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Blinding flashes of lightning
Deafening claps of thunder
Unflinching, mushrooms sprout in my backyard
c 4d
The anguished aching
Inside my soul

The breaking blows
Within my heart

The rolling thunder
Throughout my brain

My heavy heart
Let me be.
Danneli Oct 11
I'm like a rose of softened white
With sweetened salmon tip
A stem of green that stretches long
And a lovely thorn to nick

You're a storm of frightening beauty
That I fear will pass from sight
Your lightning strikes and shows my face
As I gaze upon your might

You rule all else and raise me up
As I reflect your light
But your turmoil reigns and so your power
In the wind is lost and dried

And so you cry, and I catch your tears
But I'm crushed and stolen away
Take your revenge but do move on
Do not grieve for a flower of pain.
Du du du...
Zandrew Oct 8
I don't want a shoulder to cry on anymore.
I want to tie my shoes and sprint forward, bounding, leaping towards my goals.
I will make every step with confidence.
I will run straight through every wall, every obstacle, every barrier set in my path.
Nothing will stop me, cause I am the Storm.
And with the speed of lightning and the raging boom of thunder, I won't be stopped.
Gemma Davies Sep 23
I see a flash of lightning,
Sounds of clouds humming.
I hear a boom of thunder,
Another storm is coming.

The rain hits the windows,
The puddles begin to form.
Clouds are getting darker,
But it's just another storm.

The sky is painted black,
The clouds move and swarm.
Raindrops smash the ground,
But it's just another storm.

The booms of thunder fade,
The black clouds turn grey.
It's all coming to an end,
The storm is fading away.

Storms will come and go,
Some big and some small.
You're brave, you're strong,
You can face them all.
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
Blade Maiden Sep 22

In awe of nature
high on its vigor
Shadows dancing through
dark forests of my mind
thunder breaks open the sky
lightning pours down from the heavens
with relieving sigh

I am struck down
by creational forces
the only *** I need
cause she is none
Nature won't bow
there's no need
just go
run with its wild horses
Stop fearing
what was yours from the day
you were put in this earth
just like a seed

All is one
I am one and
I am all
I feel the storm
raging on
Inside me and
all around
Hold onto the winds
for I am bound
to this chance of living
and I am not afraid
of what nature is giving

This macrocosm
this moving world
the ground on which I'm standing
There's nothing in pain
no being can harm you
all will be overgrown
all enemies will eventually be slain
There's no need to hide
your darkness or your light

No, I promise, I won't
I won't be terrified
George Krokos Sep 22
You are in the thunder and in the lightning
it seems at times You’re so very frightening.
And if sometimes by nature we get scared out of our wit
it’s a way You have to remind us by Thy grace to submit.
From "The Quatrains"  ongoing writings since the early '90's
Oscar Sep 21
it's wanting the storm to end,
while watching it through your kitchen window
and hoping that it keeps raining
because the world stops for a few seconds
when you see the lightning shine through the glass
and you hear the thunder above your head.
the gray clouds seem to light up,
the sky is much prettier
than when it's blue but then
it goes back to what it was before;
just water and a dark sky
it's all in my head
Piku Sep 18
i was nervous and my hands were turning cold
thunder and lightening striking bold
you were waiting for me outside
while i'm stuck with a hold
you were dripping wet
i wanted to bring you under my fold
that's when i saw the love of my life
outside my home, wet and cold.
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