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The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
I just read what i wrote
Last month
Am definitely not feeling the same way
But somehow
Am still not happy
All i ever wanted was someone
To come home to
Cuddle up
And forget about everything else
Maybe you'll be that someone

I saw you today
We look at each other
We don't feel the same way
But we definitely didn't forget
I hope oneday you'll understand

You came out of nowhere
Saying random words
That you know
Will affect one way or another
I hate u for it
But i wanna listen
I guess i never really got you

You're new to me
Warm different
I like it
Am used to you
Like we've known each
For so long
Even though we didn't even meet yet
I have a feeling
About this
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
I want someone
I could be
Goofy around
Not worry about what to say
No awkward moment
Just shy & clumsy
Someone i could just
Take off my shoes
And slide the whole hallway
To his open arms
Someone i could
Put my ice cold hand
On his neck
Someone i could
Live with
Share a life with
Someone i could
Stay in bed with him
Just cuddle
Have leg fights
Over the blanket
Then end up
Someone i will
Wake up next to
And run make him breakfast
Or doing pancakes together
Dancing our ***** off
In the kitchen
Someone i could
Have a pet with
A cat probably
And wake up next to it
As if it was our baby
Neuvalence Jan 3
I woke to the sound of your velvety voice
and your soothing lavender scent
Though I woke alone,
your presence: no longer.

Something short I wrote two years back.
claire Dec 2018
the warm glow of the tailights ahead
faint music playing in the background
the sound of your breath in the foreground

your head rests with a welcome weight on my shoulder
warm and heavy in the crook of my neck

my cheek rests softly on your crown

my eyes shut naturally, wholly content
you reach around my arm and pull me closer

my heart leaps, your touch is so comforting
in that moment, us together, warm and happy, trading hearts

i never want to let you go
i itch to tilt your chin toward me, i want to look in your eyes
i want to kiss your whole face

but instead i listen to you breathe
and wonder how i can love you this much
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
And it was one of those kind of days.
Enjoyment of the little things.
She filled both my hands.
My mind at ease,
She was very good at stuff like that.
Warm to the touch, my hands snug around her.
The way she smelled was life itself.
Flooding my nose with endless memory.
Deliciously swirled & tasted.
My insides fluttering in thought.
No longer empty but filled by anticipation.
This was the kind of weather she was made for.
Jeans, sweaters.
Lazy days to throw any old thing on and lounge around.
It was one of those kind of days she filled my mug,
My hands with hot chocolate.
Her being the very chocolate that warmed my soul

Of all things
Just because
Annika J Dec 2018
Somedays I get the urge to just snuggle something
Preferably someone
To be close
To be emotional
To be connected

People aren’t very snuggly
I’m an exception

Since no one else is snuggly
I just have to curl up by myself
And say I want to be alone
When in reality
I crave intimacy
jennifer delong Dec 2018
So cold body like ice
Need some warmth
Could use some body heat
A blanket will just not do
It's to dam cold
My teeth are chattering
My knees are shaking
Not made for winter
Want to hibernate
That would be so nice
Wake up to 90 degrees
Not a wish that can come true
So bring me some body heat
Cuddle up drink some coffee
Let's hibernate till our bodies
Are at least above freezing
Fine bring me a electric blanket
That will have to do
I'm tired of this cold
Body like ice
Need to warm my soul
© Jennifer Delong 12/6/18
s Nov 2018
he'll sit on my back
like a chicken on an egg
with a mocking flap,
shuffle and a wiggle
till we're warm and stacked.
chuckle and a giggle.

both the cuddle and the joke
die the moment I write them.
but could I risk losing to memory,
that near perfect joydom ?
Ana Roe Nov 2018
Last night when you touched me
oh so gently I might have cried
it was the purest that I have felt
since my life began.

I have never felt safer than I did
when you wrapped your arms around me
and traced mindless patterns on my skin
all through the night and into the morning.

Your kindness and tenderness captivated me
I no longer had to fear that I wasn't good enough,
that I would be unloved, or that I would be alone.
All I had to do was listen to your soft breathing
and revel in this comfort that was so new to me.
arielle Nov 2018
i poured my
h e a r t
out to him that night

we sat for hours talking
until silence found its way
into the big room

he planted a kiss
on my lips
s w e e t
strawberries and mint chocolate

tired as the night
we fell sound asleep
until the sun rose
and brightly shined its way
through the curtains
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