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What am I doing so wrong in my life, to not be moving any
further ahead? How many counts do I need make, to soon realize
I’m running out of breath?

Am I dead?

No, not yet!

But as close to the feeling, with blood running through my eyes,
to only see red. It could be my last time to wake up alive in my bed.
The confusing phrase of, “he/she woke up dead”

Where I rest my head, lays the thoughts of dealing with life’s pressures
and pointless cares. Gaining less of self-respect, and losing some of
my hairs. Especially at an early stage, as I disengage from people who
act my age.

Well the previous one at the least.

Being too young doesn’t have much to give, but just wasted time.
Living without much direction, missing every sign. Pretending you’re
all fine. Flipping girls over for a change of finding a dime. I’m funding
my love, but quickly losing interest. They could be so many out
there, but I’m not a fan of all the kinds of fishes.

Those constant sweet nothings, and long tongued kisses. Not
really much of a fan, when my opinions to them are blowing in
the wind. I’m just blowing in the wind, with the echoes of it
tickling me down in my knees.

Sigh! I take a few minutes to quietly breathe.

Testing my own winds, to see if I still feel. Ha, I’ve watched an
emotion develop into being. Proceeding far ahead of my delusions
that trick my out of the things that are real.

Sigh! I take a few minutes to quietly breathe.

Blowing in the winds, blowing in the winds, blowing in the winds.
A windmill of my life, all of which spins on repeat.

How do I stop myself from blowing in the winds?
Betty 3d
You can try to capture the wind
trap the airy whistle of trees
or the fluting song of reeds on the river
yes you can try to tame the restless spirit of the breeze
but it will sulk
and sit silent in the jar
until you let it out again
The wind is chasing trees,
I hear the green leaves
And I hear the green leave,
I see a desert giving birth
To another sea
agatha Apr 27
and I'd put the seas between us.
you can't hurt me here.
LC Apr 22
dew rests on sheer leaves
as saplings lilt in the wind  
and I follow suit.
Escapril Day 21! Prompt: dew.
I have been tired lately, and this poem was inspired by that. I hope you are all doing well.
Kora Sani Apr 19
a closed
as my pages
the wind
Have a care,
they said
if the wind changes you’ll stay like that

and I think I missed the breeze
that fixed me in place
in among the hurricane days,

but the aches and pains
don’t shift no more,
just there
to be muted
by whatever suits
and ties
Sophie Mar 24
let me
fly away into
an invisible stream
that carried me all the way
back around the bend and into
my own arms.

Let go of my string, and
I disappeared behind a cloud.
I thought I’d watch you with the angels
but began to look away,
where there were trees swaying.
Leaves hushing,
though the world doesn’t spare
one moment of silence.

And roots dug deep beneath
my own plot of dirt,
where you stepped between
the seeds without
looking down, and
pressed the soles of your
into my chest
This journey is new,
But I don't need anyone's helping hand...
I'm enough for myself,
My wings are my companions now..!
I only need a little wind...
Just to flap my wings and
To fly freely in this busy sky full of
Thunderstorms and clouds..!
How fast this life moves on... Yesterday I was just a little kid playing cheerfully in the luxurious lap of my parents but today I've to battle at my own to find a place for myself in this competetive world.

Ready to join my first Internship from today... 🙂✌✌ ... From now, the struggle begins..!
M Solav Mar 22
There is a god for every thing
There is a god for every thought
There is a god for every spring
There is a god for every drought

I walk amidst their creeping shadows
Swim in the deeps, crawl in the shallows

There is a boat for every sea
And there's buoy for drowning men

But there ain’t
One god.

There is a crown on every being
There is a staff in every hand
It doesn’t matter what you've seen
It only matters now where you stand

I walk amidst their flickering shadows
Bask in the breeze, dance in tornadoes

There are birds for every wind
And there are wings for broken men

But there ain't
One god.
Written on January 23th, 2022.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
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