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ros Apr 11
a slow inhale as i wake
aches in every muscle
every nerve on its end
exhausted and heavy
time blurs into itself
into a single moment
into picturesque bliss
on a rotting canvas
i am rotting with it
the world keeps spinning
my clothes become tatters
my knees become weak
my feet bleed
if i could just close my eyes
for five more minutes
five more hours
five more years
which is better
to stand and fall
or kneel and live
to live is to suffer
to forever kneel
for those who tower over me
to always be less
to always be this
to feel the world crumbling around me
again and again
i kneel and cower
to protect myself from debris
that crushes me anyway
life is kneeling
so maybe i should stand
and fall
because kneeling
isn't living
Nida Mahmoed Mar 18
Everything starts from a Mother,
Feminine energy,
Energy; has the power to give
first home to a child,
A sense of security and
a sense of peace,
And a hope to breathe and grow,
And everything ends on a Mother,
A soil,
A mother to open itself to embrace
you' when you say
goodbye to this world,
Embrace your feminine energy,
And lead your life with confidence
and strength,
Because you are a woman,
A woman of Courage,
Strength and Love.
ScaryGary Mar 18
I am going through with it
the doctors promised me that I would have the full female experience, including discharge

this is the way to keep my sanity and actually get free money and extra rights
******? I am serious.
Nida Mahmoed Mar 18
I am a Woman:

My skin melted in moonlight into grim of the darkness of night,
My hair sewed a meadowโ€™s wildflowers,
That's how a woman created in me'
with blood divine,

I am a woman' strong and at the same time soft,
I am more like a pure wine of heaven,

Through dew, the spark of life arrowed in,
Giving birth to the wildwood adored skin,

Delphinium vivid petals of spring late,
With flagrant red roses; coloring my lips,

My eyes carry the dreams of poetry,
hopes of songs,
and music of joy,

An existence where I would live with pure me,
Where I would dance with my **** truths,
Play the drama of mystery,
And audience and stage all are for me,

Gathered to listen to me,
To see me play all drama and dance in between of drama,

I wrought the hair of my drenched in the psalm,
Enchanting with dark godly melodies of mine,
Braiding light with sorrows that, there, were.

The breeze from the voided air,
To embroider something, while reciting a prayer,
And dizzily, I fabricated a soul for the mud,

I inhaled, in awe and feel the life,
I am the words in a poem, ready to rhyme,

Yes, I am a woman,
Enough to feel the entire universe within the word of Woman,

My light reflected on my broken pieces,
The rays shaped a tree of wicked caprices,
Where my fantasies grow,

However, I am my own little beautiful creation,
And this reality is my hungerโ€™s innovation.
The reality we all share,
Yet what deep is, makes my reality whole.
ScaryGary Mar 17
I know I have a lot of women hating on me, but it's ok...I don't hate you, and in fact if you're decent looking and not lazy, I probably fantasize about doing stuff to you. Good stuff. I don't think of women as lesser, in half of the ways, I guess I'd say. Some things you don't even want to be part of, believe me. The cruelty that is woman and the cruelty that is man are different.
This is the ******* I post on Facebook, off the cuff...I am not a false person and I do love women...especially 25-50 without kids. Hit me up, I've been celibate for 7 years
A girl turned woman
Who always ought to be
Immersed in strength
In a box full of dreams
Striving to be someone
Who would make
everyone believe
That yes, you are free
To fulfill your dreams
To show yourself
And to the world
That yes,
You are one of a kind!

Don't ever give up
Always get back up!
As those tiny girls
With shining eyes
Will see you
as their strength
Believing in you
and themselves
That yes,
If she could
So will I!* - debby2022
Happy women's day to all the strong gritted woman, who strives everyday to turn their dreams into reality! Who faces all the adversities and smiles at them, turning those into experiences of opportunities.
Ari Mar 2
Because I am a woman

My mind thinks faster
My hands are kinder
My breath comes more controlled
My temper is softer
My soul more forgiving
My resilience stronger

But you see me as weak
For no other reason
Then the fact I am all woman

Yet my boots are just as heavy
My uniform just as worn
My skills just as sharp
I run into the danger just as quickly as you do
And yet you get a smile and a nod
And I just get dismissed

Because I am a woman
As a female EMT I am often dismissed as weak the moment someone lays their eyes on. Before even a word is spoken theyโ€™ve deemed me useless because what woman belongs in a uniform? I spend everyday fighting the issue and every day I set someone straight.
To tell her she is oppressed,
They try assaulting her for the way she is dressed

To command being served,
They try ****** her for the way she was curved

They're the classless that spit upon her key, her name,
For not inviting them freely into her house. What a shame.

Their violation forced humanity to live early life in a tomb,
Unaffected, she carries on, as she carries the world in her womb
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