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Mallika 18h
Once I was abandoned by person
I never thought I would be so forlorn
It is like many nettles in my life
Missing those moments that you enacted
as you made fantastic world around me
Which cannot be forgotten even in my dreams
It's like I've been a loon in front of you
Believing all those false worlds
You made me such a way that,
There is a word alone carved in my heart
That cannot be erased by anyone,
even by the god
please give me your hand,save me save me
I need your true love before I fall,fall
Don't leave me
to you friend
please give all the true love om you think they deserve.
First, I forgave the bullies
Who made me cry.
I didn't know your story.
You didn't ask for mine.
Now the hard part.
I forgive myself
for the mistakes I've made.
It's been a long, weird game.
But so far, I don't regret
The way I've played.
Serendipity May 23
I pray for forgiveness
I know I do not deserve
but forget
that I have already been
OrcasTogether May 16
I know you denounce the laws I abide
And feel chained and tethered standing at my side
But why can’t you let me draw in the light?
Why keep my world in this eternal night?

I know there are demons that lurk in your path
And times when you can’t help but feel their wrath
But why can’t you for once just try to shine?
Why live your life in steady decline?

I know there are horrors that you can’t forget
And the apologies and lies that you can’t accept
But why can’t you restart and try to relive?
What stops you from ever learning to forgive?

— OrcasTogether
Just a thought...
Arcassin B May 11
By Arcassin Burnham

Shout , in my face,
That won't mean , I can hear you,
I'm , not a friend,
More than you,
Could ever know.
Pushing all the odds of being enlightened by your own hands,
Carrying you under flaming wings is my pleasure,
Take my burning wings as a good faith and good will my love,
I will always be deep in your heart,
Take me as I am searching and loathing for comfort but,
I can not find ways to start,
Silk , dressed in gold,
they won't hear , as your light shines,
Peace , comes in time,
As they go , deep in gallows..

Leave , but don't go,
Don't take long , I'll be waiting ,
You , could be free,
Shut me out,
I'll forgive you.
these major things that appear in our lives go by,
Mind over , lapping matter,
Remember love rules over all, and all things that,
Materialize , doesn't matter to you.

k e May 8
To taste the sounds
To turn back time
To read in complete darkness
To travel faster than light
All would have to be possible
For me to forgive
Regina May 5
Forgiveness isn't, "I'll forgive you,
if you'll forgive me,"
its a symphony of lilacs in the
springtime fields,
and a song from the wren's
delicate heart,
its when you awaken after a
bitter night of anger melted
into tiredness, and moments
of grief turned to lavender
scented pillows lulling you
into a resplendent dream,
of white doves ascending to
Heaven carrying whispers
of the world praying,
as little workers in your mind
build a bridge of steel cables
of peace forged by God,
whether there's reunion with
those you've forgiven, or not.
Amanda May 4
I am sorry for my failures
Sorry for being depressed
Always being self-absorbed
Worried and constantly stressed

I am sorry I don't show gratitude
Sorry for causing you grief
Bearing sorrow as a weapon
Sword I cannot sheath

I am sorry I whine so much
Unload troubles on your ears
Sorry I'm uncomfortable
Showing others my tears

Sorry for getting on nerves
Clinging to your side so tight
I am sorry when we argue
Hard to admit you're right

I am sorry I'm perpetually sad
Emotions are beyond my control
Sorry you are the one left to repair
Damaged fragments of my soul

I am sorry I have changed so drastically
In years since we first met
Sorry for slipping downwards
Doing all that I regret

Sorry you often take care of me
I can't do it myself
Ignoring many problems
Instead of getting help

I am sorry I'm the way I am
For what I cannot be
Becoming who I swore I wouldn't
Sorry you're stuck loving me
A formal apology to my love
Lisa Conway May 4
The love I felt for you turned to terror
My happiness turned to shame
I hid , amongst those memories
For what seemed like a lifetime
Never looking beyond my disappointment

Humiliation remained my constant
Filling me with helpless anger
Looking back at my life
I felt so sad for the woman
I used to be, pitying her

I'd never forget that awful time
But I could forgive you
And make myself happier
Now my life was filled
With pleasure and joy

I let go of the past
And those walls of anger and disbelief
Came tumbling down
I was finally loved for me
And was content

©L Conway 2020
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