Sometimes I wish I had
the raging verse and the naked word
to summarize what is going on
with people, with my mind, with the world

Sometimes I wish I had
the confidence to trust someone else
to let him or her read my letters
and try to figure out all this mess

I don't plead for mercy
nor cleanance for this mess
I don't plead for reason
I just want to have the raging verse

I don't plead for silence
nor pent claps inside halls
I don't plead for voices
I just want more ears to hear me more

I disown the rules of poetry
And recognize only a single language
                                    around the world
That sings about love, beauty
suffering, power,
history and more

I hear it and I hope you hear it too
I try to sing along | I hope you try it too

Because I don't want to be alone
Singing among a crowd in a pent hall
Quiet, deaf and silent

Yes, sometimes I wish I had
the raging verse and the naked word
to make people rage and denude their souls
Megan H 3d
I walk through these days
In a blur
I question reality.
Feeling timeless
Although I am a creature of time.

And sometimes-
I wish I were an animal
Because they truly live without worry.
And then they die
But death doesn't stop them from living.

And I want that.
I want to live without the thought of death.
I don't want to die in a hospital bed like those before me.
I want to rage against the dying of the light
As Thomas once said.

And I want to love
And love deeply
And together there will be no time,
Just us.
Just until we are no more.
Time is a social construction
Red is rage
It’s the blood on the floor
The haze in your eyes
The words you spit through your tight face

But red is also passion
The burning fire that keeps us truly alive
The fierce desire for more
For better

The fire swirled against you
That passion was consumed by your conquest
And we burnt out
Like the blackened matches we are
Colors are often associated with emotions
Gordon 4d
Dripping, flowing
What a harsh feeling
Such pain the're creating
My head and my chest won't stop aching.

Painful wounds
Like endlessly hitting a wood
Pain that none understood
To them, effort is never too good.

I had my limit
They broke it
But they don't know it
The danger within it.
I have been quiet for a long time.
But that doesn't give you the right to take my silence for granted or to taunt me, torture me or traumatize me even.
For there is always a calm before the storm and
I don't intend to say that I carry a storm inside me or with me
because I am one.
"The title says it all."
Steve Page Feb 14
I left time at the door
with my shoes and my plans
and I let go of expectation.
I settled down with my mug
of concentrated calm
and I centred myself
on my mother's withered world,
while she continued to rage within.
An aspiration of mine is to be able to selflessly leave myself outside and inhabit my mother's dementia'd world.
Marching in rhythm to corporate rhyme
Waiting in lines
While the fire inside is dowsed
Burning holes in your pockets right in front of your eyes
Brainwashed by punk
That's got the wrong name on the packet
Companies making money off rage they've tamed
Worshiping a group who haven't been the same since they tasted fame  
I hope it's as sweet as being spoon fed
Scared to take a risk
Because that doesn't sell
Charlie's Web Feb 12
ussy sleeps on bed
love the furring purring breath
don't kill the cuteness
Alexander Feb 8
I will not stand for the absence.
The fight for survival in my own skin,
Sown onto me, like some wasted fabric.
Nailed to my bones like the child of God.

For someone so alone and so strong,
It gets tiring to hear the same song.
The anthem of nothing.
The joy of relief.

When the pain is gone,
An even worse enemy steps to the stage.
His enemy is love.
He goes by the name, rage.
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