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Elizz May 28
I've met my maker
The thin blue lines
That hold space on paper

Have busted
All bestowed
By the figure occupying the chair in front of me

Starred drops of laughter
And sea scented smiles
Wrapped and bound

By flesh blood and ligaments
I smile
Writers Block

Is what I've taken to calling him
But Tyler is a lot shorter
One week left of school... And then less than a year of school left
A little girl
has two apples in her hands.
"Can I have one, sweetie?" her mother
asked. The girl looked at the two apples
in her hands and took a bite out of both
of them. The mother tried to hide her
disappointment of what her daughter
had just done. The little girl looks
up at her mother and hands
her one of the apples.

"Here mommy,"
she says,
"This one is sweeter
Sometimes things are not the way they look. Don't judge by what you see just on the outside.
Isaac Aug 2018
if you could skip to the day
your dreams are finally true
would you be glad and say
i finally made it through
you would not say that
because you would know
you didn't have to combat
any struggles or undergo
the challenges that came
they connect you with mankind
you would quickly feel the shame
of missing the joy that can bind
your heart with other hearts
our battles join us as one
missing out on those parts
no great memories would be won
you would know you are a fake
and victory would lose its meaning
realizing skipping was a mistake
not as wonderful as it was seeming
be content living day by day
moments are sweeter than you realize
scooting passed time's natural way
is not as good as you may idealize
Written 23 August 2018
hannah Apr 2018
One day she asked "How come we always choose poison over water?"
"The kind that takes our lives without a second thought"
  "The kind of poison that will be the death of us"
And then he said " Because it's sweeter."
Elioinai Sep 2016
our minds spin off on their own little threads
run away to make their own sense
since I took this blue
I think my picture must be true
but I'll wait to see if it comes
cause the fake gold is my own and it usually knots
About which we love to dream
constructing our own little covers
Turn laughing to see what the Real has brought us
So different
So similar
So perfect and fine in the loveliest ways
what I wove would never have fit me
But You do
You are a surprise to me, what I pictured but what never imagined as well. You are more than I thought possible, your heart and mind are so much larger. It never entered my mind someone as amazing as you would love me.
Lvice Sep 2016
Just like the finest wine
Just like you
The finest things age sweeter
And become better with each day
Adelle Stone Aug 2016
When everything goes wrong
Just makes the time when
Everything goes right
That much sweeter
AIA Mar 2016
I swear, your lips is sweeter than this bottle.
Candice Aug 2015
they say that 'what ifs' are the most painful one
but for me, it's my signal for me to try again
to try the things I haven't done yet
or the things I have tried.

I asked myself
what if I'll love you again?
will it be the same love as before
or will it be sweeter than the first time we fall?

I asked myself
what if I'll love you again?
will you give me the same love like before
or will you turn your back and give me nothing at all?
What if I'll love you again? Will you still love me back or nah?
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