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He has a Master Plan
Master Plan of what?
Pain, misery, hunger, want
A moment of happiness
Thousand moments of sadness
Blaming humans
For their fate everytime
Just to keep His glory pristine
Never to take blame
In His name
Only to put humans
To shame
He has a Master Plan!
Why is it that you don't exist in my mind
When I see people why are they just shapes
My thoughts, why are they shackled in a selfish bind
How do I uncover my empathetic eyes behind drapes

I so badly wish to be a good person just once
Yet one moment of right is delved in false intentions
All of my attempts to be a hero are only theatric stunts
Why do I constantly and carelessly crave attention

Where did my wretched personality begin
Could I have been born covered in expectations
Did I see their lightened gaze and grow dim
So absorbed in what they say I can become, stuck in elevation

By pushing everyone away did I raise the anchor
Or did I trap myself in a shadowed cage called loneliness
Was all my love, kindness, and joy the ploy of a faker
Possibly a plea for some guide of life; though useless

Why is it so hard to be great and virtuous
I may never know after detaching parts of me
Why is being great compared to goodness so arduous
An evil king who kills and the poor people who die innocently
I wish I'd chosen the ladder
Some people aren't willing to say it out loud but honestly being great does require harming people in way or another whether unknowingly or not. So at times just being normal is fine
Maria Mitea Sep 12
One day,
a man was walking on the street his pride.
He stepped on the ground without noticing
the surroundings, and suddenly stamped on a piece of faeces.
The proud man was very disturbed about it.
“ You ***** faeces! Now my feet are *****.”

He was very angry.
Then the faeces started speaking to him

“ Whom do you call *****, you or me?
Do you know what I was yesterday?
Only after passing trough a human body
have I become like this.
Who is ***** me, or you?”
Everything in life has to be seen from different angles  ... If something smells bad it doesn’t mean it is bad. If someone reacts or judges it doesn’t mean is a bad human. If someone cries or suffers it doesn’t mean is a weak person.

There is in all of us a perspective from where we can look differently at things ...
We're all so lively but dead within!,
We all smile from outside,
even when we're broken!

We're all so lively but dead within!,
We keep working,
even when we can't be subtle!

We're all so lively but dead within!,
We all build dreams,
but also see them  when broken!

We're all so lively but dead within!,
We want to belong to someone who doesn't even care about our presence!

We're all so lively but dead within!,
Are we just living to breathe
Or are we just the living-dead Humans!?

-Vranda Punjabi
Are we just living to breathe
Or are we just the living-dead Humans!?
As I hear the wind blow through the leaves of the ancient cottonwood trees.
And I watch the squirrels gather their nuts and prepare for the coming winter, I'm reminded of a few things that come softly in the whisper of the autumn wind for all to hear, if they listen.

Behind the poem is a poet, a lover, maybe a mother or a father. But most of all there is a human being. They feel, and they love. They have been overwrought with pain. And enraptured by Joy. They need  compassion and friendship and the human touch.
Tread lightly, for you tread upon
their hearts.
Lovers will always love. Haters will always hate. What a putrid existence to not have compassion for our fellow man.
beneath the ground many
thousands of souls lay

they had their lives
taken prematurely

songs of the requiem
play in remembrance

never shall the world forget
the disease's marring scar

that which dimmed a human's
light of existence
Shadow Sep 2
“But even friendship like our heroes'
Exist no more; for we've outgrown
All sentiments and deem men zeroes-
Except of course ourselves alone.
We all take on Napoleon's features,
And millions of our fellow creatures
Are nothing more to us than tools...
Since feelings are for freaks and fools.
Eugene, of course, had keen perceptions
And on the whole despised mankind,
Yet wasn't, like so many, blind;
And since each rule permits exceptions,
He did respect a noble few,
And, cold himself, gave warmth its due.”

― Alexander Pushkin, Eugene Onegin
I've bought a novel that speaks in verse,
with it, through the world you'll traverse,
It tells the tale of Yevgny,
of rhyme and reason, it's full of many,
Oh I love this book of mine,
I love it's verse and fine design!
Akriti Sep 2
When the doors of heaven were open wide,
the divine rays of god restored the dawn.
The holy waters were then sprinkled,
and the soul of earth was baptized.
The chromatic aisle was then instilled,
washing off the somber hue.
The odor of sanctity was then diffused,
the state of misery was blown away.
The sicks and the spirits were then anointed,
and all the sufferings were healed,
and sins of humans were redeemed.
Ces Sep 1
Reality is an empty blank (?)
Expanding, quivering
With its unimaginable scale
in light-years!
Gradually quickening its cosmic throbbing
Peppered with everything that dies

Obeying a thermodynamic process --
That tyrant among physical laws!
From which nothing is exempt
Even you and I.

Thus, human vanity:
A cosmic joke that fades to nothingness
All aspirations, ambitions
******* by entropy
Quashed to oblivion
All is dust.

And yet, humans toil to fulfill
a delusion
Their hope lies in their work
Their progress, their successes

Still, the universe expands...
Uncaring, disinterested

Not minding the plight
of the human microbe.
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