We are children of the Rainbow.
Sacred blessings from the Sky .
To make our homes in The valleys,
They hoped that we would become

We were chosen by the Moonlight.
To give our hearts to the Sun,
A sacred duty sworn to no one.
We'll be whole when it is done.

We are marching through a darkness,
In silent search of holy light.
Some have strength and some are hopeless...
I pray they all survive the night.

Morning sun on my horizon,
Show me to thy golden throne.
Fill the Sky with stars and diamonds,
And send a ship to take me home...
This is a bit of a weird one,  I'll admit.  Can you guys see anything here?
개자닌 Oct 2016
We were the same between the opposite
But you never notice.
Even wht I feel inside,
It was like I ws never there.

Time stops whenever we pass each other.
That's what I want you to feel.
The feeling of a little sister
Is what you let me feel.

I'm getting curious about you-
Since the day we got close.
We talked and chatted
'Til day becomes night.

You said you liked me,
But in the end, it was a joke.
'"I knew it," was my reply.
But hoping that was real.

It would stay a mystery- unless someone moves.
Thought of becoming us in one.
Could it be? Is still my fantasy?
Since were the same between the opposite.
I stamped your name
With a hallmark of gold
On my heart
Fully protected by
A silver fence which
My chest was its

When you fall deeply
a polkadotted
full of problems
tied to a stick
slung across
my shoulder

from one place
to another

never questioning
why I bother
all over

a runaway
to sunny beaches
gloomy cities
far off reaches
of far earth

with stars poured
in my eyes
and hard-earned
pennies in
my purse

hoping that
this time will
be different

it couldn't
be worse


©2018 Adelaide Heathfield
Ever the escapist. Seeing new places with rose-colored glasses. Believing that everything will be better "over there". But forgetting to deal with my problems before I leave.
An ocean splashed the sky;
clouds little boats for angels to
reel in stars upon will; their gills
glow for human eyes to scope-out
and connect the dots, one by one.

The moon a forest for the alien
gophers; burrowing amongst its
craters, feasting on passing comets,
and yet; we fail to see.

A rainbow, for the giants after their
grievances, sprout a smile on
mile-long faces, as the days got harder
to stay sunny.

Drear for the shadows, the little
rats of the night, hissing at morn
and hurting, shrinking as
golden lasers black.

Nature is poetic,
and terrified;
and it hurts,

we all turn away,
when it peaks at its

I don't know, really. Like, we only find beauty in happiness, along with sunny days, or things in nature that won't affect us. I love rain, I've wanted to see snow, things most complain about. We Treat nature like people, kinda. Ignore the rainfall, and stay inside. All feedback is appreciated!
To see her smile,
Beyond the sky,
Great Mother Earth who brings us life,  
And hear her voice,
Among the stars,
Our kind and gentle guide from strife,

I'd give it all;
One Hundred - fold,
And all the days 'til I grow old,
To pierce her veil,
Of endless blue,
Each second,  a treasure to behold.

To see a world,
Beyond the black,
I'd leave,  and i might not come back.
But were all men
So brave and bold,
We'd enter space with fierce attack.

"It's only human, "
I've heard say,
"To ponder over a life in space, "
But if ever
We leave this place,
Will it save our human race?
A moment in time.  That's all it takes to be inspired.  A starry night.  A comet. The SpaceX Tesla launch...
take me somewhere
sun is rising and setting continuously,
air smells like autumn
and pumpkins say farewells  
snowflakes have warm touch,
stars are my flashlights
and snowmen's growing my carrots
bed is made of flowers,
black tea is in the sea
and sun is my blond best friend
or at least where...
water is always warm,
smiles are magically flirty
and poems write them selves and humans
em>Dear Space Adventurer,
Don't forget to catch the stars,
To fluff the clouds as you would
Your own pillows before rest.
Sprinkle stardust on our noses,
Build our dreams from rocks on Mars,
Glide across the Milky Way,
Meet imaginations at misbeliever's nest.
Weave galaxies to our dreamcatchers,
To prove beauty's not far,
Parted ways in planet; lives,
The night finally mergered, coalesced.
Lay us to sleep in the Moon's craters,
Constellations sewn with yarn,
Cloak us in with sunrays,
Astro routines on repeat, Earthlings at its crest--
All feedback is welcome!
a prince
on a white horse
regal clothes
and admirers galore

you are but
a fantasy to me
something unreachable?
even worse
something simply unreal

i am stuck in the real world
and here i know
you will not come to save me
you do not have a crown
guards to protect you
or a kingdom to come home to

but little do you know
even when you have not come to me
you have saved me
again and again and again
with your voice
your smile
your story

you are the main character
of a fairytale
and although we are stuck
in different realities
you are still a prince
to me
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