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more uninspired
than the sound
an out-of-tune piano
makes on a dismal day.
i have no more ideas right now whoops
Samantha Sep 11
I pick up my pen and paper
Trying to knead my words like a baker
My mind feels like strobing lights
Can’t even remember what I wanted to write
Croiyon Sep 5
Bored, bored, bored
Wanting to sleep
But I'm not actually tired
Done with classes
But not done with homework
I wanna go home
But I can't
eve draper Aug 15
Restlessly observing a stagnant drove
Youngsters complacently waddle as
Elders spike the pipes with bitterness
Resenting advancement and ambition.

Your dullness dissatisfies
Absence of desire disappoints
Concealed or forgotten
By a drivel of dust.
Dan Beyer Aug 12
Gust of wind;
so full of hope,
so full of promise.
A sickening sweetness-
turning up the dead leaves.
They catch in the cobwebs
of my idle mind.
rob kistner Aug 12

wee hours
with the sane asleep
this writer’s steeped
in conflicted inspiration

my thoughts are vague
I’m filled with doubt
words tossed about
the unyielding
empty page

I start
then stop
I write
then not
I’m caught
in merciless hesitation

fickle muse
a promise of spark
to light this dark
that grips me like a cage


rob kistner © 2007
Another contemplation on writer's block.
Justus Aug 13
Personality is few and far in between nowadays
The same star-shaped sugar cookie cut into tens of thousands, millions
Baked in a nice, cozy oven
350 degrees... eight to ten minutes per batch
Sprinkles, cinnamon, lemon zest
The works
Sheltered in a well stocked cupboard
They sell out almost immediately after they’re put on display
Only to be devoured by the malnourished
(If you take the cookie too early, you’ll get sent to the pokey)
I could never eat them
Sugar cookies taste like ****
Mary Frances Jul 26
I've long lost mine.
The reason my pen's cold
and my paper's crumpled.

Days become dry,
hours, boring.
Poems are unfinished,
and my motivation's running low.

My mind's starting to rust.
My heart, insensitive.
Eyes are tired.
Voice, hoarse.

I need help.
Please bring it back,
even just a drop
of the inspiration I lack.
I've been bored, tired and demotivated for the past few days. I don't know how it started. I feel so unproductive. I really just want to sleep.
Em Jul 5
i can’t find them
i can’t find anything
i’ve lost them all
in piles
of clothes
or pens
or paints.
i just saw them
why can’t i
just *******
grab them.
people say organization is important
and to them it makes sense.
i tell them that i know.
i do.
i know.
but if my brain is a mess
as it has been forever,
will i lose myself if i organize it?
I don't know. I'm going through a rough, rough time of lacking motivation and inspiration. My head is whirling with ideas but every time I get them out they aren't good enough.
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