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Anna Sep 21
Men, oh the men
They burnt my version of whispering woods
Now all I can see is grey
And all I can smell is the smoke
I have ashes over my cactuses
My uncle is awake
And he is crying
Because he knows it won't go back
To how it was even if it grows again
And I'm crying
Because I know it's true.
Joseph Rice Sep 19
Heart burnt charcoal dark
By overheated passion.
It crumbles in
Your well intentioned fingers.
SMS Aug 21
You didn’t realize
All the blinds were shut
For once I didn’t care
If you came back or not

You didn’t realize
All the lights were off
For once I didn’t care
If you tripped or not

You didn’t realize
All the pillows were damp
For once i didn’t care
If you knew I was crying or not

But perhaps you didn’t realize
Because you no longer care either
Matilda Aug 20
Todays a day I wont remember,
Tommorows probably the same.
Memories burn,
Remembering not what you want,
But what you think you want.
Sorting, categorising,
In my mind.
Who knows what has happened in my life?
Who knows what's happened in todays tommorow?

Yesterdays a day I dont remember;
Full of fear and sin.

Sin a word I always have destested.
You believe in God.
I never did.
As a young child always questioning,
What is this all about?

Heaven and Hell are both the same.
Invented by them,
It gives them hope you see
I guess I understand,
But the word is just another I hate,
I guess I understand.
I wrote this a while ago when I was having trouble with my memory its better now.
Gemma Aug 9
I feel listless again.
I am left without slumber,
My mind beginning to bend.
Burnt like umber.
Am i trapped in this cycle?
Will it ever end?
I wonder, if I am destined,
To always walk this now beaten path?
As I'm sure it's becoming more treacherous,
As each grey day comes to pass.
I burnt the bridge to you,
I threw all what you gave me.
I deleted your number,
I cleared the messages,
but that didn't stop me from swimming
back to you again
just to drown once again.
Joshua Penrod Jun 23
One minute you're on fire
The next
You're burnt
That's just how it works

"Burnt" -JP
Moe Jun 19
You call in the morning
Words trample over my lips
Teeth get in the way
As the mangled sound  
Makes its way unto me
Each letter trapped
And burnt
Lovely Nobody Jun 12
my life was like a rope walk
a thin rope of sanity I walked on
and below was a thousand feet Valley of depression,
you miss a step ,you never come back.
struggling to balance myself ,
and then I met you .
the saviour ,
like the albatross
who came to save the ancient mariner.
you came into my life and with you came hope.
the rope beneath my feet widened ,
widened to become a plank.
and as you grew closer,
the plank became solid ground.
the valley started to disappear
and the fear melted down.
now I could risk missing steps,
enjoying the grass and the tiny falls.
it felt like never before ,
and there was no turning back.
but I realised, on the ground I wasn't alone .
not just mine,
but you had saved a zillion lives .
but that didn't matter now .
they all loved you and so did I .
so we all pledged :
to help you, to love you forever
and that anything that gets to you
have to first get through us .
we all are debtors of your love
and we will pay back by standing by you .
you are the nation of our happiness
and we are your A.R.M.Y.

saranghae BTS
thank you for being In our lives for 6 years .
BTS, not just a boyband to us ARMYs, but our inspiration ........our source of happiness

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