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Arcassin B Apr 9
By Arcassin Burnham

I be really chill as ****,
Chill as ****,
Technically on the break but that's all in
my head,
Penitentiary mindset but no longer locked
up, you didn't hear from me,
So that's not what I said,
Moving around the creases , in and out
of situations , not my main occupation,
But I'm working up the nerve to live and
survive and survive,
And I don't know how long I could stay
alive , in this ongoing cycle,
Throw your feelings out ,recycle,

I be really chill as ****,
Chill as ****,
Let the chamomile flow though the veins and such, I got a,
Soft spot for nature in my own little way,
Nobody else strong enough to evade my
space, Ya hear me,
Really chill , to the point of no return from
this cloud that I'm on, I could never come
down off this plane, its real strange,
But I'm sane,
Chill I'm telling you.


Don't drag your partners down along with ya' to the grave,
When fakeness is engrave into their brains like a bad movie that
Persuades ,never know,  might bring the pain,
Shut up,
Close your eyes,
Matter of fact open them, stay awake,
Trust no one,
Talk to everyone,
Don't become a dead body in a lake,
Don't seal your fate,
You planned this ,You planned this,
You planned this, don't run from it,
You planned this ,the parasite lingers like
A therapist,
You planned this,
There's no other way to say your views are distorted,
Turning every which way as a sign,
It's a crime, systems take over your life,
You didn't plan it,
But they planned it,
This is propaganda we've been handed,
Your life expectancy isn't really candid,
I know we all gotta' die someday , lie awake somewhere,
Don't be a bandit or a sinner, that’s impossible,
Is this country really free ? Is it optional ?
The feds will hold , a grudge to different race cause their superiors told,
I feel like life is game without the checkmates,
It never gets old.
J Mar 10
You're just another ****
Hearing the same ****
Doing the same task
Saying the same script
From the one, behind a mask
Struggled each and every day just find a reason for It all, many times In the past thought I'd reach a certain age and never live
But that age has past to reach the age I'm now, made It to retirement but sadly now without my wife when I met my girl that was the only thing I'd ever
Helen and I to reach the age of retirement together but with this government ever changing rule's to pension would have made Impossible
Any chance of this ever coming to being
sometimes I'm convinced this so-call governments plan to make pension age so high we work till we drop
No need for a state pension their financial problems solved more to spend on their own greedy selves Sometimes think they'd sell
there own grandmothers to satisfy their greed for power and
Personally, I think they are a disgusting excuse for human beings who destroy everything they
touch they've come
Into government like a plague
but only affecting the poor
of our country as for them
they are not
For they have bought immunity with their wealth but sadly us poor folks can't afford they
will live, and we
poor will die and the government will become even richer on
all the money they'll save
due to the death of the poor
Im shaw this so called government Is trying to
**** us all off by raiseing
again the pension
Nat Lipstadt Feb 27
being a poet is not planned

~for Gabriella Garcia~


a sixteen old soul says she understands,
being a poet is not planned,
forcing an old mans re-collection of the first time,
he made love to a virginal white
papyrus with muscles trembling,
body bent, chest bursting a rockets red glaring,
eyes marking the sheets with salty drip spots

what possessed the wrist veins
to wrest a cheap ballpoint pen to transfuse pain,
in a semaphore of uncoded ink blotches,
what was he thinking

was he thinking?

that it was an ejection
that it was an *******
that it was a tribulation expiation
that it was a tribute explanation?

that it was an injection
that it was a circumspection inspection
that it was a circumscision surgery of emotional complexion
excising an infection with a written genuflection?

try, but no might, the first is subsumed
by the thousands that followed dutifully
though his one poem  flawless, expertly recalled,
it will always be the next,
and unplanned just like this one too

who anointed his brow, the hair and forehead,
with oil pure, dripping down onto, into his cut cain marker,
who is not answering a query relentless
is this his plan, his appointment,
is this his flawed excellence,
is this his imperfect penance perpetual?

knowing well and full

the unplanned is his plan,
it’s his faceted flaws
that refract his coloraturas


upon this he reflects,
praying that
god protect the
young poets
from planning
Rowan Elizabeth Dec 2018
take back
what was planned

i'm new again.


before it's too late
Florence Maude Jun 2017
I guess that didn't go the way I planned.
Even with the wheelhouse fully manned,
Here I stand,
With my goal underachieved.

I guess that didn't go the way I planned.
Even with my feet on the land,
I feel like I'm only standing on a strand
Of the ideas I had before.

I guess that didn't go the way I planned.
Even now my dreams turn to sand,
And all seem so bland,
Compared to the rest things that have happened since.

Even though it didn't go the way I planned,
The results of the effort are still grand.
Sometimes you need for life to give you a hand
In changing your aims for something better.
:3 Guess who still can't write poetry? Oh well, I've gotten better at the very least.
aniket nikhade Feb 2017
A few things in mind,
few important.

A few things planned,
few defind,
decided upon other few

In the meantime also discussed upon something that is important, which needs to be kept in mind.

What remained in mind after doing all this is the importance of time,
really finally it’s time that is important.

Time is important regardless of the fact that most of the time everything needs to be done on time
Experience is gained when efforts are made in the right direction, however, expertise follows later on again explaining the fact that time is important.
Everything in life is unexpected even when planned.
Like gambling trying to gain what you lost.
Time ticks forwards even when you want to go back.
When you turn on a light another one flickers off.
A life is spared when another one dies.
When the Cheshire cat cries, and the white rabbit is on time,
Only then can you tell me that the trickster is telling no lies.
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