MA 1d

Covered in dirt,
I felt like the time has ceased to run,
My body couldn't move and my will to fight was gone.
Everything around me has turned from purple into grey,
Even  the colors of the rainbow started to fade away.

Then I realized that the world is BLACK and WHITE,
Perhaps people are just color blind.
Could it be that green and blue were just illusions of the mind?
'Cause I see nothing but a colorless world or perhaps...
I'm the one who's blind.

This was my first poem. I wrote this when I was under the influenced of drugs (I don't do it anymore). I was really depressed and words kept popping in my head, and this was the result.
Mims 1d

Everything looks black until you get some better lighting,
I realized we were more of a
Mellow Gray,
That our minds aren't always just
Black and White

It isn't always clear, my dear.
Abraham 2d

On drifted summer
of blue green and red
the wind lapped my face
with the things that you said
I'll never be near you
or tell you how pretty
the color of summer
blue green and red.


Unicorns puke rainbows
Vampires puke blood
Zombies puke brains
the colors don't stop

A girl once told me
that if my colors seem to fade
I should think of the memories
in my life that were great

i believe that we'll always come back to each other in whatever colors we become

even when i'm scorching red and you're a soft green
even when you're a bold blue and i'm a deep yellow

even when we're two different shades of grey

even when i have rings in my nose and you have some around your neck

even when it's almost dawn and i can't keep my eyes open, but you're a sugar rush, bouncing your leg on the floor

neither of us can ever keep still
neither of us can ever keep something from each other

maybe that's why i know we'll always return to each other when we stray too far from the woods

From up here I see clearly,
the landscape of what we might call home,
I see the millions of lights that belong to multiple lives
in this city

Don't let me be alone,
don't let me fall

From this towering height.

I'm trapped inside my dreams
I don't think I can find the door

Don't let me be alone—

I feel the billowing wind between my toes,
I cover my ears against the cold

Don't let me fall—

I think I hear your footsteps
I think I see your silhouette
But the sound and colors blur

From this towering height—

Break me from this dream
and I won't let go, I'll be all yours

. As long as you're by my side
I can be in towering heights.

Rough but that's fine
Abraham Oct 11

round and clean
it sees me sit in the gallery
looking at the painting.

smooth and generously
it pats my back when I get too tired to
look anymore.

if I said I could paint YOU
here in this room that YOU gave me
if I could touch the feet of
       the ones who cared.

please feed
please feed
please feed

round and clean
it sees me stand before the painting
laughing with Kitaj eyes.

smooth and sincerely

it looks at its watch.

Brianna Love Oct 8

Lead my hand
in soft and gentle brush strokes
colors of love, crimson tones
                        and cerise…
glossy hues
                bleeding colors
creating a treasured masterpiece
bodies blend in bursts of color
fingertips brush the canvas
passion flares
                   glancing eyes
driving hearts into madness.

Fingers linking,
                    in gentle touch
a pure soul and heart attraction
merging colors of crimson hue
    in loves pure satisfaction.

Colors of love
                     crimson tones
    smooth and silky texture
bleeding colors upon the canvas
     as souls blend
                     in forever pleasure….

Brianna Love Oct 5

The Sun a golden yellow
in a sky of cobalt blue,
blooming emerald leaves
under flowers of purple hue.

Dazzling bright colors
beautiful feathers of white,
soaring through the sky,
mystical doves in flight.

Flowers fresh and sweet
strawberries drizzled in cream,
beautiful visions of love
kissing every single dream.


Alicia Major Oct 5

you were the fucking one
her heart bleeds
she paints every stone blood red
stains every mirror black
kaleidoscope colors are not a metaphor
about the beauty of change anymore
they are the personification of a moment
slipping away with a single twist
you were supposed to be the fucking one
why couldn't we grow together
let our colors bleed together
she never knew the terror of changing colors
she never saw these shades
she can't even create these shades without dying
you are a complete stranger
the only mirror not painted black is pointed to you
a stranger
the kaleidoscope mirrors shatter
the sharpest and most bold colors flying from your tounge
all of them shades of red
all of them stolen from her
all of them dead

why did you fucking leave
why did she let you fucking leave
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