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Sarah 14m
The prairie lies still for the first time I’ve ever seen. The wheat stands tall stoically soaking up the golden rays. No clouds are seen today. Then the wind so beautiful so kind and gentle apears. I see her across the quilt of amber and gold. She starts to dance gracefully sweeping her way closer. As she leaps the quilt quivers under her feet bowing down to the prima ballerina that transforms the motionless quilt into a sea of amber and light. The wind dances gracefully across her stage of golden waves. As she leaps I catch a glimpse of her eyes. So gentle and beautiful yet deep down inside such fury that burns in her sole with one graceful grand jeté rocks crumble from the sides of mountains. With one pirouette a vortex of mass destruction. With one duet wind and water leave ruble in their wake. I see the raw unforgiving power behind her eyes yet I love the wind as she tenderly caresses my face. I can’t help but to dance with her.
someguy 4h
Oh cruel me, how could you have forgotten,
What have you used to be once you were still not rotten,
When colors were full, the sun has shown out of the blue,
When everywhere were dragons,… all of them against you

Oh cheaty me, how could you have forsaken,
What have you used to be once you were not meant to be breaking,
When wind has whispered ancient spells into your ears,
When all mud covered, you were still the greatest of the heroes
who is my northern wind
who is my cold gust of life
who is eroding my rocky mountain
who is shooting through my skin
who runs down my spine
who makes cheeks fluster red
who makes strong hands tingle
who makes me feel alive
i'm deathly afraid
of falling, gravity embracing me,
and continuously feeling adrenaline
coursing through my veins.

i'm deathly afraid
of falling, crashing hard,
my feelings all placed in one bet,
risking it all as i keep falling.

i'm deathly afraid
of heights, the wind blowing,
my legs shaking, my body unsteady,
the ground seemingly a thousand miles below.

but what if
i jump off
to, as they say,
'conquer my fears'?
i'm falling, crashing, and i'm not quite sure where i'm landing.

my poems have lost the feeling i once used to pour out.

now all i have is my self, and it's getting too hard.
Anya 3d
Category 2,
not too bad...
Swirling, whirling
Pounding, hounding
Rolling, Spinning

Category 3...
Freight train,
coming from every direction
Major, but nothing new

Just an hour
Hold on,
We'll pull through

Pressure suddenly
Ears constantly

Category 4,
Too late
My father's sharp

Pieces of homes
ripped off like flakes of skin
Leaving the ground barren
Only the bear bones
possibly remaining
Till they too,
are forcefully wrenched

A majestic structure,
now reduced
to *******

Mother nature
hurling trees
in her

of seconds

The roar
mirroring the one,
in my head-telling me to

The world...
a symphony
of rage, ferocity, passion
Violent reds,
splotches of
orange and fuchsia
I unfortunately,
trapped within
As the clashes and roars
Waves and cutting wind
Swirl around me, I wonder,
is this,
what an insect feels like,
stuck in a washing machine?

Come to bed,
my father calls
I go,
to the pillows and covers
that should be warm and soft,
but to my touch,
appear frigid

My eyeballs
practically popping
until at
some unknown time,
they shut
and I



Sunlight streams in,
A dream?
Oh, if only...

Unable to contain the hope,
I leap up to my window-      And freeze

not trees,
not homes,
not anything
Just a mass of objects rendered useless and stamped with the label of
My father says,
No more running water

My neighbor's little blue
in shambles

as I step outside
After what seems,
like a long arduous battle
I was an unlucky
caught in the middle

Despite the
churning feeling
in my stomach          The broken battered *******,
the ruined property       The, miserableness
Of the situation

But then again...
As my father,
Thanks the Lord
My mind,
is blown away
As I stand,
In awe
as my eyes take in the majesty
of those few,
hundred year old houses
still standing
To clarify-I was not in hurricane Michael, this is only my attempts at imagining what happened coupled with you-tube videos.
CMS 2d
The wind is angry today
Whipping violently at the trees
Howling and whistling too
A warning of what is to come

Branches and twigs snap under her speed
Animals will need to snuggle in tonight
Sure to send a shiver down your spine
As the gale knocks on your bedroom window

The whirlwind tries to ****** every last leaf
The remaining ones dance on tree limbs
celebrating victory over might gusts
Mother nature laughs as her children play
A free verse poem
me: the embodiment of wind
in that it ceases to exist
at a standstill
as if forced to become a solid
refusing to keep form

[nothing of me settles
not even my stomach
and certainly not my mind
hounding me like ****
if **** had too many eyes
and a scent like sleepless]

in day: the oceans breath in
at night: the land breaths out
Maxim Keyfman Oct 12
a huge strong wind in the street
on the street and in the squares and even on the mountain
where I was where I sang songs at all
recently today where met evening where
watched the sunset and yawned and tired and raged

a huge huge strong wind outside the window
as if the fire no longer holds the frame
as if the fire had completely forgotten what it was
it was as if I was losing myself once and for all
and forever and to the end and forever and forever so

and today many different sounds were reproduced
many different sounds and minor and major
but most birds and I was like birds in flight
and shouted and sang I and I created a huge parade because
that the wind never leaves my heart

Maegan deme Oct 12
autumn skies and pumpkin pies.
great orange fields, large in size,
leaf turns to leaf as gold comes to see;
what excitement to behold, and how happy to be.
nippy air and extra layers of sleeves.
bitter cold air as my breath comes alive.
wisping away, fast deep into loving lives.
Oh October is here and I feel just happy!  
to be with everyone with hair blowing shaggy.
I love this time, and I hope i explained why.
it's these
autumn skies
sweet salient sighs.
Alright everyone autumn and fall are finally here ( in Texas at least) and i'm beaming with joy right now because it's finally gonna be cold again.
Day Oct 12
Daft punk and ***** converse
you make me feel like dancin'.
Cinnamon apple tea
and good ol' THC,
surely this is all I need.
Grey sweater meets morning fog and,
seven AM sunrise
has never felt so sweet.
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