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Nobody 7h
Remember how he shred every inch of your soul?
Swallowing your screams while he spoiled every hole.  
Piercing hard thru your flesh till there was blood everywhere,
brutally claiming your body, year after year.  

He took what he wanted, you were never safe.
All that theft from him, you shouldn’t of had to take.  
And whenever there was hope you might get away,  
he would find you, and defile you, the entire day.

He’d blind you and violate you dark into the night,
every breath and smile has hurt your whole life.  
He wants all of you and will never say goodbye,
he beat you ****** till you gave up the fight.  

Ripping you apart as tears pour of out your eyes,
pounding you rapidly while ignoring your cries.
         Forced to take his abuse, thinking you’d never get away,
daddy chained you to the bed, so you had to stay.
i am washing my face
he still wont look at me
i am dancing to his music
he still wont look at me
i am timidly talking to him
he still wont look at me
i am watching him talk with you
he watches you so carefully
i wonder what he sees
when he holds your gaze considerably
dear boyfriend, i'm here too
Kyra 3d
There’s a darkness within me

A mass of black and hate

It burdens my mind

It weighs down my arms.

I feel it in my throat

I feel it coat my tongue

It’s grip on my lungs tighten

And my lips twist to harm.

It was
The **** was
The pool was
I had been
I am
I woke up this morning with a sickness to my stomach.
A fire was raging in my belly
and for the first time since my mother died
I felt a twinge if pain.
It felt good to feel something other than uncertainty.

Lately my days have been clouded by black smoke
and I find myself falling back into old habits,
clinging to a chemical high refusing to come down.
I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t enjoy the moment I self destruct.
It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything.

Now is the time to risk it all,
because nothing else actually matters.
I focused my attention on that feeling
I let hurt gain control.
Hurt turned to hate.
Hate to anger.

When the world takes the love that means most to you,
nothing after that hurts.
You can’t do anything to hurt a man who has nothing to lose.
Jo Swan Nov 1
I stare at the Kettle:
Reflection of your vile face.
Has left me in aghast!
Oh, how I wish to erase
Flashback of grotesque past.
Heart seared by the venom
Of disturbing memories
Caused by antagonism.
This rage can’t be appease
Mind becomes murderous.

The Kettle begins to hiss:
The soul simmers with wrath-
Insanely dangerous,
Hungry for a blood bath!
Oh, I wish for a knife
And stab you many times
As you left me in strife
From your abusive crimes.
Wounded me as a child
And left me powerless.

Boiling Kettle rattles:
My madness is wild
Have I lost my saneness?
Many years I’ve been irate-
Tolerating in silence-
Blood boils with sinful hate!
My spirit seeks the thrill
For an eye for an eye-
As it **** for your ****
And to see you die!

Gas sparks, Kitchen ignites:
Body burnt into ashes-
Soul seethes in resentment.
Revenge sweetly slashes
You to my contentment.
Hands stained with red blood
Like trenches of war mud.
Eyes consumed and blind -
Peace of heart now confined
By rapacious rage.

Mind is a Murderer!
Am I a Murderer!
Will I ever surrender?
Will I ever surrender
And taste tranquility?
Or is my spirit cursed?
Or is my spirit cursed
To be trapped by the thirst
Of the boiling kettle
That will never settle
Until vengeance scorches!

(c)Jo Swan 2018
I wanted to explore the darkness of human nature. Recently, I had an incident at work where I saw a man who was consumed rage. I wanted to explore the darkness of his mind. There are moments in some people's lives where we are consumed with rage that we will **** for vengeance.
Madolyn Nov 1
the anger
through the air

at my head

i could not leave
could not shut
it out
could not feel
can’t be calm

the anger
it pulls
wraps its arms
around me
pulls itself
into that empty place
above my stomach
in my ribcage
it was them
and now
is me

they put
the anger there
placed it
by the force
of the looks
the words
the tears
the anger is
all around
are not
are never
will never be

anxiety is
not just fear
it is
the rage
the fear
it wraps itself
in you
and you can only
channel it
you can only
self destruct

anxiety and anger
are two sides
of the same coin
and i
the two
i stop
at all
i flip
and i flip
it seems like
the only thing
i do
It rumbles and roars
The rage I harbor in my bones
Unsung song of contention
Bitter and bilious in my mouth
Because when I tried to speak,
nobody was listening

Boundries of consent are drawn at home
And maintained before being extended
To a world where Xanthippe is a slur
Between giving up a career and giving in to a creep
There isn't much of an option

Shame is the best weapon after fear
In the arsenal of patriarchy
Ammo of choice for its sari draped agents
To keep young women in line lest they
Sprout a tongue or mind of their own

Decades of silence has fed the fire of rage
Licking and moulding my contours
Till I turn into Jael yielding pen
Refusing to be a collateral any longer, ready
To nail Sisera, with or without a Barak to celebrate
                      so much anger

more and more



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