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D Fury 1h
Maybe, it would be better if we all slowed down a little
We should move less and think more
If our consciousness had more time to be conscious
We might come closer to peace.
how simple a thought
baby's do it around which
the whole world revolves
Jay 5d
You're a lucky penny
In a land full of rust,
A shining sea of glitter
Foaming with iridescence

You're a present to my life
A gift that keeps on giving-
Sometimes good,
Sometimes terrible.

"It's the thought that counts..."
Well I can't think a coherent thought
When your name crosses my mind.
April 9, 2021
I found this poem in my notes app...I literally forgot I wrote it
Anmol Mago May 6
Look through the window pane
beyond the silhouettes of dim lit faces
beyond the city skylines
beyond the cascading clouds
Into the horizon - infinite
Look into the vast nothingness
Which cradles our
petty civilisational ego
Like a mother unasking,  in it's kindness

In this rare moment
elation of the soul
pure joy flowing through your veins
untainted by sorrow
A gamut full of emotions bursting through your gut
A universe gushing through your eyes.
Om Ah Hung
She lives in my daydreams,
stealing me from reality,
from the one that looks like her,
that is her.
All I think about is being with  her
My eyes are,
Up in the air,
Where your eyes should be too.
Strive to be your own person.
Brett May 4
The ice from the sun
Paints frost upon the roads

The sun is different here
          Far more glimmer than shine
Dangling conveniently from a string

The sky wears its blemishes
As each passerby stitches their heart upon their sleeve
          Bloodstained fabrics
          I stand naked on the street

          Or maybe,

Costumed faces
Pay no mind
As the birds fly south in Spring
TTagain May 1
I'm not even strong enough
To tell myself
How weak I am
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