Xan Abyss 20h

He is the one who rules through flame
Wild in spirit and mind untamed
From the savage lands he came
To liberate and break our chains
Warrior of the Storm
Commander of the Dragon Force
Ambassador of War
Horror story with a magic sword

See him rise on wings of death above the fire
See him soar on winds of gore above the battlefield and higher
Hear the roar of his Wyvern
Towards the war they're flying
A nightmare which strikes fear
In the hearts of all mankind

Fly, Dragon Rider
The King of Time, the God of Light
He forged an entire
Empire in the Shadows of the Night

She is the one, a rose in the blaze
Hailing from a place that nobody knows by name
In Magia Draco Ignis
She would claim her fame
Savior of the lost and hopeless
Slave Emancipator

She's a sight to behold as she fights in the cold
A blur of beauty and violence as she upholds the knight's code
Hear the singing of the stinger as it spears the winds of winter
A vision nigh-invincible
Dominates the hate below

Fly, Dragon Rider
The Queen Divine, Goddess of Might
Like flies to a Spider
The wicked tyrants fall before her eyes

And when they are joined together
They'll conquer the realms of Earth and Heaven
And worlds beyond perception
A Neogalactic Inception
A Universe Resurrected
Where the Drakon hold Dominion
They will keep us in line as they once did
And that will be just the beginning

I was around fifteen
when I first imagined
myself as your husband
and I distinctly remember
Laughing and tearing up,
just a little,
because I didn’t think it
was possible
for someone like you
to love someone like me.
I did not know how to love...
but there we were
genuinely happy
and in love,
adrift in the aether of
my teenage imagination,
your face was hidden from me.
I return the comfort
of that fantasy and
conjure scenes of our life together.
Spending time with you
comforts me and give me peace.
Wherever you are, please
know that I love you
and that I am looking for you.
Darling, you are literally my fantasy
and will not rest until
our love is our reality.    
I cannot wait to meet you.
Have a great day, Love.  
I can’t wait to hear about it!

Back as if never gone
You watched me from afar
As i drifted
darkness lifted
You have gripped my heart of hearts

You spoke of kings and queens
And jokers hiding scars
As unwitty
As your grinning
When you submit your winning cards

Though darkness turn a course
Your unyielding to the light
That bright december night

So walk as if
You wont repent
Or shame your shadows lust...
Youve made your bed
With winnings spent
You had your chance at trust...

Ten times nightly it crawls beneath,
Five times sprightly it ruptures my peace.
Pale is its breath
When I open my legs
Waiting for it to go back inside.
Sometimes, when it sleeps, I begin to feel
Something close to love.
And slowly it moves, its endless wrath,
Extinguishing all warmth,
Coming back to its fat prey.

It opens its gall black shining eyes.

How dreadful,
The cold silence of waiting
For uncondensed hatred.

Jobira 3d

The invitation from her fervid eyes
Is full of passion,
Warm and seductive,
For it ignites a raging fire inside of me,
A wave of flames that take over my soul,
And making me lose total control.

In her given young, innocent age,
Like the magnetic fields,
Like gravity, she has such power
To pull me down to my knees,
With desires that hold my mind a hostage.

I want to hold her close to my chest
Right here on my hand,
For she has taken control over my soul
Teasing, seducing me
To explore her wonderland;
When I think of her, I yearn gently,
To devour her with caution
And let time slip away slowly,
For I want not end this passion,
The raging fire
burning inside of me.

@jobiranyc (11/19/2017)

Inspired by Phoenixstar  

Jobira 6d

For so long, she was just a mirage,
an illusion, a dream within a dream,
lopping endlessly.

Now, as if I caught illusion by its tail,
She’s closer to being so real,
even her faded face
came out into the light.
I can feel her touches,
Like a tingle on my finger tips.
I can smell her perfumes and
I cannot take my eyes of off her dark eyes.
I love the way she shyly smiles
For it brings her inner beauty,
And it glows her complexion.

She’s no longer an illusion,
But a fantasy that’s almost dancing
On the palm of my hand,
A dream that could come true,
As most dreams never do!

@jobiranyc (11/17/2017)

I wish she could read this with me
Vexren4000 Nov 14

The artist of the realm,
Makes the physics there as well,
The cartoonist is the rule of law,
In a land of his mind,
Forged by pencil and machine,
Color-coded and painstakingly placed,
Storyboarded and placed together,
In some sense of harmony,
In animations taken for granted.

Francie Lynch Nov 14

Drove to London in a downpour.
My daughter's family lives there.
I had a picnic in the bathroom,
With Aine pouring tea.
She held out a sponge plate,
Offering watermelon soap,
And facecloth chicken salad sandwiches.
Though long lost,
I dialed in her perspective;
Her bubbles never burst.
I'll recall that wet picnic,
On sunny summer days,
As a favored meal.

Aine: Pronounced Onya
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