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You didn’t tell me you were stopping by;
yet you appeared so suddenly
like the rain does in early April.
We don’t say much although we want to;
what I really want to ask is: why are you here?
I stifle a laugh as I realize there is nothing to be said.
There is nothing ever to be said, especially after
twisting my branches off of my decaying stump
deviously deciding to lay them out before me, pointing at them and laughing before running away like a child
who has done something naughty.
I shake my head watching you run sadly watching
my dying leaves fall to the ground
oh so wishing you hadn’t done that.
I could kick myself wishing you would come back
with a sheepish look on your face trying to put the branches
back into place.
They would never go back of course, but it’s the thought
that always counts right?
Your voice suddenly snaps me out of the past:
"I just wanted to see you."
I bite the inside of my cheek raw
bitter metallic blood oddly soothes my taste buds;
a morbid distraction at best.
Still silence fills the air; creaking of the floor boards
is all we hear.
I really look at you this time: look at that! beads of
sweat appears! are you as anxious as I?
Oh cruel excitement, we meet again!
A slight devilish smile escapes me, I cannot help it.
"The door is behind you," I say and point.
Be gone, let me grow again.
what i think broken hearted people feel like.
Leah Carr Apr 10
Grab my hips
and pull me close
Take my heart
In your soft hands
and let me hold you tonight
let me love you tonight
Maeve Mar 15
Pool of warm honey
I’m always drowning in you
I don’t seem to mind
Maeve Mar 15
I love you So Much
It’s 3am and I don’t
Want to go home yet
Jean Feb 28
I don’t understand why you love me
I don’t think I ever will
where I see stretch marks
because my stomach swelled
you see change
where I see scars
because life was too much
and I needed to release some of the agony inside me
you see healing
where I am disgusted
you are patient
and sit with me in my pain
and ask to hold my hand

I don’t understand why you love me
I don’t think I ever will
but I understand that you do
and even when your love is beyond me
and I am scared of it
I will be patient
and I will sit with you in my discomfort
and ask to hold your hand
every night,
you walk me back across campus.
and every night,
we sit in the back corner of the lobby,
by the laundry room,
where the vending machine sits,
and talk for at least an hour.
and we talk about
the big things,
the little things,
the easy things,
the stressful things.
and we both listen and talk.
hearing one another,
loving one another,
simply being there for one another.
the minutes and hours slip by,
and suddenly it’s 2am-
reminiscent of the first night
that we actually hung out,
i sat next to you talking until 7am,
fully knowing i was to work
an 8 hour shift that day.
and ever since that moment,
i have fallen even deeper
in love with you,
every single moment
of every single day.
i am finally comfortable enough
with myself
in my own skin,
that i, for the first time,
love sharing my life with someone.
we can talk about the serious things,
and 20 minutes later, segue into
being very goofy together. and
it feels so natural
and normal
and right.
Your drawn-out eyelashes
Veiling your charming eyes, cosy
I just need you to glare at me
Once again—after years

Your long, tiny legs, mellow
Walks so smooth and ****
Oh, I wish you'd walk
Straight into my arms once again

Your nose, pointed, coquette
With intractability so exquisite
And skin so dark, and smooth melanin
A skin I wish to touch once again

Your laughter, definitely your emblem
When you smile or even get angry
Your beauty is still untethered
I pray you smile at me once again

And your lips, tastes like honey
Oh, what would I give for another kiss
Oh, what would I give
To meet you once again
Maeve Jan 12
I want you
To leave me
Sweet nothings
In the pockets of my cardigan
She did leave a note, but when you lead a horse to water, there's a 50/50 chance that it's going to drink
Tichozpytec Jan 8
A missing poster with ten words only
"Looking for someone who also doesn't want to be lonely"
Not Lauren Dec 2021
The world sent me a girl as sweet as a peach
and as scorching as the sun itself.

In that moment,
I knew love as it was meant to be known.

In that moment,
I wished she wasn't 2,000 miles away.

In that moment,
I begged for my heart to let me down gently.

It didn't.
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