When the Silence became the only Resort!
When no Places else to be visited!
When words are small enough not be be seen!
What Space is left is a space not to breath!
Being Lost won't be defined!
You start questioning your Silence!

Love is a thief.
I never asked for my
focus to be stolen.
You never meant to
take it from me, I'm sure,
but its gone now.
I've always said love should be a synergy of
two whole people. Despite this claim, I find myself
newly unwhole. I lust for wholeness.
You cliched me.

Love is a humaniser.
All my life I've been
an alien, grey specimen
trapped and bound in pale white skin.
I've never felt comfortable in this form.
I want to be light, energy, flowing out of here
and through the world
and the stars and all.
Only, you
make me now feel human.
Breath comes easy.
I still yearn for outer space,
but maybe we could go together.
If you wanted.

Love is a would-be assassinator.
It possesses your mind and your fists,
a dark green spirit. It targets wandering
eyes, and it loathes

Love is a fear of inevitable "see you later"s.

Love is an all-conquering now.
The past is dead and
the future isn't real
but we believe in those illusions
until we come together.

Love is half-burnt coffee on a dark November morning, as mist haunts the air outside of the old kitchen we inhabit.

Only in finite books
can we find
all the infinities of life.

Jay Lewis Jun 15

It's funny to think,
This whole universe,
and I am here with you.
And yet we're so far away.
Neither of us can say,
How we really feel.
It's a pleasure, a pain.
Of falling in love.

Your pupils are like Black holes,
they expand and I get lost in them every time.
I get pulled, pushed into your gaze and I lose my train of thought.
And think, "why is there space between us?"
In that moment,
I forget about all the things that bother me when I fall asleep at night.
And I wonder, "why aren't you here with me?"

I breathe.
Realise that this is it.
You may not have been my first love.
But you've made me forget that I've ever been broken.
And that's all I've ever wanted in anyone.

Dark zombie star
Survivor of universal fire
Your exact and spinning lyre of numbers won't hold on tonight
So far as to even say
That every time I'm crying on my knees
I see you up there so far
Your sphere's so black and gold
Lead and honey
Swirling in fiery fervour
Star-Spiders weaving your silky wrath
perverted ecstasy of existence -
Going insane -
kicking and sinking
Twisting and seething in raw harmony
alone for all these years
It's the light of hollow gloom
A darkness of indestructible math
Which shines in invisible smouldering cause
Its hidden maps predetermined
It's a dance for the ages
A death for the life of another
Fate conspires
To form the grotesque out of fissures of beauty

Get out of my head
Ollie 7d

I think if I were in a place right now
I’d be in the eye of the hurricane
It’s like, I can see the world falling apart around me
But it’s calm here where everything floats
The problem about this
Is that if something happens to you, it happens to me
That’s hard to explain
So I’m not gonna try
Another problem is that the eye of a hurricane can’t do anything about it especially when I’m visually impaired and my eyes don’t work
So what am I supposed to do with another eye, attach it to my forehead and hope it works?
That’s not how it works
I wrote a poem called The Way It Works not too long ago
And the problem with that is that I’m getting too relatable
But that’s all I know how to do
I have this hobby of memorizing things
If you give me anything I can memorize it if I have the interest and the time
Another bit is that I know how to rhyme
Right off the top of my head, sitting here in my bed
Goddamn, I could win a rap battle
But I won’t
Cause I stutter and I trail off my sentences and I’m second best and mumble anyway
There’s more room in the eye, I swear
Come sit next to me
Stay awhile
Make me smile
I’ll do the same for you(as long as your words are true)
I keep changing my background on my computer to space
So I think maybe my mind is one of its own
But what if I’m just a hurricane
And this series of poems is me trying to figure out
Until eventually I’m not a labyrinth
Or a galaxy
Or space
Or even a hurricane
I’m just a good, dead, 6 feet under goddamn blunder who didn’t know what to do with their life, not exactly
Right now I’ll be the eye of the hurricane but it’ll change tomorrow
So be careful
I don’t want you to be sitting next to me in here when the playlist plays Strangers

Well. I dunno anymore.
Danny Dec 8

A darkening sky covers an expansive forest in a dreamy blanket
As two lovers lay
Surrounded by flowers emitting the sweetest scent
A fragrance so intoxicating to the two
Though not as strong as gentle kisses
That make the hearts soar
Drunk off of affection
And stumbling through sleep
As suddenly stars descend from above
Flickering among the two
Shining like a supernova
Before drifting off
Gazes caught in awe at the display
That illuminates skin
As lips connect for another kiss
The action being an explosion itself.

Again, I stayed true to my love for all things space. The little supernova the two lovers see is meant to be fireflies or something of the like, but take that how you will. And, again, I hope someone got something from this.
Danny Dec 8

Stealing light touches in the early morning
Brushing fingers over sleeves
And dipping under star-ladden fabric
That twinkles with every ruffle and tug
As it's pulled aside to reveal skin composed of galaxy swirls
An iridescent palette
In softening eyes
Changing from blossoms of pink
To hibiscus blue
And lavender purple
Encompassing shades from every flower
As hair woven from silk is mussed by fingers
Supple kisses are taken
Without warning
Sending sparks flying between
Igniting ardor for every brush of skin
Though the two must break away
For the sand dripping in the hourglass
Uncaring of the meagre time the lovers have
Cues for the ending of a morning
Filled with longing.

This is a bit more in my style than the previous one I wrote (Thoughts at Dawn). Again, I hope someone out there enjoyed this.. and didn't mind the space descriptions (I have a bit of an obsession, can't you tell?).
solfang Dec 8

I never heard of
stories larger than skies,
but yours differ,
I want to explore
a galaxy made from
your broken boulevards
I boarded your ship,
and sadly realised
I wasn't your
ideal co-pilot

Wanted to fix your broken dreams but you had someone fixing it already
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