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EmVidar 4d
of the things
you used to say
but you're gone now
so why did the fear stay

-em vidar
OCD is a mind wreaking thing
that starts slow
just like a rollercoaster
but as soon as we think,
it's the end here,
there is another up and down motion
that controls our head.

It goes out of control
and the kind of restlessness,
it gives, is nobody can think of.
To think beyond its web,
becomes next to impossible.

You lose your sleep or either sleeps a lot
just to hide from the fears that lingers in your head.
Every breath ends with a sigh!
It's horrible!
I have felt it that's why I know it.
2:39 AM - Cadence Aurora / Vampirecadence
Poetic T May 1
I was always moving around,
a step that stops isn't
meant to be moving anymore.
               Well I'm always being told.
So I carry on walking.

But in my line of
work, I'm on the road
more often than I'm not.
                    And some times I'm
in places just mere hours.

Could I stay, would I
want to ever settle down,
don't know really, I sigh.
If I were to quit
            my day job, I laugh..

Go on as you mean
to, tread faster than
the foot behind you.
I'm always on my toes,
          A trail of breadcrumbs.

That's all I leave them.
        Wish you were here's,
wrote in blooded pride.
       Silent but deadly, leaving odours.
A new man walks in pride..
Rupert Pip Apr 24
Under the gentle hug of a cherry blossom spring
She found herself while lost at sea.
Rain soaks through her precious skin
As the wooden raft rocks over violent waves.

‘Breathe…’ she murmurs to herself.
The cotton touch of grass wraps around her fingers.

Her mind snaps back to the terrible terrain.
Lost. Bewildered. Endangered.
Unsafe as those who hang from tall places,
as scared as those who beg to rich faces.

‘Breathe…’ she murmurs to herself.
The sun and moon exhale.
Their whispers kiss her lips.
Her body enveloped in natures tender care
While chemicals fight with angered cries.

The wooden planks break.
The sea removes her breath.
Drowning in the face of it all
While her lungs are filled with water.

‘Breathe…’ she murmurs to herself.
‘What’s wrong with here and now?’
A leaf falls down and greats her body.
Like a warm day,
She glows.
‘Breathe...’ she murmurs to herself.
Jenish Mar 8
Green quill glides down from gray sky
Sweet song sung soft on branch high
Is she cried for her lost love?
While he lay down, a grave sigh.
The images of you
are sore sights to my innocent
eyes. Every adventure
with you made time
slow down and our coincident
heart beats flutter.
The shape of you was meant
to fit on my chest,
now loneliness tortures
my mind with the concept
of you.
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