Alaska 7h

You hurt me,
                     I forgive,
you hurt me,
                     I forgive,
you hurt me,
                     I forgive,
you hurt me,

Seema 3d

If I said,
               I love you
Will you,
               Say the same
If I said,
               I care for you
Will you,
               Also care for me
If I said,
               I am not perfect
Will you,
               Hate me
If I said,
               I have less time to live
Will you,
               Stay along or leave me
­I love you
And I don't expect the same
I care for you
But it's ok, I understand
I am not perfect,
You can hate me
But let me tell you,
I can only whisper,
So hear me please...
I have few days to live
So leave me or forgive
I know, you've left
I am just imagining,
You are here,
As I grieve...


I may have done spurious things in my past but I would do virtuous things by your side till my love had nothing but devotion left for you, I'd turn all this delinquency into marvelous words to convey to you eternally now do you believe me when I say that I might have accidentally fallen for you.

You were there
Your presence raised me
Sustaining a staggered road
Giving more faith

Not the thing that I deserved
Disappointment is the only thing you received
Stupid, this logic
If he wants to reunite with the heart

This will never happened
And will never reach happiness
If you’re sitting next to me
If you’re stuck with me

Look at tomorrow’s sky
They’ll shine for you
Look at tomorrow’s night
They’ll comfort your breath

I lift my hands and pray for you
With sorrow shadowing my heart
Your happiness, will be supported by the universe
Your beautiful curve of a smile
Created with total relief

Will you ever feel sad?
I hope not
I am here, unreachable
God divides us

You were there for me
You’ll no longer crushed because of me
I’m sorry, love
All this love is yours

crime, staring competitions, tears.

these small things that lead us further
into the fog, closer to the moths,
attached at the hip, nothing new.
nothing blue, always red.

your guitar rips through the
navy skyline, alerting the stars of war,
violet mornings creeping over the
trees as sleep envelops your eyes.
i've dreamed of something like
this, but i got more than i asked for.

i'd never go back.
i'd never go back to that place where you
don't exist, the dark, the damp, the treacherous.
becoming a threat, was the purple leaves and blinding snow.

but the next morning was lined with amnesia, we both forgave;

but we'll never forget.

jade, jasper, jet.

Seema Sep 4

My heart won't forgive
My mind won't forget
For everyday of my life I live
Just wished we never met

Sour feelings, bitter emotions
Witnessed the living hell
Subjected in many portions
Stacked souls in a dried well

It's your skills and unnamed game
Luring each innocent in your bait
Behind pure love, you are a shame
Disguised poly player, how much I hate

Your deeds will get you oneday
With the curse of every broken heart
For every heartbreak, you'll surely pay
You'll then, beg to have a fresh start...


Inspired by a friends dilemma.
Wejdan Sep 3

I still remember when you told me to stay away, because your way is full of thorns.
I kept playing your words in my head, like a holy-verses.
I refused to ratify it, now I believed.
you are in your grave and the way to you is full of thorns; But that is nothing comparing to my road, stinging thorns, my body tearing blood painfully.
I miss you!
and the road to you isn't long,
Dig my grave next to you, in the midnight, I am jogging my way to you.

for events not seen
in a time not lived


yep another theme

struggle with this personally - falling in and out of phases of forgiveness

just when I think I am there...back to nearly square one

thinking about levels, types and phases

forgiven for moral, physical, psychological and emotional injury

forgiven for generational and historical  injuries

how in the hell do we do that?
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