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Dark thunder rages
The wind tears and tugs
Branches may fall
The storm violently thrashes
But the tree stands tall
The tears won’t stop falling.
She has erupted with sadness.
Her chest is aching, and it feels like her heart is breaking.
“Is it possible to die from a broken heart?”
She wonders, as she looks outside her window at the vicious rain and thunder.
George Dec 8
Traffic and thunder in the distance,
it is hard to tell the difference.

Does it matter,
with both so far away?

It does, when the rain gathers,
and its sheet starts at a pace,
making its way to you ...

... closer, closer and closer by the second.

What even Orion cannot out run,
you have no defence.
I have a storm that follows me.
Do you?
Muted lightning flies
Thunder rumbles close behind
Torrents of raindrops
Alex Thiede Dec 6
Sunflowers and roses
A unique pair indeed
And they’ll blossom for you
Whenever you may need
You deserve more than these
A garden of wonder
And a symphony that plays
Like a soothing storm thunder
You’ll shine brighter than these
I know this to be true
And the reason that I say this
Is because I love you

Slime-God Dec 3
***** of thunder,
scent of rain.
Wait for spring
to ease my pain.

Ease yourself,
my addled brain.
Wait for spring,
for sounds of rain.
juliet Nov 20
i am thirsty for
all your blood, milk, and honey
sweet and thirst quenching
like a mosquito
let me seep into your veins
and take everything
you have to offer
thunder rolls above
a sweet death kiss waits for you
trust me, not clickbait
~ i want to feel your love (all of it)
Jaycee Nov 20
Thunder claps before the lightning strikes.
At least it did for me, and I learned
how a storm can be a beautiful thing.

The sprinkling rain
felt like kisses on my cheek.
Flutters came along after,
and swept me off my feet.

Everything felt better in the rain
that flooded past my ankles.
Even if it resulted in a sprain
it was still worthwhile.

The thunder was so vibrant,
I wanted it to last forever.
I thought it would have been nicer,
but the thunder was the tip of the iceberg.

After the thunder was over
I had no time to waste.
I tried dancing alone in the rain
and jumped from puddle to puddle.

It just wasn't the same.

When the lightning struck I was lost,
determined to make things work,
I stood tall on the perilous ground.
I would stay until things cleared out.

I refused to let this time be like all the rest!
I wanted to pass the test with flying colors
but I lost myself trying to impress others.
I was stuck in a downpour for what felt like forever.

I let the lightning strike me
but I made it out alive.
I'm smiling up at the sky, in the sunlight
that's peaking out at me.

A storm is a beautiful thing.
I'm so glad that I can call you my friend. We may not talk every day or every month, but, it makes me happy to see how you're doing. You created a great bundle of memories with me and I can't thank you enough for the lesson you helped me to learn. I'm so glad that you're happy and have made such a beautiful life for yourself. I'm proud that I can look back and know that you're a part of my story. Thank you.
The bamboo forest favors impermanence
Flower petals, thunder, snow flakes
So let the time traveling tourist tell us
We will have something to say about this, later
National Sucide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255. May you walk each step in the garden of resurrection.
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