SeaChel 1d
Your brown eyes
fill my gut with butterflies
fluttering their wings violently,
they render me silent-ly
I would gaze at you from afar,
but now we've progressed
we're getting drinks at the bar.
This pitter-patter in my chest
keeps increasing it's pace,
especially when your face
is so close to my own.
Perspiration builds on my skin,
yet I'm calmed by the scent of your cologne.
I just want my heart to win
this round of heart versus head
because the beginnings are so sweet,
yet it's the end that I dread.
I usually don't write rhyming poems, they're not my forte nor my favorite, but this is what just flowed out of me.
a \portal

what is it like to be so empty, no real creative edge
what is it like to not be special

you name yourself after ancestral cheese. first given is such a bore like many other girls. what's it like to be a commoner and flip-flop your position to gain an empty pen? you have no idea of your transparency. you fuck a guy twice your age, with an aging neck that spews old written garbage. battered is the brass sconce that adorns cobweb candles you burn for your saggy lover. oh yes, i am sure your penning is superb. tell me, you're an artist, or so you think you are.... how again will you save white women with your mop dyed red? wait, is it, jennifer, michelle, tracy, lisa, melissa...whatever your dull given name is? he likes them to dye their hair in the red. disgusting. not natural.
bre foshay--yet another mouth that runs amok about dated shit!   ☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭
Do you not understand that no means no?
That stop means stop?
That all of this could be over and done,
if you would just listen to what I have to say?

You call me names because I tell you to leave,
and you talk down to me when I don't want to hear your apology.

You say you want to make peace,
but you only want to hear your side of the story.

You say that I'm wrong.
That this is my fault.

But oh, my friend, you are the one at fault.
None of this can fall back on me.

So please, just leave me alone.
That is all that I ask.
I need to clear my head,
because all you're doing is clouding it up.

Please listen to me now when I say no,
since the first time wasn't enough.
By Arcassin Burnham

I know just what I got here and I'm not

Our past does not define us , but there's
Nothing wrong with screaming.

As much as I hate some of this that I
Got,  I'm aiming to get so much more.

I know what my role is , I know I ain't
Basic, as the time change a little bit

Cause we claw our ways out and end up
on different sides.
You could gladly find your way, or you'd
Just end up and die.

I don't want to knock you , but what is
You faith?

Speaking with my mouth and not words
ona screen that can't be erased.

Caught myself at one cross road at a

But I filled with so much bullshit that
I can't hide, so I ask God why in life cause
Cause we claw our ways out and end up
on different sides.
You could gladly find your way, or you'd
Just end up and die.
We’re all trying our hardest
to keep away the crushing thoughts;
I know, because every day
I think of new ways to disappear
and I have to stop the voices in my head from eating me alive.

but sometimes when I see you
the warmth in your gaze screams a little louder
than the noise in my head;
sometimes when your eyes meet mine
I forget who I am afraid to be,
and I’m okay with being what I am.
(Sometimes you save me.)
There's a cat living in my head
and he's redecorating.
Clawing at the sides of my skull,
tearing down the wall paper that was there.
But he doesn't seem fond of putting up something new,
just wants to leave the gouges so the pain can seep through.

He doesn't travel far.
To the back and then the front again,
but he never strays to the left.
He hugs the right wall of my head
like he'll die if he tries to leave
Just digging new trenches as he goes

When he feels really inspired
he gets a hammer and
new places that throb and throb for hours
never leaving me at peace
but he's happy with what he's created

I've been told there's a piece of metal I can get
to lock him out, keep him out, and throw away the key
some people say it worked for them and I'm just hoping
that it also works for me
I get migraines a lot. It sucks. I have one right now and I'm also sick with a sinus thing so I'm just miserable
It starts out as a premonition, a looming and ominous hint.

The base of the neck feels stiff and foreign. You tilt your head, stretching as if trying to listen in to a far away noise that soon reveals itself as an oncoming train, strain. Eyes stare outward, grow a bit wider, you hate being right. It is coming.

The first strike is as sharp as you remember, hits you from the side, like a bitter wind, penetrates, resonates. The pain spreads. You're now certain something's spilled inside you. Your stomach agrees and ties a knot.

Time to hide from the light, eyelids heavy, eyes beneath tender. Deep breaths only enforce this reunion, minutes stretch. Knuckles outline the brows, hard, a placebo you tell yourself helps somehow. Hours grow.

Fractured messages now slam around inside this silent chamber where only you can hear yourself break. It's going to be a long night.
v i n c e n t Mar 12
mind your head
can’t concentrate
i want you to go
don’t stay away
i’m being feisty
my smile is numb
you got me walking
saying “goddamn”
you’re in my line
of sight and range
but duck your head
before it’s too late
my voices are all out
i won’t say a thing
but i’ll hang around
till i get what you mean
pardon, i lost my mind
when you came around
you’re far too high for me
so let me go, let me go down.
Inspired by: Peach (Lobotomy) by Waterparks
whenever I say "I don't care anymore"
it's not to emphasize that I really don't
it's more like a reminder
to myself
that I shouldn't

cause I keep forgetting and forgetting
cause it's hard not to care, ok?
-an ode for all of us, who can't not care
I was given a set of wings
huge, strong and powerful
but I've never used it
to fly and soar
and feel the breeze
above the sun kissed sea
with cotton candy clouds
all around me
never even tried
never even dared

Sometimes I wonder
wether these were given to me
as a gift to cherish
     a blessing to own
or a curse to carry
     a burden for all my life to bear

And I wonder what it
would feel like
to be free
to fly like the others do
if only I weren't
too afraid to try
too afraid to dare

I sometimes try to take
a leap of faith
but as soon as I reach the edge
I feel the mighty wind
I beheld the depth
I see the drop
I hear death
I get nauseous
I pull back
I tuck my wings in
and shut it nice and tight

Maybe what I need is something
that would push me
but it would be nicer
if  it would pull me
taking me with it
in the fall and teach me
how to fly
you'll know what i'm talking about in here ;)
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