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Jay M 6d
Fireflies in a jar
Covered in mountains of scarves
Darkened, but not out
Still it shines
Despite not being seen
Deep within the cocoon of fabrics
Soft as a kittens fur
To rough as canvas sacks
All contain the light
Hiding it
Sheltering it from the outside world.

- Jay M
October 8th, 2019
Where are you my soft and gentle person?
Where are you, where is your fluffness?
maria Sep 27
“You love everything,” Apathy told me once
as we languished under the sun’s watchful eye,
and Hate nodded its head in agreement.
Well I can’t help it, I was born
cursed with the longing to touch and be touched,
a longing that connects me to my ancestors
and all the previous lovers of the world
History calls me at night to tell me
I’m not the only one who has gone through
the sorrow of wanting to be merged fully with someone
only to find that you, tragically, remain just as whole.
If you’d cared enough to get your hands ***** and
open me up,
you would have found
that there is a softness in my chest
always threatening to implode.
I feel love inside me like an infected wound
and I know it’s going to **** me before it could save me.
I surrender. Logic says it’s suicide—that friend of mine
has always been too blunt—but anyway,
I have grown weary of carefulness.
I am sick to death of being reasonable,
so let me love anyway.
Let it fester.
Erian Sep 12
Fields flood high of corn stalks
As we drove along with the country roads
Leaves splattered pathways in a vibrant tint
Electrifying the crisp air around us
Pumpkins grinned softly
Nesting in beds of acorn heads

Fall couldn't be any better
Than watching out the window
And laying my eyes upon the setting sun
While apple cider and spice linger in the ether
Protected in your sweater
Xant Sep 8
The moon peeked into my house last night
It sent signals within its piercing light,
and it said come play outside if you might


"It's pretty lonely out here in the dark,
nothing to hear but the hoot and the bark,
but I have made you a warm cozy blanket of light,
so come play outside if you might"
Äŧül Sep 7
The world doesn't hate me
It's too indifferent, you see...

Gusts of hot winds of change
They still remain hot and torrid...

It's like I walk alone in a desert
Your love is my oasis...
My HP Poem #1767
©Atul Kaushal
Can you see it?
Can you see the tears that make my world blurry?
Can you see the scars in my heart and arms?
Can you see my pain when I hear your name?
Can you see my eyes slowly dying?
No you don't see me crying
No you don't see my pain
Because its hidden with a soft smile
Are my nights dark?
why there is no star?

Is my smile wide?
how it looks so bright?

Are my hands soft?
why nothing it holds?

Is my heart filled?
where is all the love it dripped?

Are the days glowing?
I see myself growing

Yes, you are right!
we all are riding on this life.
Trout Sep 4
A laughing mirror for fun house
The warped faces are so so loud

The gunshot of living without noise
A prayer fills my ears
A ****** waitress was my fear
I know it’s better without life
I wouldn’t change a thing
My fingers dig down inverted
Into soft ground
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