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Dear Annhastazia,
You are too great of a young woman to loose, for you I gladly die knowing you are protected in my arms shielded from harm, I'll give you my all you're worth it you're so perfect, someone who understands you're all I need an essential ingredient to my life I see a future with you a Queen my wife I hold you down with all my might my love 4 U is never slight, cutting deeper than a knife gashes from my heart I hate being apart i'm pouring out I want your love I treasure you a timless jewel

I can't loose you
Daniel T 23h
I just wanted to love someone
so much -
That I never learned to like anyone

She was dangerously close
like a molotov
to a dream.
The crease in her smile
From when she carried it closed
Or maybe from when
The one that last carried it for her.

There's a thorn in her paw;
That is a crucifix in her theart
and keeps her nailed to the pain.
It's a cross
between the love she has
for everyone
but herself,
and the hatred for me.
And I like it.
All of it.

Still though, I dream that she's in my bed
looking sweete than her taste for revenge,
it's 5 PM and she isn't wearing much
but she's in my bed, saying the things
that I need to hear,
which is just about anything at this point.

It's 8:30 pm, and I get my wake up call
and out the door I go, in my headphones go
the first thing I hear is Ed Sheeran
I hate that I enjoy his voice
because he's always ******* right
and he tells me "baby you look happier, you do"
well ****.
"my friends told me, one day I'll hear it too"
and now I need a shot because ****.
I really was happier with her.

7:15 in the morning
Don Quixote sits against my wall
I can't really hear his voice
but he says that it ain't right
to fight a windmill and lose.

and then he tells me
it ain't right for me and her
to be all we've ever been.

All I make is mistakes
I see them too, but it's always too late.
It's all I know how to do.
I know there's something wrong,
hence why I'm drunk when I write.
Sometimes I couldn't blink
or take a breath during those conversations.

There's so much I'm uncertain about
...so many questions
I'll never ask, again
I used to ask a lot, for someone.
not anymore.
not since i couldn't explain
what I couldn't explore.
but that thorn is still in her paw.
I wish I could've removed it.
With you
I want to grow
With you
I want to learn
With you
I want to stay
Your eyes are black, tinged with blushes of hazel when the sun falls on your face. I’ve never seen such dark eyes with so much light in them. Your hair is a mess like you got up on the wrong side of the bed but you still manage to pull off adorable every **** time. Your dimple makes special appearances when you laugh on random things I say. Your jawline I know you’re proud of; something I would trace with kisses and warm fingertips, sharp and smooth, so alluring. You’re the perfect kinda tall; our lips collide effortlessly and anyway I would go any limit for you. Our hands intertwine perfectly, you can see we were made for each other. I confess I don’t remember telling your mom in kindergarten you were so cute but I’m glad I did; truer words have never been said. Falling for you was beautiful; you were the stars at the end of my tunnel. You light up my world with fairy lights and gentle kisses and dreams of a future together.  I never knew I could blush before you. You wink like a ******* Prince Charming if there ever was one. ‘I love you’ has never felt inadequate before.
I love you .exam season is the hardest but it will end eventually. I miss being held so delicately ,yet you respect me like Im stronger than they all know. maybe youre right .
close your eyes
just hold it there
seconds too long
try not to stare
wide open now
call me by your name
we both know how
nothing will be the same

no more breakup poetry
unless of course you ever leave me
which you wont
cos you pinkie promised me
when the lights go out
your hands always know
where to find mine.
I love you so so much ~ eg
The Heavens are an imagination,
as the depths of your heart beguile me.
flickering screens, decoded dreams

and I ;

loving an enigma
he was a mystery to me.
(and a programmer too)
Maddy Oct 2
captivating stare
eyes deep blue
shimmer and glints
they care for you

soft cheeks
kindest smile
talk for years
walk for miles

hands intertwined
warm embace
nervous laughter
grinning face

graceful movement
cloud-like lips
id be happy stranded in the ocean
if you were the ship

not strung along
same spot together
feelings for you
like sunny weather

i smile with you here
i smile with you gone
if my smiles were a garden
they'd fill up a whole lawn

there'd be fauna, there'd be flora
flowers blooming like its spring
this garden of mine is full
and cant wait to see what it brings

colour bursting out of petals
not a thorny stem in sight
each time we pick a flower
the day grows to be more bright

youre the sun and the moon and the stars
youre the clouds and the sky and the sun
youre the day and the night and between
thank *** for the washing machine
<3 <3 <3 <3 :) :) :) :)
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