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The solar system that keeps us in its grasp,
shall never let us go or allow us to meet the past.
I watch through the windows and look to the sky.
But between memories of stars that night collects,
And of gloom that hides in moons;
I have yet to find Saturn whose gases weigh more than my worth,
and dress with diviner rings that I could bear.

But Saturn,
I fear that one day my search for you will end
without us meeting and having a nonsensical conversation.
"How have you come to a place like this?
Your state, your existence, how can it be?
Would you like some tea?
No? That's fine,
everything is perfectly fine with you."

I have watch that moon and seen those stars shine through darkness.
It has been lonely but I now wish for you to be reflected in my eyes,
I promise,
I swear,
I give honor on my words,
I will not let you leave my sight.
Let me find my place in the universe,
one where I can see you.
Imogen 1d
I have sailed upon the tossing seas,
And seen the sunsets turned to wine;
I’ve watched the waves lap ravenously,
Those suns down from the blazing sky.

Beneath the brilliant stars on deck,
The ivory-winged sail-birds soaring high overhead,
I’ve anticipated the shadows of mystery worlds
Peering inquiringly over the tides, as a child from her bed.

Day breaks, and I wander foreign shores once more,
But the lustre of Morning gleams wan;
I pass avenues of roses, eerily sure
Of having passed them already countless times before.

Day falls like clockwork,
Night’s indigo blood drips once more
Through the heavens.

                               But Blue is eternal.


All are consumed
In the madness of the Sea;
She throws herself against the rocks, and shatters:

                                         High-tide suicide.

The ivory-winged sail-birds
Hang listless:


                       No sea-breath buoys them upon the air,
                           Nor current bears me here or there.

Not here,
        Not there,
                 Upon the sea ⸺

                                             Not anywhere
                                             Is home to me.

But had I wings
To call my own,
I’d cut those angelbirds free;

And far from earthly seas we would fly,
Darting and dizzy between the planets whirling
Across the Universe

Weary with wandering,


                 ­                           Paper cranes

                                    In death dream

                                                         ­ Vertigo.
Isaac 1d
You are on a ball in space. That’s all.
What you do with this simple fact is your call.
Written 19 October 2018
Sage 2d
He didn’t notice the black hole
The darkened void, pullin her in
deep in the web of stars and planets and life.
He saw it only after the void was left in her place,
How the galaxies were darkened by storm clouds
and her innocence was pulled into the abyss
He saw the galaxy in her expand beyond space,
he saw as the last atoms in her blew out
why do tears leave all the stains
and smudge the ink i used?
why must you always rearrange
the tattered and abused?
yes, some things are too torn to fix,
but here i pray and wish and wish—
oh, these everlasting blues
i broke three promises made to you:
one, to always feel with heart,
two, to yearn when we're apart,
three, never admit wrong from the start—
my mind the stars and world the chart
oh, it's torture, everlasting blues,
why do i do what i do?
said i wasnt going to write about sadness again, im not sad, it's just i have a whole pile of poems left from when i was
I looked at the moon
And got lost between her eyes
I conform to her moves
Like the ocean and its tides
I hear her whispers
As she reflect the bright of the sun
Telling me
To lose all the doubt

You may be young
But you don’t have a lot of time
Take the initiative
To go out and live life

She spends her time lighting my way
Making sure I’ll make it to the day
She protects me
As she were the love of my life
And I thank her for lighting my nights

I’ve gone through valleys
Wondering if it’s my place in life
Little that I know
That I was there to lift the status quo
You were there too
Waiting for your paramour
But alas I’m here for you
In the same manner
That you are my moon
You’ll light my path
And I’ll light yours
Together we’ll see something more
Where there is a rhyme there is a reason. There is always a reason, even if we aren't aware of it yet. You can't force the truth to come to light. You can only slowly open your eyes. It is with the understanding of time that you may find deliverance.
Sarah 3d
we were stuck on earth so we drew pictures with the stars in the sky
we sat in tall grasses
listening to the concertos of crickets and flamenco of frogs
my heart longs soar away from this place
but i love to be here with you
grounded for once in my life
i have taken roots in you and you in me
and i pray to *** or the goddess or whoever will listen
that i can stay by your side until the end of time
I laid a galaxy to rest today,
A journey of discovery,

Through stars and feeling and ultimately to tragedy,
It burned out from building planets into nothingness,
comet fire dying quietly in the atmosphere above.

And I buried it in the ground to feed the roots of a new universe,
Leaving flowers on headstone for the Galileo in my heart.
little poems through time and space.
Anyone know what this is about? I'd like to know too!
Whenever my minds slips into this wondrous state
It's feels like I meditate

Space and time is just a rhyme to some
Look deeper towards the sun and you might find
That sacred place inside your mind
Easy for some
Hard for others
Here we are all sisters and  brothers
Let's keep the vibes flowing
These words are written with out even knowing
Anything about you
But I hope you relate to one or two
Change your  mind state, create
That place in side
So so close almost there
Don't be scared
It's like a game of truth or dare
Il be there
For you
And a friend or two
Just let me spend a day or a few
To get to know you
Let the rhythm flow
Unintentional I know
I just want to let you show
Me how you feel
It's not such a big deal
It been  a long time
I feel like life's a crime
People can learn alot listening to the chimes
Just somthing that came out
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