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Rococo Aug 10
Tegucigalpa, orquídea marchita, de suelos polutos por plata y sangre, cosecha de sueños malogrados y maltrechos, irrigados por los cauces desbordantes de ríos negros.

Tegucigalpa, ciudad de esquinas opuestas y avenidas perforadas por el tiempo. Urbe de aceras estrechas y de violencia que deambula.

Tegucigalpa, narcisista sedentaria, que cada día se enamora ante el espejo de su cielo, que cada noche duerme en una cuna de cerros.

Tegucigalpa escandalosa y bulliciosa, de estruendos que arrullan y susurros que matan.

Tegucigalpa te veo y una tristeza me asalta. Entre tus calles coagula un caudal escarlata.

Tegucigalpa te sueño y el corazón me resalta, ante el recuerdo glorioso de tu pasado esmeralda.
Elymaïs Nov 2021
On the seventh day he rested, but
Before he did, he selected a little
Piece called "Benton", and there's
Where he put heaven.
Kellin May 2021
Thin skinned
Like I grew up in a childhood to recover from
Christ the savior
pinned against white walls
and if you're not careful they'll nail you up there too
Kellin May 2021
She told me
that the air tastes of
nostalgia and arsenic
Duckie Apr 2021
Putrid smells of dirtied innocence,
A veil of eager stupidity,
Misfortune converts to violence,
Roots caged by the ashes
Of what once was,
My hometown of resilience- staled,
Replaced with glory seekers
Spewing words void of value,
Pickets of dishonesty,
Weekends of gloom,
I feel foolish as I reside here,
Bleeding within the garden of thorns,
Punctured by the claw of the bird.
Svetoslav Apr 2021
Come to take you around in Montana, my friend!
From the waters of Ogosta dam
to the waves of the fountain
and the fabulous nights in Monteto.
Nowhere on earth or the Balkans you will find a city like that,
even at sea for it's the quietest and most pleasant city in Bulgaria.

A city with an ancient history,
dating back to before the coming of Christ,
telling of the intransigence of the people
and their hunger for knowledge.
A city with good people who deserve respect and esteem,
people who believe in a better future and
the progress of their young spirit.

They pass this faith and knowledge on to future generations
about the energy and loyalty to our city.
From the dazzling and beautiful Chiprovtsi carpets
to the countless and charming summers and winters.
A poem about my hometown of Montana.
Translated from Bulgarian
Mountain city lake
in the middle of two cosmos.
Trees and citylights are poems
that nature writes upon the sky.
old willow Oct 2020
Once a little swain, Time has passed.
Chaos and Order, like petal drifting lake;
An Emperor of the east.
A thought to move millions,
A finger to predestine the people.
At the end, The peak resemble my hometown,
People have move, merchant comes and goes;
A place carved from ancient painting.
Serving the people is my duty,
Earth Beneath, Heaven encompassing;
Jaded life is now willow in winter.
Lewis Wyn Davies Sep 2020
On the west cheek of a town's unpainted face,
a mole in the shape of an abandoned tower block
stands and surveys all the veins and dead skin
at its base, there's a cycle path system that never tires,
heels stuck in white, blue and gold Converse shoe
marched through, then flew down those tarmac miles,
every number on the clock face must have held a hand
for the times when I ran full pelt, after nights out,
to save cash, but also to stay alive, as the magic
would ***** out once my key found the jagged
and hollow black hole it was designed to enter,
so I danced with horses, sleepwalking all morning.
Poem #28 from my collection 'A Shropshire Grad'. This is a bittersweet poem about my hometown. I have to remind myself of the tough times I spent there whenever I look back at my youth with grandeur and contemplate going back.
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