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LC Apr 25
she walks along the trunk of the woods,
pausing when she sees branch-like paths
nonchalantly lying down in front of her.
each path sings its own song for her,
but the songs clash against each other.
she steps back and covers her ears,
then starts singing her own song.
she looks away from the other branches,
letting her voice guide the way
as she strolls along her own path.
#escapril day 24!
Savio Fonseca Dec 2020
We were chasing Our Desires,
in the Middle of the Night.
On the Waves of the Ocean,
the Moon shown it's Light.
Her Boat began rocking,
the minute I kissed Her Lap.
My Hands went for a Stroll,
all around Her Map.
It was below Her Waist,
where I lay My Head
and began nurturing Her Spot,
as She lay moaning in Bed.
Early the next Morning,
We touched the Shore.
But My Woman whispered,
that She wanted some More.
Cross Boundry Sep 2020
you don't have anywhere to be, mon ange
slow down and love the world.
poem one: french beauty
old willow May 2020
Taking a stroll through the mountains with my friend,
We saw a peony, its petal glitter in specks of snow,
Buds that were the blossoms of springs.
That day we questioned the flowers,
But the flowers do not speak.
Alas, our questions remained unanswered.
Flynn Apr 2020
It's nice to go out
wandering and pondering
I should do it more
Written today mid-walk through the woods
Time to myself to think
Didnt see a soul for 3 hours :)
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Hale-Bopp’s fly-by
midnight stroll St. Simons beach-
lovers gently kiss
5/1/2018 - Poetry form: haiku - In 1997 my wife and I were taking a midnight stroll on the beach in St. Simons Island, GA, while the comet Hale-Bopp was flying by. Good as time as any for a kiss, yeah? Hale-Bopp is due to return in the year 4380. I wonder where we’ll be then? - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Bhill Oct 2019
Walking along at sunset is wonderful end of the day
You contemplate and remember, just what was on display

You think about the good times and throw in some new thoughts you had
You look back on your day and calculate if the changes made you glad

You hope that your day was well spent, on things that made you feel right
If not, there is always tomorrow, where a new path just might be the light...

Brian Hill - 2019 #249
Take a sunset stroll and rethink your day...
A B Faniki Aug 2019
Last night I was about to take a stroll with my three years
Old niece before we set out she said "Hold my hand"
Rising her little arm to me to take hold of it, before I
Did that I said "What is the magic word" she then said
"Please hold my hand" I smiled at her and took hold of her
Little arm in my strong hand and we left our quiet
Estate and head for the main road into town;
As we walk slowly my thought kept going back to what
She said "Hold my hand" as we near the
End of our journey we came across a woman that
Had two children with her, she piggyback
One and said to the other one "give me you hand"
Like a blind man that sees the light for the first time it
Dawn on me that as I stroll with my nice that I was watching out for
My nice all time for I had made sure she has not stumble or fall, her
Young leg did most of the work yet it was my hand that keep
Her safe and in this single moment like a flash of lighting
Across the sky it cross my mind that I too
Need God to hold my hand as I journey through life, in that moment I
Did one thing - I look up to the heaven and said "Lord please hold my hand."
©A B Faniki 8/16/2019, my frist acrostic poem The firs line  form read LORD PLEASE HOLD MY HAND. All right reserved this poem is a reflection on life journey and deepending on God that knows more and is mighty .., he alonecan keep hand safe if he held his hand if we held hands we nay let go and stumble anf fall when hard times comes that is why is more safer for him to hold our hands. Just like it wasbetter I held my niece hands
J J Aug 2019
petals of the willow
vibrate with mild rain
as our approaching footsteps
run through them
coalescing in a magical scene
seemingly beyond a stroll in the park;
above,the crepuscular sky hangs
fake-looking,like a stageplay's backdrop
with a myriad of still blue's overlaying
one another
and the clouds like puffy scabs atop youthful skin.

I think we are slowing
down (perhaps,unconsciously to fit
the pace of the scene)
and I think our footsteps are mirroring our heartbeats,
I know Mine are
And I know Yours are mirroring Mine.

beneath us the willows' petals tremble soft
and I am glad
to be alone with You tonight,to belong to the park
together,forever entuned,
forever entwined-- if only for tonight.
Somewhat inspired by 'With me tonight' by The Beach Boys.
Bhill Mar 2019
Do you remember frogs and their ribbit, ribbit sound?
Do you remember them hoping, all around and round?

Do you remember tadpoles, looking slimy and gray?
Do you remember catching them, made a very, very fun day?

Do you remember the first time, your tadpole lost its tail?
His legs were bigger, his tail was gone and he wasn't quite so frail.

Those memories flooded back to me, as I did my morning stroll.
The sound of frogs was ribbitting as if they were on patrol.

It seems like forever, since I had heard that sound.
I had to stop and hold my breath and slowly turn around.

Yep, it is, it really is frogs, that are wishing me good day.
I'm glad I heard, their ribbit sound, and these memories flowed my way.

Brian Hill - 2019#73
Inspired by the welcoming frogs this morning..
I had not heard the sounds of frogs since forever.  It is so cool to be where they can be heard again.
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