I opened my eyes to see; celeste sky,
stretching over the cyan sea,
as the golden sun kissed
the aurelian sands of the shore,
I heard a giggle of a lavender blush bride,
blinked and was awestruck, as the emerald sweat
of hard work reflected in chartreuse fields.
The glow of amber in faiths they lit,
with a touch of mahogany of rust.
Then I spoke to the history of past and
twilight caged scarlet- folly darklings to groovy beats.

I experienced a realm of colors & the dawn of life
peak of history & paradise like a craving knife.
Forever more I breathe Goa.

You were like fireworks
So damn bright
You brought light
In this life

You were like fireworks
With a blast of colors
You carried trouble
And yet so memorable

You were like fireworks
Beautiful in every angle
Your eyes do sparkle
Indeed an artful

And so, you were like fireworks
You left me in the dark
Was once lit and now gone in fact
The sky was again pitch black

K.J. Bueza | 17/03/2018
Panda 2d
Confusion of the senses
I smell a burning lie
Listen to the color's leak
Fall out the endless sky
Tallie 3d
Be the colors that scream at you to look at them
Be the dress full of life with a torn hem
Be the feet that never stop dancing
Be the sailor looking through his binoculars, glancing
Be the wind that swirls with all its might
Be the blanket that provides warmth at night
Be the girl full of life
Don’t just be someone’s wife
The resilience of yellow,
Yellow, which is so often brushed off
“eggy” they say or “oh god, not lemon”
it’s more than that.
The folds of the petal,
velvety, resilient to the world it faces.
Uprooted it may be,
but tall and proud it stands.
The arms are outstretched, perfume given away freely.
Beautiful, fragile, captivating.
I don't leave anymore

I am vacated, with my
head stuck out the window I

left the real world; prayers stinging my tongue.

purples and blues and black
orange green blue.

there is a basket of rotting fruit beside me.

the night is cold it
eats at my fingers and they surrender to
numbness and the
anticipation that tomorrow will
be somehow better
still teases my brain.

there is fire hanging above me.
March gallops swiftly ahead
Ensnaring February's vital essence
As frigid gale and Grey skies
Make way for efflorescence
Languished lands begin to revive
Verdant abundance greets abound
Adorning world in assorted hues
Like a bejeweled bride
With sparkling eyes
United with her lover
After years of strife
Like a bereaved mother
Shedding tears of love
Jubilant when her barren womb
Begins to nurture a life anew
mythie Mar 11
Pools of ink drench white paper.
Darkness covering a world of light.

Your piercing red body shone through a bleak world.
And as you approached me I turned blue.

You were the only colour in a world full of white.
Every time it rained you never got stained in black.

The ink never touched you.
Never filthied you.

You always stayed vibrant.
That perfect scarlet red.

You finally approached me.
A pastel blue boy.

Your smooth, tender hands all over my body.
Marking me in lilac bites.

The dull world outside shunned us.
Because we were different.

But I find comfort in your coloured arms.
Because when I'm with you, I'm no longer blue.

When you touch me, I explode with colour.
I become a lilac man.
Domtwo Mar 9
Your chocolate eyes.
Dark lands I wanted to admire

Soothing dreams
falls like purple leaves

Purple like your hair
Purple like an october wood

the coldness you showed me
frozen like snow
white like your skin

the passion you are looking for
red like your lips
hard like my dreams
You in the colors
You in my poem
a child's laughter lances through my monochrome morning
irritable grey flecked with the overjoyed oranges and greens of gaiety
paint that has always run off my canvas
though i beg for it to stain my skin

i scratch the sidewalk with the prescribed chalk i collect
taking tiny white and barely blue tablets to the asphalt
with heavy arms
drawing designs onto my brain
hoping it helps

but when the wind wails through the painted park
chalk is chased away by clouds of chaos
the dark dances in and sits between me and my mending

i watch families flee for shelter
i watch friends fight fires together
with heavy eyes
the chalk crumbles to powder in my hands

i seek solace inside
but there is nowhere to go
i can't hide from darkness when the sun has already set
if the month starts on a sunday, then there will be a friday the thirteenth
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