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Zywa 2d
Events flow through my head
faucets spontaneously spray
memories over my feet
Frogs jump out of the pool

What seemed so ordinary
is now demonstrating
and keeping me awake
Smashing the window panes

I hide behind the lace curtain
Shadows beat the drum
They live on the street
and declare me guilty

I am no longer safe
from the straight faces
and the doubts of my family
They slink through the house
Film "La Llorona" ("The weeping woman" [looking for her drowned children], 2019, Jayro Bustamante, about the Guatemalan Genocide in the 1980s

Collection "Greeting from before"
ht Apr 21
When did I become
the monster under your bed?
When did I grow teeth?
When did you start hiding from me under the covers? | h.t.
Scilla B Apr 12
Tell me how the war ended.
“They didn’t let you pass. What a miracle, this is.” Said by faceless faces.

What kind of good news is this?

A restless journey of unfinished business,
X marks my spot on the river.
If I can’t pass over, I must pass under.

Tell me when the war ends.
Tell me when I’m accepted.
Tell the legacy tales of how I was expected-
By the Gods.

What kind of good news is this?

In attempt to step off the tower,
The faceless faces gathered-
Arms turned to balloons and ropes,
A safety net on the boat.
No eyes to show the window of the soul-
So they would be nothing to miss.

“We will not let you pass! No rest for the wicked!”

The faceless faces have the key,
I am as heavy as a lock.
Who has the word to let me pass?

I shall destroy it all. As my brain does me.
Thou shall only pass if thee says so-
Rocks are in my coat,
To sink below-
I will ruin your ship – I will make many X’s
You are so wrong –
There is rest for the wicked –
If you do not let me pass,
The Gods will not be surprised.
I am what they expected.
I stepped off that tower,
Wingspan like a Raven

Awake in my bed-
The war inside has ended.
Oh, what a miracle this is.
It was just a nightmare.

Waking up from a nightmare.
dark red rose
crumbles under the weight of darkness
falls apart into thousands of pieces
each one morphing into small black spiders as they hit the cement floor
running to hide from the impending moon’s glow
into the safety of the dark
honey, I'm going to sleep
I hope to see you in my dreams
please find me only
if you plan to kiss me

because honey, the last time,
and the one before the last,
and all the ones before
you didn't
Am I breaking my own heart or foreshadowing?
JKirin Feb 28
trapped in red – can’t escape this nightmare
not yet dead, but i’m barely aware
echoes burn, of your touch, your embrace
will you mourn as I fade without trace?
about suffering
Jacob A Frost Dec 2022
Lest locks look silver
Lest lips lose colour
At last I lead off life...
Alas! too late to live,
No loved ones left alive

Mind's a madhouse,
a maze most vile
Merciless Immortals
The gods up high
"Cruel, callous, capricious"
— laments the helpless lamb
Bereft of able body  
Bereft of able mind

The Highest Hive Hireling,
Now a wasted withering wether
While wailing willfully awaited
The howling hellhounds to end it
ok okay Nov 2022
Walking through these gates of hell
I wonder what my mind will tell
An endless encore of thoughts today
Only time will tell when they will go away
The music is endless if you aren't feeling sane
If my mind was a puddle
I would be washed out in the rain

I wonder tonight what the sandman will give
Maybe I'll dream of the beautiful sea
The waves breaking calmly on a white sandy beach
Or maybe I will have a nightmare with no escape to be seen
Having a bad day is one thing, but having a panic attack makes it so much worse.

I tried connecting words between lines
Line 2:mind will tell to line 4:time
Line 3:encore of thoughts to line 5:referring to music
And further on referring sandman as creating a dream of a beach.
Drithena Sep 2022
It took one 'Hi.'
It took one smile
To think 'Okay, let's try.'
Said to myself 'It's been a while.'

I've been afraid,
What if my feelings will fade again?
Don't know where this might lead
I'll just wing it, I'll count one to ten

Realized, that life is about trial and error
The harder you fall, the higher you soar
It can be the other way, but it'll harden your core
You can be another nightmare or someone I adore
daisy Aug 2022
the most magical,
yet the most painful dream i had:
found this at my old notebook when i was 16, it's cute.
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