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Yoh Esters Jun 24
She asked me what it’s like to fall in love with someone that previously lost their first love to Grim.

I explained that unlike other couples that work together to lay one brick on another to make their own home.

I’ve been repairing a house after it was bombed. This house had marks from the bombing here and there. Deep down in her heart there is a room title first love.

It’s a room I should never open up even if everyone in this world opens up to look at it.

I’ll set my foundation in this home. And remind her that while repairing this house. She won’t have to worry about remodeling ever being done on that room….
the key went
in the lock
easily enough
with no resistance
in the cylinder
nor any loose pins
catching inside
yet try as i might
it would not turn
all three keys
were the same
identical in height
of teeth and
depth of notch
i could not have
picked the wrong one
still the deadbolt
was unmoved and
would not let me
into my own home
Jeremy Betts Dec 2023

...and she said,
"We don't have to stand it here, we can go anywhere
Find a place to call a home and build our storybook future there
If not here then where? Can't we find that anywhere?
A destination with no journey seems to me to be unfair
Some god, somewhere, already answered my prayer
Cause I'm here and you're there..."

Francis Nov 2023
Four years of insanity came and went,
Searching for a place to rest our heads,
Living through a nightmare that we couldn’t wake up from,
Finally achieving our biggest dream,
We’ve found a home.

You have to give credit,
where credit is due.
The little things mean the most,
In such a big world,
A mean world,
And now the world feels like ours,
Because we have a place to lay our hats.
Moving tomorrow. Can’t wait to start anew.
Hadrian Veska Oct 2023
A cool and close mist
Hangs over the highland shrubs and trees
Wild and tall grasses bend heavy
Laden with the chill dew
of a perpetually hidden dawn
10 lifetimes of experiences
Have I gathered since I entered here
I feel it was but a few hours ago
Though I have not seen the sun
Nor has the darkness of night
Yet begun to creep into these woods
Maybe from a dream or perhaps
I passed it earlier this strange house
A ***** place with slanted roof and chimney
Sticking out of the earth in such a way
That it appeared to be a natural growth
I feel as though it is so very familiar
Though I cannot say why
Or why no matter the direction I turn
Or for how long I walk
I come unto its doorstep again and again
In my mind it has replaced my own home
If ever I did have another
And whoever might have been waiting there
I have long since forgotten
Yet when I reach this house
Time and time again
I cannot muster the courage to reach out
To take hold of the handle and turn it
To enter in to that abode
And here I come again
I see it emerge out of the gentle fog
Comfortably nestled on a hillside
I stand for a moment at the gate
The walk through it and a long a path
Interspersed with a step or two here and there
As it turned inwards and outwards
Ascending the hill into the homes entrance
In a moment I stood at the door yet again
Hand half outstretched towards the ****
I placed my hand upon
Feeling the cool of brass
Yet the warmth of something else
Something half remembered from youth
From years long since entwined with dreams
I turned the **** gently
Not yet feeling the click of the lock
I felt a fresh wind at my back
And I rather spontaneously
Wrenched my hand and wrist
All the way to the right
I could feel the weight I’ll the door
Unhindered by any lock or stop
And I pushed through the humble
Yet mighty wooden thing open
And was greeted by a deepening night
Full of countless radiant stars.
Gabrielle Sep 2023
The rain tickles the roof
Trickles in spittle down the gutter
Uneven beats on a hollow drum
The soundtrack to my slumber
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
Last Night a Cat climbed My Roof.
I have no reason Why.
Though I'm a Lover of Cats,
I was scared to ask Her Why.
I'm figuring out How She got There.
As My House is Down by the Sea.
I tried calling Her Kitty,
But She wouldn't answer Me.
Maybe She was in search of Fish,
So My Heart uttered a Hi to Her.
With that She purred a Meow
and began to lick Her Fur.
I finally brought Her Down
and asked Her what She Wanted.
I have failed to Understand Cats
and the last One, had Me Haunted.
She kept purring all Night
and the Lion in Me lost Control.
But I buried all My Sins,
When She held My Heart and Soul.
Francie Lynch Aug 2023
We’ll age like a well-worn porch
In a thunder storm;
Telling tales, sipping drinks,
Beneath a canopy of stars-
In a house that we call home.

Our basement’s stoked with love,
That melts away the cold;
The rafters hang with laughter,
To warm us when we’re old.

Our shelves are stocked
With hugs and kisses;
And jars of smiles and hopes;
The food of family ties,
That nourish hearts and souls.
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