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sushii Aug 24
I am in a room filled with light.
With no more life,
I have my fair share of strife.

The light blinds me,
And I feel all the terrible eyes upon me.

I am naked and vulnerable,
Sitting without defense;
A crumpled wad of paper
Is the shape of my stance.

A tear streaking my face,
I have not gotten the chance to find my place.

But then you come out of the light,
Your black cloak being the only thing I can see.

You kneel down next to me,
And your eyes find where I bleed.

And before I know it,
Your cloak engulfs me,
Your arms steeling me,
Just when I think I might fall into an eternal sleep.

You bandage the wound
That I was unable to see.

And you carry me,
All the way through the deep sea,
Which now seems so shallow to me.

With nothing to fear
When you are near,
I fall into a deep sleep.

And when I wake,

You are right next to me.
Christopher Aug 18
You know a lot can be said about our beloved clouds
Seeing high, above the sky
Where planes and birds soar high.
And limits can be going higher everything time.

Even brains and faces are stuck up there.
Of course it's expected to seem them up there in nowhere.

Even we can be covered by God's beautiful gifts.
Saying it's doesn't harm us one bit.

And where I'm nowhere to judge how our clouds can help ease us through the darkest of times, with it's easing aroma,
It's hard to see a brighter side to the mind that can't go on and lights up the sky to to help him see life pass by for 2 hours so sorry I couldn't be the guy to secure you from the harsh crimes life wants to throw at you from front and behind...

Sorry, I got lost in the clouds so if you can excuse me...
Time to get back to reality
Supporter but not a fan. It's hurts to see them caught up there but I can't do much... Sometimes I just wanna get there to not care cause I'm sick of trying to be there when someone needs a care...
Nomkhumbulwa Aug 10
"I Have No Sympathy"

Some of us want to escape,
To escape the constant pain;
Others...they do not...
They escape to avoid the blame.

I have read these things,
For I must know;
But as for having sympathy -
That is well and truly "no".

You did this to escape
The blame and shame you deserved;
You broke your family and us,
For we never got what we deserved.

You knew full well the fate you would meet
and instead of facing us -
You put a rope around your neck
....and jumped off a seat.

Your family deserve sympathy of course,
but you showed zero remorse,
You did this to them,
And you did this to us.

Some will continue to blame us
For your premature death;
But you are the one who took your life -
leaving us not "fixed" but with more strife.

If I am evil then so be it,
I have no sympathy, not even a bit;
So evil we may be seen,
You left us with more shit.

You knew full well
that justice would have been ours;
You knew full well,
that this had gone way too far.

Nobody knows how many you harmed
but with your death you did so much more;
You escaped justice,....
....selfish to the core.

None of us are stupid,
yet we deal with ignorance;
A victim blaming culture
with no common sense.

You are dead and gone,
You've no need to worry;
But your victims left behind
- we wont forget in a hurry.

You knew you were guilty,
You know you have no choice;
So you left us to deal with
the mess you had caused.

I have many emotions,
but sympathy for you is not one;
We live with it daily....
....but as for you...you're gone.

"Suicide is not a sign of weakness"
so we hear people say;
Well I and others beg to differ -
you were too weak to let us have our say.

I have no sympathy,
and yes that may make me cruel.
But you hung yourself for a REASON,
And NONE of us ...are fools.
Apologies....this one should come with a Government Health Warning :(
V Exeter Jul 29
Every night
I sit & hate my life
Watching movies on the couch.
Then, suddenly,
I get bit by hungry fleas,
like I'm a capri-sun pouch.
Abstracted verse is great at first,
and I've had a decent run, but
the fun's run out and the borrowed words
keep me bound to certain terms.
I've served my sentence to sentences
like a good sport would, and now
I want to perform like a person would,
not a monkey.

Rules of writing? Sure, sweetie.
Navigate that gauntlet all you want.
This is a different place and a different time.
You don't get a team of three other friends to help you win.
This is real life.

You have no friends. They all just want to eat your food,
& talk about themselves. Which is exactly what I'd do, given the opportunity. Free food, and undivided attention? I'll stand in that line. This is what happens when you open yourself up to people with bad childhoods. You get to sift through foundational fallout with a person who's never, with their honesty, captured an open ear. Maybe the last time they were honest was when they were a child.

& you just keep doing it, indulging them, over & over, because, [[gasp]], you also had a bad childhood. And as you open your heart to more people like yourself, you're increasing the odds that conversation with your kindred shall set you free. But as you're paying attention & computing, you're learning, wow, it's, just. Not true.

Congratulations to myself for all the wasted time.
Time spent on others like me, just waiting to evolve.
Living in the past and present confabulations,
trying their hardest just to maintain the pipes.
Manauwer Raza Jun 13
the sky overhead
turned red
as if, there was a sign
for a storm to come by
and may be
the early breeze
was just a comfort
to reach out to you
to make you realize
the things you are to endure
is better, if you kept the breeze
in your mind and soul...
Bryce May 27
Return late at night
34mph on the gangway
Decimated and tired
rotated and unstoppable

When I come back around the cul-de-sac
the green candle shines my return
Flag hangs big and ogreish
Waiting for something more

I replaced my turntable
Black and wood on wood desk
Grains matched unintentionally

On one speaker I placed my snowglobe
Big Ben tall and wide
Snow stirs when I play

On the other The Capitol
Big heavy white dome
Smaller and wider but still just as lost
Blizzard of turning particle

What mood do i turn to?
Daft and electronic
Queen of hearts and misery
Dance of mad villainy?

33.333333 repeating
An album cover to cover
slip safely in between
read the inherent vibrative tone
glide my eaten fingernail
And sing the songs through my teeth

33.33333 repeating
Songs forever maintained
Never compressed, just expressed
Saved into physical form

33.3333 repeating
Round and round Fibonacci of doom
Spiral totally in control
There is another side to this story I never knew

33.333 repeating
They were going to make movies on vinyl screens
with vinyl tape and vinyl face
Then we got cable

33.33 repeating
Mesmerized by the glide of the needle
softer than a lover's touch
sharper than an atomic clock

33.3 repeating
It will be time to flip sides
Soon I will know no evil
Only the darker satellite

33 repeating
I repeat:
Listen closely and find the spot

Queue it up and fall apart
Gangsters got few friends and more fiends.

Such is the nature of life.

It's rare for a gangster to find someone to confide in.

In the streets, no place for confidence.

Not a trace of the rare innocence.

''Innocence is nonsense, in the streets''

Alliances forged on territorial expedience.

Trust will give you a deadly experience

I survived one madly in all my existence

Only vagabonds and tyrants not saints

Make it here

You watch my back

I watch yours

Till comes time to shoot you in the back

Talk about family....

Your family is the one who takes the bullet for you.

Either dead or wounded alive trust such.

Owe nothing to none and walk without fear.

No justice from the police

Just another authorized gang of enemies

Who don't hesitate to shoot.

So we shoot before they do.

Get caught, if you lucky in prison you will rot.

If not, they will give the electric chair

Life is only fair

Only serves you what you deserve

Pull the trigger first or face the grim ripper first

Death is an invited guest

It's what we use to live

What we all shall use to leave

Live by the bullet

'Shall die by the bullet

Just staying alive today

Only to die someday

My life feeds on blood

My tears are wiped by death

My fears are calmed by death

At the end it will be my death

I won't miss the earth

But I will miss the streets

Guns and ammunition

My way of retribution

In the face of intimidation

Those who intrude can end up dead

In case you didn't know

We ain't rude just avoiding the death bed

It's an insatiable thirst for power

Will do anything to quench it.

If you shoot a man

Make sure he is dead

Or he will return

Saying he rose from the dead

Shoot him in the head

Between the eyes.

To seal his fate

Avoid the deadly surprise.

To be cont'd...
An old poem of mine. Thought I should share it here.
Sarah Levene May 24
Was never a stranger of mine
Before I met you
And Is no longer a stranger of mine again
Whenever I am not with you
Who knew
That shed come back for me
When you have yours turned to mine
Yes, I know you’re only sleeping
But my mind can’t help but to wonder where you’ve gone
If you’ve wandered off to somewhere,
Better than I
I will not cry over my loss of your touch
I will only lament my heart’s feeling of fullness when I feel your hand on mine
Because without it,
I can’t help but consider why it isn’t there
Only to find 12 hours later to be in your grasp once again.
My dear lover,
Where have you been?
My thoughts have been racing,
And my heart’s been akin
To a post apocalyptic wasteland
Devoid of all life.
But, never mind my temporary strife
Because with my palm feeling your heart’s beat,
And my lips feeling your warmth
I know no one’s torn you away from me
And that sleep
Is the only thing
Keeping us apart.
Bryan has insomnia, and is always the one left alone when I fall asleep on him. I now know how it feels, and the loneliness is killing me. After spending this past Friday-Tuesday in his arms, i want nothing more than to be in them once again.
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