I was announced
By flying crows
And there was blood
In the new white snow
Heavy hands
Deliberate and slow
Around my neck
In the new white snow
I was left alive
But never whole
Twisting through the wind
In the devil’s bowl

Can i wake up from this nightmare ?
Your presence that made it the worst thing
Wake up
Let me live in reality

The one who used to be my beautiful dream
I've always prayed so that you come to my dream
Now, You are my worst nightmare

The things that you've done
Haunting me through my dreams
Even the devils are afraid of you
Smiling outside, hell inside.

16/10/2017 | 18.34 | Indonesia

She watched in an audience of life
The stage where she met her demise
She looked into his pitch black eyes
Where somehow she could finally see herself smile
She watched as she was brutally tortured, bloodcurdling screams
Her time of grief and sorrow was soon to pass,
like nightmares and dreams
She asked for this, to be free of pain
So he laughed and smiled, as she was mutilated in the rain
He wanted not just her body, but all of her soul
But she knew that was the one thing no one could ever control
When it was all said and done, the fire went out
The audience was shocked and quiet and he began to shout
He howled for more, as she vanished to a far away place
Entering the night, tears of intense joy and laughter all over her face

Today is a rough day
I'm feeling all alone
There's some I could reach out to
But none will help me through it all

Nightmares and flashback are haunting me today
Visions of fear, helplessness and pain
Happy thoughts of mine just float away
Held back tears flow down like rain

I know those remembered time are over
Though I still feel vulnerable
No ones coming to throw me over their shoulder
But who's next to show me hell?

Not everyday will be good, not every day will be bad. Some days you will be happy and no doubt some will be sad.

You can hide how you feel so people won't See, that inside your dying and you would die to be free.

You try your best to make everyone know, that your fine, all good and your not feeling low.

When you get on your own your fake smiles disappear as you take a deep sigh as you open a beer.

You feel life is a struggle and your losing your grip, but feel it gets better with the more that you sip.

You listen to songs that once had no meaning but now tears roll down as you stare up at the ceiling.

You want to sleep but another drink is a must, to tire your eyes that are now laced with rust.

But when tired eyes fall and your welcoming dreams, your greeted with nightmares that bursts at the seams.

You toss and you turn and when you wake you can't tell, if your still in your nightmare or back to your hell.

Wake to your window being lashed by the rain, and it's back to fake smiles and hiding your pain.

As the days go by the pain seems to remain, nightmares and struggles drive you insane.

Calm on the outside, but inside your screaming, hoping reality crashes and all this time you've been dreaming.

But no matter how hard you try to reject it, don't do it alone get help with this shit!.

It's cruel, it hurts and it sometimes destroys but no giving up as it's what it enjoys!

So talk to someone, and use this as a lesson and raise up your middle finger and say fuck you depression!!!!!

Your tone
still cracking my bone
and never to postpone
From the moment, of that night alone

And if I were true, would it be forgotten?

This is my ticket to this wonderland.
Emilio Oct 4

is like a sleeping monster
It devours anything;
A monster that grinds
without teeth,
and swallows without
it's throat

Painless as it seems
but it has very large stomach,
and very long intestines

A monster and a nightmare.
Tori Schall Sep 20

I'm sorry
falls on deaf ears
I love you
is caught by the wind

torn away from me
are the thoughts in my head
as they spin rapidly before my as
tell me, am I dead?

for when I wake, all I see is black
I heard nothing, but now a laugh
ho is there? Can anybody answer
or am I left here, afraid

I heard 'I Love you'
My love is that you?
What have you done to me
where are you now?

You haunt my waking moments
and comfort me in dreams
but when the evening comes again
nothing is what it seems

You are my nightmare
you are my ghost
you are my tortures,
my untitled love.

We've all heard it before, when passing though hell
keep on going

Knowing not when, the pain and hurt will end
or show any signs, of slowing

Devils and demons may look up as you pass
but the schedule is arduous, hard

They're keeping their ques, moving on through
their own psyches riddled, and scarred

On exit, no more the screams, screeches and wails
from man, woman, or bard

Worst nightmares reveal, don't sign the deal
your soul in hell, too discard

May you be in heaven, an hour, before the devil knows you're dead ;D

O love
I might be leaving soon
I see shapes and signs
Between the stars
Where once was dark

O love
I remember this
From my sweetest dreams
But I’m woken up
Always before it ends

O love
Sing me to sleep
With a midnight voice
And I’ll be yours

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