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I’d like to stand hand in hand
In my local coffee shop
Whilst waiting for the man
To serve our favourite drinks

We could share a croissant or a piece of cake
And sit at a table by the window
to watch the people walking by.
Now and again we’d share a joke
about what we’ve just seen

We’d probably look at our phones
and you’d be always busy with something
that must be done right now

But that would be ok
because when we get home
we would become one again
as only lovers can.
tree Aug 28
writing isn't easy when
the only language i speak
is that of her laugh
is using contractions cheating??
Savio Fonseca Aug 13
I'm a fool, Who has fallen in Love.
Head over Heels and Blind.
I keep blushing during the Day,
not knowing what's there in My Mind.
If I offer My Love and Gift wrap it to U.
Will U make Me yours Forever
Or will U turn it Down and Laugh at Me
and make Me hang My Ears Forever.
As I stand on the Steps of Happiness
waiting for U to open the Door.
Will U let Me into your fold
Or will My Tears roll on to the Floor.
The Last time, When I said I Love U.
My Voice had begun to Crack.
I'm that best selling Book, U never read.
Lying Dusty and Torn on you Rack.
AE Jul 27
I've somehow stretched every limb
into a series of exhausted yawns
Now the rhythm of this day
Is with you
But it seems,
I am not the only one
With words breezy enough
To make you laugh
Because as I round the corner
I can hear the air rippling around you
And everything becoming lighter and lighter
Until you, a sun in everyone's galaxy
Illuminates the disillusioned
delusional rhythm makers
All here to gift you their love
Man May 1
Civility for civilty's sake
Do you laugh to feel,
Work to wake?
Is there a person there real?
Or, are you too fake?
nd Apr 14
Water flows through the rivers, so does our feelings.
We let the wind bring us throung the sky, to make us realize that what we feel is real.
-not only a glimpse of uncertainty

Gaudy, it says.
We look at the sky
peering up beyond
beyond the last birds seeking home
and the last rays of sun sinking behind the clouds
but generally we see nothing
it takes complete darkness
to really see what lies
in the ******* beyond
but even then we forget
the millions of miles separating
us and the stars
twinkling almost sadly in the distance

We are made of stardust
yes, that is true
basic elements connect us all
in hues of an artist's color wheel
but why do we acknowledge
something so far
when we are really more like what is right beneath our feet

overlooked but completely necessary
allowing us to exist in our natural form
something we touch
and through that touch
we feel the energy of the world


flowing like the blood through our veins
flowing like the river down a mountainside
flowing like the song out a bird
like the ocean 'round a great whale
like the air into our lungs
like the tears from our eyes

just like the feelings from our hearts
I just wanted to bond

with you

But I guess you’re just not fond

of the things

I like

I am elated when

I hear you laugh

At the comedy shows

I love

I don’t know what the feeling is

Inside of me

But it allows me to escape

My ill mind

For just thirty minutes

Each episode

I love to hear you crack up

And see you laugh

till your stomach hurts

At the character’s silly jokes

and mannerisms

It makes me happy

To bond this way

My interests are validated

And I don’t feel alone

I guess today

You didn’t want to

Maybe I’m forcing

You to

And you’re just pretending

To enjoy it

To make me happy.
Healer Feb 4
Maybe it will hurt a little less,
If I agree that yes I am a mess.
You say I don't know how to behave,
Be the perfect daughter for you to showcase.
Dad, I am not perfect and certainly not brave.
Mom, You live in hollow society and break my soul for your society.
Why must I die every day? my dreams sacrificed in every way
So that you can have your rules sailed and kingdoms to hail.
You say the biggest honor you did to me by giving me life
I must adhere to your command like a puppet, eat the meal, and compromise.
But did it occur to you that your words are sharper than the knife,
And the long list of expectations is dimming my light.
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