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And in chaos, rose a forest that grew with the rain of rage,

And took light from the fire of my everlasting shame,

And through puddles of my misery, life found a way to be,

And grasped spirit from my memory, and on agony it did feed,

There I learned, stone by stone, how to build a safer home,

There I learned, bone by bone, how it's like to be alone.
Chris 2d
If I wrote a poem for every ******* who I should've killed cold dead,
but I didn't
I would have written a thousand poems.

If I killed every ******* who I should have,
I wouldn't be writing poems,
I'd be happy.
Lorrin 6d
A speck of rage that quickly spreads
throughout our hearts and to our heads.
That tiny thing that starts so small
will quickly make the body fall.

When anger flits across the mind
vengeful deeds are quick behind.
But stoking up that angry fire
will burn the one who starts the pyre.

When pain is what you wish to serve
pain for you will be reserved.
If you become your anger's *****
your path will lead you to the grave.
Emma Feb 9
I stab you in the face.
I strangle you to death.
I slap, hit, and kick you over and over again.
I blow up your house.
I put water in your gas tank, and then blow up your car anyway.
I steal your identity, and embarrass you when you have to have her pay for all your dates.
I tie you to a chair, attach your ******* to a car battery via clamps painful on their own, and then proceed to electrocute you.
I steal your dog, and she likes me better anyway.
I turn your sister into a *******.
I recruit four horsemen to pull you limb from limb between them.
I burn you to the ******* ground, and force-feed your ashes to someone you hate, so you're always a part of them.
I slice you open from taint to ******* and stuff you with cheese as rancid as your soul before sewing you back up and sealing it with a kiss.
I feed you **** pie.
It doesn't really matter though; my fury never dies.
Toxic yeti Feb 9
If I were charged with a crime
It would be because
Lured into another
Toxic relationship
And I killed the
Pervert with poisoning
Or an ice axe to the crown chakra.  
For men lie
For men cheat
For men are perverts
And womanizers.
Toxic yeti Feb 9
Men trigger
And borderline personality disorder
I need a pair of Baoding *****

Men are perverts
And pedophiles
They look at someone
With two X chromosomes
And they think with their .....
Not mainful of age

Men are disloyal
Having a pet is
A more honest relations
Men are biohazardous.
Like Ebola.  

This is why I like
And trans women.
Toxic yeti Feb 9
You say that you
Are into me
That I am beautiful
I believed it
Then I see
You ******* friends
All ******.  
Under age.
Do you know you are committing
A crime.  
You ******* John.
Toxic yeti Feb 9
When they do your
I just hope that the
Pathologist feels
Every waund
I inflict on you
With my ice axe
Being hacked to death
Your immorality
Will be the death
If you
Toxic yeti Feb 9
If you were to ****
I hope that
The medical examiner
Relays the
Emotional and physical
That I had lived though
And the emotional pain
And damage
Of your lies and false promises
Caused me.
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