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And suddenly,
my demons started dancing with me.
Graff1980 Oct 6
Soft pink petals,
part unfolding
as the flower blooms
sweetly growing.

Arms around me
while I am moving
in a sloppy circle
cause we are two
who are grooving,
while her
soft flower arms
enfold me in their
springtime charms.

A tiny droplet
becomes percussion
as soft music moves us
to a percussive mood
in this wonderful interlude.

She clenches tighter
and I smile.
Her head rests
on my shoulder
and the world
gets less colder.

So, watch this weary
old romantic
start to tear up
as he imagines
a true love.

In the evening we are talking
while soft footprints
on the beach
finds us walking
sandals in hand
because we both
enjoy the feel of sand
on our bare feet.

In the morning
we wake together.
Her hazel eyes
and hair of fire,
her tender touch
does so inspire
that in this moment
I loose
a hundred pounds
of life’s abuses
and gain a shiny new
point of view.
I wake from wonder’s reverie
knowing this is but a fleeting dream
that will never be my reality.
Anastasia Sep 27
listen to the sounds
the sound of my breath
the sound of my heart
the sound of my whispers
watch the world
as it slowly spins
the fireflies in the dark
the moon with her eyes closed
the shadows dancing
Mitch Prax Sep 27
I never really cared
to dance in the twilight-
at least, not until I found someone
who hated the sun as much as I.
I still don’t care much to dance
but I at least have someone to sit with-
to feed off the moon
and the shadows-
having the time of
our lives.
So when, again
Are you gonna get out of my head
Leave my daydreams
And take me by the hand
Lead me out
Onto the floor
At this ****** high school dance
Fortnite dance
Because you know
It ****** me off
Until we get kicked out
For being too loud

That's okay
We'll just head back to your place
Watch some awful
Horror movies
While your hand
Sneaks up my leg
I'll probably kick you
And pin you down
But that's how you like it
Isn't that right
Bite my neck
Until I beg you to stop
Tickle my sides
To break the silence
And wait a while
For me to fall asleep
Just so you can wake me up
And remind me
That it was just a dream
Oh god. I'm pretty whipped. I'm pretty ******* whipped.
Song so it itchy
It crawls all over me
Like his fingers
Crawl that piano

I'm haunted by a man
I've never heard of
"His eyes" **** them
Every single time and rhyme

After maybe a million listens
I can sing most the words now
I look him up waiting for
A smile that better be like no other
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