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YOU need to be validated.

now, I know that "you love yourself" and all that ****.
Maybe too much, actually, that you feel like you don't need anybody else.

But isn't it nice to have someone commend you on how you try make yourself better?
I think it's nice to know that people could notice the way you radiate with light.

That same light that you've worked so hard to conjure up through the chaos. your chaos.

Don't you see? YOU are beaming, my love, and the whole world is blinded by you. Can you expect us to shut up?
Validations, we need it, don't shy away from it!
thinking about how the world doesn't really care about you can get really lonely.

but it's also liberating. your soul breathes a sigh of relief, and you can just exist.

it's empowering. you can allow yourself to take up space and own it.

but mostly, it's enlightening. you learn things you never knew you never knew.

you learn how to live.
Faith Nov 12
A girl
The highs and lows, the valley views,
The good and bad, you win and lose,
You’re up and down, mountain to valley,
Praising then tearful, sad to happy.

But what happens when you get stuck?
You climb and climb but can’t get up.
In the valley you settle, in the valley you stay,
Less sun, less warmth, more shadow days.

But is there ever a valley without a mountain?
Is there ever an exit without a way back in?
Nothing’s forever - the good or the bad
If you can’t find your way, find another path.
You are more beautiful,
when you cry, when you smile,
and help others by you going the extra mile.

You are more beautiful,
when  like a dove,
and fill your heart with so much love.

You are more beautiful,
when you dress your soul in the garment of giving,
and strive to be a role model for the living.

You are more beautiful,
when you speak the language of the delicate flowers,
with your ideas make others feel empowered.

You are more beautiful,
when you sing the song of life,
and keep at bay the danger of religious strife.

You are more beautiful,
when you let go of your sorrow,
and plan for a better tomorrow.

Hussein Dekmak


Hussein Dekmak

Kavya Mukhija Sep 23
She is made up of scars,
Hidden with the skin of elegance,
She is a captive,
To others' perception of her own fallacies.
She is made up of bruises,
Knitted with the yarn of invasion,
Her eyes reflect the burning agony,
She is the flowing torrent.
She is made up of blemishes,
Concealed with layers of optimism,
She is made up of bewitching beauty;
A crude exposure.
She is an enticing amalgamation of-
Rain and blizzard,
Oceans and waterfalls,
Breeze and vacuum,
She is a world of paradoxes,
Sealed with an air of rigidity.

- Kavya Mukhija
Lyn-Purcell Sep 16

The thoughts of morrow
have me feeling fearful,
The beginning of a new
day and chapter of my life.
Instead of plucking petals,
I hold onto each one, for they
protect the stem of my heart.
Let them burn alive with all
of your blessings and keep
me strong.
For I am fighting and facing
my demons.
It is time that I accept that I have
all the tools I need...
I will fight.

Tomorrow's the first day of my 10 week course.
Wish me luck and keep me strong guys!
Love you so much!
Thank you for 227 followers,
You are all stars!
Stay blessed!
I wish you all a good night!
Lyn ***
Sehar Bajwa Sep 4
1  But i'm just so done
8  With life. I can't wait
0  around to be some hero.
0  I'd rather be a photo
2  On the mantelpiece. Too
7   Scared to even
3   Try and hope to be
8  better. i won't be great
2  someday. Nothing i can do
5  to help me survive
5  **** why am i even alive..
No I am not suicidal. I am just here to say I understand.
I never met a person who makes it a life mission to grow random seeds but not tend to them and then complain about the harvest they reaped.

I never met a person who has more wealth than man has ever known but spends it feverishly without giving one cent to those who only know money as an unknown.  

I never met a person who could speak so many sweet things in many different tongues, yet when asked a single question about who they love—suddenly their words go numb.

I never met a person—wait, maybe I have
Nika J Aug 9
You can do so much, yet choose to be brittle
When your heart yearns more, instead, you do little
Never fully expanding your soul, to take on great things you know
And the only thing holding you back is yourself
Take a mountain, force it small... it becomes a hill
But unleash the lock to its heart and it beats with will
Looking low while the sky is up in blue
For only seeing what's below
Not what's infront of you.
Raise your head up high everyone! And stop holding yourself back.
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