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Quietest in the white expanse of winter,
Waiting, watching, the landscape open to my sharp eyes.
A pin dropped in snow would make more noise
Than my perfect, crouching form.
I mark the crows as they flit across the sky,
Warm memories of summer stalking in the hedgerow.
My ears flicker to a distant voice,
As you walk up towards the farm.
I will glide over the crisp snow to rub around your legs,
You and I, both finding our way home.

Jeremy Wyatt.
This poem goes with a large acrylic painting that my Wife Lucia sold for me yesterday. Margaret, who bought it , wanted to hear the story behind the paint.
Once upon a day the Milky Way
Of Earth and stars my Miracle
On a planet not Martian
My Earth cat I love my Pretty space kitty

Copyright 2018 Joyce Joadiyce
Every time I pull it off
it goes off in my face.
It's in my eye and
on my lips,
I look a right disgrace.
My ***** though
she loves it so
I do it all the time
and if I feed her
from a tin
I'd feel it was a crime
because she just loves
those sachets
that I can't pull open
without getting
covered in

Poetry by Kaydee
Becca 6d
scratch at the ceiling
tear the seams
cry for help
go back to sleep
Berenika Nov 29
Strange weeps keep me up.
I cannot sleep.
I tried counting sheep,
it didn't help.


I'm getting kind of scared
I just want to be asleep.
The weeping isn't stoping.
I move under my blanket.


I gather all my courage.
Slowly moving to the window.
Making a thorough rummage.
I hear the wind softly blow.

Fingers separate the blinds shakily.
Eye looks out throw the ***** cautiously.
The fear begins to fade away.
I can see myself living tomorrow's day.

The fuss was all for nothing.
I feel like a fool.
On the windowsill of my room,
sits a magnificent jewel.

Even though it's ***** and wet,
it's eyes, greener than Cloverleaf,
sparkle through the dark night's net.
It's a cat.
Inspired by "The Black Cat"
Eyes burn into the back of my head,
watching my every move.
How am I just now noticing this?

To think that I was once doing the same,
only I would try not to be as obvious.
It takes great skill to master what I do.

Be careful where you are,
you never know who is watching you.
Creeping around corners and over hedges.

I look in the windows of everything you own,
waiting for the moment you realize I am there.
I love to watch you squirm under my gaze.

On the other end of the spectrum,
is something I would rather not be on.
It is nothing short of unpleasant.

Could you leave me alone?
I would rather like to hear myself think.
Though not much thinking will be had.

You get closer with every step,
hoping to catch me in your grasp.
You shall not win at this game.

I get closer to you everyday,
yet you seem to slip further away.
An enigma I cannot have.

I dance this dance with you,
but nothing seems to keep you ensnared.
Will you ever become mine?

This never-ending cycle of cat and mouse,
is something I have grown accustomed to.
Please, let us end this soon.

I shall never grow tired of the day,
where we dance face to face.
Instead of from across the way.

You are my treasure,
and I am your prize.
Until the day we meet, my shadowed friend.
Mallory Blake Nov 28
The cat was black and white
With the cutest purr
And eyes that see at night
Along with silky fur.
Renee Danes Nov 28
My mind is filled with wonder,
As I open my eyes to see,
A tired cat
That's on my lap
Staring up at me.
My crazy cat...
Mitch Prax Nov 26
She owned two cats
and a heart full of sunflowers.
we listened to the Wombats
and talked for seven hours.
She lived across the sea,
in a life unfulfilled.
I hope she does agree
that we have much to rebuild.
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