I lift myself up,
pointed on toes
tipping at the edge.
A wind molds to my face.
I'm held there by grace,
as my mind begins to dredge
         Up memories
         of you and me
         blessed with resilience
         none are faded by time
         in feeling
         if not in sight
        some are good
        some are bad
        all are mine

I take a breath
inhale this wind
bowing me back from this cliff.
But I hear waves below.
It's a siren's song so
strong to my ears
as I sniff back tears
          from memories
          sent by this breeze
          so old to me
          of when you would tease
          so I'd unfreeze.
         The only other thing
         that could put me at ease
         is the violent sea
         I stand above now so desperately

And I'm tipping
         at the edge
      of my sanity.
  Oh, I'm tipping
     on this ledge,
questioning your humanity,
                          as I tip above
                            the oceanity
                    of what could be
                         in front of me.
                     And I'm tipping
                             at the edge

I take a step back,
release my breath,
settle my heels
into this earth.
Let the wind roll my tears
back towards my ears,
the sound so much quieter than
          these memories
          I hid from me
          to let myself
          relearn how to breathe.
          They swell up again,
          just as wind dies down.
          I grit my teeth,
          say an amen,
          and prepare to drown.

And I'm tipping
         at the edge
     of my sanity.
Oh, I'm tipping
    on this ledge,
questioning your humanity,
                          as I tip above
                            the oceanity
                    of what could be
                         in front of me.
                     And I'm tipping
                              at the edge  

                           Air at my face
                       Earth at my feet
                      Seas in my heart
         to drown you out of me
Then I cry oceans away
   with the saltiest tears
  I can taste all my pain
   And my leaving fears
                    Cause you left me
                           and I can't see
                     this edge you left
                           in front of me,

         And you left me tipping


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Linkuya 3d

The dense forests and ragged hills were still on this eve,
Their inhabitants silent as the chill north-wind blew in,
This coming torrent would be a force all would receive,
This frigid embrace would soak all bark, fur, and skin.

Trees crying as their limbs tore, whipping to and fro,
The woodland creatures scurrying back to their holes,
Great flashes of lightning would illuminate the high plateaus,
Blossoms blown away to the darkness, howling winds claiming souls.

Firm and resolute earth turned softhearted and weak,
The downpour snuffing out every disparaging notion,
Quickly doing away with the timid and meek,
It caressed all equally in these ceaseless motions.

She tore lightning across the canopy of Earth,
Flames leaping to life, only to be snuffed out a moment later,
This cycle endlessly repeating, death and birth,
Until we all felt the shadow of this savage conciliator.

Bis wir alle von diesem grausamen Schlichter bedeckt waren.

Rain (Darkness)

Darkness blankets
the sky,
and the
w  i  n  d
gains a
by r u s h i n g
through the leaves.
of stardust
onto my head.

untamed wilderness
is ironically calming;
it's like looking into a

Linkuya 4d

Striding forth from his mountain in the sky,
He came to us with speed and haste,
Cantering forward with mist and rains, clouds on high,
He gave to us this fertile soil, our hunger he erased.

He left as soon as he came, his work finished,
Our thankless beings scurried about with nary a peep,
Our stores full, our fields and crops replenished,
With even peace of mind gifted to us as we sleep.

Seasons shift and change, he came to us once again,
Bringing a chill in the air as he arrived, our mirth went cold,
Once gifting life and prosperity, he now came with fury and pain,
Biting frost and snows grasped us in a ceaseless stranglehold.

On these white fields we rest,
Wind howling as though possessed,
We then begged for the end,
And one by one, we would ascend.

No sleep in restful falls of damp hair
Scrambled noises from beneath
The automated animal groans
Emerging from the city streets
Colorized with the palette by
Modernist lords of cobalt hues
Contemporary tunes
From the woman next door
The high risen wind floats in
That chilling and ominous breeze
A skyscraper window left open
Horrified shrieks from below.


Look for the magic in winter
in each and every day,
in every little snowflake
for their different in every way,
the coldness plays its part
with the wind so sharp and shrill,
blowing the fallen snow
to cover every hill.

There’s beauty in winter’s glow
making everything so glittery white,
and the stars shine like bright diamonds
on those long cold winter nights,
the green pines blend so beautifully
among the ice and snow,
with glittery spots of silver
making all sparkle and glow.

Take wonder of winter’s boldness
and it’s frosty freezing air,
marvel at the winds magic
to build fluffy snowdrifts everywhere,
with each day a new masterpiece
it can leave you buried deep in thought
at just how beautiful winter can be
and all the magic that it’s brought.


I'm still freezing
at that time the sea aroma stopped by my nose
my eyes look as far as I can
a soft whisper of the wind touched my ears
greeted my first arrival
I smile at the waves that hit the rocks
while the waves crashing my feet
warm greetings from me
for those who are not just silent
my eyes closed
I say my magic spell
hope to be back again

Demur nature's forces and prehend a leaf
The wind is an experienced pitcher and a fan, may I ask are you?
As the leaf drifts in the draught, catch this one, we'll have a laugh over a draught
The dimensions and weight of the frond will have your senses to and thro'
Importance of equanimity is essential, do not blink, and for goodness sake do not hit that tree
A few numerous attempts to catch that elusive bract, you're out of breath
However, even though nature's force is cunning, she'll give your breath back
Now the leaf is at knee level, baseball slide, football tackle, or hockey dive, ready your hands
The stiple's erratic motion is bewildering as the tension of the chance arise's
And just as nature and yourself breath out the prehend fall's in the pond with a graceful landing

I have never caught a leaf on purpose, have you?
Diana Garcia Nov 9

Written by Diana Garcia
Trees sway and swoon as there leaves begin to decay
Soaring winds blowing all and even my sins away
Beneath these November trees are memories
Of summers past. Romances that would never last.
Laughs that still bring a smile, thoughts of whom
I haven't seen in a while.
Season change is inevitable, the leaves always fall
Even the sun descends and the moonlight always comes to an end
If all change can be seen could it all look so serene?
What a blessing it would be if my change
was as pleasant as the night sky
Maybe it is
or at least I can try..

Trying to refine Watch me evolve, yeah?
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