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I love watching the way that all the muscles in your face relax when you laugh.
I could watch you laugh forever
Your smile
So delightful
Like a starry night
Shining and pure
Your will unbreakable
Your companionship
Non regrettable
The joys with you
Your laugh
Forever at the
Peace at last
For a friend
Isn’t it incredible?
How i fall in love
With a different thing
Every day.
Yesterday, it was your laugh.
Today, it is your memory.
And tomorrow maybe,
Just maybe,
It would be our communion;
Beyond the shackles of worldly ordeal.
So Proud I was to walk
out with my girl, hand
on her waist though the
abuse I suffered as a
child, this was something
never experienced by me
before, this girl gave me
chance where others
didn't want to even speak
to me, but Helen was
always there for me so
sweet and lovely but could
be naughty **** wicked
laugh but nicely, so gentle
she passed away so brave
my hero
Helen was hero so brave right to the end
everytime you text me something to make me laugh, i imagine you laughing with me and it fills my heart with so much peace and happiness.
And remember when
life was so different
time didn’t seem to matter
luv wasn’t so invisible

Instead the moments
shared created a fire
that seared our skin
ravishing our senses

Hearts poured out
emotions of luv
felt so divinely
as we danced to thunder

It all felt like perfection until we fell
bruised knees with muddied hands
betrayed by joy our hearts
screamed for mercy

Surrendering sorrowful tears
hidden by pouring rain
lifting cries to heaven above
pleading for our souls to heal

and here it ends with tears streaming down the faces of love~

with memories forever making us laugh or cry~
Helen had a real
naughty but nice
**** husky voice
and such wicked
Her eyes so bright
so much said In the
beautiful eyes of
Helen was not only
pretty, she had beauty
Inside a beauty that
came from deep
She had a heart of
gold fell In love with
her I was rewarded
so much
Helen had this incredible voice
could be so **** and what
wicked laugh but she so nice with It
Who's the boy with the sickly eyes down the hall?
He looks so familiar. But his name I can't recall.
He's on my lips, I can feel him right there,
hope he didn't catch me with my mouth open stare.

He looks like he needs a nap, to get some rest.
His clothes all wrinkled, his posture's a mess.

But he has a thick line of laughter creased in his cheek.
His smile has some tatters, and he's got coffee stains
for teeth.
His glasses are fogged up ***** with that day's grease.
If he took a bit of care for himself he'd be looking,
better than what I've seen.

Too bad he isn't better than he is right now.
some ideas ive had, some remarks ive heard, and a few insecurities i need to face
Alone I am a lone soul,
Together we are whole.
Alone I break,
Together we make.
Alone I go astray,
Together we stay.
Alone I find myself,
Together we have ourselves.
Alone I smile only,
Together we laugh openly.
I am alone in a crowd,
Together we are the crowd.
Alone my feelings are my own,
Together our feelings are known,
Halved and shared,
Loved and cared.
I like me,
Yes,I like me,
I really like me
I really, really like me.
I am no pretense,
I am what I can be.
I am a candy that children love,
I am a nutty chocolate that some die for,
While others are allergic to it.
I am a savoury snack you find in youngsters backpack,
Or you take for picnics.
I am a roast turkey or Biryani  for family feasts,
I am a mild soup for the aged.
I laugh and make others laugh,
I cry, but wipe others tears,
I am gentle but can be tough when need arises.
I try to be soft but rough to those who dare cross my path,
I am a friend indeed.
Yes, I like me,
As I am, as I can be.
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