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A quiet morning
breath visible in the cold
a sky painted blue
“My fiery red heart is in the darkness
its beat is suffocating, it’s almost breathless
by the seconds that go by it slows easily
and with it every cell, every atom cries for help warily.
It’s fighting so hard every day and every minute for its survival
but I can’t help but feel even death seems like a better call
Oh dear hands of relentless agony
release my heart, return my sanity.
Oh great hands that own me
return the good part of life ever so willingly
and I’ll go along my way, away from you
away from this tension to anything and everything new
anything that’ll replace this suffocating pressure
anything that’ll release me from this trap laid for me to suffer
Oh tight grips of confinement please
from this disgusting displeasure, put me at ease
allow me the privilege to feel anything other than this
TORTURE, SADNESS, PAIN, I beg- open your fists.
Oh Great hands that tugs my fiery red heart
Return it to me before I lose all my colour to this dark
I plead to you Oh Great Hands that possess me
open your fists, release your grip, gently put me down and gracefully leave me be
for everything and anything outside your existence isn’t that bad
I just want returned to me all the innocence I once had
Oh Great Hands of unhappiness, what do you want from me?
Have I not given you enough? What are you saying, love you deeply?
I will never love you. I can never love you. I refuse to ever love you.
Oh great hands of antagonizing pain, I’ll never see the true beauty
of this life if you keep me this chained up
I’m chaining myself you say?
I’m the one who’s holding on to something that is long gone you say?
You’ve released me ages ago you’re saying?
I’m the one refusing to release myself you’re saying?

Oh Great Hands that had me, return and bind me into this darkness where we once played,
bind me to you so at least I have someone to blame for this pain that never seems to go away.
Oh Great Hands that opened their fists, hold on to me and take me away from this world,
it’s not as beautiful as I thought, take me away and hold me tight within your palms,
I swear I’ll not complain anymore, I swear I’ll not fight you, I swear I’ll love you.
I swear I’ll love you and all the pain you come with ever so blue.

Oh Great Hands, I beg you, please save me-----

From myself...”

Lucas 4d
from the night sky

We roam the void, devoid of any fears
Our blue sphere behind, a red one ahead
Headed to a rock so silent and dead
And yet, back home, there are cheers

Remember us as we make it to Mars

Two robots rumble, raising sand
Sent to examine, excave, explore
To pluck wonders from the ore
Wandering around the wasteland

A land of dangers and dunes and dark and dust
And crust and cold and craters and clouds

in the white sky

Remember us when you gaze at the stars

For when times are tough and severe
So veered toward wars and cruelty
To peer into the abyss and, yet, persevere
Is nothing less than a lesson of ingenuity

Remember that Promethean flame
The blaze, the ember, the knowledge, the brain

With this fire you made us wings
This burn, this desire to be airborne is our bond
And to dare mighty things
With a yearn to belong
As you jump from the pond to the sea
to the ocean to beyond

We'll remember men kindly

For mankind is
such an incoherence
a burst of immaturity
a rush of brilliance
a touch of lunacy
with lush perseverance
and so much ingenuity

Clouds occlude our view
As you hide in the bright sky
And, still,

A blue dot ought to be there
To believe, even being small and pale
That it can dare to achieve such a tale:
The dark is not too much to bear

from the night sky
The depths and the hold of the midnight hues of dusk
flowing into the surface of the water.
The sunken truth that lies in that shallow vastness
washes up on the shore, a trail of lingering darkness
found in the waters.

And so help me as I cannot help but become consumed
by the calling waves,
It whispers to me, it feels familiar
like home.

There is only a grim satisfaction that remains on my face
as I sink into the abyssal trap,
surrounded by all the unearthly treasures
I can only hold so much of.

And there it was, in that shallow looking emptiness
the indigo that threatened to take hold.
I was consumed by the sapphire
that corrupted my lungs.

I reach out to the surface
fading from my view
but only shades of cerulean escaped my mouth,
with no hope but only the suffocating feeling

of the deep blues.

Remembered that time I was floating in the ocean and a small earthquake happened.
It was always navy blue
But who would have knew
That'd it somehow be a clue?
How one day, it'd be you?
Payton Feb 24
He sat at the edge of the Earth, and night after night, the moon told
secrets to his mocking blue eyes, secrets that no one else could ever, ever begin to understand.
This isn't really a poem. It's more of a pretty thought or piece of pretty prose. It was written in 2016.
miki Feb 24
i cried everyday for you
i thought blue
was your favorite color
Dali Feb 20
An Ocean
Everyone is held by your sway
Calming everyone walking in your space
Joy and mixed feelings while watching your waves
Not easy
But at least you came
White, blue, and a touch of brown and beige
Theses are the colors of the ocean and what near it  
Did I mentioned the color red my dearest?
Cause its the color of your being
And the excitement you make
For me and every human being you meet I swear
Like the ocean and the depth of it
Glimmering, vast, deep as hell
Beneath your own layer of blue
A magnificent fragments/colors but not for everyone to perceive
Cause it would make them fall and you don’t want them to bleed
Blest of solitudes
Purity like the water you always need
This a simple poem for you my jay
&My dear.
Kyle Feb 20
Anywhere, Anytime;
Anxiety Attack, Panic Attack;
Sometimes I cry;
Sometimes my chest tightens;
Sometimes I feel choked;
Sometimes I hyperventilate;
Sometimes I feel like I'm dying;
It's hard...
But I'm trying to fight....
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