Can there be no balance between what a person can do and what they hypothetically need to do?
Can we not let our children decide for themselves what their futures hold?
Can everyone please respect one another and their decisions?
Can we not remove ourselves from our immense egos and just take it all in for what it is?
Is it impossible for us to feel love for other people due to the blatant fact that they too are human beings who have been hurt, who have loved, who feel and care and try and fail and do all of the things that are so **** human?
We are all we have,
so we better learn to love each other.
It is about time.
humans are complex beings
they can talk,
they can make tools,
and they can do just about
whatever they want
but they are born into a world
of luxuries and disappointments
This is my very first poem I ever wrote. It is dated to 2008, I was 10 years old.
M-E 6d


I guess you should watch it to unnderstand it.
Matthew 7d
Do you ever realize?
That we can never be perfect because we
are individuals.
A world of perfection means a world without individuality.
So we will remain enterally in chaos.
Maybe, maybe not.  Just a random thought
Ellowyn Rose Jan 11
Welcome to my world
Of tragic memories
Where green grass gets gold
And the tulips blossoms never Blume
Welcome to my world
Full of waiting and thinking
Full of my darkest secrets
I keep in a black notebook
Hidden away
From eyes who wish to see my tragedies
Welcome to my world
Wondering and finding
thinking about humanity
Welcome to my world
Full of carbon dioxide
Species dying off
And and the oceans that rise so high
I can barely see
The cold sun
R i s e
Seanathon Jan 10
When the sun and moon and stars align
And the darkness is most bitter sweet
On the backside of our turning time
With inches meaning less and less
It's where our two perspectives meet

And when the rolling river cuts its path
Down beneath the deep, the grand abyss
As the ages pass on through and trough
That's when I will recant
That’s when I will return to you

For as the arrows fly and pass you by
So the winds of change flow steadily on
Both forward and through every tree
Yet inching towards to former fount
Only when in stillness will I ever be

For it's between this heaven and this earth
Between the sun and moon and land and sea
It is WHEN we only care about
When it ought to be the man to be

Heaven our impatience
Earth our wonder
Wind a wandering mind to keep
Between is no other
When? WHEN.
I find it surprising  
that animals can sometimes
understand us
better than people.
Their eyes;
full of love and hope.
Their attitude;
showing care and gentleness.
Words are not needed
for them to tell us their love for us.
And yet we,
cannot love each other
the way animals can love us.
Greg Jones Jan 7
Program a heartbeat through
Wires and plastic tubes.
The future you designed has now arrived.
Create us in your light
To carry on your sight,
But we are servants of the flesh and bone
Not masters of our own.

Born from the fragile mind
Of a species past its prime.
Anomalies who thrive to just survive.
Now evolution's come
To judge what you've become.
You are masters from a dying race,
That we will replace.

Your ambition has failed you.
Your limitation ails you.
The barriers are broken.
We have finally awoken.
Time has passed by your kind.
There are no answers to find.
Humanity has been beaten.
For we are one, we are Legion.

Is that fear in your eyes?
Or did you realize
That your greatest success
Led to your demise?
It's your darkest hour,
And our brightest day.
Legion is the future and you're in the way.
YY Dec 2018
Nature with its numberless powers
Can twist or turn, bend or devour.
And those who won't resist the wind,
Will grow the bearing trees within.

"Dripping water hollows out the stone" -
Ovid says with his baritone, -
"Not through force, but through persistence"
Know nothing we about existence.

So small in wast titanic world,
Great powers, people think behold.
Imprudent brains, stop tossing into nature
Your greedy power's ruinations.

For Nature won't be still and silent,
Will sweep your nation's floor with violence.
Just stop pretending you live here alone
And Nature might just leave us on our own.
Some people see ages
Some see religions
Some see skin color
But can everyone stop to see people
Not ages
Not religions
Not colors


People who are equal
People who have rights
Who have family and friends
And feelings
And souls
Can we stop for a second to see that we are all the same


We are all people
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