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Ankit J Chheda Nov 2022
Wave after wave we rode the highs,
Steadying our footing before the next rise,
It all crashes into laughter and the salty foam,
Time flew by as the clouds framed the setting sun,
Lighting our path as the time came to head back home.

I lived in the fleeting moments loving the rush of being alive,
Forgetting about the dark night that lay over the horizon,
As we crossed the threshold back into our abode,
The interlude ended as the last light receded from the windows,
Leaving me in unattended in the murk of my thoughts.

Unequipped for the blackness that glared at me,
I searched for a glimmer of a forgotten dream,
There was once a fire that shone bright my hopes & ambitions,
Not even embers remain that I may stoke a new flame,
Aimlessly I move through the motions of the daily mundane.

Slowly collapsing under the unbearable weight,
Wishing that I could find meaning in life,
Or give up altogether and end it tonight,
"Why am I even here?" Echoes back at me from the dark,
I fear there is nothing else left for me here.
I have stopped enjoying everything I once used to, like music, reading and spending time with people, I find it hard to continue with work as I am very uninspired in life, unable to create as I once used to be able to, I don't seem to be able to care for anything or anyone now. I am tired.
birdy Apr 2022
Sitting in a room alone,
I try to feel.
Zoe Mae Feb 2022
Sometimes the Moon is just
the Moon
Stars simply stars
They're just reliable objects
They just are
And birds are just birds
They're pretty
They fly
Often words are just words
They're witty
They lie
And colors are just granted
Sort of like you and I
Until each pretty petal
just withers and dies
My Dear Poet May 2021
Don’t dangle me
to the carrot
These days the well of ideas runs dry
I can no longer lower my bucket
And bring it up full
With enough to satisfy your thirst for creativity
And to satisfy my thirst to create
Yet I am chained to my commitment
To bring you this daily offering
So I turn to the dry stones of my well
And try to squeeze water from them

I hope this mere drop is enough
11 lines, 310 days left.
hal Dec 2020
The new year should bring
New inspirations but I am
Feeling quite lost.

Spinning on delicate in a
never ending cycle of my
Washing machine.

Repetition at its finest.
New would be nice I reckon.
Emily Nov 2020
i ache to feel inspired.
long for the thoughts and feelings i once knew.
let my mind consume itself with possibilities.

i ache to feel important.
to know my words are devoured,
by someone with a fragile heart and mind.

i want to run away with myself.
run away to that place of opportunity.
where i glow brighter than the stars,
and emit warmth stronger than the sun.

i ache to feel that way again.
that important kind of way.
where i am more than just my body.
where i am my thoughts, my feelings.

There is not much to write
These days
My mind on an uninspired escape

The thoughts scarce and redundant
Disinterested words
Wander off for a sea-scape

Sure there is enough beauty in this world
Yet to be explored
Limited my imagination and views today
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