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annh Oct 3
You tilted your halo at me,
While I was polishing my horns,
A twinkle in your eye,
A prayer on your lips;
I can resist anything except temptation.
Can you?

‘There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.’
- Mark Twain

The penultimate line is borrowed from the playful and flirtatious character of Lord Darlington in Oscar Wilde’s comedy of manners, ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’.
Tommy Randell Sep 13
Online I met
A Poet From Another Planet
It was coincidental
We didn't plan it

But one thing about
Such Close Encounters
For a moment there
Both poets counted

In the scheme of things
Who knows what matters
As one Poet waves
And they briefly natter

Twinkle Twinkle
Another Poet
We thought there was life
But now we know it!
Star BG Apr 16
In breath I twinkle
inside a hello poetry sky.
Stars sing along
as night hours make room
for a creative flow.

Sometimes my verse sings
daintily as moon joins in
to dance with beams.
Other times the HP sky
becomes a stepping stone
for deep travel into verse.

When sun rises and takes command
in changing of the guard
the sun of Hello poetry sky continues
as my heart sings in gratitude.

We are indeed a team
making the best of a creative land
and open sky.
Thank you HP

Twinkle twinkle HP sky
How I ponder with a why.
Why my words become so deep
that is when I take a seat.
Twinkle twinkle I will write
HP site your out of sight.
Her moon is the everlasting cream
In my coffee of stars.
I stir in the hopes she appears
In half dark twinkles of night.
My hands warm in the bistro of
She leans against my lips
& my emotions erupt in hot steam.
A love like hers silk as cream,
Easing down my throat.
I stir until half dark twinkles are covered.
I stir until only the smallest bit is shown.
Her moon the everlasting cream,
In my coffee of stars.
The taste forever lingering on my tongue.
This cream a kiss that orbits much of the world.
A romance I taste with each sip,
In my coffee of stars
Poetress2 Apr 2
As I lay awake one evening,
with thoughts speeding through my head;
I knew sleep was evading me,
so I wrote this poem instead.
It did not come quite easily,
as the poems I've penned before;
But I knew that I had much to say,
so I continued to write some more.
I lacked an idea or topic,
was I penning this poem in vain;
Then I began to contemplate,
the sun, the moon, and the rain.
Deep within my troubled Soul,
Christ Jesus came to my mind;
He who created the moon to glow,
and the sun in the Heavens to shine.
He calmed the storm with His hand,
as He calms the storms in my life;
He made a miraculous Rainbow,
and the stars to twinkle at night.
I then began to see Jesus,
in the trees, the grass, and the sky;
Thus I began to see clearly,
God's handiwork in my own life.
Pyrhos Mar 9
Twinkle twinkle little star
I'm down here and you're so far
What could I possibly do
To meet in the sky with you?

Looking up and aiming high
As you keep passing me by
Ladders, ships and hopeful wings
Songs your constellation sings

For you I will learn to fly
Up into the sky so high
Oh how beautiful a tune
As I ascend to the moon

Now you are finally close
Discovery grandiose
Heaven opens up to see
Stars laid bare in front of me

Thank you thank you little star
For making me come so far
Now I see where I belong
Skies of awe-inspiring song

After all, why would I vie
For someone who passed me by?
Faulty motivations can lead to good results in rare cases
Twinkle twinkle little star,
I want to hit you with a car.
Throw you of a tree so high,
hope you break your neck and die.
Twinkle twinkle little star,
I want to hit you with a car...
I was bored. I had this stupid song in my head. So, I made a death version. Hope yall enjoy! :) Sweet dreams.
Rowan Elizabeth Dec 2018
red, blue
purple, white

the many colors
of your light

when you,
shine down

you illuminate,
every thing 'round

twinkling above,
to light up smiles

your glow
can be seen for miles
juliet Nov 2018
belle femme soleil
eccentric pulchritude
little roses and
echo from her
face with
elusive shadow tears. she
mourns for years and years…
my fair lady, sing your melody,
energizing the heavens with your
song of the sun and sea
over the hills and far away
little stars twinkle in your
empty soul
in your moon drunken heart, tell me which you dread more, the
lie, the echo or the answer
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