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leeaaun Jul 2023
in the darkness of the night so deep,
i wondered why your heart won't sleep,

my soul spoke up, a question sown,
to your heart's mystery, unknown

stars above, they twinkle bright,
but your heart hides in endless night,

my soul implored, with a gentle start,
why's your heart, dear, keeping apart?
Svetoslav Oct 2021
Your stars were blinking, and skies were twinkling.
Your chariot brought enlightenment to me.
Uncertainty was stripping my soul.
The sugar you sprinkled across my hearth ignited the flames melting it.

With a smiling face, you hid me from a rainy night.
The moment you turned towards me, I was rescued and free.
Like a scarlet moon, you ignited the fire and light within me.
Wilkes Arnold May 2021
I saw a man on the bus
With a shaggy beard
And a shaggy dog
His eyes twinkled before they closed
Then he burped
Hamna Apr 2021
There is a woman,
With heaven underneath her feet.
When I take a glimpse of her eyes,
I forget about the stars.
For the twinkle of her eyes is better than that of stars.
When I gaze at her lips,
I forget about the crimson of roses.
For her lips are far rosier.
When I hear her laugh,
I forget about the nightingale.
For her voice is far too merry.
But do you know who this woman is?
She is Mama the Marvellous.
In your pearly eyes
I see the twinkling night skies
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
Stars always became tangled in her hair when she played in the sky.
They twinkled like glitter on her skin when she stood beneath the red, hot sun and glowed in the darkness of his shadow.
This isn't really a poem. It's more like a pretty thought. It was written in 2016.
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
Imagine, I am sitting
at the piano.
Imagine, you come to sit
beside me-to join me.
And while I am playing,  out of the corner
of my eye, I see the twinkle
in yours. The longing in your eyes,
because I caress the keys of the piano
so softly, and you hope, that
I might, one day, do the same
But I am no more than a simple musician.
So imagine this, I can play the piano,
but    I could
          make you
This poem was written in 2016.
Giovanna Nov 2020
Wear a mask of smiling face,
that the truth is impossible to trace
but you always spot the tear in the twinkle of my eye
cause you are too hard to lie!
Spriha Kant Oct 2020
For concealing myself from the wicked eyes of melancholy , I tightly hug reverie and melt into its fragrance on intertwining with it as a twinkling soul.
Cardboard-Jones Sep 2020
Au Revoir, twinkle star.
It’s okay to cry a little, baby.
As the night comes to play,
I’ll be here for you to claim me.

Thanks to Gene, I can see,
How the world is pure imagination.
But it means not a think
If you can’t share in my elation.

As you sleep, dream of me,
In your world of slumber animation.
Won’t be long, sing this song,
And I promise it will hasten.

So bonsoir, little star.
Wrap yourself inside your little blanket.
I’ll be here for you dear,
Just as you always expected.
I'm obsessed with Pure Imagination from ***** Wonka so I used the style to make this lullaby. I don't know if this is considered an original work because of that but I don't care. I just like it! I hope you do too! Oh, and au revoir and bosoir mean goodbye and good evening in french respectively
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