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तिम्रो बिचार पढेको भए
म ज्ञानी हुन्थिए होला
बुझेको भए
झन् ज्ञानी हुन्थिए होला

मेरो चकचक
तिमीले बुझेनौ
तिम्रो ज्ञान मैले बुझिन
धन्यवाद ।
शैली : मुक्तक
feebie 1d
In my father's eyes I was someone
special, treasured, his princess
he expected from me, just me
no more, no less

Before my father's eyes I grew
from small baby girl
to young woman
so fast the winds of time blew

Through my father's eyes
I could literally fly
do anything I set my mind to
even set the world alight

by my fathers eyes
I was never judged
accepted for who I am
though now jaded years later

I wonder how I would now be viewed
Through my father's eyes
for now he is not of this earth
and I can no longer disguise

through my father's eyes
I was lucky enough to see the world
through my father's now sightless eyes
builds a web of trouble and a myriad of lies.....
Anna 1d
so tell me why you're here
is it to relieve your mind with writing words?


is it to hear the words of others
to find relief?
Zel 2d
I gathered your words ‘cause you claimed to be unable to.

“Why are you here wasting your time talking to me?
I think you want to hear this **** as much as I want to tell it.

Picking me isn’t being picky.
I’m aware that I don’t have
high qualities.
I’m not down,
I’m just a little bit of a mess.
I’m not sad, just bothered.

I tried not to show it but you had to be a ***** and chose to see through.
It’s like a sick masochistic
habit of mine.
When it hurts, I make it hurt more.
I like to believe it’s to make myself remember not to make the same mistake.

I can’t imagine someone who would completely love themselves.
If you bully yourself enough, it becomes hard to handle some things.
I always kind of choked.

I’m hoping for some miracle here.
I want to matter.
I want to know what it’s like when someone wants me.
Not just someone, not just someone like me but exactly me and only me.
Anything, I don’t care what -
which would make someone desire only me.

The fact that you tried to
compliment me is the biggest
compliment of them all.
I just really don’t know why.

Anyways, this kind of stuff should be for my poetry if I could write one.”
He aspired to be a poet.
What if the princess was in love with the beast all along?
A stab for a word.
A shot in the dark.
We die for a look
trying to justify who we are.

With this incantation
this formula;

Let me choose my faction
Contradict this faith
Cause no one's contributing
To my collection plate

Imbued by escapades,
that gifted
my man,
his hood.

Protecting my pride
Portraying my promises
Pure or profane
For pleasures and pains

Pushed by pixels.  
Saline soaked tissues.
Rent, rats, respect, rules
Tend to tempt the next move.

Excuse the grime on my shoes,
the grim in my eyes
cause I can’t tell the consequence
of showcasing a kinder side
Well... sometimes I wish I could be alone, and sometimes I really feel alone. And it's a nice feeling for the most part. But having people who you can trust and be open with and love is always a nice thought. Despite the fact that most of the time they leave you stranded and isolated... but that's the beauty of numbness
Max 5d
Full of thoughts.
My head
Like a crowded room.

Every thought close to the
And bumping into eachother.

But when the music
It stops the race of
And the resulting memory loss.
Not my best work, sorry:(
a lot of ****
has me ****** up
rn but

steadily I'm
getting through
should i go anon?
उ बाँच र बाँच्न देउ भन्ने मान्छे
उ आफ्नै कर्ममा बाच्ने मान्छे
उ कल्पनामा डुल्ने, सपनामा रम्ने मान्छे
उ चरासँग बोल्ने, प्रकृतीसँग खेल्ने मान्छे
उ आफ्नै सिद्धान्तको कहिल्यै साथ नछोड्ने मान्छे
उ बिना गेरु आफूलाई जोगी ठान्ने मान्छे
उ मानवतालाई ठूलो धर्म मान्ने मान्छे

उ सधै आफ्नोपन खोज्ने मान्छे
उ मानिसको हुलमा विचारले एक्लो मान्छे
उ एक्लो संसारमा रमाउन जान्ने मान्छे

उ एक्लो संसारमा रमाउन जान्ने मान्छे
शैली : प्रेरणात्मक
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