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Stark 2h
that's what he said to me
before he fled the scene

whether it be from cowardice,
lurking in the darkest corners of the room

or the joyful victory lap
to triumphantly conclude a race

"Run. Just run"

whispered in the hallows of the haunted castle
screamed into the wind that slipped past you like a stranger, unbeknownst

warning of the foreboding nightmare you are about to be
awoken from

commanding your limbs to expel one last kick,
'till you fly away, far away

always remember, my friend

just run
run. just run.

any whovians out there? i gotchu.
Eric 11h
I forget...I jump..
thump!! ...I forgot.
There was once this dream i had, More like a nightmare :

There i was ontop of a mountain ,alone
The heavens were beneath my feet
I took one step and looked into the abyss...
Fear clouded my mind
one more step ...
And there it was clear, crystal clear...
I saw a village ,a beautiful golden rayed village with a field filled with white dandelions and joyful screams of children as they played in the fields

I was high up ...
But i felt low ...

I took more steps, untill i was at the edge
My heels planted on the verge and my toes already falling...
I was like an angel , with clipped wings...
Awaiting his time to ascend
I couldnt wait any longer...

I closed my eyes
i **** one step
and i fell ...

Just before my cold corpse could hit the ground
I saw , HAPPINESS...
It was there holding out its hand, and screaming out my name
"Yuen!!!!! Noooo ...."

It was the last thing i heard
It was u
Whom stood on the cliff, while u weeped and called out my name...
You stared deep into my eyes ... as the ground swallowed me whole
When the clock tick midnight its time to go,
Walking between my realm and the realm of the living
I sense the smell of a young soul,
The sweet salty taste of soul.
I'm the shadow you fear every night
Blending in the dark of night,
To haunt you here I go.
Voodoo chanting I do,
to unleash the fear in you.
Leaving chills down your spine.
So that I can add another soul to my collection.
Amaris 4d
I had a dream about a memory
So vivid I recall conversations
My subconscious made up a story
And turned it into nightmarish creations
Mimicking the past, I got lost for too long
Paralyzed, I'm captured and no longer strong
Brandi 4d
Every time it’s much like the same
Closing chapter washes these thoughts away

Rest is to settle the pain inside
But fact-less fears...feel like death inside

Sleep comes
but in no sweet fashion
Toss and turn
a ritual passes

Slumber brings the same old crisis
Will I lose you once again?
Time keeps passing  

In my dreams the world doesn’t stop moving
Until I think of you and realize
You are no longer with me  

Waking up and feeling you here
Love and patience keeps you near
Subconscious Bedtime
Daniel 5d
You sense hope
I sense despair

You found trust
I found fear

You love yourself
I love to pretend I care

Your dream of being happy
Is my worst nightmare
We are too different.
mars 6d
I keep having dreams
of when we were kids,
but we were never kids.
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