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Strying 1d
you used to yell at me
for wearing so much blue,
I used to cry
not knowing what to do,
I tried to lie,
wear black,
until I backtracked
and returned to blue
in spite of you.
idk what this is lol too tired to think
hope yall had a good weekend tho :)
Is it really that black and white?
To choose a side,
is it red or blue?
Whats true for me,
or whats "best" for you?

Where have all the flowers gone?
Burned to dust in California.
Drowned to death in Lousiana.
Blown away in the Central states.

We are left with heartbreak,
                    and rage....

We reap what we sow,
isnt that what they say?
Is this why Violets lie in my wake?

So where have all the flowers gone?
Raise your eyes and see,
count our stars.

Love is free.
Violets are a symbol of peace.
streaks of white in sky
soft blue green trees empty
space filled with aware
is you
Wind. Walk outside.
You went again today.
Wood. Familiar landscape.

Blue. You're infatuated by the colour
For some reason or other.
Sad really. Sometimes blue takes over

Your mind so much you can't sleep.
Not that you sleep anyway.
Hilarious really. Two in the morning.

Why are you this way nowadays?
Did something happen? Must have
Because that would explain it all.

Funny thing. How time slipped away
Feels like March slipped to May
Slipped to now. You're staring at a pen and

There's nothing else to do.
Why are you crying now?
Did something happen?

You've been so blue recently.
You're always so blue.
Why are you always blue?
April 2020
lua Sep 11
wind chimes in early morning breeze
the sizzle of shadows
from the blazing sun
kisses my skin
all sticky from sweat and heat
i twitch
the whites of my eyes are painted with tears
take a step
and jump
plunge myself into the blue
and bathe in the grey afternoon clouds
til i wait
for the sunset.
Martin Boško Sep 10
Echo of sobs in the halls
Instead of eyes two waterfalls
Empty room and empty heart
Lonely actor of multiple parts
Cold embrace of midnight air
Wicked Night does not play fair
Next to the bed a mountain of tissues
Wet and salty from all your issues
I am the sky, a wide expanse above you.
I am the ocean, I whisk you away and dangers lie within.
I am the iris, I'm hope, and wisdom,
and my courage is waning but it's there.
I am comfort.
I am worth it.
I am blue,
but not the blue you're used to.
I am not sadness. I am not misery. I am not unfriendliness.
I am blue,
but you're not ready for this blue.
My indicator light's stopped working
near side at the rear.
I do right turns only
guessing my way, oh dear.

I'll spiral towards my destination
that's the plan, you see.
But I end up where I've started.
How stupid can one be?

Put a new bulb in the other day,
now the brake light's broke.
Is this for real,
or is this a joke?

So I think, brakes are for losers.
Slowing down or circling like a goof,
I'd get there so much faster
if I fixed a blue light to the roof.
Raven Feels Aug 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, Eugene Osowski wants a new poem and a new poem it is:)

not the best lens emitted such light
delicate weathers upon previous sights
in a dived listening exile
the carry of the Earth in a swift's mile
in the blink
the week's blur and the paint's sink
raging on red sunsets
raging on yellow's pale sulfur the dreams let
the twirl of winds
on the worlds of the flipped
like in every sky
the one of the days that the one of the nights
fogs in a hurry
what's grey is the face of worry
never know if you don't see for yourself
that the clouds above this roof are the same above that shelf
not always a purple fairytale
August slipped away a coat in the cruelest detail
haven't even begun them storms
the already seen is a scare out of the norm
peace to heart
yet my mind awoke in fear from each start
these bugging times
are the times of memory loss in a hellish crime
the one sun the one full moon
how stars shine mystically reaching future's soon
and me in here as shown
tracing a map of the intuition's unknown
maybe a disguised mood before the ultimate confusion
the one month of picking up pieces
the dark is long so sleepless to the hope decreases
yet I do know that the same will return in ease and flow
been recalling that for the last two years in a row
the outer skies
now a reason to fly

                                                           ­              -------ravenfeels
Kyle Aug 13
I lost my voice
I was use on crying silently
Having a breakdown in my room
Full of darkness
Without them knowing
Alone, hyperventilating
As tears fall from sadness
Empty, I am
I tried to shout
But my voice wouldn't come out
I heard nothing
But just silence
And me, sobbing
I lost my voice
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