LinaM 1d
Im told I'm fake
Because I try to please everyone
But I cry and I laugh and I forgive
Does that make me fake?
I smile in the halls instead of frown like most
Because smiles spread quickly
Does that make me fake?
I prefer friends over enemies,
Because when I was younger I had neither.
Does that make me fake?
They tell me to be myself,
Because having pink hair makes me too different and I try too hard
So I fixed my hair.
If being fake means helping others,
I'm going to be fake for as long as I can and I refuse to fix myself.
Maybe not a poem but I had to get it out of my system. -L
The irony of having no idea what to write about pain
When that's what I feeling all these time
The jokes you gave
The waves of laughter you received
The fakeness of them all
The insecurities we feel
I hope you notice
I hope you understand
I hope you feel
I hope you see
I hope you don't
Whenever you touch me
A small hope arises
Then I see her
Now my dreams are scattered, forgotten
My desire grows every day
Telling them I know what I am doing
When I actually don't
Telling them I am okay
When I am really not
First draft: 0819116
Edit: 021117
This was heavily edited when it came here. The first draft was too cheesy, even I don't want to read it. I mean I know this is also cheesy (there's also the fact that it's for the guy I like) but I hope you could still like it :)
LinaM 3d
I dream of worlds of smiles and laughter
I dream of worlds of love and kindness.
But some days, my world's are gone.
Gone like my laughter.
Gone with my love.
Why are some refused the rights to dream?
To believe.
To see.
To laugh.
To cry.
I guess now I see why,
Dreaming is all just lies.
Jord 3d
I'm coming right back,
straight to the mist.
Life within the confines of relation.
The city in my new land surrounds my thought -

my eyes open. - awake in my world.
Aware of intent is the general lustful idea and, perhaps,
as usual, I'm humiliated through impatient decisions.

Luck stays as he chooses.
To be truthful, I have become fond of his nature,

yes, I am alone in my thoughts.

Throughout the day,
we seem to meet back up in a shadow.
Blank pages appears in faces across from me

- It is true that in his world you are the Earth's shadow. -

Friendships blossom from a choice made by my lingering friend.
He is truly as free as I think I am.
From true darkness inside of you is where he pulls his ink.
He teaches a lesson of isolation as well as your history class,
but in fact, we are all he has to occupy his time. Actually,
he exists because of you.
He resides between your eyes to show you as he likes.

Fear hinders; drained of potential is not his purpose.
Despite the inconsistencies, I do not mind the trade-off.
Both he and I find peace of mind in chaos
Your caresses is a flower, the kisses a fragrance.
Your love is the plant of my sun-kissed dreams.
The reason I say sun and not moon is because
your warm actions take me to a world of bliss.
Where the loveliest grass thrive near and far,
the sweetest of fleurs are everlasting.
As well as my fortunes.
Please, adorn my black crown with another made
of wildflowers.
Take my hand, then a breath and let us dance in
Make me see only the flowers, never the weeds.
Short poem from my journal
Sanny 4d
Trying to accept what isn't meant for me.

That he isn't the one.

There was a time he said he was.

I feel the sad smile on my face.

The wrinkle on my forehead, caused by him.

Even though it wasn't our fate to be

I hope he thinks of me.

When the other girls don't sing along to our songs.

When they don't laugh the way I did.

When they don't get excited about the moon and the stars.

It's selfish,
but I hope he searches for traces of me in all the girls to come.
Lylock 5d
Take my heart
Rip it out
I don't care
Anymore but
I'll make myself for you
And I'm laughing now
Wejdan 7d
Where was my head back then?
Moment like these, I want to open my scars and let them bleed their regrets away.
the way he laughed, the way he smiled, the way he talked, the way he looked.
I probably won't be able to see that again in every man I meet. sadly, I'll wander.
Just by the memory of him walking away, I shut my eyes, for me not to see.
Each day and every day I think of him and miss him deeply, with this pain inside.
v 7d
I search for: your smile across the room, the furrow in your brows when you concentrate, your reassuring words of wisdom.
Is it wrong that I want to tell you all my deepest darkest secrets?

I long for: you touch below the table, your hands on mine in secret, your head on my shoulder.
Is it wrong that I want it to be something more?

I dream of: your eyes looking into mine, the way you run your hands through your hair, your chuckle in between jokes.
Is it wrong that all I want to do is feel your lips on mine?

I love: the way you drink your tea, how you are so incredibly kind to everyone, and you, you, you.
Is it wrong that I love you?
Daisy Rae Feb 15
All I want is to hear your voice
But no words have you to say

All I need is to make you laugh
But instead you frown at me

All I see is your exterior
Cold and hard and closed
How I wish to see your inner workings
Where it’s warm and soft and cozy
lets be closer
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