Hold me, I miss you, I miss your warmth.
Please just lay with me, even if you don’t love me, I’ll take what I can get.
I love you from every inch of my body and soul, please just know that.
Know that and don’t hurt me because of it.
You watered these flowers in my heart, you nurtured them and then left them alone.
They are dying without you, they receive no light, no hydration.
Their climate has changed, from lush garden to dry desert, and they’re dying without you.
Please take care of my heart, I have left it with you, I know you don’t want it.
It has a mind of its own and no loyalty, it left me without looking back.
I miss you, I miss your warmth, please hold me.
Skye 4d
an endless dilemma
an unsung drama
there's no resolution
to the struggles

a natural cycle
spawning eternally
once suffered enough
from the nth time

like an echo on repeat
trapped in a tunnel
banging against walls
no way out

but the soul seeks isolation
even from itself
night and day
it's always been a disarray

and then it got what it wanted
a haunting clamor
complained for never finding
peace in solitude

distractions seem to be useless
medications: no effect
like a virus going stronger
every time you tried to fight it

an endless dilemma
slowly conquering
every bit of you
a silent invasion
i made a poem from a campaign title in a Resident Evil game. treated it as a challenge.
Dean 4d
Desperate I stood
Bruised from shame
A man on the edge of decay
With an olive branch
She brought me back
Into her forgiving heart
The next morning self-satisfied
I left without remorse or goodbye
For the young and the restless be careful out there
I wrote letter left on the woods,
As I continue walking on my way,
I wish I would see you in this road,
But I don't think they lead me back to you,

I see the smiles around the places,
Pursuing and fulfill their dreams,
While all I wanted was you,
And always you,

Say I'm desperate, but hell no,
Hearts wanted to find him and love him,
But then again I started to disappoint,
I was so hopeless....
I wish this was defined as more than limerence,
But I can feel this fact is obsession alone.
My heart is burning loud and vigorous,
And you’re so smothered in the ignorance
That the birds known as passion have since flown,
And our heartstrings together are already sewn.

It’s not my aim to dissuade, divert or disgust.
I just ask that you listen and lend empathy.
For this is not an admission of lust.
Loan dash of sympathy, an ounce of trust.
Call not these reactions droll chemistry.
There is no room for science in this recipe.

These are movements fantastic, explosions of fate.
Yet I’m giving permission to let this one slip
And gifting forgiveness if you decide too late.
This, I am certain, will be worth the wait.
If you disembark aboard different ship,
I can promise I’ll follow by tooth, nail, and whip.

You’ve armed me with passion and know not what you’ve done.
You can insist that there’s nothing, kill this off clean.
Still this doesn’t come from just anyone.
I know you more than a prize to be won.
Even if you ignore this, my mad queen,
I’ve hope, for justice is blind and oh what she’s seen.
phoenix Jun 30
How is it that you're so far, but
Yet so close? I want to be seen
As the girl who catches flies, not
The girl who runs for the moon.

How is it that you haven't noticed
My soul? Even though I've been dancing and singing ahead you,
Dressing silly like most girls, with heavy make-up on?

How is it that you never put a glance
On my face? As if I were a fly passing
Through, or something you disgust

I want to be seen as the girl
In the magazines, or the girl
Who's got thousand dollar shoes, or the girl everyone loves.

But I'm just a debris to you.
Annie Jun 18
He called me a flower
A torn, dried flower
Ripped off from its roots
All the petals almost falling —not yet have fallen
I called him home
A home so empty, all the curtains down
Polished walls, ravishing roof, crushed floor
No light –all silent, no sound
Undone Jun 15
The clouds block the sunset
And I can’t help but think how fitting

(I view the holy light of your salvation from behind bars
And you, dangling the key, choose not to free me)

And now I watch this sunset
Speckled behind dark clouds
Desperately poking through to me
Because I guess god can’t cut me some slack and feed me the warmth I so desperately crave
Rather I must be teased by Mother Nature herself as she gives me just enough heat to keep me from freezing to death

The red glow is almost gone
It’s melting into that abyss
It’s falling off the edge of the earth
I can still see a sliver
I can still see it trying to break through
It’s gone now
It’s gone  
I’m staring at all the colors
All the remnants
All the pieces
All the gorgeous strokes of light that dapple the other wise pale sky
But the light is gone

The sun actually sets before we see it go down
The light refracts when the sun is below the horizon to give us the illusion it’s still shining bright
So when we watch it slip into the earth it’s already six feet under
Time blocks the sunset
And I can’t help but think how fitting
Feeling really ignored

I don’t like this poem to much but I felt like I had to post something.
Amanda Jun 14
Where can I put blame this time?
Who rescued me from this mess?
I am not the hero of my story,
It's time that I confess.

Nobody feels like I do about you,
You came along, gave me a rush,
I try to understand what makes
My heart pound fast when lips brush.

I stand myself in front of a mirror,
Trying to envision forever,
You are always there, it must be a sign,
Our ties weren't destined to sever.

Let me know you won't give up,
That even if you are not always there,
We have irreplaceable chemistry,
Between us we share.

I know this is what I want,
But not sure if what happened was right,
Learning to question everything,
Because sometimes I can't trust my insight.

Proud of the way I've handled
My decisions and mistakes,
I have deserved my obstacles,
The bumps and drawn-out heartaches.

I need to be sure of the future,
But I only see so far,
I'm so scared of falling down,
Every time I reach a star.

What I need is guidance,
And I never have the urge to pray,
Because I'm discovering there is no one listening,
To these desperate inquisitive words I say.
Written when I first started ro lose my faith... i know its very scattered but aside from that what do you think?
Faith Jun 11
i think i lost my mind
the leash i had on it
was too loose
im such a fool
i allowed too much slack
and my mind
took advantage of me
and ran away
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