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We bond fantastically :
You feed me mice and rice
You feed me bones and roses
And hi speed wi-fi
I'm your favorite pet
I'm your toy
I'm your cat I'm your pup
I'm your horse I'm your bunny
You call me your Big Furry Hurricane, Your Savage Cupid, your Golden Doodle
You're raising me
giving nice baths and haircut
To your beloved American Field lab
You teach me manners
In a natural way
Loving and sincere
I'm well behaved, anf well trained
I'm your emotional crutch
I'm your cane
You smell the sugarcane within my collar
And dive into my waterfalls
And hike my mountains
You're the camp tent
That keeps raindrops and winds far
And you cook incredible meals
Made of laughter and joy.
So I simmer far from the usual cages
And leashes and leads
I simmer between your eyelashes
And I dissolve myself under your island
Warm and sweet like instant coffee
Making you shiver with thunderous bliss.
Carmen Jane Sep 24
The gardener jumped over the grasshopper
That winks and blinks three times
Each dew drop was released from an old dropper,
Held by a smiling child

That smile rolled under a roly poly
And ran barefoot for miles
As all gasped with a Holly Molly
When the grass grew upside-down.

Don't mind all this hurry
Turn your own clock's hands
Who knows,why people worry
They've been writing all in their plans...

The songs were heard in loudest whispers
Sang by the leaves on trees,
Where the cat took rest to lick his whiskers,
Waiting for the mouse to say please.
emlyn lua Sep 24
I am both alive and dead,
He who trapped me once kept me fed.
I scrabble and scratch at the locks,
I am both alive and dead.
A cadaver in a funeral box,
A vampire, a zombie, a paradox.
I am both alive and dead,
He who trapped me once kept me fed.
Maybe it's the faulty wiring of my circuits,
I don't seem to understand those around me,
I tell them don't trust me,
They say they love me,
But I will glitch, synapse misfire,
I'll become a villain in my program,
With no rhyme or reason,
I'll fail miserably to the hero,
That is my destiny,
But at least I'll know my fate,
Better than these faulty wires,
A maze of circuits that never know where to connect,
Is this what it's like to be human?..
Jeff Lewis Sep 10
Tail twitch.
Cat crouch.
Haunches high.

…silly squirrel…

Tail fairly ***** now
(never understood…
won’t that announce
the cat’s about to pounce?).

that’s it squirrel…

oh yeah…

...silly rodent…

…stay right there...

don’t climb that tree…

…good squirrel...oh!..

you’re in SUCH trouble…

…weren’t a screen door in the way.
Watching My always-indoor cat fantasizing of his next great hunt, then I get his toy and let him **** some feathers on a string.
         o,    kitty.
                           Ink black
                                black cat,


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