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Betty 2d
it's a place to dream
a warm afternoon
with a thought ice cream
and idea sprinkles
Lydia 6d
It is disappointing
that every thing you think and build up in your mind
is better than the reality of it
Mark Wanless May 7

residue of thought
my life resounds
in my head
a circular
LC Apr 26
constant companion
that puts me under its spell -
the world falls away.

it scatters my thoughts,
leaving me in a thick fog
until I slam it shut.
Escapril Day 25! Prompt: computer.
Here are my two haikus related to the prompt. Let me know if this resonates with you, and I hope you have a wonderful day.
Farida Salem Apr 23
Do you know that moment? In-between everything?

That very brief moment when all your troubles go away.

Everything that’s good or bad disappears.
Everyone you love or hate, you forget.

Anything that’s bothering you the slightest or the most just sinks deep into your being
Until it becomes nothing.

That moment when you can actually breathe.
You know? That.

I want that.

Don’t you?
Our brain, Our mind, our command center,
Without thinking, they control our breathing,
Heartbeat, while processing our vision, hearing,
So much more, always giving us signs.
We can look outside to rain, convincing ourselves,
It’s going to be a gloomy day, everything seems,
To go slow even the actual time.
Some people say no one can control them,
If we hear, read, see, somethings enough,
We even start doing them every day,
How did almost, everyone in the country,
All about the same time, decide they were,
Going to carry a bottle of water or something,
Every day even if not thirsty, habits born stay,
Cell phones the same, ever hear of people,
Leaving their kids in a car, their phone, no way.
The Original: Tom Maxwell© 3/16/22 A D
9:45 pm
Please pardon me; when I say, "it's all of me, all of me."
That's just the pride that swallows me; every time you love on
me, hug on me, each time we're cuddling, and snuggling. The
pretty scars look so ugh-gly; and that's not what I want my love
to be; honestly.

Making me wonder, "what the F," of the effort I'm taking; no
mistaking the fools of swine eating bacon. That's the charity
of clarity; giving your heart to all of the crowds, of all those
boys you met around. You've been around. Chasing circles
of where to be; as it seems. Dogs chasing tails; till it gets stuck
in your teeth. There's no peace, but the piece of sorrow; when your feelings were deceased. Diseased by the love sickness; as random kisses was the weakness to your knees.

I'm begging you please,

to stop pretending; that you're not trying to save up your worth
overspending; never-ending story of the people having the seconds of love's sequel. I'm a prequel to thought. What words are in the courts. All the illegal things that we bought; while breaking a few laws. I'm now allergic to a thought, of you giving me goosebumps in my pores.

I paused...

So you could stop playing my heart. Love loves to play with my

I paused...

Love loves to play with my heart.  Tell me when does it stop?
CIN Mar 28
Remember that night?
The soft glow of the tv reflecting blue on the walls
Our tongues dancing to the music
That played in the background
I had you pinned the wrong way round on the bed
Your head between my arms
Every part of us touching
I could feel the heat on your skin
The melody of your heartbeat
You tasted like the cherry sucker I gave you
An hour before
Oh, how I used to drown in your melancholy

Yet now all I feel is water
Little drops from the shower
While I stare at what never was
The music of your breathing still plays in my ears
When the night is quiet enough
Sometimes I swear I still feel your skin
But the moment passes and I’m left with this cold sort of feeling
An empty swell in my chest
A tingle behind my eyes
You are nothing but dull memories now
Nothing but a thought of remembrance
the events are fiction but the emotions are real
Felt like dieing

Remember that saying
"The devil that you know..."

If you are alive
You are experienced
at living

So, for the main time
Keep doing what you know
how to do best

Keep Living
What do you do?
I live for a living

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