Cat jumps with vigour
Foxes come and coil in grass
Rest by solar lights
Foxes seem to LOVE sleeping in the garden. Just as the cat left, they came over.
Lyn xxx
My childhood house had mice
so a cat named Queenie was the answer
she had many kittens too
we knew enough about spades
they dug our spuds for protein
but spayed cats not at all
she died before I was born
but her legend was passed to me

Later, Cinders arrived
a black and white lady cat
she could be aloof, many felines are
but she purred and never bit
or scratched pawing children
living a full life as I grew
from blond boy to curly teen

Tibby was the last pussy
he was a character no doubt
he was neutered early
perhaps too early
disinterested in girlfriends
he chased the Toms
every morning at 4am
he howled under my bedroom window
once when I opened to door to let him in
he ran past me with a dead pigeon in his mouth
bleary eyed and furious I scolded him
he hadn't killed it, he'd found it
I wasn't falling for his pretence
he was a lover not a hunter
when Tibby passed away
it was the end of an era

I bought my own pet free house
that's the way I like it as an adult
but Cinders and Tibby
still enter my thoughts
as their purring was the soundtrack
to my formative years to my poetic self
The UK is a nation of dog lovers but growing up in a dog free house with cats means I have no affinity with canines. It's felines for me.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 11
Blue skies kissed with pink
The cat stalks over to me
Hear the seagull's cry

Wisps of clouds drift by
The cat's fur strokes my bare legs
Now crouched, I stroke him

His purrs are so sweet
His green eyes shine so content
And he sits by me

I hear all the cries
Startled, he runs away scared
Mum says, "England lost."
Everything was so calm...until I heard people screaming, not just from my neighbourhood but the people at the pub also!
I go into my house and I'm hit with the news
Croatia 2 - England 1.
That sucks.
(The cat's from the neighbourhood and seems to like me alot. He follows me everywhere and tries to enter my house. I guess I really am a Catwoman 'cause I have that effect on cats it seems lol)

But without these words, the thought would not be complete.
Words are enough to achieve a certain feat.
Verses bring life to complex emotions from stone.
But some emotions are better expressed by words alone.


Words may be a brainchild of the senses,
a cousin of shrouded feelings,
a distant lover of hopeful wishes.

But it would always remain in papyrus,
in coffee-stained napkins,
in the whisper of the breeze.

What are compound syllables without action,
without justified reason,
without the process for progress.
this is one of my anonymous favorite poetry exchange. we often forget that there are two sides in the same coin.

thank you for reading.

the skylark summons the dead to rise as you watch with cloudy, wishful eyes

our sisterhood survives throughout the dark
they will never silence our voices
when we call to the tune, the world rejoices

wild child, living in a fantasy
wild child, the myth lives on within you
wild child, you create your own dreams
wild child, enchant them
do what you do

the white cat knocks over the lamp with a smile
a sea of tears flows from your eyes as deep as the Nile
a mirage is in sight, a vision it seems
the fabric of your sadness is ripped at the seams
we weave a spell together, fashioned stitch by stitch
you look to me and laugh, mischievous like a witch

our sisterhood still lives on through the dark as we wait for the time to leave our mark
they will never silence our voice
when the world calls our tune we will rejoice

fuera puera, vivens in autem fantasia
fuera puera, quod fabula vitae on intra vos
furea puera, vos creo tuus agnosco somniums
fuera puera
facio qualis vos facio
I tried with the Latin, please message me telling me how to fix it if a false translation bothers you! thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. blessed be
Un gato negro
Robando almas
Como sombra bajo la litera
Fuma el gato negro
Saboteador la suerte
Y llevándote a su cama
el gato negro te acorrala
con su cola y sus garras
no deja en paz tu alma
algo la amenaza.

Un par de aceitunas
una ofrenda de la noche
te observa, te protege
el viaja con fantasmas
el gato negro que me cuida
de los sueños astrales.
Sanjali Jul 5
Hello little darling,
How are you doing today?
Your hands seem to be trembling,
Your eyes hold what you can’t say.

Pretty little darling,
I’ll wait till you’re ready
Inside our blanket fort
With hot cocoa till you’re steady.
So tell me all your woes,
Your wishes and your dreams.
We can stay here forever
And stitch our love into these seams.

Sweet little darling,
Let’s light candles to make it bright,
You can be the sleeping princess,
I can be your loyal knight.
So when you feel it is okay
I can help you stay awake,
We’ll face dragons together,
Earn gold and run back to this place.

So my love, my little darling,
Let me heal your cuts tonight,
I have special cat shaped bandages
And kisses for every other slight.
(=O u O=)
it began with the two cats

then the dog trotted in

then enough time past
and unfortunately, so did
one of the cats

then we rescued a bearded dragon

and for a while there
it was just a trifecta
of various species

until the new kitten had arrived

and now the bird is on its way

as the animals keep rolling
into this sanctuary
we call HOME

I spend my afternoons
taking care of our pets
feeding them
watering them
picking up their shit
maintaining their
living spaces
making sure they each
get attention

along with working all morning
and taking care of the kids
cooking dinner
tending to the ignored laundry
mowing the lawn
washing dirty dishes

my wife thinks I’m masturbating
on my leisurely hours
but not taking into consideration
that sex is no longer
an aching mystery

and as I’m bitching about
common domestic work

those pets bring such
rapturous enlightenment
to my spinning brain

but they don’t pull out
my inane thoughts and
put it down on paper

except for maybe
this poem
Chris Blaze Jun 29
The cat:
A wonderful creature.
She creates a throne
Wherever she lies.
She stares at you
Through her crystal eyes.

She sleeps all day
Without remorse.
She lives to eat,
Not eating to live,
Of course.

A loyal creature,
She follows you around.
Her ears perk up
At every little sound.
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