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(imitated from Patricia Lockwood’s **** Joke)

The woman joke isn’t something you choose.

The woman joke is something you get used to.

The woman joke it almost becomes your livelihood.

Remember when you were little, boys had cooties, but so did girls. Imagine what would happen today if you said boys had cooties-


You’ll hear the woman joke when you’re way too young. The ones telling the joke probably won’t realize that the joke they’re telling isn’t a joke at all. But girls have cooties and they always will.

You’ll grow up, but nothing will change.

The woman joke is now commonplace. The norm! How can a joke be so common normal? The only people who think the joke isn’t normal are women.

The woman joke is when even the President can make the joke without consequence.

But you can’t.

The woman joke is that if you make one, it suddenly isn’t funny anymore, men will look away in disgust, and other women will say you’re degrading them and yourself.

It’s just a joke, you’d say. Even though you knew it wasn’t.

The woman joke is an expected icebreaker at a party that you learn to laugh at. When you go home at night, you shake with rage but know there’s nothing you can do about it.

How can such a joke exist? Because you do.
solfang 4h
I wish it's my father's road,
For my father,
He'll take the right actions;
When strangers make a monkey out,
Of themselves, and induce fear
onto his daughter of flesh and blood.

I wish it is my father's road,
For my father,
Would not allow atrocity
To happen when he's on guard.

I wish it is my father's road,
For my father,
He does not have a vile temper,
But shows real anger when
I'm hurt.

And I'm hurt,
By names my father did not gave me,
On the road that does not belong
to my father.
Grandfather/father's road: A retort to druvera/pedestrian who act like they own the roads. Commonly heard, and said as part of Malaysia/Singapore's street language.

Feels like cat-callers owned the road these days. I live in fear.
I don't want a day to celebrate.
I want a life to celebrate each day with every fibre of my body;
That screams
That shout
That feels
That makes me more humane towards perspective.
Towards change
Towards voice
Towards life.
Let me be me.
Love Yourself
JoJo 1d
i kissed a girl
and i liked it.
no, i'm not weird.
i refuse to conform
or for you to label
me as inferior
for following my

i am not
some trophy
or prize to be
to inflate
your ego.

i am a human being
**** it.
and i demand to
be heard.

i don't always
cross my legs
when i sit.

i don't always shave
because i am a mammal
and mammals have hair
and that's okay

if i'm being honest
i'm tired of the sterotypes
of who you want me to be.

so i'm gonna be me.
like it or not,

i'm a human being
and i demand to be heard.
Not necessarily a feminist piece but take it as you wish :)
A man and a woman can art
their most secret way through  
from a speck of dust to heaven.

Or they can walk the walks together
living the daily hourglass ever closer.
But only to fall apart in the end
without finding an edge for themselves!

It can do heaven descends in dust
or not even in the gold it's never found.
ZS 5d
This is not about The Woman on an episode of Sherlock Holmes.

This is about a woman who I thought, felt like home.

Unlike the woman, this woman didn't need to make me solve puzzles or crimes to know what she feels.

Later on, I realised for her I'm head over heels.

And if you're lucky enough, you'll get to be with her and keep her.

If you're wondering if I'm one of the lucky or the unlucky ones, I'm the latter.
Spirit; our essence, our motion.
Ethereal fume on the face of the deep; my reverence to you, Your Awakened Sleep, my Muse.
My sight grateful to your feminine cadence though my touch be duped by your Holy Ghost. Your circular sways shall never fail to spin webs upon my inspiration.
Shlomo 6d
Part I

When in doubt blame the black man.
Doubly so if it rhymes with that man,
the ***** man. The cap man, the rack man. We got you on a lock man.
Shoot em, **** em, **** em up, all the way up!
Till he's nothing but black, man.

*** what could be worse than being black?
A half-man.
Ubiquitous; everywhere, but fits in with no man.
Woman? The last said there's something off about that man.

Part II

All I did was swipe right, and now it feels like a wrong turn.
"Maybe it's just not your turn yet."
Or maybe I'm trying too hard, with nothing but bad bets.
Feelings of desperation, manipulation is **** near perpetual.
**** it. I'm just tryna get another quotable, man.
Red is
I hope it will not be
everything you see when you look
at me.
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