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Lisa Conway Apr 17
Colours of the day fade
From the dazzle of the day
To muted tones of twilight
Until the sky in all its splendour
Show the bright red of the setting sun
The flaming colours of yellow and orange
Magnificent brightness, uplifting spirit
To gently fade away and slowly change
To electric blues and purples
Then a twinkle, the flickering
Of the first stars coming out to play
Lighting up the dark sky with their brilliance
Suddenly a trail lights up the velvety blackness
A shooting star blazing across the sky
The radiance of the moon gives everything it touches
An otherworldly glow, an eerie light
Until the sun starts her rise and the sky
Lightens once again, Chasing away the dark
Flooding the sky with light

© L Conway 2020
Mrs Anybody Feb 17
Warm sunbeams
cold snow

Making it
like stars

the snow
to its
original form
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rgz Dec 2019
You fluttered in
all red breasted and eye catching
in a robbing mood
but who would steal a broken heart?
and who would ever keep it
BEK Oct 2019
Rid me of this burdensome curse
A power envied by many
Yet I have no desire for such

Let your eyes twinkle
Illuminating all that is beautiful and kind

With no influence from
The fright inducing hypnosis
Inside these piercing black eyes
annh Oct 2019
You tilted your halo at me,
While I was polishing my horns,
A twinkle in your eye,
A prayer on your lips;
I can resist anything except temptation.
Can you?

‘There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.’
- Mark Twain

The penultimate line is borrowed from the playful and flirtatious character of Lord Darlington in Oscar Wilde’s comedy of manners, ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’.
Tommy Randell Sep 2019
Online I met
A Poet From Another Planet
It was coincidental
We didn't plan it

But one thing about
Such Close Encounters
For a moment there
Both poets counted

In the scheme of things
Who knows what matters
As one Poet waves
And they briefly natter

Twinkle Twinkle
Another Poet
We thought there was life
But now we know it!
Star BG Apr 2019
In breath I twinkle
inside a hello poetry sky.
Stars sing along
as night hours make room
for a creative flow.

Sometimes my verse sings
daintily as moon joins in
to dance with beams.
Other times the HP sky
becomes a stepping stone
for deep travel into verse.

When sun rises and takes command
in changing of the guard
the sun of Hello poetry sky continues
as my heart sings in gratitude.

We are indeed a team
making the best of a creative land
and open sky.
Thank you HP

Twinkle twinkle HP sky
How I ponder with a why.
Why my words become so deep
that is when I take a seat.
Twinkle twinkle I will write
HP site your out of sight.
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