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sleeping, slowly falling into a dream
Transcending into planes so beyond our own
parting from the body that lays stagnant
peacefully resting, small breaths heaving

The pale woman, dressed in white
departs slowly onto the dusty-brick road
where have she gone?
So far, so near, so alone and full of fear

Oh woman, dressed in white
so full of light, compared to the dark night
Stare into the abyss, whereas men cannot pass without fright
fairy elves will guide you, worry not woman in white!
They'll be dancing round over the fairy lights

Don't let your fright reel you out of the planes,
so dark, so cold, so dull when you compare
the real world is shaking
the real world - you cannot see it now, please, woman in white

Keep on the dusty road,
look not onto past the rood that sits
Keep your arms a drooped, and your head tumble
over the mattress as the creature intrudes
Oh! worry not on the weight that rests -
sensual, nightmarish, ugly, morbid -
A beast! So hairy, and here to cause a jest

Be it's saving grace, oh please,
Woman in white
****** rivers, bleeding red
Worry not about the creature that lays on top of you on your bed
Please, Woman in white..
be our saving grace
from the creature that has settled on top of you
intruding - least not let it get into your head
I write this as I stare at the paintings by Henry Fuseli's The nightmare and The shepherd's dream
rig 1d
a movie tonight might help with the nightmares:
i’ve been sleeping too peacefully for too long.
LC Apr 19
a statue quietly lurks
in the corner of my mind,
waiting until all is calm.
when the dark shroud
falls over the blue sky,
the statue comes to life
as a vicious, fang-bearing,
red-eyed, gnarly demon.
the demon pulls a dream apart
with its long, pointy claws,
injecting the shreds with poison
until they tangle up in each other
to become a tight, infectious knot
that can only be waking up.
#escapril day 18!
Quill Apr 18
I sit inside a body in blood that isnt my own. There are voices calling out a name, a name attached to this vessel. It's not mine.
I am conscious of my state, this sentience pains me.
I know what's out there. I know my potential, what I could be. This barrier of skin and blood prevents me. It hurts.
I'll sit in this shell of a body to be perceived by those who happen to pass by. Wading in blood that isnt my own, with skin like marble begging to be carved into, and I won't mind.
This body isnt my body, my body is inside.
I wrote this inspired by a nightmare I had once, where I was trapped in the shell of a plastic gargoyle, sitting in blood that I knew wasn't mine. Looking back on it, my brain was probably trying to make sense of my feelings, but the nightmare has stuck with me.
Morgan Vail Apr 25
This form
Like a dead cat in the street, I
Am roadkill, I am whatever you need me to be
A puppet
Shards of pink tinted glass under my nails
Under my skin
Love like a dream
Feeling like a dream
To the dream
Give me water, blood
I tear apart this carcass
Slick with the allure of death
Release me from this casket
Lined with silver
Vale Luna Apr 15
I slept with my door open
Footsteps down the hall;
Left, right, creak, pause
The insides of my eyelids become an abyss
Left, right, left, right (faster…)
Left, right, left, right (faster!)
Left, right, left, right (FASTER!)
Left, right; It reaches my door frame
The weight vanishes ‒‒ I open my eyes
Like there always has been.

I face my open door
The heaviness returns ‒‒ my eyes close
Creak, right, left, right, pause
The void covering my eyes arrives
An outline pierces through my sight
Left, right…
It sits on the edge of my bed
“It’s very nice to be invited in,
People… remarkably quick to lock me out”
A pointed nail drags against my arm
The outline against the abyss reveals a set of claws
“Extraordinarily soft people,”
The weight is broken through
I look around the darkness
Like there always has been.

I try to sleep with the door open
The heaviness is aggressive this time
It’s outline sits, looming over me
“I have not been in many rooms,
Yours is the most stimulating.”
It envelopes my vision
I feel a warm breath on my ear
“I have always wondered…
If the human is still alive when I bite it
Will it scream?”
I feel a set of razor sharp teeth settle onto my neck
I struggle to break through the weight
My eyes open
Like there always has been.

Who sleeps with their door open?
The force closing my eyes swallows me
The creature’s outline flops
against the black backdrop
It’s thorny teeth the only visible ****** feature
“Before I go, I must request something”
It shifts closer to me in bed
A whisper speaks,
“Look me in the eye.”
The weight wrestles me
I win by stubbornness
When I look around my room, I see
Like there always has been.

I tried sleeping with my door open
The heaviness hits me like a wave
slamming against rocks
Along with its teeth,
The outline attained eyes
Bulging through a skull,
littered with cracks
“Thank you,”
Its blade-like teeth spread
“It’s good to know I’m welcome here.”

When I awake, I hear
Like there always has been.
I look towards my door…
It’s closed,
Which is odd,
because I’m certain I fell asleep with it open.
Prachi Apr 9
You and me, we share no stories,
no convergences.

There are no bridges binding together the extremes we breathe in. There are no constellations connecting the dots of our reality. There are no heartstrings holding us together. There are no poles to measure the distance by which we are apart from each other.

There is nothing common between you and me except the fact that we dream under the same blanket of darkness, shades of that blanket might be different at times yet, you shiver, sweat and squeeze just like me.

You and me, we share no stories.
What we share are just some nightmares, nightmares we can't ever swap.

The things I think of as I dream
Sometimes make me want to scream
Sydney Mar 18
The darkness swallowed
The beasts howled
In the darkness
I shivered
The river
The night
Grew darker
And the noises
grew sharper
I was trapped in my head
Forever and ever
Started writing again!
Sydney ©2021
Chris Mar 17
We are solutions and sources..
Much like a strange sunlight..
We're odd with so many symptoms..
We may be falling apart..
We may feel powerless.. We are not..
We are who we are..
If we breathe, compassion is still immortal..

Only way to see truth is to not be part of it
All a lie needs to be real is acceptance
Our world is falling apart. Your money?
Its a lie that is killing us
We drown in economy, in overconsumption

You never take a big enough step back
You let history be an eternal truth
You never question validity..

Open up a history book
Our main problem is..

You actually do question validity..
But only do so in unified global dysfunction..

Without ever even noticing it..

Wars still exist
Conflict still persists

People seek to protect their family
Never knowing they contribute to crime
As a result.. I even lost mine..

Humanity is simple but..
Money creates our complications..

Humanity is killing itself
Just look out your window..
Or turn on a TV..

We're trying to survive the chaos we built..

Chaos is Hell yeah but.. It is not to blame..

Why do you focus only on its symptoms?
Trace the sources of negativity backwards..

Why do you bask in such a Strange Sunlight..?
Some rays real with some rays fake..

Your demeanor became a mask

I'm sorry but its just simply true

Next time you shed a tear..
Its directly due to an entire humanity in fear

The world is truly falling apart..

You never investigated the right question
This isn't an outcome of pure possibility
Because we slowly built it into a certainty

We never even knew..
There is no seeing now.. not anymore..
We may still be able to change it but..

Far too many only need to perceive a crime
To swiftly judge it..

Remember.. Symptoms and Source
Solve one.. the other will dissappear..

Now humanity is almost out of time..

I want to survive and I want to be happy..

But.. this chaos is a symptom..
Its source seems to remain unnoticed..
Or ignored due to being truly unpleasant..

Don't hate the messenger..

You should have expected this..

I should have too..
I think we made saints and sinners. I think we can choose one of the two. I think we can be better than both. I feel as if that would define beautiful. The world is heavy nowadays. It does not need to be.
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