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We understood each other better...
When you're just a ‘White Light’
and I was just a mere ‘Glass (Slab).’
But the moment you found that ‘Prism,’
you dispersed and showed 7 colors...
That left me confused, to figure out,
which one's true..!
Elena Jul 18
Night is coming to an end
The Sun will rise again
My eyes still wide open
Similar to an owl
Looking out at the sky
Those beautiful colors
Falling on each other
Maybe one day
They will give me freedom
They will give me peace
yin Jul 8
i am nothing but a stick of crayon
in the measly hands of a child
handled carelessly with a hold too tight
with skin scraping against roughness
bleeding red all over until they are satisfied
all smiles until im not so sharp and new
and the time comes to be replaced
all love until the tenderness turns into a break
and the time comes for me to be thrown aside
my heart will bleed everything you ask it to even if you decide i'm not your favorite color after all

can you tell i have abandonment issues?
color me
color you
a truly new human hue
like a bright star
crystal clear, drink
from its waking waters
grieve, keen
but re-believe
in our incorruptible
stellifying power
beginning with
a galaxy of hands
—interconnected hands—
that touch with the emitting
rays of compassion
Don't hide your face, don't even cover...
Play like a man, it's just the festival of color'..!
Prepare water bombs and get your water gun...
Fight against unknown, it's really so much fun..!

Follow their path and chase them down...
Color them up and make them a clown..!
Then run fast, back to your way...
And repeat it again, repeat throughout the day..!

Spray the colors and spread them in the sky...
Dance like a crazy on the music so high..!
Bath in that color's shower and make your mood lite...
Just for one day, forget your healthy diet..!

Taste different cuisines: veg or non-veg, tangy or hot...
Fill your mouth with chaat, dahi-bade, drumstick and empty the whole ***..!
Dive into the pool of sweetness, grab your sweets up:
Gujhiya, Gulab Jamun or even an Ice-cream's cup..!

It's not a day just to wear white dresses...
Enjoy this day but don't forget its message..!
“Evils, Sins and Rivalries are made to be thrown...
But Friendships, Truths and Glories are made to be won..!”

Touch the feet of your elders and seek their blessing'...
Forget every challenge' for one day, which continuously you're facing..!
Keep aside your ego and be friend' with everyone slowly...
Spread the colors of love and make this holi even a more colorful
Gujhiya, Gulab jamun are some Indian sweets and Chaat, Dahi bade are some Indian snacks...

Water bombs — Water balloons
Friend' — Friends
Blessing' — Blessings
Color' — Colors
Challenge' — Challenges
Holi is an Indian festival of colors and delights..!
Sunrise brings realization that you are really gone
Amidst the golden beams poured onto my lawn
Morning sky wide with opportunity blue
All I'm able to focus on is you
Taking time to change your mind
The veil of denial rendering me blind
You notice me when it's required
Games have made me so ******* tired
Rays of sunshine warmly fall onto my cheeks
Have not worn an authentic smile in over three weeks
The birds sing a cheerful serenade
Their musical voices to my ears all but fade
You block any memory remaining here
Would be happier if all trace of me disappeared
Will hear your compliments if there's something you need
Motives hidden between your lines aren't hard to read
Sunset floods fire
Room filled with a glow
Goodnight said to secrets you alone will only know
Footprints on my heart because you tread upon my chest
Stomping the vulnerable parts you once caressed
You do not observe scars you left on my skin
You're too selfish
Subconsciously rubbing it in
The space you once occupied is now vacant and cold
Chasm of darkness is all it seems to hold
Blackness comes creeping as the light goes down
Relieved night cloaks my visible frown
Swallowing earth but it sticks in my throat
When it does finally reach my stomach I bloat
Bites I choked down churn in my gut
Tempted to *****
I keep my mouth shut
And fill the gaps in your life with cheap connections
Fool yourself by picking random directions
I suspect eyes will not sparkle for long
You with someone else just has to be wrong
Reality is not black and white
In fact colors are brighter because I feel grey
Don't understand how you could lose my love and be okay
Now over a year has passed and I've had to finally come to grips with the fact that you're never coming back
Mrs Timetable Feb 14
I dreamt of you
In black and white
Your voice
Was in color
I do not know
What words you said
But I heard
Shades of adore
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