Dippes 3h
All my steps over the night,
Looking over to see you in my sight,
The lashes gently flutter,
over the eyes of crystal blue!

All my wishes are finally granted,
all of them are made to come true,
Look from my view, you too will see,
an angel through my eyes!

A new day bringing its own fortune,
the time when my soul began to overflow,
I can now loudly and openly sing,
for this much i know & many more will be forever true!
the case of
being between the
Devil and the deep blue sea
I'd rather see red than have
a blackened
How colours speak their own language...
alexa 1d
yes, i'm falling for him but
you're still tugging at my mind,
reminding me to
cry a little harder for you.
i'm left wondering who
your blue eyes are piercing now,
who are you saying "i love you" to,
promising forever?
i'm sure she'll trust you,
sure she'll start writing poetry about your eyes
cause god have you ever seen something so blue?
i wonder if you'll break her

like you did me.
meg 1d
Blue is my favorite color,
but it used to be yellow.
I stopped liking it because
there was too much blue,
and I stood out like god damn
ray of sunshine.
That scared me.

I didn’t like how
every person
had a blue shimmer
in their eyes
and I didn’t.
That scared me.

So, I liked blue.
I loved blue.
Hypnotized by it
because it was easy
to like something
that was so persistent.

And I wasn’t mad at yellow.
We just got distant.
We met now and again.
But it wasn’t the same…

And then, someone else liked yellow.
I never realized
how much I loved it.

Then the yellow and blue
came together.
They made a mess
called green.
I was green,
envious of
of myself.

God knows
I’m Jackson Pollock.
I’ve always thrown my emotions
at blank canvases
I like to call my former selves.

I’m Van Gogh ‘cause I believe
that in the starry night
you will always find protection,
but you will be your own protection.
Your emotions will feel like hell,
but your hell is eventually home.

I am da Vinci
because my eyes
follow everything I miss.
Everything I tried
so desperately to keep.
The shadows
walking away
and into the light.
My grandfather.

And I know I can’t make
you feel something
you haven’t
experienced yourself,
but blue hurts.
Blues all over the world burn.
They infest your mind.
They rip you apart.
They throw molten lava
at your heart.

Yellow was
the happiness.
You missed it.
I missed it.

How the weight of the world
slipped off of my skin,
tattooed itself onto my hands
as a reminder of the things
I have suffered from.

You can’t talk
about the pain.
‘Cause people say,
its complaining.
It brings up their past.

Talk about it.
Talk to me.
‘Cause I want to know
what demons
we all have.
kvgy 1d
Blue ocean tide
Calms the tiniest
Storm in my heart

Not as soothing
Not as serene
As you
Indigo 1d
You are blue
Very, very blue
Wouldn't you like to be a shade of indigo?
Awtumn 2d
My favorite color is blue.
It was blue before I met you.
And unsurprisingly,
Even after you're gone.
I like blue in general.
I like faded blue jeans
And the bright blue of a butterfly's wings.
I like blue as lipstick.
And even as a food.
Blue is my favorite color
No matter the shade.
But my favorite shade of blue
Isn't the deep blue of the ocean,
Nor is it the pale blue of the sky.
It isn't even the shade of your eyes,
Which is somewhere in between.
No my favorite shade of blue
Would be that
Of forget-me-nots.
as blue
as deep
as the sea,
you knew how to swim,
but liked the idea of drowning.
It could be a bear, a hat, a plane -
the choice is yours to ascertain.

Kites zoom and roar
high above the crowds.
A sallow sun peeks through trees
and shines in hesitant rays
upon strollers and the mothers pushing them.

All the while,
the sky lays it's
flouncy, protective blues
across the world,
ensuring that no dream
is too much.

A shame, a pity -
that there shall be no sky
when we're buried six feet deep.

Kill me if you must,
but don't take away my sky.
It flickered lazily in the back of my mind.
At the thought of letting go,
My mind became a pebble skipping across frigid waters.
It murmured in my ear, a breath tickling.
At the thought of falling,
Memories of heat and flames rose to meet
New poem, exploring some thoughts I've been having of late. Especially skipping a stone across a lake and how the mind will skip over difficult subjects.
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