You left me in the dark
just for me to know
I was in the shadow too.

After all I'm not surprised
I recognize
you must carry on.

Now that the thunder starts
I might let you know
that you could have done better.

I said things I shouldn't
and didn't say other things
that I should have.

I dont know if I feel relieved
or sad in a way that makes me
go to the heart break hotel.
Cece 21h
All I wish for is an everlasting storm,
whose thunder will soothe me to sleep
when people fail to do so,
and startle me at weird moments,
putting a grin on my face.
Lightning that will wake me up,
and pull me out of exhaustion's grasp for a brief moment,
a moment of awe,
and add a sparkle to my eyes when I most need it.
A storm with heavy rain,
adept at hiding tears from prying eyes
and muffling escaped cries
with constant drumming on the roof,
distracting others from my pain.
Rain that cools down blushes and keeps me humble
because damn,
my hair looks awful when it's wet.
Wind that can pick me up
and take me somewhere else, anywhere,
or blow my hair in strange ways to make me laugh, a least.
I want a storm to keep me company,
because sometimes people just won't do.
Listen to 3racha on youtube bc this was supposed to be a sad poem but their music makes me happy so this poem turned out weird and whimsical???
What happened after that?
What happened when all the lights went out in the storm?
Did you feel afraid or did it make you feel reborn?

What happened before?
What happened before your heart knew how it felt?
Did you accept or did you challenge the cards you were dealt?

What happens now?
Because I don't know how I feel
and I can't tell whether this storm is real.

Heartbeats sound like thunder,
dwelling from under,
and now I hate when it rains.
The first break of thunder that strikes our minds
the once drifting eyes now fixed on the sky
as static attracts the rest from our reach
we lay in flashes of dark, just waiting for peace

but as for myself

I rather prefer that violent crashing sound
than the silence which creeps and nightly abounds
"How are you?"
I never thought you'd ask
And honestly
I was kind of hoping you wouldn't
Because I feel like a thunderstorm
Miserable, depressed and in a bad mood
And if you get in my way
You will feel my lighting glazed rage
JAC Aug 7
The rain makes a warm rattling sound
on the window, like a teenage fling
sneaking in after climbing the maple
while your parents slept rooms away

the thunder is far enough away
that it sounds like a muffled sigh
from a half-asleep lover on your shoulder
mixed with the remnants of your dream

lightning, then, which should come first
flashes you out of your memories
and into the moment, your dark room
where you lay awake thinking of love.
I love storms.
Fxrz Ramirez Aug 5
Come away with me as we give into our intense passion that consumes us like a storm of euphoric bliss
A rush of a new thrill
A lustful entanglement
Like a rain drop falling into a rushing cascade that then trails along, like fingers tracing on skin
Bliss, a bitten lip kiss
We tumble togther caught in an incessant thrust of powerful tempest winds, no holding back
Lost in eachother, like crashing lightning lost in the thunderclouds
reality is funny
allowing our minds to swim
into storms of our dreams
just to shake our hearts
with thunder

our Love starts to flow
bursting from under
all we could have been
with them

and as soon as we begin
to summon our whim
it’s pulled out from under
our feet

and it feels like it all
could be falling apart
in the ocean they left
that keeps rimming
our heart

but then we remember
that we have a choice
an option to own
in the depths of
our bones

that we don’t have to drown
in the leftover uncertainty
that we don’t have to sink
in the unknown
they loaned

because we were gifted
our own four limbs
and born with the skin
to swim out
I watch the same sunset,
Searching sirens in forgotten
Seas casting cruelty in exile,
For the sun seamstress is
For healing, stitching, not
Wounding, wearing, never
Troubling to be wearisome.

Her needles are purple,
Prized, imprisoned until the
Nights nebula screams scarlet
In a sunlight that may cast
Fright, but I take delight in
The deadly dance tonight,
Tomorrow, without sorrow.

The flash is fearsome, but
The shout is surrounding,
Cracking crevices and cures
Silence with voice, a violence
Only the tremor tongue knows,
But vows partnership to the
Party, true companionship.

You watch the same sunset,
Dublin to Dundee; no flag to
Fraternity other than the
Evergreen eternity such light
Boasts, beauty in birchwood,
Stood side to side with our withering pride, to leave us -
Here is another of my favourite poems that I have wrote in the last few days, although I fear I'm going through a very bad time at the moment.
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