I watched her muscle pace with confidence,
her brain slip her tongue
and her skin glow.

She was much more pretty
stronger, smarter
better in any way I was.

In her presence,
my flaws started to pile
Insecurities started to rile
fear started to snare
and jealousy started to flare
as self-doubt enwrapped me in its flames.

But my dear,
there was no good in tearing her down.
For prying on her weakness,
was not going to paint you into completeness.
Picking out her flaws,
wasn't going to bring about any applause.
Spreading rumors about her,
wasn't going to make you any popular.
Labeling her with names,
wasn't going to bring peace to your flames.

No, my dear
the answer lied
in your flesh
your tongue
your story
your lines
your curves
your passions.
The answer lied in the very acceptance of yourself.

For that's when you will find intimidation
to be wiped with inspiration.
That's when you'll realize your rivals were never your rivals
but your allies, tribe, and companions.

So compliment,
and support yourself
and the woman around you.

Enflame hearts of others,
build one another
embrace them with understanding
and enchant their soul with compassion.

Unshackle yourself and unshackle them.
Learn from them,
applaud them,
bring out the best in them
and surround yourself with women who do the same.

Because my dear,
this is the time you'll realize how blessed you are to be surrounded by such strong, resilient and inspiring woman
who help you move forward.
Lucy Mohr Feb 27
When the pressure becomes too tough...
When the nights grow colder...
When all else fails...
When you feel like crying...
When you think its all for naught...
When you think its over...
When the fight is out...
When you feel like quitting... Don't.
When the weight of the world is pressing down on you, get up and rock the world.
Sitting in the audience
And watching life pass you by
Like a film on a screen
You're in scene after scene
Yet somehow, you're not the spotlight

Better at drifting than chasing
Tending to settle, not strive
Better at leaving than trying
Empty, yet unconcerned why

If you only take what you’re given,
You’ll have some smiles I’m sure,
But peace, pride and fulfillment
Won’t come if you don’t make them yours

Walking, drifting, watching, seeing
Are you living or only being?
Want, look, find, chase
Run from the audience and jump on stage
Star BG Dec 2017
Put not bars on the heart
but open it wide.
with BREATH.
              with INTENTION.
                        With it's LOVE SONG that plays with grace.

Put not bars on the heart,
but expand it to transmute
and fear into light song

Put not bars on the heart
but let love in
light in
your essence in
For ALL deserve to reap its rewards.

Yes Open any bars of heart
so sacred self may fly
inside the rhythms of heartbeats
fly free from grief.
Inspired by jude-- Thank you for inspiring you. My heart goes out to you and I know you can rise above
Natassia Serviss Nov 2017
I was put here for a reason
One day I'll find my calling
There will be one day that I'll seize
I'll do what I said I would
I'll be the person I said I'd be
Maybe I'll do something good
Maybe I'll help someone like me
I haven't figured it out
Maybe I'll stand the ground that someone else once stood
Maybe I'll become more than I see
but life isn't about the plan
We make these goals
and we think up these lives
We aren't in control
We'll set out to achieve these dreams
Maybe that's not what's going to happen
when everything is ripped at the seams
we're reborn in a way that we didn't expect
I want to be a lawyer
I want to be a musician
I want to be someone's hero
I want to start a revolution
I don't know
Maybe I'll do something good
Maybe I'll help someone like me
I haven't figured it out
Maybe I'll stand the ground that someone else once stood
Maybe I'll become more than I see
my plans will fall apart
my goals will change
I'll lose what I had at the start
everything will be strange
but one day I'll be the person I want to be
I'll be important to someone
I'll do something good
I'll be the person that is more than I see
I'll make people happy to know me.
Made in 2013 and to now I still relate. Maybe I'll be something I can be proud of some day
Seema Jun 2017
My glow wouldn't last, throughout the night
As I face the coming of my dear end
Along out of your teary sight
A painful smoke, I shall leave behind

Candle, I am...
Yet I tear down to
But, my glow radiants the dark
And forever attains to comfort you

Every night, I listen to you in silence
Your stories of life and living
Then you embrace my gentleness
And give my silence a meaning

Candle, I am...
With a purpose to shine
Not only in the darkness
But within your soul, empowering a shrine...

carm cerdan May 2017
if poets ruled the world
i shall be at peace
for no amount of pain
will evolve into bullets
just petals, some wilted
but never not fragrant

watch men and women
and everyone in between
ignite chasms with sparks
then joy will be served
in generous servings
but never ignorant

the angst you give
will be crystals until
forgiveness cradles you
for tears will be valid
the triumphs kiss the sky
but never arrogant

if poets ruled the world
everything will turn
from beautiful to ethereal
wrecks, clouds, smiles,
hearts, storms, bees,
dreams, humanity, havoc.

if poets ruled the world -
watch the world burn
and like a phoenix -
watch it resurrect.
Hatred will turn into a garden where you could dwell but must come out at some point - and not bullets firing angst. Happiness will not be taken for granted for behind it is a road of sacrifices that led up to that. Your sadness won't need a reason to be real. Your reasons for being sad will be real. Everything that came before and shall come after will matter. Watch the world burn, but it will be beautiful for it will not be wrecking. It will be from the ashes of resurrection.

If only, if only.
Mane Omsy Apr 2017
Tapping for every song
Enjoying the humid weather
Reading the news
How people could get trapped
Could get caught
Stealing other's heart
Or earning trust, to spoil
To fake smile
Greets the most better way
Tame your mind
Crumple down the trash
Experiences harden your mind
Make you even stronger
Realize chameleons
From your family and friends
Learn about the leeches
Who leave you
when you loose the sweetness
when you're dry
Redemption - XV

Aware of what you have gone through in the past and be strong.
Oh how wonderful words are.
They can empower, they can uplift, they can entertain giving someone the courage to attain their dreams.
Oh how powerful words are.
They can cut deep, they shatter dreams killing one's ambition to never achieve.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
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