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Katelynn Oct 2021
There lives a dragon in my stomach.
That pokes and prods with every scale.
With heat from it’s flames that leave skin blushed.
A bloated squeezing growing from the lack of room.

I check my stomach daily.
Searching for holes and bruises,
My hands running over bear skin amazed.
And yet, I feel it now,
Playing chess up my spine,
Each claw catching as it climbs up my vertebrae.
Leaving chills and goosebumps in it’s passing.

I’ve cried out for help.
Wanting nothing more from this beast.
But it leaves nightmares with it’s presence.
And it’s wings make perfect walls.

People just get tired after a while.
Just “the boy who cried wolf,”
But as I spout more words to them scrambling for help.
I see the smoke pillowing out of my mouth.
And before I could question,
We were both just as blinded.

I have a dragon in my stomach.
Years spent together like bitter friends.
Growing used to the burn of it’s hugs.
Even dousing the flames on my own at times.
A begrudging compromise.

Now overtime the beast grew too.
Spending more of it’s passing as a shadow over my shoulders.
Even with much less hold on me than before.
It still watches with delight.
Some days weighing like a backpack of bricks.
Whispering in my ear, coaching. Letting smoke fill my head, confusing.
Most other days are more bearable.

At night the beast stays on my chest.
Like a scaly tiger it curls on top,
With a kneading purr as it settles.
I never quite remember sleeping these nights.
Flashes of tossing and turning from being uncomfortable.
Poking, and prodding, and burning, and now chilling, and now waking up sweating.
The fog only clearing after spending time awake.

Alas there is a dragon in my stomach.
A spiteful beast that took hold there.
With greetings just like an old friend.
And when I finally demanded it’s name.

“Trauma” the beast told me.
I’m amazed that I wrote this. Comments are appreciated and I hope you random stranger have a nice day.
Viji Vishwanath May 2021
Days pass quickly,
But I burn lowly..

Time passes swiftly,
But I melt slowly..

Days end with nights,
But I,
            never end with night...
   And will,
              remain as light;

       From night to light...
       From dark to hope....
       From failure to success...
I love to enlighten;
                like a candle..
I love to brighten;
                each shadow..

I love to burn;
       as I burn to melt...
I love to melt;
       as I melt to brighten...
I love to brighten,
       as I brighten to enlighten...
I love to enlighten,
        as I belong to candle..
            and am full of wax;
                 which is made to litten...
Like a candle, we melt ourselves to enlighten the darkness of others to help everyone from failure to success...
Spicy Digits Feb 2021
Sunela and panna.
Indian chai with fresh milk,
Fresh feelings.

An Ode to Family
Lulls the cat to sleep,
The rain softly pelting.

Patient puzzles
Paired with white sage,
Kashmir and lemon oil.

Silken chocolate.
Melting into the fire,
A molten me.

Moonlight illuminating
Seedling germinating,
The rain softly pelting.
Bhill Sep 2020
enlighten my lips without touching my soul
seize the moment and commit
take me by storm and submit yourself to the sensation
leave me wanting for what has been forgotten
what has been forgotten
enlighten me.....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 248
Trying to learn, while I learn to fail
Not to be fixated now that I have set the sail
Towards a wiser me, maybe a brighter me
Decided to travel through the travesties,
Only to enlighten me.  

All I was hoping for was an illusion,
Was it an illusion of my creation?
Maybe nothing but just a delusion,
Maybe I'll get through it, hoping for an end
Never realized how I was missing the point,
When I let my laughter suspend.

They say it is all about the journey and not the destination,
I always figured they didn't understand my situation
What's the worse that can happen, they ask
Well, I may come short of the handed task.

Is it all in the process, I wonder
Is pondering about the end game always a blunder
Weren't we all meant to get somewhere, achieve our goals?
Or are we always trying to fill a hole,
A hole without which we can't be whole,
A part of us, this hole so wide,
It can make you do the unthinkable,
A hole of the unknown in our very own little fable.

I'm always at war to figure out the answer,
Maybe the quest in itself is a paradox,
Maybe I'd be better off figuring out the way
To love the journey and finally think outside the box.

The answer had always been in front of my eyes,
I couldn't unwrap myself from all the lies
The untold truth of what we were supposed to be,
Not finding the hidden treasure but being the voyagers of the sea,
For the treasure is what you see,
When you become better than what you were meant to be.

Just a little older, just a little wiser
Now understanding that I was always a miser
Holding onto my darkness and never letting go,
Now I'm making memories that I can never blow.

The destination had always been on my mind,
Always right in front of my eyes,
I was clouded, I was stranded
The rewards always seemed nice
But walking when I was supposed to run
Made me comprehend that the journey is what is fun!
Ikigai Poet Jul 2019
I was brainstorming while reading a book,
Forgetting about the existence of the words
Which once, took my breath away.

Standing atop a mountain,
Placing my eyes at the peak,
Seeing the tides of time and the very history,
Unfold, change and manifest.
The rise of the wind,
The rise in the energy,
What a rush it was.

Standing at the fields,
I plunged my nose,
Into the springs of hope,
I held my breath to see what the future unveils,
What will the winds of time bring,
No one knows.

I had my ears hearing the
Tales of brave men fighting to conquer their freedom
Singing the hymn of glory and hope.
Instead of writing a poetry on the
Pages of frontiers,
I set my skin free on the continuum of feelings
To feel every emotion there is,
To heat up with anger
To send chilling waves of horror
And to get excited when happy.
I set my skin free to feel this life.

I now am enlightened,
Realizing that there’s light everywhere,
Every emotion, every flower, every being
And everything is made up of this light.
We’re all cosmic beings made of stardust
That can’s be stopped from illuminating out
The shine of it’s potential and excellence.
With all the knowledge and enlightenment within me,
I still wonder,
Aren’t we all a galaxy of stars trapped inside human body
Trying to find our way back?
-Ikigai Poet
Sharmila Juliet Jun 2019
With the hurt my wounded dark soul
With the hurt my wounded dark soul
Seeking little bit of the light to enlighten
Seeking little bit of the light to enlighten
To enlighten the dark my wounded soul
Seeking little bit of the light with hurt

Pour on me some of your light
Pour on me some of your light
Lend me your little stars to brighten
Lend me your little stars to brighten
Lend me some of your light
Pour on me your little stars to brighten

Delight me with your favour
Delight me with your favour
Let me feel high with every right
Let me feel high with every right
Let me feel high with your favour
Delight me with every right

Enlighten my hurt dark soul
Seeking your light to brighten
Wounded me, feel little bit of high
Pour on me with little favour
Lend me some of your stars
Let every right delight me
Poem Format : Paradelle Poem
blushing prince Jan 2019
i often think about the people that go hit by meteorites
how space shrapnel invited itself into their homes
took its' shoes off and shimmied into the floor
asteroid junk, hold me closer
tell them they're not alone
that one day they'll burst, or be swept
all just soot in the end
this dust, this sand
can fill up a city
i can be that city

how likely is it to be struck by lightning?
and will i be the lucky one
tell me, will it shake the truths out of me
will it burn my hair like it did when someone got too close and their cigarette got even closer
the way it sizzled and made the air hard to breathe
will my veins line up with the electric as if i were part of something greater than a body of earth?
in times like these i hear the word aha!
Geronimo calling from the light-bulb, brazenly jumping to enlightenment
a tiny revolution starting in every little thing that can line up with the other
a thousand circuits jump starting and brashly telling me to
step out of the dark
i could use a little time
science phenomena
Jupiter Dec 2018
thinking about how the world doesn't really care about you can get really lonely.

but it's also liberating. your soul breathes a sigh of relief, and you can just exist.

it's empowering. you can allow yourself to take up space and own it.

but mostly, it's enlightening. you learn things you never knew you never knew.

you learn how to live.
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