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the pompous one
with her comments
as she slithers by
the rudest
of dogs

the confident family;
     to a fault
sitting too close
and talking
too loud

the hypocrite
of the mess
and leaving behind
a scavenger's

the insecure sage
a font of knowledge
based on
and opinion
with only
a pinch
     of fact

the innocently gormless
with no thought
for sense
     or logic
common or otherwise
but only
for the now
the immediate

these are
the passengers
on the
     of frustrations
for today;
and over

i think
so little
     of them
i'm unable
to stop myself
about them
xavier thomas Apr 22
When I was younger,
I couldn’t understand why
I forgave so quickly. I despised it.
Now, I’m thankful I forgive quickly.
Keeping that negativity in
your temple is too much.
Zywa Feb 22
If you don't forgive

you'll drink poison, hoping that --

the other suffers.
Interview with Mpho Andrea Tutu (nrc, 19 februari 2022)

Collection "Actively Passive"
Zack Ripley Jan 9
We all make mistakes. It's just a fact.
So why beat yourself up when it seems someone's always ready to kick you
when you're down?
Give the fires in your head a chance to die.
The stress and fear already make you
want to cry. But you know what?
It's okay to take a minute
and try to forgive yourself.
To let yourself off the hook.
Because you aren't responsible for everything that happens in your life.
And one more thing.
Remember that you'll never get the full story
on the first look.
I once asked a passerby..
Have you heard of someone named "Ego"?

He gazed at me ironically without a reply..

As for the question, I didn't let it go..

Then, I heard a sound of an inner sigh..

Whispering.. "I'm the master who manipulates the more I grow.."

Deceiving your mind with an innocent cry.. "You are a shining star up high in the sky"..

Making you live in labyrinth and stray your thought..

I'm your demon who you wish I would die..

I insist to rock your boat..

I wish I could tell you the truth.. that I'm a big lie..

But, me myself has an Ego that won the fought..

I wish I was brave enough to release the birds to fly..

Nermine Marei
Zack Ripley Jan 1
You will forget.
If you don't already, you will have regrets.
You will struggle. You will fall.
But you'll still keep going in spite of it all.
You will get angry. You may not understand. But that doesn't make you a failure,
or any less of a woman or man.
I know I'm not telling you anything new.
I just hope you take it easy on yourself
for going through things
everyone goes through.
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
I want to go to my grave unafraid,
at peace with choices I've made
I want to go to my deathbed
not regretting every word I said that day, with clouds in my eyes and raindrops on your face
If it comes down to forgive or never live, I'm unafraid
Because I can do both today
I will do both today
Dakota J Dawson Nov 2021
Given in
No more

To think
I'm redeemed
A fault

Forgivness is
Laced unto
Selfish pity
Andrew Rueter Aug 2021
Birds chirping                wind blowing
doors swing open                   floodgates of chaos
noise                  people                          beeh­ive buzzing
unease               uncertainty                                           unable
customers noisy as dishes clanging                                       in the back
focus                  obscured                             ­                  insecurity
offensive presence                                 apologetic demeanor
forgive me brother                  for I have sinned
optical trajectory                     floor
please                          thank you
hands                 pockets
forgive me.
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