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Zoe Byrd Feb 19
When the sun goes down
And the Moon is high
The padding of feet can be heard
Along we with a small scratch at my door
It would go unheard if I did not know to listen for it

In the dead of the night
A black, starless night
No other sounds are being made
Except for the croaking of frogs
Not yet the chirping of birds

He comes to my bedroom door
And expects to be let in
So I leave the warm embrace of my bed
And let him in so he can be a good friend

Tears streak down my face
Because of the sadness my body holds
I reach down and embrace him in my arms
His body warms mine with his soft fur and beating heart

Together we make our way back to the bed
nora Feb 14
My life lacked purpose ‘fore the day we met
Beneath the harvest moon you stood in wait
Your eyes, bright amber, blinking large and wet
I swooned at our encounter, called it fate,
Your hair, it glowered dark as blackest night
You scorned me, yet I could not turn away
When suddenly you took off in a flight,
I swore that I would not be kept at bay
Your silhouette now low against the ground,
I squint to make you out in night’s dim haze
Hear rapid patters as you tread around
Your countenance a mirror of your ways
When I make my approach, you hiss and mewl
Alas, now to a cat I’ve played the fool!
You say you long for us but the thought itself drives you sick like the one of you yourself that
Tends to get at you most days nowadays
you want to help yourself first and foremost but you don't know how to

Talkin' bout public affection
I don't even wanna give you any behind closed doors
You think you make my life better and for that I think you're out of your mind

He met me half way and we went back to his, he wanted to **** but I just wanted to use his drugs then leave
I could use an extra enemy.

I know you'd like me to stay inside when not with you and keep my head in the same place it was when I awoke and for that I think you're out of your mind

I don't grieve when anyone walks out the door anymore and I find it laughable that I ever did or I find it funny you think you have any power at all

When I already let you go the second time we started talking; I like to be the only one who's behind me being out of my mind

I'm tired of holding out for nothing,
I'm a cat stuck inside sniffing the air from a cracked atop window and seeing his brother roam lost and wounded crying to be let inside but his owner is no longer apart of the living.
I'm a goner-to-be still breathing I cannot complain.
Anais Vionet Jan 9
(Written for a contest “Write a poem based on a poem.’
Inspired by: “My Cat Is High, and So Am I” by Thomas W. Case

Honey, I was ******, so ******.
I hardly knew what was going on.
That’s when I saw it was gone.

The moon, I mean - hold on -
Takes a swig of ****, but sugary lemonade
I watch the moon - when it’s there - you know?

I’ve always loved the moon - its reflective glamor,
the way it seems to bend light around it,
like a beautiful woman walking into a bar.

The moons like my cat, she has beauty, without vanity
- and without much gravity - like, you know - the moon.

But as I was saying, it was gone - suddenly?
It felt sudden - and visceral - like I’d misplaced something.
I know what you’re thinking, and no, it wasn't behind clouds.

So anyway, man, I looked around and there it was, as if by magic,
it couldn’t have been any clearer and it's never looked nearer,
than it was, right there, in my rear-view mirror.

I had to laugh. You see, I was ****** - so ******.
****** - but I’m never alone, when I can commune with the distant,
inconstant, love of my life, the ever-argent moon.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Visceral: a triggering, instinctive emotional response.
Zywa Dec 2023
My nose in the cat,

the fur smells lovely, like a --

freshly steamed blanket.
Novel "De gebeurtenis" ("The event", 2022, Peter Terrin), chapter Anna #5

Collection "Skin-contact"
neth jones Dec 2023
the cat inhabits the kitchen chair
  glibly being   a warm and spread pat
as my seat is taken      i am stood
  weight shifting   between pained legs
    taking in my breakfast   like medicine
chumming it down
  addressing none of its flavours or ‘mouthfeel’

a man passes the window
uncreased  in a deceased business suit
yet   bunched into himself under a brolly

it's not raining
      but   it was  most-likely  forecast on his cellphone

strange human behaviour…

i note my own
and remove the somnolent cat
to take my seat at the table
theres's me
in battle against my own healthy design
no way to approach a day
iffy from  laborious digestion
Savio Fonseca Nov 2023
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
U stole My Heart, this morning.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Let's watch the Stars burning.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Where did u learn to purr?
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
You're a Kitten fully of fur.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Your Heart, was Once My Home.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Don't in the streets, U Roam.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Who, let the Dogs out?
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Why do U make me Shout?
Unpolished Ink Nov 2023
Today I will hang my Winter curtains
thick and soft as a cat's full belly
December throw your gauntlet
full blast the rain, the wind can roar
they will not step inside my door
for every sound becomes a purr
when I have donned my seasonal fur
Lexi Sep 2023
I’ll say your name and wait for your voice but the answers I get are silence and grief.
Without you my heart will freeze to crystals of the deepest blue;
for you painfully won this game of hide and seek.
I’ve called the last and final, “where are you?”
There will be no more now that you’ve gone somewhere I cannot reach.
I will wait till the day that you and I once again meet. I’m sorry my fur baby. I’ll get through hopefully, if not barely.
I’m putting my 8 year old cat down in 3 days.. My cat was diagnosed with hepatitis and refused his pills. I crushed, watered, shoved, put in food, wrapped him up. Everything. He broke a nail trying to get away from me and I am his person. He was my moms cat but he chose me.
James Rives Sep 2023
the heat of her breath on my arm
as she sleeps is my world, personified.
my sun, and moon, and stars rapidly
expanding beyond the limits
of any love I'd ever believed was mine.
she's sleeping next to me while i write this and her cat is nestled around my ankles. i feel like i finally made it home.
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