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Eloisa 2d
I departed poorly
with my blackly bitter summer,
And ordered life in bright colors.
It gave me autumn
dressed in blazing orange and red.
Delivered to me in dreamful
and magical tints of gold.
I didn’t even notice the autumn rain.
Smelling the fragrance of the breeze,
I heard beautiful music from the rustling leaves.
Now, my heart began beating a familiar rhyme.
Love will gather my wistful, unspoken thoughts,
With new songs of harmony
from these autumn leaves.
I still have a lot of these colors.
I still have a lot of LOVE to give.
I’ve known love like I’ve known fall for so long.
stillhuman Sep 12
I lay
as the colours of the world
spin around
This state of mind is poison that you ingest on your own
Jaxey Aug 31
killing a butterfly
is easier from far away
colors meshed into brown
is just another cockroach
alexis Aug 28
orange and black is such a stark contrast for such a delicate frame.
flutter, flutter.
the color of caution,
and the color which brings about the need for it.
flutter, flutter.
is it not difficult to live like that?
to be painted this way?
your wings fold again at that, so i think that maybe you don’t mind it so much.
you are so loved the world over,
it doesn’t matter if sirens blare,
people will still call you beautiful with ringing ears and racing heartbeats.
am i envious?
maybe so.
flutter, flutter.
the sky whisks you away.
i was hoping you’d touch my hand before you go as if to say,
“there’s nothing here for me to fear.”
i’m left to wonder if there’s a danger shades of brown evoke.
Lips of the world lost
Evanesce bring to life
Live-Love- Dance

 Prayers>> of >the> Providence
Lips deep--- tears-seeded
    Life unfolds
Loved ones need to be hold
World spins High flower

Are we all connected within?

Anxiety on the rise
Weaken flower transforms to begin
Sun lips gladiolus
Melody of Mozart- Amadeus
Honeysuckle- Rose lips

Healing rain European trips
Winding minds of stairs
They lost the flowers
Bad politics and affairs
I saw the light

Candle-lips star
Lips got healed God sent
Don't dwell on life the big rent
The world is very displeasing I thought I would put some bright colors and flowers to lift the spirit
I am a hoarder
Of memories
Some of them
Adorn my walls
And some of them
Haunt the very halls
I seem to roam
Even when I feel
Oh, so tired

So I paint over them
Everything smeared
With colors astounding
Yet, somehow
They still manage
To fade to grey

Merlie T Jul 26
dark blue
wisps of white
endless rolls
on the way down south
deep mounds meet
the land to the sky
stars sparkle
such silence
wind blows
Merlie T Jul 26
soft, gentle sway
a dance at the tip tops
of all the trees
takes my hand
and carries me
up into the sky
over vast mountains
so tall
the sadness which
propelled me
over a lifetime
so long
holds me now
in the sweetest arms
soaring me on
into forever
hot pink clouds
meet with mountain peaks
always is all I see
Merlie T Jul 26
Gaze rests upon
red, red roses
encased in a purple vase
Hear warm, safe voices
A melody carried along
Words of affirmation, love, trust
Wind kisses
flowing through window
wrapped in its arms
tossed away
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