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when you are quiet for long enough that the squirrel thinks you are part of the earth.
when you have whole-heartedly experienced the death of a worm.
when you spend $6 on a stone to bring the luck you don't believe in.
when the zinnias turn indigo and the indigo withers to dust.
when you begin to envy the worm.
when you don't want to bore the trees with your problems so you sit in silence.
when you listen to love songs and pretend to understand.
when you watch an oak leaf drifting in the current but it's actually you drifting and it will only take one red currant to be happy.
when it becomes painful to dream.
when 4.568 billion years doesn't seem so long but how is it only 1 o'clock?
when you wish you could be a comb jelly and float transparent along the black depths.
when you feel the earth suspended in nothingness.
when you can feels yourself suspended in nothingness.
you must wait.
wrote this in my favorite spot near campus: a hidden stone tomb with the word 'wait' in capital letters, overlooking a patch of forest. Home to a few blue jays, a squirrel, and a dead worm.
On this day,
of 35 years.
Humbled by,
the cycle of death.
I place my foot,
on sodden wood.
the November wind.
It's cruel and nips,
at my blue fingertips.
There is something,
new and also blue.
That pushed me out,
into the deep cold sleep.

Your eyes.
Michael 1d
"They said reach for me
They say I have no limitations.
Little do they know that I cry
Little do they know that I anger
Little do they know that I can give the cold shoulder.
I guess we are one and the same.
Only that I never reach out for you
When you reach out for me.
I guess you can't trust me either ? "
A monologue by the sky.
to say I am lost would be to imply that, at one point, I was present.
My presence was ignored from the time I crawled the floors,
feelings inside developed into sores
boring onto my soul scars.
My father, my guide, idolised in mind.
They say love is blind but
when eyes open and you find monsters, sponsors of crime
doing time for an easy dime,
can you carry that love on
or does that one idol burn?
I am lost or
rather never found, no guide by my side,
just going with the tide and building walls, to keep these feelings back,
that torment my mind.
The foundries of feeling’s forges have gone cold, Shut away and barricaded
by un-shaken walls.
So I wander, in search of myself,
I wonder
if I’ll be found or
if I’m bound for a battery of life:
Anne J 2d
Little insect that dwells into the dangling cocoon
Lend me your silk that is enhanced in voodoo
Look at the beautiful crystals that are above
That traps the angels and their golden harps and doves
Enhance to me your white smeared poison kiss
And I’ll be sure to melt with not even a hiss
Unravel your gown and engulf me into the silk
That’s already lost its flowers and gained its milk
Made off of two antagonists, who are mother and daughter in my story. I guess you could say the first four lines are for the daughter, and the four are for the mother? They're evil butterfly fairies with the power of making crystals, trapping people in their hair, and I guess some poisonous attack with the "lipstick" they use?
misha 2d
i turn a blind eye
to my fears
but when it comes
to you,
i can't help but

i don't know what
it is but there's
something cliche
that captivates me
even if i despise
you more than
i'm not scared anymore
sure, blue eyes are beautiful
the waves of the ocean
the cloudless skies
of course, green eyes are exotic
the veins of leaves
the glimmer of emerald
but brown
oh, the brown
sweet cinnamon
earthy soil
when light hits
they turn into
a halo of gold
inspired by a post from tumblr
Helena 3d
A ***** in the plastic cup
I run my fingers through
A Thumb-full of little cuts
I run my fingers through
worn-out bandaids
Can hardly contain (you)
Little reddish stains on
The white cotton fabric

For best results,
apply the bandage
to clean, dry, skin
(the cup was full of water)
Long time since I published a poem here...
hi peeps
Oh wait what season is it to be exact
Nope never mind
I’m Alone
I know And it’s so cold
I can feel the chill within my bones
This weather always pulls me back
The falling leaves
The dry crops
And my thirsty mouth trying to make thoughts to come out
Another blue year
What a way to end this year
Amanda 4d
I am sorry for the pain I put you through
The shame you bottle deep down
Though you have only yourself to blame
For why I am no longer around

Yet I feel guilt within
Should've held on a little longer
Promised I'd never leave you a thousand times
I thought our love was stronger

I learned nothing is what it appears
Not feelings or words trusted the most
Let the illusions fall one by one
As they crash I am forced to watch up close

You do not care how it makes me feel
To be neglected again and again
And endlessly stabbed in the heart
By the one I consider my best friend

Hoping to be more than a backup plan
You are cruel and careless sometimes
Sunshine warning heart's together
I can't compete with how radiant it shines

All I desired was to light up your world
Be better like you don't deserve
Lying to myself, I claim I tried
Over and over exasperation stabs each nerve

Dissatisfied with abilities
I resent you, myself, and all I'm not
Trying harder to accept flaws
Failure masks the good traits we've got

I'm a hopeless romantic
Painted the sky a false shade of blue
This is to let you know I'm sorry
It is not all your fault, I made mistakes too
There are two sides to every story
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