And tonight I’ll find myself
Wrapped in loneliness
Instead of your arms
I love you at all times of the day.
At the dawning of light,
when the blue sky starts to turn orange and red,
and when the light goes to sleep and the stars start to shine.

But I must admit to being selfish;
for I do a have a favorite time.
Though It has it drawbacks
since I don’t get to see your eyes and smile.

But when you’re sleeping peacefully
and I get to wrap you up in my arms
and give you gentle kisses on your head.
That is my favorite time.

It doesn’t matter if I get any sleep
as long as your comfortable and sleeping sound.
However, I feel selfish for this time. It’s the only time
I feel you are undoubtedly mine.

You are so busy with all the things you do
but during this time you don’t have anywhere to be
You don’t have to answer your phone.
You just lie there sleeping like a beautiful prince in my arms.

I’m not sure if you even know but I’ll protect you
for as long as I can before you have to wake up
and go once again. I don’t expect for myself to ever
have you completely.
You’re too exotic to keep locked away.

So I’ll just enjoy the nights where I hold you
hoping that it won’t be the last.
If you haven't noticed I am undoubtedly in love. Oh well. I may get my heart broken. But I can't seem to help to fall in love with the most free-spirited type people. But anyway here is a poem of my thoughts of when I was holding this said person in my arms. Again sorry if I missed at punctuation and grammar errors my spell checker is down for the moment so I am flying blind lol.
She Writes Jul 23
I cannot find the right words
To describe the way it feels
To be wrapped up in your arms
Soft breaths on my neck
Nails scratching your back
I cannot explain it
But in your arms I am home
And I know I am where I belong
DJ Jul 22
You know.
It's true what they say.
That once you fall asleep in the arms of your lover,
You can't sleep alone anymore.
Something doesn't feel right.
Something is always off.
The feel of her body,
Her warmth,
Her breath,
As she lays behind me,
Clutching on to my waist,
Is a feeling that gets you intoxicated just thinking about it.
Gets you high without realizing it.
You do that once,
You can't not do it again.
Because then you'll constantly feel alone.
In the dark.
Always thinking back to a time,
When she was lain behind you,
And when she held you close,
So close that you almost morph into one.
So now as I lay here,
Clutching onto a pillow that smells of her,
I keep hoping that this pillow,
Will turn into her,
So that I don't have to sleep alone tonight.
I wrote this poem for my girlfriend who came over one day and fell asleep with me as we we're huddled close together. Yes I am a female. I am bisexual.
Close your eyes,

Listen closely,

To the humming

of my heart;

When you hold me
lilhadi Jul 4
Remember! You will never have these days again ..
i’m so in love with your sleep shrouded voice,
drowsy doused rasp and torpid tongued.
rest against me and whisper behind my ear―
i love you.

―lay with me a little bit longer
Neon Beaches Jun 28
I haven’t met you
Well, Maybe I have
But Lets suffice it to say we haven’t been introduced

I don’t know who you are but I’ll tell you about me:
I’m a person who looks like…
I’m yay tall..

Okay so maybe not how I look
How about...

I’m a nervous, frustrated wreck
I hate interacting with people
And I pretend to be a big, strong independent person
But I really just want a shoulder to cry on

I love to dance
But only if no-one can see me
I love to sing
But only if no-one can hear me
My poetry is average at best,
but it’s the only thing that keeps me going
On some star filled dark nights I like to sit outside
With a stolen bottle of wine,
I watch the ocean
It’s waves that carry all the tears of the world
All the lost hopes and dreams
All the breakups and divorces
I nod off as they assault the rocks below
With a single tear staining my skin

Sometimes I steal song lyrics too:

See, I wish I could see you
I want to hold your hand,
As we drift off to the nether,
Drinking warm wine
from paper cups we left outside

I’d kiss you hard in the pouring rain
“Let the rest of the world burn” I’d whisper into your ear
I would love you until the dinosaurs came back
I would call it fate
Or perhaps destiny
Just because it won’t come easily
Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try

But could you love me?
A nervous, frustrated wreck
Someone who hates interacting with people
(But not you)
And who pretends to be a big, strong independent person
But who really just wants your shoulder to cry on
And you to cuddle
on those cold,
starry nights
when the sea wails
and the sky cries

So could you love me?
Oh and, if you don’t like memes then I hate you...
She Writes Jun 24
Someday I’ll wake
And find you next to me
Until then I just have my dreams
And my poetry
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