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Fate's harsh words led me to fall down a well into a body of hate. I feel ice that won't shake, for your sake, hope that I drown. You better not doubt. With the rage I feel, I could eat a heart out.
Timebomb without time, I will snap, like my mind. My grip on malice, my fury's a crime. Your pain, my pleasure; I am not fine.
I'm falling in hate with you. You could care less...
An incorrect choice to test me
This is a choice you'd regret.
The effort to love, a simple task.
To be played with is not something I asked.
Now It's time to collect your grave.
This hate I feel is something you paved.

:) SmILe when YOU want to FroWn :(

Look at a person
with dignigy and respect
Be kind
Build  bridges with less
Support. .
People are a community ..
We need each other

I still have scars
Not just physical, but
mental scars from you
that never seem to fade

You seemed to show no interest
when I begged for help
or when I needed your love
and comfort.

You slammed my door so hard
that it broke one day.
So did a little piece of me.
I just wanted to show you attention,
The attention you never gave me.

You get mad when I sit quietly,
isolated in the darkness of my room.
I shake whenever you walk past
my door, its become a habit.

Screams scare me now.
I don't seem to want attention from anyone
I still sit alone, in my quiet room
I've turned into a wallflower.
and you're the reason why.

liv Oct 25

i cling on to people
because i fear if i loosen my grasp
they will crawl away and never look back
i also fear
my grasp will be the thing
to suffocate them

Maria Etre Oct 24

Here's a call
for all those lost souls
trying to find their way
relax..no one does..

A call for those depressed
about about missed opportunities
that might have lead them
somewhere else
relax...regret nothing..

Here's a call for you
I know how you feel
unloved, in love with unreciprocated love
alone, lonely, isolated, drunk, voided,
relax... there's nothing wrong with you
because I too feel the same
.. you're not alone

Em Oct 23

Sitting in a room
Surrounded by my friends
Is supposed to make me happy
After a long week of stress

But when they all huddle together
And leave me alone
I start to realize
How isolated I truly am

They cuddle with each other
Telling each other how much
They love each other
Leaving me out of the loop

I'm devastated
But not surprised
I'm upset
But too shy to say a thing

I'm afraid to get beat up
I'm afraid to be abused
I'm afraid of their reaction
I'm afraid of them

I'm afraid ...

That I'll always be lonely

This is happening in real time and idk I feel like I should just leave or some shit
Lexi Oct 7

I have friends
I have family
I have everything i need
But yet i do not feel forfilled
I feel alone and isolated
Though i talk to people everyday
I feel like a captured animal
Waiting to be slaughtered
But i am as free as a bird
Flying the streets
I know i am loved
But not my the one person that seems to hold my happiness and life in his hands
His memory and my taled lies eco inside my mind
Ring havick within my life
Strangling me of any form of  

She lay faint in their memories,
She was only ever could of beens,
Never was she the front face,
In their friendship magazine.

She was the white space,
Had potential to burn vibrant,
But she fell short of their pace,
And away in to the empty background.

She needed to be guided,
But no-one grabbed her hand,
So arm out reached she sat,
In the barren landscape of lonely land.

i was drowning
i seperated myself from the whole universe
i was alone..

no. not because of people around me.
i decided to be isolated.
i was full of hatred
i blamed everyone for all the bad things that happened to me
i blamed myself
i blamed the universe
i decided to be alone in the universe
because.. i thought no one was right about anything in life

day by day went by for 65 days
and again i was full of hatred
i didn't want to see anyone
and again i was full of hatred for human beings

i lost myself in the decision i made for myself
which again was

being isolated
and alone
and separated
in the entire universe

"i made the worst version of myself"

i used to see that line as a normal popular line
until i
made the worst version
of myself


i realized things wont go as easy
as you wish it would be

i realized things wont start
until you start it yourself


i realized things wont make you feel any better
until you make yourself feel better first

i broke and healed and saved myself from myself

this really happened to me for the past 2 months, i was isolated, i decided to and i didnt think that it would affect the whole soul of myself. i got fear to meet people, i was too anxious about myself. meeting people was the hardest thing to do at that period of time. i was depressed and felt like had no living even though i was alive. i really saved myself before myself destroyed my whole soul. i cried when i wrote this, i finally got myself back

Trapped inside this cranial ride,
I watch from eyes determined to hide.

From your lips,
your body,
your sensual touch,
I find the feelings are too much;

I shut myself in.

The sin of such a travesty is too much for me to take.
So I sit inside my skull and fake,
the only way that I know how;
I dance around your moves,
speak my lines, and bow.
I put on a play and perform perfectly
to distract from my abnormality.

These open eyes reveal lies of a cowardly man in disguise.
Who locks himself in his head alone to practice every thrust and moan.

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