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Today's yesterday
Becomes many yesterdays
Flow like lifetimes past


Leaving me adrift
As my heart now sprouts its wings
Yet cannot take flight


Cuddled close by dreams
All I want I wish to be
Then the feathers falls


Tomorrow echoes
As I reach to grasp its call
I fear the days past


For dry ink can haunt
Feathers plucked by every taunt
Sleepless heart weeps raw


Am I of the light
Am I worthy of the heights
or worth a twinkle


My heart on my lap
Mind abed on sea of grass
As I count the days

Mini haiku story...
It's one hell of a bad habit, being lost in my own head, my thoughts.
The years have gone by, and I find myself wishing more for a reset button.
Yet, I also wish to learn how to forgive oneself.
Theres so much I want to do, so much I want to prove to myself that I am capable of. I pray that the coming year will be one of deeper self reflection with the goals I have in mind...
I so wish to be a talented poetess for writing has been there for me through thick and thin.
The more I fall in love and improve, the more my heart aches...
I gotta keep moving forwards though
I cant die and not try, not yet,
Not yet...

Be back soon with more poems, thank you everyone for all the love and support, really.
Stay safe and well.
Much love,
Lyn ***
dull is the scene I see
darkness soon consumes me
but whenever I close my eyes
all I see are twisted memories
of you, and I.
hi! this is my first poem that I get to share with everyone! <3 xoxo
Luiz Oct 13
Leifa Oct 9
Weeping Winter
Deigns his spine
In small whispers of magic.

The fingers of a ghost
He Almost
Mourned the loss of them.

Until he tastes
The fruit of rot.
And felt
Old daggers in the dark.

Like a drop of dew
In Summer heat,
He recedes towards the Sun

To await the Winter Mourn
And scorn
A mother of her forgotten son.
Luiz Oct 8
another version of me
is dating you
while another you
is making my evenings flash by

may I ask you
does that version
love you the same?

does he caress your face
with soft fingers and a look
of awe upon his profile?
every night, after years?

can you tell he's but a facsimile...
a shadow of what we once where
hoping to grace the glory we build?

do you really think
he loves our kids the same?
do they call him "Dad"

with a gag reflex
that rears it's ugly head
every time they say it?

your copy can't touch
what you were to me
and I'm not afraid to say it

to deny what we had
is to deny that love exists
that miracles happen

that our children make the world spin
to deny us, is to deny that I once
glowed with the good person
you made me want to be

to say no to all that
is to deny my humanity
It's just been so long
since I felt anything but emptiness

that I don't know
if I can feel anything else
eden Sep 30
just remember
every time you touch her
she will feel warm
because it's you, after all

every time you press
your wet tongue into hers
she will melt
again and again
over and over
because it's you, after all

who makes her mind spin
who makes her heart beat
out of her chest
who holds her and
holds her
who makes her feel so safe,
but then so sick and so sad
who hasn't left her mind
since you left her bed

she couldn't take it so
she put her mess of a brain
into the keyboard

she asked you last night
what it was you wanted from her
it was 2 am
but she needed an answer
is it ***? is it love?
I told you, I told you
I can't be one of your girls you ****
and I can't be your girlfriend
so what do you want?

I can't tell anymore
what is real and what isn't
I can't tell
if you are just pretending
to care for my body
or if you genuinely mean it when you say
you miss me
and you love me
and it just

it isn't fair to make me crave you like this
she pleaded with the sky
for the millionth ******* time
and you told her

you wanted her by your side
you wanted her
for the rest of your life
more than a girlfriend,
more than the ***,
you wanted her forever
you wanted her
to be the one who is there
to help raise your two month old
and to have children of your own with her someday
when her blood is a little cleaner,
you said

you told her you were sorry
you told her you were selfish
selfish for wanting her
selfish for even thinking it

it never needs to happen
but you would always want it
you said

selfish boy
have you ever stopped to think that,

maybe she wants you too?
you're selfish, well
maybe she needs you to be
maybe she's begging you
please be selfish with me

because I swear to you
she remembers
every touch and every kiss
she remembers
how it felt
every single time you held her
as she was falling apart,
leaking out of her
sad, empty eyes
till she gets all the hurt out
and you lift her chin and
she melts into you
she feels dizzy
and she laughs
because it's you, after all

maybe she wants it too
maybe she's selfish too

she won't admit it to you but,
she's selfish too
so she asks again

do you really want that?


something snapped in her chest
in that moment

then make it happen!
don't confuse me!
don't mess with my head and
have a baby with someone else and
then use your sweet sweet words
on me because, ******
if you care about me that much
if you love me like you say you do
then keep your distance for now
and when you're ready
really ready
to be with me,
tell me then
don't play this sick game with me
i can't stand it

she won't shrink herself
to fit into your world
she needs you to prove to her
that you deserve to have her
and that you'll keep her

be selfish with her
better yourself so that you can
protect her like she longs for you to do
be selfish with her
so that you can love her
and you can feel her
without the disconnect

selfish boy
don't you know?
she's selfish too
she loves you.

selfish boy
don't you remember?
every time you touch her
she will feel warm

and she will miss the warmth
until the day she dies
until you mean what you said
and your
sweet sweet words become
she will miss the warmth
until that day
you take her
away from this place
i miss you everyday
Allesha Eman Sep 20
I drank a whole glass of nostalgia,
Took a flight around time,
And found myself sitting where I started,
In a state of unnerving silence,
Thinking about how the thunder
Stored in my swollen heart roars,
whenever I’m somewhere,
Lost in my memories.
Carlo C Gomez Aug 21
I shall meet you
in the middle
Even a step
or two more
if need be
Once there
let's put our differences aside
- joining hands -
and with pure motive
remind each other
what we love about us
Marian Solis Aug 15
A boy with messy hair,
That’s how I know you.
A girl with shabby dress,
That’s how you know me.

Since we were kids
We started as friends
I was one of the boys
And you are one of them

We run in the afternoon,
Wave goodbyes at night
But things don’t end like that,
We meet again at the same time.

We grew up as friends
Sharing secrets no one knows well;
Like open books for one another
Locked for the eyes of others.

Time flies as we grew older
And our friendship grew weaker.
You started to love someone, so do I
The only difference is you love her, not I.
riley minteer Aug 15
nimble hands knit quickly through satin and sun–bleached linens
poking and pulling on hundreds of fine strings
find comfort and closure in tight fitting mittens
who’s corners and ridges so carefully sewn

children braiding red grass in the garden
an old woman resting her body at dawn
i owe these my life– these small, simple moments
that bring warmth to my skin when nothing else does.
-riley minteer
“through satin”
(from “mind soul heart”)
Friday, August 14, 2020
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