Jacey 9h
I thought I knew him.
I thought I loved him.
But I was wrong.
And he was wrong for me.
unnamed 22h
They're applauding the madmen
The magicians need to hide
Prophets with pens are shushed
The heroes are on the other side

The beggar spits blood on the streets
The death car is late again
Money is invisible now
All pleasure is pain

The girl with the glasses smiles
She thinks its all good
The wolf has been prying and
She's no red riding hood

The masked men are looking
For reasons to kill
Run for cover,hide
You know the drill

The crying kids are poking
Their dead mother's remains
She won't come back to life
Her blood has filled the drains

The future ones are fidgeting
They're trying to make some noise
But they all look the same now
And they all think alike

The daydreamer sips his coffee
And writes bullshit in blue
He thinks he knows but
He doesn't have a clue.
Structure is
defining art
framing it
in such
that Art
has no choice...
other than
-to defy it.
A lone troubadour
Hums his lonely composition
He stares at his reflection
Forged from the puddle at his feet

His humming falls silent
The puddle disturbed by a single tear
This lone troubadours pen
Has ran dry
Timeless grace
Secret rhyme
Mellow magic
Voice of a heart
Consoles the soul
A peaceful culture
Deep silence
Just, soul and rhythm
With a rainbow bridge
Lark of solitude
Do you feel the rhythm?
From a drop of ocean
Tune, channel of thought
Never heard!
Create a Ocean within
Forget the ideologies
Feel no limits
Express, words in the rain

Learn a lesson
Humane melody
Genre: Romantic
Have you ever questioned conventionality?
Or you just live on as long as it doesn't bother you?
Do you just live on without questioning the world's savagery?
Or you just live on as long as it doesn't bother you?

Not me

Life injure the unprepared immensely
Life impacts people differently
Life changes people
Life kills


With light there's dark
With good there's evil
Two sides of the coin with a slim inbetween

Sometimes that middle is strong enough to keep the polars separated
Sometimes that middle is delicate enough to crumble with the wind
Sometimes that middle is nonexistent and conflicts arise everyday
Sometimes that middle is those who are apathetic for the issue

That middle is most of us

I invite you all to think about what's normal
to challenge the small things
to help those in need
to not be ignorant and think
to shed conventionality
to think outside the box
to look at the world from both sides
to be patient despite triggering thoughts
to not harm, not judge
to start small and change yourself and others around you
I invite you all to be kind and tolerant and smart and helpful
Take action to change, take the initiative to turn words to actions

With light there's dark
With good there's evil
Two sides of the coin with t slim inbetween
Break conventionality and change.
This was a little thought that popped into my head today. After hearing all the different things happening in the world, there is no way for us to survive unless we join hands.
Only few knows, why I write  
I am mute  

Let my head work.
Theme: #metoo
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