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I sit around, have nothing to do
And thus my brain starts thinking of you
It tries to remember all our talks
Our deep conversations, evening walks
That time when we cuddled and shared our fears
The other when you have called me in tears
The day when I made you laugh with a joke
So hard that you have nearly choked
That smile on your face, that beautiful view
When I finally said "I love you"
And that feeling of your beating chest
When we were together, cuddled, so tightly pressed
But how is it that I remember so well
Something that I have never done or felt?
Do you remember when we first met?
Do you remember when I made you laugh?
Do you remember what stupid joke I said?
Do you remember our first hour and a half?

Do you remember when I first kissed you?
Do you remember when I first hugged you tight?
Do you remember when I first missed you?
Do you remember when we first talked through the night?

Do you remember when I gave you the ring?
Do you remember when we bought our house?
Do you remember when I listened when you used to sing?
Do you remember the first time I could call you my spouse? 
If you remember, tell me, how can I reach you?
How can I get you quicker into my past?
I want to experience as many days as I can with you
Because I need you now in my life and fast
Em Feb 19
There she sat in front of me with her red lipstick on and a smile that showed off her pearly white teeth that always seemed to light up a room
but something was off
Was it the sweetness I felt, disappearing when I looked at her?
Only the tingling on my tongue after eating too many sour candies was left as I saw her smile slowly curve down each day I saw her
She had a lot of sour moments now that I look back.
I miss the fresh peppermint laughs we shared
what's left now is a silhouette
a wrapper of what we could have been
and now as I sit here looking through her
I begin to crack from the way she makes me feel
She doesn't know
She'll never know about the red stripes she left on me
can a shattered candy cane be put back together?
it might seem impossible
some parts may be lost
but with some time
I'll be back on my feet again
and she'll move on to someone sweeter
maybe a gumdrop this time
Without losing her
I would never have found my marshmallows friends who I know I can always fall back on their soft embrace
They will be there supporting me till my expiration date
I rewrote my last poem because I've changed a lot since 2019 and thank god I did. The ends kinda cringe lol
Every day for the rest of my life,
You'd be the elixir of my life.
I know it sounds
Like a fantasy life.
To have someone love you,
Without no strife.
Everyday for the rest of my life,
I'd tell you I love you,
And you are my life.
Everyday for the rest of my life,
I'd tell you I loved you.
I'd make you my wife.
Light Feb 7
You hated that
I was such a pessimist.
I complained when
nothing was wrong.

Every time
I opened my heart
to burden you with
my worries, you
sighed with
You eyes filled
with deep frustration.
Your uncaring words
said with scathing

You told me you didn't want to be
with someone who made you feel
like when their sky was falling,
you had to be their Atlas.

Now, I swallow every word.

I know that every
word of worry,
every tear filled eye
will send us closer to
our doom.

Lying to you while
I'm lying in bed,
nightmare scenarios
dance in my head,
I realize loving you
is not enough,
and while you are
sleeping, dreaming
of a life without me,
I am screaming,
and falling,
blood on my knees.
I hurt you. I hurt you.
I didn't know when to

When you slipped
away from me, I
had to hide my

But I knew, deep down,
the end was near.
low poetry Feb 5
my first one was the silent angel
she thought me how to feel like god

the second is the lustful kitten
she thought me sanity of being ****
inspired by my ex-girl and present one
When my body and soul want to die,
Your glittering image strikes my eye,
Flowers befall me,
The pain melts away,
When my mind says “go!”
My heart wants to stay.
The devil can’t catch me,
I’m safe in your arms,
You won’t let the voices,
Do me much harm.
You kiss away tears,
You hold me so close,
You make me smile
when I’m hurting the most.
So when I call you my angel,
I just want to say,
When the demons surround me,
I fell in love again,
This time it is so strong,
I never wanna let it go,
Nor I wanna turn it wrong

I am gonna keep your heart near my heart,
So that I could feel your breath beneath my skin,
I wanna feel the heat,
I want you to let me in,
The closer I get, the more I will know you,
You are the prince I am waiting for,
And I am the princess waiting for you,

The first look we exchanged,
The kiss we had,
It turned so strong,
I almost forgot my past,
I never felt the way I am feeling right now,
It's hard to explain when where and how?

Maybe I never understood the meaning of love before,
Now I know it's sweet, mercy, heaven, and more...
I want to give myself in
So can I trust you?
Can I trust that you will never break my heart?
That I gave you?
Will you be mine forever, just like my fairytale?
Just like the prince fell in love with the princess
Over over and again?
Do you promise to be mine, now, forever, and then?
This is a poem I wrote when I fell in love with my boyfriend
TS Lefort Jan 22
We kissed, I loved, you betrayed
My youth, a trust, perfect days.
You went, I mourned, nothing left,
I was, you were, my hope bereft.

Aquila Jan 21
I love you, and it's a mess.
You love her, who is dating him-
   and she loves him, but he won't tell-
    and I love you, while I'm dating them-
  and I love him, but I love you-
and thus, a mess is made.
love triangle? more like love dodecahedron. also, I've seen this happen so many times.
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