mythie 3d


Little hands, touching a static screen.
Smearing lipstick and singing into a hairbrush.

Bigger hands, tracing a phone screen.
Wearing lipstick and standing on stage.

Holding hands, walking down the street.
Holding a clutch, walking a red road.


Long karaoke car drives with friends.
Quiet flights amidst a night sky.

Cranberry juice with girlfriends.
Vodka martinis in an apartment alone.

Friends with everyone.
Friends with the flashing lights, reflected in eyes.




TV Shows.


Waking up in a cold sweat.
Your heart bursting through your chest.

Diamond jewellery to your left.
Empty cigarette packets and beer cans to your right.

Asking yourself the same thing you've asked since.
Are you still having fun?

jenna holiday - 21
enriko 6d

(Alt title: Colors That Will Mean Nothing)

I am a Fauve
My love of colors
exist not in reality; a fraud
but in a recital
of never-ending silence

Home and school,
the grays of the abusive enigma,
Outside under rule,
the blacks of the abusive enigma,
but the river- Oh, the river-

Blue is not its only love,
a reflection of the human emotions,
place of a seeking Fauve,
And in those waves- a peaclful notion,
a boy with eyes closed.

Escaping, escaping,
reaching the bottom,
a living manifesto,
one that speaks from
how blue the skin has gone,
then purple,
and finally,
declining from the
mindset of a Fauve,
the boy has become
And in this case,

- enriko eozyoh

Tossing stars out the window
In order to create a picture
Just like a pencil or a marker
The images create a mixture

Such as This, Which is a Paint Pan
Holds Color Inside of it's Paint Pan
Colors, Colors, they surround us all
Most of us don't notice, so our Worlds Fall

Colors Colors, they exist within
So that we may exist with them

i still think
i can see you in the clouds
and every time i blink
the colors of your
soul sing

Jobira Dec 8

The sky dressed
in red hues outfits
casting shadows of
scattered shimmering lights
over the open waters
as my eyes dance
with each streak
I gaze upon her face
mesmerized by
and left breathless
taking in
her gem of
palette of reflections

@jobiranyc (12/7/2017)

Just a scribble

Black,yellow ,pink
what she chooses
She prefer the darkest moments
                    that rest in her soul for longest
Nothing can save her
                     unless she chooses different color

                                                                     The color that shows bright
                                                                        the perfect sight of life
But she won't come back
because she's blind

hello, this poem is about a girl who cant see
she's impaired
Seanathon Dec 4

Wash over with your iridescence
And waver slowly just above the scene
Mere feet away or miles now, I cannot tell?
Though your iridescent qualities may be seen
Forever in the waters quelled

The presence or lack of saturation is always most apparent. Not in her eyes, but in her thoughts.
Neharika Dec 3

My colors are drained,
No stronger mourning than rain
Canvas fogged with pain.

Neharika Dec 3

I just flew through black butterflies
fluttering around a holy circle.
I just saw them lose their color
red yellow and purple
I turned some pages, burnt, outdated
no traces of me has ever been in there
I think I might have been reborn,
I found my pair and lost my share.
I think the butterflies have gotten into me.
or might I've just gotten into them
I used to see a lot of hues
but now all I see is a huge black gem
black butterflies let me fly for the least,
I've lost everything and found my wings
let me fly, let me fly
if ever young caterpillars are to rise
rise up to being beautiful butterflies.

Life begins with the two eye
but she have different eye

The eye of thunder
faded the world of leisure

Once you opens the use
it get different rules

The last breath of outer
taken to the breath of inner

The inner mental pictures
kept inside the colors

Darkness to be shade
indigo will parade

The third eye says
to curse your ways

Hello, this poem is about the third eye which is used by the professionalism of meditation. So I wrote this poem
  Hope you like reading it
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