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Lily 1h
Her skin was the color of the sand,
And her freckles landed like lost driftwood on her cheeks.
The waves shimmered brighter than her eyes,
And the ***** were a hue darker than her hair.
But to him, her blue eyes and red hair
Were the best shades of blue and red,
And her face was the most gorgeous beach.
I'm already wishing for the summer :)
Urmi 12h
Deep were his eyes
The ones to get lost in
Far-flung pacific blue that
Set her yacht on a
Long, tireless journey
The tides never forced her
To let go of his hands, ever
Even though the sharks
Chased her,
She fought them, bravely
When lost midway,
She would reach for
The ethereal, mysterious stars
And following after
The subtle stardust
He always sprinkled behind
She would always find her love.
He found himself living in apartment 3
Then he moved to apartment 33
From there he travelled abroad
Only to return
Now he lives in room 7
He thought it would've been a house
Though the smallest of all
From this room 7 ... Magic flows
Up into the heavens
It reaches so far
Beyond the stars
The real stars
Not mortal beings who claim to be so
At night if you look closely
You shall observe an electric blue streak
Reaching upwards towards the sky
See to whence it leads
This line requires no phone
And shall remain uninterrupted
Until one day
He shall go to where this blue streak leadeth
Written by Sean Achilleos 19 January 2019©
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On a quiet winter afternoon
Near her balcony,
A lonely maiden sat gazing at the horizon.
Her starry eyes focused at a distant,
Wanting to know what lies beyond.
Under the bright blue sky.

A teen jumps out of his school bus
His face red with a bruise,
He makes his way towards his house.
Exhausted of his unfair life,
He limps as he climbs the stairs.
Under the bright blue sky.

Ten years go by
The two meet in a foreign land,
Bruised, broken and alone.
Their eyes lock in an eternal duel,
In a quiet a lane of a bustling city.
Under the bright blue sky.

Sixty years later
A lady gazes towards the horizon,
Reminiscing her younger times.
As nostalgia plays on the background,
She looks at her husband and smiles.
Under the bright blue sky.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2019.
All Rights Reserved.
I finally tried to follow the new pattern, as done by many well-known poets of my generation, the pattern of no rhymes. Although, I must say it was not easy for me, you see I am old school and I like poetry with rhyme. So, I repeated one rhyming line throughout the entire poem just for my satisfaction. Sorry for being selfish and I hope you like it.
Mady 2d
Blue eyes
And strawberry skies
What else is there
To think of?

Fuzzy peach dreams
And candy store robberies
I run to you
But I am unable to reach

Through broken features
And torn art
Our hearts are ripped apart

I try to forget
But still
All I can think of
Are those blue eyes
And strawberry skies
No twinkling red giant star
Glistens with more red than your lips.
No verdant green of prairie grass
Can be more fertile than your hips.

The sky’s blue hues from morn to night,
Are pale against your royal soul.
The softened tan of perfect skin
Colors my heart out of control.

The yellow sun is cold and dark
When your aura is on display.
Like whitest white more blameless than
A child on his very birthday.

In you is all that can be seen,
In ways that colors only know.
Your gifts of beauty more vast than
The colors across the rainbow.
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you told me this secret is ours and all I could reply, in heavy shades of blue, was - secrets are sad and lonely, so maybe it is best to forget and not dwell too long. we don't want to become etched in time for wrongful reasons.
Chaos 3d
In my heart nothing’s ever missing
If I have my skin and blade kissing
I swipe and I slash so I can vent
Blood in the cut leaves me content
I’m a mess when I can’t feel
The letter cutter leaving my skin to peel
Without the pain I’m left somber  
So the wounds it leaves make me ponder
Someone help me I don’t know what to do
I’m married to the blade that keeps me blue
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