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Natalija Aug 10
He loves me, pretty much
Has a big heart.
My appearance is the one
He knows best!

Keeps me warm at cold nights
And brightens my day
Every day.

The one who cuddles.
Oh the cuddles have to be gentle
Watch out!
Never stroke him harsh.

At the end of the day,
He is a good listener but sometimes
Acts as a child.
That is why I love him too..
My furry, four legged ball!
To my fuzzy fuzz companion, cat named Mali.
s a m Aug 3
Give me the coziness in this weather 
by wrapping your arms around my body. 
Let our beating hearts be close together 
as the spirit of love move steadily 
to make this place look like a paradise 
of gentle feelings that can hold on still 
in anticipation of mountain ice 
which can never freeze moments of our thrill. 
Now close your eyes and dream about the stars. 
Dream about us on a sunny day, love. 
I will hold you tight in this night-time hours 
because you're the only one that I have 
in this compound world of whimsy and pain 
and a journey in a magical train.
POEMS OF THE RAIN, Copyright © 2020
All Rights Reserved
Sam N. de la Rosa
it's past 12 midnight
-and that should just be okay
  given with my quarantine body clock,
but i haven't slept for the past 36 hours:
  -i walked around the city,
  -i exhausted my brain with responsibilities,
  -i distracted myself with hobbies,
but i just can't seem to sleep.

it's amazing how overthinking really rallies with your mind,
and how it affects your whole biological being.
it's amazing how, one brief moment with a stranger,
bugs me like this.

his lips,
his warm embrace,
his sweet voice.

i just can't seem to sleep,
Tora Jun 24
What if it rained indoors?
Whenever we heard distant thunder
or the weather report said rain
then we would pick up all our things,
go outside and sit and wait
for the drops to stop falling from the ceiling.

Would we sleep in houses, still?
If the roof was like a cloud
and woke us up at 3 am
instead of a pattering at the window,
a pattering on our face?

We could make buildings just for this,
and when it started pouring
we would form lines, hoping to get inside
to take a shower in the rain
singing songs and goofing off.

What if it rained indoors?
Whenever we felt a tiny drop
we would build a comfy pillow fort
with blankets, snacks and giggles
and cuddle till the morning.
this **** quarantine
is keeping me from getting
my daily dose of cuddles!!!!
i miss my love :(
maria Mar 13
it's killing me
and out
makes me

in the town
me & you
in the house
Stay in but stay calm.;)

written on March 14, 2020
Gray Roxanne Feb 25
how commonplace:
you, asleep
in my bed, my blanket
covering you all the way up
to your chest
where I lay my head,
my fingers through your hair.

But imagine
how peculiar:
you cuddled up
beside me,
his sweatshirt fastened
to your chest by
your forearms. your
fingers curled softly
around the plush cotton fabric
makes this all
quite peculiar.
Inspired by Yoko Ono's "Grapefruit" -- for my poetry class!
I fall into your grasp again,
Awaken me,
Flesh on flesh,
Iridescent moons,
I lick the wounds,
Please hold me again,
My thoughts turned grey,
Words that play,
The little violin in the hearts of all
Saddened girls.
i am stuck in the in between
Maegan deme Jan 30
I'm scared to start living with you.
once I do you'll start to lose your nose flavor.
Once I do all your sweaters and hoodies belong to us,
and I won't get to steal them anymore.
Once I do our late night texts will be late night ***.
Once I do you'll start to see me in the worst and sometimes best.
then again
I can't wait to start living with you
Once I do I can cuddle whenever I want.
Once I do we'll be free to make out for fun.
Once I do you'll show me shows you hate but secretly love.
Once I do I'll love you more than anything I'll ever want.
Once I do we'll be happy.
cause you're all I secretly want
spooky thing being in love, it turns you into a cynically optimistic self hating narcissist.
i love the smell of warm skin
burying our heads in each other shoulders
feels so close
this is as close as i can get to you
longing for a lover
desperate for touch
trace my back
My spine bends for you
I bend for you
you lean
cuddle machine
i love cuddles.
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