A blue dress
Stained with tears
Dancing slowly
In the moon light
Bare foot and free
Breathing deeply
As the pain sinks in
A memory falls
In a fleeting moment
And fades to blue

Bret 20h

Give me a dollar
And I'll make something of it.
Give me your time
And I'll waste it.

Staring down the red pill and the blue pill.
Trying to decide between nothing and everything.
Making sure the Dread Pirate Roberts doesn't drink his own poison.

There is no hand I would least rather die at
Than my own.

Love is a search, no,
a quest:
in the mephitic aisles of thift shops
in pursuit of the perfect pair
of jeans
because people are like
jeans (see
my logic here, it could be clever)
the majority don't fit, not at all
some slack, too large, sliding
off and away
some pinch, too tight, constricting
with imprinting red marks
worth neither time nor money
but some jeans do fit,  though
imperfect, perhaps unappealing
or loose here, or bunching there
all used, worn before,
possibly torn,
some able to be mended,
some not
Good, but maybe not good enough
better then, are the ones
the people, the pairs
of blue jeans
that are of the right proportions
near perfect, you'll never
find one as unique as this
they are reliable, familiar,
and unless you outgrow them
you'd keep them forever

there are lucky finds
call them your soulmate
because these are the jeans
yes this is the one
and you will never find another

danie 1d

You are my blue sky.
I am the ground that waits for you to fall.

You used to tell me how you loved color blue
Well that is how we ended.
In a bluest feeling that my heart can never endure

I may not rhyme in this poem.
Because we never did.
Our feelings never rhymed.
To the tune of love
That we are trying to finish.

We are like this parallel lines.
Destined to be close
But never meant to cross.

Sometimes I envy xline in autocad
Cause xline may start with x
But at the very least it has no end.

I wish we are like xlines.
We may start as x
But atleast we have forever
At its best.

Cleo 2d

You make me feel blue
Not as in sad
As in I drank up the sky and took on another hue
You are my muse and I’m a girl in a notepad
I feel blue like the kind airplanes travel across
They are fleeting but I will last
We are the cause of beautiful and mad chaos
Sunny days and hurricanes in the forecast
The feeling of blue goes farther than the sky
It dives into the ocean, it brings things to life
It drips out of the eyes in a joyful cry
You see, the feeling of blue is not a feeling of strife
Blue is simply the color of love
And into it’s waters, you give me a gentle shove

Not including iambic pentameter because no thank you.
skyler 4d

blue in his eyes
blue in his veins
the type of chill
makes you insane
but he felt hot
kiss of a flame
pressed against skin
whisper my name
cool toned and blue
sets you aflame
looking laid back
playing the game


Jaz 5d

When I was younger
The red and blue lights
Would remind me I'm safe

The same red and blue lights
Have turned me into a shadow
I no longer have the strength
No longer have the will to go on

Red and blue
Was the colour of the sky
The night they took away my best friend
Red and blue
Once more lit up the night
When they came to take away my second chance

They were meant to be a saving grace
A symbol for life and protection
But what's the point

They no longer protect me from the real threat
The real offenders that walk the street
The red and blue
The sirens
All they do is take from me what I love

Aishah 6d

I was a little girl
that was told
never to get too close
to the ocean

You are the blue waves
I fell in love with
You are so blue
I forgot the red colour
in my veins
when I touched you

I was a little girl
You are the ocean waves
I was supposed to be
afraid of you
but I let you sweep over me

I used this as a metaphor to explain that I would do things I wasn't supposed to do. Even if I can't be in the ocean, I'd still want to be near the edge of the water.

When striving through
a pitch-black night,
if you find yourself
marooned and blue,
lift your head high
and take a sight,
of the billion stars
all rooting for you.

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