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The way you laugh
The way you smile
draws me in for awhile
My mind kicks in
My thoughts progress
Therefore I shall address
These painful memories
That fill my mind
And overflow with time
You look at me
And feel my pain
Was I just your game
Note to self:
you’re worth it, you’re worthy, you will find love....
Forgive the ones who did not know how to love you right.
I finally
found out
what I want to be when
I grow up.

haha, hope I made you laugh or at least smile...   :)
blake 1d
ask yourself
this one
who do you love?
the sun, the sky?
perhaps the trees
fill you with joy.
maybe it's your
baby sister's
laugh as she plays
who do you love?
not the people,
nor the animals,
but what about the
feelings in the air?
Fọlá 2d
I wanna take your pain away.
Make you feel everything is okay.
Wipe your tears away; Every single day.
Don't trip. Baby, I'm here to stay.

I don't need anything but your smile.
That beautiful smile.
That smile that can light up a room, no matter how dark.
That smile that can brighten up a day, no matter the weather.
The smile that can solve any problem, no matter how stark.
The smile that can hold anybody down, without any tether.

I'm talking about the one that makes my pain go away.
The one that makes me want to stay.
The one I will never trade for anything.
The one I know that when I have it, I have everything.

Baby, You have to know that these words are true.
I don't ever want to be with nobody, but you.
No backups, no fallbacks, no side boos.
That smile is all I need from you.
You control me,
but for some reason,
im okay with that.
Being dictated by
you, is something
i like.
So bad but so good
You cry,
I cry.
You laugh,
I laugh.
You hurt,
I hurt.
You love,
I love.
You hate,
I hate.
You leave,
I stay.
I love how we
feel for each other.
But what will
I do
when you are
He loved the way she laughed,
With all his heart
No effort.
I’ve been there.

I’ve been stood up,
singled out,
and I’ve felt unloved.

I know the pain,
the small things cause.

I’ve met the people,
that just don’t care.

Believe me when I tell you,
I’ve been there.

But after the torture,
and after the pain.

A light will shine,
through the rain.

All your torture,
and all your pain,
will save someone else,
from feeling the same.
Use your hurt to help others.
I give you a wink;
its a simple hint.

I give you a smile;
keep you going for a while.

I give you a laugh;
I know what you want to have.

I give you my trust;
I know I'm something that you love.

I give you myself;
you want me more than any wealth.

I give you my love;
I'm starting to get hopeless.

I gave you all I ever had;
my wink
my smile
my laugh
my trust
my love.

But somehow,
for you,
that is not enough.
You want me
to give you more
when you have given me none.
c 7d
I’m laughing
A gossamer mood
With silver threads
Sparkling in the light

You tell me
My eyes are like
Broken sapphires
But I’ve never
Seen emeralds
That compare to yours
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