To anyone, left here once I'm gone
Hard to say, but I hope you know inner complacence
In this world, its too easy to live on
I hope that I have crossed your mind, every day since

And I've known, for quite a while now
Cynicism only serves the heedless
Hatred is for the lazy, I've found out
And needless, for lives no longer seamless

I'm just

driving layers through my skin
Breaking up, breaking in
Forcing sunshine through my veins

Moving on, taking place
Taking stride, saving face
Never waiting for the chance to change

I wonder, do you think of me at all
Because you live in, deep inside my mind
And although, the past is dead
These bridges burn inside my head
I find, its the eyes that leave me enthralled

Silky smooth, and so untainted
Reminisce, then demonstrate
How my hope has been sedated
By myself
And no one else
A light that will never sate
A couple plans, we can never make
Gasping until I nearly fainted
Breathless from the way

I parted ways

Is it the same for everyone
How it is for me
Willing away uncertainty
Warding against every mundane change

You all saw so clearly that I bleed
Thought this could give me what I need
And I know, someone thought the same

Worthless garbage
Don't read

there's always that tired morning candlelight of sadness
that washes over my existence and reminds me to stay still.

because if i were to move, what's left of my rib cage
would collapse.
the empty pit of my torso would be nothing but bones and regret.

but this is nothing new.
but sometimes i crave this collapse because maybe the cave
of my body wouldn't be so empty.

I believe beauty
resides in thought,
for the world

is only as beautiful
as you see it


Psychology majors to the rescue. One Love

A young man with dirty hands
walked into the bar.
He sat next to a blonde
of about the same age
and ordered a beer.
"Don't even try to talk to me,"
she said in an arrogant tone.
The young man didn't speak.
Defeated, he climbed off the stool.
He took a pull from the beer
and then dropped a crinkled fiver.
As he walked out the door,
the girl laughed out loud.
She showed us all
who was boss.

Banan 6d

In my cold vacant room
Amid the dreadfulness of longing for you
There's me, melancholy, and my tale of woe
And the sonnets i wrote for you
And the familiar sense of awe
On my pillow that smells like you
Mid each throb, I covet you
As i crawl back to my gloom
Underneath my sheets of blue
My soul shivers, to bide my time with you

Ray my sweet Ray
Looks like the jay
At the blue bay
On the green ley
Loveless feel fey
You're my life key.

Ray hey sweet Ray
Really can I lay?
In your heart
You are my day
You are my say
Don't do me hurt!

You are my night
You are my bright
Let me yours part...

Alec Jul 16

little boy blue
blow your horn
don't regret being born
play your tune
you'll find love soon
and not be afraid anymore
little boy blue
don't be so sad
life doesn't always have to be so bad
just blow your horn
while sitting in a field of corn
little boy blue
your other colors will come soon.

Lure Pot Jul 15

I'm saying today really
You're happy sweet Lily
Yours love is Daddy Jonny
He looks handsome funny.
I'm saying today really
You're happy sweet Lily.

You are pretty cute shy
Yours mind likes blue sky
Glad smile gives shining
And face gives charming.
I'm saying today really
You're happy sweet Lily.

You're beauty queen Kitty
And so cute simple chatty
Yours look likes lovely
You talk to all nicely.
I'm saying today really
You're happy sweet Lily.

SamBee Jul 15

my girl body sits in the nurse’s office
yellow room with blue cushioned seats that have arm rests that are too high
there isn’t a curtain to draw between the sick and the waiting
and I hate it ‘cause it makes me think
what is wrong with them what is wrong with me

they tell me I have to take the eye exam to prove it
but I’ve been telling them for months I am blind
and yes, I messed up bad
abandoning the boy in the woods
but I just couldn’t see him anywhere anymore
so it’s not my fault really that he died
it just happened like that

CBrown Jun 6

Are you breaking the fourth wall?
No, you turn to look to me
Maybe searching for some kind of affirmation?
Sorry, I can't give you that today.
Chain smoking on a blue day
Entertaining ideas on the door step
Talking about your lack of focus
It's ironic, presently I lack the same.
Autonomous grins and passive nods
But I'd rather it be you, I hear, than my thoughts.
Talking bout the people that you spite
Talking about yourself between the lines.
Talking about an ugly side of life.
Better than being home alone.

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