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calypso May 6
a husband and wife
maybe with 3 kids,
in a cottage house
or a cabin in the woods,
like the one we made up
like the one we say we'll run away to
when we were tired of existing

it has ivy leaves grown on its walls
it would tell its history - everyone who lived there
they were helplessly in love
just like we were
just like everyone told us
when we're oblivious
when our time was infinite
we had nothing to lose
we wore our hearts on our sleeves
our love was made for books
and people were romanticizing us
but this was the past,
a long long time ago.

time flies, my mother said,
old habits die hard luv
when are you going to learn
to control your heart?
to control your words?
because there will be a day
where all you'll think about is what you've done
from what you've promised him,
it will be your inevitable doom
so choose your words wisely
choose the ones you tell
you love them, the ones who stay.
i love love lalallalalalallalalalaallallaa
make up for my time out!!!  
these are not real they are fictional hahha yea def
Himani Dhaka Apr 4
Air making leaves dance
Do makes my earing ******
Birds hopping and popping on woods
Always ready to mingle

Down goes a labour
To steal every grain
Little lilliputs adorned as ants
Try to fill their banks before rain

Chubby caterpillar all set to fly
Effervescent butterflies auditing all flowers
A flower having opened their umbrella
Seeks out for their sun lover

This warm sunshine takes away my pain
Fulfils my body and enriches heart
Large white bubbles aimlessly float
And draw themselves up in vivacious art

A home so good
Is all I want
Where love is sown
In every being and plant
I had a horrifying dream
Of a house that caught on fire
Our old house in the foothills
Became a blazing pyre.

It was an Old Ranch House
Sitting on a hill
We had sold it years ago
But I dreamt we lived there still

Spontaneous combustion
Is what it seemed at at first
But now I know it's arson
Evil at its worst!

The Flames burnt My belongings
It wrapped around my things
Especially my artwork
Tied with fire string

Now the house was not consumed
It was left intact
But my things were all destroyed
All the mirrors cracked.

It was put out with hoses
Of the garden type
But no one saved what I held dear
So it cremated my life.

But behind the house there was a cave
The Flames still Wild and Free
No water could quench it
It burns eternally.

There are some who are reading this
Give the devil his due
Could that fire be for me?

Or could it be for YOU?

SoulSurvivor aka
Write of Passage

Biblical meaning of fire in a dream. To dream of a house being on fire represents feelings of powerlessness to stop some area of your life from being lost for good. It may also reflect angry destructive intentions or intentional harm that can’t be stopped

Some will not understand the meaning of this poem. But there are those who will. What you didn't count on was the Lord Jesus Christ. He can turn anything around. Flip the script. But even if he doesn't I will be content in any situation that I'm in. My life is not in this world but the next. Have your fun in this world my friends. It's the only joy you'll have for all eternity.
Zywa Jan 19
I furnish my house

with more and more stuff, around --

the sewer system.
"Niet gek" ("Not crazy", 2021, Ellen Deckwitz)

Collection "Being my own museum"
Louise Jan 14
you're my stone house.
No matter how much I
huff and puff
you'll continue to stand there
always welcoming me in.
Him Oct 2021
The home you miss, is my burden; the longing of distance and miles is not there.

Concealed within living bone and spiral, no conquered land can I long winter, and longer yet retain.

Would you miss it - if it were always near? Those crude constructions composed of flora's corpses and Oran's nails; compose another, and... Still ye dismay:

"The house is similar, but the home is not the same."

A home requires a heart, but man has long since lost theirs; so crawling, I wonder:

"What difference is there?"
This piece presents a monologue, of a snail innately unable to appreciate Man's concept of "Home". The Snail professes an element of Man lost, a home's cause, thus no difference is to be had.
The house she grew up in
Is written in her heart
A decaying castle in EDSA
Separated from others
By the torrents of the road

The orange glow of its afternoons
Is the glow of her mind and body
Its rooms replicated in the way she talks
She moves and makes friends

Like the triune God
Which emanates from who?
Theodora or the house?
Nabiila Azzahra Jul 2021
These days I contemplate the meaning of home
When the last breaths of my childhood are taken away
With every adult who had to leave
When the last of my teen years slip from my grasp
Along with friends who stopped coming over after school
What is left? This house, it stands empty
A new void I've never known
But I look around at ghosts of the past and I see
The pillars of this house creak, but they are sturdy
Changes matter not when the foundation is strong
Home changes its shape every so often, but you can always,
Always live here
Angela Rose Jul 2021
I don’t know what to call you and I
I don’t know that what I feel is concrete
So, do I want you because of how badly you want me?
So, do I want to spend every waking moment talking to you because of how you give me light?
I don’t know what to call what we do at your apartment
I don’t know what to say when people ask if I’m seeing someone
When I am with you I feel like I am playing house
So, now what do I do to make it feel like home?
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