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you are as pretty as a star,
but unfortunately,
just like that celestial body,
you’re also a million miles away.

I am a thin sliver of doubt

floating upon a sea of devastating tranquility.

Yet I dream with the velocity

of exploding stars.


As planet Earth rotates at 1,000 miles per hour,

my mind twirls with dream-time possibilities;

like a ball on a string we simultaneously zoom

around a lemony sun at 66,000 miles per hour.


Even when I try to cease these clock-tick movements

the chemistry of life churns onward as heartbeat by heartbeat

my body rifles through space-time.

In the massive serenity of the moment

I sense the glacial churn of the Milky Way;

though our spiral arm spins at 483,000 miles per hour,

it still feels like swimming in molasses.


As I sink deeper into this cosmic mirror-land

I hear the faint rattle of a snake’s tail

as my perspective morphs again.

Relative to the Cosmic Background Radiation,

the Milky Way barrels through space-time

at 1.3 million miles per hour.


As my essence bathes in the faint

universal whispers of the big bang

I taste millimeter-sized wavelengths

bursting with the flavor of human epiphany,

for I suddenly know that,

since the formation of the Sun and Earth,

the quarks that compose my body

have spun around the Milky Way twenty times.


I am a thin sliver of doubt

floating upon a sea of devastating tranquility.

Yet I dream with the velocity

of exploding stars.
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Isaac 2d
City stretching wide,
Touching on every side.
Buildings so high,
They look beyond the sky.
Space a playground of travel,
So vast it can only baffle.
Time a never ending maze;
We can subdue every phase.
Written 31 May 2020
The sun skims
the blue dome;
the ice rims
the sea's foam.

The Lord's grace
the ball break
the deep space
that's deep fake.
Under the bow
of a failing nebula
floats a time capsule
full of unused bandwidth
and disappearing summers

Swimming-pool eyes
they're in remission
discovering Columbus
on the starboard side
of this standard suburban saltbox

Fragility and risk is this
cosmic companionship
rowing to latitude
through dark matter
seiche or refracted

The oncoming tide
will mean a migration of steep passages
"though shiny, sculpted pebbles
spoke of frequent waves
the sea was docile that day"
Inspired by the poem "in love with to the north sea (swinburne)" by fellow HP writer, beth fwoah dream stclair.
Two young souls sat within the towering grass of an endless field.

They watched an infant universe dance out from a bottle, new life revealed.

As they watched and studied, their minds were filled with questions where the answers became lost in a void.

The boy so curious, he became furious because no answers to the burning questions made him annoyed.

As the patient child gazed in amazement at what they just discovered, the impatient child stood up and over the bottle, his foot hovered.

The patient child jolted upward and screamed a piercing sound
as the impatient child's foot hit the ground.

Under his ****** foot laid the remnants of an early life.

With no remorse, he walked off while the crying child held the shattered pieces in her hand and asked "why can't we have anything nice?".
(c) Ryan Kane 2020
LIGHT May 24
in all of my life
of not taking advice
i shot at the stars
and they all fell down

as good intentioned was i,
in the blink of an eye,
the gods were all silent
as they all hit the ground

an honest mistake
i distinguished too late
for the seas were ablaze
and in the ashes i drowned

now i wander the skies
ignited for all of time
until the cycle repeats
for a new Earth i found
the first poem in my rough draft collection
Astronauts: float beyond my view.
Lovers: Say things that are not true.
But astronauts: they meant something to you.
So for me, they do too.
Thomas Goss May 21
The Sound Of A Teardrop Distilled Into Alien Ears

the faultless sun
sure shot us
an indecipherable gaze
that day

we drifted to the
atmosphere’s edge

like an orchid blooming
against the defunct metal
of an orbiting satellite

we were left stranded
on the rooftop of the world

where regret pools
in wailing shadows

together we formed Pterodactyl wings
and flew away on thin sheets of skin,
the prehistoric wind brimming
with the fitful sleep of ancient matter

2. Her Superior Genetic Architecture

a black-skirted spaceship
hiding in the glare of the sun

stepping lightly down
from the clouds

the brightness of her face
swaying under the slow-churning skies

beneath her
doors creak open
in anticipation

the brightness of her face
swaying under the slow-churning skies

the world greedily swallows
her rings of ambrosia
in savory lumps

leaving nothing
for the scurrying insects below
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