DNW 2d
By the moon I sit to seek your glory
the white roses I see, create a new story
Seasons are many, their reasons few
What remains is that I will always Love you
Em 3d
Have you ever fallen in love?
It feels like you're starving
and so full
of light.

Like you're dying
but you're living

Thank God,
I found My One
That night.
Audrey 6d
I love you and you love me
your love's the only drug I need
your smile brings light to my day
as all my problems fade away
Tiana Marie Feb 16
He was kind–
Just like you.
When you looked into his eyes
You just knew.
He always put others
Above himself.
Lots of things about him
Are just like yourself.
He was good–
I wouldn’t kid.
He would’ve died for his crew,
And he did.
You remind me of him;
You’re both kind-hearted men.
When I look in your eyes
It’s like he’s looking back into mine.
I’m reminded of him
Every time you say a word.
You sound just like him–
Every adjective and verb.
Yes, you remind me of him.
That’s the best compliment I could give.
Captain, you remind me of my Captain.
Tyler Hintz Feb 14
Don’t tell me pretty lies,
With that look on your face,
Because although you are beautiful
The ugly never fades.
There’s beauty in your eyes,
And there’s strength that’s in your arms,
But your heart is so hideous,
It tears us apart.
Don’t tell me pretty lies,
Like what you feel is real,
The truth is you don’t love me,
My heart wasn’t yours to steal.
Charlotte Feb 14
It has been four
whole months
since you’ve left,
your jacket
still hangs in my closet
and you still have a
draw full your stuff in
my dresser.

We never celebrated
valentines day - yet
I still think of you
and our misfortunes -
of our three year path
that lead to

Often I break down
I sit on my
knees and pray
that you never meant
the things you said -
I keep your number
saved in my phone
with hearts and x’s and o’s
just in case you call me

which, you have
when you’re drunk or high
when you’re trying to remember
why you hate me -
why my world crumbles
when you’re around
I can’t see straight or
hear the words coming out your mouth
everything you do
for better or for worse
just sounds to me like
you saying

“i love you”
How simple an answer it was, to a difficult question,
"Hold my hand", we would have said with a sea of emotion.
But a good heart is not meant to keep score,
It just seeks another heart, to love, to adore,
Or so we thought, for very long,
Until one day, we were proven very wrong.

Fingers trying to grope just a twig, just a leaf,
Even one, broken apart from the tree we seeded together,
Watered and watched grow, laughed and played beneath,
Prayed for and protected from rough weather.

Didn't we work through the weeds at that time?
How then the roots rot, without reason or rhyme?
The tree still stands but not with that old strength,
Like our own special symbol of a love never meant.

We watched the bridges burn,
Ashes and smoke, almost to the point of no return.
Blisters from words and uncaring eyes so scathing,
We just weren't admitting - it was all ending.

Our yesterdays forgotten, our todays orphaned, we must let them go,
As dust will slowly settle upon an untouched memory though.
Like a period to a long running sentence.
And think that it was all only a pretense...
Tøast Feb 8
Sometimes you just miss her, don’t you?
not the way you normally miss someone,

But in the way that the sky misses the sun,
when she leaves for the night.
when all light is gone,
and all that’s left is darkness once again.

She fell into your arms, didn’t she?
like water down the drain,
she washed away the mess and left greatness,
clear as day.

So, you held on to her, didn’t you?
like a father does a son,
but conflict rose, and thorns grew,
stealing away the petals,
as they fell to the ground.

You couldn’t hold onto her, could you?
not in the way a blacksmith can’t hold a flame,
but in the way the stars can’t hold onto the night,
coz someday, she will come back again.
Tøast Feb 7
With teer soaked pillow cases
And broken glass painting the room

Washed clean with liqour
And covered over with ash

A beautiful sadness now speckled our minds,
When petals fall and flowers die
Rivers still run and the sun still sets,

But the stars look down and with sadness In their eyes,
For the sunset will never be the same, without the moon by their side
Tøast Feb 6
The fire burnt out and the ash floated away.
creating patterns around our fingers we couldn't ignore
it was there when we would stare into each other's eyes for hours on end.


That's how I'll remember you.
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