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This day is so bright
and all seems so right
I wonder if I can stand it
I had not planned it
the clouds and rain
gnawed so unrestrained.

Early morn’s nightmare
still lingers somewhere
moored to the dark
where it won’t disembark
still clutching me in slimy grip
I’m on its derelict ship.

How can a dream be so strong
and make me feel so wrong
just a wispy demon in the night
by now should have taken flight
but here I sit in light of day
still hoping the malefic will away.
Isolation within my time,
Stuck in a well sticking to my feet.
Working till death to finish my design,
Running late, borderlines to meet.
A hero of management,
An Hr call left at the tone.
Stuck in my cubicle fortress.
The place I'm forced to call home.
I don't wanna be stuck in the loop of the cubicle slaughterhouses.
The truth
Can free your soul
Take back all the things
That your memories once stole

Unpack your demons
Let them disperse
Through thin air
Release of the curse

The truth
Can ignite a flame or two
Your worst nightmare
With a spectacular view

Forcing your hands
To carry the heat
Well maybe that's better
Than admitting defeat

Sometimes I lie a little
To make myself feel good
It puts a smile on my face
And that’s more than the truth could
SeaChel 3d
We used to say in the beginning
how it felt like such a dream.
Though, somehow
somewhere along our journey,
it turned into a nightmare.
The memories of us together,
I’ve now hidden.
Yet, I know where to find them
and sometimes I find myself
flipping through an album
of moments captured in time,
a reminder that at one point it was
most definitely a dream
and not just a night terror.
You brought me to a place
Which you consider as a second home
The door opened, and boys came out one by one
"I'd like you to meet your cousins."

I was scared and I hid behind you
You placed your hands on my shoulders and said
"Oh dear, don't be scared. They're here to protect you."
"They'll make you feel safe. I promise."

I hold on to your words
And sure, I had fun with them
I became comfortable with their company
but that was just a dream that felt surreal.

I do not know if I was dreaming, but one night,
One of them caressed my cheek
and slowly planted kisses on my face

Mom, I do not know if I was dreaming
but he was taking advantage of the situation
Mom, I do not know what was happening
his hands were all over my body

Mom, I do not know what to do
but when I was about to scream
he placed his lips on mine
and I... I felt helpless.

Mom, you told me they would protect me
but mom, they made me feel ashamed
Mom, you told me I would feel safe
but mom, why is that nightmare haunting me every night?
Laying again, here,
with Franky.

2,592,000 seconds later.

It is just Franky and I;
Franky and me.

Latching and biting and suckling at my body
Franky feeds.

Right shoulder to right hip, I have already wilted.
But, I could never tell Franky to stop.

946,708,560 seconds late.
We are just Franky and I
Franky and Me.
Based on some horror flash fiction I have been writing lately. In love with the idea of the character "Franky".
They are creatures
of another world
of another existence
they look like the Schmoo!

They follow you
wherever you go
every footstep
every path

they will catch up to you!
and when they do......
you die.
Let me hear
You are fine there

Hope to see again
Genre: Love
Theme: From Ground Zero, A Day In The History
Courtney Sep 10
Be meticulous with me
Know my every detail
Solve my puzzle
For my pieces are scattered
And complex.
My whole life
I’ve been perplexed
And incomplete.
I’ve searched my veins for answers.
I’ve stared at my reflection for hours
On trains passing through the night.
Tell me my purpose
Save me from this nightmarish dream.
You slept in a nightmare.
You didn't care.
You didn't want to wake up.

The reality is more painful and scary than the nightmares in your head.
You didn't want to wake up.

Tired of waking up to just find a nightmare of a life.
I was just thinking what if the dream needed you?
Hey guys. Have a blessed day ahead!!! God bless yall
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