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EmilyBatdorf May 15
I won’t lose any sleep
over the people I can’t keep.
No tossing through the night,
staying up till the morning light.
Instead, my hair lays in a halo,
I’m not waiting for your say so,
a tangle-free bundle of peace,
a joy that may never cease,
I breathe easy now alone,
a queen upon my own throne.
Myka Apr 16
I've written and read
poems about the stars
and how they were
so fascinating,
and ultimately,

I've heard stories
about angels and saints;
Their goodness,
nobility and purity,
serving as epitomes
of what Man could
and should be.

But the saints,
they were once sinners
and there are angels
who fell from grace.
Stars that turned
into black holes,
nothing is safe.

Falling is inevitable,
even for the untouchable,
and what we believe to be
unreal and ethereal.
She said, "Not even the stars are safe in the sky."
Reappak Mar 31
There was a dreadful nail in her shoe
But still she went to pick her child from school

She was in a hurry as she was already late
As she scurried out our wooden gate

I could not believe she had a nail in her shoe
But still she agreed to pick her child from school

The bumpy road and the scorching heat
By her courage, she could easily beat

I couldn’t believe there was a nail in her shoe
But still she agreed to pick her child from school

To subdue all the turns and bumps she did not fail
Despite the scorching heat and the dreadful nail

I could not believe there was a nail in her shoe
But still she agreed to pick her child from school

“Is it not hard to walk” I asked
With a nail in the shoe, it is a big task

“why not go and change instead?”
But some golden words were what she said

“I go through many hurdles my dear”
A nail in the shoe is pretty familiar

The coerce foes are like a nail in my shoe
The devalue of people adds to the pain too

But I turn a deaf ear to them dear
Cause their opinions are unworthy to hear!
acclaim to the one who got disapproval for regarding what's right
although who is autonomous, agile; persistently willing to fight
does not allow an albeit to alter its brain, just assert the light
there is nobody like you in the cite who elicit a resilient knight

raise your head, but never have an arrogance in your heart
that confidence is in you to empower other people around
beginnings are over, may not always restart the first part
you can move forward with your faith and be crowned

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN

Check out my first (poetry) book
"Light In The Darkness" on Amazon.
You can access more poems from me by checking my poetry blog.

My Instagram: @eminkusaslan

Take care guys, enjoy the day.
If my priorities
Is to
Admire you
Embrace you
Hold you
Pull you
Nurture you
And strengthen you
To keep the soulful smile

Will you think of
Creating space to
Push me..
Drag me..
Drain me..
Break me..
Or self absorb
For the best of each other
Won't you reciprocate?
Holding faith
Won't you behave the same?
Can you hold the breathe?

Sincerely yours
Universal love
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Oneness
Note: I empower you, you empower me.
purple heart Jan 15
to let go and move on.
you must know what they truly are;
not what they say;
not what they do;
is not an easy thing to do,
cause all they did was to justify every move.

to know you deserve everything your heart aches for
is not easy my friend, cause all it has know
is to silence it, whenever it says.

you are allowed to be, if you truly allow;
no one, just you.
unlearn the things
a glorious life  awaits

no more hanging on to the harming
the only one you truly need is you
no one else, just you.
listen to the inner voice, stop shutting it up. it deserves to be heard. and so do you.
sara Nov 2019
there's a world inside your mind
and it wants you to find
a place for others,
without changing
the bookshelves
the music
or the way that you walk through the door.
It might be the means of replacing
the fear which stops you from living
and giving
and laughing
as yourself.
don't be afraid to open up
Liv Lauren Nov 2019
Next year is a new decade
And I just have to say
That i'm done with this phase
I'm done with the facade
That I put on my fades
Everyday it loosens
But everybody can relate
I refuse to be toxic
Or allow it in my life
And i’m claiming for 2020
That i'm gonna strike
10 for 10
20 for 20
I'm not wasting no time
I'm not playing hooky
If you don't let me do me
Then you will get escorted out
I refuse to have my fire extinguished now
I'm on a roll
Call me cottonelle
I'm not drake
But my hotline blings if you can’t tell
I'm done being depressed
I'm done feeling sorry
If you don't want better
Then you cannot stop me
Winners in my circle
And we smart like Steve Erkle
Over obstacles like hurdles
Usain and we boltin'
Like laundry, i'm not folding
Reversing patterns
Breaking chains
I will not get played like a lame
I;m going to be rich
And I will be successful
No doubt about it
Make sure u deliver the message
Staying positive , and speaking it into your life. Read this out loud in front of the mirror every day and you will feel a difference. I'm here to empower and Inspire.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2019

Genre: Inspirational || 6 words craft
Theme: cosmic synchrony
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