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bloodKl0tz Sep 2020
I used to conjure flames from my fingertips without a thought
And used them to scorch foreign poetry into your skin
Marri Mar 2020
I don’t want to pray about you.
Not because God and I are taking a break,
Not because I’m busy,
Not because I can’t close my eyes without blinking away tears.

But because I’m scared.
I admit it,
I’m scared.

I’m scared that God will take you from me,
I’m scared that he’ll smite me for loving you.

I’m scared that God will cast me out of your garden,
I’m scared that the snakes and I are tangled into each other.
(We’re unrecognizable. Who knows where slither starts and fingertips end.)

I’m terrified that God will tell me that you and I aren’t meant to be,
That we are abominations.
That this wasn’t a match made in heaven.

That we are slowly falling,
In love,
Back to earth,
With wings scorched black—

Don’t ask me to pray,
Or you just might catch me with my eyes wide open whispering sweet nothings to a God I’m fearful of.
FloydBrandon Feb 2020
Move fast and act swiftly
The ground is shifting
Cracks are drifting far apart
Hills in caving become valleys
the way volcanos start.

Do what’s unheard of and throw yourself vertical
Go-van the weight of this world off your shoulders
Flow great
Through cloud deformations
and go holy herbal
off the back of this scorched earth turtle
Robby Jan 2020
The great dragon hides away in her cave
Drunk on the beating hearts of her prey
Surrounded by the gifts of her worshipers

Her eyes burn red from the lack of peace
Her breath is sulfurous and fiery hot
Her tongue whips lashes with no remorse

I once pledged my loyalty to her
Gave her my heart and my soul
She scorched it just like the earth around her
Jupiter Dec 2018
around the edges, she crumbles to the touch

burnt & scarred,

she is broken.

If she dares move, she risks becoming nothing more

than a single, burning ember

already, the two are similar

fighting to stay alive, she is burning out
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2018
I am on fire
Step by step feet scorched by flames
Breath by breath I burn
Let it burn
Em MacKenzie Feb 2018
I keep a cloth by the door
to not let the cold breeze in,
but I'm a tornado living on the floor,
just waiting for the winds to begin.
Causing chaos and destruction,
wherever it is I choose to go,
battling a volcanic eruption
and tossing around the piles of snow.

I'll tear apart your home and family,
I'll toss around the life you live,
I'll admit it was never my plan, you see
but scorched earth is all I have to give.

No weather man or meteorologist
can give you warning about my arrival,
with all I wreck I ask "what's the cost of this,
when it's competing with my survival?"
I was once only a rain cloud,
then one day I became a storm,
my transformation never made me proud,
but my strength and power did keep it's form.

I thrive off the ice cracking,
under my heavy feet.
I'm beyond hunting or tracking,
I'm left here only to compete.
Each breath you exhale with cold air
is just my form of a sweet kiss.
Everytime, no fail, I'll be there,
I'll never be something you miss.

I'll tear apart the world as you know it,
I'll toss around the life you live,
I swear I have a heart I just don't show it,
'cause scorched earth is all I have to give.

When the winter winds grow cold,
I might turn to ice, I haven't made up my mind.
With a soul of mold and body of Christ,
you'll see that you've turned snow blind.
Silent nights and transparent stars,
it's all backdrop to my catastrophe.
When I whip on by I'll leave you with scars
and claim it's just a sweet memory.

I'll strip you down until the bone,
I'll take away the life that you live,
the trees and green grass is just a loan,
as scorched earth is all I have to give.
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Divinity of the day, how true and overwhelming
But that’s alright, you’ve given me sight

God, that enthralled
Lush, sunset boulevard torch
A west Hollywood Rimbaud
Scammed and scorched,
running, but still breathing
New age wild west muse

Like midnight’s request for sweetness as music and dreams
A rageling songstress on the longest roadway, sacrificing my best

If I give you all my songs will you feel alright, lush
Take me for all that I am? That much, run with the immense
Learning everything, even how to bless

With my roadhouse sheetmusic
illustrating my life’s inspiration adorned walls, sad ending
I was lost but playing it off, until my racing heart reached
Time future and said, soul, believe what’s in store,
Outrageous dose

Beaming with strange and frightening beauty
From chasing the lights that ascent into the heavens
Dreamy, daring, absurdly hoping, all the real claiming

Lord knows, I’m enamored with the purely copper arrows
Aimed at heights, long and lonely paths for the
Songs of death, of life, wilderness and good times

With my diamond focus
On the garden path of the wise, open, aware
Just walking thru, even confused, you mean
My images of paradise were drawn in diamond too?
Permanent as the myths, legends, poetry?
A Mink Jul 2016
Clouds of Ash
­smoother our lungs, and choke our souls

My blaze, once contained
      ­                                           warm
Erupted into something wild,
Something burning completely out of control.

Ive seared every inch of you to blisters
                                                        ­         to bleeding
                                                        ­                      to exhaustion.

I took, unwaveringly so, to feed my flames,
to feed their insatiable destruction.

My love and passion, once demonstrated, turned
                                                     to madness
                                         to deafening
                                  to draining

Fire took ever inch of us.
I watch now helplessly as the Ash disintegrates
                 taking to the wind
                 dissolving in the air

The Earth, our foundation now lies scorched
                                                        ­              seared
                                            ­                                   and baren.

                          I desperately pray for rain, or a mighty Phoenix
                                     ANYTHING to regenerate the beauty
                                                          ­ the growth.
                                     I desperately pray, for a second chance
                                                          ­    from you.
Sam M Gladen Jan 2015
Cold nights
Lonely hearts
This is how it starts

Scorched earth
A forced smile
All that’s left
From a love lost


I miss you
Your touch
The way you feel
Pressed against me

I miss you
Pressed against me
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