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Dancing in a thirty
percent chance of rain-

more so, because it
beat the odds..

washing away the
the curse of statistics..

flooding expectations..

drowning the arrogance
of an educated guess-

much like the recovering addict -
recovering anything for that matter.

You can tell me it won't rain,
but you can't keep it from falling.

You can tell me there's no ***,
but you won't keep Him from existing.

And you can tell me I won't heal,
but you can't keep me from dancing.
Arianna 6d
"Dancing in the garden,
from pas to pas,

pas de chats quick as Light,

falling soft                    

           and sure as
lion paws.

your countenance
relaxes into a Smile,

    I smile,                        

a girl in love,

to see You flowing,

watch Your rhythm taking hold,

to see You glowing
in Your element,


                                       ­           under the moonlight

(though you see me not,
where I observe)

de-imagining                                           ­ 

my self

                                               into the atoms
                                            of your cells

more than feeling:


each tendon

Your body

Cat paws, and pas de chats... ;)
acacia Dec 11
he is one of the greatest dancers of all time but you only look at her
Mitch Prax Dec 7
She asked if I
wanted to dance in the ocean
I said 'only if
you promise we won't drown'.
Laura Dec 6
The music starts and I can’t stop it,
The melody runs through my veins.
The rhythm like my second pulse feels,
My heart, the beat, they are the same.

The lyrics like my soul’s the author,
The voices filling all my cells.
The movement bursts up to the surface,
My body doing just what’s right.

The energy flows through my body,
The feelings dancing straight along.
The music stops, the song is over,
My passion still continues on.
Kyiomi Dec 5
Life is like a dance

You take a look
Into the ballroom
Not knowing what to do
But you take the first step into something new

Say you like the freedom of doing something

You take the second leap
Yeah, you probably fall
But you get up again
Because you know independence isn't something natural

Say that you falter in what you do

You're lonely as you watch other couples dance
And then someone joins you
Then you feel a spark ignites you
Because you know you need someone

Say you love how you're doing it

You continue to be this amazing person
You inspire others
And before you know it
You have lots of experience

Say there's someone who asks you "How?"

Questions surround you
And you turn your face towards the crowd
You dance
You show them how it's done, beautifully

Pursue your life
No matter how hard it gets
No matter how much you fall
Dance again
Show your spirits, they don't have to be small
Love others
Love life
And most of all
Love yourself
hannah Nov 29
I live in a world
Where the mist never burns off
It's okay
I like the rain
And the mystery
Because when the sun shines through
I get to dance like
I've never danced before
Spinning alone in the sunshine
Walking in the cold
Air slips down my throat
Stare out at the mist
And a little sun comes through
I can feel that warmth
I can feel that love
That's why
Take two steps forward when you fall
Not steps anymore
Running for the sun
Longing to dance and be
In my darkest days
I cry and stay awake
All night and I'm
Not thinking of killing myself
I thinking about the sun
How beautiful it is
How I want to see it again
Contrary to your belief
I do not see the world in grey
But in green
And red and orange
And you
In all of your splendor
Could I be so humbled
As to see you again
Do not worry about me
Too young and dumb to die
Too young and dumb to never see the sun
But smart enough to know
That nothing matters
When I'm dancing with you
This can be interpreted in so many ways. Also, I have no idea why I wrote this. It's just how I'm feeling.
Rachel Glen Nov 27
there's nothing better than the first time
we danced hand in hand.

breath caught in my throat
i guess it was the way you looked.

if they ask, you can tell them
i didn't stand a chance.

when my blood hummed through my veins
from simply standing near you, calling my name.

skeletons in my closet kept coming out
no matter how tight i had the door locked.

so it was a delicate sight,
when i saw yours dancing with mine.

perhaps we were meant to be,
or this illusion has a hold on me.
Dancing under the stars
Barefoot in your haunted backyard
And all I can feel is the safety in your arms.
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