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Mose 5d
Last year feels like a different life.
Maybe a past one or a parallel reality.
A life in which we were here, but never enough to know it.
Same artist but different album.
This year finally gave sound to melancholy.
A song I’ll never remember the words to, but the beat permeates forever in my heart.
Here we all dance silently to the same blues.
Feet sway with your sorrow.
There is no wrong step in weeping.
Take one breath and breathe it into the life taken away.
Let your sadness be every guest in the ballroom.
Jay M Aug 2019
The day is long
But the night is longer
For reasons unknown
When the stars shine brightly
I tread lightly
Basking in the moonlight
Dancing in the starlight.

- Jay M
July 14th, 2019
Hope you enjoy this older poem of mine!
When she danced
it was as if
fairies danced
and sparkled
all around her
and there was this glow
about her face
To him
it just made her
PM 7d
It's was as dark as it could get,
it's night so what do we expect.
When everything seems to stop
and we get to hear the actual world.
A world without the noise we make.
We get to finally hear those creatures
that seem to cover the night with songs.
It's a night so dark with one light source,
a source of pure white light in the sky.
Our moon and its stars surrounding her,
that seem to just dance to those songs.
How peaceful it must be to just lay back
and see those stars dancing to the music.
Alex Fontaine Oct 13
We crowd into a darkness of neon and strobe lights, sweating grasping thrusting jumping,
Deafened; ears by bass and spirits by alcohol
As of a single mind, like the maggot, we wriggle and crawl  blindly back to the darkness from whence we came-

But I dream

Of not seeing you

In a faraway forest,
Touched and untouchable,
Naked and triumphant,
Wild and free.


In a sunbeam

A shaft of light
Penetrating the throbbing verdant green canopy,
Shining brighter for the privilege of caressing your cheek
As the wind plays with your hair,
And the earth trembles under your toes,
Eyes bright, soul soaring,
Enraptured by the music of the wild god of the world,
Ears filled with laughter at the very notion

That you could ever be anything less

Than a goddess
Kashish Sep 27
In a shell, I have been. My petals closed for long
Shattered since your departure, I haven't sung a song
In the breeze, standing tall, dancing to the rhythm
Amongst all the other blossoms, white; blue; and crimson

Bruised and blanched I might seem on the outside
On the inside, I know I am lowly wild
It's just me who thought the tears I cried
Washed away my colour, canary yellow and so bright

The scars I wear cannot obscure my grace
For I know, the clouds of these blemishes will be the ones stopping the chase
And when they do, I will be free from the shackles of my mind
I will bloom brighter than ever. Not for a moment, I will feel confined
Aa Harvey Sep 25
Kiss me twice

I saw you rocking on a Saturday night.
I fell in love with a beauty wrapped inside a light,
That snaked its way over your body.
Scream aloud.  I need to love somebody,
So I can appear in front of your eyes.
Devil dancing, under multi-coloured lights, at night.

Raise my soul up to newer heights and let me get lost inside,
Of the sound of your heart as it eternally sighs.
I love you in this moment in time.
Fire heart needs a soulful cry of delight
And a kiss that remains electrified,
As I move my fingers down your spine,
Pressing all the right digits in all the right places.
Forget all of the other faces.
We are alone in this moment in time.
Kiss me twice in case it doesn’t immediately hit you right.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Kate gritton Sep 22
I sat between the breakwaters,
Watched the sea
Make its endless dance.
It needs no command,
No decision,
It has no vision
Of past or present,
Thinks not of tomorrow
For all are irrelevance.
The sea was
And is
And will ever be.

But for me
The dance will one day cease,
The music will stop and I shall be
Just a memory.

So I need to dance more
While I can,
Hear louder music than before,
Sing and be glad
For the days I am given
So the memory
Is of joy, not sorrow
And I’ll not think
Of tomorrow
Until it comes.
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