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Xant Sep 19
The truth is
what once was yellow brick road
is now red from blood
blotched by dirt
and partly
covered in moss

I see no purpose nor hope
in following this particular road
that leads me back to a place
so called 'home'

It's rather unpromising
and untempting
unwelcoming even
And it makes me think;

At the end of the road,
will I be left to rot
by the people who once swore
that I will be loved
but would leave me standing
forsaken and starving
like they used to do

And so I'd rather stay in Oz
Then to follow the 'yellow brick road'
To get to a place where
I were to be ignored
My high school friend who had a dysfunctional family told me that she would never want to go home ever again.

She sees her family as what was beautiful, now sorrowful.

I could only imagine how her sweet childhood memories (re: yellow brick road) had turned bitter (re: red from blood).

And this poem, I dedicate it to her.
I wish her happiness :)
Philomena Jul 9
It starts small
Just the urge
To part my lips and let it happen
But it's easy to ignore
Easy to move on
And slowly it grows
From an urge
The simple unconscious idea
To a want
My brain sends the signal to eat
And I ignore it
My stomach begins to hurt
And I once again ignore it
The pain grows worse as my head too throbs
And my vision blurs
But I push on
Too many pretty girls out there
And I just want to be one
I begin to feel weak
And soon it's all my brains wants to imagine
How good it would feel to eat
But feeling thin will feel better
My brain starts to lag and I just say to myself
Just one more day
Then we can eat
I shall be a starving artist then.
eating my heart to fill my belly,
throwing it up into my work.
Don't go looking
for bread from an
starving man
when he cant even feed himself.

Esther L. Krenzin
Will Riggs Jun 17
It’s not an addiction;
really, it’s not.
But that mirror,
it’s the source of my confliction.

Not long ago,
I could look in that mirror
and see nothing wrong at all,
but now, I’ve got nothing to show.

The pressure to always be perfect,
it tears away at my body.
At first, it looked like nothing,
but it had side effects.

I wanted to be one of them,
one of those girls that they all envied.
But the price to pay was my body,
not a small diamond gem.

It was never enough,
No matter what I did.
Those skipped meals,
Turned my image rough.

I stare and ask myself,
will it ever be worth it?
My image in the mirror,
Kept begging for me to quit.

It became a nightly thing,
Standing on that scale.
And I was always pleased to see,
That the pounds kept on dropping.

My hair had started to thin,
My bones began to show.
Everything was different.
The desire was starting to win.

The pain I was putting myself through,
the constant suffering,
everything was just a blur,
but nobody ever knew.

I don’t starve anymore.
But I could if I tried,
It was a part of my life,
Now it’s just a closed door.

It’s not an addiction,
Really, it’s not.
But that mirror,
It’s the source of my affliction.
two poets, laureates both,
on the nature of hunger, discourse.

I was there, hungry in every aspect,
seeking wisdom of the hungering nature of human.

examine the word, hunger,
hardly a rolling off the tongue mellifluous.
you exhale it from the gut, in gowned resplendent ugliness,
go ahead, try it, it’s coarse and powerful insistent.

awoken empty but for the hunger, hungover from
dancing words and imagery not mine, now mine,
maddeningly demanding my dutiful attentions,
as if hunger was the master, me, obedient pupil.

the clean white slate the IPad re-presents repeatedly,
insulted that I have yet to crayon color it with the coherence
of hunger-exhaled words, dismissive that I am but an also-ran,
my village of lexical too unsophisticated,
the page addressed yet unplanned,
Apple white is the color of the
starving artist.
sophia May 17
Just as I was about to take my shoes, off of the rooftop there I see, A girl with braided hair there before me. Despite myself I go and scream, "Hey! Don't do it please!" Woah wait a minute, what did I just say? I couldn't care less either way. To be honest, I was some what ******. This was an opportunity missed. The girl with braided hair told me her woes. You've probably heard it all before. "I really thought that he might be the one, but then he told me he was done." For God's sakes please! Are you serious? I just can't believe that for some stupid reason you got here before me! Are you upset cause you can't have what you wanted? You're lucky that you've never gotten robbed of anything! "I'm feeling better, thank you for listening." The girl with braided hair then disappeared.

"Alright today's the day!" Or so I thought. Just as I took both of my shoes off, there was but a girl short as can be. Despite myself I go and scream. The petite girl told me her woes. You've probably heard it all before. "Everyone ignores me, everyone steals. I don't fit in with anyone here." For God's sakes please! Are you serious? I just can't believe that for some stupid reason you got here before me! Cause even so, you're still loved by everyone at home. There's always dinner waiting at the the table you know! "I'm hungry." Said the girl, she shed a tear. The girl short as can be then disappeared.

And like that, there was someone everyday. I listened to their tales, I made them turn away. But yet there was no one who would do this for me, no way I could let out all this pain....

For the very first time there I see, someone with the same pains as me. Having done this time and time again, she wore a yellow cardigan. "I just wanna stop the scars that grow every time that I go home. That's why I came up here instead." That's what the girl in the cardigan said. Woah wait a minute, what did I just say? I couldn't care less either way. But in the moment I just screamed something that I did not believe. "Hey! Don't do it please!" What to do?! I can't stop this girl, oh this is new! For once I think I've bitten off more than I can chew! But even so, please just go away so I can't see, your pitiful expression is just too much for me! "I guess today is just not my day." She looked away from me and then she disappeared.

There's no one here today, I guess it's time. It's just me, myself, and I. There's no one who can interfere. No one to get in my way here. Taking off my yellow cardigan, watching my braids all come undone, this petite girl short as can be, is gonna jump now and be free.
this is one of my favorite songs. if you do not understand the lyrics, message me and i will tell you.
Poetress2 Apr 15
No one ever told me,
that life would be this hard;
That men could be so cruel,
it simply breaks my heart.
Some with power and money,
rarely think about the poor;
They're the worse of all,
always wanting so much more.
The epitomy of selfishness,
only thinking of themselves;
Slamming doors upon the needy,
refusing to lend their help.
With a smirk upon their faces,
they snub all those in need;
Refusing to help all those,
who are starving in the streets.
They sit at their fancy tables,
with food in abundance to share;
Not concerned about the hungry,
these Vultures do not care.
Do they ever feel remorse,
having more then what they need;
They hoard all their possessions,
consumed by heartless greed.
When night time falls upon them,
they climb in their, soft beds;
Their souls are full of darkness,
their hearts', already dead.
Ray Dunn Apr 12
Allow the choir
of my hunger pains
lull you to sleep
with no weight to gain!
I’m v sad haha yolo
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