Faith 3d
Uncertainty is flowering from every inch of me.

The vines of confusion wrap around my arms and legs,
Constricting me to befuddlement.
Conflict brews from within me, and keeps on stirring slyly.
Being unable to cease it, my emotions are throwing a fit.

Stepping stones keep sinking each time I place a foot upon one.
I never minded mud before,
But now that I'm sinking into it,
I miss walking and feeling the cushion of grass hug my feet.

The end of winter marks the end of a frozen spell.
Spring will enlighten the moods of nature,
And hopefully, mine as well.
I envy those who are loved.
those that have seen love in every city
every home they've lived.

I envy belonging.
having a place you are missed.
having people that miss you.

I envy love
having some one who loves you.
raw, intense, truly.... darkly or innocently.

I envy life.
the desire to live forever.
I wish I had that.
I've had nothing for so long
so much that I wouldn't recognize more, if I got it.
Where is happiness?
Where were they found?
Were they found from the times
you made me smile?
Were they found from the times
you gave me your warmest embrace?
Where? Where? Where?
It is because today becomes yesterdays.
And tomorrow becomes todays.
I’m living in this cell,
There I counted the days...
And I had written it at the walls.
There I drew your face out of stones.
Remembering the last time I saw you.
Cause it was so long back then...
And I was waiting, but you never came.
Will you hear me right now?
I forgot that you never felt me
Like you used to do before.
Never even heard me
Like I used to believe
That you’re one call away.
These cold walls I kept touching,
Sensing for the warmth of hope.
But, it’s all gone. All gone.
These bars got colder,
Frost covered the walls.
I was wondering,
Why would I get locked up
It burdens me and it kills me.
Somewhere I had to feel so much?
Why would I live in this bitter prison cell?
Another place where I had never been so well,
Maybe this is the sentiment when you’re gone.
Locked up in your heart, yet had been forgotten.
Do you still have my photographs?
Do you still keep them in your pocket?
Do they still remind you of how we used to be?
Do you still have the letters I sent you before?
Do you still read them back and back again?
Do they remind you of me?
It told you how much I miss you...
Also how much I love you.
But, I don’t have to await
If you show me how I should walk away.
Were our promises kept?
Promises were just strong words
That motivated us up there,
However, had dragged us down.
Where were your letters? In my hands.
Where were your pictures? In my phone.
Where were you? Lost but found in my heart.
Where was I? Lost and never found,
But living in a dark and bitter prison cell.
Is it still us? Or became you and me?
No matter how cold, I’ll stay.
But, save me. Look for me. I need you.
Seek for me. Seek for me. Seek for me.
Darling, my love, find me in your memory.
Just got the inspiration from my batch mates....
Ron Gavalik Mar 4
A young woman stands on the sidewalk
in front of a vape shop.
Her long red hair is the dream
of desperate men
that flutters in the cool spring breeze.
She fiddles with her smartphone,
her thumb quickly scrolls screens
in an attempt to fight boredom.
She's waiting, waiting, waiting
for her next adventure,
but those skin tight yoga pants
and her filthy sneakers tell me
she has a long wait.
Once upon a time
your name was the first thing that
i'd think of
when i needed to smile
it'll dutifully bring color to my cheeks

Now, your name is still the
first thing that i'd think of
but only when i needed to sober up
it'll chase the joy away without fail

What frightens me the most
is that what if this is a modern fairytale
no more "happy endings"
no "wind in our sails".
Tyler Matthew Feb 23
The long hands of mem’ry are strangling my mind,
reachin’ out past the face to which my love was assigned.
When I go out in the evening to see what it is I can find
I’m haunted by the things we said.

When morning light lies beside me in my bed
I’ve got to turn myself over and shake out my head
because the whole scene reminds me of the day we wed
and of the life from which we resigned.

Like a sharp shaft of glass, we tore through the years,
only to end drowning in each other’s tears.
But the past’s so much closer than it appears,
and if you look too long you’ll go mad.

To say I never loved you’s to fall in line with a fad.
But to ignore what I feel now is just more weight I can’t add.
So I look down at the ashes, dust off what we had,
and stifle my rising fears.
Douglas Goins Feb 19
You asked for sincerity.
So allow me to be sincere.
When I say that I've loved.
To end up broken because of it.
Because love isn't free.
You have to pay for your happiness.
Put in what you get out.
So I gave it my all.
My entire life savings.
Which wasn't a lot to the world.
But was the world to me.
Just to find out that it wasn't enough.
Leaving me here.
On the corner of the earth.
Without a penny for my thoughts.
Learning too late.
That my good heart.
Was better than my riches.
Leaving me here.
With multiple clothes.
But the same battered heart.
That hasn't been refreshed in years.
With a scent you would call bittersweet.
Leaving me here.
Asking you to stay.
Because you were forewarned.
That I don't have a lot left.
So I'm giving you everything.
Fighting this time.
For love.
Your love.
Instead of paying for its mistakes.
I'll do what I have to.
Even if that means I have to hurt.
To make us last.
Ash Feb 10
The oblivious night in need of salvation
The moon emits love to the night’s unaware starvation
We the stars, reflect that love in our light
An outlet of faith to the incognizant night
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