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I'll write this in blue
Because it's how I feel
And I can't help it

I'll write this in green
But I don't know what it means
I don't go outside

I'll write this in red
For everything I hadn't said
They've never really left my head

I'll write this in black
To forget all that I lack
And who I could of been
you colored me blue
some days the blue of the sky
because you knew how to
make me feel carefree and alive

other days
the blue of the ocean
because you never knew
how to handle your emotions

you were the kind of blue
that was full of life
the kind of color
that made me see the conception
between you and i
K 2d
Blue are my organs,
Blue is my blood,
Blue are my eyes,
Like a flood,
Of rainwater,
Rushing through the gutter of my soul.
Watching you with someone new
Made my day turning blue
One thing you always knew
I was falling in love with you
Even you'll never be my true
Evan L 6d
Never knew I could hurt
Like I hurt with you.
Become the darkest
Shade of midnight blue.
But that’s love, ain’t it?
RR Silva Oct 4
– What is happiness? "Would be this little thing that enchants me with its singing?"
– With a gray-blue feather? "Saturdays, at my window spying?"
– Who my heart burns; who frees me from me? "Which makes me go crazy when I don't see your look without guilt and greed?”

– Oh! what would be happiness? "Is it you, soft-feathered thing, who stares at me out the window when goes late at night?"
– Is this happiness? "Little bird that leaves me at night, flying away, not knowing how to return"
- Singing my name, telling me it is me "The bird who lives trapped in the cage."
Bailey Oct 4
Our sky
So blue
Horizons rise
Night sky cool
Peace will come
To ease our sky
And one day
Red will rise
Instead of blue
Abi Oct 3
I tried to write about you
About everything
To do with you
But it burnt and twisted until I had to force
My heart out of my body.
Sad songs, too much guitar
Honey is it what you deserve?
For me to rip myself up
For you; you won’t watch
You won’t even pass me with a smile.
I wonder if you notice
How much I dare to stare at you?
Maybe I’m waiting for a day
You wear a colour that’s not blue
Or maybe I’m waiting for you to
Stop, see me and your face lights up.
But whatever
Maybe I’m waiting for nothing
You’ve already bled blue into my heart
And stained it forever
In the brightest way.
Luna Pan Sep 29
When the war is over, when the art saved the world; you and me, we will make love on Shakespeare's sonnets.
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