Jathan Hall Jan 11

What is this you speak?
The spread of thighs?
The show of teeth?
Yet and still I do seem meek
I wonder if it's somehow exculpatory
My fears
The sides of my story
The blood, the horror, and in fact the glory
But still I toss that for you
I've yet to learn and share
The constant state of being aware
The words lingering in the air
I cannot enjoy only ensnare
This Janus - faced figure of my affections
It's true
What is the real motive and direction?
If only I didn't constantly have to question
But I was still crazy for you

An old draft

I guess that's where I went wrong
because who could have told me
that not seeing an end
and seeing a future
were two very

guess loving too much engulfed me in my own flame again
Celeste Briefs Dec 2017

The infant Earth
Ripens in Her womb
Warmth of connection,
Sigh of full birth,
A crystal drop of moon
That night she did consume

Laid out upon
Her bed of dreaming flowers,
Legs spread apart, in openness,
Giving and receiving,
With each calm, awakening hour,
From the eternal canals of Her love

Her breasts were full
Of milk and glowing ashes
Of long-remembered stars,
Combined to form
The sweet mixture of vitality
She freely gave to all Her daughters
With Love and overflowing bliss

Her long, flowing hair
Whispered in the wind
She'd woven for us,
Glistening as the sunlight
Kissed Her head,
Smiling down upon
The new-born babe
She held securely in Her arms,
Eyes full of wonder,
She laughed and Her laughter was the rain
And as Her child
Suckled Her ever-burning heart,
The sun faded into Moon and Stars
In Her eyes,
And the twilight sky sang an evening song,
The trees held out their arms
To hold their overflowing dreams,
And the earth held Mother and Child
In its arms
As the Goddess lay down
And closed her eyes
To sleep.

i n h a l e s
e x h a l e s
she’ll remember you
the reason she’s sighing
and sleeping with
a heavy heart
right now

baby angel Oct 2017

Jeg tror du er den perfekte menneske;
jeg tror du er en dårlig menneske.
Det er så bra, det er så dårlig,
det er så trist, det er så nytt.
Slå meg som dette: med smilt ditt og med øynene dine.

"You are everything"

"I think you are the perfect person,
I think you are a bad person.
It's so good, it's so bad,
it's so sad, it's so new.
Hit me like this: with your smile and with your eyes."
Sarah Xander Oct 2017

sometimes I can't help but think how my life would be without you

you make me more depressed than happy
but I know deep down you wish you could make me smile
it's not your fault it's mine
I should have stayed in line.
but the things I feel always get caught in the way
im sorry that I love you, dear
I really wish I hadn't
I am really sorry that I love you, dear
sometimes these things happen.

Gul e Dawoodi Oct 2017

All my thoughts and all of my poems;
end up on the exact same line
Do we keep stumbling over the rocks till we die?
Or does everything at the end turns out to be fine?
Are we becoming who we wanted to be?
Or are we mere puppets tied to strings?
What life tries to teach us as we live?
Since all I see is struggle as I wait for time to be kind.

head spinning too fast, emotions spilling too much, please, leave me here untouched

depression really fucking sucks
Anomaly Oct 2017

Today I laid in bed a total of 7 more minutes than I should have
before rushing to get ready for work.
I let that sinking feeling pull me under.
Drowning in my own bed,
No thoughts actually running through my head,
Just a mind numbing realisation that I’ll have to get up at some point.  
But I just laid there.
No emotion on my face.
Eyes glued to the ceiling
Blinking every 4 seconds,
Before letting out a long sigh
as if my soul had been sent back to me.
Then i caried on with the day as normal.

This is just a small section of what it’s like waking up for a person with depression. There are many people in the world who suffer with such an extreme depression that they can’t actually gather the mental strength to get out of bed. I believe that this issue should be recognised world wide. Thank you for reading x
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