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Jules 20h
If this is love
I want no part in it
The jealousy
The heartache
It's overwhelming
I don't want it
It fuels me with rage
Why am I so upset?
You're not even mine
Dream Fisher Oct 11
I'm sick of being the good guy,
With intentions that you may like.
I'm tired of being supportive,
Because sometimes you really aren't right.
I'm afraid if I open the cage,
The lid won't close quite as tight.
If I let this world see my rage,
They will see me in a different light.

I've wrote about my father before,
It's been a war that I've fought since ten
But I was sick of seeing a devil play victim,
So I wrote him one last letter
And deleted him out of my life again.
I can curse in times when I'm ******,
It's real ******* nice to be free. I promise,
the next person who thinks I'm looking for privilege,
When I talk of my allergies.
Will get uppercut so many times they will only look up to see,
I'm a survivor, not a victim
So kindly shove off if you'd please.

People love to be supportive,
They read one thing I wrote,
You should get published,
All these people would love it,
Would you buy a copy? Well, no.
But imagine who would!
You might make fortune and fame.
That's funny, I will save my money,
But I love the dreamy game
I should tell, I know who would buy it,
Even if I don't publish, my mother still loves me the same.
Jennifer Ale Oct 7
My Black Black Man
The Walls of your Mind
Beckon only a Unique kind
The Love of a full Woman
An illusioned witness to
the Truth behind You
and your fettered prime, can
Be more black, more diaspora than
thee. Educated with sight
Yet conflicted by societal rite
And a King in every Troubled Stage
Unable to Fight
Can or cannot Love right?
My Black black man.
aj kamari Oct 7
i feel angry
not the kind of anger that you feel when he doesn’t text you back
but the rage that consumes you
and your every nerve
the kind of anger that makes the nicest people
malicious thinkers and hateful destroyers
hell bent on exposing all who’ve done them wrong
that’s the kind of anger i feel
and i’ve felt it for so long
that i worry what i might do
that anger is now a part of me
a constant fire that grows with every hurtful word
and unlistening ear
they are what made me this way
they made me this angry
this is the type of anger that is felt when we have been silenced for far too long because of our issues. it’s time to stand up for what we believe in.
i need some water
to quench my thirsty pain
it has refused to stop swelling
within the gaps around my ribs
forming hard bubbles
as it swallows me in
cocoons me safely into
stiff crooked mazes
dark heartless halls
all of which my mind makes for fun
barriers extended, walls constructed
to let out
only segments  
of hell

this weak and cracked silver dryland
can’t begin no shiny harvest
the crops will die
the hope will follow
the soil is weak the words are hollow
my sweet, my love, how are you doing?
i’m fine, i’m fine, i’m doing fine
i sew my tongue into the roof of my mouth
and bend my lips into the back of my tight throat
beat stubborn tears into watery eyes
and blame the wind the fan spits out

mother, father - we are in a shattered season
of separate flatlands and heavy skies
will we ever be unobscured by forced laughs and family gatherings?
by hills or mountains or sunday church?

may this air force bold breath out of me and you?  
no ordinary small talk will prevent my rage any longer not my small quiet voice from getting larger
we need to speak of the sickness in our heads
or we surely will die
on separate flatlands
on words unsaid
I sit around chewing bubble gum
Its flavor dull, and flat.
I spit it out into the greasy, stained waste bin.
It stares back at me angrily, lying next to
Some brown boxes, random yard waste,
An oily blue rag, and a raging red
Hunk of plastic, which once was a fire engine,
My misery reflected in its misshapen contours.
I’m trapped in my world
Of fake “How-do-you-dos”
And tepid conversation about the weather.
Each day is an agony and every moment, surreal.
I cry for a body that is not mine.
My soul burns with each passing lie I tell someone
When they ask who I am.

I hate love songs, happy songs, and celebrations!
They are never for me.
They are the bubble gum I scrape off my shoe
As I walk down the aisle to watch the latest horror movie.
The violence on the screen,
Only slightly assuages the rage… in my female soul,
Bound for eternity in a hairy, meaty prison.
I always feel like ****!
A female mind forever warped
By this absurd male body.
The lies I tell become my little deaths.
Little deaths are pain and envy.
Pain and envy are like bubble gum…
Endlessly mashed together and sticky.

A woman sashays past me,
An unknowing feminine tyrant
Enjoying my salvation with the
Parting of her pretty red lips,
The sway of her baby-making hips,
And her graceful, yet sleek fingertips.
She delicately sits, her soft pleasant voice
Floats back up to me. Dysphoria level: CRITICAL!
She dictates my days and nights...
Inadvertently taunting me as she giggles with her friends.
But my eye’s long drinks
Of her crisp, cool water were never
About my thirst.

I truly love women.
B D Caissie Sep 11
If you are bitter you are like a dry leaf that crumbles with the slightest touch and gets blown away by a whirlwind of hate. Only forgiveness can calm the storm raging inside your heart...

JT Sep 11
Panic floods me
Rage burns
Sadness settles heavily in my stomach
Rage burns
Panic floods me
Silence is left
Pressing down on my lungs
I’d rather burn
I’d rather drown
Than choke on every breath
Nobody Sep 9
You show me your heart,
you hold me close;
you tell me your secrets,
you say you
love me the most.
You push me away,
you take back your gifts;
you spit in my face,
You have another fit.
You’re up and down,
you’re day and night.
You give me a smile,
then pick a fight.
You make me laugh,
you make me cry.
You make me angry,
you make me sigh.
You fill me up,
then throw me away.
You want me to go,
you want me to stay.
Let’s makes things easy,
and just go separate ways.
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