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You make me laugh
You can look at life
with such humor
It's quite refreshing
Let the weird be said
We are all here dealing
with it
So why not laugh
Look at it and accept
it's not worth the worry
and why stress over it all
Keep it real
Laugh it off
Look through life
with a different sight
When life is tearing you down
Be with it and laugh at it
You will feel it and just laugh
Laugh it off
© Jennifer L DeLong 3/2/2021
Zoe N Feb 21
Life is wanting to cry but
having to learn how to laugh
sankavi Feb 17
you make me feel alive/you make me want to die
"Why do you laugh?
Do you not see
How useless is it?
Are you delusional?
Or have you gone mad?"
You questioned me.
I stared, and laughed.
I am not blind, and
I certainly feel helpless.
But, still I laugh,
For I have already cried.

In laughter, I find unity
With others who laugh too
In laughter, there is power
Against clowns and idiots
With delusions of grandeur
As I laugh, I show sanity
While exposing stupidity

To laugh is to cope
A means of catharsis
It is as valid as crying
And often, I do both
I laugh, because I am unfortunately still human
Based on a prompt - LAUGH
Tu sei il sole
ed ** gli occhi
pieni di te
You are the sun
and my eyes are
full of you
Tony Tweedy Jan 29
Have you ever sat until some part has gotten really numb?
It happened to me yesterday to the left cheek of my ***.

At first I didn't notice until I tried to up and stand.
What should have been so simple didn't go exactly as I planned.

Initially I rose ***** without any feelings of being sore.
But that changed quite abruptly as my nose impacted the floor.

I don't think I was down too long as the hurt still felt quite new.
Initial pain was somewhat lesser from the grogginess as I came to.

The doctor says it isn't broken and the redness will fade away.
I hope it is so tomorrow as it isn't feeling any better so far today.

For those there to witness much laughter was enjoyed by some,
as I crawled into the ambulance to avoid walking with half a ***.
Another one of those moments.... better out than in.... sorry
As time grew, so did we.
I still think about the words
You've said to me.

The laughs fade to grey,
Smiles to black.
Just thinking of your eyes
Almost brings the time back.

Now that you're gone,
I can say

We were two leaves of the same tree.
Destined to fall.
Never to stay.
I Fair thee well
My travelling friend
For time is restless
And we cannot pretend,

In days of fire  
Through tears and wrath
We lived! we lived!
And now we laugh.
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