Crystal 2d

Van Gogh painted in shades of blue
added speaks of light, I presume is you.

She was standing invisible
By the noisy stage
Fleeing from the blinding light
From poisoning people
Suddenly her song has played
She danced and danced and danced
Climbed the night up
Slid the notes down
Each curve formed into a masterpiece
Each beat brought her up and up and up
Each tune leaded her to the farthest zenith
And suddenly
Her song finished...

Your hair–
seeweeds floating
on my blue

by Luca Shivendra Om
(C) Luca Shivendra Om

Mind like a night sky
Far-off stars dying, make me want to die too
Forever gazing at the day sky
Sky blue like the denim above my shoe
The sky looks stained through my window
As I stare, self-contained in thy limbo

Zan Balmore May 17

Ever my loss
I wave goodbye

What I brought
Goes with the night

Who wants to use it?
Save it, still lose it.

Life decays as it did, and does.

Brighter these blue lines,
dimmer the dark of death
What it is I bring and brought
goes with the night, ever my loss.

I say goodbye,
I wave. My lips,
I pucker up.

The End

Is the place
You will find
Within the blue
Within my eyes

Within the blue
rose May 16

Walking in jeans
stained with


I am a woman
And I make vulnerability
Unbeliveably pretty

I am a poet
And I can make you feel as if
Suddenly, you became perfect
As I write about you

I am flesh and bones
Flesh that makes you believe in love as it burns
Bones that keeps me strong when I walk away

I am intellect
I love to learn
And I can make you love to learn something
That you never cared about

I am blue
Blue ocean eyes
Blue crayon on this never-blank page

I am the door
Closing slowly in your face
As you don't see
How beautiful I was and still am

aven May 14

blue lighter in my hand
to burn
is to get to heaven.

you can't trust me
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