Zel 3d

well isnt it nice that you found something in me that I couldn't, because the past keeps holding on to pieces that don't matter and expired words that I never meant. I'm laying in bed thinking that you're probably sleeping like I should be, and that your mouth doesn't have this unending hunger for mine like I do for yours, but here I am. Praying to all the Gods that you love me the same way you love your old noir films, I want to say that jesus I want you to be mine like how I was already yours the first night we fucked like animals. And I'm saying that I'm so overwhelmed with feelings for you and it sucks because I'm not good at poetry and you have a way with words that just takes my breath away. It's almost 2 am and everything from you feels like home to me.

aryanalynae Jul 2

sighing through the evening,
i can't help but feel that sigh.
i'm pausing for a moment,
but the moment passes by

Sun Jun 25

Take me there          
where my breathing
can be mingled
with your dreams
Is it too far
Where you sigh
   I turn Blue ?

Thousand Miles Far or
Close to feel the breaths
--nika Jun 11

there's a sense of loneliness that creeps up my heart at 2 in the morning. it is the loneliness that i have felt since you left without any goodbyes.

i look up and see nothing but the emptiness of a dimly lit and cold room - shivering, not because of the cold breeze the air conditioning blows but because of the lost of the warmth from your words and presence. maybe, you can drop a message or a note? something that can remind me of you, oh God, who am i kidding? everything reminds me of you.

it is the stuffed toy that still lies on a spot beside my pillow, hoping that somewhat it can give me comfort.

the glow in the dark stars on my cabinet; because you've always loved science, the stars and space.

my brother's bedsheet; just because coincidentally, he had to have it in your favorite character.

some poem that i've scrolled through; just because the words fit you like a puzzle.

just like that, everything is all about you.

you always seem to find a way to make it back into my life without knowing it, nor wanting it. because in reality, all these are just my excuses to remember you, even if you don't remember me at all.

after all this time
Cherisse May May 18

I hope
My preferences
In both men and women
Do not scare you away.

I hope that
She's happier with him
Because at least I tried
And I don't mind at all.

And for once,
I've decided to finally,
Move on and let go.

And yes,
Finally, I've started
To like you
After all the shit we've been through.

Yes, I like both sexes. Isn't this a breath of relief? Gaga, makamove on, parang naging kami eh di niya nga alam eh haha kbye

She sings a sweet tune
With a whisper and a sigh
One heart passing by

Butter hued flowers,
From tip to toe, the tree sighs;
Burden of beauty.

And then you follow me to bed,
rest your head on my chest
And I think to myself:
'My sweetheart
is finally here.'

Delilah Saw Mar 5

filled up with enmity coiling up inside
The chest billows up
Thy want to heave it out
Then destined to tranquility

The claws scratch the flesh
Death gnaws on the remnants of longevity
Unless visions have a chest
To burst out into effervescence

Spontaneous sigh is kicked out of your breath
The clavicles sharpen, the eyes ogle ahead
The nothingness dilates
The flicker has no entrance for itself to adumbrate

For utopia has its own gore
To marvel over inside,
The plasters of bliss
Have guffawed over the gullible dusk

The gloom has left with a whisper
A muttering not to be heard
The relief has sewed on flesh
With the clouds coming out of thy outburst

The relief rebirths the serenity
Has been meandered, halted
For thou shed leaves
Making agony to clouds of no return

Utopic defiance,
the idiosyncratic anectodes
Stains of externalized innundation
For the literal existance of hope.

Midnight Rain Jan 25

life slips like
through the
ripped seams
       of my
      and i can
                    do nothing
but watch

with dread
as every



where has my life gone?
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