The wind moaned out loud

"oh my bloody back hurts."

© Pagan Paul (18/01/18)

Patrick 2d

Summer nights, wind combing thu
Our hair, shitty stereos pounding
Hard as our hearts the first time
We sucked on a damp joint

Wandering the haze of adolescence
Nothing looked right, high school divas
Drank from our veins like vampires
All for a soulless ten minute fuck
     In her Dad’s Sequoia

Eight to three learning for learning’s sake
Friday nights swaying drunk in the stands
A section over from our parents who
Drank away the same problems

Kindergarten sorted us by height
Now the oligarchs send us on our
Way with a two-digit destiny and
A rock to roll up our hill  

Empires rise and crumble to dust
But just as the seasons are such
The cycle of vanquished youth
Blooms and dies evermore

Snowflakes shaking and dancing
onto the roof of the old brick house.
Prancing and lancing
toward the ground.
Each flake with a different structure
but each one is glimmering
one after another
with a whispering windy sound.

Evan 4d

Rustling in the trees
And winded by the breeze,
Shifting uneasily
When taken from your branch;
Whirling for a moment,
Then landing on the ground,
They walk all over you,
You make a crunching sound.

My name is chaos in his mouth
His voice was a storm - Tempest
A fierce zephyr
He is fragrant
Hibiscus Hyacinth Jasmine Gardenia  
spreading over me like a fog
A quiet mist
That sings a beautiful song
He is everything
The molecules in everything
Yet he can make me feel like nothing

watched me

Floating in the sea,
Drifting through the wind,
Without a destination.

Some may think it's sad,
But I believe it's freedom.

Ryan Poplett Jan 10

Passing wind,
a swarm of air
caressing skin
so sweetly
let you meet me
let you hold me
in that prancing wind
that tricks you
makes you think
that the piercing cold -
daggers through your soul
cannot hold you any more tightly
than that smooth summer air
so fall back
and rejoice
in those dancing waves
of wind
a hurried chance
till summer comes rolling
rearing above tepid clouds
to greet in
exalted expectations
that searing blow
of a summer prance

I honestly love this time of year, even though, sometimes, the wind can make it a little TOO cold.
Jagoda Jan 7

These tears fall so softly
So peacefully
Like a breeze trough the trees
Peaceful and destroying

Just playing around
Aj Jan 5

Sometimes, I pray for the blessing that I don't wake up.

I'd do the same tonight, but the way your arms are wrapped around me and the way your fingertips brush along each bump of my spine makes me want to live a little longer, breathe a little heavier, and spin in the wind that the Earth provides.

Keep your hands there, love.  

I'm awake and you don't know it so I'm taking advantage of this moment standing here, laying there in your strength, and loving with my bare chest pressed against yours too.

See you in the morning, my dear.

O wind, take this leaf and bring it to her,
See the lovely rhymes and sing it to her.

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