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Chelsea Rae May 31
I am not here for your sunshine,
I am here for your storm and waiting on the rain.

I am not here to coddle you
Without at least touching the pain.

It's easy to love a happy, easy going, sunny morning,
But it takes guts to smile through someone's rage.

I will not tolerate dragging weight.
I will break your ******* cage.
The ankle on the chains.

How much longer will we hear the thunder
Before you finally just let it rain?

Rain on me and bring sweet inner alchemy.

Rain, rain, rain,

And be free.
Whisper Yes Oct 2020
Deep dark volatile rage
Nothing more to do
Don't make me be nice anymore
I want to rip your face off
To call out the smiles
And the niceness
Mine and yours
Give me something more truthful
More honest
More real
Show yourself
Get on your knees and show me
Show me through your actions
**** your words
**** your excuses
Let them burn
Let it all burn
And then lets see what is left.
Dacotah Ashes Feb 19
Between us I hoped
there was a cavern of silence
begging to be touched
by the sound of sorry
falling from your lips

But instead there is a glass wall
devouring rage and hurt
hurled from my throat
While you stand still
A smile on your lips
Face to face against a predator
It isn't glory I fight for
I fight in animosity and defiance
Against the shackles wrought by a Creator

I have neither belief nor any Faith
in any Lord; I do not say Grace
I am my own King and my own God
And I run my own race

Life is War
Pick your battles wise
I pick the biggest beast
Because my rage befits its size

I will sit on my throne
and glare at life in the eye
But I will never bow in weakness
Though I might let out a sigh
Persephone Feb 1
I was at the centre of her anger once.
It was violent and unforgiving.
It made me forget who’s mercy I should be asking for.
Or her’s
Persephone Feb 1
If you are ever unfortunate enough to witness her anger. My only advice is this: pray then to every god you know, for your own will not be enough to save you from her fury
lua Jan 30
perspective shifts in all directions
a blur, out of focus from the earth
as spring blossoms in my throat

bloodied petals dried by the sun's rage
would it be my fault if i shielded my eyes?
away from his piercing glare
burning as he rises

ripping vines out of my mouth
tearing through my field of vision
until i close my eyes
and fade to black.
jesse packard Jan 16
across borders is hell to pay
when you say to go away
the life I breathe
is hell to take
as you have the child
I came to raise
our love was fruitful
like your heart
we made our vows
together forever
to have and hold
we were told
you spoke of peace
you didn't believe
then you crush
this heart of mine
we used to smile
and say good night
now all we do is fight
about how we changed
where do you draw the line
when you have our son over state line
when will I see the son of mine
my wife is in canada and i have no clue when i will see my son again
Achick Nov 2021
It’s funny how a song can trigger so many emotions
The therapeutic tones and lyrics can calm the soul or set your world on fire.
I’m listening to “killing in the name of”
My favorite part of the song
The build up of the last chorus
As he growls the words “******* I won’t do what you tell me”
It excites me and brings me to tears
I hate that I can’t listen to this around people
I’ll skip it or bellow the words when no one can hear me
It’s been 4 years
that rage hasn’t left my soul
All the sadness
It’s still there
Most days I don’t feel like it is.
But when that song comes on
My oppression
My scars
Are still here
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