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Mark Wanless Sep 12
is there a thought in
mind or habituation
there is not knowing
lua Aug 6
one night, i counted the seconds
the ones i could hear from my broken wall-clock
each tick was one second, and i would tap my fingertips together to count
reaching to the hundreds

running to catch a moving train,
id lose my train of thought
and start again

each tick, every second
is the amount of time to dot a page with the tip of a pen
to stipple it with ellipses
for a quiet read

one night, i counted the silence
the ticking between the words
i counted the periods, the commas
every pause that collected thoughts
and i wondered with my jumbled mind
on what the amount of time in a person's life is spent on thinking before speaking
pondering on what to say
til the last second

i think it comes with the fear of stumbling over your words
to get tongue-tied and garbled
the fear of embarrassment as you pick your sentences up from the floor
not knowing what to use in an appropriate manner
yet time ticks by, each second dotting the space
as you race for a response against
looking like a fool and looking like a fool
one with words unsaid and one with the wrong thing spoken

one night, i counted the seconds
i counted the dots when i would type a reply
the three dots of contemplation
and the conversation ends.
seated in a cafe
are in ocean
tides of
to one
wings of
and thought,
if only humans
knew of their
A foggy sky is called smoky,
A shooting star brings us hope
A selenophilia could be a imaginary narrative
For once we dreamt of what is real,
yet not aware
That all is a dream!
What's your dream?
They say fools rush in,
I should have held my horses,
And take a deep breath in.

It wasn’t your looks,
It wasn’t what you had,
It was the feeling I never had.

The way you looked at me,
Like I was the only girl in the world,
But you saw someone that wasn’t me.

No good bye or why,
You just vanished from my life,
It hurts I won’t lie.
When you looked at me,
I know you saw her,
because there is no other reason,
that you would leave me this hurt.
The Kimbeaux Jun 23
I feel that my presence
is a light
that’s needed.
I care a lot
of how others
are treated.

Joy is my purpose.
It’s an inside job.
I want to help others
on this journey we’re on.

I’m creative and it matters.

I’m athletic and it matters.

I’m resilient and I matter.

My presence on earth won’t last forever.

I’ll just become dirt again.
Before I do,
I’ll know that I mattered.
Coming out of a dark mental state after being sick.
Lydia Jun 22
when I was younger I had so much to say
I think I overdid it and spilled so much out
I have nothing left in my cup to even sprinkle
Man Jun 14
She's an amazing woman,
If only she thought similiary
Of me.
Accepting the gift was always easy

Committing to it was always hard

No compass, no road, no map could lead

No language, no gesture, no one to teach

No god, no idea, no love, no hate, no reaction, no purpose, no reason, no thought, no spasm,
no fiber,
no spark.

There, I broke it.
Man Jun 7
Cogito, ergo sum
But what do I think?
And what, pray tell,
What effect does this have
On my being?
If what I constitute
Is alone, based on action,
Based on thought
What can we say of man today?
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