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Syv Elena May 29
I've spoken to my brother
It sure had been a while

I've spoken to my brother
Using cards from a pile

He gave me a little pick me up
He told me I should have more fun

But Mischief and Mayhem were long gone
When the springs of his clock had sprung

He recognized this and came with advice
"The memory of my mighty leap is dead weight in life"

He said so and I replied thus
bro what the ****
when he trolls u even in the afterlife :'3
I awoke as I often do from the depths of sleep
immediate and startled
as if escaping a nightmare
yet the dream is always tranquil
I don't like complete darkness
a slight crack of the door
allowing in a bit of hallway light
is just enough to make out the room
I check the alarm clock and see that it is 3:33
a time often repeated as I am called to consciousness
from peaceful rest
this happens quite often
so often in fact that I keep a recorder bedside
to turn on before returning to sleep

I spot something in the far right corner
two small pale orbs
about a foot off the floor
slowly, almost imperceptibly moving upward
the crack of the door begins to close
there is no light save for the two...
wait...these are not orbs
they are eyes
and they are fixed on me
and they are no longer moving upward
but towards me
ever so slowly...methodically
I vaguely see the outline of it's head
long and narrow with a tapered chin
I cannot only feel, but literally hear my heart pounding
everything becomes intense
the darkness, the quiet, the fear
like a child I bury myself beneath the thick down comforter
and begin to pray
but before I can whisper 'Our Father who art in Heaven...'
I feel the comforter being slowly pulled from just beyond my feet
I manage a weak scream and a final whispered plea before the pounding stops
"Who are you?"

there were no signs of a break-in or struggle
no items taken
yet the police have no explanation
for what they heard on my recorder...
"I am death"
based on actual events - other than the dying part
Zywa Jan 22
Creation: spirits

blowing bodies out of flesh --

and bottling themselves.
"Bomen omsingelen het huis" ("Trees surround the house", 2011, Ellen Deckwitz)

Collection "Unseen"
Jade Wright Jan 17
I am always here
the little girl smiled down
from the oak wardrobe
in his soft silhouette house.
Now pull the covers tighter
CarolineSD Nov 2021
All is quiet and
All is still
And the thick curvature of these hills
Rolls on against a starlit November night.

Spirit boy
Draw me in
Hands gentle as the midnight wind
Caress the contours of my chest
Like earth against my skin

Or flames that lick
And bend.

You are born where mountains begin
And your soul is both stone and sky
And quiet laughter ringing through the infinite galaxies
Of your eyes.

Spirit boy
I can feel
Your heart is beating


And I am pressed against your wildness like a desperate tide

And I will spread and rise and crest and break
Against your hardened precipices like the raging river
Against the rocks.

And when
From the highest perch above the valley
And the untamed horses run

I will grip these sheets and scream

And lose my breath
When you press into me,
Like a heavy mallet
On the sacred drum.
I have known you long and not at all, wild one.
I manage to walk a few miles every 2 or 3 days
in a failing effort to loosen the muscles
and ease the soreness of bad knees and a dissolving spine
we no longer discuss when it will happen
but rather when did it happen
exactly what day did the line go straight and then turn downward
ever so slightly
there is some comfort in having friends with the same affliction

I am pulled back to the Ocean
drawn like an addict to the smell
every group of gulls
riding the shoreline
every hour slowed

I feel energy there
as the Sun lowers
as the children and fisherman return home
as the whispers of those gone before me
are carried by the ocean breeze
old age
my dreams
they are rekindled nightmares
of my most negative bits of life
they move like thick syrup along a cold plate
drawn out slowly with no resolution in sight
bringing me to the edge of madness
and then
I am awakened with a thud
as if I have fallen from the sky

perhaps a mechanism
or some caring soul slapping me into consciousness
to save me from the real dark stuff

I've experienced the other side in many ways
I've been touched
I have also heard the gentle voices of distant souls
allowing me a moment of connection  
I am not quite sure how dreams are intertwined
but I am quite sure that they are
I am not the homeless madman
the lunatic on a boat to nowhere
what do I do with the information I have gathered?
the numbers
the dreams
the sky drops into bed
I'm living a dmt trip
without the dmt
I can tell you what I see
but you can't see
I can tell you what I hear
but you can't hear
I can tell you that a spirit
lives with me
but you will never meet him

I saw it in a movie once
an explanation
I noticed them and they noticed
that I noticed them
so many ways
they reveal themselves
if you could see what I see
perhaps I could find solace
in the knowing
I once had doubts about what I witnessed. This is no longer the case
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