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and every day I'm learning...
it's okay to not be unique.

because the human race is so utterly beautiful
art, music, science, discovery, exploration, adaptation
love, warmth, healing, unity,

i could ramble for eternity

about how much i love human beings

so why should it be an insult
to be just like
my fellow man

when everyone is so beautiful, so worthy, and so human.

what an incredible thing to be
i don't love life right now, or even the people around me, but I have friends and humanity as a whole and all we've accomplished and all we've done is amazing. Just take a walk around where you live and really think about it all, everything. It's incredible.
Amy Oct 5
Your hand is powerful,
it can be used to harm
it can be used to caress.
Your mouth is powerful,
it can be used to uplift someone
it can crush someones soul.
You hold so much power
you're unaware of it.
People need to be aware of their power that can majorly impact others around them however, it seems like many forget or simply, because its easier to ignore it...
CD Oct 5
and as the weather turns sour each year
i find my body curling in on itself
like yesterday’s paper burning up
to fuel that sweet, sweet fire.
and i find my toes sticking through old knitted socks,
and i find myself kissing new faces.
oh, the sweet with the bitter,
the moths and the red wine of it all.
how i’ve come to embrace this deep, purple weather,
and all that it brings within.
Mitch Prax Sep 28
Can the human mind
figure out the human brain?
Let's think about it

11:01 PM
Peter B Sep 23
The say: "Without you all
the world would be a better place.
No dead bodies washed out on the shore.
No guilt of those who failed to help."

They hate us,
they wish we didn't exist,
they shout "Go to hell! You **** of the world!".

They say they won't help us,
it's impossible to help us all.

But when they see a sinking boat
capsizing under our weight,
something tells them to send the patrols
and bring us safely to the shore.
Evan Sep 21
Side effects.
Inherently present in a drug,
Yet viewed as a separate entity.
Taking what is good,
Weighing it out to decide the outcome.
I’m just left to wonder,
are emotions, love and suffering,
the side effects of being human?
Quinn Adaire Sep 15
Is not real
Humans made it up.

Or is it?
Is it a river that flows through the universe?

My human mind
Cannot fathom
The banks
Or the shore
Or the current of it.

My human mind still thinks
Humans made time up.
This is what I think about in my spare time. I’m really weird. In my collection Time and the Universe.
Nothing confuses me more
than the survival of the butterfly.
They fly around with their beautiful colors,
so easy for a predator to see.
There delicate wings,
one rip and they are grounded.
They have no teeth, no claws
to defend themselves.

So tell me, how did they make it?
How have they survived this long
being so, vulnerable?

I think ,through butterflies, God is showing us
that it is okay to be delicate.
You can survive being vulnerable.
We do not have to always be
hard and strong
to make it in the world.
We can be soft.
We can be human.

-to be a like butterfly j.j
Why do my eyes want to see you?
When there are there are constellations and mountains and sunsets to look at
Yet my eyes are not satisfied until they find you
With your tired eyes that shut slowly behind the steam from your coffee mug
While the flowers are blooming and valleys are forming and cherry blossom petals are fluttering to the ground
I'm gazing over at you
My back turned to any other sight that could be more fulfilling
What more is there to see after I've spent hours facing you?
Why do my eyes tear when they can't find your face?
I have already found every freckle on your cheeks
Smile and make them dance for me
Let those hidden creases below your cheek bones bend and breath when you let your laugh out
Throw your head back and let those curls take flight
Just be you doing what humans do
Reacting to things as a human being should
As I'm reminded that most things are more worth seeing
Than a basic normal average human being
My eyes widen and whisper to me
"This is the show we came to see"
It's in the eye of the beholder
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