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DivineDao Sep 19
The Blokes Are Mean
To Us Girls

Their Theogonise U P. M
After Meridian
Post Holler Holocaust Meimierda

Is Ssshytee
Collective Pertinent
Conscious WarLords

Buddy to Buddy
Diggin a Hole For Each

Non Other Than Norwich Nothingness and Preposterous Paternoster Cosa Nostra

Genre: Inspirational || 6 words craft
Theme: cosmic synchrony
agnes Sep 13
whirlwinds dust ashes
it wanders and follows your every step
your hair turns into moss, your fingertips connect with your accomplice
someday you will have to saw them in two
I wonder if your laugh will be the same once its your fingers under the blade
you’re turning bald and your nose is merely a button
can you smell the stench you create every time you lower your lip?
do you see the trail of destruction?

your bed is a coffin
your heart is non-existent
it’s a shame your teeth don’t even match the vision
your eyes aren’t rubies and your gums aren’t ******
glory is fictious, horns are the dream
not even that is what it may seem
for your head is a block of dirt and your thoughts are deflated
perhaps the worms came and ate them
perhaps they feast on you the same way you feast on me

except you don’t
the feast is your imagination
your perception is pitiful
you are forever insubstantial
Karisa Brown Sep 8
I'm tired of "understudying myself"
(The just in case syndrome, the worry, the not good enough,the anticipation of failure has got to go.)

Its time for me to be the Star
Sneha Thakur Aug 13
At the end of the day , it's just you curled within you , within you ,
with your thoughts floating ,
even with all this gravity.

You are a woman ,
With muscles that
stretch and curl ,
With skin ,
Which glows.
When a poet cries
It's no ordinary cry
It's a cry for the pain they hold for others
The words that they are afraid to speak
Ones they just can't seem to get right
A poets cry represents life, love & pain
All of which he has endured
Those he has not
Those tears. Create life
Each pen stroke
Healing their scars & open wounds
Chains that have them bound
In hopes to release them
When a poet cries
It's no ordinary cry
It's a cry for the pain they hold for others
She is distinct
known For her vernacular
They say it's different for her "kind"
For her style, they say is peculiar yet captivating
Compared to the expected.

Is it who she is?

Surrounded by those who are "different"
So they say
But in what way
Looking different on the outside,
But she wasn't too blame
Or put to shame

Is it so she is?

Trying to find her place in a world so black so white

Is it so she is?

Is it who she tries to be.
Mothers. Possibly one of the significant contributors of the phrase “Empowered Women, Empower Women.” They overcome adversities, challenge social norms and break down barriers – rising and raising their child with them.

They plant flowers in the garden of their children, so they can bloom. They pour love out like a waterfall and nurture those who drink from it. They enflame hearts with compassion. They orchestrate and create harmony amongst their children creating a beautiful symphony. They pave roads and liberate. They voice out and amplify the ones of their own.

Here is to their depths of love that supports and caresses. To their cheers that uplifts. To how they raise and confront the world. To their softness. To their boldness. To their resilience. To their sacrifices. To them bringing out the best in us.

Here is to their ability to create an insurmountable power that only grows. Here is to them to being driven and passionate in their own authentic way. To them carrying out their integrity. To them setting examples, aspiring us to emulate.

To the ones who give birth, adopt, educate and raise. To the ones who devote their lives to their families care, to the ones who balance. Here is to them creating ripples carried over generation. To them shaping us and thereby shaping the world after them.
Belle Jul 12
Fighting for herself,
a woman stands her ground.
She is we.
We is the women of the world, finally standing up for ourselves.
A woman knows she is strong. All on her own.
Against a man’s pride.
Awaken, women of the past,
Powerful women must unite.
be with us now.
All mighty women.
With the destruction of the man’s arrogance,
All men must come to understand their ignorance.
With this comes women howling with enthusiasm.
Breaking down barriers of the patriarchy.
Lower pay, ****** exploitation, being treated as if women are “lower” than all men. All these things that have shut out women for so long.
Well, watch this.
Smashing the wall,
standing our ground.
A woman is a hell of a force.
Don’t you know they named her Mother Nature for a reason?
We must help to resist.
Women do not come without being prepared.
It is an organized chaos.
As if it is Mother Nature herself.
Incredible and blazing.
A cure,
to what is wrong.
Women. Finally fighting for what’s right.
Women. It’s going to be a hell of a fight.
Maria Etre Jun 21
to raise
I am
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