IJustBS 6h

Mruh maf ish fuul
Ant ai cannt shey watt ai wantt
Mruh mouf ish furr
hai crnt fccig shpek wirdfs
omhnahh biff jes shet ouut ma mouf
Dish fuud is tuu delichichhss

Sanny 1d

There we were.

Standing by the lake,
me with your jacket on my shoulders shaking from the cold.

Holding the rose you made out of a napkin in my hand.

You were laughing in embarrassment when you handed it to me.

And I knew in that moment.
You had me.

You put a spell on me.

You released the butterflies.

The start of my love story <3
Sand 2d

Your smile is a work of art
Your laughter lights my soul on fire
Your eyes look through the window of my heart
And it shows you one thing;
You, and only you, are my heart's desire

Spend your life utmost,
Enjoy as much as you can,
Don't try to save it.

In life you don't get another chance

Na Ma brown will you no git ta ya bed.
Awk away with ya heidbanger
Am making myself a brew.
Am dying oh thirst
Wit does it take to get a brew made for ya round here.
Awk away with the lot of ya.

I canna sleep
Weres me bleeding slippers
Awe MA Brown
Wilt you no take it easy.
Watch out ya dinna miss the steps
Awk a dinna want to cart you off
To the medical ward.
Me foot is stuck
I canna put no weight on it.
Awe HUD ya weese woman.
Am no finished yet.        
Right then let's get yah settled
and  back into yah bed

tory Sep 17

I spent this day
trying to catch your laugh
because I fear
I fear to never hear it again.

humble first version.
something in progress
Moushmi Mehta Sep 10

Sudden giddy feeling I get sometimes
Tender nostalgia of your monkey smile
You say things that strike perfectly right
Wait, no wait, now there are endless miles

Packing unnecessary luggage in my head
Breathe and sigh, sigh, wait for a while
It's you, you're here, I run and unpack
The weight that's now a feather-sized file

Luis Liriano Sep 10

I am not overwhelmed
but I am stunned by your beauty
so effortlessly you make my jaw drop
and turn my eyes heart eyes
you aren't my dream girl, you're the dream it self
with your beautiful brown eyes and your lovely short hair I can't help but running my fingers through

as i fall for you like I'm the last leaf of autumn
I will adore the way you laugh
as i fall for you like a tear of joy
I will adore the way you smile

and I am planning to never get up

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