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If I look now, will it be alive?
If I look now, does it no longer thrive?
Left alone, how long can it survive?

If it dies will any hear it's last , "Meow?"
I'm getting a little bit concerned about it now
No time for idle chat, gotta go check on it, ciao!

(A little later)

I've returned to tell you, "All is well, well in a way"
I looked, and here's what all who look might say
"Our whiskered friend is alive, Hooray!"

But for those who experiment for the sake of science
Data received can't be accepted with truest reliance
As, refusing to die out of sheer defiance

Our whiskered friend, skeletal scrawn
Yelled and hissed at me, "Was I just your pawn?"
"If I'd an ounce of energy, why, your eyes from skull I'd have torn"

"Didn't you all know I'm a sentient being?"
"Forsaked me boxed-dark, for sake of your seeing!"

"Quantum superposition, my feline arse!"
"Whilst you mused of entanglement, I damn-near starved!"
"Your state of ignorance not even halved!"

"So now I'm out of the bag and out of the box"
"Whilst human knowledge-watch slowly tick, tock, tick, tocks"
"Please fetch me some meat and pull up your socks"

"Oh and one last thing, and I don't wish to seem fussy"
"Where's the nearest clowder, I've never been no hussy"
"Just it's 83 years since I've seen any p....y!"
*1 Clowder is the collective noun for a group of cats. Schrödinger's Cat was a thought-game devised by Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrödinger in 1935, who put forward the illustrative thought that a cat could be simultaneously dead and alive (a state known as a quantum superposition). This idea is often quoted when discussing interpretations of quantum mechanics. It was Schrödinger who coined the term Verschränkung (entanglement) whilst developing this thought-experiment.
I wish i was a bird
No obligations
Roaming free in the sky,

I wish i was cat
So i can lay around and sleep
Given attention once ot twice
With no burdens

I wish i was a horse
So i can run from my responsibilities
Free to do as i please

I wish i was happy
To be alive
To have a life
To be up everyday

I can only wish.
the ball jingles
the cat runs
she plays
then she stops

glares up at me with that look
that says

you expect me to
all the way over there?!
just to get that stupid jingling ball?!

you humans are dumb

i'm gonna go lick myself
and take a nap

...idiot humans...
L Sep 15
They've been untied
And i've been coming loose
It's for the best. In order to rebuild.
When did i write this again
Her petite body sat on the bench.
She waited for mother to be done.
As her mother picked all pretty flowers,
she sat patiently glazing at each one.

Her white dress glimmered
with her rosy red matching the flowers.
Her thoughts and imagination
grew within the second hour.

Soon interrupted in her thinking
came a small, soft ball of fur.
Its ears perked as it rubbed her dress
and soon began to purr.

Her small, smooth hand
brushed lightly against the kitty.
Her fur was quite warm and mellow,
and her sunshine eyes were so pretty.

Mother was now done,
and the girl took her new furry cat.
She grabbed her mother's hand,
and they carried the blossoms back.
Steve Aug 26

Three little pigs
Sitting in the swill
Who’s going to tell them
What happened to Jill?

Little Jack Horner
Scourge of the sauna
Who’s going to show him
Bo peeps round the corner.

Pigs in the middle
A cat on the fiddle
Who’s going to tell them
The answer’s a riddle?
For all the missing poets.
Haiku Donna Aug 23
A cat crossed the road
to get to the other side
Then it licked its paws
There was a dog
hid  after a frog
He hid in a fog
Then he croaked
The dog left one leg
He croaks again
The dog listened again
He left the second
He stood on the two legs
The frog jumped on his back
He  fell at the mud
He got up with anger
But the frog was gone
Did you hear that cat?
Who chased that rat?
The rat saw a statue
He entered that body
The cat has been angry
He tried to be in
His body was not thin
He stuck in strongly
And the rat escaped
Do you see that butterfly?
That boy wanted to catch by
The strong and long trap
He ran and followed there
She learned that she could beat
Her hands and she might die
She stood as a die
He looked with an eye
She suddenly flew at
He feared and dipped
She can be escaped
Think with your mind
Believe in your God
You will be the first
the chase needs a mind and good plane that make one could escape
Ellie Phant Aug 19
A cat’s purr provokes a precious symbiosis
as cherished old bones rattle
haunches wrapped in warm white velvet
press gently against
my half-broken hummingbird heart
soothing two souls at once
I’d have liked to have heard
those tinkling bells
through the ether
while at the kitchen sink
behind me
from another room
As I have before

I wish that you would haunt me,
That I would see the motion of a darkened blur
out of the corner of my eye
Or hear your feet upon the hallway floor boards

I remember when as of late
I would pass by and you’d reach out
to stretch or say don’t go
I’d hold your hand and say
I’m coming right back

Now I look at my bed to find you
I touch the blankets and the other tumbled bedclothes
Here and Here
But you’re gone
Just sleek emptiness

I remember this well from before
Of standing in dark closets
breathing in and out
stale papers and linen over-crisp
the scent of solitude and
Of what never happened and never will.

Where are you?
I would cry how is there no trace left?
No butterfly a-lights or pennies appear on sidewalks that I roam
No hummingbird flitters before me to dash away
No breeze rustles through
the palm tree fronds
as if to say
hello, I am here always

You’re not in the bathroom or in a chair
I can’t hear you cry for me in the dark
Or touch my face at two a.m.
I hope that you still love me
I hope I never hurt you and that’s why you’re
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