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What a strange things?
Light shines through the crack of things are broken.
What a strange concept?
The most beautiful words are always flowed from the most broken soul.
What a strange concept?
There's a beauty in broken things even light has to be fractured to make colors.
*Broken is a temporary state for humans,
Broken never existed to begin with.
Hii guy it's my first poetry 💖
you were like ice cream in the sun
melting too fast and never lasting

i wasn't just smiling because i was admiring your pretty face
i was smiling because of the memories we made

now those memories are the only thing i have left of you
Poem from my book
grant me wings
so i can fly away

grant me intelligence
so i don't have to use fancy words to sound smart

grant me wealth
so i don't have to act like i'm wealthy

grant me love
so i can forget what it feels like to be in pain
Poem from my book
even if i tell you
you won't understand

so i just stand there speechless and in pain
waiting for you to somehow understand what i'm going through
Poem from my book
you've changed and you still haven't noticed
I screamed at you and you stood there like a ghost

shall I scream a bit louder next time?
will that wake you up?

we used laugh with our teeth
and now we don't even talk
Poem from my book
words disappear into the wind
but my thoughts remain for a lifetime
Poem from my book.
Color 4d
where the sun is hot
and the sky is blue

where the moon shines all night
on me and you.

we are alive
shimmering and hot
violet and yellow and blue.

we are the heat
the boiling waves
that pull off the concrete below.

we are the cold
the crackling freeze
the ice and the wind and the rain.

we are the drowning
we live underwater
the deaf and the mute and the dead.

we are the giants
the huge and the mighty
the violent and the bold and the daring.

we are the fairies
the small and the vicious
the swift and the radiant and the glimmering.

we are the living
the blue and the yellow
the red and the green and the purple.
if my bones could feel my emotions
then i would no longer have the privilege to walk
Poem from my book
sometimes words mean nothing
therefore it is better to show than tell
Poem from my book
manas 4d
What colour is sky?
The sky is blue.
The colour of morning,
and its delightful hue.
Fantastic forests with delightful due-
add a jewel to this cronet of hue.

What colour is sky?
The sky is pink.
The colour of twilight,
and its alluring wink.
A tinge of joy hides in the skies-
like dreams living in a maiden's Eyes.

What colour is sky?
The sky is dark.
The colour of night,
and moon's cry of lark.
Here lurk secrets never said or told,
and persist emotions, eternally unconsoled.
What color is your sky......let me know
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