I close my eyes to sleep
to see you smile through
your long, wavy hair.
Through uncoated curtains,
the warm gold of sunlight is
soft on your fair skin.
And pearls don’t shimmer
as your eyes, wide and (bright)
as heaven is on dark, cloudless nights.
And my eyes turn to yours
and we laugh like it’s new and
we fumble over hot breaths
and we sigh deep, (a deep,
contented sigh)
of unused I love yous.
And when mouths no
longer utter the right words,
the silence dwelt in is home.
In the blink of an eye,
the crank of a knob,
once more the cogs of life turn anew.
Since when do flies feast hastily
on rotten hopes
of unfulfilled promises and dreams?
To sadly realize (terrible fruition)
there is no home to go to
when there is no you—a fate worse than

Sunbeams shining through the mist,
Cotton clouds floating through an ocean blue sky,

Dreams turning into fantasies light up my day,

Another day of memories rain down on me,
From love, a half a world away,

Writing unfinished songs, I sing to a beautiful ghost,
Whose Soul is beyond my reach,
Love that can never be,

What words can I write,
To heal a broken heart,
To take away the regrets and heartache?

As night falls on an unfinished day,
Sunbeams vanish,
Songs yet to be written,

Fantasies turn into dreams.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

ENGLISH] Writing Our Stories  SG Wannabe (Chicago Typewriter OST) by Marianne Topacio

My envy
Will kill me
By a thousand cuts


I dreamed you fell asleep
Kissing the air
And hiding my name
Behind your lips
Like stolen bread
But I woke up
And you didn't call


My memory
Of your tender voice
Takes me apart
Strip by strip

A pool of radiance
Flows into the valley
The mountains of madness
High into the sky
A tomb of horror
Sits quiet in the night
Hiding ghastly creatures
That feed on helpless life

The wizard walks alone
The fighter standing tall
A bard plays a song
That echoes through the hall

Only heroes live forever
All heroes die.

Beyond Balders gate
Fire, brimstone, hate
Angels always sighing
Peeking from its wall
but a band of merry men
Hold the key to change it all.

Now all these paper heroes
Have faded from the light
Folded, frayed or tossed away
No longer in the fight
But living in our songs
Round campfires in the night

Only heroes live forever
All heroes die.

Dedicated for my love of fantasy literature etc..

Sing a song of praise
Soulmates entangle their souls
Sealed with a sweet kiss

The corrupted world
Tries to tear loving kismets
But theirs is golden

Today's haikus from my journal

Thoughts like jagged shards,
Little pieces of broken glass.
Splinters stuck inside the brain
Just survive, simply maintain.

Crumble like a house of cards,
Under the weight of a broken past.
Scenes on replay, definition of insane.
Mental stability, a fantasy to obtain.

sometimes I think I picked you right up
a new hobby
a book in the library
a great album

sometimes I think you're a deliberate distraction
if you helped
if you stayed confused
if you didn't want this

Sometimes I believe we fit like sun and moon
Just let her be, just let me roam.
Just let us dance in our fancy pants.

Sometimes I hate you
I hate loving you.
Sometimes I hate you
I hate hurting you.

But for you, every time
must seem something of a bore
You said it all feels
like the last time just before

goddam it

I never thought we would end up like this..
Tangled in each other under the sheets
As the morning rays peek out
And spill through our window

I never thought I'd feel so cold without you
So empty

When did I start missing you?
When did the thoughts of you start invading my head?
When did you carve your name into my heart?
When did 'I hate you' turn into.. well, this?

I built my walls so high
I was sure you'd turn and leave
When did you even tear them down?
Love was a fantasy I never believed.

Sitting on our roofs
With the universe in the palm of our hands
Rolling down the windows
And belting out song lyrics to our favorite bands

And even sitting here I'm thinking of you
With a smile plastered on my face.
I never wanted to date again
Let alone be "that couple"...

But I guess that's what we are
This is what we're meant to be
We're cliche
     We're timeless
          And when we're together
                       We're free

This was buried deep within a pile of poems. It was so beautiful I found myself smiling myself. RH, as I know her, is a helpless romantic under all that negativity and her hate for all things "cliche", and to see that side of her come out in a poem was heartwarming. I hope you all a wonderful day ~BM

Transient phantom
Whispered beauty of the moon
Recalls her promise

Light-haired and bright-eyed
Behind her beatific smile
Sorrow and anger

For she is the child
The song of wind and the lake
Bound by destiny

To be the shadow
Of the three luminaries
And stain her tulle dress

Upon the still lake
She will glide through with passion
Her heart is a tomb

This poem is based on a dream I had last night. I'm seriously enjoying writing in haiku forms.
JH 7d

We had a kingdom,
I was your queen and you were my king,
I thought you were everything
but our kingdom,

As I'm walking through the ash,
Trying to pick up all of our pieces,
My pain suddenly increases.

You were kind and fair,
You were everything a king should be,
But you left me.

And here I am holding my broken armor,
Wondering if you will ever return,
But I need to learn.

Slowly but surely, I start to build my castle again,
I have pieces missing and some that don't go together,
But it can stand this cold weather.

I realized I made him into a king,
But now,
I have to take off his crown.


So yes my boyfriend and I ended things a few days ago. Don't think it's my best work but I felt that I needed to write something.
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