Cross my heart hope to die
As I watch stars cry
Your the first thing on my mind
Idk anymore
You are LOVABLE. Undoubtingly and truly adorable
Emphasizing thy glory would be beyond impossible
Inevitably captivating like a positive magnet in the center of negative ones
Certainly catching each glances and sight,far more than once

You are AMIABLE. Believe me or not,that's what you are
In my universe,you are the planets and the stars
Because you are the one that completes me
In a toddler's perception, You are My 1 to 3 and My A to C (or even Z)
2 functioning eyes and yet,You're the only one I see

You are MAGNIFICENT,Your footsteps leave trails of excellence
Your blood and sweat itself keeps the ocean's tide high and vast
Agitated and delirious for the future,cherishing your mere existence
Enjoying the present,Preparing for the future,Iregardless of the past

Because YOU are an EPITOME of greatness and loveliness
A perfect definition of a paradise is your very presence
Your beauty requires no words and effortlessly stepping into the game
I love you ever since,and My love for you will always be the same

And let me tell you again that you. You. And Only You are LAME.
Hope I can make your day or somebody('s)
I am not a bad girl
I will not hurt you on purpose
or play hard to get
I will smile when you smile
and cry when you cry
Maybe I am not as fun as she is
But I love you
I truly love you
And ich hope this is enough
I use to be so lost
Overcome by intense darkness at every corner
It seemed like they would drag me by my ankles just to beat me down

But then you came along
They were afraid of you
Because you represented something that I had missing hope
You are my hope and my light

In a room that's pitch black you shed radiance over the dark in me
And for that you're the most meaningful person to me on this planet
After everything even though its
Been short I can't imagine giving everything that I am to someone else

I gave you honesty, trust, and power over me
Before I hated being vulnerable but now I don't mind that it's you
I would never openly admit this for others to see but it's worth it now
Set in stone

I went to see a movie last night and the final
Words overcame me
Those words were

"In the end, we all have someone we belong to"

You are that someone and I belong to you
My purpose and my existence
Is dedicated to you
And the future that is to come
These are my true feelings about you
Just pure love and devotion
Because we belong to each other
Even if something gets in the way

We will find our way back to eachother
I have feeling we always do
My country girl
Belonging to each other
Is what I was meant for
You are the smell of old books, classic novellas filled with spirit and nostalgia
You are the moon during the day, mystical
You are long car drives in summer
Moonlight beach strolls
Warm tea on sore throats

Darling, when I call you precious I mean more than the dictionary definition
I mean you are breathtaking
I mean you are every beautiful thing
I mean I adore you
Everything you are
Is more than I could have even asked for

Your hair made of sunlight warmth
Eyes of the moon on a cool night
You are every beautiful mystery
And I vow to spend my life figuring you out
kellie pryor May 18
I'm so sure of our love,
I taste you in my mouth days after a kiss.
I'm so sure of our love,
I hug you at night, asleep, and unattended.
I'm so sure of our love,
I would run away and seal our fate.
All of this because I'm so sure of our love.
Tony Cortez May 18
When I met you I didn't intend falling for you
It just happened
And I'm extremely grateful that I did

It's hard sleeping when you're on my mind
Not in a bad way but a way that represents harmony

Babe, you give me a sense of harmony
You represent a cure to my diseased mind
A permanent fix to my broken heart

And yea I had a few issues about this
The distance
The jealousy
And the difference between us

As much we are alike we are just as different
That's what I worry about when you see me
That you won't accept the tameness, the calm
I don't really have a wild side I've always enjoyed the calmer things in life

But it doesn't really matter because honestly I would cross the globe in the next life to find you again

I would do everything I can just to be with you
And many say that a long distance relationship doesn't work even if its temporary that will lead to a regular relationship

But I'm willing to take the storm and the ice for you
Just as I know you will for me

You are an amazing young woman
That I've fallen for
And I'm never letting go
Long distance is horrible but it can result in a much stronger bond
I wish I could make things,
I wish I -
why is this so.
Hard, I don't understand

What was it about -
Me. You. Said that I -  
I don't even.
Understand what -
I don't even know what,
I am going.

Why did it,
have to be like.
This, I never.
We never -
could we just.
Try and. fix,
things. I don't.
I don't, know.

I don't
know how to.
to, to -  
I don't -

Tony Cortez May 12
I love her to death
I would literally say fuck you to the world for her

Problem is I want her to have fun
I want her to be herself
To live her life

Before she realizes she is tied down to me
I'm not great by any means

She is my world
My everything
I always think about her from the dawn till the dusk and so on

I'm just not a fun guy and I want her to have that
Before well our future
But I'm hers
And I belong only to her.
Belong only to her
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