Rose 2d

Saphira, I keep waiting for you to come by
Watching for you to pass by
I counted the leaves like the seconds
Thunk goes my head against the trunk
And over
And over
On the tree until I realize you're not coming
If I could beat the thought of you
And repair the damage with a facture
Don't you think I would split my melon
And again
And again on a trunk
Until I couldn't remember if I told you
I wasn't alright

Roopali 4d

"With your tiny drops,
Can you obliviate my memory?"
I ask the rain;
I am scared of the happy ones,
For I know,
I can never live them again.

When the blues hit.

With the sky so blue
Those beautiful orbs
Your eyes, blue too.

For they shine like the sea
But not green and misty
Like the beaches of white sand
With the water crystal clear.

The shells under the water
Gleam and glow
They bring sparks of color
Like your eyes when the sun is low

There's so much they hold
Most I couldn't bare
But I wonder how they're so strikingly bold.

Your eyes are blue
They shine like crystal water
And see shells gleaming.
But beneath those eyes
There is a person
Behind your pearly white smile
There is a soul.

For features can be beautiful
But nothing can outdo
A beautiful soul.

We will sail away
on the wings of the moonlight
over the lakes of the blue
we'll cross the starry nooks.

We will go, we’ll go far beyond
where the flow is musical
every air beat plays the lute.
You and me we’re only one
who says we’re two?

Sun 6d

All I hear tonight
      is the cry of a lonely tree
            Atrophied, desolate sighs

Distracted while writing
   For hours

      A hazy gaze
        Numbness sights
             Where stars shining high

Not the dripping colors of gel pens
      Colossal raindrops entered through
              the untouched window
                       to my notebook

In another corner of the wooden lodge
     Seashells plumb dancing in rhythm
            Waving gesture
                  To the lonely tree

Waiting to leave the roots
   The earth-shattering bond  
       Heart-on strings
                 Withered, astounding beats

Rising winds swaying
    the gleeful wild grasses
          with panoramic peace
                Forgotten Lonely Tree
                       Amid the rusty life

I would imagine
    Love is not that far

         No less is this romance
            A letter in hand
                 Blue envelope
                     Known address
                           unknown distant land....

stars 7d

Look, the skies was blue
You know what?
Just look
Do you remember, now?
Yeah it is scene of our memories
In the past

Turn back time
And i will redeem my mistake in the past
But its imposible you know

We're lost our time now
Our moments
And can't take them back

Carson Sep 14

Today, I smoked my last cigarette for you while I was staring at shades of green and lost love.

I inhaled my own emptiness wondering if I have already smoked my lungs to death.

I couldn't help but feel your touch as I took in the last moment of it all.

The touch of Butterscotch and Summertime.

I write because I'm in pain and over thinking things that don't need to be complicated.

Today I'm writing about love, because that is still what I feel for you.

My soul was covered in bruises and stitches.
One kiss of yours and my wounds were healed.

Now you're gone and my soul is forever weary and blue.

Blue, because that's the color of you.
I think blue will be my favorite color.

Alex Hill Sep 13

I count the minutes that pass by on the clock,
smiling at how stupid I was,
for letting you in, when you were false
after all, I'm young
and can't make decisions;
I can't even decide what to wear on the first day back,
to a hell hole that makes me depressed
And it's not like anyone will care
but i still want your approval anyway

Kinda like flatsound
Mel Sep 12

Loving you was like the ocean
I fell deeper every second
Engulfing waves crashing over me
Drowning me in the thought of you - of us
I looked up at the sky above me
Clouded by the fear that you’ll leave me
And after you made me face my fears, by leaving
The rain came down through my eyes
It poured for days, months
And it kept on raining
Oceans, the sky, the rain
They were all the same
They were all blue
And loving him was no different
Loving him was blue

As the waves separate and leave him standing
alone on his small rock
in the middle of the ocean,
he lets out a sigh of deep,
haunted sadness. The fractured earth
is sending harsh, jagged lines
of rending sound out
and into the open. Children play
on the line of the shore
and dance in the joyful waves
greeting their toes
as they push their feet
into the wet sand.
He watches the giant wave approach them,
the fear cloud their happy eyes,
their laughter instantly merge
into a harmony
of pure terror.
He watches them run,
for the false safety
of their mothers' arms.
He shudders his cold,
rattling breath and waits
to see how long
it will take this time.

~~ Tsunami, 2/4 ~~
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