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Girl met boy one day,
She dumped him along the way,
He was a ******* for thee,
He called her a ****, you see,
Now he can't get his rocks off, tee hee,
Try not abusing any woman, enough,
You're not an excuse for a man, tough!
Feedback welcome.
m h John Sep 29
after climbing onto the rocks
and to the top of the cliff
he feared now not
feeling the comfort
of the whirlpool
because while standing
above the sea
he found new meaning in life
now that he realized
he is free
So touched writing in stone
Her glass slipper no rock unturned
The rock untouched the stars shape the
donut glazed
Heartbreak Hotel making rounds no return
Rock message "Venus" Our Turn
She touched to dream and gave birth like "Saturn"
This is about the rock how love can roll down but something picked your spirit up for the love of Venus a touch a smile or did something get untouched like a painting of rocks
Seanathon Jun 30
Does every rock in every river
Dictate its place accordingly?
No, it takes centuries and ages
To find it's many moving places
To smooth out all of it's rough edges
And to be accordingly
They neither worry nor care. They always end up where they're meant to be and beyond.
kl May 30
There are sad faces
Raising black coffee to their lips

They have lines etched in their faces
That tell of winding and whimsical stories;
Tales of love, of loss, of pain, of peace, of wonder

And I wonder
Do you, dear sir,
Have dreams?
Do you sit in sweet silence and believe in the significance of each breath, each step and each thought that meanders through your existence?

And have you heard of the man that picks up rocks?
The man that sees the value and beauty in such a moment, in such an act, in the simplicity of this one motion?
The man that understands that hope and peace lie waiting in a conglomeration of minerals and that to pick up a rock is to give  a heart beat to the earth. That to place that rock in its pile causes a river to flow and braid and sweep strangers and loved ones into its embrace.

I hope that you, darling man, get swept up into its rush. And I hope that your sad eyes meet sad eyes and find belonging. And I hope that you too will pick up rocks and feel your heart beat in time with the slow rush of life.
My dear dear friend and I had a coffee date and my heart was very moved watching a very sad eyed elderly man drink a cup of coffee and then wander the roads, seemingly aimless. And my friend told me that her dad, who is kind and quiet and lovely, has a dream to complete a project that he needs lots of rocks for, so whenever he sees a nice rock he picks it up and adds it to his pile, despite most of his family telling him that he is wasting his time with his dreams and needs to just focus on the farm work. And I was extremely touched by that story.
a mucky week,
feeling down.

can't figure out why.

I look at my creek
in my neighborhood
as I drive by

my heart aches
for the most mundane adventure;
a suburban expedition
is enough for me.

I'm home on the couch.
every heartbeat telling me to go,
splash in the creek,
follow its flow

my bike takes me there,
the wind in my ears

socks and shoes left at the bridge,
jeans rolled up to my knees.

the creek is a welcoming bitter cold

it's november but I miss this.

I clamber over rocks like a hermit crab,
covered in dirt,
not stopping

the trees are a beautiful ceiling
in this room that has no walls

as I watch the creatures in the water,
I want to envy them.

but I can't
when I'm having so much fun,
being me,
watching them.
my experience in nature
Kenshō Apr 12
One toe tipped
Brink on the lip
Round that bounding tree
Wade and ascend until you see
Two rocks with crooked tops
Mend the bend and heed the avian's call
When you bound down
You will hear the river's sound
You are almost there
Follow the path etched in ground

Upon your breech
You will feel a wind in the tree's creak
Look for the pink flowers that peek
And listen for the spring that leaks
The journey takes weeks

So stop at the fruit bearing tree
When you are weak
Rest and prepare for the test
For soon you will meet Devil's Peak
MInd the ways you wInd

Once you spy the rocks that streak
Keep your eye out for the trees made of teak
Soon there is no sign
And the trail leaves no lines
You must move by the moon
And with the sun tell time
Here you find yourself all alone
The only of your kind

You must bare the brier that binds
And cure it with the tongue
Of the canine that bites
For the crane that flies
Holds the questions of night

When you stumble upon the prairie
And the sun is just right
Offer the indigo leaf
In the fire of the light
Say the three sacred words
And pronounce then with might

For this is the recipe
For your soul to take flight
I've followed this path before
Those rocks in the middle of the river,
The guide told me, are there for thousands of years,
I  as well, will be waiting here,
The time and the tears,
dissolving them and me,
only to become a drop in the ocean.
We are all waiting for our deaths, aren't we? Waiting is beautiful.
Immortality is just pretend
Everything's gonna break in the end
Just like wave to rocks behind the sand
Old Rocks
The rocks of the mountain
Are millions of years old
And have seen so many things
Like great upheavals
And fossils laid down
Uplifted from the ocean bed
Three miles high
Along with minerals and wealth
Adding to economic growth
Natural recourses in danger
Human greed burning bright
What existed for millions
Now reduced in decades
Some are out of reach
For now till tech improves
Mountains will crumble
Quarries devouring hills
Old rocks petering out
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