V 4h

Recall the past
Refill the glass
Relive his lust
Regret his touch
Return to life
Remember strife
Regain your loss
Retrain your thoughts
Release all stress
Redeem all left

Reveal the fear...

Recall the past
Refill the glass
Remember life
Regret all strife
Regain your drink
Realize; rethink...

Recall the past
Spill out the glass
Think of his lust
Hold back his touch
Make most of life
Be rid of strife
Though full of loss
Think happy thoughts
Always battle the stress
But have some hope left

And no longer hold fear

I am no longer a slave to fear,
I suffered and struggled,
but all was lefted higher
when I let you cary me
through the fire.

I gathered my well
I built my wall’s stronger
all in your name,
I gave you all of my strife
and excepted my life.

I lived as life pushed on
harder, as is your well
and your desire.

You gave me kindling
to build my fire,
allowing my flame
to grow higher.

I have just one desire,
to live for you
and grow until
I can’t grow any higher.

You are my hope and dreams,
you bring me to my knees,
not in vain but for
strangth and exceptance.


© 2017 By Amanda Shelton

A prayer and poem I wrote awhile ago but never shared. I thought I should because there might be someone who needs to read it for strength. I survived through everything I have suffered because of God. Once I lifted up all my strife life got easier. I never could get through it alone.
Vexren4000 Oct 11

Sir, Can you spare some change?
To homeless man inquired,
To that,
No, I would say,
Work your way in life,
And do not live a life,
Where you have to beg another man,
For something, you do not even need,
To survive,
In defiance of me,
Again he responds,
Sir, Can you spare some change?
Again I sternly state No.
Work your way in life,
Survive on your own.


Vexren4000 Oct 3

The strife,
Handed on silver platters by life,
By boatload,
Or Semi Truck,
The strife of life,
Will age a person,
Into dust.



In the United States,
We are not yet familiar
With a Total State of chaos and confusion.
We have a Violent History,
But we don't anticipate
The type of Collapse that has crippled other nations
'Cause it just hasn't happened

Listen; do you hear my silent sighs?
As our skin touches, I shiver, bringing me to unreachable heights.
Verses of my affection, this is what I create
In nights like these, I am a poet believing in love and fate.
Darling, I did not realize this before
Unaware of my feelings; but now I have loved you even more.
Beyond this strife, tell me everything would be all right
Show me the way, come my love, together we will fight.

— ibcn

Chan S Aug 16

I apologize for blaming you.
Because I can only blame myself
You see, all along it's been me.
Me allowing you to treat me the way you've been treating me.
Me allowing you to take my voice away.
Me allowing you to touch me in the ways I did not appreciate.
Me allowing you to hurt me with your actions.
I should've spoken up, used my voice long time ago.
Then you would've known my words now, are not for show.

I apologize for crediting you for my life's work,
Because I can only credit myself.
For all my pains in all my life.
For all my claims and all my strife.
For all my "shames" others call trife'lin.
You see, all along it's been me.
I should've spoken up, used my voice long time ago.
Then you would've known my words now, are not for show.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.
Tony Ortiz Aug 5

There's so many crossroads I can take,
But I'm stuck in my coffin,
Waiting for the stake.
When the moonrise comes, I hit the town,
Looking for something to make me forget I'm down.
The vampires back and he's learned how to bite,
And honestly this last week, I've been itching for a fight.
I know I can't because it wouldn't be right,
I've got a kid at home who rises with lights,
Those glowing sunbeams that fire from his eyes.
Similar sunbeams used to feed me with lies.
I'm surprised when it's quiet,
Quite frankly I'm afraid,
Because I think about when I last got paid.
The shoelace is frayed; fried, what's the difference?
Now why lie? What do you have to lose?
Your fucking right eye?
Walking down the street like,
"I wish I was that guy.
Or him, or her, or even that kid,
Hell, I'll be anybody to forget what I did,
I'd bid my soul at a new body auction,
For just a week without my constant exhaustion."
I'm tired; My eyes are baggy,
But can't sleep because his diapers saggy.
I feel like I'm in a game of freeze tag,
But no one is tagging the kid that's sad.
I get close to what I need and feel satisfied,
And make the people I'm with feel ungratified,
It's injustice; unjustifiable,
People say I'm good, but that doesn't mean reliable,
It's viable that maybe I'm invisible,
But me and my son are one; We're indivisible.
It's confusing to think how I made it this far,
But the highlight was honestly one beer in the bar,
With my dad at my side, genuinely happy,
But the mood I constantly had was absolutely crappy.
I don't know why I just do stuff or why I write,
But I know I only do these things late at night.
I just want to be honest when I say I'm fine,
And not be able to see that extended fine line,
Between compassion and the lies,
The breathing and the sighs,
The bumble-bees from flies.
I wanna be able to love who I am,
But honestly, who really gives a damn?
Who'd show up at the funeral, flowers in hand,
With a good story of laughs while the casket is being manned?
When I grin I flash those fangs,
And sing the song that's sang.
I was told when I was little that all people come from sin,
I hated that dense use of religion;
Many times it caused a change in the mission,
And set the goal farther.
The only goal that hasn't moved is to be a better father,
Than my predecessor.
To be a better dad and his successor,
But as time goes on I feel like he's the professor.
He teaches me what not to do with my life,
And lies about spending time together, which causes strife.
I drain the happiness and energy from all,
Hoping that my energy doesn't stall.
Eventually the whispering question rattles again,
Leaving me asking one thing:
When will it end?
This question burns my skull with fire,
But I guess that's a day in the life of,
The Family Vampire.

I needed to vent. Sorry my descriptions have been getting shorter, been going through some shit lately.
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