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claire Dec 2018
the path
before us

winds & loops

it is trodden
but not overused

mulch & grass
line the walkway
subtle foliage

flowers & ferns

the sunlight stretches
across the trail

hand in hand
we stroll along
Impersistence Jun 2018
There’s these nights when I go on a tour back to my past.
Taking stroll on all the Shouldn’t have, Could haves.
But isn’t that all what makes us more human?
Mistakes and regrets?
If we no longer had those, we would be too perfect to be called as Humans.
Fxrz Ramirez Apr 2018
On a walk in the middle of spring.
All the bees on cali orange blossoms. The birds sing  
The difgerent smell of food as i go downtown
Live music somwhere in the distance echoing all around. Through the old neighborhoods i always  roam.
I feel at home.
Passing houses. Cars pass.  Incenese nag champa. ciggs. **** and fresh cut grass.
Seeing familiar people out and about.
Fresh air. Free. No lock down. No care. Even the dogs runnin up on me barkin is all good. Warm night Cool breeze through my neighborhood
Steve Page Aug 2017
Some people prefer to walk,
some will always run.
But the perfect way
to spend the day
is to stroll
arm in arm
in the sun.
Look up Champion Jack Dupree: Strollin'. Have a listen.
Lyvana Nyx Aug 2017
I slipped on a sad thought
So i went for a suicide stroll
And had a fashion show
For my dreams
Masquerading as nightmares
This is more of a happy don't give a **** about the world attitude, hence stroll.  It's by no means finished.
Diego Morales Jun 2017
The tapping of the boots and the creaking of the wood
Walking in a darkly sheet on a midnight creep,
The singing of the cicadas,
The soft passing of cars,
Start to hum me to sleep.

The blinding street lamp
Lights a night sky still blue,
The trees gently sleep
with their leaves scattered but not rustled,
Hanging low on a summer night’s cool air,
I watch on top of the balcony
Down by the road, no one is there

A summer night’s sky which should be so lovely and so fair
This one, like me, its hue is so lonely and blue

The scenery so still begins to darken
And so softly still the cicadas sing
From the balcony, alone, I harken
And as softly, peace, it brings.
Simply made to relax while reading.
Saravanan Apr 2017
On a winter season when gentle breeze softened our senses,
My girlfriend and I went out for a walk; It’s kind of,
                  When you can’t go on a long ride, take her for a lazy stroll! :)
                   After all, isn’t that one of your promises when you’re in love?
                   Like, ‘I will be with you all walks of your life!’ :P

Striding a few steps with silenced lips,
She took my hand and trod close.
            It is one of those times when you feel,
         *** isn’t that stingy. Just frugal, after all! :P
         That he fills your life with tiny pleasures to preserve.

‘So what do you do these days?’ She enquired.
‘I write poems’ I responded.
        ‘Does it pay you well?’ she wanted to know.
         It is one of those questions that make you feel low.
                        ‘Yes, it pays me well’  I answered  ‘with joy and contentment!’

‘What a frosty evening it is!’ she exclaimed.
I know she is hinting at my Jacket; I extended. :P
                   While her pretty smile is only a provocation away, I tempted:
                  ‘Wouldn’t the moon look cuter when it smiles?’ She giggled. :)
      It is one of those moments when her happiness becomes your life’s mission.

As her sterling earrings oscillated,
I tucked her hair on the edges of her ears.
                    It is one of those points in time when you feel,
                    your heart is as frozen as the frosty evening is,
                    That it rejoices in the warmth of the bonfire called love.

Not an attempt to essentialize Love, aimed at exploring the warmth that a relationship can give during softer moments.
s Mar 2017
Some days are intolerable,
unkind and absurd.
They leave you feeling vulnerable,
filled with hope & hurt.
But the misery is on stand by
when you are around
to walk through the nights,
while singing out loud;

And painting, in footsteps,
Little pieces of town.

With no sense of urgency
or to buy ****** for tea;
To get that artwork framed,
or for that hot chocolate-
so critically acclaimed.
To talk our troubles away,
to try that duck samosa;
To buy that wooden ukulele,
or for Empire's keema dosa.
To gauge garbage bags & spectacles
or watch that pending movie;
stumbling into old furniture collectables,
or a niche action figure galaxy.

We walk the days of the week
On broken tiles of the footpath,
In familiar kolhapuris,
Feet out of sync, but heart in heart.
We walk the old canopied roads,
dodging dead rats & sleeping vendors.  
Careless about anticipated woes,
soaked in all that star shine splendour.
Saurabh Tak Sep 2016
On the wheels, I whirl, I spin, I move
Clouds too whirl, then darkness spins
A lightning bolt, then the deafening sound,
Then it pours,
N the fire flies go dim
I dont amble, I dont whisk
Opening my hand, gawking above, I dont decline
Three winks! Drenched n detached from the me wrenching myself,
I wheel as  "The Lance Armstrong"

Heavy pours invite a stroll
Cats and Dogs pouring down dismay Rats, ROFL!
Oust as Prince Zuko, I stroll
Surrendering myself to  the Zephyr
Same trail but with ****** looks
Hypnotic green, drenched, raise me to the Oblivion
Shimmering in the distant are two dim lights
N I ***** like " The Supertramp"

Beginning of the ultimate inception, I touch
Extending my arms to the cries of sky
Dont know the destination of this alley
Trying to think what 'm anticipating
Though without any charge on my shoulders
Flickering in the near distant are two lights
I hike as " The Aron"

'm I tears, I dont know
Even the silence has sulked
Nothing's in my head
Green n Brown, Pink n Purple hues
Repose the folioles, within
Distant lights are passing by now
I stride as " The me"

To the Aisle,
where birds peep, cheep, chirp, quaver, tweet n warble
From the stroll to the stride
's a short walk of hues n blues
The fringes have passed by
Arena's clear n so 'm I.
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