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JAC 2d
we feel

each other

a slow dance
of clumsy graces
a waltz in soft touch

on the faux hardwood
kitchen floor.
Ms Noma 5d
Veil your windows to the world
Stretch your arms and take a whirl
Feel your heart beat as a drum
Each soul can dance when music comes

Heads will bop in affirmation
Songs may bring us all salvation
Shoulders bopping to and fro
Feet are tapping fast and slow

Swish and swoosh of swirling skirts
The drums and tambourines are flirts
Enticing us to join the floor
And shake our bones right to their core

We dance and dance till morning’s here
Embrace tomorrow without fear
Soak the spirit of the songs
This is where our hearts belong.
JAC 6d
A headphone splitter cable
for a late-night neon dance

like fools to the rest of the world
fully content in our own rhythms

the lights swirl around us in streaks
as we peacefully forget we're not alone.
My loneliness has a presences that wraps itself around me,
It arms drape over my shoulders, holding me close.

It breaths a promise into my ear,
That leaves me bare and saddened,
Words of stone, saying I will always be alone.

In a room filled with people,
The only one I dance with is my loneliness.
And what sadness me most is that it's a slow dance.

My dear friend loneliness despite leaving me hallow,
At least it will always be there to keep my company.
It is late,
and the beer drips down my throat
                                                          ­   goes to my head
meets the silence
            tomorrow is too hard to think about
                                                           ­           but tonight
my youth dances with the alcohol
                                                         ­  they aren't good dancers
but no one is watching
and tomorrow is late
sunprincess Oct 4
Happy elves and Santa's reindeer
All my party friends are here

Dancing late into the night
by a full moon's light

Down by the cheerful brook,
everywhere you look
Mona Oct 3
Another desperate and dark night
You cradle your pain and resign
Trade hope and joy for this pain
Guilt dances with regret

You took a dive into the magic glass
The space of nothing that numbs
There she was all laughter and dance
Strobe light to your lost soul

As you reach to hold her in your arms
Like a breeze she slips till morning comes
Running the track of your mind
The wild woman captured your heart
nothing seems real anymore
am I walking
or am I dancing?
my fingers and toes
twitch from vibrations
I feel the wind caressing my face
I know I am alone
yet touched by something outside myself
what is this feeling
sensual and overwhelmingly curious
in nature?
why do I see things
that aren't really there?
reason seems obsolete
and so I brush its residue off my shoulder
clearing away the cobwebs of complexity
I find that gravity is the answer
truth hangs over us like a canopy
with roots in many different places
we plant the seeds
by asking ourselves
and soon these widespread roots,
though miles apart,
grow so deep and so strong
that they begin to touch beneath the surface,
intertwining and aligning
like two lost, lonely hands
reaching through the darkness,
the space between worlds
the space between words
to meet in the middle
where the flickering light is waiting
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