The birds twitter to me
Lullabies abounding with history’s words
Of what had been passed on
From the ancestors to modern birds,

Their miniature minds
Carry great knowledge full of wisdom,
These flapping creatures
Import instructions, morals, and lessons,

Their amiable advice
Hangs on angelic feathers
Waiting to be touched by compassionate hearts
And intermingle their blessed spirits with ours,

They were created given the powers
To see through the soul’s leaks
Allowing their whispers full of emotions
To tumble off their bitsy beaks,

Their tiny eyes
Delivered a welcoming reaction
Yet they teared of dew drops
Weeping over its habitat’s destruction,

They wistfully watched from above
Looking at the restricting skyscrapers,
Oh! What have become
Of its ethereal home’s flavors?!

It’s evergreen forests and long rivers
Stolen by slabs of concrete and machines,
Human’s army of axes hunt nature
And even though nature is worthy of living
Humans choose to slaughter its features,

Nature sheltered humans
And was there for them in their time of need
Yet as a thank you
They abandoned its pleads,

It is tortured for the mistakes it never committed,
And humans, should learn to accept nature
As it had accepted them and adapted,
And even though nature is perpetually dying
It smiles to them whenever they’re near or baited.

It tickles when my hair brushes my neck
Sending shivers down my spine
To keep me in line and I forget
What the sound of my voice is when all I can hear
Is the echo of my thoughts
And I forgot to tell you about the day
That I lost my way and how
You helped me find it.
Sometimes I wish I were a bird
With fragile wings and a song to sing
Each morning, to sound the alarms of
Spring and make it known that I am in fact alive.
I have a tongue that cuts through lies
A blade honed by truth
But it's no use when my words fall
On deaf ears and my smile is met by
Only fear of reality.
It is by this name that I walk the earth
Desperately trying and crying out for the souls
Of the forgotten sons and daughters that
Have no names only graves and stones
Washed clean of an identity by the rain and the
Pain of years that have passed.
In a shell of a soldier I pick up the guise
Of a man on crusade for his faith in what once
Was a trance and now I can
Stop pretending that I have the answers
Before I even know the question.

To the humans of 2017,

The date is January 5th, 3017.

The empty roads fill with hover cars and the streets buzz with noise.

It's a cold day. But everyone is warm. With their coat heaters, of course.
Some people are even wearing t-shirts and shorts.

The sky, blue and crystal,
is overloaded with Flyers and Sky-Cars. People are roaming on the sky streets.

They don't rush because they're late to work, they don't carry heavy suitcases- all they need is that one little wristband on their right forearm.

Humans are perfect now.

None is stronger than other, none is more handsome then other, none is more smarter than other. They share the same amount of money. Everybody is equal.

This is the Happy City. Not a single fight has happened. Everyone is kind. They do not lie, thief, fight, or kill. Not even one commotion happens.

Everything is perfect. Equal. Even.

But that's not what I think.

Humans shouldn't be perfect. We shouldn't have been.

Humans are a creature that thinks, fights, sacrifice, lie, trust, betray, and make choices. That's what humans are like. That's what they're suppose to be.

That disgusting red wristband makes the decision for us. Or at least, them. It tells them what to wear, eat, do, and even decides your mate. We are not humans anymore. We are not perfect.

These people here are so simple. There is no lesson learned, no school or government. Everybody just has a joyful life.

But no! I disagree! We humans should learn lessons, decide good and evil- we must make mistakes! We also must be evil sometimes! That is what makes us human. Those are our characteristics that prove us human.

Dear fellows, it is hell here.

We are not humans anymore. We have become slaves of perfection.

Save me.

And these humans that are not humans anymore.

im sorry if that sucked. it was just my opinion crafted into a science fiction thingy magigy. lol. i hope you liked it
abel May 14

Be mindful of the squirrel,
And its tendency to forget
Where it stored its meals for the winter.
Because of the squirrel's forgetfulness,
We have forests.

Be mindful of the spider,
And its predacious instincts.
Because of the spider's will to hunt,
We are not subject to the possibility
Of infinite, relentless mosquitoes.

Be mindful of the rat,
And its compliance in so many lab tests.
Though it is placed there by force,
This species has suffered enough to be nonexistent,
Solely to benefit those who placed it in harm's way.
Should the rat not return to the Earth in another generation,
Science would need to find another test subject.
And it would go through so many,
Scientists would have no choice,
But to test on us.

Be mindful of Mother Earth,
And her forgiveness and strength.
Forgiveness for the wounds we have placed upon her,
And strength to be ever resilient despite these difficulties.
Without Mother Earth's open arms
And sturdy architecture,
We would not be here
To inflict more pain upon her,
And ask for more forgiveness.

Be mindful of each other,
And the compassion within us
That we are able to comprehend
And reciprocate.
Because of each other's kindness,
We have not seen the end
Of our beautiful, yet young, existence.

Ennovy May 5

Roaming in the dark
seeking life to take apart
Once a creature with a higher purpose
But after your missteps you began to hurt us

Destruction is what you live for
You want us to suffer because of our nature
"Baphomet I know it's hard, you don't know regret."
Try to be logical avoid your hateful thread.
Helping you is like a deathwish;
we know the dangers but we still accept it.

There he stands the creature of deception
In the eye of the beholder, he makes no exception..

Ennovy May 1

Here today, in hell tomorrow.
If wisdom leads me there, I won't feel sorrow.

If the man who wanders in darkness
is ready to take my carcass

My body decayed by nature
my soul released in danger.

When the moon if fading out
and my brains are aroused.

When my existence is no longer needed
and stupidity at last seceded.

Lily Apr 27

Breathe in the hate
Exhale the love
Accept the lies
Discard the truth
Remember the pain
Forget the beauty
Feel the shame
Bypass the happiness
And continue to believe in those
who manipulate others to avoid
their own fears.

-With love
Zen Apr 22

A chronic state
Killing and Lying
Loving and Living
Murdering and Curing
An endless state
In which everyone suffers
Like an industry
That doesn’t care
About its workers
No one cares about others
Our problems seem colossal
Worries like clouds
Clouding our vision
So that no one cares
It’s a chronic state
Of Human Nature

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