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Usually I embrace the lack of sound,
but lately it’s been peeling the paint off the walls.
The chips scatter and collect on the ground,
in boredom I pick them up and roll them into *****.
I forget the last voice that touched my ear,
but there’s only one I truly seem to crave,
even when telling me things I don’t want to hear
I find it impossible for me not to cave.

I’ve been playing Spy vs Spy
with my reflection in the mirror.
The black and white catches my eye
but the mix to grey is growing nearer.
There’s something else I want to try,
as the difference between good and bad is getting clearer.
I remember everyone else but forgot I,
I’m not too sure if I should fear her.
So what side are you on?
Are you here or are you gone?

Normally I love the pitch black dark
but tonight it’s drowning me in an abyss.
The structure and outlines that once were stark
are now details even the sharpest eye could miss.
I forget the last person to grace my sight,
there’s only one I wish to be standing in place,
her glow would banish the darkness of night,
whether she was caressing or slapping my face.

I’ve been playing Spy vs Spy
with my opposing thoughts and views,
and lately I’ve just been getting by
by drinking raindrops and morning dews.
A goal too far or maybe too high,
but that’s hardly any breaking news.
So what side are you on?
Are you hand written or hand drawn?

You’re holding me under water, watching me drown so slow,
pulling me up for air and saying “don’t breathe, just blow.”
You’re holding me under water,
watching me drown so slow,
then pulling me up for air begging
“please, oh please, don’t go.”

I’ve been playing Spy vs Spy
with my conflicting feelings and limited choices,
no right path for me so the left I defy,
in the distance I may just hear voices.
It’s comedic how I accept a lie,
and I’m sure she still rejoices.
So what side are you on?
Are you twilight or are you dawn?
Tony Tweedy Mar 18
If you would just stop making choices....
I could live by something more than consequence....
If I promised the same to you would you not be at rest too?
No choice. No consequence.... nothing.
Isolated, contented.... safe..... nothing.
Tony Tweedy Mar 12
Outside my door is a world where once I did dwell.
But through my window now I see a living ****.
I moved among that place and the people living there.
But now I cannot enter it without feelings of despair.
I cannot tell to you exactly what changed inside of me.
But I can no longer fit within the shape I used to be.
Did the window I once looked through view another place?
I ponder what I see and note changes to that space.
Outside used to make sense and I joined it with true ****.
But now it holds no value and no truths that I can trust.
Sometimes I have to enter there that place outside my door.
But nothing familiar awaits me there at least nothing that I saw.
The people there can see me and I feel their judging glare.
Always trying to remind me that I am alien when I am there.
When I get home and feel relief by the sealing of my door.
I make a vow to myself not to trespass outside space no more.
With much anxiety transpired through the yessing and the no.
When days have passed and once again to outside I must go.
So difficult to think of outside and I once dwelling there.
Opening doors and passing through seemingly without a care.
Passing through so many times in the blinking of an eye.
Not dithering and putting off as days and days go by.
To relate this sense to you may leave your mouths agape.
But its those things outside that dented me this new shape.
My original draft to create my account on "Hello Poetry". Previously untitled.
Rowan Jupiter Mar 10
when the trees were in the height of change,
brilliant in shades of crimson and amber,
gold and rust

I would begin to feel isolated.

when the crisp chill in the air was a welcome
sort of cold, after a sweltering summer

I would find it hard to stay awake.

when oddly-shaped and colorful gourds happily
congregated on porches and window sills,

I would not feel like doing the things I loved.

when beautiful leaves lined the pavement
on back roads and alleys

I would find it hard to keep from crying.

when 7pm brought about a halo of light,
that dripped over the sky like honey

I would forget to eat.

when cold nights were spent cozy, huddled
around a roaring fire, the smoky scent
staying in your hair,

I would find it hard to concentrate.

when the clocks give us another hour to sleep,
only to take it back in the evening

I would move so slowly.

when fresh apple cider from a local apple orchard
was the sweetest taste of the season

I would constantly be exhausted.

when winter breathed his icy breath,
heralding his arrival,

I would find it hard to keep my mind clear.

when it was autumn of the year that was not quite nineteen and I was three years younger,

I was suicidal.
please give me feedback on this one if you don't mind.
Alaina Moore Feb 21
Were I a Starfleet Captain I would be unfit for duty, but this is no Federation of Planets.
This is a moment in time and barely anything at all, yet it is everything.
Carrying a weight on my back of a small crew, I lack the mental fortitude to take care of their carrier.
The cacophonous cocktail stirring within my ribs is barely tolerable.
In fact, It is not tolerable.
Adorned in a gown of ripped tissues,
the waves come like tsunamis.
Somehow throughout my turmoil I have to remain focused and continue forward.
Every step is heavier than the next and I often am unsure how I will see the sun set.
If I'll make it there alive or as some hollow shell with a faux optimism.
Rose Feb 19
If these walls could hear,
they'd hear my cries,
my pleas to take it all away from me.

If these walls could feel,
they'd feel my pain,
my fear,
my anger,
and all of my shame.

If these walls could think,
they'd think my thoughts,
my thoughts that run in every which way.

If these walls could know,
they'd know my torment,
my torture without a soothing refrain,

If these walls could comfort,
they'd touch my soul,
my soul shattered and breaking more every day.

If these walls could help,
they;d ease my mind,
my mind that needs reason to sleep away.

But these walls don't think,
don't hear,
don't feel.
Stand there, unforgiving, and cold as steel.

They make up the cell from which I made,
standing, not stopping, till I end my days.
The problem with protecting yourself with barbed wire is
people try to get close and end up wounded.
Luna Jay Jan 17
He walked down the road
To nowhere.
Nothingness in his eyes,
Honey in his hips…
As he’s waltzing away from me.
And he’s empty.
He’s not going to get very far
Without speaking to me.
Needs it more than he knows.
It’s just that he
Is a staggering bound
Of emotion,
And he’s beginning to see
I’m the only one who understands them;
And that scares him.
So he runs away,
To nowhere.
The final form of destination has never
Truly mattered,
He just wants to prove
The absolute power
I can’t stop his destructive cycle-
I can’t save him from his own actions.
Everyone knows this to be true,
But no one seems to enforce
The fact that
You can’t be everyone's hero.
And I was never trying to be.
EJ Lee Jan 6
Sitting here
A lone
On my bed
Processing what has
Happen today
Listening to the
Soothing rain as it
Pounds against the
Sid of the building
Trying to figure out
My thoughts and emotions
Trying to make sense of it all
Now I feel
This sense of
That I cant
For I have many friends
But all seem
To be busy
With something else
Here I am wondering
What I could
Be doing
Instead of just
Sitting here
Tori Jones Dec 2018
You call me shy
And mock my every move
You make me fight
Just to prove myself to you...

You tell me lies
And trap me inside
You make me cry
Leaving me sleep deprived...

You tell me I'm not wanted
And pierce my flesh with your impurities
Until I've gone too far
Killing me along with my insecurities...

You make my heart beat fast
Whenever someone walks past
You make me feel
Like everyone's judging me...

You remind me of everything I've done
Telling me I'll never be good enough
That I'll never be loved
Because I've done too much...

You lock me to the ground
Placing chains all around
You make me want to hide
From the world outside...

You take everything from me
Leaving me broken and hopeless
You drain my energy
And leave me restless
You make me nervous and anxious
Over absolutely nothing
You let me feel nothing but pain and suffering...
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