Life, a spark in the black of Aeon and All.
Consciousness defining purposelessness
Before wisping insensately for an infinity.

I want a more vast definition
To halt Aeons call of vanishment and dissipation,
To bask in frivolity.
Making meaning for amusement,
Amusement for meaning.
Among fading stars.

All sparks must fade though.
So when that day comes,
I'll see you on the other side of infinity.


A funny thing to be here,
Spinning round our star,
The sound of all things,
Humming in the deep.

We cling to time,
Adrift on black waters,
Waves of cosmic glow,
Rippling purple dust.

Old light guides our eyes,
A million fading suns,
Collapsing beneath their mass,
And we both wait,

For something more.

Doodle v 15h

What you know love is
Love is this what i do
I dont cheat you
I come forward and fight for what is right and what i feel
I dont have any intention to steal

I give, you take
I play to the heartbeat once which was lost in memories of you and me sitting in corner of our broken fate

Love has power which makes us believe
It never listens to other voices which only want you to fail

Devil can catch you and evil can blind you
But there is some light which finds you even if you are at end of a tunnel no can reach you

But darkness will try you and test you to the limit where even light cant escape
but light will travel with you till it reaches the end
and when the journey ends there is a new galaxy and a new world where our stars wont fade

So i love and make everything right..
And i create the love with broken peices of my heart in time tillit breaks again

If we were stars then my dear you'd shine the brightest
You give off magnetic energy,
The type people can't help but gravitate towards
Each collision creates a supernova of colours and,
Oh, my dear, it truly is a beautiful sight
To watch you explode, causing a ripple effect that can be felt for miles
As you pull people in closer it's like they have no choice
You are chaos personified and nothing can escape your wake
I have long since given up trying

I think when he left the earth, he forgot his humanity too.
He strapped on his thick leather boots and told his wife,
“I’ll be back around two.”
But days and weeks went by and his poor old wife
never saw the man she loved again.
He visited Venus and went for a ride
down to the Moon, where he led a happy life
drinking moonshine with his space rocks
tumbling through his mind.

I think when she realized he never would return,
she decided to start a new page,
she needed to be on her own and write her own story.
So she went down to the record store, and met a boy her age.
They talked about the blues beat and drowned their sorrows
in the music that escaped their hearts.
And when the Moon took the Sun’s place,
her feelings had been replaced with what she felt
for her old husband again.

And I think when he saw that space rock wasn’t for him,
and when she saw that the music boy had died,
they both returned to their den.
The new age had begun to settle in;
the husband and wife recognized their faults.
Nothing could replace the music they made together,
that psychedelic rhythm in their veins gave the other life.
No one could replace the jazz within their souls that
soothed their worries in a five-four time,
ending the endless night
with Frank Sinatra lyrics.
“Let me play among the stars;
let me see what spring is like
on a-Jupiter and Mars.”

originally written 10/17/16
rose 3d

I live between contentment
it is the perfect space
for me


A negligible volume and infinite energy
A limitless interval of knowledge and intimacy

Wisdom surpassing reason binding the creation
Imprinted information in our core's explanation

I am eternal, i will never die
Death is conquered, though you will putrefy
You knew too much, still you chose crime
I come from the outter margin, beyond space and time

Words Of Harfouchism

you might as well be the stars:
you only let me love you from this far
out in a full moon's light I can see the waves
stretch closer than you've ever been to me.
don't talk about galaxies I can't reach
don't talk planets I can't be
every single word burns:
i love you more than you love me
stuck on silly planet earth.

and she fell from the sky
with the stars in her eyes
spilling into the night,
spilling into the night

and touching the land
with golden hands,
staining the rock,
staining the rock.

stars start to wonder
"where is earth's mother?"
oh, she's gone away,
oh, she's gone away.

and so the humans sleep
while the sun flees and weeps;
the night is dark,
the night is dark.

new moon is here,
new moon is here.

(and he only knew
that the night was blue
when the moon
wasn't there
to set it alight.)

This poem is actually about an incredibly serious concept; suicide. The poem symbolically narrates a girl throwing herself from a high place (a windowledge, a balcony, etc.) and, in stanza 2, her tears staining the rock below. The sun represents her friends and those around around her, who only realized how different life was without her presence. In the end, the overall theme is "you only know you love it until it's gone."

Jagged teeth devoured a blue sky,
And green grass pulsed to a secret beat.
You were there with me,
Standing at the foot of our shadows.

I wanted to run towards our star,
Escape the level sidewalk.
An ancient orbit held me in place,
And I roared through the dark like a satellite.

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