Ramish 1d
I still reminisce about that night, that we stayed up
And laughed, joked, and loved each other one more time
i'm trying this new thing where i write 20 word poems, not too short, not too long
Kenya83 May 3
I gasp as I reminisce
Soft hands, soft lips
Strokes of kindness beneath fingertips
Bemused by that magic trick!
Gentle depths in fluent tongue
The language of your eyes, your touch
With all the red and black
In the pack, wolves call to the moon
As your eyes close, I open mine to see
The impact that was had
When Greenwich meantime stopped for me
Hailey James Apr 16
I dream of the day
We drive down the 405
Hand in hand with you
and a lighter
Tell me if I’m right
Shayn Powell Apr 16
Listen, as you may miss.
And later unable to reminisce.
For a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom
May be lost in your personal abyss.
listen to your surroundings and observe what you can while soaking in all the knowledge in front of you.
Terry Apr 4
How do I take back what I said,
undo these mistakes,
wind back to those cold nights,
under the millions of twinkling stars,
and tell you that I feel the same way about you?

What must I do for you to miss me,
to hold my hand,
to sing,
and fall again for me?
Lying beside this clear glass of sorrow
Recalling the night when I felt the pain
As I lost you, entered Cupid's arrow
Torn me to pieces with no strength to regain.
soliana Apr 1
so now
as another year brings me to
brand new oppotunities
please just please
if im happy
leave me be
keep me away from our toxicity
you are my 2017
from the words my heart has spilled
from the letters youll never read
you filled a year
have me wrapped in your little finger
and i guess that should be enough
for someone like you
so please
give me another chance to start anew
to be with someone
thats not you.
4:53 AM 12/24/2017
Shxrry Mar 26
if you'd let me pick you up again
whenever you're feeling down
i'd do it repeatedly, all the same
until I'm sure you're safe and sound
alone on these quiet shores
in the precious moments before the Sun departs
final echoes of laughter have faded
the mind turns to the reason I am here
it is hallowed ground to this weary traveler
that which brings me back to a path of pure thought
the connection of the soul and mind
the ocean soothes like a gentle voice
of one familiar
and I am somehow closer to you here
it is in these moments that I feel the energy of you
sense the beauty of you
and when the laughter returns
when the moment is no longer mine
this precious time that I have saved
will tell me
when you are near
jerlin Mar 5
I sit and stare at the sun.
We walk different paths,
live life different ways.
The same sun sets at
disparate corners of the world,
yet it never felt the same.

I fear not remembering feeling everything alive.
So I run my hands through the records –
I took these photos for the future,
I cling to the sunset like my past.
Surely days like these were meant to last.
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