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Of all the fears I posses
death is not one of them
Living without a purpose I fear
Live with purpose
yasmin 2d
If only we would all cry when we’re sad
Ask for help when we need it
Wave and smile at every stranger
Play and play when we awaken

If only we would understood
that the answer to life is
to never grow up.
In my life there are three things:
A feeling of emptiness,
a hollow laugh and blank face,
Hiding behind a mask

I wonder day by day
nothing changing
the world around me is unimportant.
In my life there are three things:

My own emotions elude me
they go about their days
hiding in the back of my brain
a feeling of emptiness

Upon my face there sits
a person I don't know
Because of all I ever am is
a hollow laugh and blank face

Day by day, night by night
nobody ever bothers to look
but I never bother to tell, I'm
hiding behind a mask
This is my first attempt at a cascade poem
sidra Oct 4
You laugh,
but I’m the one left breathless.
Serendipity Sep 28
She was crisp in Autumn's wind.
Definite lines of beauty
set in stone,
on pavements filled
with leaves.

Her skin is cinnamon sprinkled,
and her oh just as punchy.

She was scented with spice,
her presence never a shadow
or mango-mangled mixture.
It was definite,
it was there.

She was there.
MindMooring Sep 27
Hiding my pain from everyone,
I let my scream laugh.
Poetic T Sep 22
Least we fall, let it be on
to a ****** we dislike
     to cusion our descent. .

And may we smile,
    while they wince

in regrettable pain.

Whoops did my foot accidently

        tread upon your  

private property..

Well least you remember
that ones fall
       is another's pain.

And another's *******...
Peter B Sep 20
I sometimes go to the hills
and try to spot them flying.
I heard that when you spot an angel,
in your life there will be less dying.

I spend many hours waiting,
people say I should go home
that I'm wasting my time.
That angels don't exist.

But I know one day
I'll see their light.

Well, if they don't exist,
then so don't I.
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