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George Krokos Apr 19
O God, may Your light of love and truth always shine through
illuminating all the darkness and dispelling our ignorance too.
You are the Only One That eternally shines by Its own infinite light
and everything’s a reflection of Thy glory witnessed by divine sight.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
mark soltero Dec 2020
i wish for my own good
but my truth is the weight of my option

i’ve only found that my true illumination
comes from darkness that covers my sight
from the pressure created inside
LC Nov 2020
for the first time in my life, I'm not hiding.
I stand with my walls down and my heart open.
my legs are shaking, and my breathing is shallow.

he wraps his arms around me to keep me steady.
my head rests on his chest as he strokes my hair.
I close my eyes for a moment, finally able to rest.

I look at him carefully, and I see no armor.
his walls are down and his heart is open.
his legs are shaking, and his breathing is shallow.

we hold each other until our love grows roots.
then we let go, and our smiles illuminate the world.
he takes my hand in his, and we walk together.
This poem is very close to my heart. I don't think I've been as honest and vulnerable with anyone as I have been with this person. He has said the same about me. It is wonderful to love and be loved back in this way, and I hope anyone looking for love will feel this way with someone.
Allesha Eman Aug 2020
Threads of light from a waking sun,
Illuminate the dreams,
That rest on your eyelids.
And you carry them with you,

wherever you go.
LC Apr 2020
it illuminated all,
hid nothing
her first instinct:
close the blinds
and her eyes.
after a while
she opened the blinds.
her eyes followed suit,
squinting, adjusting,
taking in her surroundings.

the light shook hands
with the darkness
its touch healed,
helping her produce
light of her own.
#escapril day 9!
Dream Fisher Jan 2020
Did you tell her she wasn't worth it
Laying on single mattress alone, searching purpose.
She would go out through nights
When the streetlights would only illuminate
Sitting on an old bridge with me until very late.
Before the night ended she stopped to say
"If everything was a little less
Could I be a little more?"
Laughing while everyone slept,
Talking about future plans, we knew were unsure
And barely going home until the sun crept.
Over those pines on Washburn street.

Every weekend she would get lost at a bar
Starring drinks made to forget,
Featuring people made to remember,
Knowing this world for her, wasn't forever.
Sitting ideally at the next seat, I hoped it all changed
For the better for you.
Smiling into a glass like home wasn't hell,
Watching people pass we would tell
All the amazing places we had been
Leaving out the hardships and pain.

Until one day, I searched for you unfound,
Asking, they said you finally packed up
Leaving for a better town.
Perfectly in silence, you went through the night
Through illuminated streetlights.
Mena Mulugeta Oct 2019
Sunshine please continue shine,
In this dark world we need your light.
Your soul has so much to offer this world,
to feed it the creative healing work
the King has taken time to piece
and puzzle together, so that YOU
can see how you’re truly defined.
          Please yearn to reach
          the days in this world
       where your light invades
        in the darkest of places.
Where when you touch you illuminate,
where you speak Gods healings begins to form. His word & Grace makes all new
Yes!! He chose you to perform miraculous
things, all because you chose
         not to dim your light.
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