I’m not tissue paper,
Despite what you think.
I might crumble,
But I won’t break.

Won’t fly away
In gentle wind,
I won’t dissolve
When the rain hits my skin.

Steadfast through
The hurricanes,
So do what you will,
But here I’ll stay.

I swear I’m stronger than you think,
Might be weighed down, but I’ll never sink.
sara 7d
I don't have the time of day
to beg for pardon 'til you stay,
to get down on my knees and pray;
for it to rain, just all the same.

I don't have the trust in you.
You choose comfort, I choose new.
You'll hear it once, you swear it true:
the sky rains black; you're sure it's blue.

It's just like paint, a blood-red heart,
a colour sample on a chart;
I'll build an abstract sculpture, craft
it carefully and call it art.

Then, I'll sell all that I create
and save enough to walk away,
whilst you're left dripping wet with rain.
Whatever made you think I'd wait?
Sorry, but why do people leave then try to come back into your life as if time froze when they left ¿¿¿¿¿
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2
Let us empower and never
Love is a powerful thing. let us use it to heal and make the world a better place!
Respect all people of all races for we are all the human.
Lyn xxx
If Earth had a first time visitor
In the middle of our winter,
When the trees are bare and the hills are brown,
They might feel pity when they look around,
They won’t see life or hope or cheer,
They might see emptiness and despair.
If they left that day they’d have made up their mind,
Earth, it has no shine.

But we know better since we live here,
And we see the transformation each year.
We know that winter is temporary,
Not forever, the end, or scary.

So if you meet someone during their winter,
Don’t see them as bare, hopeless or a quitter,
See them with hope and know that soon,
They will find their bloom.
I believe in me,
I like me in the mirror,
I am happy,
I could improve,
I shall try,
I am motivated.
I married into a family where women were treated as dust,
One day we had guests,
My husband slapped me,
Threw things at me,
Then started to abuse me verbally,
He wanted to silence me.
I know my worth,
I was important,not garbage,
I took courage and hit him hard,
Forced him to apologise,
Now he respects me and supports me.
I am powerful.
My mother-in-law too,tried to bully me,
Flung choicest insults at me
Ridiculed me in front of my friends,
No way! I inhaled confidence,
Tossed doubts about my ability out of the window,
Straightened her firmly.
We have peace at last!
I am exuberant.
Allah too,puts you on tests and trials,
I do my utmost to embrace the
By His Grace I manage,
I am energetic and earnest.
To beg and borrow I detest,
We manage to live within my huband's  income.
I am accountable.
I hate envy and jealousy,
I distance myself  from gossips,
Instead I visit the sick and the aged,
I help the widows and orphans,
I am organised.
A smile costs less than electricity,
Mine is contagious,
I have a sense of humour too,
I spread my happiness,
It is my goal,I am ambitious.
I am not perfect,
I make mistakes,
I struggle to overcome them,
I want to make my today a better tomorrow,
I am at peace.
I am the mistress of my own thoughts and emotions.
Sophia Apr 15
there was a sparkle in her eyes
I saw it
I saw it
no one else paid her any attention
and only I noticed the apple cores of her hands

so she resorted to magic
the crazy staff of existence
like the wheat she stashed in her sandbag heart
and when it found her not
despair shook the earth
around her sorrowful body
permeating disillusion
immersion in nothingness nothingness nothing

lonely lonely
and bottle caps launched from her fingernails
from the spiraling stems of madness that rampaged through her bulging pulse
with piercing shards of nothingness nothingness nothing
splitting her glowing veins

and sweetening her ever-kind
brain brain brain

and where was the world?
Wyatt Apr 13
Empower yourself.
Endanger yourself.
Pull at your own strings and notice
how you can move yourself just the same,
you're alive just the same as you were before.
There isn't a life lived
where there wasn't an involved risk,
unless you're happy as it is.
Your own life, just a distant wish.

We're all used to somebody using us like a puppet,
getting a laugh and moving onto the next toy.
I've been down that road shaped like infinity,
stop treating this infringement as commonplace.
Stumble now, but don't you come down.
The dream doesn't die when the curtain calls.
Fumble with it, but don't you let go of it.
You can't start up when you let the engine stall.

Your ruler, he claims to measure your worth
but notice in real life he sizes up so small.
The universe is big enough for us all,
so don't you justify this charade.
Don't you judge me, don't you perpetuate
the common lie whispered in our ears.
I say I ain't along for the ride.
I'm paving my own road, free of fear.
It's time to take a step or two
away from the "great" bandwagon.

*Empower yourself.
Endanger yourself.
Pull at your own strings and notice
how you can move yourself just the same.
M Aiman A Apr 11
I'll be strong
With this pair of hands
I'm breaking the charm that brought me harm
Helene Marie Apr 8
is a woman
who knows
what she wants
we are all fierce
Elena Taylor Apr 7
When a girl is born

She is given a box


“Fit in here

Do not


She carries

This box


She goes.

She grows



Until her

Box can

Hold no


When a girl


A woman.

She realizes

Her box’s

True use.

A woman



As butterflies


All she needed

Was a


Space to

Written in honor of National Womens Day
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