Billie 3d
Your jaw starts hurting.
More specifically, your right back molars,
more the bottom than the top,
you assumed you'd been clenching your teeth,
mashing them together,
a bad habit,
so you made a conscious effort to unclench and continued with your day.
It continues to ache, a dull pain,
always there,
not enough to hurt but enough to be annoying.
You feel it with your tongue,
not noticing anything too different,
so you go to a mirror and stick your fingers in your mouth.

One of your teeth is turning.

You move back, startled.
You're an adult.
Your teeth shouldn't be moving at this point,
stuck firmly in place for hopefully the rest of your life,
but you could have sworn it's turning,
sunken at an angle and a bit to the left,
almost popping out of your jaw.

You lean back towards the mirror,
checking it again,
and as you touch it,
it moves,
tilting even further but still stuck fast to the gum,
it's not like it's falling out,
it's just turning.

It's stopped again and you check all of your other teeth.
None of them have moved,
and when you get halfway around,
you cry out in pain.
That molar is moving again,
twisting continually and beginning to grow upwards,
stretching out as you watch in horror,
getting longer and longer
and you have to open your jaw wider and wider
to stop it jamming into the roof of your mouth
but it's getting too long
and it starts pushing at the top of your mouth,
as you start to scream,
it's boring into your gums and blood starts pouring out,
it growing and spiralling
deeper and deeper as it gets to your nose
and you're choking on the blood
as it fills your throat and your nostrils,
this tooth continuing through
as if your jaw and muscle and gum and skin are nothing,
you fall back and your hands drop from your mouth.

The last thing you see is your ceiling.
And the last thing you hear is skin being torn apart,
you choking on your own blood.
sometimes i like to think "what could be the absolute strangest or worse thing that could happen right now?" it helps if you want to write abstract, or horror.

and sometimes i have nightmares.
On an old windowsill of a crooked windowpane in a beaten house
Lies a window-moth on a dirty window cloth.
drained, defeated, and done
Time and again,
It tattered its wings and shattered its face,
plunged at the glass, losing its grace.
She's drawn to a dim light
spilled through a cracked window
into the darkness of the room.
Like a waking terror of the night,
With one half there and the other out of sight.
Hallucinating a pathway through fantasy
  Seeking clarity in rays of insanity
Contained by a glass and wooden frame.
painfully numb,
with an urge to move forward
A consuming obsession,
to make it to the Moon.
That lambent orb in the skies
A brilliant ball full of lies
Ignorant to the impenetrable mass,
or the number of miles between the moon and glass.
No matter how much it desires,
No matter how much it tires,
No matter how large the power of will,
The glass is unbreakable,
the goal unattainable,
The truth unbearable.
The Godforsaken feeling,
of seeing, and believing,
yet never achieving.
inspired by night terrors, where one is conscious in sleep and can do almost nothing to get away. Reminds me of a moth chasing a light, unaware of the glass window keeping it there
You’ve hardened me
And every silver bullet
you’ve lodged into my heart,
I’ve plucked out,
Enduring the pain
And built myself an armor
Out of your betrayal.

And You are not a Phoenix.
Your tears
Will not heal
the open wounds
you have caused
With your trifling talons.
She Writes Jul 11
There is too much regret
In unspoken words
The quiet thoughts
Whispered only to the moon

There is too much longing
In wishful thinking
Can quickly become a nightmare

There are too many tears
Spilled onto pillows
Over suffering and longing
From words unsaid
Aa Harvey Jul 10

Rapid Eye Movement, after the darkness;
At last you have finally got to sleep.
Your own private show, with no popcorn eating fool sat beside us.
It’s time for a film…they call it a dream.

A bright white light shines over in the distance;
Maybe this will be a premonition,
Or maybe a long distant memory, that you have forgotten;
Or maybe a nightmare, that you have tried in vain to keep hidden.

So wish me away, to a far-away place;
A land of hopeful stories, with a sunshine landscape.
A place where magical animals roam free
And you are free to be at peace.
A place full of wishes; a place full of dreams.

I dream of a world, full of beautiful people,
Who are righteous and interesting and there is no evil.
I have no need, for a nightmare tonight;
I need sunshine and to dream, of a happy life.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
lloydjames Jul 10
the sweetest fact to know is
waking up from misery
until you've wake up again
and feeling blue
                        and grim
lloydjames Jul 10
I went downtown
                       for pleasure
As lady block my path      
She point as far as I know
I found myself in vault...
Sun at its peak, everything outside is so bright,
but her room is giving a horrific sight.
She stands in front of mirror wearing his favorite dress.
Her reflection looks back at her, asking
"who are you?"
She touches her lips, closes her eyes.
"You're a freak and I love it. Can you be mine?"
She opens her eyes wide,
as woke up from a nightmare,
or maybe it was only a haunted memory.
But something is breaking inside.
She picks up lipstick, paints her lips red.
Looks damaged but but beautiful outside.

"I love you so much. You're the best thing happened to me. Stay with me forever. You're my life."
She walks towards the side table.
A suicide note is waiting there to get read.
Burning it with her lighter, she smiles.

"Why are you so depressed all time? What is bothering you?
Why you get this anxiety? You got me baby. Its all fine."
She turns and makes her calendar marked 6th of July.
Putting all pain behind,
she lefts a sigh of relief as if the beast,
that stalks her is duped forever.

"Why are you so possessive? I hate it.
How can you have a lot of Internet friendships but no friends in real? You gotta change yourself."
She walks through the door.
A new life is ahead her.

"No you don't have to change yourself this way. Don't be childish."
She is going down through stairs.

"There is nothing normal with you. You always exaggerate things. Sometimes I hate even myself to be with you."

Suddenly she hears a phone ring coming out of her room.
Her stomach drops.

"Things are not working out baby I'm sorry..."

She is going back to her room.

"We must get separated."

Her hands trembling, her heart making a one last wish.

"Why did you cut your wrist? I hate you even more now"

Mommy's text was there that she might get late today.

"You're a freak. Get out of my life."

She smashes her phone into mirror.
She is done with being all fine.
She is not going outside now to show the world that she is strong.
Her screams filling the room.
"I love you please come back."
But only echoes are there laughing back at her.
And here she goes
writing again a suicide note.
Lately I wasn't feeling fine and I wrote this. Maybe there are some mistakes but this is what all I have to write
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