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can we dream about the future,
without living in the now?
can we please just fantasize,
about what we want to be,
instead of where we are,
will you dream with me?
I once was the most beautiful poem

But then I exhaled, and with my misted sigh I let go the words that held me to reality

And I flew.
Spirited- a short poem for a runaway soul
Those eyes that stare
Share stories
That no words could tell
It’s in a gesture
In a slant of the shoulder
In the weight of a sigh
Aurora Feb 2
I suddenly realized
I have a very big hole
In my heart
That everyone I know
Fall of
Robert Feb 1
please could you just stop sighing
and tell me what's eating you
it's okay if what you say
ends up hurting me
but I won't let you
suffer alone
it's hard
I know
I care
and we can get through this
maybe not all rainbows and smiles
but together
we will
Anna2000 Jan 22
You said it was my sigh
one of desolation, dissent,
that prompted you
that ubiquitously grey day,
to place your soul on that frigid, wooden bench
at a bus stop of all places,
right beside mine.

You made a comment
where was I going,
dressed so sharp and solemn,
with a distinct aura of resignation,
and startled from my reverie
the fog was blown from my mind,
by you, so cool and clear.

You tell me now
that you had no real reason
besides perhaps a distant curiosity,
to sit by me in the brisk twilight.
But as I boarded the bus,
not far behind,
I planted myself right next to you.

It was then you claim you knew,
that the rest was history.
Rain Dec 2018



Oh, and education, I guess.
Pretty much sums it up.
Zeynep Çiçek Dec 2018
You’ve closed your doors
For the time being
Sealed shut your windows
Your walls
Closed the curtains
To blind my eyes
To your breathtaking
I don't remember when I wrote this but it seems alright so I put it here
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