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Isabella Sep 12
Chasing silly fantasies,
Left throbbing bruises on my feet,
Scrapes on my knees,
Blood in my teeth.

Chasing rotten stupid lies,
Starry skies,
Moonlit eyes,
Left stinging scratches in my thighs,
Pain in my side,
Aches in my mind.

Chasing love, chasing you-
The attitude,
The untied shoes,
Left nothing for me but the yearning for you.
basil Sep 11
i want to drive with you at night
steal the aux cord from you after fighting about the music
and put on The 1975
cause baby i'd love it if we made it

i want to wrap your hair around my fingers
while you read to me from your book written by a dead russian guy
because everything sounds interesting in your voice
and i'm happy to be the crime to your punishment

i want to smoke with you in the sun
as you call me a bad influence
we can blur the edges between us
and call it poetry

i want you but i'm just a little too embarrassed to ask
if you want me too
one day i'll have the guts to do all this sh i t with you <3

WistfulHope Sep 5
Not really into necrophilia
But my kink's you

Not breathing.
Nobody Aug 28
I welcome the silence
from the middle of the night.  
I was counting on the cover
of darkness,
so there'd be no one to see me
end your life.
I step as slowly as I can
trying not to be loud,
carefully slipping into your room
without making a sound.
I smile as I see you lying
helpless in a dream.
I move closer so I'm right beside you
kneeling on the ground as
I slide my blade out.
I’m inches from your face,
close enough to smell your breath.
I place the cold metal to your neck,
then swing my arm once to the side.
Your blood is black in the moonlight,
gushing all over your clothes.
You wake up and grab your throat,
swallowing blood
you start to choke.
I watch you try and put up a fight.
You squirm, and stare, with dying eyes.
You look me right in the face
as I stick you another time,
in the side right through your heart.
Too bad it took more than one cut
for your body to go limp.
Finally your death has come,
I’m free from the burden of your grip.
Ntando Ndlela Aug 23
Thoughts conjure  their  own tongues,
Uttering curses for a restless mind,
Doubt and regrets engage in meaningless debates,
These voices speak of terrors and fantasies,
Projections of a fourth dimension,
Lived more intimately than reality

silence is a danger to sanity,
In silence the tainted mind may wonder into deaths door,
Ideations sowing into the seams of a troubled soul,
These voices hiss,
Continuing the work their brethren in Eden sought
Copyrighted ©️written by Ntando Ndlela. All rights reserved.
Kenny Anthony Aug 11
Feet swayed above the depths of the deep blue sea, eyes scanning over the horizon of crimson reds and embellished purples that rest with the indolent ripples of water; leaving reflections of scattered perfection to dissipate into the open waters. Longing for a sense of direction, a sense of change. My heart ached for a better me, to be as beautiful and courageous as this sea.

The salty water napped at my toes, hitting the floating pillars that hold up this stretch of rotting wood, as though in a rage to let me know, “You are beyond what you see, open your mind and let free, just be!” But who am I beyond this flesh prison of intellectual knowledge? A walking encephalon of salted water, feeling more then my core accounts for; I want to be the sea, and so much more.

An illusion in the real world, as if the magic man forgot to snap his fingers and bring me back to reality; and still, I pity those who can not see me. The genuine me. If only I could be seen beyond the phony, people-pleasing charade. Oh, what a lovely day it could be. To listen to the quiet, before me. For words are not what make self, but the silence of the unspoken, of the words spoke within.

Though, I look on into those crimson reds and embellished purples, I am reminded that I am just as puny as the planet itself, beyond the galaxies of space and time. Or am I just as vast as an ant to its crumb, that falls beneath the floor board? A dreamer of the void, but I’ll never touch the starry night light. I am a gnomist, deluged in a subconscious mass of riptides. There has to be a better construct among the hillsides, but my mind is branching off in dark suicides.

As my thoughts wandered, so did the allegory of the sky, beneath the sea to sleep; and the darkness settled a top the water. Where am I now? Still. Silent. Wreaking havoc on this ageless soul. I lay back on the rotten wood of this outstretched dock far from the shore, with my thoughts deep, deeper then the water that licks my toes with every wave that pushes. Water that once touched the deepest sands of the sea. Water that has coasted along sunken ships and forgotten memories that lay a strewn bottomless pits, never to be seen. Water that evaporates into the sky, touching the air we breathe, with clouds that sheds it's watery tears back into the sea, singing, “Oh, wont you come with me, to this wasteland of the silent. Where we’re all destined to be.” I raised my hand and touched what can not be seen. Seen, but can not be touched - The starry night, and the aurora’s green ribbons of light, dancing to rhythm of my off beat heart.

What a beautiful sight. Thoughts of darkness turned to light. A different thought provoked within, and a smile creeped across my face. How strange that a change in scenery can alter one’s mind riddle in a blink of an eye. Once dark and sorrowful, to serene and irenic. The search for our better selves, is never-ending and ever changing.
mad max inspired, find yourself
Dereaux Aug 4
In the peaceful magical world
where I would be living

No one would dream of a better world
as the one we've been given.
maybe i should give up waiting
waiting on a call that will not come
people like you do not change
i have no more time to waste
i need to give up on this fantasy
that you are capable of love
i need to give up on this fantasy
Hex Jul 7
Far, up high,
An idol's cry,
Her shining tears,
Sprinkle the sky,
Infinity's tomb,
Brings cosmos bloom,
Bringing life,
And starlight's doom,—
     —Shining through, Celestia weeps.

Painting warily,
Creating merrily,
Braiding hues,
Working wearily,
While painting shells,
Her eyes still swell,
Her canvas, sprinkled,
As shining tears fell,—
     —Shining through, Celestia weeps.

Gaze shifting upon her opus,
To the Terra, formed with focus,
As she peers, she fails to notice,
Her heart's expire, soft necrosis,
Yet again, a grieving seep,
Striking hard, striking deep,
Off again, her focus turns,
Her mind taking a blinded leap,—
     —Shining through, Celestia weeps.
Chapter One of an intergalatic series.
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