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Matt Oct 14
I jumped to a conclusion,
from such a height,
they said it was a suicide,
I think they might have been correct.

Emotion overwhelmed me,
the desperation of the moment took hold,
I acted rashly,
without thinking it through
and just like that desperate man on the bridge,
my foot untouched the edge,
the gravity of the situation pulled me down
and all that was left,
was regret.
Fran Oct 8
Ey, what's wrong.
They say.
You really wanna know? Ok. I'm desperately in love with a guy, who loves me back. Thing is he lied. He made me his affair. He just told me. And though I forgave him, well he's not ready. He needs to put everything behind him first.
I'm scared. What if I never heal. Never heal from my past, the fear, the panic, the shame and the feeling I destroyed my family. What if this therapy won't help as well?
I read things about death and every time I do, I get a panic attack. ;z throat closes and the tears just stream down my face.
But hey. You don't really wanna know, do you?
Because if I told you, your reaction would be exactly the same to when I just say: Nothing. I'm just tired.
FinkZ Oct 4
Light the fire and pour the gasoline
Then let the ash follows the wind
To release the anchor of the world
That stuck on my back since forever

Light the fire and pour the gasoline
Let the memories fly to the astral realm
But my grip was never firm
And I still collecting dust ever since

Light the fire and pour the gasoline
Then put them back together with glue
Hide my feelings, and erase all the clue
Shut the noise from your heart when it's screaming

Light the fire and pour the gasoline
And use the flames to clean your sins
Or let your self be in the spiral of depression
Then fall and drown in the oceans
Hannah Oct 4
I dream about you
Telling me, "I love you,
I wish I never would have hurt you
Because my life isn't complete without you."
But all I can do is dream
FinkZ Oct 2
The dreams I had
Was set on fire by the world
Lefted only dust
Slowly fell to the dirt

The chemistry went out of hand
I need time but I ran out of sand
Been here forever I stand
In this unforgiven land

If only I can fix these legs
To get out of the deep space
Stop wondering how sweet does her lips taste
I wonder how far I can go, if I fix these legs

Whenever your name I wrote
My poems glows
But I have to bury the blooming rose
To see her happiness grows
Today I was accused to being a bad influence yet again,

Simply because I facilitate the forbidden wants/needs of the people I love,

Simply because I give them a place to get high and vent without being judged,

Simply because I create an aura where they feel free to express themselves in whatever ways they like- modest, humble even ******,

And simply because the ones they love refuse to facilitate their haram (forbidden).

Haram is bad – we all know this

But being human is about passing through all things good and all things bad.

Being a Muslim, most of my choices are haram;

Not properly attired to the laws of my religion,

My speech is not of a young lady with modesty- rather it is defined with sheer profanity,

I rather laugh from my heart even though it’s supposedly a *****’s act,

I refuse to lower my gaze around men; the same men that stole from me

The same men that refused to lower their gaze from me.

I deny myself the potential for love because of the expectation of great dismay

And I drown myself with the 34000 thoughts of what if??!

This poem is becoming a disaster; my thoughts aren’t flowing straight,

I went from bad influence to haram to rebellious to depressing;

What the **** is this **** going on inside my head- it aches with great displeasure.

How do I contain my contradicting self?

Someone help me please, my soul is crying and sobbing for something to fill this void-

The void that is desperately trying to full itself with the acceptance of the people who are hell bent on not accepting me.

Why am I like this? A contradicting ******* disaster

Doors close and open with noises.
But still with the bars

Even when the curtains are fastened to the windows
Tries to fly as high as it possible

Part of the clothes stick to my body
But part of it, tries to escape and go farther as it possible

Hair curls blown away by the rebellious wind,
But still stay with me and turning  other sides

The cold wind blew through my cheeks
I wish my thoughts will be blown away by this wind.
But still with me, stirring my thoughts
When the wind blows as fast as it can.
Those three words,
That you were so desperate to hear
And I was too afraid to speak,
Are now the difference
Between pleasure and pain
Between lightning and rain
Between effortless and strain
Between pride and shame.
The value of those three words is hard to comprehend unless you are very sure but, once you are there, it is very pure.

Have you ever spoken a lot of words but don't know if it is true?

Sentiment always triumphs the number of words spoken, unless those words are 'I love you'.
ATILA Aug 28
This is the right time to tell her your heart is actually beating her name. All you should do is open your door and say, “Come in.” Lock your door and throw the key to the seventh sky.
Let me in.
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