I haven't forgotten about you
Even with all this time apart
I still want the things I said I do
There's still so much love in my heart

I should've move on a while ago
But when I love, I love for good
It's a lot easier said than done you know
I mean I'd let go if I only could

Maybe apart of me doesn't want to
Because I'll lose you for good
There's never been anyone like you
Who can do the things that you could

I don't mean to come off as pathetic
But I refuse to believe this is the end
Has all this obsessing made me lovesick?
I can't bear to just be your friend

For the fucking love of my life the make my head spin. April 24, 2017 1:09pm

A million stars up in the sky
You shines brighter I can't deny

I feel like heaven when you are near
Even in my dreams only you appear

You always know just what to say
just talking to you makes my day

A love so precious a love so true
a love that comes from me ends at you

All this were my hidden emotions
high as the skies deep as the oceans

Love you baby with all of my heart
together forever and never to part.

In that moment it had occurred to me that for my entire life I had been breathing in a toxic, poisonous gas.

One that had been draining my life and destroying my soul.

The first word she spoke, the first smile that I witnessed grace her lips; that was fresh air.

She was oxygen.

I may not have much. I may not be worth anything of value.

But she owns every ounce of my soul.
Every thought in my head.
She owns my entire heart,
and every second of my future.

The clocks have never
worked in our favour,
maybe I must accept
we'll always be bad timing.

I'm not sure
if I was going to to see the band
or to see you.

I know you cared for me
and I'll never understand
why I deserved someone like you,
but what's even harder
to comprehend is how
you could touch me
and look at me like that
and then throw what we had away.

Jack Jenkins Apr 18

I'm still hurting
still devastated
that I lost you
all of you
because I was worried
to see how you were
I wish I never sent that text
how I miss you so much
the worst is
i worry that you
already moved on
already forgot me
that you don't feel
the same as I do
marking every day
since I lost you

Do you miss me?
Do you cry for me?
Do you wake up &
wish for my body
slumbering next
to yours?
Have you moved past?
Have you got a new lover?
Have you found
someone lovely
someone better
than me?

fuck i miss you

I guess I love too much and dive too deep. Sorry for all the insecurities in this poem.

When I first met you I thought
you were too good to be true,
Now I'm beginning to think
I imagined you all along.

What hurts the most
is not the thought that
maybe I wasn't good enough,
instead it's that for you,
maybe somebody else was.

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