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Zuzanna Jan 30
She wore her scars
Like badges, they
Gleamed against her
Skin like armor she
Never thought she'll
Need, with a pencil in
Her hand feeling as if
She had been holding a
Sword, scratching against
The surface of each word
Being struck against her
Knowing the battle would
Be won only by her with
Fierce determination and
Fire in her veins creating
Defenses greater than empty
Words that felt like rocks
Being hurled at her.
This one goes out to anyone who needs to hear a good word today or any day. You might be battling something, that's okay because it'll make you stronger. You are a warrior, so fight a good fight and never give up.
Philomena Jan 16
His eyes were like Labrodite
Beautiful in their own way
Cracks full of color
The only thing holding darkness at bay

His eyes were like Beryllium
The brightest blue I'd ever seen
Like blue skies on the horizon of tomorrow
The day leading you away from me

His eyes are like Sodalite
They come from both the darkness and the light
They are a muddled beautiful blue
The are unique just like you
I have bad habit of comparing people's eye color to rocks.
Becca Dec 2018
My chest hurts
I’m breathing rocks
The expression on my face
No one shall ever see
Brandi Dec 2018
Dad, please show me the finger tracks
The flick of the wrist
To see the flint stone find its place
As it hops across the Bluestone

Dad, please tell me how to master putt-putt
How to not be such a mulligan
Rushing into things unawares

Dad, please tell me - oh I can't say it
How to keep my heart from ever breaking again

Watching me in the rearview mirror
He knows I'm there
Living in rearview

And Dad,
I need you to tell me I can stay there awhile

© 2018
Brandi Keaton
Karisa Brown Dec 2018
I want to be cresened
By your sunlight lips
Fornicated by your doubts
Insecure and pure
Saturated in hues unknown
Over me
Protecting the innocent

Move through me
Like energy against the water
Or light it on fire
Either one
Is suited just for you

You are the tailor
The maker
The storm and the desire

Your lingering over yourself
Protecting the innocent
Don't worry
This place is safe for you
Myrrdin Nov 2018
There are words
Tumbling round
This brain
Like heavy rocks
In a washing machine
Watch them now
Tumble out
They will pummel you
As they have me
You will see
What you made
Inside of me
D Letwixt Oct 2018
Like stones at the bottom of a river
Black and molded by the running water

The stones cannot understand the great undulating liquid above them
Crashing and pounding against the bank

Soon that powerful unrestrained energy settles to a languid flow
Tapering off slowly
Until the river dries
And the stones ***** in the hot sun.
Allyssa Buenafe Oct 2018
I could tell you that I tip toe across the cold wet stones,
Careful with every movement,
But I’m not.
I’m unsteady,
Unsteady as the current rushing beneath me against the slippery rocks.
I could tell you that I’m dainty,
Soft spoken and polite,
But I’m not.
I’m brazen,
I’m honest,
I’m emotional.
I’m clumsy and I don’t have good balance on the moss beneath me in the water.
I ***** under pressure,
I’m an anxiety filled vessel.
I hate to be the rain on your sunny day,
But baby I’m sorry,
I’m nothing but the girl who fell into the rushing waters below.
sunprincess Oct 2018
How do we save a country and every citizen?
Is there a big red button to rewind us back in time?
When life wasn't so complicated
When so many magicians didn't rule the land
Handing everyone rocks
and saying they're high quality diamonds
How to solve this ongoing problem
There must be a solution
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