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Monk Taio Kaneta

In everyday life
we sacrifice our need to feel
without even knowing it
quote during his interview on 'Unsolved Mysteries' - Tsunami episode
Crawling up my spine
Creeping by you try
But , I know your here
You wanna be heard
I'm right here
Your so cold
Your crying out
I'm right here
Let me set you free
Release the chains
Release your pain
I'm here , I can help
Let me set you free

© Jennifer L DeLong 10/22/2020
Ghost , help , Can , feel , chills , aware, free,
J J 6d
Mothlet-like owl midges fizzling in and out of the waves
   that shuffle the moon's shed reflection,
hovering and imitating like a wettened rorschach--

with disembodied tiny teeth for feet
suckling from the scurvy gums
where shadows are allowed to be kings.

Kings that observe a godess body that spans the whole sky with ******* made of crinkled ash dripping latex that falls
then cuts into the grass to
                                        spread life--perfection spares no time for the impatient.

Glistening stream,mucky dewlap of the mountain carving a caricature of someone  praying for rain and dreaming of a metamorphoses into ice.

With the night comes tide. Comes time. Comes death. Comes life.

If you were to sit down in one spot
anywhere in the world and not move
for another second of yor life

from there on in--
you would see so much beauty and pain
You'd wonder what you ever did to be

as lucky as you had been.
since the first words fell from the darkness
like a feather in the night
I have entered these pitch black corners
where they wait for me
my curiosity has always outweighed my fear
but these words have been greatly tested of late
a new veil has been lifted
a new test has presented itself
my name spoken
as the spectre hovered above
objects move shortly thereafter
the words 'We get you' from a female
whose voice I have heard before
cuts the silence and tickles my spine

they are not one or two
but many souls
many voices
in a room of great size
they drift in and out
allow me in
and I will tell you
they are truly frightening in their clarity

I have taken some time away
but I am being drawn back
for the flame of curiosity cannot be snuffed
I will enter again
my fear quelled
my desire to know more
burning within
my latest experiences have reached a level that has given me pause
Anais Vionet Sep 15
Some Senryus about
Bestfriends - the kindred spirits
we're lucky to know.

Boys are "whatever,"
but bestfriends are forever.
That's the way it is.

We tell our secret
fantasies - that we exchange
in sworn secrecy.

Bestfriends: the girls you
only stay mad at briefly - 'cause
you've news for them!

A bestfriend would push
you into your crush and yell
"get some!" then run.
bestfriends, teen, kindred spirits
romy Aug 20
morning rush across Flatbush
train tracks back to back
an empty seat, spilt coffee, sweet
locking eyes with strangers, sighs

day after day, mind wanders away
talking to spirits, only response from crickets
think of you in that old shop, tell my mind to stop
wonder if you ever think of me, in those ugly black jeans

tomorrow morning
same train tracks, different soundtrack
My morning commute, what's yours? Where do you work?
Lusen Aug 6
Last night
I saw you once again standing under the willow tree
Staring at the sky
Counting the stars
And after a while
You pick a stone and make it skip on the water.
I just stood
And watched you from a distance
I didn't dare to get closer to you
Cause I was afraid
You would disappear in a blink of an eye
At the end
I did blink
And you disappeared
And I found myself staring at the empty space
Lately I've been seeing things that are not real.
DBE Jul 30
i've lived 10,000 lifetimes to cross your path again
yet in this life we do not belong together
and so i'll wait 10,000 more
you toy with me
distant friend
fingers through my hair
whispers as you dart about
our secret game will remain
our secret
but I must know if you are child or adult
woman or man
past lover in this or an earlier life
reveal to me the answer my spirit
so that you may walk in my dreams
and open the door to both worlds
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