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Mackenzy Aug 24
i think what's sad about this time is
i want to make it, really i do.
i don't know if i'll make it.
i don't want to die,
i only want to live.
please let me live.
FinkZ Aug 6
Through the fall, I saw a bliss
I saw the light between the mist
Even when my guts dont dare
I wished she would tangled me around her hair

Should I take the shot
Or left my desire to rot?
I'll let the time decide
Wether to reveal the torch
Or kept the fire out of sight

Sweet, sweet morning aroma,
A daily gift many know well
Rich dark grains trickling down
From Ground Black Gold early in the day
Captured in the palm of the filter
Sweet water, heated just right
Turns the grounds in to Black Gold, liquid delight.

Anxious addict waiting for the fix
As the black magic weaves its spell
Desperate, hand clutch the cup
Straight to the lips,
love ....
and peace abide
Trembling hands,
and gain rest

A new day has begun,
Good morning to you all
My mother said Good Morning, I replied not good until I have y coffee
SoVi Dec 2021
It's a turbulent life you have lived
Past is snipping at your heels
As you run past the pain
Remembering all the deceit

Call me when its time
To come home and hold you
Take my hand
And let me guide you

Call me when you know
How to care for yourself
Ease my mind
Take care of yourself

Call me when your memories
Are no longer a maelstrom
Of confusion and lights
But a kaleidoscope

Call Me, Call Me
Call Me when you remember
What you want from life
When you figure out
'Who am I?'

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
Inspired by "Call me Call me" in Cowboy Bebop (episode 24).
Ahmad Attr Aug 2021
You counted my infinite love
You decided a number
And said you love me back to that point
Don’t say it like that
Don’t take away my hope
Don’t go, just stay the night
Fate brought us two together from so far away,
I waited for you so long,
I gave you more than what I was capable of
Don’t leave me now that I’m alone
The nights without you are just eternal darkness
so stay
just turn around
Why do you always look up at the sky,
I’m waiting for you at the ground
just stay this night
and let love blossom and flow through our veins
a force strong like ichor
stay with me in these sand plains
underneath the crescent and the stars
among mud houses
stay in my oasis
let the heavens gaze at this union
water my deserted skin
I beg of you, stay the night
stay at my cabin
listen to distant dunes drifting in the wind
close your eyes next to me
I deserve at least this much
Something in return of my infinite love
I beg of you, stay the night
And if you go bury me underneath the pure soil
Where your feet kissed the ground
O Sacred being, let me become dust; gone
Lord will protect you as you go on
I beg you, don't go
Nylee Aug 2021
It's       a   desperate          plea
Do    not                ignore    me

I­'d act out
I don't know
what it is about
Take a notice of me
I've been waiting patiently
for not much but all I need is
an attention for a second or three
for without I'll wilt without your sunshine
Please water me with all the love you'd do your plants

Don't pluck me apart
Sashaa Aug 2021
here goes another sleepless night with an uneasy heart,
the girl still wishes for the love she believes she deserves.
she longed, and longed, longed for much too long.
she knows her knife is never sharp enough to ****** her fear.

her mind is always heavy, running ragged with the worst-case scenario.
looping round and round, she couldn't find the emergency exit.

how does it feel like to be loved, by you?
to feel the love i had when i first met you
maybe i made a mistake that he turned away, maybe i pushed the wrong button.
i'm sorry—if it's the truth—can we start over?
fill my hollow gap, live in the void where you left.

you said you'd grow old with me, that i've never heard since the last time i thought you'd madly fallen in love with me.
i ask god, "how much does it take to have you back, like you used to? i'd go broke just to have it once more."

i made many sacrifices, but nothing ever seemed to fall into place; how long should I wait?

sometimes i wish i could beg for forgiveness to myself,
for putting her to an endless torture with no answer to its questions.

i love him too much; i should've thought twice.
written at 01:32 am, with pain stabbing on her chest.
aspen wilde Jul 2021
there are days when all i can do is exist
while desperately trying not to;
there are days when all i can think is bliss
because the silence has drawn to

there are moments when the world has
gone dark inside my head;
there are moments when the room has
started spinning with dread

sometimes all i can do is
try to exist
but whether that works or not is
forever shrouded in mist
Van Xuan May 2021
When I desperately want to save her
Yet the only thing I can do
Is to let her go
Wiping my tears of being a failure
Heart is empty just like the time I lost someone important
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