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newpoetica Sep 23
touch my thigh,
make me sigh,
as you ask why,
as i lie
and say "oh, nothing."
JAW Sep 17
You caught me staring
Smiles exchanged
to nervous to ever look back
But I do
Continuously admiring you
i see my reflection on a tear that fell from my eye
a deep breathe, a sigh
wrapped around a word and a lie.

all the things that's said and done
all the leaps i took from where our story begun
all the times i failed to realize the compliments were just for fun...

now I'm holding onto a breath with all my might
all the hurt i hide and the pain i fight
i  just pray to god he never cries the way i cried....
Bad Vibes Jun 13
I have an intensly difficult time opening up to anyone. I have been burned so many times, yes, but this isn't about that.

It's about the way you will look at me when I tell you how my mood swings from happily eating ice cream for dinner to throwing out all the food in my house because I should stop eating forever.

It's about the things you will say when I tell you I want to drive my car off a bridge the day after we had a grand time at happy hour.

It's about the energy I will feel when I explain why I don't let myself get too happy anymore because I am afraid that will be it for me - the best memory I will ever have.

It's about the people you will call and the places you will put me when I finally say how I feel about my life and my desire for it to end.

It's all about what I know will happen.

This is why I stay quiet and I cry alone in my bed. This is why I put a smile on each day and break down as soon as I step through my front door. This is why I will never tell you how I feel because I know the moment I do, life will never be the same for us again.

In all reality, everything I do is to protect the ones I love. I stay alive because I couldn't bear to put anyone through the hassle of dealing with my dead body. I keep quiet because I can't burden you with my words. I cover it all up, keep it shoved down deep because I will never open up this storm of emotion to a person who lives life in such an unapologetically perfect way.

I am here because of you. I am still breathing because of you. But I am still hoping that one day, unprompted, you give me permission to leave. THAT is when I will breath a sigh of relief.

i am not
of stone, for,
while strong you
alone bring out my
weakness. a thousand
days of promises to keep
all melting away, a teardrop
falling against your skin; what a
single word from your lips can do.
no, i cannot be of stone, but i can be
fresh, newly liberated soil; a place where
a heavy stone had lain for longer even than
the earth can remember. touch the ground, and
put your hand against me, and wonder to yourself
if you have ever felt something so smooth, and soft,
and cooling against your palm. new earth freed from
a stone is not strong, but its smell is very rich, and
alive, and when you breathe it you are smelling
life itself, and when you touch it you become
a part of something bigger than yourself
for a moment or two... but why am i
writing about something that you
already know all about?

lost all day
as i waited for
something though i
don't even know what
it was; maybe just to
feel it, your hand
against me, it
so soft
iron & wine - time after time (cyndi lauper cover)
KMH May 17
When you call out my name
And you smile and wave,
I smile because, well,
Why wouldn’t I smile?

But sometimes,
Hours later when I lie
Awake in bed and smile
To myself, I learn to hate
That smile.

Because you always,
always smile at me,
and never for me.
Never in the way
you smile for her.
© KMH 2019
Sometimes I hate my heart.
Sometimes I get caught
In a thought.
I see all these humans,
In the lives they
Ought to bloom in.
Often I'll get a glimpse.
A lover winks,
A mother sings,
A friend laughs.
and in between their breaths,
A sigh.
In the space between
Where words can't be seen,
There is always a deeper sadness.
I think everyone is tired.
You can see the weariness in
Cracks on aged skin.
You can see the desperate
Grasps of youth
Trying to find their purpose
Before it's too late.
Time moves fast.
But who is to say that we can't
Make the most of it?
It is true,
You can close the lid of
Your eye
And in a mere blink,
Years have gone by.
Don't waste it.
Live the best life you can,
Full of laughs, love, and excitement.
Don't dwell on things too hard.
For in a second,
It'll all be gone.
And you'll wonder
Where the time went.
AnxiousOcean May 10
Here I am again,
feeling what I feel,
thinking what I think.
I have tons of emotions inside,
tremendous storms, as they may.
but never could I ever find
the words for me to say.
TD Apr 20
A moth to the flame
that’s what I am,
And I only have myself to blame.
I really didn’t mean to rhyme folks. This is what came out. Lol
EmVidar Apr 18
I don't know if it's because
we stopped caring about the truth
or if
we never told it in the first place

-em vidar
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