocean has a variety of conspiracies of being in its mystical state —
even the minds can't perceive how it is actually closer in the pit of hell — but, one single lullaby can turn conspiracy into the music of taste.

A single lullaby from Her can turn conspiracy into a song and the oceans deep can be discovered.
Thoughts about the ocean and science.
Strying Jun 3
im numb
but still sad
what is this life
something straight out of hell
its hard to breathe
and i wish i could be happy
but everything is just
so grey
~im still doing finals ah~
Raven Feels Jun 1
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, an old draft from last week:>

is there really a future for this misery
a new page that heroes the plot as a decent start over apology

craves distance and knows that would be known
angel like plastic sensations to the dawn

kept on stove to be loathed into a tomorrow
for the heart to yearn for the mind to dwell for the feels to borrow

midnight skies not even there not been predicted
lulled on the moons they say so I stay anonymously protected

Carlo C Gomez May 28
Come rhyme with me
In a bit of
But suppose
We juxtapose:

Lemon drop
Tear drop
A­ little heaven on earth
Before all hell breaks
Chrissy Ade May 26
She was praised for being silent
Dismissed for speaking out loud
She was living in a woman's world
Where her chances of being heard
Would only happen if she spoke up

Her voice was soft but certainly not brittle
Sounding just like the rain
But her words strike like thunder
Ominous and commanding
That carry a weight no man could ever lift

Her face resembled that of an angel
But she raised hell like the devil
Her ancestors' wildest dreams
A plum blossom in late winter
Blooming in adversity
Unyielding to the patriarchy

But men will try to rein her in
To contain the fire she possesses
But she was never under their control
Ferocious as a dragon, freedom to roam
Burning all their limitations

A precious gift from heaven
But your worst nightmare from hell
She is a woman, all in one
Who has come into her own
And she won't ever let you forget
Never let a man steal your power
Laokos May 22
the genius
of his spirit isn't
allowed to be

the muses around
his works
laugh at his
shy hubris

his connections
to the creative are
buried under a

his voice
is full
of charisma
and doubt

there's something
in the way
of love

his heart is
alone in hell

in his father's
searching for the

his life is a
as bright as
it is empty

just like his
tia May 18
would you like to dance, my dear?
waltzing above the fiery pits of hell,
oh my, it would be very tragic if you fell.. !
so please hold on tight and stay near

you must wonder who I am
I'm the one with a heart caged behind feathers
a holy being made from perfection and pressure
time is surely ticking until I let go of your hand

dear, dear, why do you scream?
I thought you no longer feared such trivial matters
feed me your soul and all of its shatters
oh? no no... this is not some dream

you wished for me to come, did you not?
I do as you ask and dangle you above death
yet here you are, clinging to me with all your strength
do not worry, your body will have use when I leave it to rot
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