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SB Oct 2017
I dreamt that I woke up to the sight of you.
Our legs were still intertwined,
Bare like the entirety of our bodies.

Squinty-eyed and morning breath.
I never cared,
The sight of you was a gift.

I swear you have an internal heater.
Either that or you’re a vacuum
Based on my collarbone covered in ****.

I woke up and you weren’t here. Again.
My doctor says I should be getting more sleep.
But, imagining you’re still here is
My worst nightmare.
Your words were sad,
And your expression of stone.
I waited and waited,
For your text on my phone...

A beacon you were,
To my darkness you shone.
Etched in my brain,
In every bone...

You were the winter
To my autumn glow,
That covered my branches,
With soft snow...

Passing down these city streets,
I see you in every window i look through..
And it breaks me piece by piece,
How would i look at myself, when even there i see you...

Only a month it was
Since i got to know you.
And i cherish every moment,
Every conversation every view...

Tortured by your absence,
I wanted someone to take this life...
*** why you did this..?
She meant more then my life...

On the elevator
I told myself she is long gone...
Convincing myself
There is no reason to live on...

As i took those heavy steps,
Towards the edge an inch away...
I took a last final breath,
Only to realize it was already taken away...

So without a remorse
I letted it go...
But somehow i founded myself
On my bedroom floor...

It was only a nightmare
i thought to myself
I was not letting you go
i told myself...
So say you wont let go.....
Thorns 5d
To feel as though you'll never wake up
     Your being chased
          You lose the race

               He holds you tight then disappears
That's truly a nightmare
My head keeps shaking,
as all the colours leave my soul,
the room is shaking,
inside out my bones fold,

I see all this madness,
inside of my head,
I watched my cat,
be stabbed until it was dead,

I was chocked,
slammed into the wall,
for they said,
"You shall fall"

Now I live,
with this vivid nightmare,
and for no,
me it didn't scare.
tizzD Nov 4
jade filled dreams and ruby sight,
don't want to be stuck in this onyx night.
awaken me under a citrine sun,
where crystal clouds have their fun.
sapphire birds singing in emerald trees,
that's where I want to be, that's what I wish to dream.
Isaac Ward Nov 3
I was young-
     When it happened.

Snow was drifting down from steel skies,
     Tumbling in slow-motion,
   My fingers were numb, my gloves thin.

The neighborhood children all gathered,
     Clad in winter coats, scarfs and mittens.

Across the street from my father's house-
     The neighbors had a tall hill,
   And we would ride our sleds until the sun went down.

I wanted hot cocoa,
     My brother wanted to race.

He told me to stop whining,
     I was the younger brother,
   And he was always right.

Then the snow stopped falling,
     And we knew- I knew something was going to...

I couldn't feel the cold,
     Everything was light, weightless,
   And my feet

I fell,
And I knew I'd fall back to Earth,
The hill, my friends, my brother grew smaller.

Then, I saw myself-
     Tumbling back down.

I awoke with a start,
     Today we'd be going sledding.
   My brother would want to race.
And I’ve been seeing things in my nightmares
I try to wake up
But it’s my life
I try to make up
To my wife
But guess what?
No-one cares
And no-one dares
To intervene or help a solo soul, ‘cause they see he’s so low and cold

Honestly, would you do the same?
Ignore a stranger in pain?
Probably not if it was like in the movies
‘Cause the person in pain is physically appealing
Someone you could be with, a fixer upper,
Instead I just fix me some uppers to cope with the natural downers
ie life
ie wife
ie knife
Written on the 24th of August, 2018
Lost Soul Nov 1
ghost, monsters,horror movies
don't scare me
i was fast asleep
while other kids were awake holding their teddy bears
nothing was as scary as inside my mind
where dark things live
no special effects
or off buttons to find
I cant run away
no point in burning sage
they're stuck in my head
as long as i live, they are here to stay
i've gotten so used to them, i don't wake up
they come every night
i've tried to get rid of them
but i haven't had any luck
  i am standing outside
  i feel the crisp air
  i hear barking,
  dogs foaming at the mouth ... running toward me
  the front door is locked
  they eat me alive, while i scream

  he has held me hostage
  he sees everything
  i try to run away but hes following me
  shout threats, starts cursing
  if i stop running i'm dead
why cant i have a good dream its not fair
they're not only at night
darkness follows me...covers me
without it i'm bare
its a part of me
what i'm known for
what makes people laugh
what i'm told is the real me
i try not to care
they don't know that every night
they are a part of my nightmares
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