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Jules 11h
To feel so incredibly alone
Doesn't mean being completely isolated from the outside world
Crowded by people
Surrounded by noise
Carried small conversation
No point
day to day
That's what alone is
So bring me to life
Isolate me
Show me how to live again
It is good to be alone
Alone is a healthy thing
You learn to enjoy your own company
We must be alone with ourselves
Let's meet ourselves shall we
Until a person can be content
In their own company
That person will always be looking
For love and approval
From other people
Take it from me
I've learned to be alone
I've become used to it
Alone can ache your bones
When your friends and family won't
Call or answer the phone
My advice to those who feel alone
Do things you enjoy
Don't chase people who dont care
Spend time with animals
I will be your friend
I am here
People have problems
They cannot be there always
But someone who cares
Will make you a priority
I am worth being treated first class
I'm not a second choice
Take me or leave me
I love me
God loves me
I choose gratitude
For I do have a few friends
I have a small family
We are not a perfect bunch
On the contrary no one is
So I choose to see the best in people I love people anyway
For that is how I was raised and taught
Being thoughtful and considerate
Pushes trouble away and keeps Mans face from the rubble
Written by Danielle Elizabeth Summers
Lost Soul Sep 19
I step into the doorway
Goosebumps form across my skin
Four purples wall surround me
I sit on the bed, that almost became my coffin

This is where Lost Soul was made
I heard footsteps as my mom walks in
She says " I bet you miss this room"
But she doesn't know when I come back in here that I'm afraid

I look at the desk where I wrote my last goodbye
That fan dried my tears
That pillow soaked up my nightly crys
I spent so many months in this room
many parts of myself died
I can feel the faint presence of little girl and Lost soul still in this tomb

Thats why...
Ever since I moved out I have writers block
None of my poems trend
I wake up several times in the night
To just stare at the clock
Tick tock tick tock

After every visit...
As I drive home, I feel the room call my name
All the demons want to play
I drown out the voices
But my mind doesn't feel the same
as when I came

No mom, I do not miss this room
You have no clue what went on in here
All u do is assume
I say all of this in my mind
Because if she was to pay attention
Theres secrets in here that shes not prepared to find....
Happy Birthday Mom
Today is my Hello Poetry 1 year anniversary
Happy Birthday Lost Soul
Joseph Rice Sep 18
Heart's quiescence defies hope's recreance.
Resigned to singular endeavor,
Connection's Desert Delver
decries society's conformity salve.
Bearing burns by breaking-

Ashes pile on the ground.
JasFow Aug 27
My Anxiety is odd
It’s not like how others describe it in the books
I don’t tremble in a large group
I radiate, never hesitating to cause a laugh
I don’t stress and fidget in front of a crowd
I stand taller and have no fear of what’s to come
It’s when I’m alone, that’s when it happens
Sitting, isolated from the rest
Shopping, waiting, walking from A to B
I can’t help but shake
Overthinking every move I make
Breathing deeply and frail at the same time
A panic attack around the corner
Standing idly, awaiting the brutality
Hitting me in the gut, taking my breath
Being ruthless as it watches me fall
When I realize I’m out of control
It sneaks in, startling me and I’m unable
To shake off the lightheadedness that comes
From holding in the large tears and suffocating the sobs
As someone who doesn’t know their own volume
I silence
Happening less and less over the last few years
I’m more at ease with the self awareness
It’s just hard to comprehend
Why so many crave to be alone
I never want to be alone
Tony Tweedy Aug 19
Have you faced a fear and known the power of its defeat?

Did you find that your new fear is the not fearing it no more?

Replaced now by a fear of the known roads that lead you to be that brave again and the knowing that you can?

I have drawn back from a world where those roads are where I am compelled by choices not my own.

Instead through isolation I choose not to defeat that fear again. Along that road I know the destination that awaits.

I fear those roads and those who would lead me there.
And as with you and your fears... it is from them that I hide.

I know my own bravery and the point at which I break.
That road for now best avoided and the one way sign well marked.
Once again words that would be censored are omitted....
I hope your fears leave you room to live. I hope too for those who need it you know there is some understanding out here censors or not.
teju Aug 12
was looking
through the smog
wandering at
isolated places
in the forest,
listening to all
the horrifying
trying to
identify the
masked faces,
with the feeling
of some
A sudden jolt
woke me up,
to make me
it was just a
Midnight Dream!
NM Jun 19
People run in packs because they don't feel safe alone.

I run alone because I don't feel safe in packs.
Thought to reshare. (:
Io Jun 10
The world takes it’s time
Leaves dance slow
Dancing in a static world

My face is different to me

Can you tell me whats real?
Green eyes
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