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I light up the sky with all of my words
As Natrium, Cuprum and Kalium burns
The tumultuous sparkle of my love
The dazzling bedazzling of the burst
Red, blue, golden, green
All on the scene
For everyone to see
But you are blind as blind can be
What is love to the one who can't feel it
Payton Feb 24
Vibrant streaks of green and blue and violet twist in your eyes, like a
beautiful galaxy and I want nothing more than to catch each shooting star and leave my wishes on your lips.
I'm not sure that this is a poem but rather a pretty thought. It was written in 2016.
f1 Feb 24
i looked inside people and pulled out their colors
you said it made it easy for them to walk all over me
you said i deserved better
but i knew i never wanted to be like you, seeing the bad and walking away
i knew people could do bad things and still be good

until what you did to me
now you take what i taught you
and pull out people's colors, see the positive in all things
and i take what you taught me
always walk away
WistfulHope Feb 21
Whisper to me without words
Give me an eternity in an instant
Show me a new galaxy in a glance
Dazzling constellations contained in your eyes
Like a nebula, exploding, expanding with each moment we share
Kaleidoscope colors
Glistening and changing at a pace that feels like fireworks
But looks like stars
Stare into my soul with those hazel-green eyes
For my husband. I miss you so infinitely that I do not have words to describe the emptiness that is where you belong.
If I could see your true colors would you be a deep maroon or a lime green?
Would we mix and create a beautiful purple or create a muddy puddle that echoes "we don't belong together"
I wish that I could see your colors
then maybe
I could understand
Ahmad Attr Feb 8
Little boy wake up from your dreams
Your woollen world is not what it seems
Your paper dolls are going to come after you
the monsters are taking forms
from the crayon paintings you drew

Little boy wake up from your dreams
Your crochet clothes are going to rip at the seams
Your plastic toys are to going be forgotten
The ribboned curtains will unveil
A colourless world oh so rotten

And when you go to sleep make sure
To shut your windows and you flowery door
Cover your ears with your hands firmly
Don’t listen to the sound in evil tone
‘’little boy stop playing with your xylophone’’

take off your navy sweater
Put on the armor and make your way
To the world of terror
Infiltrate the ****** castle
Save your distressed damsel

Little boy wake up from your dreams
Your times of boyhood have reached their extremes
You won’t sleep under starry ceilings no more
Be prepared for the world that is calling you
Filled with people whose glass hearts can’t be mend with glue

Be a man, right to the bones
Little boy, stop playing with your xylophone
The colorful splendor of childhood slowly dissolving into mundane adult life
In a distant future not so long ago, it was a dark winter morning as the sun shined brightly in the sky. A man sat on a park bench as he stood among the chaos of people surrounding him. He peeked at his watch staring it like a wall facing a statue. He seemed to have all the time in the world yet he was running out the clock. Far away a bird shrieked a soft cry of joy. The moment his ears caught the sound, gently in a flash his mind came out from imprisoned memories that roamed freely in his subconscious. Is it too late? Am I doing it too soon? He simultaneously battled with the truce he reached with his choices separately.

On the other side of the city within the same vicinity she laid on her bed as she sipped her coffee on the couch. Tears had made a futile escape as they triumphantly ran down her cheeks. A soft breeze charged from the window bringing in green autumn leaves. The room had dim lighting from a single bulb that shined brightly on the ceiling. It gave an ambiance of calamitous exuberance. There she was; coffee cup in hand staring at the painting on the wall rich with myriad of vibrant colors as dark as the heart of a pitch-black night. It seems like the right path?  Isn’t it the wrong way? She separately battled with the truce she made with her choices simultaneously.
Little did I know
that you are
the rainbow
at the end
of every
**make it in the shape of a storm/tornado**
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