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A M Ryder Apr 23
The past
always seems
To chase after us
When I choose to lie
I've learned to never
Let it go any further
If I know
I did something
That I'm accused of
I confess

I don't want to play
Cat and mouse
Delaying the inevitable
Is the worst game
You can play
And never win

If I did it
Then I did it
And that's all
There is to it
Katie Feb 20
Oh, tim'rous beastie
This wind is too much for me
Do not fly away
Tony Feb 3
Every Action
A reaction
Sick of settling
An aversion to average
Always meddling
Being below average
Full potential
At arms reach
All mental
No day at the beach
What's stopping me
But me?
Getting older
I think.
I hope
All my knowledge
What for?
If I don't act
Even rats act-
Anything for the cheese
Dreams do come true
Can I be rich please?
Can I get a blues clue?
Life's a risk
Don't know when or how
Your day will come.
In the meantime time
J J Jan 30
Legs astretched like venomous broomsticks
Fangs drooped lazily like a calm nosferatu,
Those eyes gold as sun on styx, treasures
  that spun flame between his every blink--
Sandpaper tongue dragged over black hair
Nibbling his own wrist momentarily, then
Locking sleepy eyes on you, ascending fleece--
Retractable moonbeams flex teasing attack
   then kneads, falling like a lullaby back into
       uncapturable dreams; purring in the spirit of poe.
EP Robles Nov 2021
NUMB(Land) came ashore near the boat house
where i last saw my precious kitty cat.

And upon the edge of sea and skies
i see a brewing storm and i fret for her.

How i want her and I need her although
she acts as though she never loved me.
i saw inside her eyes last night
that she cries all for me.

I stayed home all week and now the storm
past but my heart aches | i won't forget her.

Today i found a soulless mouse next to my door.
How she breaks my heart because she shan't
cry for no one any longer but I believe in her.

::  11.16.2021 ::
Jess Carroll Nov 2021
Tiny specks of black, smudges of green.

Black line, cut, slash, through the middle.

Staring into your soul.

Judging you.

Doesn't know what you are, but knows what you've done. Knows your little sins. Those twin eyes, piercing you.
Knows you.
Doesn't want to know you, but has no choice.

Black, white, lithe body. Sitting there, tail curled around its paws, trying to get comfortable. Ears angled directly towards your breathing body, trying to expose you. Nose twitching, trying to figure you out. Green eyes, black tinted, trying to understand.

It knows you. You're always here, but it doesn't understand why. You've done bad things, and it doesn't understand why.

Why does it care when you leave?

You feed it, shelter it, clean it, pet it, and it doesn't understand these things, or want these things. It doesn't understand. So why should it care when you're gone? Or mad? Or sad, or disappointed. Or scared, or happy, or cold, or anything. It doesn't understand.

It doesn't understand why it loves you.

But it does.

This sinning creature, laying immobile and unconscious in front of it. It's bad. A bad creature. Why does it care for this bad, sinning creature? It shouldn't. It knows it's bad, and it knows it's bad to care.

But it does.

And unfortunately, always will. It doesn't want your company, it doesn't understand it. But when your company isn't there, it craves it.

It loves you.

And too bad for it, it always will.

Unconditionally, forever.
Woke up to my cat staring at me and decided to do a cat's POV I guess
Anais Vionet Oct 2021
I always get up early. Early, early, early and it’s Saturday morning. So I scooted over to “Donut Crazy” and got myself 12 sugar donuts (and a selection of treats for my suitemates - I’m NOT suicidal.)

At 8am, I’m in the suite common area, on the couch, binging “Ladybug and Cat Noir” on my iPad and I realize that Leong, one of my suitemates, is sipping her coffee and staring at me like I’m a bad pet. I look around to find myself sitting in a shower of confectioners’ sugar speckles.

“In my defense, I was left unsupervised.” I disclaim.
donuts, YUM, donuts and coffee yum+, donuts, coffee & Cat Noir = heaven
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