I try to make you laugh as much as I can.
Still you sleep.
I have trouble dozing off.
To catch the part of my dream you laugh the hardest.
Soon as I am out good.
I wake right back up.
Aware that there is no such sleep.
Still I try
How many times
Will I let you do this to me?
Trick me into believing
I've won a victory.
You sneak up behind me,
Shoot a daring grin,
My resolve crumbles,
And you own me, you win.
I'll follow you wherever.
Please show me something new.
Try to remember those warnings,
But my mind is wrapped up in you.
We go on great adventures,
Best I've ever had.
I know I'm supposed to quit you,
But I don't know what's so bad.
Here we go again.
I'm smiling, laughing, in a daze!
I don't want this to ever end
I'm in love with-
There she is.
I almost forgot she was there.
I really thought you weren't together.
I guess that wouldn't really be fair.
No I don't really want,
To break you two apart.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I have a muddled heart.
How many times
Will I let you do this to me?
Let me believe that you are it,
The only one who sets me free.
I know I'm silly and naïve
But you're the one that I adore.
So when I ask how many times,
I'm hoping that it's at least one more.
The highs are too high and the lows aren't low enough.
Myrrdin 5d
His laugh is contagious
Unapologetically loud
Moustache curling up
Wth every toothy grin
He sings soulfully
Describing the melodies
Like a war plan
While shuffling cards
He whistles to punctuate
Important statements
He drinks beer like water
And whiskey like wine
He holds me close
Like he knows me well
He fucks me
Like he wants to forget me
Inhales my scent
Like a hungry dog
I am both the dinner
And his date.
I leave here this I LOVE YOU...
so you can hug it always
An I love you that remembers that I'm here for you
An I love you that veils your dreams and absorb your tears
and feels your laugh, ruffles your hair and let you dream…
I wrote this on a pillow that I gave to my boyfriend when we were fulfilling 6 months of being together
hazael-fae May 11
whispered memories
gated truths
misery behind a laugh
playful child
run with the butterflies
forget all these ties
they aren't apart of you
so run create fun
these whispered memories
are not apart of you
a limb
your subconscious mind
tore apart from you.
so run little child
let your wings sore
and fly with the doves
sing little child
sing with the birds
play little child
let the grass grow so tall it tickles your nose
be graceful little one
because you can now
this limb is detached
laugh little one
because there is no more pain to hide behind
you are strong little one
mighty even
you're brave
little one
you are all
just laugh little one
let the whispers go with the wind
take stand for yourself
let this lesson be the whispered memory
to remind you to be brave, fearless, childlike
to take this pain and consciously detach it from yourself
to carry on
be the little one
the fearless one
Erica C May 7
smiles at day
tears at night
laughs with friends
cries alone
shaky all the time
'i'm fine'
'i already ate'
'i'm full'
'it's nothing'
'it won't happen again'
'don't worry about me'
i'm not fine
i'm starving myself
i'm hungry
it's something, help me, please
its most definitely going to happen again
worry about me please i need it
Saudia R May 11
One day

I hope you'll be as free as your laughter
Ella Salvador May 10
The sound of your laugh that bursts from your chest is my music-- a music to my ears-- a song that I find myself humming to again and again, a rhythm that I'd love to dance to every now and then.

When you laugh, my heart skips a beat as if we have known each other for so long and we are tied together. And just like that, we endlessly dance.

                                       - Ella Salvador
(c) March 2018
Shayn Powell May 9
Step by step, uphill
Then down, striving
To the top, this is
The final countdown.
Seeing the end, exhausted
And holding back a
Mental breakdown.
Blood, sweat and tears
The lack of oxygen,
Leaving me stumbling
So high in the atmosphere.

As I climb I break
through my greatest fears,
This is a war with myself,
A crucible greater than
No other.  Climbing higher
My eyes begin to open,
Everything is clear.
The end is near.

This place is holy,
Something I can’t bare,
As if I observe my
Every move with my
I’ll leave here free
Of toxins, spiritually found,
Sinless and Flawless.
This poem is about finding yourself and the hardships that tend to come with it, as the process may be difficult for most people, just keep climbing, find your personal biases, stand by what you believe in. make a difference first with yourself before trying to be something else other than what you are meant to be. This can hard, and I wanted to put that in words.
Kaeli Hearn May 2
The infinite depth of the universe

All the planets, stars, moons, oceans, winds, echos.

Think of all the people, places, things and souls that roam these spaces.

Time is fleeting

Yes, you are small, but oh so significant.

So unique & you are apart of the formation and inhabitance of these spaces.

Treat them with respect.

Dance with the stars, swim in the oceans, fly among the stars, kiss the winds and listen carefully to the echo around you.

They are there for you as you are there for them. You do not have long -- catch the glimmer while you still can.
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