When can I go home.?
I gave up everything to be with you,
Now the days have become longer.

I trained myself to love you,
And now I’m slowly watching,
As you change me into your puppet.

I always knew it would end up this way,
Your hands squeezing my throat,
While caressing my head,

I know I’ll never leave,
This place has become much too comfortable,
Besides, I forgot what the outside smells like..

Late night feels.
Annie Jan 10

Too cold to feel
Too hot to touch
Stay with me
But don't love me so much

I fear the fear
Of breaking you down
Making it rain
Smothering your howl

If it were simple
I wouldn't let you go
But I destroy everything
Burn it all slow

It might seem usual
But tell me -is it, really?
I guess we're only delusional
The way I see myself, is that how you see me?

This distance is your blessing
I'm the disguise
You wouldn't want to have me
If only you were wise

J Dec 2017

Being called “annoying”
Is like a glacier, frigid, rigid, inescapable preventing from social contact

A choking, strangling feeling penetrating your veins. A stone crushed by the might of a palm

Isolated, observing, analysing social conversations yet never overcoming the boundary

A tether severed and knotted to the throat. A rush of pain caught in the wind at the hilt of the dagger.

But a hand, a few words can reach into the chasm, rejoice and untie.
Create connections and weave intricate relationships, to bloom into a captivating flower.

That hint of compassion, gradually using the rubble to form a new personality, saving esteem.

Blooming, prospering

shiv Dec 2017

Peal back my skin,
Tear through my ribs.
Find my heart
(Rotting, rotting, rotting)
Inside me after all.

Blu3moth Dec 2017

We all die alone
Some people will be used to it
No one to turn to for comfort
Just means less time crying about losing someone
Better that no one knows you to soare them heartache
I prefer it this way
At least I'll be the only one present
The only person who ever gave a damn
Don't let them fool you
They only care about themselves

Look at a person
with dignigy and respect
Be kind
Build  bridges with less
Support. .
People are a community ..
We need each other

I still have scars
Not just physical, but
mental scars from you
that never seem to fade

You seemed to show no interest
when I begged for help
or when I needed your love
and comfort.

You slammed my door so hard
that it broke one day.
So did a little piece of me.
I just wanted to show you attention,
The attention you never gave me.

You get mad when I sit quietly,
isolated in the darkness of my room.
I shake whenever you walk past
my door, its become a habit.

Screams scare me now.
I don't seem to want attention from anyone
I still sit alone, in my quiet room
I've turned into a wallflower.
and you're the reason why.

liv Oct 2017

i cling on to people
because i fear if i loosen my grasp
they will crawl away and never look back
i also fear
my grasp will be the thing
to suffocate them

Maria Etre Oct 2017

Here's a call
for all those lost souls
trying to find their way
relax..no one does..

A call for those depressed
about about missed opportunities
that might have lead them
somewhere else
relax...regret nothing..

Here's a call for you
I know how you feel
unloved, in love with unreciprocated love
alone, lonely, isolated, drunk, voided,
relax... there's nothing wrong with you
because I too feel the same
.. you're not alone

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