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RedD Sep 28
Its the worst feeling right in the lowest pit of my stomach missing you like this. Too many days pass without you, but my mind is engulfed by you, every moment of every day. The eternal void I constantly dread, that one that longing commands. Dates pencilled in when you come to town seem so far away, yet move ever closer and each day is more tangible than the last but so much further than the next. Our time is fleeting yet all encompassing but one blink and its gone. I wish tonight you were here next to me, just like I imagine every night. A cuddle, a kiss, a smile as we drift off to sleep. Internal landscapes we walk together. And upon waking in the glint of dawns first light, we share the day's first kiss. Fingers wander, tantalized by our warm flesh and pull each other close, hold on tightly never wanting to let go. And maybe I'll hold on too tightly and not let go. But that time will make itself known, when our bodies have to let go. I'll have to let you go again. I'll wait for the days to pass, moments which turn to hours, hours to days, days to weeks. So slowly they will pass. But my heart will beat just a little faster, a little stronger when I hear your voice and I know it won't be long S, until we can be together again.
28th Sept 2018
2 or 5 days to wait?
KMH Sep 28
Sometimes i just want
To curl up on
A cold, rainy day
And sink into
The arms of someone
Who loves me.
~ Lately, I've often been struck by the urge to cuddle with someone, but am stuck with no one to cuddle with.
Advice from mum,
For my little ones,interesting some.
A hug and a kiss when they cry,
Will make their tears dry.
Always take time to listen,
See how their faces brighten.
Children have fears,
Just hold them tight dear,
Soon their tension will disappear.
Young minds love to explore,
To be messy they adore,
Your anger turnoff,
Dirt washes off.
About anything when they question,
Answer them without hesitation.
Be good in your attitude and speech,
For them to have strong characters you will teach.
Housework will never end,
Be silly, open up and giggle and be their friend.
Cherish every cuddle,
They won't be with you forever after all.
Nade V Sep 1
I’m only willing to wait this long for you.

Only for you I will wait for the end of the day to kiss you goodnight.
For we met in the morning, so I shall have to wait.

I’m only willing to wait this long for you.

Only for you I think what would happen if we met at night.
For if we met at night, we wouldn’t have to wait for the day to pass.
We wouldn’t have to wait for work to be done.
We wouldn’t have to wait for time to tick.

I’m only willing to wait this long for you.

It would be too easy to meet at night.
For there’s no waiting, no work, no time.
I still wait for sunset, whenever that shall be.
But I have waited before and I will again.

I’m only willing to wait this long for you.
Absent Minded Aug 29
If I could freeze the stars in place,
I'd stop the moon in its tracks
To make this one
Single moment
Stretch on into eternity.
I'm afraid my first,
Most noticeable flaw
Is that I am just human.
So, instead,
I'll etch the image.
I'll burn these seconds
And watch as they melt into hours
And stamp it with the thought
That we'll never have to separate
From this nurturing embrace.
writer omsy Aug 25
Get on with it
Just tell me
You love me
Been so long time

Bearing my heart with you
I didn’t realize
Caring my words in you
Erase all the lies

Just let me know
What’s troubling your mind?
To forget the past and cuddle
A single crib for two
Under a single sheet with you
Lost Aug 20
hiding in my blanketed sanctuary
I make myself small
balled up in the fetal position
clinging onto a pillow
that I hug close to me
sandwiched between my knees
my arms wrapped around it

I imagine the pillow animate
the weight and resistance of a torso
a person to put their arms around me too
when I need it

but my pillow does not obey my wishful thinking
and it is never replaced by a chest that rises and falls
it is only ever a padded rectangle
folded and scrunched and squeezed
in my desolate embrace

I scramble through my memories
sifting through the sensory details
grabbing ahold of the most recent recollection
of a night where I wasn’t alone
and wringing it out again and again
trying to squeeze out the final drops
of tactile sensation
the remaining morsels of comfort
derived from physical affections

I pick out the smallest details
and focus on reconstructing them
as vividly as possible—

the feeling of his soft, hot breath
kissing my neck and shoulder
whispers color back into my cheeks

I feel the steady rise and fall
of his slowed, sleepy breathing
and the rhythm of life
throbbing in his chest

his arm wrapped around me
draped across my waist and over my chest
the pressure and weight of his legs
tangled with mine
it feels like safety
and I know I need to cherish it
because I won’t have him for long

I turn around in his arms
to open my eyes and study him
I don’t want to forget his lips
or his long eyelashes
when he leaves

I stroke his cheek lightly
running my fingers through his beard
I want to cry
because I needed this so bad
and it will never last

but I put my sadness away
and save it for a lonelier night
when I won’t hear his quiet snore next to me

for when I am alone again
in my arctic tundra bed
frozen to my sheets
and stuck in the cold—

I want to exist suspended in this moment
these few hours our bodies melted together
and drown in the combined volume
of our collective contentment

I want to always remember you
so when I feel the ice in my core
chilling my bones at night
I have a time to remember
when I finally felt warm
She Writes Aug 13
And tonight I’ll find myself
Wrapped in loneliness
Instead of your arms
I love you at all times of the day.
At the dawning of light,
when the blue sky starts to turn orange and red,
and when the light goes to sleep and the stars start to shine.

But I must admit to being selfish;
for I do a have a favorite time.
Though It has it drawbacks
since I don’t get to see your eyes and smile.

But when you’re sleeping peacefully
and I get to wrap you up in my arms
and give you gentle kisses on your head.
That is my favorite time.

It doesn’t matter if I get any sleep
as long as your comfortable and sleeping sound.
However, I feel selfish for this time. It’s the only time
I feel you are undoubtedly mine.

You are so busy with all the things you do
but during this time you don’t have anywhere to be
You don’t have to answer your phone.
You just lie there sleeping like a beautiful prince in my arms.

I’m not sure if you even know but I’ll protect you
for as long as I can before you have to wake up
and go once again. I don’t expect for myself to ever
have you completely.
You’re too exotic to keep locked away.

So I’ll just enjoy the nights where I hold you
hoping that it won’t be the last.
If you haven't noticed I am undoubtedly in love. Oh well. I may get my heart broken. But I can't seem to help to fall in love with the most free-spirited type people. But anyway here is a poem of my thoughts of when I was holding this said person in my arms. Again sorry if I missed at punctuation and grammar errors my spell checker is down for the moment so I am flying blind lol.
She Writes Jul 23
I cannot find the right words
To describe the way it feels
To be wrapped up in your arms
Soft breaths on my neck
Nails scratching your back
I cannot explain it
But in your arms I am home
And I know I am where I belong
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