Shiny 1d

Clouded, shrouded, blocked
was my mind by your thoughts
for years remained uncleared
despite all my frantic struggles.

The mist has been growing thin
Now, it isn't even faintly visible
What was a thought is a memory
However strongly I try to hold it,
to a more distant place it drifts off.

Your thoughts have faded into a memory
And I ain't no magician to restore them.

Lizzie 2d

i thought i loved you.
the way you called me princess,
or you called me yours,
how you declared me your favorite
and let me fall asleep in call.
how you messaged me when i couldn't sleep
even when you had work at 7 am

i really fucking thought i loved you,
and sometimes i think i still do,
but you made it really clear that you didn't love me
when you called her princess,
and claimed her as yours,
and said she was the most important person to you
how she fell asleep with you,
and how you helped her back to sleep,
even when you had work at 7 am

i sometimes still think i love you.

I wish I wrote the way I thought
With maddening hunger
I’d write to the point of suffocation
I’d write myself into nervous breakdowns
Manuscripts spiralling out like tentacles into abysmal nothing
And I’d write about you
a lot more
than I should

-benedict smith

Benedict Smith

Probably 'cause youre high all the time,
Nothing much comes to mind;
But when im with you we just unwind
And sometimes make words that kinda rhyme.
Sliding down the slippery slope of vally,
Without you I may never be happy.
But what does that matter?
Don't despair,
Your future awaits for you;
Someday it will make it's self clear,
But until then you're on the mend.
Dont worry if you swerve round the bend,
The worst has already happened.
Getting back on my feet is the best desicion I could ever make;
I usually make mistakes.
When you give, other's take
But never forget the sake.
If going to the clouds is your thing,
Then make sure it's me you bring.
I know i'm not imagining
Floating on the seventh cloud,
Theres no way I can drown now
I'm at bliss in the clouds!
And heaven feels so serene;
Tingles in every sound.
Whoever said it was make believe,
I can prove you wrong,
Take my hand and you'll see.

It is nightfall
and it was here
I thought I saw ...
                                 thought I heard;
               but no,
                      I was again mistaken;
            thoroughly roused by
  the vibrancy of roses -
nonesense and what-have-you -
choked by thoughts;
led by ...
                 something or other -
       I dare say I have forgotten;
    it is nightfall
         and the light has not been greater
and I have not been spared enough
    from living
        without daylight.

Enjoy (:
© Shane Leigh

What if the dreams are a reality of afterlife ?

A dream inspired thought .

Energy sizzles under my skin
Teeth clenched
Muscles ready to dive right in

Even water sits like a stone
In my stomach
Wants to come up from thoughts alone

Poised and ready with nowhere to go
Hands folded
I'm feeling ready to explode!

Anxious about what will come next
Eyes wet
Nothing to do but to progress

So tired but trying to go on
Body sore
Naps are nice but it won't last long

My reflection is here
               but my thoughts
           are dissipating..

Like an hourglass broken
                my conceptions
                       are dust...

And yet I still try to
             every grain that fell...

The real wallpaper isn't plastered
It's ongoing and expressed
Pulled out of the nothing of tongue and cheek
And unknown until it finds itself
At home at last
Surrounded on these four sides
The walls which we keep

No thought is heard until it is spoken

spoken thought word mind inside speak speaking to understand poem poetry poet verse rhyme sean scribbles lol

i thought maybe you loved me.
as you stared at me from the passenger seat.
that day i spilled my guts.

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