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Descovia Jul 2021
Words are nothing, without the meaning you give to them!

I am in pure absolution, you have as much strength, as the values and faith you have in fulfilling your very aspirations!

The combination of balance emotions and pure intentions will gracefully unfold wealth in abundance you sought for.

You can have your time in the dark.

Remember, your light is the spark responsible for continuous star life!

Believe me, you were born to shine!

If you won once before, you are going to get out there and do it again!
Spicy Digits Feb 2021
I made myself so.
So small
For so long
So talk over me,
I won't mind,
I made myself so.

So quieten me,
If it's what you need.
A speechless soul,
I silenced myself so.

Daddy didn't see you
So take your aim
Argue and I will cower.
I taught myself so.

Spread corrosive untruth,
Use me and chew me out,
I oppressed myself so.

I see the end light,
And imminent reprieve.
So do what you like,
I'll make myself so.

Try to unpeel my skin,
Titanium dermis,
Beating bass drum,
Gold flecked arteries,
Narcissus shikari,
Lover of innocence,

I made myself so.
aesthenne Oct 2020
step up
your *******

i can see
through the
that you
hide inside
of your heart.

don't you dare
get mad
at me,
for your envy
is as ugly
as your
egoistic bruise.

i won't
hesitate to
switch things up,
you underground,
with me
up above.
Inspired by Ariana Grande's "Positions."
Yashashvi Aug 2020
be a girl who wants to fight
not like the men out there
wear three hundred pounds of muscle
and fight **** out of someone
be a girl,
the girl who wants to fight with fears
the impossibilities with tears
fight within the cold person inside,
to become more of human;
fight with the scars left by people
to turn the dreams into reality
fight with the words
so they make astonishing sentences
don't convince yourself
the society is full of haters, bullies
covered with the masks of innocence
don't try to show the real you
because they should have the privilege
to understand and begrudge
be the girl who fights with silence
so the demons shy to cause nuisance
to the every girl out there who are cursed by people don't let yourself down
they don't know you are the angel of  tolerance , and I believe u can tolerate and get through
Corbyn Aug 2020
Tears dried on your caramel cheeks
Wondering why there’s so much to be scared of
Thinking about escaping to a better place

Where you do not feel like a burden
Where you had not been a mistake
Where you are not scared of being condemned

But you already had to accept
There’s no where to go and no one to turn to

You have family as reliable as a bike with a broken chain
Friends who are scared of you
And a brain that has not yet developed

Through the terrifying thoughts
Horrible memories
And flat out traumatizing events

You are still fighting

I know most day hurt being in the wrong body
I know most days you just wish you’d been born right

I know that one day you’ll be getting closer
To being able to present how you want

I know you’re scared

But there’s something I need to tell you
Something I need you to trust
Dry your cheeks and listen to me

you are now loved
you will be okay

there is nothing wrong with who you are
you’re allowed to be you
we are two months on testosterone and becoming the man we’ve always knew we were

I’m so proud of you
ALC Jun 2020
Oh sweet little girl
Wont you open your eyes
Wont you wake up,
Rise and Shine.

Oh sweet little girl
Wont you watch your tongue
don't be so vocal or else you'll be shunned.

Oh sweet little girl
Hold your head high
Have a straight back
With shoulders wide.

Oh sweet little girl
Don't play in the mud
Your shoes will be ruined,
Don't mess with the bugs.

Oh sweet little girl
You study so hard
Your effort is noted
But your grades are subpar.

Oh sweet little girl
Don't travel alone
There's people at night
Who want to take you home.

Oh sweet little girl
How you've grown
You're a women now
With a mind of your own.

Oh little women
How your drive, drives you.
How you reach for the stars
Even with lips turning blue.

Oh little women
That's not what we said
Don't speak your mind
You're bringing up dread.

Oh little women
Leave that feather on the ground
Leave that bug on the bush.
There's nothing to be found.

Oh young women
Your voice is to loud
The chaos you're causing
is shaking the ground.

Oh young women
You're choices are bold
They're for to strong.
Listen to what you've been told.

We've asked you to stop
We've told you again and again.
You seem to not listen
Your will wont give in.

Your voice is to loud
Your hair isn't right
You are far to willing to pick a fight.
You play with nature
You say as you please
You're breaking the parameters
of what we believe.

It's time to settle down
It's time to fit in
Stop all this ruckus
And follow the rules you've been given.

"These rules have been botched
The've been slashed through with red X.

The women are rising,
And trust me you're next.
We are coming up from the rubble,
From the ash and the dirt,
We come with a vengeance,
Someones bound to get hurt.

We've suffered and begged,
For your ears to open,
Yet you brush away our please
Refusing diplomacy.

So we come with our swords,
Our flames rising high
We come with our voices
Screaming out towards the sky."
-ALC Dec 11, 2019
The poem starts off with a little girl and goes onto an adult women. A little play at society and how women are perpetually breaking the "rules" that society continues to instill upon us
EmB May 2020
I won’t lose any sleep
over the people I can’t keep.
No tossing through the night,
staying up till the morning light.
Instead, my hair lays in a halo,
I’m not waiting for your say so,
a tangle-free bundle of peace,
a joy that may never cease,
I breathe easy now alone,
a queen upon my own throne.
Myka Apr 2020
I've written and read
poems about the stars
and how they were
so fascinating,
and ultimately,

I've heard stories
about angels and saints;
Their goodness,
nobility and purity,
serving as epitomes
of what Man could
and should be.

But the saints,
they were once sinners
and there are angels
who fell from grace.
Stars that turned
into black holes,
nothing is safe.

Falling is inevitable,
even for the untouchable,
and what we believe to be
unreal and ethereal.
She said, "Not even the stars are safe in the sky."
Reappak Mar 2020
There was a dreadful nail in her shoe
But still she went to pick her child from school

She was in a hurry as she was already late
As she scurried out our wooden gate

I could not believe she had a nail in her shoe
But still she agreed to pick her child from school

The bumpy road and the scorching heat
By her courage, she could easily beat

I couldn’t believe there was a nail in her shoe
But still she agreed to pick her child from school

To subdue all the turns and bumps she did not fail
Despite the scorching heat and the dreadful nail

I could not believe there was a nail in her shoe
But still she agreed to pick her child from school

“Is it not hard to walk” I asked
With a nail in the shoe, it is a big task

“why not go and change instead?”
But some golden words were what she said

“I go through many hurdles my dear”
A nail in the shoe is pretty familiar

The coerce foes are like a nail in my shoe
The devalue of people adds to the pain too

But I turn a deaf ear to them dear
Cause their opinions are unworthy to hear!
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