Adrian 14h
You're a real comet boy
aren't you
everyone wants to call you a
shooting star
but you know you're just a
falling rock​
glittery and pretty boy
all bright and cheery
we all want to know if you light up
the dark
eyelashes cluttered
with star dust
​do you wear a crown
of broken moonstones?
​cracked and gorgeous
your beauty is your pain
so sad yet so pretty
comet boy
we all want to heal you
won't you let us heal you?
My thoughts flow, words
My dreams come and go, script delay
My hands touch, hoping they stay
Letters curve so slightly, sensual
Serifs barely touch, hesitate
Testing the boundaries of space, flirting
Lyrics weave my tousled hair, joining the sound waves  
Make their way in, touching me
Coursing alongside my thin veins, pressure
Fall swiftly into my arteries, suggestively flood my soul
If kisses could drink stars like poison from wounds, I would plant my lips all over you.
The pink of my skin mixing with your mauve brings meaning to this darkened grove.
And lo, the way the moonlight drips down your breast fills me with such cruel unrest.
As comets trace down the curve of your spine, I wonder of your contours divine.
A nebula exists within your eyes; alas, your beauty is my demise.
I feel my heart begin to expire as your supernova ignites my fire.
Your voice is starlight blending with crystal sea--
O, what a galaxy you must be, hidden so long from me!
Let's burn down the bridges
and shootup the stars
wondering if, we'll ever get far

Dragging our tails
our feet through the mud
washing our hands, covered in blood

The world trying to kill us
Hawking told us too leave
this is something, I truly believe

Ever the end is nigh and near
comet, pandemic return
bacterial death or simply, too burn

Pack up your bags
search all that you know
no way to get there, nowhere to go
Maybe the aliens will help? Yeah, right ;/
I'll have the dbl Martian margarita please Muriel! ;D
goes the leaky faucet
her hot tears hit the cold linoleum
fall the lies from your lips
their broken heart lays in pieces
the space between them grows
though neither have moved an inch
how do i stop the leak
I see my lonely satellite
I'm not in paradise
Am I lovely too?

You like my arms
You like my stomach
But only when it has the muscle lines vertical and horizontal
It doesn’t look like that now
I have no one to impress
I never look my best
Is that enough for you?
Am I lovely too?

My thighs spread out when I sit
But I wear leggings under my jeans to make them fit
That makes me pretty, doesn’t it?

My knees have this ugly indent
My shoulders stab when I hug
My stegosaurus spinal cord could cut glass
I’ve used it to cut my mirror in half
Your mirror is perfectly shaped
It's perfect because it shows you
Am I lovely?
Do you love me too?

I’m never the topic of one's thoughts
A careless lady in competition with thots
These red bubbles of insecurity try to escape from my face
And everytime they try they just  get bigger
But so am I
The doctor says it's a good thing
I may be thin but I still cling
To the idea of being like Maria-
That woman is in paradise and it must be nice
To have someone singing about how you’re lovely--

Please, tell me you love me
The once tolerable parts of me are lost
And that is the cost of loving beautiful things
You don’t love yourself
But I love you
Am I lovely too?
I’m falling into space
She tells me its my safe place
I see my lonely satellite
Im in paradise when I think of you
Do you love me?
Am I lovely too?
this poem paraphrases lines from the song "falling into space" by Don DiLego
We see you commander,
Floating away.
Don’t lower your flag,
We need you to stay.

Don’t lift off this Earth.
That won’t do you good.
You’ll only be lonely,
We did what we could.

Will the little men save you?
I think not.
Don’t float away,
Or you will be gone.

Commander, you command this rocket,
Starboard, port, into the abyss.
We serve under you without failure,
But we cannot function like this.

I know you think that no one will care,
But we do, we love you, and life is not fair.

You have a purpose; Commander come back,
Don’t give up on us,
or we will all crack.
Got inspired in the middle of doing chemistry work :/ Bit Bowie inspired.
galaxies of freckles
stippled across skin
stretch marks
made of outreaching nebulae
eyes like stars
and minds holding
entire universes
children of the deep
made of stardust
and dark matter
and yet some find themselves
Sani Mar 10
On a transport to The Moon,
An elder sparked a convo out of the blue,
He told tales of his travels
All around our universe,
Said he remembered times on Earth,
And other things of which I had no clue.

He said “Son, we can’t stay idle”
I asked “why?”,
And he said “haven’t you read the bible?”
I said “no”,
He replied “ its fine, for its all universal”,
I wondered where it all was going,
My patience was running thin.

He said” Son listen, this is all a journey.”
I asked “how so?”,
He said “Son, it was written”
I said “ I heard this statement before”,
But for some reason his words were pure.

I said " I don’t believe you",
He said “Maktub!  Elohim, the creator!”
I asked“ If so what am I struggling for?”
He laughed thunderously,
I sourly looked at him.

He said “Pain is the wage of sin”
I couldn’t help but grin at him.
As she stares at the stars and you stare at her,
You wonder what she sees in them.
It’s the stars that make her smile like that.
You want to wash your hair with stardust,
Wear a necklace of a shimmering constellation,
Shove entire planets in your eyesockets,
And burst into a girl-supernova
So that maybe, just maybe, she will love you, too.
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