Nuna 57m

Ever since you left
I've been getting more calls from people asking about you and everytime I had to explain that you're no longer here.
They never understood, they thought you were perfect.

What they didn't know is that the seek for perfection is what you left for, you didn't find it within me you looked somewhere else

Ever since you left,
I've been seeing you in the mirror from time to time, telling me to please, oh please cover my freckles.
But they're a part of me, unlike you
You no longer are

Ever since you left,
The place seems more empty than ever
So i decided to fill it with everything I love and you hate
I'm making space for what my heart desires and for what you never wanted to have around

Ever since you left,
I've been wearing the pair of jeans you told me looked so weird and that I couldn't ever pull off
They're my favorite jeans now

Ever since you left
I've been growing my hair
You said long hair makes me look like a child though
I've been happier
I've been listening to slow songs you could never dance to
I've been writing and reading more, you thought it was my most boring hobby

This a message to my old self
Ever since you left
I've been happier
Don't come back

Lana Eve 20h

I must confess

I had sex with my ex, yesterday

It isn't exactly what I intended on

Their warm body fit mine like a broken in baseball glove
I don't expect much to come of it
I'm learning to not expect much of

We enjoyed each other's energy

As I ran my fingers through their hair

Like I did before

So frequently

                                 But this time it was different

This time, I didn't care of tomorrow
Wondering if I could do this again
Wondering if I could keep them forever

                Instead, I recognized the beauty in a moment

I was grateful for their being

I was grateful for their fruit
To let my tongue dance

With the idea that forever is the ugly sister
Misused, abused, and forgotten

    Due to the only constant that her sister Change, will always win

lauren 4d

snowflakes are prettier when I’m alone

when i walk with my face up towards the sky
smiling goofily to myself

when i twirl around pretending i’m in a movie that no one is watching
because no one is if no one is there

and i like it that way


The young swan danced
As she watched life slip off her last exhale…

Tip Toe my ballerina,
Death is but a dance practice away,

Dying is the last art
You will ever master anyway.

Julia led me here
To where I see the Hypnotic stare
Waking up
Neck rolling open
My eyelids flutter to see
I’m standing in a train
Every seat filled with someone I've loved
Or know
Love in every corner
The carriage Windows flicker and whirr
Lights racing
Images tearing
Speeding down
No noise at all
The rattle of a journey unbound
Just earthquakes in my heart
I see him staring at me
The lights glare at me now
Stop and shine
He steps forward
People move
Family and friends
Old loves and new
Armoured with fury
Grit and teeth
All in it to obey an unseen force
Deep within they
Grab my throat and arms
Press in their fingers
Twist their hold of my skin
Lock their legs against mine
Rip My clothes
Their jaws widening
Fallen stars in their fangs.
Dawdling rampage
Nightmare canines.
Force me to stand and listen
Breathing hard
He moves closer
I try to break free
A Choir of Hurt in slow motion
He reaches
Still time
And Glitches
Static prayer
Am I real?
Whose holding me?
I'm back and I'm dancing
Wonderland gone bust
Smell of alcohol replaces fear
The lights move back and the bass thumps
The track lifted and seats fall back
The train melts and becomes a dance floor
The glass coughs and walks by
Becomes an atonement in authenticity
The metal casing now wooden and flexing
Warps into
the bar from before
I need to stop doing this
Remembering things that never happened
He's gone
But I saw him here
What's happening.
There's a screen on the wall
It’s still playing out
Julia's swimming in the low tide.
Dancing in the seas spray.
Laughing at the spring moon.
Carries a conch shell and fools around.
The Sound drowns her.
Cracked lens films her.
Sunset in her sparkling old eyes
She's crying.
Just Out of sight.
Pink Luminous emotion.
Pale green ghosts.
Who am I?
Everyone ignores her.
Is this dreams colliding?
Caught in the crossfire.
Fallible heartbeat.
All I had.
I need someone to hold me
From this trauma
That isn’t mine
That’s the trouble with dreaming of empathy

Get Out Of My Head
Nichole Jan 5

Walking in a world I don't understand half the time...

It's like being in a bubble watching the world go by.
Wondering who are these people?

It's like the taste in your mouth when you haven't brushed your teeth.
Bitter, thick, thoughts dancing in my head but no one's having a party...

I take a deep breath look away from the screen hold that moment for a few seconds staring into space like a lunatic but.... still.

What am I looking at... nothing.


If you like it let me know.
Tony Oquendo Aug 2014

Hands held gingerly, each a pace apart
I lead in the dance, you bring rhythm to my heart
I take my bold steps and you glide across the ground
I reach into the air, but your nowhere to be found
So I dance on alone holding on to memories
Wondering if my steps will ever bring you back to me

I arch my back and stretch to wake,
For the day calls to me once more.
Rubbing my eyes as I stare into blinding sunshine through the window.
And my dance begins.

As if the world claps along;
One foot after the other, going forward and back.
I gather my breath and seize the chance.
For the world is here to see me dance.

Like a spotlight, sunshine rains down
As I flow through its silky light.
The world is watching; I’m scared near to death.
But I smile for them; Yes, give the best I might.

The day was long and I begin to ache
Wondering if the dance soon comes to an end.
One foot after the other; And like rolling curtains,
The blue night takes the sky.

The dance halts, yet I think not to bow.
I feel a strange relief wash through me.
It wasn’t half bad; I go to rest and close the door.
Tomorrow I shall dance once more.

This is my the first poem I'll share here. And probably the first poem I ever shared anyone. I hope I didn't do terribly.
Therese Jan 3

you are a hodgepodge masterpiece,
all loud colors and warm noises.
your body, made from feverish dances and cinnamon songs,
flickers across my vision,
embers and spices drifting from your hair
as you revel in your own existence:
a living legion of light

Nigel Finn Jan 1

People like you and me have grown used to dancing along,
To the raggedy tune of someone else's song.
We are able to dance, and smile, and duck, and roll, and weave,
While still clinging tightly to the things that we believe.
Sometimes we are led to believe we will lose it all; our heart, our soul, our very name,
Afraid they'll take away the us-ness of us; but still we play their game.

I wonder how many others know how to fake their hand?
Who keep the love caged up inside, to appear "normal" and bland?
Perhaps it is just us, perhaps just you, or, again, perhaps just me,
Or perhaps each individual just sees what they want to see.



Or perhaps, but...

I had a vision once; all the bad thoughts in the world were mine;
I sucked them in from everyone else, so that all the world felt fine,
And while all other folk were safe at rest, I cried and cried and cried,
And toddled down some empty street, slumped down a wall, and died,
Taking with me all the evil thoughts- the hate, the pain, the strife;
I believe it was the happiest I'd felt in all my life.

I tell you that to tell you this; all people's pain is pain to me,
And I would gladly give you happiness, in exchange for misery.
Don't keep those thoughts locked up inside, and hoard them for your own,
Or both you and I will surely die depressed- afraid- alone.

If, for some unknown reason, you'd like to hear me read this poem, go here;
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