Star BG 57m

The wind howls,
as strong as any wolf
making itself known.

Trees feel it,
as their leaves shake
vigorously holding on
so it doesn't become lining for ground.

The birds feel it
careful not to venture out
as if waves are a rough sea
ready to take control.

The wind it speaks,
warning of coming rains.
Do Stay inside.

But if venture out you must,
by NO means use an umbrella.
For the wind will catch it
and carry you away.

It is a very windy day today in New York area.
Star BG 1h

Like holy words,
the rays of sun shine down.
Striking my skin with warmth.
They spiral,
merging with wind to hid their power.
They shine behind birds wing
as feathered beings fly cross landscape sky.
At break of day, they anoint one
to dance in dreams.
And perhaps,
if you watch
the ripples of pond move
a hidden rainbow will shine
giving visions to paint,
write, and sing.

StarBG © 2017

The word holy grabbed my attention.
Allison 4h

"Away with the wind and sky, she thought.
"I've got this."

as day progresses
the wind's tempo has grown more
by eve she'll blow well

Who am I
You must be wondering
An open minded woman
Yet has her own mind of wisdom
A mind filled with vivid imaginations

A mind filled with thoughts of possibilities
I am a romantic Taurus
Who loves water, trees, and wind
A dreamer seeking her Knight in shining armour
Riding his steed down the street
Setting that street on perpetual fire

This woman lives in the teeming
And historical town in her mind
The town, with its multicultural
Great museums and art galleries

I am an easy going woman
Who loves to slow dance
Like an elegant swan
Spreading its wings with high spirits
But more human than any spirit

I am a woman who lives to sing, laugh and shout
Lover of a thousand things
With a tuneful voice and modern rythem
Full of inspiration
Powerful,  yet softly gentle
Flowing in the air

I am a woman of bronze
Surrounded by tall crowded trees
A sunny isle with fine, soft, pearly sand
The smells of the wind
Embracing the warm nature greens

I am a woman with life full of love
Full of enthusiasm
Full of hope

a fast skirling wind
raced through the gumtree limbs
bending their branches

Paul 5d

You come and go away  you're just like the wind you don't stay

Sometimes you blow strong
Sometimes you blow mild
Sometimes you just don't let your heart get filled

Filled with my love which is like a breeze compared to yours which only gives fake hope and flees

You ravaged my heart like a hurricane and only left pain

What did you want to gain?

Now I stand still like a wind toy
circling around in the gale of memories

Some are good but mostly bad
I cannot think anymore you make me mad!

Fire moves your feet
water soothes your face,
the Earth rocks your body
and the wind gives you chase.

Our words weighing heavy
their sentiments resting soft,
they can pummle your little heart
or brush against it, like cloth.

silkstahr Sep 8

The winds, the winds
How busy they were
Rushing through the port
Dancing with yachts everywhere

Excited for the journey
Did my sail stretch its way
“Ahoy, good people”
I’ll be gone today

Dear maps, dear compass
Which direction shall I sail?
Too many places I’ve lived
I wish I could find a destined trail

The place I belong
Where might it be?
Unsure to decide
The nation staying with me

Sailing the oceans
Helped me carry on
Living my life
On no-man’s-land I was drawn

Searching and searching
Bound to find
The frustration and anger
Forcing life behind

A voice within
Oh sailor let it be
Wherever you go
You’ll be merry

For only you
Will master your speech
Alone your beliefs
Being the anthem you’ll preach

The pulsing city
Your mind will be
The body will define
Your vast country

The charm of a sailor
Your culture will respect
Along the hoisted flag
With the nature you project

The high ruling judge
You are in your court
Living history reads
The knowledge you support

For the way you are
So is your realm
A world where you rule
And you’ll feel at home

So carry me waters
Where it pleases the winds
For at home I am
And a new journey begins

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