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Far from the light,
you me we live inside.
In one's own space
beyond the reach of the sun.

To show up though everyone
needs it, a slice of the sun.
But except one, her
beauty shines in the dark!
I can't feel my fingers
I can't feel my toes
been put through the ringer
I can't feel my woes

I press against my ribs and teeth
and make sure my feet are underneath
my floating head
this feeling I dread
my god I need a release

but a release would mean
things are not as they seem
and I would still be numb
left high, dry and dumb

so numb I will stay
a lifeless bouquet
of fingers and toes
and all of my woes
feeling like nothing
In process of knowing who I am!
In process of recalling my memories!
I found an empty space!
A space I can’t remember!
A space I struggle to belong to!
A space I questioned my belongings in this world!
A space I realized I’m forgotten!

Serene 21h
There is nothing more soothing
Than staring up into the night sky
Deep breaths of cold crisp air
The stars ever so bright and inviting
Sometimes I see stars during the day
But only when I am looking into your eyes
As I gaze
The whole world melts away
And I feel like I am floating through space
Jaxey 1d
Telling myself
I don't need you
Is like trying to breath
without oxygen
i miss you
Quiet lips
I want to kiss
More than any girl right now
I miss
The silent whispers in the trees
The quiet hour on the back of the moon
And my ears full of you
Miss nothingness
How your quiet lips find only words
And thoughts within
To manifest
How I miss you now like I’ve missed my room
And the space within
To acquiesce
In celestial harmony—
As will we
If only we
Can keep
Our heads up,
Hearts high
Towards the sky
We descended from
Gazing at the stars,
One can understand our world.
Through various cycles,
Astral bodies align into harmony
Just as our bodies are driven
By compulsions we cannot explain.
There is no telling why it is so,
Yet many take the potency of space's dominion with skepticism.

If you think it suspicious,
Consider this:

If you could paint fate itself
On to the canvas of the cosmos
Where all would see;

If you could let your creations
Know how they were meant to be
Without forcing them to do your whim;

If you could hold the very stars
In your hands and write a letter
As god to your readers down below;

Why wouldn't you?
Humanity and it's legacy
Forever immortalized
In the cosmos
By a metallic structure
That couldn't hold a single person.

The sounds of our home,
As tremulous as they may be,
Are left to echo quietly
Through the grooves
Of our planet's most sacred relic:
A shiny artifact made of that
Which glitters softly in
The eternal night.

Whether or not it shall ever
Be looked upon again
Remains to be seen,
But one thing is for certain:
Though we may die
And every planetary body
That we know may follow,
Our solar system will forever
Live on
Through the modest craft
That shall never perish,
Even in the darkest of nights.

From our sacred ground,
We launched it into the stars
To endure a boundless eternity.
Venturing into the unknown
To preserve humanity's light
Until the end of
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