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Afraid of the possibilities that I’ve seen but didn’t take
A simple step
A multitude that I uttered
The step I could have taken
The irresistible sweet savor of something that was missed
Tick tock tick tock
If a tick and a tock was a motion
That’s the motion I feel with him
Up down up down
As time wraps around me every night
It caters to me
It calms me during the darkest of days
Somehow with time I feel invincible
I wake up to time everyday
Time touches me as it kisses my heart
These motions I want to last forever
I took a different route, a route I didn’t know was curved or straight.
But I knew I had to take that route, I knew that the journey that was presented to me was the journey that was paved for me.
So as I look into the eyes of my journey every night, and I touch the intricate details of the journeys palm, I continue to go further into my journey, and I won’t be turning around until I’m at a dead end.
I miss you.
every single day the thought of you lingers in the back of my mind
why does everything remind me of you?
I love you.
and I hate myself for it.
they say that when you fall in love
you don’t fall out of it
you just realize that it wasn’t actually love
and I’m not sure what I’m more terrified of
finding out that I’ll never stop loving you
or having this “love” slip away from me.
another snippet from the same poem as the last.  constructive criticism and comments are always greatly appreciated! also if anyone could let me know what the most popular tags are for getting noticed that would be great :) I’m sick of just tagging “love, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.”
just incase you’re wondering
I’m still here for you
like I’ve always been
just know if you ever change your mind
I’ll be patiently waiting until the day I die.
I promise you that.
goodnight everyone ❤️
To who I love,
I go beyond cherishing them,
I spoil them,
till till they’re exhausted.
the simple touch of your fingertips on mine
the way we used to walk just a bit closer than friends do
causing our hands to bump together as if our bodies were just begging us to intertwine our fingers together
no one passing by would be able to mistake us as “just friends”
i am absurdly busy today and all i am doing is reading and writing poems. i really admire the talented people on this website, everyone’s style is so unique and gorgeous.
A love is a love,
absurd & real,
phony, & fake.
For it’s worth,
it’s yearning,
regret, illumination
& painful.
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