We were washed in the dim glow of moonlight,
Our heartbeats calm and tranquil,
Serenity beat around us,
And soft melodical jazz that thrilled.

It was a beautiful night,
One that transcended the bounds of reality,
We felt as two stars transported,
Into a sweet magical galaxy.

I felt your soft satin skin touch upon my hand,
And a innocent desire took hold of me.
I put your hand upon my shoulders and grabbed your waist.

We twisted and spun to the sound of jazz,
Our bodies synced in rhythm and grace,
As if two stars that burned for long,
Had collided in a charming embrace.

Your moonlit body glided across the floor like a graceful swan,
Practised and perfected in its movement and poise,
As I looked upon my fate with head upheld and flashed a grateful smile to it twice.

And we whirled and twirled,
Every second abuzz with magic and delight,
Our bodies weary and sweat drenched,
Yet, our soul's thirst unquenched.

As we slowed down,
I had an ardent desire to never halt,
And In that moment fate immortalised us,
And we became the two dancing stars who never stopped.

You know that feeling

Like you're not really there?
I was just looking at you intently,
But in reality you aren’t everywhere

Your just a fictional character,
I was just writing a letter
Like in your story I was just an interruption.
Making your life above into imagination,
Going beyond reality and aback fiction,
It is really hard to accept the explanation,
That you really caught my attention,
And living in the world without definition.

I enjoyed the compassion in your expression,
I can see in your eyes the love through confession,
Kisses we’re so deep I can’t accept the intension,
I’m going to our link in such devotion,
In being loyal and obsessed in our condition.

You know your like stars, I can’t reach.
Like everything in my world I was bewtiched.
Everything was so fantasize,
Everything was really emphasize,
Seems real but not,
But what can I do?

Begging to an imagined character to come true?
Everything was so perfect, Everything want’s to pursue.
But everything wasn’t real enough to believe.
I realize that’s the only relieve, I can retrieve.
I want to accept the fact that this is just a silent soul.
But I can’t sad to say, I can accept this as a whole.

The Judge 2d

In the darkness of the night
I see her body rise.
My ears pick up a faint noise
as I hear the townfolks cries.

I steal the blade of my sword
and don my trusty cloak.
Hoping that the former
will not find any blood to soak.

But all through the night,
I hear the banshee's cries.
But she'll be the only one screaming
for she's my sword's bride.

Sorry bout the long wait guys, I've been really busy with school and honestly forgot this site existed. Hope you enjoy!

Reduction can be degrading when I'm reduced to cigarettes and pills.
Because when I'm awake I can remember faces,
I can even remember each touch.
So I'm lost in a kaleidoscope made up of loathing, with parts remembered as pleasure.
Every time I reminisce about quivering lips, I'm reminded of blood-shot eyes.
I'm in between rebirth and death itself.
Running between fear and obsession.
It's been a long road, and each stop was a harsh lesson.
It might be pride but I keep reminding myself until my body is buzzing with life.
Masochistic tendencies, all a fear of control and decisiveness.
Keep playing games to pass the time, playing at feeling alive.
We only endorse a fantasy of indulgence and ego.
Who are we to keep lying to ourselves?
Saying we're alive and well when all we want to ask is what if it isn't?

zebra 3d

"Claim me,"
she whispers in a plea
"claim my soul as I wilt"
Crimson lips parted,
head thrown back
in ecstatic ache
jugular bared
she needs to feel
that sharp -edged love,
skin and barriers broken
as she melts into
the underworld
of a new grace
a magenta cry into
the inky sky
sacred silence penetrated
as only gasps are heard
milky breasts decorated
with red liquid ribbon,
his nourishment,
her demise
nipples pierced with
beads of her sunset lifeflow
as he sucks and bites...
and howling
into heaven's delicious gate,
she writhes
Her soul dissolving
into his night
and as his spirit
absorbs her vermilion soul
their power rises,
black as coal

your lips blackened
lipstick sanguine
tremulous murmurs
oh happy blood blossom of deaths surrender
sacrificial lamb
cats sparrow entranced
thighs on fire
sobbing from a thousand needled kisses
nipples tearing blood
each wound a weeping mouth licking
milky white alter of cold stone
saturated alizarin rust
legs wide
feet and breasts trussed
in chains and drenched rags
for cruelties arrow
o crimson queen,
pomegranate half eaten
mouth smudge black
snake tongue dancing
through cherry lips twisted
darkened eyes of fire and blood
a wash in devils incense
beloved veiled
in evils cradle
bind not the demons kiss
then face down my love upon the crypt of mist
black heavens gate
vampires bate
a blood moon shaking
a scourge you are now
goddess of pleasures wretched
in the Tuileries of the abyss
your every piercing fang
ducks tail cunt
a boiling cauldron
spilled out

dark cupid witch
legs tied to throat
devil cocks twitch
nipples in a mote
ive got the itch
feet scorched in rope
hot fucking bitch
hells dark pope

vampiress whore
dark girl feeding
the sun is no more
loves the bleeding

erotic horror

somewhere in my dream world,
   i'm holding your hand.
   and you're smiling at me
   and it's perfectly silent,
  except for the sound of our hearts beating.
  and i'm looking at you,
  and you're looking at me,
        and we are in love.

               somewhere in my dream world,
   we are dancing about
   near a large beautiful fountain
   that never stops flowing,
  and the song never stops.
  and i'm singing to you,
  and you're singing to me,
        and we are in love.

               somewhere in this waking world,
   we are miles apart in our heads
   and miles apart physically.
   there is no sound except for my cries
  and the sound of loneliness.
  and i'm wailing for you,
  and you're moving along,
        and we are not in love.

originally written 1/12/17

Quiet lands
Silent waters
Lovers hands
Thus joined together

Stars ablaze
Like hearts on fire
Both amazed
By silent splendor

Unions deep,
Rings of gold
Passion they'll keep
As the moon glows

Strong sometimes
Fading others
Never truly leaving
From the other

Thy only dream
For peace and thee
To find love
Not in a fantasy

Carly 4d

I think of going away (sometimes)

Can I think we all been there?

Deep in our thoughts & feels,
Lost down a lonely road,
Confused of direction,
Sentimental with nature,
Filled with want & need
Pained with, well everything.

I go but will always come back

From ___  to reality.

A solution won't always be there but hope for one and believe in yourself'! Trust yourself . Put yourself first. Love yourself(:

Though they are not real,
I love to dream about them.
They take shape in my mind,
Having many different colors,
Shapes, sizes, and personalities.
One kind, however, stands out to me.
They are creatures of the night,
Stealthy with movements and
Tricky to catch. Yet I befriended one, and now,
He is my best friend.

He has a cat-like body, sleek and compact.
He has a wide wingspan and a heart of gold.
He is always with me, every time of the day.
Even with his unwavering loyalty, I ask myself,
“Why did he choose me?”

He is my family, my protector, and my friend.
He is a dragon of the Night class,
An all powerful Nightfury.

You’ll Never Forget These Days.
They are tattooed on your heart
That’s why it caused so much pain
That first kiss was a beautiful scar
A scar that just won’t fade
And my body has your handprints
I hope they stay…
                                  Stay so dark…
                                                           ­   Stay so deep within me…
This battle started innocently
Turning into a dangerous trail
But the fire kept growing
And it took hold of my heart…
An inch of it got burned… every time I saw you love her
And Sir…
I fell in love with you when you started to speak.
Conversation with you is the drug I use to keep me alive.
I got addicted to you fast… needing this  love from you
I drop to my knees, with you standing above
You take out my medicine, and give it to my mouth,
And just like that… you cured me… so instantly
You’ll never forget my touch
It brought you back to life
The first time my fingers glazed your skin shocked you
Gave you a chill you haven’t experienced
Remember that time…
You slid your fingers in between my breasts…
Your hands caressed my face…
Nothing felt better…
                                       Or safer…
          I could have melted in your hands…
I could have taken every inch of you in…
I saw you last night at 1:34 AM
There was a yellow bright light and an oak tree
The oak started speaking to me, telling me “He chose you”
Your skin was glowing and you reached for my hand
You were crying and you said “Darling, the river flowed me down the stream, my love for you is stronger than that sea, and I need this love from you, so love me and let me love you. I promise you I’ll never leave.”
I woke up that morning feeling insane, such a love for you can make the
Trees speak to me… I guess I’m haunted by you.
I gave you a piece of me that will always be yours
You were my first kiss, first time, my first love.
That belongs to you…
No one can take that from us…
You’ll never forget this affair
You can try to erase all these memories we share
But you stored them away in a file that read “keep safe”  Because that’s all we have left.
And you hate it…
                             Your heart wants me…
  Your hands long for me…
But you can’t control it…
You’ll never forget me…
Because we had something…
And we lost something…
And now our hearts are dead…
The hope is dead.
The touch is dead.
The dreams are dead.
But you still love me…
And I still love you…
But how can you love with a dead heart?
You love me through your eyes…
Because right now..
You can only love me with your eyes…
And I feel it every time you walk by.

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