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Pyrrha 29m
When you were mine
I always saw specks of blue
In rivers, oceans, and spread across the sky
On butterfly wings, blue jay's, and flooding feilds of blue bonnets
Yes, within my lovers eyes that blue was mine

When you walked away
You took that color with you
And once again my world was monochrome
I thought I had found my colorwheel
But now I've found the spectrum to be larger than that pitiless hue

One day I will find
Someone who will make my world explode
With a kaleidoscope of all these colors that I've never known
As if their very breath gives life to such sights
And in my view they will stay, for this I'll get on my knees and pray
Addie D 8h
We were lying,
you and I, an eternity,
on the vast green grass of the fertile fields.
We were dreaming,
you and I, the realists,
of the wonderful world we didn’t want to explore;
of all the stars in all the skies we’d never see;
of all the love we’re missing out and all its heartbreaks.
We were crying,
you and I, the optimists,
for all the death that ever came upon the world;
for all the tears and screams of pain that filled children’s dreams.

We’ve been lying,
you and I, the eternal,
under blue skies for ever and ever.
These blue skies,
our shared grief and last hope of salvation.
For we've been lying
on the vast green grass of the fertile fields for
far too long.
For we’ve been searching for the same blue skies
far too wide.
But there is no other place like our blue skies
where we always meet in the end.
This is not a love poem. But if you prefer it as a love poem, enjoy either way!
LolaPark 13h
Color Blue is my best friend
I'll keep him with me until the end
We'll walk down the streets hand in hand
I'll tell them all it's what I want.
I want the sadness and the pain
The pensive looks that we share
The sweet sorrow, the jazzy blues
All that comes with being Blue's.
Hey Blue...? I say once or twice a day,
You're my armor, my dark knight
Your lullabies drown out life...but
you're all I know Don't leave me behind.
She lays down
in bed-sheets red and retreats into her mind
agonizing over answers to questions,
answers she will never find.
This isn’t the first time.

The sun and the moon waltz through the skies
watched through clouded eyes
the pair reminds her how alone she feels inside,
the disconnect that’s in her mind.
It won’t be the last time.

The wind batters her with rain
she is tired, broken… ashamed.
She doesn’t know your name and you don’t know hers,
it’s time for that to change. Loneliness is the bastion of the mind,
don’t look for answers you will never find.
Did you know you sound blue
That I feel yellow when you laugh
That your small hums make the air orange

Did you know your hand writing is pastel
And the way you run your hands through your hair is aqua marine
And the way you walk is every shade of neon

Did you know that when you fidget I see sparks of silver
And your smile is scarlet red
And that when you look at me
I feel violet in my finger tips

Did you know that you are the number 7
Or that I smell amber when I read your name
Or that you
And ever part of you
Is a particular shade
Of baby blue
Eyithen 1d
If i were to paint a picture of the thoughts in my head
There would be cold blacks and lonely blues, with hints of  angry reds and melancholy purples. a lively green peeking its way through.

If i were to paint a picture of my soul
There would be firefly yellows and apple reds
As well as autumn hazels and summer fire oranges
with streaks of that lonely blue and speckled with comforting lavender. A rainy gray softening the edges.

If i were to paint a picture of my eyes
There would be warm chocolate browns with flicks of fiery golds.
Blessed to be wide, wise, and curious like that of a doe, along with Long lashes for butterfly kisses.

If i were to paint a picture of my body
There would be rounded shapes, subtle tones, with flowers growing from her hands, all configured into a short, symmetrical figure.

If i were to paint a picture of my smile
I could only hope it would be beaming with the colors of sunshine.

If i were to paint a picture of you
You would be a blank canvas, because i have yet to meet you.
But I'm sure that you would be a beautiful, chaotic, masterpiece, waiting for a painting of me.
A 1d
I glimpse above a
Cobalt chocolate sundown, you
Chasing violet.
ChrisE 1d
The sky above seems to be falling trapping me in endless blues
and puffy grey clouds that only bare bad news
It is hard to tell for certain
If your eyes are blue or green
But I know they're the most beautiful colour
I have ever seen
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