"I don't play games."
Life itself
is many games
all wrapped up
in one package.

If I had to guess,
I'd wager
you're boring,
as I can see
you standing,

You know what they say,

"Only boring people
fall into boredom."

Between two boulders
kissing over the mouth
of the coyote's den,

you waste time you could spend,
all your energies are torn
to incandescent bits, ripped
and floating, suspended:

All the moments passed

you can't help but miss.

Be a bitch.
Construct a ruse
in entertainment's name
and enter it.
Cause a scene,
take it back.
Cry as hard as you laugh,
use the tears as a lubricant,
when you go to fuck.
dilated black pupil
i watch take shape
grin of pink with form so clean
ambushes grey soul

touch like feather
fist of gold
bold strikes, put to rest
by feather of gold

she pilots soul
i pilot soul
never fly so low
always take high to zones unknown to globe
havent felt this way in yrz.

finally warm
finally free
finally home

she's gone
You want me to smile.
I do.
You want me to laugh.
I do.
You want me to be happy.
I do.

I fake it all.
I’m dead inside.
Even therapy can’t help.

                           With love,
Who waits there says he?
As you’ll answer it, take heed
This Slave commit no Violence upon
Himself. I’ve been deceiv’d. The Publick Safety
Requires he should be more confin’d; and none,
No not the Princes self, permitted to
Confer with him. I’ll quit you to the King.
Vile and ingrate! too late thou shalt repent
The base Injustice thou hast done my Love:
Yes, thou shalt know, spite of thy past Distress,
And all those Ills which thou so long hast mourn’d;
Heav’n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn’d,
Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn’d.

He shall find no Friend in Hell
can match the fury of disappointment in s woman! scorned! slighted! dismissed without parting Pang.
His Golden Key could open woman's door if he tried loving her but to him,
Heaven knows no rage like love to hatred turn'd, nor Hell a fury like a woman scorn'd.

But the above is a man's version and what if such a woman perceived Scorn'd is just Hurt and feeling so small she feels she deserves it for simply been who she really is..abandoned. Also known as abandonment syndrom.
Such woman is able to love why not? she needs the benediction loving kindness and understanding aproval
of a real man a true love?.

Yet some men resort to.mocking laughing tiranizing ridiculing witholding affection and expecting full disclousure to full trust before their grand exit

Don't men say that it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? So to men such kind of betrayal loss suffered by a woman from a man, renders her untrustworthy and unfit to give or receive love again?

So it is said but lets say a woman which was betrayed, lied to ,
dishonored laughed at, deceived and robbed of her honor due to her own innocence and naiveness.
Perhaps her self worth trust self esteem were violated by the usual two face wolferian garbage that many poison darted FROG man are; maybe any other class act ingrate, like an inch long male Ant, infling a Bullet wound! on her first time is to blame.?

And so doesn't the music of true love have charms to soothe the savage wounded breast, or soften rocks, or bend a knotted Oak, for any a disgraced young vibrant woman?
Why do men call her scorn'd? in her stone heart appearance?

In my experience attractive King of hearts men, can be so insecure that going for the ugly girl he feels rewarded then going for the true enchanting woman with her
killer white smile beauty should it best she die in fits of jealousy for him?

The man ends up with the unattractive giraffe who is demanding and ready to cry in fits of jealousy even for a fly that lands on him a mare second!
And that's loving him!?

Most men in my own experience distrust the pretty woman the shy one who offers the best when if after falling she still rises confident despite adversity,
she adores her new found treasure man healthily
without any extreme jealouy,
nor possessiveness, nor greedy agenda manipulations?

Why do most men perceive this kind of self made self taught rare jewel beauty a calamity and is not chosen as the best partner.?

Is this then a hellish curse to be born a woman with a heart of gold peaceful land, and with beauty sparkly as a diamond and still be perceived as evil unloving and unfaithful worthy of nothing.but the misery of being left behind missunderstood and forgotten?.

I know this to be true.This beauty was me.
When a womans self worth and honor have been compromized to no fault of her own, aim for her treasures and aspirastions she might have in abundance of outer and inner attraction for you, and you towards her that most other women in your workd lack utterly. Shes isnt scorned if she doesnt trust open up to you. Especially dint treat her bad in an effort for her to open up about her shameoss and the many graves and stumps that others left of her family in her past.. Use honey ti attract this honey queen bee. Or lose her then go mendicate the love of a greedy humbly giant anaconda posing as a woman jealous and in love
A poet's dream isn't like any others
Poets dream of translucent colors
Colors of a summer sunset,
Palest pinks, slivers of purple
and tangerines

Poets dream of arising with a phoenix
And flying far beyond tomorrow
Beyond space's emptiness,
Beyond a storm blue horizon,
Beyond infinity

Poet's dream of love immeasurable
Poets laugh a genuine laugh,
Poets cry a genuine tear
A poet's dream born of passion
Born of inspiration

Poets carry dreams in their heart
Dreams of love, dreams of life
Dreams lasting a lifetime
Dreams even of a forgotten star
Dreams carry a poet far
Why don’t you meet with me,
have a talk with me,
take a walk with me
and just grab a drink with me?

Why don’t you think with me,
be alone with me,
share with me
and just love with me?

Why don’t you laugh with me,
cry with me,
get lost with me
and just be with me?
Written on October 4, 2009
Composition number: 341
Serena 7d
A nickel on the street
Just waiting to be plucked
But everyone ignored it
Like it could get fucked

A little boy did see it
His mouth stretched to a smile
A nickel, what a find
The only nickel for a mile

He bent to pick it up
But gasped as he was shoved
“Excuse me little boy,
That nickels mine to be loved!”

The granny wrinkled her wrinkles
Her back sounded like a popper
As her frail little frame
Bent to grab the copper

But alas! she didn’t get it!
As a pterodactyl swooped
It grabbed her by the shoulders
Flew back up and made a loop

“The nickel will be mine!”
The bird shrieked into the air
“I’ve been waiting for that nickel,
Since I ever did breathe air!”

The granny managed to escape
Before old ptero’ got too high
She landed on her feet
And adjusted the spanks upon her thighs

“Good for you granny!”
Appears the president
“You escaped a dinosaur
But you’re still just a simple resident

“With my status and my tupee
I deserve the coin-“
He wasn’t able to finish
Before the pterodactyl
Bit him in the groin

The nickel was confused
It didn’t understand
Why it wasn’t loved before
But now was heavy in demand

“Ah, never mind it’s okay”
Granny stretched her smile far
As she spotted another thing
New and shiny as a star

She reached for the new thing
As the president and bird too
They forgot about the nickel
And it sat alone and blue

“Yay you’re still here “
A small voice whispered with glee
The little boy came into sight
And plucked the nickel gently

~Even though they stopped caring
He loves me still
I finally found a love
That’s unconditional~
I’m honestly just procrastinating studying, internally crying
Grey Lilys Aug 13
Someone asked me who I loved today.
And it got me thinking,
a name didn’t pop in my head,
Or I should say your name.
Your name didn’t drown my thoughts like it always did.
What you did to me didn’t start playing in my head like a silent film.
Your laugh and screams didn’t clash in my ears.
Your smile and snarl didn’t cloud my eyes.
Your fists and lips didn’t touch my body.
And wow.
Not feeling you felt really fucking good.
Not having my senses filled with you.
Felt amazing.
Not feeling your fists on my body even after you left,
Feels like gold.
Your hand grabbing my head to look at you so you can apologize doesn’t make me shudder.
I’m fine. And for the first time.
I think I mean it
Lyn-Purcell Aug 8
Women of the Spring
Sitting on the vast Floral Hearts
Wings flutter gently
Walking past a field of flowers! I noticed that a few butterflies were
resting on them, too.  They look so beautiful when they fly away in the sun.
Need to pop down to the shop to get a few things!
Gonna use the time to plan out my free-verse too;
I've got the theme down at least.
Be back soon! ^-^
Lyn xxx
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