thomas 4h
i miss the rainy days
and the smells of the earth
where i could drive forever
and not feel afraid.

but i am afraid.
that those days are gone
just as the light in my life
and my desire to read.

the sound of strings
and the rain in my ear
will never mean the same;
never to me.

oh, what i wouldn't give
to return to those days
with your smiling face
and the smells of the rain.
you're my little fucky-eyed
Mike D 5h
Roses are red
Violets are blue

Ah fuck this shit
and fuck you too
Just a little satirical fun

Written: February 24, 2018

All rights reserved
None of my friends
     Wanna talk to me,
So I'm just leaning
     On this balcony,
And I'm sheilding my eyes
     From the bright city,
None of my friends
     Ever talk to me,

Man, that sidewalk,
Lined in chalk,
Another dead body-
Cause they couldn't talk,
And another crying family,
And their world, rocked,
Another empty bed-
And a door, locked,
Their son, mocked,
His clock, stopped,

None of your friends
     Wanna talk to you,
So you're just looking
     Out this window, too,
And you're counting your tears
     While you're feeling blue,
None of your friends
     Wanna talk to you.
I suppose it's alright if you don't reciprocate.

I am deeply familiar with the inner workings of love and hate.

More than you think, I understand your position.

Is one I've been in, and don't find myself missing.

Just know I'll be there for you.

I'll know when and when not to care for you.

When to share with you.

And if you leave.. I might despair... I'll miss you.

However, don't let my pursuit of happiness derail yours.

Nor should I change your details or more.

I guess my path is to help create your happiness.

Even if I'm not in that, it's none the less.

All I ask is that you consider.

I've grown around all breeds.

When I see one, I know an elixer.

I might not be yours, however, that doesn't mean YOU don't fulfill MY needs.

I'm sorry for any pain or conflict.

I'm sorry that I'm not gone yet.

I'm sorry that I must fulfill my promise.

I am NOT sorry for how I feel.

This is real, unfiltered and unfettered.

Perhaps this way is really better.

I don't expect I or you to change.

Please know, I Am NOT just another page.

Nor another paragraph.

And perhaps I'm being brash...

I don't think so.

I'd ask for chapters or a novel written by your pencil.

And maybe I'm drunk.

Possibly I'm dumb.

Certainly I'm numb.

But That's why I can't ignore this feeling I call love.

Fuck it. I am dumb.

Probably means what I feel is wrong.

I must be just like the others, shuffling along.

Wanting something that I wish was mine but wasn't all along.

I mustn't know your true needs and wants.

Otherwise I wouldn't feel this incessant need to talk.

I want to delve deeper, trust me I do care.

I don't trust people willy nilly, just here and there.

Maybe I don't know what I need.

Possibly you don't either.

But you're the only one whose got me writing poetry.

So I will die in this battle, because I am a true fighter.

I see the marks on your arm, on your body.

I have them too... by another name, on my soul.

You aren't nobody.

I want you to know.

For me loyalty and trust are king.

You should know, that's why I haven't made a scene.

I have too much respect, even if sometimes it seems unseen.

Truly, I am sorry... I do believe.

Like a true scorpio... Complicated, that's what I am.

I don't expect, or necessarily want you to understand.

If I believe you, you should me.

I'll be those singular tracks in the sand.

Listen, dudette... I know you prefer that.

I wouldn't do that...

That being: whatever... whomever hurt you.

I only want to learn from you.

So please... Get your shit together.

Quit fucking around.

Stay in my head.

Because I enjoy having you around.

Is it selfish of me to ask this?

Maybe not theoretically, possibly in practice.

If you're still unsure to whom I'm bleeding  my heart out with all this talking...

All you'll have to do is count the number of quatrains... Truly this is what I mean... even if you're only...
I know you told me not to get attached, because you might have to leave. I'm still not sure what the full meaning of that was. This wasn't easy for me to write. Expressing how I feel doesn't come easy to me. I hope you understand that. You came into my life by surprise. I wasn't expecting anything like this. Yet, I have no regrets. I feel like I've found my muse. I mean, shit, you've got me writing fucking poetry. I'm not sure if you get how out of character this is for me. No matter what I've said in the past, you are the 5th on my list. And you know exactly what I mean by that. That's no small matter either. I've meet many people in my life, and none have made me feel the way I do now, let alone without any physical connection. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, then I apologize for that. However, I will not... no ... cannot, apologize for how I feel about you. Fuck I'm dumb.
she closed her eyes deep into a sea
well, how long will you wait for me
for I bleed to loud when you’re next to me
how long will you wait for me

The water looks too pure
though waves stir me 'round
You always want me close
But I feel safe and sound

Let me tell you the stories
of the pain I cant bear
Though I know how you feel
Yeah I wanna be free
the lad r did write a poem
one day ago
and the response to it was
extremely low

discerning readers exhibited
little enthusiasm
on taking a look
at his ill conceived spasm

the verse was about
Picasso's period of blue
in reference to the moon
there was no clue

overall the audience
weren't impressed
at how the piece
so depressed
I'm trying hard to run to catch the firefly as the night stalls.
Emitting such a beautiful pastel blue light, the size of an 8 ball.
The closer I get, the faster it darts away.
I can try to sleep, but I feel too jittery to lay.
Silly little bug, I just want to catch you!
I want to put you in my mason jar and stare into your orb of baby blue.
Stop making me run so much, I keep tripping...
I can feel the grass under my feet tipping.

You're at the grasp of my fingertips as you taunt me with your flickering light.
I stand on my tippy toes and reach up into the night.

But you fly away into the vent.
Why won't you come to me? I'll even pay your rent!
Am I doing something wrong?
I can attempt to sing you a lullaby song...
...But you still won't come out of there.
I shake my head and brush away my hair.
I take a deep sigh and see you as a loss cause.
I take a step and fall onto my knees, immediately looking up and I pause.
I'm in my room as my skin breaks and bleeds.
You fly across my face one more time in an evil attempt to tease.

Stupid...- Wait, this isn't what my real eyes see.
I look in the mirror and there She is, staring back at me.

...It wasn't real, right? It was just my imagination?
Fuck... why does this keep happening again?



         ­                                             o
                                                                ­                    t                        

                  ­         l
e                ­          
I thought I saw a firefly fly around my room last night. I saw Her again.
i have always lied about my favorite color
i don't know why...

i'm saying it's blue, like sea and sky
but i have always loved white
i don't know why...

i love it's pureness
and white reminds me of possibilities
i don't know why...

the only thing i know for sure
i'm always striving for it..

Feelings true
Really into you
Ideally just us too
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ©️®️
Kit 3d
Fire in her viens
Longing in mine
Eyes of pale topaz
Steele emerald in mine

Ignite my soft soul
Burn away the
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