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Shin 1d
Storm the beach with sand-filled eyes.
Burying hatchets along the way.  
Let the turtle dove rest in your palm.
Hum the hymn for the sinful demise.
Bless the butcher and embrace the calm.
Lay in the gravel, embrace the newest day.

Driftwood and briar leaves, brambles and hay.
Dance with your demons, sever your earthly ties.
Destroy all around you, burn down the psalms.
Just turn off your mind, your balance, your sway.
It is time now dear child, you shall retire your qualms.
It is time now young darling to release your final sighs.
Sleepless night! those who are sleeping tight
tell me how do you sleep without thinking and sleep so light
don't you have any thought?
3:00 AM Thoughts
Silence is the loudest sound,
It's distracting,
It wakes people up,
It reminds them what life's worth,
It reminds them of fear.

On the other hand...

Silence is peace,
It is the absence of thought,
It is you melting with the universe,
It is the softest end,
To the loudest beginning.
Those long talks
till 5 A.M.
Thought we meant
every word we said
Those stupid little fights
Felt so right
Till it got on our nerves
And couldn't stand each other's sight!
Nothing seemed enough
keonah 7d
The sun shall set and the moon will reign the night.
My celestial body will enfold in its presence.
I live and breathe with the same waters the moon reflects apon.
We dance ‘til dawn,
As you start to wane,
As your rays depart and;
As we give greetings to the morning sun.
a full moon is so overwhelming and glistening and I just wish to be connected to it some day. To be at peace with myself and in the world
Jana Pelzom May 22
They have no meaning,
Sometimes they rhyme.
They mean the same thing,
Though said in different times.
Sometimes the most awful things
Is not what stings,
It’s the pretty words
That don’t have meanings
that hurt the worst.
Words © 2020 Jana Pelzom
Poetic T May 20
All wording not overly conveyed,
              I'm no dictionary.

My pen is my shield and my words
             my armour.

Sometimes dented, ridiculed,
            so not as lustrous as your

vocabulary giving,

but every symbolism
          I give in jest.

I can be a clown, watch my words prance on
              the page in fruitful

colouring of metaphor.

But other times I'm in the size seven
of another's outlook not my own,
emotion grazing my subconscious.

         For that fraction of eternity I'm them, you
I live there fears,  hopes wishes that die after I put the
                                                                ­             pen down.

Don't judge a piece of paper that has nothing on it,
           for will have a doodle, a thought..

A drawing of emotion entwined within its fabric.

   But you just ridicule, turn the page not knowing
                     the pain or joyful happiness
that went to create this...

Yes its not in your taste, but its there's, mine.

Were just artists of our own little world,
             and if you happen to land here.

Please be green..

   Recycle what you think,
and be positive,
    really do reflect on what others foresee.
Tori Schall May 20
Life is a bittersweet journey.
No way to predict its outcome,
guided only by the cemented memories of the past.
Everyone leaves there mark on this world,
large, small, wherever it may be.

A warm hand, a soft touch,
the gentle caress of the breeze
as I run fingers through my hair.

Through fire, ice, storms, and grassy plains,
I will keep walking onward,
towards the horizon that calls to me.

The path is steep, there are twists, and turns
and unyielding walls that we must climb to our future
but the view at the top-
it must be beautiful.
It'll all be worth it once I finally reach the peak
of the mountain we call

I'll get there someday,
but for now,
A day at a time
is all we can achieve.
If anime has taught me anything,
it's that life is never easy. There are mountain and valleys, storms and sunny days. But we fight through them all to reach the place we most want to be.
-T-hank you "Violet Evergarden", for inspiring this piece
divya chauhan May 20
Sparks liting up
Flooding my brain
Hold on, I said
I need to justify you
Before you implement
I want to transform you
For the better
So you make little change
That will spark the world
Noura May 20
Taking a step into my heart,
I will find the light in my darkest fight.
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