They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger,
But what about what almost kills you?
A word,
A game,
A dream,
Brings it all back.

And it didn't hurt then,
But it burns now,
Right through you until the pain spills out of your eyes
And you scream just like you did then,
And Nobody hears it,
The same friend who heard it then.

It's over,
But if it is, then why am I in so much pain?

I empathize with sally
Made up of scraps and stitches
A living voodoo doll
In a time when they burned witches

A product built to spill
Utterly breakable
She sneaks a song at night
But she shivers in the daylight

She just can't get a taste
That will satisfy
The endless hunger
I pity her no longer

We want the craze of the chase
There's magic in the displace
We want to never ever stop
Till we rise or till we flop

Austin 2d

I wish we could live your worst nightmare
we could walk through hell together
I wish our adventures yielded armor
and you'd love every part down to the rivets
I wish i knew you would put up a fight
instead of waking up

why are there cameras everywhere I go?
     what are they recording?
          what are they watching?
               why are they watching us?

why are there cameras in every room?
why are they recording everything we do?
why are they watching the things I do?
& when was my debut?
     (be careful, they're watching you too)

someone rescue me from my own mentality
my worst nightmares have become a reality
     I'm losing my mind
     & I can't rewind
     I can't go back to: when things were fine
               take me back in time

wake me from this h a l l u c i n a t i o n
tell me it's     only my imagination
                    my thoughts, they're running wild
                              I feel just like a child

     but I can’t think straight
     there's no escape:
take me back to a     ~ + * dreamlike state * + ~

*part of sonnet collection: Revelling in Reverie

cookies & cachéd data,
digitally-programmed privacy paraphernalia
     are carefully collecting information
     following your confirmation
     to allow the invasion
     of all forms of personal communication

((( it’s hard to ignore the intimidation
of the internet’s alluring intoxication )))

     but between you&me
     life beyond a screen
     never felt so free,
     an anti-digital reality,
     life in an unmonitored galaxy
     is something     only the mind can dream
                    # # # # #

*part of sonnet collection: Revelling in Reverie

houses of Sin
     drawing you (us) in
          strung with neon lights
               & forbidden delights
     meant to entice, but never quite
               satisfy the appetites
          of those who seek
     an escape from this reality;
          another milky-way hallucination(1)
     will you accept the invitation
to take a virtual vacation
     from every obligation
without explanation?
     { let the games begin }

(1) "milky-way hallucination" from The Shoulder of a Darling by Karen Garthe in Fence Volume 15 #2, Winter 2012-2013

*part of sonnet collection: Revelling in Reverie

eco was
a friend
of pow!  
now in
this crazy
world of
laws that
shimmer heard
there made
devo and
the recalcitrant
publics future
dank with
superfluousness why
so very
green in
remote time.


I was announced
By flying crows
And there was blood
In the new white snow
Heavy hands
Deliberate and slow
Around my neck
In the new white snow
I was left alive
But never whole
Twisting through the wind
In the devil’s bowl

Can i wake up from this nightmare ?
Your presence that made it the worst thing
Wake up
Let me live in reality

The one who used to be my beautiful dream
I've always prayed so that you come to my dream
Now, You are my worst nightmare

The things that you've done
Haunting me through my dreams
Even the devils are afraid of you
Smiling outside, hell inside.

16/10/2017 | 18.34 | Indonesia
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