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Strying Jun 11
it whispers as I drive past,
luring me in,
I park near the rocks.

I exit the car with my long locks,
descend the stairs,
run with the sand,
wind in my hair.

I breathe in the salt air,
and stare at the force of the ocean,
its beauty,
its strength,
and yet,
its fragility.

I pause.

As though to awake from a dream,
tired and drained,
I walk back to the car,
suddenly aware of the sand stuck on my feet,
and my knotted hair.
Hi! I'm back :) Hope everyone is doing great.
LC Apr 2022
If I could melt the confines of my body and spread out into the ocean / I would / push through jagged unwieldy rocks in my path / take up as much space as I need / gently remind the unsettled shores of my presence / encourage my finned inhabitants as they trek across / race past the sharks without a racing heart / vaporize into the sky / and undulate with the moon for all eternity.
Escapril Day 7! The prompt was "body swap," and this is my take on it. I had fun with this one!
LC Apr 2022
My body is sixty percent water,
and I attempt to float with the oil,
coasting with closed eyes and mind.
But I am sinking to the bottom of the glass,
where cold, hard rocks bruise with the truth,
and I press my hands to the glass to keep myself standing.

Although the rocks ground me,
the submersion chokes my throat.
If I crack the glass with my bare hands,
the acid-laced arrows will lacerate my back,
and I will be a trembling target fading into mist.
but the gentle breeze will greet me with open arms.
Day 2 of Escapril! The prompt was "separation." I hope you enjoy it!
Gabriel Nov 2021
I'll love you til my heartbeat slows down
and imitates a soft whisper that mentions your name

As the moonlight looks at you from
the highest of clouds
  the waves splash to the rocks
making a sound that resembles
how my heart will break
if you leave
nevaeh May 2021
i want to be loved
and held
and helped
i want to be
something small
to carry around in a lovers pocket
like a rock
a nice smooth
nearly round rock
like a squished oval in shape
i want someone to look at me
for hours
discovering and observing
but never judging
i want someone
who sees the cracks in my stone skin
and runs their thumb over them
cherishing the contrast
from light to dark
i want the tiny dimples and spots on my face
to be seen like glittering minerals
embedded in stone
trapped from years of movement and change
i want someone to look at me
and see my journey
appreciate the things hidden within

i want to be loved
the way i loved
when i was still young
and fun
as a kid, i loved rocks. each one was somehow new and special to me, even the so called normal ones. i never want to lose that appreciatin for the ordinary, if i did, i dont think i would be me anymore.
Payton Feb 2021
Tell me, what is it like,
to crooked-roll the dice, to
always get snake-eyes, to keep
slipping on  ice?

Tell me why he talks, tell
me why he walks, the
way he does, like he's barefoot
on the coals.
He's barefoot on the rocks.

All those dice sit in your cup.
"C'mon girl, just fill 'er up."

And tell me why he laughs
at all those broken hands,
          and broken hearts,
      and palms of sand,
and crooked dice,
that fell, through
cracks, and on the lines,
out of their hands, into your eyes.

You said, "Sometimes, I see better,
when the sand up here is wetter. That girl
tried to take the gritty pain away —I didn't let her."

"The sand I put there, in her eyes," he said, "reminded her
of all her lies, and I never did forget her."
This dream poem was written in 2016.
Honestly, I don't even remember the dream this was based on, but it has a neat rhythm!
Svetoslav Feb 2021
Walls carved into stone.
The godly shapes repulsing
stars further from sky.
Belogradchik Rocks

Rocks with fantastic shapes, objects of legends. They are frequently named after people or objects of which they remind. The rocks vary in color from primarily red to yellow; some of the rocks reach up to 200 m in height.

Syllable Count: 17 ~ lines 5/7/5 ~ 12 words

by Svetli
Bhill Oct 2020
have you ever seen a Big Horn Sheep
they wander about with nary a peep
they climb on rocks like they're not even there
jump all around without any care
their beauty is amazing, their magnificence divine
just seeing one is lucky and that's by design
be careful and quiet when the chance comes your way
observing these animals will make for a great day...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 300
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