This depressive choreography
                                     of flames
                                     f     i      k     r     n
                                         l    c      e     i     g
consumed in the geography
                                 of bodies
                                 b   i   c   k   e   r   i   n   g
Tongue's embers  licking  
                  the innocent cheek
words like poniards
                     P   R   I   C   K   I   N   G
leaving this dance at its

Now left  a  s m o u l d e r i n g
             soloist on the stage
                            a dance so sobering
                                     watch this fire's rampage

burn his own pyre
              I gave into the rage
burn his own desire
             another illegible page
tossed to fuel the bellowing fire
              the end of our golden age

With sticks a-clicking,
   Bells ringing jingle,
And kerchiefs waving,
   The partners mingle.

Decked in their bravest,
   And eke their gayest,
They daunce like fairies:
   So too thou mayest!  

They've hats with flowers,
   Linens the whitest,
Baldrics like rainbows:
   Join them thou mightest!

With ribbons flying,
   Their foremost duty
Is dauncing gaily
   And being fruity.

Lillian May Aug 10
I look
               all my life
I hope one day this will belong to someone
JAC Aug 6
In flirtatious quiet
we dodge eye contact
and escape studious looks
in hope that one might fall in love
with the other without even a single word.
Nicky Aug 5
As she moved it was poetry in motion
A product of her chaos and inner commotion
Graceful yet destructive as she leapt through the air
Through her movements her mind was laid bare

Yet those tears still fell softly down her face
Embracing the tears, she picked up her pace
Moving through the motions her mind starts to clear
Releasing her emotions a smile starts to appear

The music ends, she falls to the floor
The turmoil is back.........forever more
When the lights dim and the music gets loud
I search for your face that I lost in the crowd
I sway back and fourth to the sound of the beat
My hips constant motion matches the rhythm of my feet
And I survey the dance floor looking for a suitor
But I know you’ll dance with me no matter what and not her
The music penetrates my soul and mind
You’re the only body I want to find
Pull me close and never let me go
Take me out to every late show
And I’ll dance with you from the night till the dawn
And we’ll never have a dull moment or the faintest yawn
We’ll party like it’s 1983
And at the fading of the music I’ll get to take you home with me
And if I’m lucky you’ll spend the night
We’ll wake up together from the sunbeams of light
And we’ll do it all over again
When we can
Because honey your body pressed up again mine
Is nothing short of blissful, divine
And feeling your heat radiate through me
Is better than a sedative or a tranquilizer at subduing me
I call your name in my head in the club
In anticipation of seeing you my thoughts blow up
And I can’t wait till our eyes meet once more
I knew I wanted you the moment you walked through that door
Dance with me under the moon and the sun
Come on baby, the night is still young
lara Aug 1
my days are full of sunshine
bright and hot rays
not a single cloud
in heavenly blue sky
and here I am
despite all the light
finding comfort in the dark
want to keep dancing in the rain
under a grey cloudy sky
Mia Taljaard Jul 29
You're holding onto me
Deep breaths of sleep a show of slumber
My name passes your lips
The small whisper vanishes in the breeze
In one breath you have me sobbing
Are you just an seraph
Or have I just been dancing with demons all along?
Nyx Jul 29
White dresses of purity
Gently gracing the floor
The couples sway gracefully
As the crowds adore

The families and friends
Filling the whole room with glee
Their stare with amazement
With pride and esprit

The lights shining down
So softly and bright
We all knew then
This would be a splendid night

As the final dance commenced
And they stared into each others eyes
Smiles and grins filled their faces
These smiles of happiness told no lies

The song came to an end
And the dancers parted, reluctantly
The audience running wild
Cheering and laughing, exultantly

Rushing to my friends
Giving each a warm embrace
Showering them with praises
You could see the enthusiasm on their faces

All of us were dressed up
Everybody has cleaned up real nice
Dresses and tucks adored us
A sweet slice of paradise

Taking a million photos
To remember this very night
We took the dance floor by storm
As we were all filled with such delight

If only this night would never end
And we could all remain this happy
Reality seemed to melt away
It was just us

The friends, the music
The connection we all had
For a moment our hearts all beat as one
Not a moment did we feel sad

But things like this can't last forever
Like a firework upon the night
Beautiful and filled with color
But then the spark fades out of sight

But not without burning a memory
So vividly into our minds
We enjoyed ourselves within the moment
In that instant we could all unwind

Thank you to the people I love
For inviting me to such a night
As I had such a wonderful time
It was one of the best nights of my life
One of the best nights I've ever had
ashley marie Jul 26
a calm, celestial space of mind
where the piano key meets with
the still water
in its dark teal reflecting the silent heavens
and each droplet ripples smoothly
like lotion on skin
water beetles glide across the lake
as tiny dancers influenced by the piano
guiding the waves to the others
the mist dances too,
with the moonlight sonata
lead by the fingertips of the breeze
waltzing to the tranquility of the nightfall
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