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I’ve been falling.
I’ve been feeling the cold,
It breezes through my bones,
And the very moment it chills me,
Your warm embrace fulfills me.
All I can see are the colors falling through the air,
Each holding memories I can’t get back, it’s not fair.
It doesn’t matter how cold it gets,
Home won’t fail to heat me from the inside.
Timeless joys -
Colors, occasions, fields,
Of grass and trees, rocks and creaks,
Sunlit mornings and early rain,
Moonlight and beaches,
All these things that no-
amount of gold and paper
can ever, by joy, duplicate.
Where have they gone?
Will they ever come back?
Timeless they may be but
I am, as of now, have a lack
of these - around me, by me
to feel, to have, to share,
And even when I notice these
I feel no sense of warmth,
no sense of happiness,
Is it truly timeless, or
am I just, inside, dead?
Silver 2d
gray here, against the shadows
gray against the wall
it's blood.
is it red?
no, it's gray.
you did this

you put it there, and you will take it
& drape it over your face like a

you can't fall apart because the world
doesn't have time.
do you have time?
no, but you have the strength to
fall asleep in your bed.
how did everything fall apart in a week
These days are full of deaths
And resurrection.
I rapidly shift between the warm yellows
and the sallow blues.
The temperature is fading
And so is my will.
But some days make my bare bones glow
Back to the way they were,
Way before.
winter is coming
as the unforgiving frost creeps in
freezing over
already stone-cold hearts.
any tears
rolling down your porcelain cheeks
will become icily fixed in place.
any recollection
of even the slightest warmth
turns bitter
as the colors begin to fade,
and even the reddest of roses
will turn blue, too.
Maya 4d
your eyes
are the ocean

salty tears
are its waves

bitter storms
are your temper

and lonely shipwrecks
are your rage.

my eyes
are a forest

feathered lashes
are its oaks

shady glades
are my sadness

and weary deer
are my hopes.
Anya 4d
Death, loss, mourning
in many Western countries

purity, rebirth
in many parts of Eastern Asia

honor, patriotism
certain places

Other places

bright colors
At the,
of the

And yet,
I'm sure there are more
colors worn
thought of
these complex emotions
impossible to capture
No matter,
we try
Grace Oct 3
I lost my creativity
When I was walking in
Candy Land
I dropped my Crayons
It's old news.
Forgotten by most.
But it haunts me,
like an unwelcome ghost.

Bravery colors my voice,
but my thoughts,
have grown so quiet.

As if admitting it's true,
even in my mind,
would be something,
to hard to do.
Amanda Oct 1
My brain clouded with thoughts of you
Want to make them disappear
Beauty that used to color my world
No longer fills my drab atmosphere

Ears are haunted by words you said
Parts of conversations had
Curse my eardrums suddenly
Assaulting like pop-up ads

Pain we felt is written in
The heavy way limbs move
Lines in folds of my crossed arms
As I wait for you to change, improve

Sleeping in a steely freeze
Promise I won't stay here forever
Stars may light our fragile paths
This is the place we finally sever

Put my toughest armor on
Been crying out for help
Swirling thoughts shouting in an angry tone
Crush my existence, make this world Hell

The universe we loved is gone
Our make-believe yet beloved perfection
Walls collapsing, illusions wrecked
Destroyed over and over by deception

The pattern of desperation must cease
Pitiful unexplainable misery repeated
I offer silence as a truce of sorts
Heart beaten, weak, and mistreated

Wish I could forget your name
Memories flood my mind
All the time we spent together was in vain
Crying for what is left behind

What is wrong with my emotions?
The odd ones don't make sense
The beautiful intricacies of my soul
At times are too deep and intense

Drowning in gaping irreperable despair
I think of our unfortunate fate
Cried an ocean of wasted tears
For the person I should hate

I do not know why I'm still in love
Miss days my heart felt free
The vibrant hues giving meaning to life
Your colors have faded from all I see
If you feel discouraged cause there's a lack of color here, please don't worry lover, it's really burtung at the seams
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