Asiaa 12h
curly hair
little waist
w a yummy taste
pretty skin
funny laugh
juss so graced
this wasnt no mistake
she was

tht girl.

i made ache

too many breaks

i waited too long

no even pace

tht girl.
i miss your gorgeous face.
im not sayin no names of who im speakin on.
Honey drips from my mouth,
an endless cascade of gold
sickly sweet and clingy viscous,
gluing my lips together in a
delicious wall of sugary words

and silence.

Pry it free from sticky amber,
let the bitterness flow instead
like angry bees exiting their hive.
Stingers made not of poison nor
vicious intent meant to harm,

but of brutal honesty.
Jazz 2d
Silence is nothing but evidence of an empty mind
A clear indication that you've had more than you can handle
Everything in you windshield view is blurred
Faint outlines of people you used know
Now remain vague and distant
As you slowly become disconnected from reality
Your mind is polluted with nothing but white noise
Oblivious to light, you roam the distant halls of thought
As you dwell in the dark that somehow feels open
Slowly falling into the abyss of a conscious mind
Ahhh this is trending. TYSM!
liv 2d
it would be wrong to say someone’s self portrait drawing doesn’t look good wouldn’t it?
stupid thought
Bryan 4d
Does a poem need to posses a Title?
Is it so hard to read a couplet-
     A stanza-
       A metaphor-
And formulate,
     Our own ideas-
       Our own classification
About what has been created.
solfang 6d
I fell out of love
with the thought of
falling in love.
I think there's a phase in life where you'll stop fantasizing about love and focus more on what's really revolving around you
YOU are like the ocean
That pulls me to the shore.
YOU are like the rhythm
That moves me to the core.
YOU are like the therapy
I need when I feel low.
YOU lift my spirit
To make sure I pull through.
The time when I’m most cheerful,
It’s clear you are there.
YOU are like the needed friend
When no one seems to care.
Just show how important you're, just a look of yours will give me eternal peace even more than this alluring nature can.
rd Aug 10
A mere thought of you
sends ripples through.
A rush and a jolt
renders ecstatic tumult.
A seismic sensation;
thought of electrifying stimulation!
Reem Hajal Aug 8
their feet clicked along the marble floor,
blue, gold, and embroidered flowers
covered every tapestry of the castle.
click, click, click
chants rose in the air,
statues of past kings judged the dancers,
diamonds fell from ring fingers of maids,
my presence embellished by the eyes of the admirers.  
click, click, click
the horologe matched the tapping sound of the guests’ footsteps,
my time was running out.
click, click, click

an angel whispered,
“time was never real.”

(only this time, it was only my feet.)
We shouldn't expect
A star to shine
All the time
It also has a right
Just like us
To rest
When it gets exhausted
Once in a very long while
But that doesn't means
That we should
So easily forget
The way it shined
On so many nights
For so long
Just because it isn't
Bright enough
As per our wants
At the moment
Doesn't means
That it has eclipsed
Or extinguished
For forever
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