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The thud of my body echos in the room.
The impact takes my breathe away.
The cold temperature of the floor welcomes me.
It brings me back to the surface of reality.
My lungs try to draw in air with no success.
My gasps are short and empty.
I can feel my heart race.
It jumps out of my chest.

Before I can recover, I feel the second blow.
The sickening noise bounces around room.
I know you are just getting started
I know it won't be my last.

Your foot connects rapidly with my body.
I can feel your toes individually.
I can feel the flex that they make against my ribs.
Your nails cut my skin like butter.

I can feel the pain spread like a wildfire across my body.
The flames sink deep into my core.
It shows me no mercy, as it scorches my body.
With each lick of pain, my screams increase.

My screams are a melody to your ears.
They mix well with the chorus of your yelling.
Everything blends with the bass of my body.
The song encourages you speed up the rhythm.

Eventually time seems to stop.
The world becomes silent.
The picture frame begins to blur.
Darkness has chosen to draw the final curtain.
Mind and soul
Wishing you
Gives sublime bliss
I wonder
How would it be
If you
Wish back
Everything about courtesy

To the sacred breakthrough
Forever true
And once again
Here I'm
With a zen smile
Adherent joyfully
What could I ask for more?
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Spectrum of compassion
Time punishes time and again
Lessons not learnt is a shame
Shame to the shameless
Doesn't make breathless
Terra Levez Aug 19
So empty
At the hole just below my ribs
Like the air ****** from my lungs
Like a hard punch in the gut

Like a cold, empty, air-tight cellar
With only a small sad puddle
Collected by an incessant dripping
From a ceiling that's too dark to see

It's like a vacuum in my chest
Each time I breathe in
It threatens to cave in
And crush me
So I take shallow breaths
A few molecules at a time
And just hope that the day doesn't come
When I will have to face
The consequence
Of that Emptiness
sofia Jul 20
as i take a step
off the splintered dock
into the crisp
i feel
i'm meant to be
swimming with the fish
What is this?
Something's or someone rather
From my back, its hugging me
It felt so cold, so eerie, so scary

What the hell?
I feel like I am being watched
Like there's a pair of eyes
I swear I can feel it but I don't know whose eyes are those?

Is it someone?
Or is it a soul or a ghost?
What creature was that?
****, its hugging me again..

I can feel it caressing my arms..
Its hands slowly found its way to my neck
It chokes me..
I can't breathe, help me..

Someone out there please help me
I am so scared, this place is so eerie
Help me, take me away from my home
Take me away from this hell, so that they'd leave me alone..
Adhara Sygnus May 20
You've become the air I breathe,
yet you manage to leave me,
breathless everytime
basil May 18
overwhelmed and breathless
in the way that makes you
tired of existing

until the realization
that i have not been
deep in the ocean

my feet are planted
in the sky
and it's only my head
under water
if i just keep walking

i'll be in the clouds
keep going, love. you can touch the stars.

kolsmusing Apr 4
she needed you last night
as much as she needed air
because she’s afraid as hell.
she was so afraid
that she didn’t want to close her eyes
in spite of the sleepiness she feels
because if she does,
the darkness would come in
and swallow her.
What it feels like to be scared with no one to help you.
rig f laurel Feb 3
grey clouds block the sun
i stare into, painfully
dark and light and dark.
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