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Styles Apr 16
I want to spend the rest of the night,
                                        inside of you.
Jan Apr 3
At the beach
the Moon looks closer to me; as if she could feel the cold, the wind,
the loneliness that my heart carries.

I wonder if she's lonely too.

Sometimes I feel like the Moon; she's looking at all the humans,
falling in love,
eating breakfast together,
humans being humans together, but
she's alone.

I feel like that,
everyone around me is feeling something
I can't feel anything
except for loneliness.

I'm in need to love someone and for them to love me back.
I wrote this on September 3rd, 2020.
When we cuddled,
I could feel the
in your bones.
So I held you a little tighter,
caressed you a little longer,
and I felt it shiver out of you like the cold.
Anastasia Mar 4
Dear Pale Boy,
I’ll sit beside you
In the rushing tide
A foamy white and blue
Feet in the sand
Stormy grey sky
Holding your hand
While you ask me why
Someone like you
Could ever be loved
I’ll respond with a kiss
And a gentle touch
Your goose down hair
Soft and white
Twirled between my fingers
While you hold on tight
Pale smooth hands
And rose dusted cheeks
Swaying palm leaves
Distant mountain peaks
Rain drops on your nose
Your jacket keeps us warm
Waiting for grey clouds to pass
I’ll hold you in the storm
With tangled toes and tasseled twirls  
You spoke to me in silence
you are invincible
we are unstoppable
and I realize
how much I need you.
Mari Dec 2020
I will fall asleep
to your
Natalija Aug 2020
He loves me, pretty much
Has a big heart.
My appearance is the one
He knows best!

Keeps me warm at cold nights
And brightens my day
Every day.

The one who cuddles.
Oh the cuddles have to be gentle
Watch out!
Never stroke him harsh.

At the end of the day,
He is a good listener but sometimes
Acts as a child.
That is why I love him too..
My furry, four legged ball!
To my fuzzy fuzz companion, cat named Mali.
it's past 12 midnight
-and that should just be okay
  given with my quarantine body clock,
but i haven't slept for the past 36 hours:
  -i walked around the city,
  -i exhausted my brain with responsibilities,
  -i distracted myself with hobbies,
but i just can't seem to sleep.

it's amazing how overthinking really rallies with your mind,
and how it affects your whole biological being.
it's amazing how, one brief moment with a stranger,
bugs me like this.

his lips,
his warm embrace,
his sweet voice.

i just can't seem to sleep,
Damien Jun 2020
What if it rained indoors?
Whenever we heard distant thunder
or the weather report said rain
then we would pick up all our things,
go outside and sit and wait
for the drops to stop falling from the ceiling.

Would we sleep in houses, still?
If the roof was like a cloud
and woke us up at 3 am
instead of a pattering at the window,
a pattering on our face?

We could make buildings just for this,
and when it started pouring
we would form lines, hoping to get inside
to take a shower in the rain
singing songs and goofing off.

What if it rained indoors?
Whenever we felt a tiny drop
we would build a comfy pillow fort
with blankets, snacks and giggles
and cuddle till the morning.
Samantha Renee Apr 2020
this **** quarantine
is keeping me from getting
my daily dose of cuddles!!!!
i miss my love :(
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