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I felt so truly disemboweled when
I was told that my little sister
Won't even be given the chance
At life or to explore the world
Never to laugh and smile or
Would never say my name half correctly
Can't help but feel like I was gutted
I laugh at old people
        out the window.

Then realise I'm looking at a mirror
Sneha Thakur May 19
I think there is a special beauty in being able to romanticize love.
Its all up in here, in my mind.
There is a spectrum of thoughts in my imagination.
Sometimes my love can be one sided and it's safe to say that i like that more.
The part where you get to wonder and the excitement that follows.
I wonder a lot of things about you.
About how do you look like when you laugh.
Do you have an ugly laugh or are you a shy laugher.
Sometimes i make up moments in my mind,
More than often in those moments, time freezes and we make our own little infinity.
Sometimes i want to say things to you, and i wonder what you will say back.
I wonder if you will say what i wanna hear.
I like the wondering part.
I like to think.
I wonder how it would feel to hold your hands.
Laura May 17
my eyes are laughing strolling arm in arm
cracking the pavement brimming of vibrations
stories of contentment, despondency
a feeling of being summoned urgently by an invite
gracious and acute
in the company of gods and goddesses
on a patch of green grass
i admit to being without admonition exceedingly happy
Tony Tweedy May 16
I thought to tell a joke to lighten up and bring a smile to the day.
To bring a little laughter and set my words on out to play.

I started with the Englishman, the Irish guy and a Scot.
But someone called me racist so the first line was all they got.

I then started to tell of a woman in the guise of a blonde joke.
But no sooner had I started all the feminists did I provoke.

As I sought to carry on to bring a smile to someone's face.
I found that all types of what was humour today is out of place.

I find that I am judged a racist and even sexist or a homophobe.
And you can no longer laugh at women or talk of **** probe.

You cant talk of a shuttle **** washed up on a Florida beach.
And any joke about the clergy is well and truly out of reach.

I don't think there is a topic that the world finds hilarious anymore.
Unless that is why Trump was elected and what we have him for.
Not intended to offend. Simply an observation.
I continue to laugh at the things I find funny.... I recommend it. It is the best medicine (much better than disinfectant)
Naveen Kumar May 15
There was a tadpole
who lived in a tight pool.
He waited to be a frog
before fainting the winter fog.
To hop in hard land of dry sand
where huge trees stand.

What happened when he hop?
For his unluck, against his hope.
He fell under a giant boot,
instead of on a tree root.
I tried a funny and silly poem for the first time. Please let me know how it is in comments below.
Moushmi Mehta May 13
At 10:00am, I wake up
The same four walls greet me
Walls that see my tea cup
Going cold on the window sill

At 5:45pm, I finish work
Just like how the bee ***** a flower
Honey, collected ultimately by some ****
Anyway, then I hit the shower

At 7pm, I see the sun set
So I send a little prayer
To the stars, although we have never met
But failing to see their end, I tell them I'm scared

At 1am, a little warning in the wind occurs
Saying it's ok to be wary but to stay put
To believe that when tomorrow recurs
The sun will be brighter & the moon will be afoot

At 10:00am, I wake up.
Haley May 12
Always the one to cheer you up?
How can I
Tell you I am not fine,
When all you do is laugh?

Your problems are the world,
Mine is just a speckle.
With you I used to feel the world,
But now it's just a tickle.


I can never speak on my emotions,
Because yours are just way greater.
I wish I could tell you,
That I’m your biggest hater.

To you I’m better dead than alive.
I even gave you my stuffed bear,
I got when I was five.
Now my life is just a joke to you,
I can’t believe I used to love you.
No idea why I wrote this, it kind of just wrote itself.
Slowly things will fall in place
It always does
And if it’s not happy
It’s not the end

I wonder
What about the sad
Does it ever have a happy ending?

It doesn’t bother
Because it knows it’s not over
Because it gives strength to fight
Because it gives the passion to live
Because it makes you do things that you wouldn’t otherwise,
Sad doesn’t last forever
Because life is beautiful
And it shows all its colors
Some black and some greys
But the others are alive
And so are you,
You choose what color you want to be
You have the right to,
Because what matters at the end is
How it all turns out to be.
Kat Schaefer May 11
I hope your mornings are filled with kindness
That you rise with the sun instead of the snooze
May your coffee be warm and runneth over
And that you take the time to walk among the lilacs

I hope your afternoons are fast and productive
That your lunch is always your favorite
That you have enough mayo to mix with your ketchup
And that your fries are always crinkled but never cold

I hope that you ditch work for Wednesday night trivia
Your evening away from the relentless overtime
That you indulge in cheap food and light conversation
And that you never think twice about putting yourself first

I hope that you crawl into bed before midnight
That you are greeted by a soft pillow and warm blankets
May your eyes grow heavy and the lights go dim
And that you always remember that you are loved
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