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In the darkness your trapped
What is your choice?
Will to fight sapped
Despair taking your voice

Alone through your own making
Lost in the pitch black
Past decisions heartbreaking
Are you too far to turn back?

It's never too late
To take your life back
Depression won't checkmate
Time to go attack

Hate and despair take leave
The battle begins today
Your loss we will not grieve
Love and joy to convey

Let go of your bitter
Allow forgiveness enter
Life will be aglitter
Once rid of the dissenter

Reclaim your light
Rejoice newfound power
Your future so bright
Now is your hour
There is always a way out of the dark places in your mind.
Elle 3d
Cotton candy in the sky my love so blue

Day dreaming if fairy tales are true

Trap in that innocent look but everyone has a clue

Turning back the pages again to square one

Repeating mistakes is my forte
I guess?

You're the last page that i can't escape

Loving you was not my intention

I  just want this chapter to end
Famani 4d
Everything takes time
it either you heal
you get what you want.
Grace Oct 4
How Typical
How typical of You
To read my text
And not answer
How typical of You
To forget a promise
And be oblivious to my hurt

How typical of Me
To forgive an apology
Not given
How typical of Me
To still type
Have a Great Day
And send it
How typical of Me
To be Left on Read
Jordan Sep 28
Having a hard time forgiving men I think.
Having a time forgiving men I think hard.
I arise on a cloud of doubt
My thoughts lingered
Fighting demons of shame
actions of the past aren't forgotten.
buried  so deep like Thier nostrils are on fire
Rage is flowing fast and furious in their veins.
They have forgotten the art of compassion because they cannot forgive.
They seek emotional attachments
Move on from person to person.
The only bit of love they have left to give.
Has large hooks on them.
They like to flash the cash.
winning affections.
I refuse to be treated as a doormat.
I am not running.
I am a person in my own right.
I refuse to be abused.
Hannah Field Sep 28
Tired of trying
Tired of hoping
Tired of coping
Tired of existing
Tired of breathing
Tired of Living
I'm Done
Wynn H Sep 20
No two people are alike

Even if you share
The same jokes
And drink from
The same fountain

NEVER think
That everyone else
Thinks like you

We’re all as unique
                 as snowflakes
In our own special way

Never judge anyone
You don’t know
What they’ve gone through
To get where they are
Just to be standing in front of you

Be humble
Be kind
And most of all
Be Forgiving

Reality blows at the best of times...so keep your chin up, smile and never loose your cool...THATS your meal ticket
Jordan Ray Sep 19
In saying goodbye, nothing dies.
Memories still fly, a swarm of warm butterflies.
Skin and bones decay, but memories remain.
I'd trade an open casket for an open mind.

We must move on, but in moving on, we must never be tempted to forget.
Our memories, actions, words have made us who we are today.
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