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Kiara Hoxie Mar 13
Sunshine gleaming
Against the evergreen trees
Shadows stretch along the river
Leaves fall, moved by the gentle breeze

The river glitters
The light spots flashing
The clear water dashing
Around jagged rocks

The current creates darkened ripples
Expanding upon the ridges
Inky patterns billowing
The swirls glint and twirl
Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
the way she swayed and leaped
embodying the strokes of a paintbrush
dancing across the canvas
a solid blur of pink and white

every twirl was breathless
every plié like silk

in that moment,
she existed as the most elegant force alive

every move commanded attention
she was grace
Tanay Sengupta Sep 2018
The shifting sands obey none.
They whirl and twirl to their own will.
There is nothing that can be done.
We have already done our fill.

Tick tock, the clock goes on,
The period is coming to an end.
It is just too late to move on,
Time is really no one's friend.

It moves on its own way
Making its own path.
Turning night into day

Don't fear time
But fear its wrath.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
You know the drill, no explanations. Read and perceive it in your own way. Happy reading!
Helene Marie Apr 2018
She twirled around,
turning circles
in the stardust
as her gray eyes
lit up,
bringing depth
and luminance
to the fog
in her soul
Ellie Geneve Feb 2018
Twirling in the living room
Of my childhood house
Fast.. faster

Suddenly I stop

But the Earth
never stopped rotating

I left my wrist watch
At home today

I don't need to be reminded
By the passage of time

My bones are osteoportic
And so are the walls of my life

Its only a matter of time
Before they start breaking

And I really
Need a break
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The reek of bourbon vanilla lingering through the sappy tones
Of creased leaves and crooked horns, enveloping the royal grave
Embedded with stone, the coronated statue of vines and thorns
Twirling around the remaining cores

Rotten cells and dark floral gourd, an unstable mass crawling
Amongst the bare, rotten shores
The empty shells howl its name - the king
Of naught
Brought to death on the brink - in a whim

Clasping roots and grasping vines,
Luscious soot and dull amethyst,
The graveyard of which the warriors of Gaia
Patrolled in everlasting melancholy - the betrayal of the monarchy
In which they found pleasure in the guilt of misery
They atone for the death of the reign,
Raining in droplets of sulphur and rosebuds,
Meek of the pink of the roses, embroidering the newfound majesty

Alas, the journey of futility,
The thorns grasp its throat
The emperor has been coronated to cease once more.

dark empty graveyard journey melancholy pink pleasure twirl unstable vanilla
Star BG May 2017
I will dance like little fairy
spreading the love in poetic genre.
I swirl I twirl
and drift with pen,
with words that tickle senses.
When breeze is felt.
you’re touched by my fairy wings of love.
Your anointed to fly
inside your own dreams.
Do fly fly fly,
with sigh sigh sigh,
and feel high high high.
A new dawn is here
stand up tall to cheer,
inside a poetic song
that echoes with love
inspired by Phil Roberts
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