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They flutter and fly
as they leave each branch.
They flutter together
like a butterfly avalanche.

The tree is their home
where they destined to be,
but they do roam around
readily and free.

Together they will stay
in their butterfly family.
This place will always
be their butterfly tree.
meg 4h
I don’t believe in magic,
but sometimes I feel as if
I’m floating on this cloud
of the make believe,
that floats around
and picks up people like me,
that just want to believe in something.

I don’t think there is any
specific reason for existence.
Maybe its coincidence
or some celestial power,
but I like to believe it’s some kind of magic.
Something that just hides in the shadows
And pushes things at specific times.
Like the rain and the tide.

I like to think that everything is made out of fantasy
and wishes and all magical things.
That my intuition isn’t what tells me to do things,
it’s the something between the sheet of real and make believe
that follows me to ensure my success.

Of course, that’s not true though.
There is nothing in this world except for me and what I am.
Nothing but me and my own fantasy and wishes and magical things.
Nothing but the sparkle in my veins and the dreams in my eyes.

I don’t want to live in a world where I have to make own magic.
In a world where I have to make my own sunlight
and galaxies in my eyes and drown in my own hues of make believe.

I don’t want to live in a world in which
I am the only enchanted thing.
But I guess that’s how everyone feels.
We all live in this twisted fantasy, this dark fairytale.
Maybe with our own fates in mind,
we will try to make our own magic.
i wish we could just have something magical in our lives, but i guess we just have to wait till we make it for ourselves.
Oh my!
             He is in terrible agony.
                  The weight of his sorrow poisons his anatomy.
                ­                     Pathetic..
            He feels all these things.
       Let me place my hand on my heart and his;
I can feel it.

Oh my..
Darkness oppresses his resolve;
many demons have followed him.

                                    "H̫̩̪̪͕͈̀a̸̙͔̺̜̞̮̤r̮̗̀m­͍̭̯̟̫͓ y͢o̴͉̱͓̞͚͖̞u͎̣͙͈̺r̨̠̦̰̼̼s̠͎̬̤̹̖̩e͙͘  lf̯̱.̻͉̤͈̘͙"
    ­                                                                 ­   "K̫̹̺̻̣̬̯i̫͎̳̦̩l͇͙̞̳̘l̰̪̳̗̠̙̜ ͉̝̺͙̥͇͟y̕ͅo̙̮͓ͅu̟r̹̞͍̠̫͇̗s͓̞͇̥͚e̥̳͖  ͕lf҉̩".̙͈̠̼̭͇ͅ

      ̥"Ma̭͎­k̷̜̰̙̗̖̼e̘̣̳ͅ ̲̲t͍̯͕̱̞̼h̲̥̭e͎̼̰̣̭̹̥m̨̞͕̩̺ ̤̭̲̀ć͇͎a͎ŕ̬̦̳̱̬̞ͅe͕̥̦̗̯̻.̸̰͍͓"

They are tormenting him.
                       My sweet John.
                               As he lays down with constant tears:
                                       Suffering and anguish..
                                              He needs healing.
                            Love and affection..
              He is yearning.
Desperately pleading for endearment.

She threatened to be a ghost and to be far away from him.
Yes.. my sweet John;
how terrible that must've been.
No wonder you feel pathetic and lowly..
My lovely child..

You cry.
              ­                                                Tear.

          ­                                                      Your breath is hot.

                                            Your muscles twitching.

                        Your body shuddering.

Your eyes deadening.

You cry out to your loved ones;
                                 none give you the love you so desire.
                                            You feel cheated..
                                                My darling.. Oh..
                                                      I will heal you now..
                                   Do not resist sobbing upon hearing my words.
                                Sob for me, sweet child.
                            Let me feel your tears now.
                    I am the one who will heal you.
              Bury yourself into my compassionate arms.
          Listen to my heartbeat.
     Come onto me.
   I will sing for you.
You weep louder.
You're convulsing.
Your mouth trembles.

Please leave me and him alone.
Allow him to rest.
I will heal him the way he loves.

John, my love.
                 Let me carry your frail body.
                                   Please let yourself cry.
                                         There is no longer any more danger.
                                   You're lifeless...
                  What has happened, poor child?
Severe marks scattered on the body...

                                                          Scarre­d up.
                                                             ­                             Burnt.

                            ­                                                              You­r hands
                                                                ­                      are callused.

                                                      ­  Your feet are broken.

                              Your knees are blackened.

Your elbows are grazed.
Your wrists bleed.

I will bandage you, sweetheart.
There is no painful disinfectant.
My love will heal you.

Pour your soul out to me.
I adore you, John.
I cherish you, Jawn.

I am your angel;
the one you desire.
I will give you anything, my love.
You don't need them anymore.
Written during a time of horrible suffering. Enough to trigger off despair. I believe I could feel an Angel present.. saying loving words to me..
Arke 3d
you photograph me
the parts I hate
my stomach and legs
the shutter clicks
zoom on my stretch marks
my jiggly bits and thighs
draped with see-through fabric
my skin for your eyes
to capture me
through your lens
raw and rose-coloured
we'll see what develops tonight
hot lights flash stars
my eyes are fixed on
your lips as they smirk
when you catch me
off-guard and too real
you're too close to my face
you're too close to my body
you're too close to my heart
and for a moment I'm scared
that your camera really does
capture all of me
all the parts I hate
my darkness and anger
the sad memories
the things I've done
the people I've hurt
I'm nervous you see me
but you whisper I'm beautiful
there's another click and flash
for a moment I believe you
and hope the camera captures
the me that you see
through your lens
Ran out of my own fantasies so decided to write about someone else's
If one wished to hear a story
Of love and glory,
They need look no further
Than the tale of the Dame.
This Dame’s story, however,
Appears to have never
Been read. Yes,the Dame has been tucked
Into a corner of a shelf in an aisle of a
Library called Memory.
Yes, the tale will be told no more
Of her many suitors gathered ‘round the village well
Each thinking themselves to be a whale
Of a catch. And oh, how their faces fell
When the Dame denied each one their dowry, her peals of laughter ringing like a bell
As they turned their tails
And shuffled away.
They’ll never find a page of that.

One will never speak of the Dame’s great deeds.
How innumerable men, in time of need
Fell prostrate before her, their pathetic pleas
Receiving none of her sympathy.
She arrived with one purpose, that
Purpose being to combat
The mighty Dragon
Who, swaggerin’ and braggin’,
Challenged, “No man dare approach me!”
Her answer? “Only a woman.”
Laughed the Dragon, “Oh really?”
Said she, “*** is with me!”
And then from out the sea rose lightning
And struck, blinding all who could see.
The Dragon, disappeared.
The people, freed.

Her power will not be remembered.
For the world turns even ash
Into cinders.
Sumedh 4d
I was flying in the air,
I was walking on the water,
I had overwhelming power,
I couldn't get any better.

All of a sudden I heard uncanny voice,
It looked like it was dragon,
It was burning down the city,
I couldn't leave him slacken.

I asked him to leave in peace,
He said "kid just stop the prattle",
I didn't really meant to hurt him,
But it was time for us to battle.

We used all of our powers,
And exchanged some 100 blows,
I was losing my conciousness,
As I felt my heart beat slows.

Suddenly it got lil weird,
Dragon pushed me to and fro,
He started yelling in a woman's voice,
I felt someone tickling my toe.

The voice got much more louder,
I saw my mom and brother,
With a frown I soon realised,
That it was all my dream none other.

I requested my mom,
I was feeling kinda nettled,
"Wake me up a bit later
I must go back to sleep",
Coz I had left a battle unsettled !
Everyone had their own silly fantasies as a child and vague dreams and thoughts....
That thought brought me to write these few stanzas... Happy Children's Day y'all !
In the land of andere
In the world of endless meander
The heir has long been foretold
Carrying the power of the queens of old
A demon shall ally with an angel
Two shall become one in danger
One of four will be chosen
The daughter of the one who was stolen
With an iron sword she shall swing
Peace or chaos she may bring
For a thousand years was fought
To their knees they all shall be brought
The last of the andere has foreseen
The unfathered shall one day be queen
This is the beginning of a fantasy I'm writing, a prophecy that kicks it off. Would love feedback!
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