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Life is like a spiral with people coming and going like sand blown in the wind. So many friends, lovers and hangers on. Some I needed let me down and flew away, others ****** me stupid and stuck like ****. I put it down to being human and the allegiances we make to ourselves and others. It has been a crazy year for me as so many changes have happened, some good, some bad. I came out of it in one piece and a better person, having been on a journey through the year. Now a new one dawns – what will it bring?
from skeward images nick armbrister
One billion stories
With thousands of pages filled
Are we but paper?
Everything is temporary
in scales
are in
glide in
the waters
of the starry
skies, the dust
of nebulas
move and
as clouds,
all is in
and the true
music of
Butterflies flutter
Through the crisp, cool, grey forest
Landing on noses
Sweaty flesh craving nature
Tiny legs tickling warm skin
LadyM Jun 3
I love the city at night

I like when the waves start rumbling
And the city lights turn on
I like the beautiful sights
Of the twilight sky
And the mountains all dressed in black

I like when it's hidden away

When everything the daylight shows
All the beauty that's destroyed
All that's been taken away is concealed

Because when I look on and on
When my eyes gaze upon...
The darkness

I don't see all the disaster

The city lights, the waves and the sky
Draped in violets and pinks
As the airplanes fly

And I think, what a beauty!
What a city of dreams
When the visible is made to be unseen

I see the cars passing
With their beaming lights
But they all seem somehow much sweeter
And closer to starlight

I see the palm trees standing proud
In a place where they do belong
But there's so few around

And even the people seem much brighter
When the nights come to hide
the effects of human disaster

A comfort blanket

Listen to the waves

And forget the sounds of the traffic
That I can't stand anymore

Found my comfort in the night
Found my solace at this time
Found the beauty of life
In the city
At night
This is another poem that I have written while staying in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria las summer. After 2 months, I couldn't take all the business of the city anymore. I became too overwhelmed during the daylight hours and found peace in the nights. ✨
Greenery full of life
sits atop hills
beneath a moody grey sky
lush shrubs, bushes, trees
a sight lusted over
by people like me
a guilty pleasure
for those from Michigan suburbs
stationery, observing humans
the fast moving traffic below
semis rushing to make deliveries
people getting to jobs they hate
or don't mind
in outfits they aren't comfortable wearing
road rage
accidents on the highway
houses sit atop them
steep backyards
even they wonder
why anyone would live there
people can fall into traffic
their steepness is not something they can help
flights flying overhead
humans making it to events
thinking they are so important
living a life of privilege and ability
nature is peaceful, kind
unbothered, it's number one hobby:
Meaning: While driving in California, I saw beautiful mountains. They're everywhere. Covered with trees, bushes, shrubs, dead grass or what looks like hay, steep peaks and deep dips. There is a specific beauty in mountains. We don't have any in the suburbs where I live, so it's a treat to see them every now and then. Mindfully watching nature is something that I have gotten myself accustomed to. There is something beautiful and peaceful about getting lost in observing nature; the colors, textures, shapes, plants... It is simply gorgeous. The word "scenic" is the most basic word you can use to describe it. It feels like you are lost in something else. A sight is more special to absorb through the eyes rather than take a picture or see through a screen. This piece of writing is about mountains and hills and their existence-- their observations of human activities while they remain stationery. It highlights how nature simply exists, while observing the hustle, bustle, and struggle that humans face in their day to day life.
The Kimbeaux May 30
Humans are constantly creating
with authenticity.
We have been given the universe-
an abundance of awesome things:
Mysterious monsters of oceans deep
and birds ornamenting trees.
We take these gifts
with mindfulness
and show
what we’ve perceived.

Now the computer
become the creator.
But humans
created the machine.
Without our perceived
the robot has no things.
Nothing to analyze,
and pixelate on screen.
It can’t channel feelings.
It can’t express its needs.
It just mimics what it really means
to be
Reflection on artificial intelligence
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