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Owen Mar 7
To everyone in my life that I have said,
"I love you"
I meant it.

But only you
have made me love myself.
Made me feel like gold.
And for that,
I will give you the world,
and all that I hold dear.
Owen 3d
From time to time
you can find me
in the depths
of the darkest trench,
in the deepest ocean.

But with your hand in mine,
I'll be breathing oxygen,
and the waters
will be clear
When we are together I know my path
If you’re Jim Jones, then I’m the drinker of the Kool-Aid
I will nod my head in submission and act unafraid
I shall follow in your footsteps and bow before your feet
For I am but a troubled girl who lacks a self-esteem

If you’re Charles Manson, then I’m your ardent devotee
My life, a mere sacrifice, for the desires of thee
Your love and approval is my only mode of existence
For I know nothing else, but am fearful of your distance

If you’re Marshall Applewhite, then I’m your Bonnie Lu
This world is blinded by sacrilege and doesn’t know the truth
So as the comet passes, and we are greeted by our deaths
I will kiss your cheek and say “you were worth my final breaths”

If you’re my spontaneous soulmate, then I am but a victim
For your sudden interest leads to a dangerous addiction
In a few weeks you will disappear and I will question why
While you tell your friends that you’re a "really nice guy”

And I will sit and wonder why you quickly lost interest
When I was unaware of your feelings of belligerence
After weeks of contemplation I will come to realize
That I too was but a sheep, that was herded on your lies
a sound, you slide down,
poetic dreaming
screaming loudly.
I was so wrong
Owen Feb 26
I'll never really know
why she's chosen me
to love me
to know me.
to hold me up.
But I trust her.
With my heart,
my love,
my truth,
my pain,
my joy,
my passion,
I will give her all of me.
A flower,
so bewitching,
my eyes have never before held,
but will carry in my mind now forever.
She gives me love
like I will never know again.
It surrounds me and the world
knows it,
can practically touch it.
She's a mystery and I
could gladly spend my whole life trying to,
yet never,
solve her.
She has drawn me in,
made me hers.
November twenty-ninth will never be
the same.
lovers lie,
lovers be here now,
love is in the moment only
as nothing else
I think of you
  in the vast, deepest recesses of my mind,
among whirlpools, and fountains
fairy forests and sienna deserts,
Californian sunlit highways,
  anywhere I could find
all the sweetest memories held by the two
of us in these oceanic landscapes.

I think of you
underneath the covers,
in these familiar sheets, on this lonely bed.
Eyes fluttering like shy butterflies,
soft noises and long sighs
embracing a pillow, like how I will hold you close
kissing you everywhere, head, eyelids to the nose
and finally your full lips
to have them part underneath mine
is a flavor I crave for.

I think of you
  miles and miles away,
where lockdowns and quarantines have become a normal
planes are stuck, hotels empty, airports have become ghost towns.
All the worlds' gatherings have been silenced, only nature has become Queen again.
We have resolved to think about what we have done,
in between pages of privilege, empathy, understanding and faith
and like all the people of the world
who are separated by oceans and unfamiliar lands,
I think of you in love,
with light
and with hope
that someday you will come to sleep and wake up in my arms
as I pray to be in yours.
Long Distance Relationships: Pandemic Edition. *******, Coronavirus.
My feelings are tremendously painful to experience, but they're real, as for now, it's a personal truth
lover thy,
no words can be
used in translation to describe
the emotions felt
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