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Karly Codr Oct 12
I love thunderstorms
The lightning flashing
The thunder roaring
It's a rhythm that lulls me to sleep
Rather than the sobbing into my pillow.
jasmine wild Oct 4
all we feel is pain
from a society that has torn us apart.
our words ignite thunder,
and our actions burn scars.
our views have altered because of
dreams crushed by stars.
our reality has deadened,
like our once-beautiful hearts.
we dream, we dance, we act, we sing, we write, we draw, we read
all to be someone else and to escape the reality of hell that we live in.
A Frame of Fire rises
Above the Dark Past,
Lands are conquered
By the Man with the Lightning,
The victorious Blaze,
And the yielding Shadow
Kneel, both shrouded
In Robes of Silence,
To the Return
Of the Incorruptible,
And Generous.
A mystical hymn and plain allegory for the recurrence of my own Overman, to be perceived, also, in the relevant terms of Return of Power cosmic-dialectical event. An immortal Heraclitean vigor inheres.
Maja Sep 26
See that flash of light,
white, hot rage
Hear the roaring thunder,
the rattle of a cage
Feel the wind
blow up a storm
Then know the sun,
embrace so warm
Norman Crane Sep 17
The luminous grey undersides of clouds
Travelling a charcoal sky, speak my thoughts aloud
As thunder
                    Reflections of my mind's wandering eye
The smooth hot breath
of summer dances on her skin
A warm metallic fragrance
soaked into her tongue
as electricity pulsed
in the lingering humidity
Rolling embers illuminated
the midnight sky
The still darkness
hummed and sparked
Suffocating the timid
roars of thunder
Denise Uy Sep 8
when thunder strikes,
i hear you in my head.
scared, childlike
while you're lying in bed.

tell me what you need.
warmth, a hug from me?
it was what you let me believe
and i was too blind to see.

you tossed me the next day,
from your bed to the streets.
you said we'd be okay

but i guess you really were lying in bed.
Jack May Sep 2
Have you breathed in spirit?
Have you bathed in Grace?
Do you move to the drum or the thunder?
Do you fulfil your purpose just as the stars, the moon, amazement and wonder?
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