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Her heartbeats are imperturbable,
ready to face any day
blue skies, or gray,
with, or,
without uncertainties.
no words said, just thoughts progress
in the silence of after midnight hours,
her eyes and mind go far, beyond the
dark horizon, she's a bird flying early
morning...soars over shadowed trees
and mountains...well before light,
she perches on the window sills of
her real world.

in the kitchen, she fries sausages and
potatoes...her mind travels with the
rising steam of coffee brewing,
tiptoe-ing on sad waters,
then basks in unforgettable moments past,
as voices from far away lands,
and even those
who are long gone
still echo
and dwell within her.

she faces life's adversities with true grit,
is toughened by pain, by loss...and by
grief, that sometimes...refuses to die.

her happiness springs from shallow waters.
she regrets not, about her goals foregone,
content, that, once in her life, she had her
dreams...and wished upon many stars.

eyes and heart often wander upon hills
and valleys, she fondly calls "home,"
sun-wrapped at day, shadowed at night,
it is where her soul.....freely roams.

she is wife, mother, grandmother, sister,
a friend, a caregiver, a voice...a pursuer of
truths...all she needs to be...for the sake
of her loved ones.....she is WOMAN.


sally b

©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
   May 8, 2021
Sarah Flynn May 7
every five to seven years,
the human body is able to
develop an entirely new
set of taste buds.

every seven to ten years,
the human body is able to
replace every single skin cell
with a completely new one.

this means that one day,
not too far away from now,

I will have a body that
your fingers never touched

and a mouth that never
tasted the bittersweet lies
resting on your bottom lip.

one day, not too far from today,
the feeling of your fingerprints
will no longer linger on my skin.

the photos of you will no longer
make my skin crawl, and
tears of shame and regret
will no longer form in the
corners of my eyes.

my body will be mine again,
and you will have no control
over any part of me.

my brain will be full
of only my thoughts,
and not the thoughts that
you trained me to think.

my skin will be touched
only by those who I trust,
and you will never be
granted that ability.

I will reclaim my power
and my sense of self

and one day, when I hear it,
your name will mean nothing.

you will mean nothing.
I will be myself again.
totally, unapologetically myself.

isn't that comforting?
Kacie May 5
Even in lock down
I see young girls as  pray
Through the eyes of social media
Are you to blame?
Sexilising my body
Until I am an nothing but an object
“Don't go on instagram then” they say
“But I've done nothing wrong.”

Our girls and women
Our daughters and our mothers
Anxious to walk on our paths to education or work.
6 out of 10 dread the thought of stepping on the streets once again.
Its 2021 and our woman have fear
Like the yorkshire ripper is out and about.

I curse my sight
I don't want to see that 97% are victims
We are survivors
Why have 80% been harassed in public
Look with your heart.
This is not normal
Stop normalising.

I am not a lamb and you are not my shepherd
To all the girls that are in their school uniforms
Getting the whistle by people older than their fathers
Im sorry.

I'm sorry that 1 out of 3 have lived through this.
And sorry for all the little girls hold their best friend in their arms,
As she sobs

I don't want to see this
This is not my future
So let me eat snow whites apple and wake me up
When the world learns to give a ****.
Aseel May 1
I told him:
Making me happy is not easy
Since my happiness hides
Between the smallest details
In the tones of my favorite song from the next car window
Under the buttons of my sky-blue dress
In how berries taste after 18 hours of work
In strangers smiles and between the lines of my beloved ones letters
Under the golden rays and on the iced cotton *****
In things that can’t be sold or purchased, but made and felt.
In you
Arcassin B Apr 26
"either tears or blood,either way a flower grows atop the burial,
its gon' take  a lot to ease her mind but she not scared of you,
all she want is money and a man to live in her virtue,
don't call her *** and walk off mad , don't know her story dude,
she make you feel like king if you treat her right,
wsh clothes , cook and clean just like her momma side,
lexi in the kitchen with the chitlins and the pies,
you gon' need a woman like that on your side."
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© abpoetry2021
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kayzamo Apr 26
She thinks she's all grown up;
She walks in thinking that she's a full grown
Turning her ankle to show off that tiny heel.

Vermillion border -
Drawn on higher than the empire state.
Her tiny eyes dart down the aisles.
Do you really think you can sniff out
A hot stud at the local WalMart?

Her soul tricked itself,
Roaring like it's a lion.
She'd do anything to make herself forget
That she's only a tiny girl.

And there she stands,
Scanning a tiny bag of chips,
Then stealing a beer at the self-checkout.
What a grown up thing to do.
I welcome critques. Thanks!
Brumous Apr 21
What's the difference between man and woman?
When all there is---mistakes and clichéd mottos
We failed to fully respect each other,
and just disguised ourselves as gods

instead of being human
Yes, some live in a corrupt society.

I really don't
know how,
why I find
myself so
into you. Or
maybe I'm
thought and
lost into you.
You bide in me.
Picture you on
every thought
Can't wait,
longing and
craving your
face to see.
Our love is
like the flowers and
the honey
bee. being
your's knows
no pain. You're
all I earn.
My sweetest
vibes is you
in all the
women I ever
met. ON fire.
Zywa Apr 20
The perfect woman

is from marble, and barefoot –

she stays where she is.
“Edge” (1963, Sylvia Plath)

Collection "Actively Passive"
Zywa Apr 20
Peep at my figure,

with the wind wild in my hair –

I'm fearlessly free.
Collection "Ifless"
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