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Jaxey Apr 26
you said "I'm sorry"
but were you really?
when I didn't give you
what you wanted to hear
you just left me
with more things
to forgive
"I'm sorry"
"wait, that's illegal"
Gods1son Apr 6
Admittedly, to forgive is not always easy
But it is, without a doubt, very liberating
Not forgiving only increases the pain, hurt and stress
But forgiveness begins the healing process
Forgiveness is an act of self-love,
because you do it for you and not them.
Axel Apr 6
words are not enough
when lips part and speak air,
throwing vowels like I've never learned
since I was hold
by the warmth of such care.
be your phrases and live in it;
you're now a stray, begging for a roof
of forgiveness.
do you really mean it when you say "sorry" ?
Solaluna Apr 5
Hearsay, the more you forgive, the more they will love you. But every time you forgive them, you fall in love with them less and less. And the time they love you more than any other is very much the moment you decide to love them the least.
Rebecca Mar 31
For you can recite all you may
but what is there left to say?
After all the sorrow has fallen like spring pollen,
there is still emptiness in your words.
A hollowness in your being.
No life in your eyes.
What was the point of apologizing if you knew forgiveness was not around the corner?
But yet non-existent
Payton Feb 25
I begged you to forgive the tears that rolled down my cheeks when I saw you again.
It has been so long and I’d almost forgotten the contour of your face in the moonlight.
If not for short notice, I’d have missed you again.
We always run in different circles, but tonight we seemed to cross paths.
You remembered every detail about me, love. Where to kiss, where to touch.
But every time we spend time apart, I forget where the treasure is buried in you.
Though, now I am beginning to realize it’s not in your body, but your soul.
Let this night be one to remember, not one to regret.
My dear, on the cold, bleak December evening, don’t you dare forget what I said to you when you held me closer than any clothes ever could do.
Don’t make me regret saying I loved you.
This poem was written in 2017.
Junior Feb 4
As another minute passes,
A being can feel more ignored...and ignored.  
Soon they'll Feel invisible.
disappointed. In the person they once loved.
As if “it”....They didn't matter to him.
it matters and without it
a human would not be a human.
They’d simply be nothing without it.
Just a consciousness that's hungry for attention
And a unquenchable thirst for help that you didn't give them
While they selflessly gave it to you.
Now it's too late to turn back.
Too late for a “second chance”
No sorry can fill the bottomless pit you’ve created within their once warm soul.
Any “sorry” will just make it deeper, and deeper.
Never to be seen again forming an entirely new person we've never met.
All because you made them feel so invisible they fell out of place from reality.  
Shattering their hopes and dreams.
Aspires and wants to be’s.
Crushed by one **** hand.
So, I wrote this last night, I had the idea about it for a few days because Something like this happened to me. read it carefully. and find the deeper meaning.
A Beginner's Guide
To manifesting your dreams
And achieving prosperity

Clarify your end result
Visualize with inner eyes
Take incremental actions
Watch angelic forces rise

Trust in powerful beings
Embrace their loving aid
Shape intelligent matter
Forge reality - unafraid

Give thanks for all you use
Enjoy each glorious day
Accept, forgive, rejoice
Reach out to help, and pray
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Everyone has talents and strengths.  I've always enjoyed working with words and I'm so grateful for the gift and inspiration that allows these thoughts to flow through me.  

I keep a huge list of possible words and ideas for future poems, but most often the most recent poem is sparked by something I see or hear that day.  Lately I've been studying Geology and one of my books is "A Beginner's Guide to Minerals", and that was the spark.

Wouldn't it be helpful if we had a beginner's guide to prosperity?  So, I wrote one.
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