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Some days I see myself outbound like an 80's movie...
living life day by day, wondering what lays ahead of the play.
I love life, because of the good and bad, but off course, bad things can't cut it, but we have to get what's bad to get the greater things in life.

No, no silly, i' am not talking about politics, or the crap happening right now...but the adventures in our personal lives that we go through every single day.

Being with you tonight was like two fishes who swam together in lovers hearts, synchronized in nostalgia.
When we lock eyes, emotions spur into greatness.

You held my hand as we walked underneath the starry night, so quiet and dark, playing hide and seek around the truck parked in the front yard, and as i looked back at you, we swung a hug in each other's warm arms along with a never forgotten kiss.

Your kisses, one by one, are always cherished and never forgotten...also when you're leaving to go home, i take a photograph of your lips in my mind, how they feel pressed against mine.

As I walk underneath the pear tree nd lights flashing underneath from the garden below shining unto my minty laced robe of satin, catching your eyes once again on mine in a new pictured memoir.

I love nostalgia, who doesn't?
it helps you feel like you belong...
when no one else is there to help sing your song.

I have been a day dreamer since a youngling, and will always
continue to do so throughout my living days.
happiness comes through dreams,
and when you believe in those dreams
you can really see
your true
toleomato Jun 1
During the time
in between
my two most recent mosquito bites,
we had met
and you had left.
I pensively trace over
the brim of the
first mosquito bite of the year,
Sa Weol May Apr 29
People whom I used to be my favorite
when I was a child,
They treat me to places I never requested but I loved,
I rant and got mad when things I wanted
doesn't come around

I miss the alphabet charts,
my mom taught me a lot,
She keeps so many foods in the fridge
told me she will give me one for the right answer,
beat my hands to make my cursive writings right.

I miss my elementary days,
way back to when the rain is still predictable
as well as my dad,
I know he's already on his way,
driving a bicycle cab
with a raincoat I don't like to wear in his hand
going to me,
I'm ashamed, my classmates might laugh at me.

As time flows in my life,
too much wisdom creates a vast space for sadness in my heart,
Maybe I didn't learn how to use it wisely,
Now I get lonely oftentimes
without knowing the roots why it's crawling up.

Now I know there are beatings that aren't meant to hurt,
I learned to dance the pen on a messed paper,
spilled every words in right position.

Now I know why I should wear that coat on,
Rains are beautiful yet we should not be fooled,
they sometimes become bullets
while coats are bullet proofs.

Now that I get older,
I regret I didn't look back well
to when I used to be a kid
just spinning myself in happiness
brought by the smallest things
I don't appreciate that much now.

tayo Mar 12
Why they run, I do not know.
Neither can I begin to ponder.
Race to life, love or leisure.

this is about the hustle of life. Race to life from the moment of birth, race to love and finding meaning. race to leisure and fulfilment.
tayo Mar 10
"Eyes, once full of hope and lofty dream, Now stare at passer-by,  all

rheumy eyed. Gait of the man that once was. Like a sign post, saying:

Here!, 'how I do not want to be when I am grown"

Borne out of the fear of ever getting to the point where I will not be able to take care of responsibilities. The fear of failure and/or being ordinary.
tayo Mar 10
To that first strand of Grey....

That pointer to agedness.
Bridge between cradle and grave.
Fine line between ode and dirge.
It is wisdom.
No, it is senility.
Subtle reminder to how on earth, we are briefly gorgeous.
That first strand of grey.

This I wrote the first time I noticed the very first strand of grey in my beard. It was a surreal experience.
Melody Mann Feb 27
She pours her soul into his void
hoping to earn space in the suitcase he's made of his life.

She watches the nights turn to day as their conversations melt the hours away,
learning to embrace the imperfections he's paved his path out of.

Boarding his flight he leaves her astray,
Leaving but a final kiss upon a broken promise for a future now dismay.  

If in the twilight of memory he meets her once more,
she will sing to him a deeper song.
Musafir is a word in Urdu meaning Traveler.
How beautiful the light emitted by the sun as it sets is
I remember we used to watch it together
Say the obvious word "Awww" all the time
Everyday felt really worth having
Those memories kinda make me ask what went wrong
grace snoddy Jan 23
our love was the morning sky
courageously pink and quietly blue
seemingly everlasting and sincere
daring, to say the least

our love was the sounds of chicago
trains rumbling and music thumping
people talking, cars mumbling
us walking, hand in hand

i cant seem to get you out of my head

our love was us naively believing in each other
us sitting in my room, or yours
our bodies molded together like clay
and our souls embracing each other
in the comforting atmosphere
alongside the setting sky
framed by the window

our love was our favorite movies and shows
and the late nights we embarked on
watching every single one of them
our tired eyes and tired beings
resting on each other

and i now find it funny,
because in those loving moments,
i remember thinking
“i dont want these memories to fade”,
“i dont want our love to disappear”,

and now im desperately holding onto
whatever visual resides in my head,
your face is getting blurry,
your voice is becoming hazier,
my heart is sinking deeper
as all the colors mix into
the darkened hue of sadness
that is your departure

our love is this song
that rings in my ears late at night
it posseses a beautiful and humbling,
yet terrifyingly isolative melody
as my heart and mind conjoin
to accept this new reality

i will love you forever
as your ghost remains in my head
but everyday i cant help but wonder
“what could we have done, instead?”
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