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I like to run, write, learn, game, make friends, my job, to breathe, I like-
There's so many things I like, there is no end
"The world's my oyster" a blue friend once said

Then why don't I?
Why am I blank at the screen?
Why escape this world?
If everything's green?

It is way too warm, the air conditioner broke down
I am just tired, I didn't sleep too much now
I can't focus in red, couldn't sleep that much
Must be depressed, I don't ever sleep so much

My eyes are a pit, what's left to fill?
Wake to the light.
Batool 7d
I want to paint ...
the saddest night
on a blank canvas
with the beautiful shades
of pain mixed with loneliness
adding a hint of unsaid words
finishing it by adding
a little drop of blue !!
The boots were blue in colour
Painted to look like the sky
And worn by a gal with other things
She was aged 18 to 45
And looked timless ageless  
It was the blue painted ex army boots
That she used wore to gigs
Pubs and clubs when she was free
Not working as a programmer
In the Italian civilian aviation industry
The job was boring but paid well
She'd done it for 8 years
Was a legend at the plane factory
The lady who wore her blue boots
Even in the office a different pair
She got results delivered the goods
Had worked on 36 different projects
They simply knew her as Azzurro
The blue booted gal
Shofi Ahmed Aug 21
A glance in the mirror
one step closer to the rose
On the face of the sun
a drop of snow.
Under the same cloud
sings a nightingale.
Close to you
not far at all
sea wide from the sky
blue lotus-fall!
Shofi Ahmed Aug 14
Rolling out from blue lotus
off the sky
nymphs in tangerine bright
all colours
tuck into disappearing
rainbow slides.
Ah, fragrance
of the broad daylight
a day in summery August
is still heady
weaving blue butterflies!
Adam Schmitt Aug 10
Nothing like the last minute before you start
the show
when the air is rare,
and the faces there clearly
pining for that first note
Nothing like the last time
When you gave it your all
sweat pouring down, smoke in the air,
and you're commanding the entire hall.

The music in the air tonight
Will flow forth from
   my ocean   soul.
The people dancing, singing, laughing,
Some studiously ignoring,
(who happen to find my music boring)
Will, once again,
   make me whole.

         The vibes we give and the vibes we get,
and the vibes we have to just forget,
  All of it is glorious,
though glory comes
at a heavy cost.
Nothing ventured, nothing
gained or lost.
I've no regrets about
the rewards I've tossed.

   Nothing like that first blue note,
When the gathered folks hear
The songs I wrote.
Some with face like stone,
And some with
Their minds blown,
Everybody gathered here is beautiful,
in a cosmic light of their own.
And the music shall be known.
The messenger birds have already flown,
and the music shall be known,
and The music shall be.

                                      And is.
                              Now, and Then....

   I gotta remind myself to learn the club owner's name,
So he will have us back
A love poem about music and life, with a little comedic tag at the end.
Pr nandni Jul 23
Sun melted to pink, but Sky is still BLUE...
Not everything turns GOLDEN before the end
Only the HORIZON is colourful,
Lemme see...
Yeah, and for a long time sky is gonna be blue
Sky will remain blue unless you pour colours to it
Shofi Ahmed Jul 8
It's a much sweeter today
than yesterday indeed.
Radiant meadows are on fire
beneath the trees
indulging blue fairies'
summer bowl of sun shines
abundantly overflowing
lavishly enough to render in
every rose of humming bees.

Pop up to flowers and bouquets
maybe the song on the birds' lips:
Time is today to jump in
on a London summer clement scene!
snipes Jul 6
when the rain drys
we’ll sing for mankind
dying by the same pain
sink our teeth into fear and
we’ll see ice cold fangs hang
viruses bringing minuses
vaxations starting vacations
taxation setting aggression
eyes as fractal checkerboards
how insane
press play
your life’s a movie
press pause
for your unsecured
sing it through the blues
paint it through the pixels
I’m sick
when the rain drys
I’ll sing for mankind
die by its name
live in its air
as practice is
best repetitive
posting postponed
for hell is the phones but
heaven doesn’t allow bones
life is postponed
polarized protons
programs prompting
promotions probed
for eons
Pr nandni Jun 27
YOU'RE not only who has problems here,
RISE above your grief.....
Look up,
SKY have SCARS too!!!!
Turns colourfull, Burns his BLUE ......
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