mjad 5d
I hear the electricity fade
The room is lit with the TVs black haze
My body in your arms is no game
But now I'm all you want to play
part two of my previous poem Prioritize
Lynn May 30
I want to go to Switzerland.
I want to see the snow and I want to hold you under the covers.
I want to gaze into the fireplace and be warm.
I want to taste your sweet lips as we watch our favorite movies.
I want to giggle with you and see your adorable face.
I want to travel with you to Switzerland.
I want to be yours.

BFlann May 27
As the basking warmth of the sun
Comes cascading through the blinds
It finds itself cast on still, rested souls
Serene and calm, no rest disturbed

Cwtch, a word from a wondrous place
An intimate moment, two’s safest space
To hold, and be held
Seldom seen, but always shared

She rolled over and pulled me close
Her hand on my chest, my heart rate rose
This feeling was always undersold
So hard to find, or so I’m told
That same warming sun
Now shimmering through her hair
That cute messy bun
No makeup, I do not care

Now she wakes and opens her eyes
A greyish blue
With a sparkling hue
They look back into mine
Transfixed, I smile
I say something nice
It’s probably too much
But I don’t think twice

The hours roll by
No need to move
I wait for my moment
Overthinking it through
Reciprocated in kind
Why did I wait so long?
Missing every damn sign
But now there’s no wrong
Two souls entwined

Not urgent, not laboured
Just passion savoured
Nothing fancy, nothing forced
Ain’t lost in the sauce
Soft and sweet
Enjoyed to the end
At some point I must go
Another day
Another time
We’ll be back there again
Cwtching till the light
Comes back through the blinds
She Writes May 26
Scratches on your back
My fingers in your hair
Body to body
Laying bare

My head on your chest
Your breath in my ear
Hands on my thighs
Your intentions quite clear

Dirty thoughts
Wandering lips
Shallow breaths
Teasing fingertips

Take me to the edge
Make me come undone
Cuddled up again
But we’ve only just begun
eunsol May 21
your warm hazel eyes are comforting,
so is your arm.
our limbs are tangled,
and your legs were on my waist.

i could say that
i'm the happiest person alive.

but when i open my eyes,
i realized that all of those are,
in my imagination.
the sound of the rain waking me up from my daydream.

i'm in my dull four walls,
all alone.
Nel May 3
I woke up

And nested into your chest

Your arms wrapped around my waist

The gentle stroke of your thumb

In the dim morning sun

You mumbled something

In a soft sleepy voice

I chuckled

You’re so cute

Maybe that’s why I can’t stop staring at you
Shadow Dragon Apr 25
You are no longer there,
to hold me here,
while you would stare.

Wondering to myself,
if I should put your book on the shelf,
maybe you would do it as well.

Emotions tearing me apart,
a supposedly dark heart,
that you gave a kick start.
Little snuggle bug...
I know you want a 3000th hug -
But I’ve got this gosh darn work to do.
I swear that I’m not dissing you!

Little huggle bud...
This poem’s gonna be a dud.
I know you don’t mean to so distract
But my focus now is for sure cracked.

Little cuddle bun...
I give up - it seems you’ve won.
So nuzzle up and count those sheep
And let’s both drift off into sleep.
Quick write for day 24 as my plans to write do not fit the 5yo agenda tonight.
mjad Apr 5
Controller in his hands
My body in his arms
His eyes on the screen
He's not being mean
He's just prioritizing
The games over me
This was a daily and I can't believe it, you are all incredible, thank you for all the tremendous feedback and make sure to read the other mediocre poetry I have if you have time:):)
She Writes Mar 9
Can we stay here
Just a minute more?
Hold my body close,
I’ve never felt like this before.

You made me feel safe,
Curled up in your arms.
Staring into those beautiful eyes,
Admiring your wit and charms.

All too soon it’s time,
We’re headed for the door.
Can’t we stay here,
Just a minute more?
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