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Zywa May 21
Dear grandma, I remember you

and a few of your stories

of the war, the little big

dramas to commemorate

my children only hear them half

because of the bombardment

of images of wars far away

daily in the news


we play reality today

to feel, to know

how rending it is

I am the grandma and my daughter

is her mother, the street breaks

after a shot, the air creaks

and we hold our breath
Collection "BloodTrunk"
Yemaya Apr 18
Your hand shakes
lips quivering
beginning to form a word.

But the disease washes the 'you' away
leaving me wondering,
Yemaya Apr 17
Your mouth struggles, mind grasping at sounds to make words.

Blurting out nonsensical madness.

Your eyes scream out desperately.

I wish I knew what to say

To reach you.
Alina Sep 2021
a missed call notification lingers on my phone, taunting me in the small moments, reminding me of opportunities lost. A single minute voicemail replayed a hundred times. Your voice seeping into my marrow growing cold as it lingers. It's all I have left, all of you that remains. A notification, a reminder, a promise that just hours before it all, I was what occupied your mind.

Peacock Secrets Mar 2021
Last Friday,
my feisty Grandma traversed on,
on to her next life.
scented, shrouded,
en route to her forever-home.

She was 80 years young,
living with family.
They were so careful
She never went out
covid still stole her from us
We want her back

It's these f*cking politicians' fault
they eat, sleep, party, vacay
and all I want is my Grandma back
I love and miss you Grandma. I'll pray for you. I'll see you one again in the future, by our Lord's grace. I wish I could have been there with you, face to face, one last time. You know you were loved. You know how much I adored you. I love and miss you so much
Diesel Feb 2021
the strongest woman in the world
encased in body of four-feet:
and tiny hands that stretch alone-
how they've made my everything.
arCamm Feb 2021
aged with wisdom & culture
forever symbolic of love
my gentle leaf has fallen

- a.r. Camm
R.I.P. Obaachan
Peacock Secrets Jan 2021
Shady Pines thrive where
We abandon our elders
To wait to whither
Remember the Golden Girls!? Shady Pines was where they'd repeatedly threaten to send Ma whenever her sharp tongue went after too many people's jugulars. rofl.
hmm, a funny anecdote in the midst of a serious topic: elder care neglect. It's all too common. What are the root causes?
Grace Jan 2021
Dove dark chocolate
Black coffee with almond biscotti
Raspberries and Engstrom almond toffee
Oma I miss you
I’ll see you in 80 years, or so
Have a cup of mint tea for me

Rosemary and Malbec
Ginger snaps and lavender
Grandma why does my dorm room
Smell like old memories of you

I think I left my sunglasses on the dining room table
The last place I saw you
Dyed blond hair, gold necklace, and your sweet soft smile
You gave me your blue jacket
Perriwinkle blue raincoat
Oma it’s raining
I’m making you tea
Dove, deliver it safely to the clouds above me
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