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Hello Daisies Jan 24
Shadowed ghosts
Haunting my mornings
Draining ghouls
Sneaking in my window

Trapped in my head
I can't scream
Monsters sit on me
Filling me with dread

Iced over in fear
Sweating hot in exhaustion
My mind sleeps
My body weeps

Hello dear spirit
Why are you singing
Your tune frightens me
Can you please let me free

You appear as a young boy
Where is your face, child
Why are my eyes leaking
Everytime i close them

Are you here to haunt
Or do you miss me
Uhm having a bad day and bad dreams
United We Stand
Divided... We Have Fallen
Balance is the Key To a Better Way....
So why isn't the Balancing beam being set up....for a success and a brighter day?
A Volcano of lies
Lava Scolds the Truthful and the Innocent
Sitting on our hands
We merely die like lost sea creatures boiling on the sands..
Of life's Symbiont energies peacefully brimming with  healing purpose and fluid intelligence to heal our Misguided people from destruction..
The Oceans push their waters .. harder then harder
As the Gods of Fortune, Health, and Care..
Buddha's tears fill a great portion of the ocean.. devotion...
We must stop and bath in these of nature,,,
End the senseless ignorance and violence,,,
Becoming who we know we can be..
Gentle creatures over-flowing with gleaming gifts of solution and equal distribution of rights and softer tolerance.
Until the Volcano is put to sleep with truth's song...
Until the destruction of a great world comes...
At the rate and on the road on which we have traveled, wrongly, down...
The time until the Vengeance of our Angry and Devine Creator, upon us, his wrath shall be seen quickly and deeply strong.
We, as a free and gifted world, should united and see the gifts of our creator signaled to end the suffering of ignorance. Self made unneeded trials.  Not just in government and this "migration violence" "drug dilemma" the world is a beautiful place..if we unite and work, listen, and care as one. Together.
Bridge Building
We dug in the mud we used sticks
When we found bits of wreckage I was happy
When I heard the soldiers talk of ghosts I was in disbelief
When I realized I was here by fate I was fine
When I knew my Goddess guided me I was chilled
When my Hello Kitty tumbler fell I knew
When we knew this was the spot I cried
When we found a bit of bone I was elated
When I knew we had succeeded I was a girl
When I knew the big wigs had failed I smirked
When I hear it’s true what we found I’ll believe
When I hear that we found Lt Stone I’ll drink
When I drink in memory of Stone I’ll invite him
When I drink with Stone I’ll invite Kurosawa
When we all drink together we will all smile
And say how silly mad bad sad war is
But how cool aeroplanes are
Then we will all be fine
And laugh and enjoy our destiny
For we have all lived
And walked this green land
And flown in its blue skies
hazem al jaber Dec 2018
Eye's spirits ...

the language of eye ...
is always clear ...
reveal  and shown ...
about the eye ...
and it's own ...
as the rainbow ...
in the sky  ...
but ...
the language of wordless ...
it's the heart ...
it's hidden ...
no one knows ...
about what you hide there ...
there so deep in your heart ...
it's warm feelings ...
it's the hearts is pathetic ..
no one can see ...
but most can feel ...
how sad you are ...

and only ...
the language of spirit ...
no one can understand ...
only special ones ...
whom have a flying soul ...
with my longs and love ...
to whom they love and feel ...

sweetheart ...
here are ...
my eyes...
my heart ...
and my soul ..
which it now ...
flying after you ...
to live there deep ...
within your spirit ...

hazem al ..
Temporal Fugue Dec 2018
I've seen the shadows
in things that're not there
not deep, but not shallow
not sane, and not fair

Like an admission
and a slight deja vu
supernatural premonitions
not false, but then again, not true

More it's a feeling
not so much what's been seen
mind and soul reeling
a nightmare?
or possibly
a dream?
No, not ghosts, something else :\
Can't put a finger on it though.....
Evelyn Smith Dec 2018
There's a small temple in this forest where humans no longer send their prayers.
There's a small temple in this forest where a spirit lives, once praised constantly for its existence but now no one bothers to care.
There's a small temple somewhere in this forest it's just become hard to find.
It is my home, but everyone has forgot.

I am wandering aimlessly, constantly,
I am spirit which was never put to rest.
I am searching for something but even I don't know what it is.
I am never allowed to sleep, I am never allowed to stop.
I am forced by a supernatural folklore to walk until I'm found.

But it feels like I've been walking for an eternity.
People around me have been born, loved and passed,
All in the time I've circled this forest and made an imprint in the grass.

Following the same route everyday,
I no longer bother to open my eyes.
Forever following the path of my old footprints,
They said I'd find my peace around here somewhere,
But it seems impossible to find.

Once loved by many I was the spirit of compassion and empathy.
Visited and appreciated everyday by those who cared for my existence.
When I poured my feelings into others I passed my emotions onto them.
Maybe I tried a little too hard because I never got mine back.

No one visits anymore.
I'm bitter, short-tempered and unsettled.
I'm quick to snap and share spiteful words to those looking for solace.
I tell them solidarity is a lie and their emptiness will live with them forever.

Everyone admired that I used to speak from experience.
Though I wear a mask, I do not hide behind a facade.
Once a spirit of hope and enthusiasm.
They now title me the pessimistic one.

There's a small temple in this forest, it hasn't been praised in years.
A demon lives inside and she will only present you sorrow and tears.

There's a small temple in this forest and its slowly crumbling down.
Left lost in the overgrowth, the spirit grows weaker as the years pass.
Jurtin Albine Nov 2018
What is it that you see deep within me?
What fluttering thoughts land with meeting eyes?
What varies between what's been and could be?
When we live so thinly on worldly ties

As you gaze out your spirits window pane
Intimacy takes place in history
Do all these feelings know when to remain?
What is left aft the death of mystery?

A shadow cries beads of blackened lost flecks
Translucent puddles form into nothing
A storm looks within itself and reflects
On how the sun rose it to its brewing

And when I see you, you become my sight
There's no il only courage, will, and might
Toxic yeti Nov 2018
I am a lost soul
A wayward ghost
Stalking the streets on Halloween
Looking for my lover
From a past life
Who promised we would be together
I do this every year.
But I am living a this earth bound
Curse in my head
I am beginning to forget
Your Buddha like face
So gently
So kind
So compassionate.
I am ******* up emotionally
The universe playing mind games
Every Halloween.
Our love was beautiful
Our love was my enlightenment
I have neither the present, past nor future
How can I cure
Myself of this emotional curse
Of this mental damnation.
Glen Brady Nov 2018
The snow like
herons alighting
on bridged pools;

and wand-like,
the crystalline air
makes the eye

see spirits,
dressed everyone in
feath'ry clothes.

Glen Brady
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Scented spice hill wind,
Explodes on the night of light;
Spirits merge, sparkle!
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