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Gabrielle May 19
The warm light of afternoon
brings a blur to our harsh wrinkles.
Like a line drawing drafted over and over
after several mistakes.

The blemishes of us bleed and clot like brush strokes
on the painting of a landscape
Fleeting blues, searing orange,
the vista of our bends and breaks.

We sit together, as close as we can,
my nose in the cavity of your neck.
My surplus in the caves you carry,
your tears, lakes in my overbite.

I'll hold your hand holding mine holding yours,
breathe in your breath out.
If nobody is whole you can be my left foot,
and I can be your right.
This poem is about realising the things you thought were wrong about a person are what make you love them.
Shley Mar 25
I never could've known the life we'd have
When we were young and drunk on discovery.

When you walked into my life like light flooding a room,
I never could've imagined what we'd build together.

As I hold the children you gave me in my arms,
The culmination of our intertwined hearts,
I feel so rich and full and satisfied.

I didn't know then, but I know now, just how beautiful it is to open your heart to another.
Noa Adler Jan 30
I am yours, as you are mine,
Guide me gently, love me do.
State your wish, and I'll comply,
I would fetch the moon for you.

When I look into your eyes,
Every wound I have is soothed,
And my soul is purified.
Every inch of me is true.

We've no sins left to deny,
Everything we have been through.
Every scar our joy and pride,
Hands caressing black and blue.

Give me shelter by your side,
Pull me closer, just us two,
Heart to heart, together, tied,
Weaving ourselves something new.
Àŧùl Dec 2023
Time brought the joyride to a halt,
Incompatibility being her prevailing issue,
She was my first love.
Even though I tried,
It all ripped apart,
Tearing in front of my eyes!

I escaped my shadow,
Of guilt and loneliness,
By inviting her to curse me.

She said, "You'll repent this,"
I replied, "Who's gonna care about it,"
She started, "You may take it lightly, but one day you're gonna fall off the hill -"
I interjected, "I'm just not gonna take it baby - chill!"
She smiled weakly, "I know that you would love again,"
I said, "No doubt about it, the world is cuter,"
She uttered her curse, "But you won't ever be satisfied!"
I invited few more curses, "Go on, come on - continue your curses!"
She went on, "You'd pay for my tears with your blood!"
I taunted, "Okay! More - just go on baby,"

She snarled, "You'll die feeling lonely in this whole wide world!
The way I find myself lonely under your possessiveness,
You too will feel unloved and unwanted."
I jeered, "Whoa! That scares me to death!"
She continued, "You just can't die so easily,"
I jeered, "Hey that's not like a curse, you can't curse so sweetly,"
She blasted to end it, "Just wait & pray for death to come early!"

True she was, the witch,
My life goes on like her curses,
How true they were!
My HP Poem #1957
©Atul Kaushal
Daivik Nov 2023
Hold my hand
I hope you can understand
How much I love you now
I will show,if you allow

Kiss my lips
Let me caress your curves
With my fingertips⁷
Let me love every inch of you
For i love you
With every cell of mine

I never believed in past lives
But I must pursued the noblest venture
For to share your love in this life
Is something beyond comprehension

I am yours
You are mine
To see your face
Is divine

Hold me close
Protect me from my inner woes
Be my light
Guide me through this despodent night

These simple words cannot express
My feelings towards your loveliness
How could one be so madly in love
Jealous are the gods above

I wish to shout from every rooftop
That I will love you till my heart stops
I wish to write in every crevice
Of this forlorn,forsaken world
That there exists such true love

Just to be with you
Is a privledge
That you love me
I dont deserve it

I still cannot believe
Someone like you lives
Who loves me from the heart
A part of me is now yours
We shall never part

I love you
I love you
I miss you everytime
Lover,do not worry
For love is life
It moves up and down
But our love never subsides
Our love never subsides
James Rives Oct 2023
writing a poem is hard when your soul contradicts the rest of you.
i say i love this woman and mean it,
and fear grips me, puts its finger on my lips,
and shushes me. tells me that neither of us
is ready, that i don’t know my own thoughts,
hopes, dreams, wants, needs, and their reflection
in the mirror of her stark blue eyes and soul.
that it’s all an imagining beyond my own soul
and comprehension, that i’m projecting
a long lost sense of helplessness and courage
onto her without consent because i seek
acceptances and intimacies beyond my worth.
and still, knuckle-deep in this hard, scathing noise is a truth i refuse to ignore.
i am hers in my entirety and only want to know
that she is mine— my soul contradicts
the rest of me but i faithfully **** it
and aim for the future i’ve hoped lives
in both of us.
James Rives Oct 2023
love, in essence, is blind,
and knows more than it can convey.
the simple sound of your cough
amongst a crowd of weekend shoppers,
red onion in hand for your next soup.
the scent of lemongrass, patchouli,
home away from home.

love, in essence, is blind,
and can see beyond itself.
it touches the ether and knows
your kind soul, your hurt heart,
the deepness of your hugs,
the tickle in your lungs,
the curl of curses on your lips,
and the warmth in your bright blue eyes.
to the one I couldn’t help but love
James Rives Sep 2023
the heat of her breath on my arm
as she sleeps is my world, personified.
my sun, and moon, and stars rapidly
expanding beyond the limits
of any love I'd ever believed was mine.
she's sleeping next to me while i write this and her cat is nestled around my ankles. i feel like i finally made it home.
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