Talia 19h
All my dreams are other people's nightmares
very unrealistic to anyone, but those people always have sex up for sale
because everyone's out having affairs
and true love to them is nothing but a fairytale
but, my biggest dream is finding the love of my life
and all they want and crave is me, and all I crave and need is them
to get married; our souls intertwined into the afterlife
while my head rests on his chest, I sit on his lap and listen to his heart beat like a drum
looking into his eyes would bring me under waves of pure bliss;
he stares back into my eyes peering into my soul
and without thinking as our souls get closer we kiss
our spirits aren't so far away, because I can hear your call
My head was a
Haunted cemetery
Full of dead memories
With crooked
Rotting faces
That never
Rested in peace

The graves were
All dug up
By an old black dog
Interrogating the spirits
With dirty paws
Searching for secrets
It never found
Because the corpses
Claimed not
To have them

God was away
On business
The day all Hell
Broke loose
When the last tomb
Had been emptied
And the dead
Made a pact
With the hound
To drive me
After realizing
The secrets
Were mine
To keep
©James Dennis Casey IV
Escape from captivity pulled off
     when I came of age
boyhood begrudged,
     and bested by brigandage,

but willpower sans declaration
     of independence begot bravery
     against British brutes
     bridging caper (involving collusion)

     to bust loose from cage,
and trappings forcibly to plunder artworks
     and sculpted treasures
     by classical masters

     without causing damage
taught by professional thieves
     requiring minimal equipage
whereat over time footage

sordid memory constantly replayed
     plunder and pillage unwittingly
     fostering getaway
     from hell raising gambits

     planting seed to gauge
optimal instance cut footloose
     cutting dashing Dickensian goniff
     to feign criminal shenanigans
running rampant with militant spunky gangs

     "FAKING" das spies zing
     trumpeting hostage killing
and taking, nonetheless
     swallowing bitter pill

     reeking havoc as honorable image
in order to survive
     within world wide
web of criminals (especially

     an unwelcome foreigner),
     where skills as buccaneer
     really put to test, and tried
maximum lawlessness partaken

     in (dolled up) guise suppressing shied
pitifull looking indigent vagabond
     self away by donning
     "FAKE" whippersnapper
     benefiting getting to sally and ride
always exuding patriotic pride

pleasing ghosts of founding fathers
against their autonomy from
     crown weathering woe be chide
recrimination impossible

     to enforce as bride
of Lady Liberty opened arms for those,
     who made dangerous journey
across avast ocean

     only to confront (whodunit) thuggery
this lifestyle raping, looting,
     and burning WITHOUT choice,
     but guilt aye didst abide.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Retrospective many generations since
     marking birth of a nation
(The United States of America),
     now mecca, sans land of milk and honey
     current president imposed antithetical ration!
Kivanc Jun 28
Demolished man walked to the me,
his short-black hairs were gone already,
I knew just this when I looked intensely.
He asked me a question by whispiring;
and I couldn't answer it, nor I believed.
Question was not a question to answer
like all questions were asked to the him
when he lost himself in danger spirits.
Mother once said to use Sage
To dissipate every deformed stranger
To an incredible ounce of nothingness
I needed it now.
For the silent intruder created unseen footprints
In the aged, varnish-stained floors
He was pale and cloaked
A frequent intruder trampling my mind.
With no restraint, destruction.
I stole father’s lighter
Without his permission, ignoring the consequences
The red-orange embers engulfed the slender herb
Exhaling smoke that encompassed
Every inch of the old room
Tapestry on the walls
Ancient calligraphy pained, stained
As his face appeared to me…(startled)

Fingers weakened, letting go
Letting the sage spread its embers aglow
The tapestry ribbed, shredded,
Beauty destroyed by the good flame.
Doors locked and windows unopened
Just me, in the old room
Two beings died that night.
...a graveyard of all things
across the street of this house I've rented on the beach
a family plot on the opposite end of an empty 3 or 4 acres
this wasn't in the description
but I find nothing more comforting than a few dozen resting souls
while I too rest
I awoke the first morning to a sigh and then another
as clear as if she were laying beside me
and later that day...near dusk
I paid a visit where she rest
and returned with the sounds and images of my new friends
the Austins, the Stowes, the Farrows and the Wades
the blackbirds squawked and jumped from tree to tree
they did not approve of my interest
perhaps they are the protectors of these souls
settlers of the Outer Banks
this just occurred last week. I will be posting the video on Youtube. There are several anomalies...voices, etc. One of which is unquestionably a breath, sigh, inhale...that comes at the gravestone of William S. Stowe. I will add a link after I post the video.
let not your hope ever fall down
nor wear a frown
keep it growing
strong in showing

uplifting the spirits very well
with a cheery bell
it is sanguine
saying all's fine

so employ my upbeat message
for your usage
stay bright of tone
a buoyant zone
strangers become comfortable after a time
and the stoic faces of the old
are alive when they are free to tell their stories
this is what I live for
the stories

the orbs that roam the mountainside at night
many years after the crash that took all aboard
the lights that flicker same time every year
on a deceased husband's birthday
the cries of a child calling for her mommy
repeated each night
looped in time
down the halls of this 300 year - old brick house
where her mommy died from a fall

I have known the gentle touch of a kind spirit
and the angry wrath from the darkest of entities

I did not seek these gifts
they were given
and I follow with open mind and soul
for I live in the peace and comfort
of what this awareness provides
that there is more
much more
beyond this final breath
oldie - revised - based on my own experiences...yes, they are true
Persephone May 7
It's the grandest defeat of them all
She kisses your lips
And releases your soul
Snatching it from the home you’ve only known
For only a wish and cent
She will carry you to the dark world down below
She’ll be your only guide past rivers of screaming spirits
And the three headed hound who guards the kingdom of hell
Through these glooming gates
She will depart

And you will face the judges of fate
They will screech at the life you thought poured with everlasting innocence
And from the three realms they will decide your final resting place
But my dear, be warned, for this will not be the end
Aa Harvey May 6
As he walks on by, leaving you to wonder.

Walking home on a Saturday night, I saw a spaceship flying so high.
I tipped my hat and turned my back and I continued to walk on by.
You see I have already seen this, inside a memory inside my mind.
I have had this thought a million times, so I just let it pass on by.

A light burns in the distance,
As a comet flies through the Heaven’s above!
I cast a glance, a peek perhaps; nothing more than a quick look.
You see I have seen it all before, a thousand times or more
And all the wonder has disappeared, along with all the fun.

Other people do not believe in me;
They say I just tell fantastic stories that I create.
They tell me that I should just write a book of fantasy,
But I have never created a page,
That could ever shine as bright,
As the idea’s that you will find along the way.

Another morning after;
I awake with another story to tell.
They tell me that they are tired of the tales that I weave
And that they are no longer under my spell.
But that has never been my objective;
I never tried to change the way that you see.
A thousand non-believers have nothing to give,
To a wondering mind that has already been.

I want to believe in my own ideals
And follow a thought until the end.
They can disbelieve and question my words,
But they can never stop me from attempting to make new friends.

Maybe I can also speak the truth too;
Maybe not all I say is a lie.
Maybe one day you will see me disappear inside a cloud,
After a thunderous flash of light.

I have travelled over the oceans and I have walked under a moon.
I never thought to take you with me,
Because I thought that you already knew,
That I am just a traveller
And I am passing through your time.
Maybe next time I am passing through here,
I will try to drop you a line.

I would have liked to have taken you with me,
But it would have taken all of your hope.
If you believe enough in me, who knows?  We will see;
Maybe I could find a way to offer you a saving rope.
A way for me to lift your heart, when you are falling down.
I want to raise all of your spirits
And show you the universe, before I leave this town.

Some people say I never existed;
Some say I must have been a ghost.
The only man I truly knew, is unknown to you,
But he is the one I admire the most.
Some people tell my story, without ever knowing of his;
But I could never write an autobiography,
Without an acknowledgement of his tragedy.
I am living in his shadow, I have his memories inside.
I see an image of the man that I could have been,
But I must leave his body now and return to my life.

I’m heading off into the blue now;
I’m leaving you all behind.
I have left you with a memory…
As I leave you all to be mankind.
I’m leaving you all to wonder,
Who was the man that was talking that night?
And as I turn the corner,
I climb into my flying saucer
And I fly up into the sky.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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