soft off-white pages,
velvet leather spine,
wrapped in cloths of silk,
with edges, gold inlined
i want to publish just one book,
a book of poems; a really *fine* book of poems

'milk and honey' by rupi kuar is a good poetry book btw check it out
Yasin 1d
I write
Love is soft
Love is pure
Love is gentle
Love is a silent war
Love makes you and breaks you
Love is a murderer that kills something inside you
Love is a thief that takes and takes and takes till your nothing but bones
Love is like breathing but that breath disappears before it fills your lungs
Love is a bloodthirsty flame in your entire body but it only burns your heart
Love is a softer word for suicide
Love is beautiful
it dripped down your chest
over your stomach
onto my waiting hands
it poured from your mouth
over your lips
onto mine
a nectar for gods
you unified my thoughts
into poetry
with your bare hands
you were yellow
yellow like the sun
like fields of tulips
like the petals
of carnations
your skin sprinkled
with freckles
of cotton
white like clouds
during spring afternoons
i lay underneath
the waterfalls of honey
that dripped down your being
like a sacrifice
like a field of roses
to be plucked
I longed for you
for the spring days
you hid in your hair
and the light rain
in the pit of your stomach
my entire self
hidden in your fingertips

and I lost myself
when your honey covered
my name
Wrote this a couple of weeks back, hope you enjoy
sarah 5d
softness, warmth, tender and strong
a smile that makes my chest ache

truth and light and everything safe
a laugh that makes my heart break

please, will you stay?
i hope you don't mind
if i say

it would be quite easy to fall in love with you
In a crowd full of strangers, you're still the first I see.
With so much on my mind, you're still the first thought.
Somehow you always end up as first to me.
You are my most favorite soft spot.

I wouldn't consider you my first love,
but I can consider you as the best one.
I haven't been on here for a while, this is an old draft of mine.
you are my home, my peace
a fortress
surrounding me
like soft silk on smooth skin
a force
that drives me
to places i've never been

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Beanie Jan 11
There are places in the world where beauty is abundant, where the creatures of the earth come together with ease and the horizon stretches far beyond your fingertips.

There are places in the world where the sunshine is golden and warm, the rain is light, and the breeze is gentle.

There are places in the world where children laugh and play without fear, where grandmothers and grandfathers sip iced tea and share stories of when they were young.

There are places in the world waterfalls rush over glorious cliffs, and the moon rises above the treetops, just out of reach from outstretched fingers.

There are places in you where the stardust floats through your veins, where the sunlight touches your flesh and lights you up into your core.

There are places in you where your vibrancy shines out, where you are warm and inviting, where the moonlight peaks softly above your head.

There are places in you where your love is abundant, where your soulfulness is spread like wings, and where your empathy glows like a halo above you.

There are places in you where nothing but love is found, where comfort is given freely, and where your beauty is gloriously plentiful.
Softly treads winter,
Her quick bear hug exudes ****,
On hold for an year!
Tsunami Jan 5
My hands trace rivers down his back
Soft silt streambeds
My tongue follows the waveforms of his hips
Warm skin with lazy currents
My ears feel your heartbeat resonate in your chest
Strong swells crash into stone cliffs
My lips taste honey and saltwater dripping from yours
A mix of dalliance and mischief
Our bodies meld into sea foam
making love is like making land
The Toxic Bitch Sep 2018
Well I did break it
But for the wrong person
I don't regret it
Nothing happened
He didn't feel the same way
But still
I don't regret it
I will deny it
But only because why
Why wouldn't I
Me actually confessing
Will only make things worse
For me
He doesn't care
Am the same as everyone else
But it hurts sometimes
Just wondering
Am i not good enough
Looking back
Am thankful
That nothing happened
As cliché as it's gonna sound
You don't deserve
What i was about to give
You're ****** up
In every way possible
But I'll still be there for you
There were times
When I wished I could go back
And not do things
That made me more attached to you
But again
These are the only good memories
I have with you
When I actually got to see you
The real you
You'll always hide
I get it
You have every reason to
But you're weaker than i expected
But it's my fault
For putting so much on you
When all you did
Was being yourself
I guess you are like that with everyone
I hope oneday
You'll be strong
But your heart is too broken for that
And now
Mine isn't the same as well
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