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Haley 12h
I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because whenever I go outside,
The bugs flying around me feel like they’re tearing me from the outside in,
Leaving nothing more than my indestructible bones.

I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because whenever I talk to somebody,
I am reminded of all of the words once spoken to me,
It’s deteriorated my head, allowing for me to just sit there in silence.

I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because for my whole life I was walked upon.
The bruises are still there from where they left their footprints,
Damaging my skin time and time again.

I am an introvert, but I wish I wasn’t.
Maybe then I could prove my talents,
My worthiness.
******* it, I just want to be able to talk to people.
Lara 1d
The demons haunt me in my sleep
They follow me

You’re the demon I meant to forget
You keep coming back
Scaring me
Hurting me

I keep fighting the demons
The demons in my head
The demons under my bed
The demons in my soul

But you’re the worst demon

The one that tells me what to do

You control me
You’re the demon in my heart
Eva 2d
Our photographs
capture the many memories you've forgotten.
The ones you've thrown out
but I kept close to heart.
Just a bit tangled along the way
Things have been looking a little bleak
As if I've made these static sound myself unconsciously

Ruminating over and over
If I browsed over my memories
Will I be able to find my answer?

Midnight whispers lullabies and twisted thoughts
Projected with bizarre utopian visions
Since when do my head is filled with these



Unwind me

Just like a wind-up toy
Maybe I'll restart my own being altogether eventually
archived April 2019
The sacered snakes swim through the chestnut river
Glimering heads turning upward in the light of orange - embered sun
Hissing they whisper of life in the muddy waters, tasting earthly foul
Light is their swim, the landscape vast
And so is the fear of wilde liberty
For it is a cage of its own
Fruitful and evergeen in blissful delight
Iron - stained and crooked in eternal sight
Eva May 19
You expect me to be terrified,
sweat pouring down the sides of my forehead.
Would there really be a difference if I die?
Taunt me with your threats,
Hold a gun to my head-
see if I care.
Mrs Anybody May 19
my heart
wants to tell
my friends
about me

but my head
is still

and my anxiety
may be irrelevant
it's still there
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Lara May 15
I scream for your attention
But you don’t hear me

I scream out all of my anger
But the wrong people listen to it

I scream
I just scream
Does anyone feel the same way?
Does anybody just want to scream.
Does anyone want to scream with me.

Scream about something
Scream about everything
Just scream

Scream about the environment
Scream about politics
Scream about generations
Scream about social standards
Scream about what is going on in my head

The roller coaster in my head is screaming
My ideas are flowing

And I stop screaming
I begin to overthink
Are you screaming with me or against me?
Wyatt May 14
This is just one step
inside my desolate head,
it's like a never-ending maze,
a mansion with infinite rooms.
There are marks on the walls,
whispers that pierce like screams
saying "you're never good enough,
you'll never live up to your dreams".
It's a carousel that's still spinning
over and over and over and over
and over and over and over and over.

Motion sickness
has me feeling uneasy,
a party of everything I hate,
I'm constantly feeling queasy.
All the pretty things
I dream of always go away
when my eyes open back up.
The stories on this mansion
are higher than the clouds,
still I'm spinning and spinning
over and over and over and over.
I can't see the ground,
stuck in these walls spinning
over and over and over and over.
Laura May 12
i gave you permission to unravel me
and maybe i didn't let myself feel
no i didn't feel
or face
what you left me with
lived inside my head
lots of time
sitting in silence
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