Laina 8h
I tied a rope around my feet
an anchor on the other end
Tossed it overboard
And plunged behind it
into the cold Atlantic water.

Did you know that
Blue is the only color
That makes it to the vast depths
Of the oceans?

No sunny yellow days
Green fields
Pink sunsets
Red lips.

No orange.
No purple.
No gray.
Just blue.

God, why did your eyes have to be blue.
7 18 2018

Turquoise dreams
Of aquamarine things
Ruby red lipstick
And violet earrings

Diamond shaped eyes
Gemini colored butterflies
Opal fast paced
Jade never misplaced

Amethyst of thirst
Its just the worst bubble burst
Scarlet scarfs coming on
Amber placed drums to strum for fun

This burgundy feeling
When i touch the black and blue ceiling
Trying to escape
My auburn walled barred cage

On to gold goldenrod
Shining gemmed silver city
This rainbow floor so pretty
Bronze woven strings for knitting

The pearls of your eyes
Cause my garnet garnished heart to flutter and fly
From my raining sapphire tears
Your emerald emotions. Washed away all my fears

But i lay down finnaly
Next to my love roses and orange tree
With your verdant vibrant radiance
Gently shining. Right next to this gray shadow. Of me

Whispering my melody
Rainbows and colors as they should be
Woven together in time so carefully
In starstruck space we fly. Forever free
I like gemstones and colors
It takes every color
To make a rainbow
MicMag 2d
"Pretty boring sunset"
"Those colors aren't so bright"
"Not gonna waste my time with this"
"Not much to see tonight"

And as the crowds drifted off
Expressing their dismay
I sat and watched the last light fade
Perfect ending to my day

Not a scene you'd likely see
In any picture frame
Nor find for sale on postcards
Nor bring an artist fame

But as I stared in silence
Twilight rolled across the sky
Revelation rolled right through my mind
How miniature am I

Though others turned their gaze away
When the sky refused to preen
Twas among the most magnificent
My eyes had ever seen
Color me color blind.
I feel like an empty coloring book.  
Just brought out the store, still in the bag
and I require every single crayon in your 64 pack to be filled in.
Yet you could never color me properly,  never able to see all of me, I know that all of John’s lyrics were just legends
Cause we would, never have been able to adapt in the environment we were set in.
I promise, we were fail.
But In this moment, at least try to stay in the lines..
maybe squint your eyes ..  take a closer look at how damaged my pages already are.
I never asked you to be neat...
I only advised, that you at least try to stay in the lines.
But really, who am I?...
Giving advice, but never take mine..  
Living for the moment, when i should take time
I  move fast.. like smooth winds, grooving through the motions but
               I…move too fast
             And I  spread myself too thin.
    Like, weak things & wheat thins, we could never break even.

Even when I'm looking for happiness in the same place that I lost it.
     If you weren't gonna color in this book then why you got it ?
            I refuse to be a coloring book kept in the closet
              & I'm tired of being patient, so color me in.
                   Shades of chivalry is not dead yet
                   Of you making my cheeks red and
            Shades of “is the sky black… or blue at night?”
                     Of “my love goes on for light years”
& I'll be loyal like Woody, If you'll be my Buzz Light year.

       Shades of“did you know that violets aren’t really blue?”
                                       Of confusion.
    Color me in shades of understanding, and sympathy.
                                Rose red.
                     And violet. Purple. Not blue.
                           Color me in shades of cliché.
                                       Frame me in calming hues.
I met myself
I was like
tasted like gold.

My edges were
my feelings
color coordinated
wet without
the use of water.

But I realized
I no longer
to live
in my own mind,
not even
a second longer.
Met you back in two thousand fifteen,
had this feeling with you that
you were just unique.

Could feel it in my bones,
there was no point in denying it,
that you were just as real
as the snow that falls on winter,
or the sun that shines in summer.

And there is no point in denying it,
you grew on me really fast,
crawling under my skin,
tearing down all my walls,
in little to no time, you made your way inside my heart.

Met you back in two thousand fifteen,
been four years since you came to me,
I've learned more with you in these years
than what I've learned alone in seventeen.

You taught me to be brave,
you taught me to smile through the hate,
you taught me that life is more
than what we see on the internet.

You taught me to be better,
you taught me to be nice,
you taught me that "love and kindness are never wasted"
and most important,
you taught me that I'm enough.

Today, on July the twelveth,
I'm giving this poem to you,
because you're my daily inspiration,
because you've encouraged me to follow my dreams,
because writing is my way of loving,
and with this poem, I'm loving you.
Birthday poem for one of my favourite humans on earth, Bryana Holly.
She's my role model, I've been looking up to her for four years now. She makes me happy, and I hope to make her happy too.
She has inspired me to be better, helped me grow as a person and as a soul. She's one of the most important humans in my life and with her words has encouraged me to do what I love and feel right.
So today I wrote this for her.
Hopefully, you'll enjoy it too.
Sam Jul 11
Clouds become dark,
air becomes cold.
Water starts to drop
and took me away by flood.
I tried to hold a branch
but my feet was stuck in ground.
It's getting hard to breathe
when my life starts to drown.
Pitch-black is what I see
and a flash of memories
that makes me want to survive
as I lost my consiousness.
I don't know what happened next.
We're always down everytime there's a problem. We thought everything was dark. But in every storm that pass, there's always a colorful rainbow that gives hope. It's the one that's keeping us stronger and stronger for every trials we face.
And one of those that makes us strong is the iridescent life we had in the past, our memories and the waiting rainbows from the future.
I love to see the setting sun set the sky ablaze.
It amazes me the way she paints with her rays.
She strikes fierce red lines to rend the sky.
Splitting blues into different hues,but not to die
just retreat and hold their color in the lake.
Crimson reds summon gentle yellows in their wake.
Oranges paint the clouds better than any artist could.
I raise my beer as a silent cheer as any viewer should.
Patient pastel purples and violets ease in the night
Revealing the moon and stars that bring me delight.
Conversations with constellations have become a recent theme.

Sleepless nights send me into a haze.
A difficult daze that turns colors to greys.
Your words reach to me in echoes, but still I try
to maintain some focus and reply.
My thoughts repeat enough to make my headache
Daydreaming about sleeping is hard to shake.
I’d die if I never saw the color in your eyes again. I would.
So I don’t forget how a colorless sunset does me good.
Shades and hues outline ashy clouds do delight.
As white dulls to black it leaves me with no sight.
I fall asleep and hope to see some color in my dream.
Play, Run, And Get Fun,
Words that i can say what i can see,
Laughing Family, Throwing Volleyball at the Backyard,
But none of them was I felt before,

Closed windows, Closed doors,
Can't feel happiness under the sun after all,
Bright strokes of colors of a Summer,  
I can see gray scale and black,

No sense if the flower bloom outside my window,
Cause it can't change the way I felt today,
Waves of seas is just a photo capture by my memories,
Cause I swam deeper and deeper into the ocean of my mind,

Sun shines but all I see is darkness,
Neither birds and butterflies can't change the fact of the sadness behind the sun,
Behind those getaways, and cool rides, those smiles,
They fake it, I know they would....
An evening of
slippery solitude flows into a
quick-silvery night.  I feel the
orange regret,

letting it crash with
daring tenacity over a
jagged cliff.  Warm colors blend into
a silent note of confusion, clouding the

red sky, while stale
thoughts still pour in
a lingering
circa 1997
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