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craig apogee Nov 11
From a place of emptiness
You filled my heart to brim
Possibility within

The bubble has burst
But as the light catches the scattered mist
Red to indigo
Your easel

So while your palette remains sombrely tinted
Azure shades and golden hues emerge within your brushstroke
First post in years. Needed the pen
Ilonka Oct 20
I paint with my dreams, my canvas is the sky
I wish you were here to pick the colors this time!
Phia Sep 16
The colors
dance in waves
across the darkening sky;
a beautiful calm before the storm.
The kind of calm
the world only experiences
in the early hours of the morning
when everyone is asleep
before the weight of everything
comes crashing down on it.
I wrote this last night. There was the most beautiful sunset. Today it is windy and rainy and gloomy outside.
Mrs Timetable May 12
I dreamt of you again
This time in color
Colors never seen before
The shades of you
Didn't speak
But the
Color from your lips kiss
Was Adore
Tell me more
Sequel poem to Adore
Anais Vionet Apr 8
We looked at the world through rose-colored glasses,
sped through the night under blue moons,
parked in cars and gave boys the green light.

Explored gray areas, dreamed of golden boys,
painted the town red and got caught red-handed.

We saw adult freedoms and were green with envy,
we experienced blackouts (I’m talkin’ to you 151 ***),
swam in black water alone and talked to strangers,
told little white lies, yet somehow, we didn’t die young.

I think of college students as dyed-in-the-wool adults.
The grass always looked greener on the adult side,
and we’re tickled pink not to be infantilized any more.

We’ll show the world our true colors  
and pass college with flying colors.
Life won't be handed to us on silver platters,
we’ll get white collar jobs.

Of course, as adults, we’ll have to deal with red tape,
and we can’t be yellow-bellied or try to whitewash things.
We’ll stay out of the red or sing the blues.
We’ll stay off the yellow lines, seek golden opportunities,
attend black tie events, obey the golden rule, avoid pink slips,
support our men in blue and look for silver linings.

Adulthood sounds exhausting.
On the positive side, I’m told adults practice safe ***.  
Practice means what it’s always meant - right?
Is that why adults go to bed so early?
Besides, as adults, we won’t be kept in the dark anymore,
and we’ll get to chase rainbows!
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Infantilize: treating someone like a child
Sara Brummer Mar 22

Flying wings of orange
forever in a take-off pose,
the pilot a tiny dot of blue.
Slender green stems,
their graceful dance
enhanced by every
breath of breeze,
pointed leaves’
aggressive message:
do not pluck, stand back,
admire, roots invisible,
anchoring each plant
to earth, each flight
a phantom, the eye’s
illusion, each bloom
a tiny fire, born on air,
beyond the pain of living,
beyond death’s denial,
their free infinities
expressing all our
hearts’ desires.
Ram B Feb 11
Nature's vibrant colors
paired with joyful vibes
It is indeed such an honor
To have them in our lives.
The leaves of green
The skies of blue
They are best seen
With a grateful heart of you.
When darkness comes
And colors, we don't see
Know that they're just resting
In the morning, they'll be free.
Whenever I try to write about her
I feel like I don't have enough space on my paper
How can I define her? 
When I myself originated from her definition
How can I restrict her within a few lines? 
When my entire words are enslaved before her
How can I portray her life in a poem? 
When my own life is indebted to her...

And even if she herself asks to write her down
Then also, a tale for her won't be enough
Even if to summarise her down
I'd need to write a novel or two
And if she asks to be drawn down
Then nothing would be tougher than this
'Cause a canvas won't be able to hold her entire explosion of colours
And to counter that, I'd only be left with a single option... 
To build an art castle in a space not less than the sun!

Can u write down ur mum?
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