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Sketcher Jan 10
Dear Mama,
You would pause throughout the days amidst the drama,
And talk to me about why we should persist and what’s gonna,
Come of all of this and then climb out of the abyss to forget papa,
And reminisce in incidents of our time in home and in the old Honda.

Dear Papa,
It’s been a very, very long time without you,
A month after you were married, who knew,
You would be buried after a pew, pew, pew,
Shot twice in the upper back and once in the head,
We saw he was black as he ran off, up ahead,
Of your falling attacked body, we yelled as you bled,
Landed on the silver cracked and red stained cement.

Dear Sis,
I know we both long for and miss,
The man who’s gone for the abyss,
So, I wrote a song in honor of his bliss,
Haven’t kissed him since the coffin,
Church surrounded in a foggy mist,
Skin cracked and wrinkled, yet softened,
He will never be forgotten.
sushii Jan 6
I wonder if you'll read my poetry one day, and reminisce upon all the good times we could have had. I's pointless to hold a grudge. Life would be simpler if I just moved on without anger. However, I do confess, I want to know one last thing--did you ever understand what I meant?
Timur Shamatov Dec 2018
As you hang with your new crew
To the sky, raising shots celebrating
Things that, as adolescents, we used to do
Know as I hang with new crowd too
I too, reminisce over **** we used to do.
I miss one of my best friends. ***** how it all ended. But I do hope he is happy and healthy. Much love to you Mike and your family.
Talis Ren Nov 2018
Time and time again
The hourglass shatters
I drown in the sand
My memory in tatters

And when I come to
I cannot remember
If reality is a ruse
Or if fate is being clever

Time is a blasphemy
A venomous oath
A losing eternity
Damning us both

That stretch of oblivion
That merciless prison
That curse the Goddess hath wrought on me
How I loathe it
E l l e Nov 2018
I just can't help but wonder

If by you saying "I love you"
Is just another way of saying "I love the feeling of you".

That your fantasy of us
Was just an illogical fallacy of ****
Because in truth, I fear you do not think with your heart-
In betrayal, I will always trust.

I wish we were back to those beautiful days;
The days where we would pick strawberries,
On the coats of Norway-
Swing carelessly, on the seasides of Whales.

Now, we just pick fights on the depths of our insecurities,
Say careless, arrogant things out of spite-
I miss when "I love you", wasn't an apology.

Maybe you can love me for real this time,
and not like the times we've shared.
I hope that one day "I love you" will mean no more
than just a few words to show mediocre affection-
And I won't need it as my life line,
Or my everlasting addiction for approval from you.

Maybe one day, we won't even have to say
"I love you",
Because on that day, we wouldn't have to wonder
What the answer would be.

For once, I deserve that.
All of you deserve that... xoxo
Mary Frances Nov 2018
Will you yearn for me?
Will you be there to weep and call my name?
Will you reminisce the remembrance of what we are?
Will you still wish for me in every shooting star?
Will you still pray for me during Sunrise?
And feel my warmth when you lull yourself at Sunset?
Will you still give me a part of your heart?
And revere the mark I left in your soul?

Will you? When I'm gone?
Esther Dec 2018
They say photographs are precious
Because they remind you that once upon a time
Even just for a heartbeat
Everything was perfect
Looking through my phone
I don't have any pictures
From some of the best days of my life
Because i was too busy dancing in the sunset
Pressing lips against the people i loved the most
To remember to pull out my phone
And snap a picture

Those moments are engraved in my brain
Locked inside my heart's deepest chamber
Melted into every ounce of my soul
Replaying in my wildest dreams every night

I guess the best place to be alive
Is in each other's memories
It's the warmest feeling
An eternal smile on our face
Fingers intertwined
Heartbeats synchronised
Under the stars
On the beach
In the sunset
At the mall
In your bedroom with too little space
With the air on
Cuddling to "The Notebook"

I guess
We are immortal in each other's memories.
I live in your memories.

Julian Caleb Oct 2018
As I lay silently onto this room –
A dulcet wistful moment comes to mind,
Over a love I can’t depart behind.

‘Twas a spot where it used to be my home,
Those old priceless times where I always roam.

A glimpse of your face so beauteous and kind,
Love unequaled and never will I find.

I evoke those restless nights in my room,
And to think of your fairness endlessly.

No matter how the years elapsed and untwine,
Still, I reminisced and loved your beauty.

Just your name! My heart reacts in a bind!

This poem’s made to refresh your memory,
To ease the solitude, and unwind.
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018
Staring at the clouds
I dream of flying through them
Unbound and care free

Sun now warms my cheek
Pearl pink castles made of clouds
How I miss my youth
One minute it's freezing, the next it's a lovely day. London!
Though I've got alot on my mind, I couldn't help but make shapes of the clouds and be truly immersed in it. It felt so real.
I really miss just being a kid...
Lyn ***
Delamusiq Oct 2018
Undertone,  the time spent on tone ,past circles where emotions ran high
Couch vibes, scary movies never missed in the pursuit to enjoy time never spent
But remeberence of that time in pink, fuschia It might have been
Times past , little pastimes shaded in sin
Nothing like the last time,  baked pizza and a smile for happiness that never hit past five five
It was too short now in a right mind, only memories left for good times
Water on the bless , your beautiful unoff for a lifetime
Yet that bullet never made it to my heart till rusted pistol never stopped time
I'm gone
I'm wrong
Now fly on while I sing along , you too cut on your don't fuvk with me flow
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