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Jun 9 · 262
I hiked on the highest Mountain,
Swam the deepest Sea.
I fished in crystal Waters,
but success kept evading Me.
I felt Success, was a Race Horse,
that runs Fast and Free.
So I ran My Races with Blinkers,
but success never greeted Me.
In reality, Success is not a Race Horse.
But it's the field, on which it Raced.
Success had always, held My Hands.
I was Blind, in having it Chased.
Success is in the Journey,
I chose to climb the tallest Heights.
All this while, Success sat besides Me.
Watching Me, for Days and Nights.
Apr 28 · 646
Savio Fonseca Apr 28
Nibble Her Neck,
and She'll curl up Her Nose.
Massage Her Feet
and She'll curl up Her Toes.
Tickle Her Earlobes
and She'll Moan your Name.
Whisper Her Cow Girl
and She'll ride on your Frame.
Tweak Her Rosebuds
and She'll give out a Moan.
Kiss Her Lips,
and She'll slurp on your Cone.
Bite Her Toes
and She'll wriggle Her Waist.
Trickles of sweet Honey,
is all yours to Taste.
Savio Fonseca Feb 14
Valentine's Day should be celebrated,
Twenty Four by Seven.
Whether you're on the Highway to Hell
or walking the Stairways to Heaven.
Coz in Her Eyes, lies a Sea of understanding.
In Her Heart, there's warmth beyond the Sun.
She will Love U, till the World stops spinning.
She's worth the Gold, weighing more than a Ton.
U will find Her Love, wrapped....around U
and in Her Voice, U will sense a Mystical Charm.
In Winter U will find yourself, Warm and Cozy.
As She has wrapped U, in both Her Arms.
U will be lost, without your Woman.
The Almighty to Us, has been very Kind.
Woman to Us, is a God sent Blessing,
She's Salvation to Whole Mankind.
I wish, I was a Rainbow Colour.
That defined My Life, at Night.
One that made Me look, a lot more Fuller.
One with which, I'd shine Bright.
Yellow is a Colour, that's Contagious,
It has a Smile, that's on a Boil.
It's the centre of Joy and Happiness.
A Life without Work and Toil.
In Red, I would look Bold and Handsome.
I would stand out, in the Crowd.
Warning all, When there's danger around,
I would move around, like a Cloud.
Green is a Colour that matches Nature,
I would be ready to Jet, Set....Go.
It is Zealous and has lot of Passion
Sky is the limit, l can Grow.
I would look Suave , if I was a White.
But actually I'm Black and Blue.
Life has painted Me with these 2 Colours
and I'm stuck to them like Glue.
Savio Fonseca Jan 13
Speak to Me, thru your Verses
and Tangle Me, with your Rhymes.
Dance your Steps, to My Whispers
and ****** Me, in your Mind.
Lock Me, with your Rhythm
and let your Spirits Glow.
Cradle Me with your Fantasies,
So My Passion begins to Flow.
Your Love, is so very Precious
and U have a Heart, that's Pure.
Your Love has all the ingredients,
It has the Power to Cure.
Jan 3 · 428
Money is somewhat, like Water.
As it flows, thru Our Hand.
The minute U begin to chase it,
It ends up, in no Man's Land.
Money is somewhat, like Water.
As it passes, thru Our Fingers.
The more We keep working for it,
the more it makes Us Linger.
Money is somewhat, like Water.
When grasped in Our Hands.
The firmer, We begin to hold it.
The more, it Withstands.
Money is somewhat, like Water.
It pours for the Famous and Rich.
For a Guy like Me, chasing it.
I end up, falling in a Ditch.
Dec 2023 · 1.3k
God's Masterpiece
Savio Fonseca Dec 2023
God wove the fabric of Life,
with the thread He made from Love.
Thus He went on to create Woman.
Who's Touch, was soft as a Dove.
He wrapped Her with His Holiness
and scented Her a Fragrance so Pure.
He then gifted His Masterpiece,
so Man on Earth felt Secure.
Man stumbled upon this Gift,
On which He would sow His Seed.
Alas He gazed Her with Eyes of Lust,
Selfishness and also Greed.
He held Her with impatience
and splashed on Her.....His Pride.
He stole the fabric, God had created.
In a bag, filled with Deceit and Lies.
Nov 2023 · 1.4k
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat
Savio Fonseca Nov 2023
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
U stole My Heart, this morning.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Let's watch the Stars burning.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Where did u learn to purr?
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
You're a Kitten fully of fur.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Your Heart, was Once My Home.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Don't in the streets, U Roam.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Who, let the Dogs out?
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Why do U make me Shout?
Oct 2023 · 1.2k
Mesmerize Her Mind
Savio Fonseca Oct 2023
Mesmerize Her Mind
and Her Heart,
will enchant your Soul.
Share Her, all your Sorrows
and Her Kindness,
will Delight your Heart.
Treasure all Her Dreams
and She will Cherish,
all your Values.
Quell, all Her Fears
and She will,
elevate your Spirits.
Memorize Her Wounds
and She will erase,
all your Scars.
A Dedication to Sarah, Pune-India
Oct 2023 · 1.4k
Savio Fonseca Oct 2023
A few throw in their Towel.
Some drown in a Pool of Tears.
A few fight life, like Fighters.
Others suffer through the Years.
Few string up their sentences
and bleed with words they Write.
Writing Prose and Poetry,
they hardly sleep at Night.
Fighting their daylight Battles
and waging a War with the World.
Their Words at times hold Promise.
Alas like a stone they’re Hurled.
Words don't decay or rotten.
I read them as I lie down in Bed.
For Others they seem all forgotten. 
I'll keep reading them, till I'm Dead.
Oct 2023 · 2.0k
Life....and it's Moments
Savio Fonseca Oct 2023
Life has those tearful Moments,
When U need a Shoulder to cry on.
U find there's no one around U
and your Heart ends sighing on.
Life has those empty Moments,
that keeps eating on U.
U see the World Colourless,
and U end up feeling Blue.
Life has those silent Moments,
When U need someone to talk,
But there's hardly anyone around,
So U end up taking a walk.
Life has those scary moments,
When U feel, U are not good enough.
U go around tipping your Hat,
but still that's not enough.
Life has its beautiful Moments,
When at Night, U stare up at the sky.
U Wait for the Moon to show up
So U can wave it good-bye.
Savio Fonseca Oct 2023
I'm hiding Myself,
behind this curtain of 'Rain'.
My Life, has committed Sins
and I'm now, feeling the Pain.
I'm tired of listening,
to the sound of My Tears.
They've been falling and falling,
for way too many Years.
Finally, I reached to God.
With both My Hands Folded.
He kept counting, My Sins
and in the end, had Me Scolded.
Satan stopped counting My Sins,
as they never seem to End.
He pushed a note down My Door,
"No place Here, for U My Friend"
Oct 2023 · 520
How many times.....
Savio Fonseca Oct 2023
How many times,
must I fall and stumble?
Before I Kneel down
on one Knee,
in front of
the right one.
Savio Fonseca Oct 2023
I'm uploading My Dreams for Tonight.
When the Sun sets beyond the Sea.
Come forth, My Pretty Woman.
Wheresoever U may Be.
When I step into Light, next Morning.
I must feel your Warmth, on My Skin.
My Soul must brim with Happiness.
So there's a flutter in My Heart Within.
Life at times, can be a Monstrous Devil.
That may sail U on dying Streams.
Feelings are the Fabric to Our Souls,
I Fashion them out, with My Dreams.
Emotions are just like Wild Fires.
They have mystic powers to Destroy.
Sometimes they have the power to rebuild.
So U sleep, on a bed of Crimson Joy.
Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Thy Woman is a Queen of Passion,
pull Her closer to U at 1 am.
She's a Royal and smells of Hope.
See that U savor Her till 1 pm.
At Night, She will stir up your Soul.
With a Tongue that Stings and Whips.
She will paint your Chest and Thighs,
With those pink and sultry Lips.
She's intense and full of Feelings
and U have, a lot more to Learn.
Her Passions know all the places.
Where at Night, they have to Burn.
U will be caught, in Her World of Ecstasy
and When your Love joy, begins to Drip.
Keep Dancing your flesh with desires,
as U savor your Woman in Sips.
Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Happiness brings U Laughter.
Happiness brings U Joy.
It makes U, sound playful.
Like a Child, with a new gifted Toy.
Love pours Out with Romance,
It has the Fragrance of a Flower.
Some are lucky to have it.
As it multiplies Life by the Hour.
Tears that fall on your Pillow,
for all the times U have Cried.
U feel awful, lonely and Hollow.
like almost half of U has Died.
Life is so much Beautiful,
When there's Someone to Care.
Your Wounds all keep healing
Someday their Scars won't be There.
Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
My Words would have touched U,
in so many different Ways
and turn both your Hands,
Cold and Numb.
The Sense of Touch,
is so Wonderful to Feel.
A Hug, A Kiss, A Nudge, A Pat.
add up to a mammoth Sum.
I was a Fool to have fallen in Love,
Head over Heals and Blind.
I went blushing, all through the Day
and at Night, I lost My Mind.
Love can move Mountains I'm told,
it can Calm the Storm out at Sea
I had built, a Mansion for both of Us
and a Wave took that, with Me.
Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Standing underneath a Billion Stars,
I looked down at the Roaring Sea.
Something jumped out of the Water,
I wondered What it could Be.
I leaned Myself a bit further
and tried to figure things Out.
A Mermaid caught My Eyes
and I had no time to Shout.
I thought I ought to save Her,
from the 'Sharks' there out at Sea.
Then I changed My Mind,
as Her Beauty enchanted Me.
I waved out, My Hands to Her
and that brought, out Her Smile.
She said to Me, "Let's go Diving,
so U can Romance Me for a While".
With a Splash, I was in the Water.
Holding on, to My new found Love.
She was a Soft as Cotton Candy
and murmured like a Snow White Dove.
At times I've Romanced in Sunshine,
At times I Held Hands in the Bitter Cold.
Today I was at Nature's end Swimming,
With a Mermaid and Her Heart of Gold.
Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Our Lives are not always Pretty,
rarely it's coated in Colours of Gold.
A few bask in Rays of Sunshine.
While others, shiver in the bitter Cold.
At times, Life pictures joyful Faces
and at times, it has a empty Past.
Someone One Day, will fill your Spaces.
But see to it, your memories Last.
Tears like Leaves, will fall to the Ground
and your Memories, will turn Cold.
It's Love, that makes Life worth Living.
See to it that, it's never Sold.
Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
We kept Whispering Our Desires,
beneath the Sheets of White Satin.
Our Kisses kept pouring
and their Words were in Latin.
Our Feelings, Calmly and Gently,
were moaning in Pleasure.
That's When Our Hands arrived,
at the spot they most Treasured.
With My Lips I went Humming,
around Her precious Spot.
With both Her Hands,
She Worshipped what She Got.
Like an Amorous Knight,
I went riding Her Post.
After Our Sessions ended,
I raised Her, a Champagne Toast.
Sep 2023 · 3.5k
A Beautiful Mind
Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Success may adorn
your Universe,
like Stars.
But it's your
Beautiful Mind,
that sparkles
your Personality.
Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Romance Me, among the Flowers
and confess, your Love for Me.
Nature will stand as a Witness,
for a Love that's deeper than the Sea.
Hold Me with your Fragrance,
as I sway U with the Breeze.
Our Passions must keep pouring,
As We nestle among the Trees.
Lead Me to all your Hidden Secrets.
I promise they will be Dear to Me.
When U draw yourself a bit Closer.
Your feelings must pour over Me.
Your Heart must beat a Rhythm,
that will narrate all your Pain.
The Pain will surely Disappear,
When I Kiss U in the pouring Rain.
Sep 2023 · 1.9k
If U take away My Heart
Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Take the Fragrance from the Flowers
and the Garden will lose its Charm.
Take the Hands away from the Clock
and Time won't ring an Alarm.
Take the Violin, from the Symphony
and the Dance Floor begins to Sigh.
Take the Rain, from the April Showers
and the Ground will begin to Cry.
Take the Tidal Waves, from the Ocean
and the Waters will be Calm and Still.
Take the Landscape from the Mountains
and the Sun won't set behind the Hill.
If U take away My Heart.
The beatings are still there Within.
I'll Love U forever and ever,
As your Heart is neatly tucked In.
Aug 2023 · 1.9k
Endless Love
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
Count the Raindrops,
falling in a Rainstorm.
Count the Leaves,
that are there on a Tree.
Count the Stars,
Up there in Heaven.
Count the Fishes,
Swimming out at Sea.
Take the Happiness,
of the Universe.
and Add them all,
to a Love that never Ends.
Her Heart,
will taste only Laughter
and Her Eyes,
will hold U until the End.
Aug 2023 · 1.7k
A Cat, climbed up My Roof
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
Last Night a Cat climbed My Roof.
I have no reason Why.
Though I'm a Lover of Cats,
I was scared to ask Her Why.
I'm figuring out How She got There.
As My House is Down by the Sea.
I tried calling Her Kitty,
But She wouldn't answer Me.
Maybe She was in search of Fish,
So My Heart uttered a Hi to Her.
With that She purred a Meow
and began to lick Her Fur.
I finally brought Her Down
and asked Her what She Wanted.
I have failed to Understand Cats
and the last One, had Me Haunted.
She kept purring all Night
and the Lion in Me lost Control.
But I buried all My Sins,
When She held My Heart and Soul.
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
Sadness had taken my Hands
and refused to let them Go.
Loneliness held My speech
and My Words had stopped to Flow.
Her Love turned out to be like Water
and it helped Me Quench My Thirst.
She gave Me a Hope for living
and saved My Life from the Worst.
She turned out to be the Moon,
in a Universe full of Stars
and When She touched My Wounds,
they vanished along with My Scars.
My Heart became a bit Stronger,
When Her Love touched My Shore.
Like the Stars it began to Sparkle,
When She loved it all the More.
A Dedication to Divya Singh, India.
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
Wake-up to a Day, that's spilling Sunshine
and let Sunlight, keep nourishing your Soul.
If there are Grey Clouds and Rain around U.
Don't Worry, as up there's God in Control.
Inhale the Beauty that surrounds U,
look at Nature from near and far Away.
Discover God's beautiful Gift to Mankind.
Thank Him for having given U this Day.
When the Day is Done and Dusted
and the Sun is setting beyond the Hills.
Wait for the mighty Moon to show up,
as U sit patiently near your Windowsill.
The Universe is wrapped with Darkness,
eagerly waiting for a Spark to Light.
That's When Romance shows up with Aces
and Passion keeps seeping thru the Night.
Aug 2023 · 2.2k
I hope to Romance the Moon
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
At Night, I often lock My Eyes,
as I stare up at the Sky.
I hope to Romance the Moon,
That's perched there up so High.
I stretch out both My Hands,
Hoping She falls into My Arms.
I wish My Prayers were heard
and they bring Me all Her Charms.
Through the looking glass of Mine,
I see the Universe that's out There.
There's Darkness all around
and Romance is Everywhere.
What good is this World to Me,
if it cannot offer Me it's Love?
This broken Heart of Mine,
found solace from Above.
Aug 2023 · 1.3k
My Pledge
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
I'm all yours,
till the Stars lose their glory.
I'm all yours,
till the Birds fail to sing.
I'm all yours,
till the end of Life's story.
Darling this My Pledge,
to U I bring.
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
I'm a fool, Who has fallen in Love.
Head over Heels and Blind.
I keep blushing during the Day,
not knowing what's there in My Mind.
If I offer My Love and Gift wrap it to U.
Will U make Me yours Forever
Or will U turn it Down and Laugh at Me
and make Me hang My Ears Forever.
As I stand on the Steps of Happiness
waiting for U to open the Door.
Will U let Me into your fold
Or will My Tears roll on to the Floor.
The Last time, When I said I Love U.
My Voice had begun to Crack.
I'm that best selling Book, U never read.
Lying Dusty and Torn on you Rack.
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
Each Day is a Treasure, O Lord.
As you keep walking, by My Side.
Your Love, is beyond all Measures
and there's nothing, that I have to Hide.
You have never failed Me O Lord
and Today you answered My Prayers.
You reached out to me, O Lord
and your Miracle, was standing There.
When the Shadows begin to fade,
Your Light light's up My Road.
In this World full of Sin.
Your Commandments are on the Board.
You are Our guiding Star, O Lord
and your Name, is above all Names.
Thank you, for this wonderful Day.
A Day, Which I shall Frame.
Aug 2023 · 1.4k
My Time has not yet arrived
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
My Time has not yet arrived,
So I'm staying a bit Longer.
My Health has not yet cracked,
perhaps I'm a little bit Stronger.
My Mind still keeps on ticking
and it's it can Be.
I've so many things, yet to Do.
For now, I'm a Sailor out at Sea.
My Life keeps on turning,
like the Pages of a Book.
But the Time has not yet come.
For Life to hang Me on a Hook.
I'm wary of the Silent Storm.
That may hit Me during the Night.
I'll fight it like a Braveheart.
Until the Dying Light.
Jul 2023 · 1.7k
Good-bye to all My Passions
Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
The more I think of Death,
The more attractive it seems to Me.
I feel like trading My belongings
and entering Paradise meant for Me.
Waving  Good-bye to all My Passions,
blowing out Kisses to My Pain.
Drawing all the Curtains in My Life
before Sorrows begin to Rain.
Half of My Life is Done and Dusted,
the other Half is not wanting Me.
Life that was Once a Silent River.
Now out's a Stormy Sea.
I shall breathe until the Sun is Shinning.
Under the Sky that's Calm and Blue.
Today is a Gift that God has given.
I shall enjoy it until it's Thru.
Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
She's the only reason for My living,
She's the only breath that I take.
She's the Only Star left in My Heaven.
She's the Sun, for whom I wake.
Tonight when I'm out Moon walking,
I'll ask the Moon that's above.
If out there in the Universe,
There's a sweeter Word than love.
Jul 2023 · 764
Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
O Woman,
thou art,
the essence of Mankind.
A spieces
like U,
the World won't Find.
Jul 2023 · 1.5k
A Girl stole My Heart
Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
A Woman took My Name,
While a Girl stole My Heart.
On seeing the Girl with Me,
The Woman's headaches Start.
The Woman has Sharp Eyes,
The Girl's Eyes are Blue.
The Woman has chained My Life
and wants to stick Me with Glue.
The Girl holds on to My Heart
While the Woman holds on to Me.
What good is this Life of mine,
When My Heart isn't Free.
I'm caught in a ****** Triangle,
Where the characters are the Same.
All I do is play Hide and Seek.
When they keep calling out My Name.
Jul 2023 · 2.8k
My eyes were set on U
Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
The finest of Spirits, that touched My Lips.
Was never that intoxicating.
Neither did their sweetness Eclipse,
the Magic your Kisses kept Creating.
No Melody I heard, was played that Fine.
To be Music to both My Ears.
Nor have Notes had those sadful Words.
The Way your Voice, bring out My Tears.
The finest Silk that touched My Skin,
was never that Tender, Smooth or Light.
They never wrapped Me with Finesse.
As your Arms do for Me every Night.
The World offered Me Diamonds and Gold
and Gifts as Pure as the Morning Dew.
But none of them caught My Eyes,
as My Eyes were set on U.
Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
My Heart was Torn and Broken
with Wounds all over My Skin.
She floored and kicked My Feelings.
Thus burning My spirits Within.
Alone is the Word, that I've become.
Sailing a Boat that's lost at Sea.
I loved Her more than My Life itself,
She was the whole Universe to Me.
My Nights are Long and Lonely.
With a Sun that hardly Shines.
But what good, is the Sun to Me.
When I keep sipping on Red Wines.
My Tears now keep trickling,
as Time keeps passing By.
All I need now, is a small Corner.
Where I can Sit, to Sob and Cry.
Jul 2023 · 2.0k
Wishing upon the Wind
Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
I was standing under the Starry Sky,
admiring the Sparkling Stars.
Kept winking at the Silvery Moon
and blowing Kisses to the Shooting Stars.
I kept wishing upon the Wind,
hoping that My Wishes led to U.
The Night, was cold and lonely
and My Heart, was missing U.
Life is made up of Night and Day
and I chose for Me the Dark.
Hoping Lightning Bolts and Thunder.
Would ignite your passions to Spark.
Loneliness often turns bitter.
When it's left alone for too Long.
It hangs it's Hands around U,
playing the Lyrics of a sadful Song.
Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
She planted, seeds in My Heart
and watered them,
With Love and Attention.
When Flowers bloomed,
they gave My Life
altogether a new Dimension.
Jul 2023 · 3.3k
Life....A Beautiful Teacher
Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
As I gaze at the Midnight Moon,
breathing slowly as I Sigh.
It wishes Me Goodnight,
and assures Me I won't Die.
The Sun will show it's Face,
after the Moon falls off to Sleep.
When the new Day has Dawned,
My Tears begin to Weep.
Life was a Beautiful Teacher,
that smothered Me with Kisses.
Alas I forget all My Lessons,
Hence I'm losing on the Blisses.
Time was a cruel Companion,
Which I lost somewhere on the Way.
Love was just a Friend of Mine,
Who One Day........ran Away.
Jul 2023 · 1.2k
Love and the Moon
Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
Love and it's feelings,
will always be around.
When there's a Moon
hanging up,
in the Dark Skies
at Night.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
U have the Eyes, of the Stars
and your Lips, are crucial as Air.
U have warmth of the Sun and Mars,
and your Heart is valuable and Rare.
I Wish to Write a Poem on your skin
and illustrate every word I write for U.
Sail My fingertips on your gentle Curves
and trace them on the Heart I Drew.
If the Morning Sun forgets to rise,
U will be lighting up My Skies.
It’s both Beautiful and Tragic.
When I'm with U, how fast time Flies.
My Passions are coursing in My Veins.
As sweat appears on your Skin.
Heaven has opened it's Doors for Me,
So Darling......Please let Me In.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
I need to have, a Slice of Heaven,
Whilst living My life on Earth.
Where can I find, What I keep seeking?
I'm seeking it, as I feel the Dearth.
So I plucked a few Stars, from the Sky.
Whilst the Moon stared at Me.
She kept wondering, why the Stars.
When there were Fishes, out at Sea.
I then chose to chase the Butterflies,
that were eyeing the Flowers Around.
They saw Me in My Rose Garden
and left without touching the Ground.
When will Happiness, find Me
and I get a Slice, of what I'm looking For?
I keep winning all Battles in My Life.
It's high time, I won the War.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
Put all your Dreams, in your Locker.
They are too precious to Display.
Someone may be out to Steal them.
When U are sleeping the Night Away.
Learn to live Life mediocre,
Don't flash around your Wealth.
Your Life, is no School Play.
Someday U will be chasing Health.
There will be no outburst of Glitter,
When U make it to the end of Life.
This is from Me, a sweet reminder.
Coz Life is full of Strife.
Jun 2023 · 2.3k
Your Beauty, is so Beautiful
Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
Your Humour splits the World
and the Universe begins to Laugh.
Your jokes flow like a Fountain
and splits Me into Half.
Your Smile makes Me Quiver,
along My nervous Spine.
It's like the Ripples of a River,
Where the high tide begins at Nine.
Your Beauty is so Beautiful,
It moves My naked Soul.
Your Kindness is so much Loving,
It sewed My broken Heart to Whole.
I was waiting for My Heartbeats,
So I could Dedicate a Poem with Words.
But Words were hard to come by,
So I stole them from the Birds.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
The Door to My Heart, was left open.
To a Woman, I had given the Key.
She never found, what She was looking for
and soon returned it, back to Me.
I held back Memories of Her.
The moment She decided to Part
and nestled them, Safe and Secretly.
In the corner of My Heart.
I drew Her Picture in My Mind.
A Picture which I could never Erase
and painted the Picture, in My Heart
with Colours no one could Replace.
Each Night, I played the Moon to Her
and was building Her, a Mansion on Mars.
I kept building My Castles in the air,
While She chased all the Stars.
Jun 2023 · 1.1k
Whisper Me your Dreams
Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
Whisper Me your Dreams,
I shall make them come True.
As I sail U on My Boat,
on Waters that are Blue.
Your Fantasies and Desires,
Will be on a Journey that's Divine.
My Passions will keep pouring,
to worship your Holy Shrine.
U will find yourself in Heaven,
After I read both your Thighs.
U are My Angel of Love,
who has fallen from the Skies.
As U Moan away My Name,
I Whisper U My Midnight Magic.
The Sun, shows out it's Face
and Our caper, ends up Tragic.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
We can pretend, We own the Woods
and stand Regal, like the Pine.
Gathering Fruits, Nuts and Honey.
While sipping on Red Wine.
With a Camping Tent as Shelter.
We can weave the branches for Our Bed.
Lay Our promises, on fallen Leaves
and hold on to them, Once they're Said.
The Stars can give Us Company.
As the Moon stays guard at Night.
Wild Kisses, can be Our Password.
As Passions flows thru each Bite.
At Midnight U may see your Lion,
Roaring himself in Bed.
Woods I find are a Romantic Place,
Where solemn vows can be Said.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
Love has always had, a favourite corner.
With Secrets, Wounds and Scars.
Hearts often meet, at Sunsets.
So at Night, they can count the Stars.
Lonely is My Heart Tonight,
as I stand upon this Sand.
Crashing Waves roll all over Me,
Finally a Moonbeam holds My Hand.
At Midnight, as I try to close My Eyes.
To exhale My Loneliness Away.
My Eyes keep waiting for a Heartful Soul.
But not a Soul comes My Way.
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