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pardon me, my memory is blurred
do not scrutinise my every word
it was late in the night
a memory in black and white

the house was quiet
neighbourhood silent
only my mumbling could be heard
and my speech was slurred

I saw shadows drifting
my telephone began ringing
when rushed to attend the call
I do not have a telephone I recalled

peeked at the reflection in the shelf
to my horror, I saw me chasing myself
looked at myself in the mirror
saw a ghostly ghoul getting closer

ran to my bedroom and bolted the door
from all the crying, my eyes were sore
wondered if this was a dream or was I dead
I turned around to find myself lying in the bed

a one-eyed monster devoured my flesh and blood
I screamed until on the door there was a thud
petrified I hid under the bed feeling trapped
sensed a hand on my neck, my neck was snapped

I opened my eyes and I was a part of the crew
it is now time, we are coming to get you.
Lil lotus Nov 10
Blue is spirit and bright
The color and light
Of a wisp
Seeking through the night

Green is life and Joy
The color
Of summer time trees
The smile when you play with a toy

Yellow is the light of the night
Caring and pure
Helps anyone without a fight
They will be be your light

Black is dark but strong
More fragile then portrayed
but do not think them wrong
They still know love
But with the help of another
To light their way

Red is the sweetness of cherries
They will stay by your side
Their heart as pretty as daises
They love more pure then any other color
Just the sight of theirs or another pain
can make their eyes rain

Orange has the spirit of fire
Much like black and yellow
They will light you through the darkness
Until their fire burns out
Then they need a friend
To help them be free
And be the light they used to be

White i think the most confusing
Their hard to see
But When you see them
Their as special as anyone can be
Their quiet but always outspoken

Purple the color of a cats eyes
So watchful and careful
Ever so wise
Dont under estimate this beautiful soul
For it can go out of control
Emotions so strong but held by a string
They might need a friend
To help them find their wings
These are the colors of the souls
Whats the color of your soul?
Ormond Oct 31
Rain fell in commotions—
The birds would have none of it,
The moon bellowed in ghostly white,
Faced in the sprite, ringing indifference
Of low fading stars, trees in posted dark
Scratched the grasslands of the fallen
Firmaments and the small creatures
That are holed up in days, scurried
With the creep of night and moan
Of oceans slide, mangled clouds
Clutched the murky burn of sky
And smallish eyes everywhen
Shuddered in the frosts
Of a shuttering rose.
From Wikipedia:
Samhain Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the "darker half" of the year. Traditionally, it is celebrated from 31 October to 1 November, as the Celtic day began and ended at sunset. This is about halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. It is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals, along with Imbolc, Bealtaine and Lughnasadh. Historically, it was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Similar festivals are held at the same time of year in other Celtic lands.
King Oct 31
Finger tips, so freshly pricked
The blood, drips so sweet
Dark red, falls and stained
The socks, covering my feet

Finger tips, covered in red
The blood, flows so fast
Dark red, stains the dead
My shirt, torn across my chest

The night has only begun
As the moonlight showers
So does my everlasting fun

Chaotic energy
Demonic Clergy
Sweet sun falls
While spirits rise

Dancing, prancing, gallivanting
Underneath the sweetness of a dark moon
Such a delectable array of freedom, yet it ends so soon

Sun rise, ruins our freedom
Tomorrows day, drags us back
A year, we wait bleeding
My chest, still dripping red

Sun rise, the end of holiday
Tomorrows day, I lay lifeless
A year, we repeat the ritual
My chest, healed by my king
Acina Joy Oct 27
Their eyes meet, and out from their lips comes the sounds of stuttered words, fingers unsure, eyes searching, hearts feeling visions that race through their minds. It’s as if this moment was paramount, even though faded memories only led to the time of now. They do no think. They only feel. Their cracked, papery lips never felt drier than before, but as if prompted by a spirit that harboured the edges of their souls, words tumbled out into a thin, fine stream—as if practised through aeons, and memorised by their immortal spirits, eternal in finite bodies, and ingrained within their tired minds, they say, “I’ve seen this before.”

And only their spirits know if it is true.
Lil lotus Oct 16
Unicorns blood tastes of cream

Dragon scales bright and green

Trolls are small but they are mighty

Witches as far as our eyes can see

Dolls are pretty but they will ****

Vampires bite and all by will

Spirits come at the rise of night

       The Shadows come at the flick of a light
I wrote this a while ago, But its perfect timing!
Favorite holiday needs its own poem =)
Mr Uncanny Oct 10
It was said once that all humans look to form a connection
This connection can be in physical or spiritual
Sometimes the connection we make can be severed fairly quickly
While others become meaningful and everlasting

We look in search for someone to understand us
Sometimes that someone is a stranger that you have never met
Is this normal?
Is this strange?
Is it weird that for some reason that connection just feels right?

The world may never know
Sometimes we ask ourselves
If we were to pass each other on the street
Would we even engage in conversation?
Would we even acknowledge?

Out there is a kindred spirit calling out to us
Just as your spirit maybe calling out to them
They call at the strangest in time to have a relationship
Just to be able to have that key element in relationship, to relate

We are always in search for someone to lean on
Even if we are not ready to let someone in
It is the idea that we have the opportunity to open up
Little by little, time after time

Simple communications
Reaching out to touch someone
Verbally, visually, or spiritually
The simple fact is we all long for a connection

Every time we attempt to connect
It is a fearful experience
What is more fearful?
Is when we cannot understand the connection?

Why am I so comfortable?
What is going on between us?
Where is this going?
And mostly what does it all mean?

Honestly right now those questions do not matter
Only the here and now does
The connection between us
The wondering if they are thinking about you
Like you are thinking of them

Wondering how is their day going?
And when will we talk next?
What are we going to share today?
How can I keep calm, when I am so afraid?

Many questions arise from the interaction
But the reality and reaction is that
We have found a kindred spirit
Who we also call our friend

It may be possible we may never met
This does not mean we won't be there for each other
It may be unclear on what will happen
But it would be a great journey
To maybe one day meet my friend
Sara Kellie Oct 9
Religion is Recruiting for
Customer Complaints.
Where is my ***, the disciples
and all the absent saints?
The time I have invested
sitting in your church.
This wasn't in your advert,
you've left me in the lurch.
I'm asking for a refund,
you've years to reimburse
and then there is the funeral,
the flowers and the hearse.

I've sat on your pew,
spent time praying to you
and now that I'm dead,
I'm unsure what to do.
I should have known better,
you never replied.
Yet I kept the faith
until the day that I died.

Now I queue to complain,
I must be ******' insane!
you don't even exist!

Poetry by Kaydee.
On the first day, man created ***.
Kayla mayla Oct 2
Its been 4 years
still waiting for you
how did it get so far

i know you cried
but i will never forget you
it broke my heart
when i heard the news
it broke your heart
when you heard the news

you was always there for me
im always here missing you

hearing your voice
makes me cry even more

i saw black birds
they say its a message from the angels.

where are you?
Amy Krencius Oct 2
How can I say, when it all fell away?
When the tethers that bind became weathered and frayed...
When the moments I cherished, the stories I made;
They crumbled beneath me, and drifted away...

The shadows, they came for me, deep in the night;
The darkness devoured all sound and all sight.
As silence embraced me I swore I could hear;
A whisper, a warning - that the end had drawn near...

[though deep in the darkness, I will follow the light;
though chained to the empty, still I revel in life]

From shadows, they slithered (there was ice in my veins);
My dreams - once denied -  now they howled in my face.
The silence that followed, it carried away,
A lie once believed, that my life wouldn't fade.

(I could wait for my moment, there would always be time.
I didn't yet know that the moment's weren't mine.)

She feared me, refusing to look me in the eyes;
(denial) she hid under such clever lies.
As time moved upon her, she could not yet face;
Her days were but flickers, and would be erased..

Though I whispered each day, softly into her ear;
That I followed her close, that the end would draw near;
Still she told herself that there would always be time;
She would wait for her moment, but the moments were mine...

[for all the years wasted,
and all the days lost;
all her dreams unfulfilled;
much too heavy a cost.]

I shunned the whispers, though they followed me close;
Telling me nothing was yet set in stone...
That as long as a breath filled my lungs up with air;
There was still time for living, though none could be spared.

[a print in the sand that would show I was there]

An echo, a whisper, a life rearranged;
A piece left behind so the world would be changed...
Now silence and sorrow are all that I hold,
Where once was a flame, now my heart has grown cold...

So many years wasted, so many days lost,
Broken dreams (unfulfilled), much too heavy a cost.

[into this place where souls come to rest;
in darkness I stood, a trespassing guest.]

The spirits, they lingered, with sorrow to bear.
Where once there was hope, now only despair...

I saw that the darkness, it had swallowed her whole;
And I knew that I must, that I must fill my soul.
I must reach for my dreams, I must grip them so tight;
Before I am silenced, by the infinite night...

Then before my eyes, came blackened wings;
That stole my breath, and all my dreams.
I had wasted my moment, my flickering light,
Was stolen, extinguished, on the blackest of nights..
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