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pressure upon more pressure
on all matter making me

the weight i carry
for simply being
simply existing
might tear into your fabrics
into your spacetime continuum

this love wasn’t linear but
the ticks of our clock were

a blip in life
a grain of sand
a distant twinkle of a star

specifically a dying one
i feel the big crunch of my core
collapsing in on itself

no more wishes,
no more darting across space
like we own it

watch me
destroyer of worlds
stars and all others alike

watch as i consume life and
time itself

and hopefully sink the
memories of you
into my void

deep down there

where the hunger
is willing to eat it all
in order to forget
a soul starving for love

and willing to
**** near

just eating everything
in its path


why do people have to lie
Man Jun 1
Without exception,
Not a day passes
Where you don't dwell
In thoughts, on my mind;
Nothing so sets on this mental landscape,
The days only combine.
Two planets in the sky,
There's the star & the moon
And all the buffer in between-
Like the ache I have for you
And all that prevents me
From wanting any remedy.
Another repeat in the alphabet,
Traveler May 31
We came here to experience love
This is the only place love exist
Question is..
If so will we be able to take love with us when we go?

Perhaps this is the only place
where music exist
Angelic arrangements
cosmic gifts

Perhaps this is the only place where hate exist
The gravity of separatism causes platonic rifts

Time and space can exist anywhere?
Perhaps only here..

I love it here
and I won’t let go
Nor lose my connection
to love, music, time, space and soul!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
A subtle gaze into these mesmerizing brown eyes,
captivated by the intensity of the desire that burns within
them— these eyes are like two galaxies, vast and infinite,
in which I find myself happily swirling; as the joy of all
my dreams, are like a kiss that pulls me in deeper into orbit;
a celestial dance fueled by this magnetic connection to
achieve all that seemed so impossible.

The pull is irresistible, as I find myself helplessly drawn to
it, unable to resist the gravitational force of passions.
A moment of cosmic unity, I yearn for you with a fervor that
surpasses time and space. The past becomes insignificant, and
all that matters is the present, the unyielding longing for a
touch, an embrace of accomplishments, playing out in my
life’s celestial opera.
Man May 28
I lost myself
On an isle of nymphs
And found myself
Only when I rejected,
Every libation offered.
Blinded by decadence,
Focused on filling coffers;
I broke for the ship
Calling to my officers.
Men, your senses are being dulled-
Drunk and high, doing as you're told.
Lucidity take hold! Freedom is close,
We need only embark
Loose the sails & start
The journey out among the stars
Man May 16
Should I be rendered deaf and blind again,
For it would be too late.
I came, I saw, I conquered;
Of the grapes of wrath,
I fermented victory.
Viktoriia May 14
everything goes if we just let it,
even our universe.
when the light at the edge of it dies out,
as if watching a guillotine strike down,
and a glimpse of a memory, elsewhere,
so far from all we've ever known,
feels like home.
but the dawn is already bleeding red
and the answers have all but disappeared,
and this fleeting moment is all we have
before the last shadow falls;
everything goes.
Aynjul May 11
when I was in Japan,
I reached in my bag for yen,
I drew a coin with the Zia on it
given to me by a gem
as I stared at the cold breezy mountains of Japan holding this, I  was reminded of
The deep Roots of cracked hot concrete I would work out on
The smell of albondigas Nana would be making
The bright yellow and blue tile mismatched on the lining of the kitchen
The simpleness of living in a "this'll work" architecture
the tumbleweeds, the dry cacti landscape, vast dirt reaching to the dark amber mountains, painted with fading perfect blend from the sunset, homemade meals, la raza, tias and tios, the stray cats and dogs (and family pet names)

My Arizona desert was so hot that everything did its best to share being in the Cool casted shadows.

yet here I was in the complete opposite wishing for that sun
holding this coin brought be back to when you thought I would Judge where you were from
but your "Land of Enchantment" will always remind me of being one step closer to home...
Arizona > New Mexico > Japan
nostalgia through the lens of another home has never been so touching.

Zia symbol meaning:
North: the 4 directions
West: the 4 seasons
South: the 4 mountains of life: infancy, adolescence, adulthood, elderhood.
East: the 4 aspects of self: Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit.
Man May 6
Stars - gas all exhausted -
Under their own weight, collapse:
A lighthouse, crumbling
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