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I have spent so much time
caught in my own head

Trying to merely tread water
preventing myself from drowning

Losing touch with reality
my life lacking clarity
as the edges of each day and night
are dulled

Confined to a certain haziness
Caught somewhere between

                               Floating and ......
Anya 15h
Upon the clouds
The whimsical thought
Plops down
Falls straight through
The gaseous H2O
Into my head
Causing it to be penned
Which you have now read
Is there any wonder
why you're niche?
You speak of specifics,
in a world dumbfounded
by careful detail.
What the hell's the point of this?
Its creator better explain it to me,
if they want my sweet green sheets
of superfluous pillow stuffing.
Is there any wonder
why you're niche?
You speak of specifics,
and America speaks with money,
"Give me Very Easy, as
at the end of the day
I just want to wind down
my thoughts, and turn off my brain."
You're alone,
because you go,
"Hit me with that good shit!
I wanna think and speak
tongues with a loved one,
til we both change into eggs."

This is my song:
Where are my loves?
I thought misery
loved company.
Is there a question?
"Have you settled?"

What the fuck
you think?

Love is terrifying, like that.
It binds you from your judgment.

I have settled, yes.
Settled in, to the fact

That love just
like that.

Have I settled?
You really think there's more?

Capture excitement
while you can,


nish 4d
lying down
sitting back
looking at that
just looking

lost in thought
far away
don’t bring me back
i like it this way

most of our time
is spent in our heads
i solved poverty yesterday
then promtly had a breakdown

before i make
this world
a better place for you
i need to make my mind
a better place for me.
~mental health day

a day late, but better late than never
I get drunk just from
the thoughts of you.
Imagine what will happen
if you'll be close.

This is how you affect me.
sky 5d
i can't think
cause when i do
i'm thinking about the
thoughts that haunt my dreams
and when i dream
i dream about the thoughts
i can't think
Not letting your assumptions lead your emotions.
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