Oh God,
please forgive  me,
but I'm afraid
he's the one
I'll sin for.

Sha May 12

Maybe the first day of summer means courage.
Shedding inhibitions like shedding clothes
Or the day that you finally decide to forgive.

Forgive the words that promised love yet disappeared.
Forgive those unspoken apologies
And be free from the ghosts that tell you to stay in that
haunted mansion of lies.
Forgive yourself.

The first day of summer encourages you to take a step into the ocean.
Kiss the sun's grace and bid goodbye to winter's cold.
Summer welcomes you with open arms and healing saying,
"Take off that coat of insecurity.
Flowers have already bloomed
and the sun is here to make you beautiful."

Steve Page May 6

And when you stand
Ready to raise your hands
In prayer to heaven
Consider your heart and ask -
Do you have any hardfeelings
Anyone who you need to be forgiving
Any ill feeling that needs divine healing?
Cos if there is
Then you know that needs dealing
Before you can get to your kneeling
And your Father can truely hear your appealing.
And don't think it's worth trying concealing
No, simply deal with it by giving some forgiving
And then you can engage with some true conversing
With your loving Father listening in heaven.

Mark 11:25 "And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

Before I die I want to learn
to live in the moment
this very moment

I want to feel every breath

If the sun is shining I want
to let it go through me
enlivening every cell

If it rains I want to try
to count the droplets
sense the life in them

I want to learn to replace worry
with wonder
regret with wisdom

letting go of past traumas
real or imagined

I want to learn who I am
how to be true to that

I want to learn
my strengths
to forgive my shortcomings
to absolutely know myself

I want to learn a thousand-thousand
new words

I want to learn to fly
if only
in my dreams

before I die
I want to learn to live!

Merope Angel Apr 16

Hold your grudges while the ball's rolling...
Keep your toe steady on the gas pedal
Not your fault if it slips, old habits they die hard
And you're dying fast...

So with this drink, we'll last
We'll talk and we will laugh
Time to ruin it with the past
Pinching on to what was bad

Forgetting fistfuls of happiness
I understand

But be warned again
You can hold your grudges while the balls rolling...
But I'm at most in the moment with the past always falling.

Memory issues
Rachna Beegun Apr 15

Forgive me, but I need to get away from all this before it damages me again.

Nadia Apr 5

I just saw the photos of the children's  
Died in Syria by what they call
Chemical weapons.
Yesterday I watched Russians
Died in bomb blasts .
Everyday I watch on TV
The last breath of Palestinians
A few days ago England faced
A terrible attack.
Iraq is probably the land
Where guns never stop!
Pakistan is having massive attacks.
Bangladesh is also getting introduced
with Bombards.
I leave my thoughts
For Italy
And France.
East Africa famine
Never seem to end
But newly begin.
Good news is that
A killer of many gets Noble Peace Prize!
I watch all of these for a moment on TV
Get emotional
which is rational
And retune the channel
That makes me laugh.
Never miss facebook posts
Often hit like on injured and losts.
For a moment I think of these incidents
I try to match the rhythms
So that my writing sound like songs.
I go to bed and sleep on my favourite pillow
Why on earth would I feel sorrow!
I wake up by the birds twitter
While they wake up and sleep by the gunfire.
Alas, we both are called Human.

Luna Marie Mar 31

I always forgive you.
Over and over again, I cry.
I don't know what else to do.
To me, you're the only guy.

But to you, I'm not the only one.
Why do I keep coming back?
You have no idea what you've done.
Forgetting is something I lack.

I will forever remember,
The way you said my name.
But looking back, I don't think you were sober.
You don't think about it the same.

I need to stop forgiving you and blaming myself.. I need to start forgetting you, so I can get some rest.
Alexa Sangren Mar 23

You call it Trump's America
Like hate is something new
You blame just half of America
For something we all do

Human nature begs for us
To criticize and demean
While the only way to find a way
Is somewhere in between

To speak our mind freely
And honestly spread our words
To be kind and fair but also just
To speak what must be heard

For everyone to love themselves
For all to have a friend
For all a warm bed in the night
For every broken heart to mend

Something for all to strive for,
Peace, hope, and love
But humans always screw it up,
So we must ask God above

To keep everyone safe at night
And have liberty to say
How we feel, think, hope
And never discriminate as we pray

You call it Trump's America,
Like insults have never been thrown
I ask you please, before you hurt,
Take a look at only your own

Words, actions, deeds and intent
Make sure one has never been done
To hurt, scathe, to cause fear or pain
If you have, I ask you, run

To whom you have hurt and apologize
For whatever thing you undertook
For it is by forgiveness alone
That this world will clearly look

Upon what it has done
And what it can do
For before we move forward,
We must look backwards too

You call it Trump's America
But I see it as our own
A place with much good soil
For seeds of love to be sown

Look around our America
And see what you can do
To spread the seeds of peace
And maybe water them too

"Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you,"
--Calling anyone names is never going to get anyone anywhere. --Sadly, all of America is tied up in petty fights, when there are so many people without basic needs in this world. --We are all responsible for the words and actions we say and take. --Put someone else before yourself today- and see what happens. --If everyone is a teensy bit better every day, this world will soon improve drastically.--

How do you forgive and forget?
What's been done to a woman yet,
Close chapters in your book of life,
Each day, start the rest of your life,
Maybe think no hard feelings, yes,
Each day, good intentions, no less,
How do you forgive and forget?
Go on, blame the woman, that's the best!

Feedback welcome.
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