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Honey brown, smoother than wine.
Loosens me as I start to unwind.
Straight to my head, get out of bed,
I’m never down with honey brown.

Honey brown wants you to see
All the secrets deep inside me.
I lose my grip, words start to slip.
Forever a sound with honey brown.

One more night just with the lads.
Forgetting the life I once had.
The air is young, it hits my tongue,
Another round with honey brown.

Two more shots just for the road.
I’ll follow wherever the wind blows.
Clear autumn sky through blurry eyes.
Wander the town with honey brown.

Back again right at the start.
Dreading daylight I fall apart.
Reality rings, heartache it brings.
Please stay around my honey brown.
Guden 6h
The first one was when I was six,
She was four.
We used to hide
Behind cars and kiss,
We just opened our mouths
Pressed them together.
We were the youngest of brothers
We tried to copy the elders
By being a couple.
Alone in a room
We kissed,
I took off my shirt,
Didn’t know what else to do.
We were so young,
Adults laughed at our behavior.
My god, your beauty is bright
I can see the halo radiating
though the clouds at night
my heart hastily pulsating

whenever we're in the same room
my eyes only gravitate towards you
I recognize that lovely ambrosial perfume
when you glance, my cheeks take a different hue

I have immortalize you through my poems
but I rather spend this mortal life
basking in your lissome arms
a drop of you cures all my strife

I want you in the flesh instead of dreams
but any thought of you is okay by me
look how the moon thinly beams
highlighting my idiosyncrasy

You move my pen, dear
and you don't even know it
to you I owe this writing career
and I am scared that I might blow it
ejb 3d
you are sexy
you are beautiful
you are strong
you are woman
you are heavenly
you make me weak in the knees
you are loveable
you are fuckable
i want you
i need you
you make me crazy
you are exactly as you should be
i haven't been feeling very sexy or feminine recently and it's been bringing me down a little so i wrote this to remind myself that i am a sexy ass bitch and deserve to feel that way. And i think it's a nice reminder for all the woman out there who sometime forget just how amazing they truly are.
Am I a strong woman?
if I weep every night
and sleep into the afternoon
because I can never seem
to get enough rest.

Am I a strong woman?
if I'm constantly
absorbing the traits of others
consuming myself
with who I am not.

Am I a strong woman?
if I don't know myself
as well as I should,
and more often feel lost
than found.

Am I the woman
that would make my mother proud
after she's spent half of her life
teaching me
and modeling
the one that I should be.

Am I a strong woman?
if I can't stand to be
alone with myself
with my thoughts
and let my insecurities win.

Am I a strong,
independent woman,
if I have to question it at all?
Cana 4d
I know you
I burn in the flame from the glint in your eye
I sense the power in an insecure smile
I feel the danger in sarcastic defense

I see you
Desperate search in a forest so dense
Fighting the current, feet bloodied and red
You flex and bow, delicate perch, fragile limb

I taste you
From knees to shoulders In feline repose
A punch in the face from the twist of a nose
My blood hints of freedom, drips off my lips.

I feel you
It’s an electric vibration, synaptic attention
An ambiance, subtle change in light
Conflagration grows while sparrows take flight.
I story I wrote for a badass bitch I met recently.
RedD 5d
yet also not alone
'It's Complicated'
the statement of choice.

I don't want complicated,
who really does?
But like it or not
that's what this is.

One man,
one man for me
to give my love
I made this choice in you.

One woman,
one woman for you
to give you love.
Make that choice in me.

What we have is something good
so take my hand.
Who knows where this will lead
but I want to follow.
How could you love someone so much that you tolerate the endless mistakes they do?
How you cover each wound with a band aid and look the other away when he pulls that band aid and digs deeper into that cut
Can you continue to look yourself in the mirror and live with the person you have become?
Is it fair that you sit by waiting leading with false hope and pretenses while he lives his best life and doesn’t give you a second thought?
When will it end? When will you realize that this he was never good for you?
You are worth more than what you sell yourself for
I will never let you be cruel to yourself;
For you are the sunshine on my darkest of days,
And the sun can not shine without the confidence of knowing
It can light up the world.
To my niece, for you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I hope you always know how incredibly miraculous you are. Love, Auntie Peep
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