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FunSlower Oct 5
As I forget what it is to remember myself,
I remember what it is I forgot…

Floating through infinity, divinity clings to me.
Shame claims my name as I recoil into you.

Sing to me now, the song we’ve always known.
The one we wrote so we’re never alone.

A single verse is enough; we’ll fill it with hope.

Hear her crying now, scrying from above.
Drown me with a starry night in love.

Startle me, constantly, sweet annihilation.
I’ll even let this ruin us, true tantalisation.

As we remember what it is to forget ourselves,
I forget what it is to remember…
Our Song
Sweet Annihilation
True Tantalisation
in scales
are in
glide in
the waters
of the starry
skies, the dust
of nebulas
move and
as clouds,
all is in
and the true
music of
Man Jul 18
You can describe
The awe inducing beauty
Of a sun kissed morn
Or of the towering, starry night sky
And never realize it's value
I was standing under the Starry Sky,
admiring the Sparkling Stars.
Kept winking at the Silvery Moon
and blowing Kisses to the Shooting Stars.
I kept wishing upon the Wind,
hoping that My Wishes led to U.
The Night, was cold and lonely
and My Heart, was missing U.
Life is made up of Night and Day
and I chose for Me the Dark.
Hoping Lightning Bolts and Thunder.
Would ignite your passions to Spark.
Loneliness often turns bitter.
When it's left alone for too Long.
It hangs it's Hands around U,
playing the Lyrics of a sadful Song.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2022
Between the two
is an eye
and the blue sky.

Still an unspoiled world
the butterfly
wings away.

The moonlit
starry sky
scrolls down the other eye!
Science holds keys, doors,
Black holes and symmetry.
Science is the gatekeeper
When it comes to facts and logic.
There is no place for science in the
Universe of imagination, science
Don’t own a paintbrush and could
Never be a Picasso or Van Gogh
No matter how many starry nights they glaze at.
Tanay Dec 2021
A stormy night maybe dark
But it ends,
When the rays of sunshine
Pierce the clouds.
Dark days end with a moonlit night
When the pale moonlight
Turns sand into silver.
The starry night guides the sailors who are lost.
The bard may die
But his songs stay alive.
Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2021.
All Rights Reserved
am i ee Dec 2021
Feline Love in the time of LEDs

“Honey, I’m just not feeling it”.
I said this silently to her, constantly.

“The moon and the stars and the planets
sing to me, an orchestra of nature and
eternal time intertwined.”

“Mother nature directing this divine symphony.”

“These new lights just don’t do it for me.”

Finally she noticed,
the great change in my mood,
feeling something amiss,
something terribly, terribly amiss.

She packed us up,
and into the caravan we went.

Rustic canvas over our heads,
wood burning stove next to our bed.

Ah, finally the life of traveling the paths,
living by the light of the fire,
the gentle descending of the night.

Tuned into mother nature’s time,
soft, peaceful and divine.

We traveled here and traveled there,
over many a year.

Then one night ,
One full harvest moon night,

High on a cliff,
Deep in the night,
Silent and still and cold,

She shed every stitch that covered her frame
And opened her arms to the celestial rain.

Rays from heaven pouring down,  
illuminating her shape,
saturating Earth’s lovely ground.

Dancing about,
surrounded by stars twinkling,
Milky Way flowing,
With not a trace of restraint,

The moon and stars and the night
sang to her soul,
sang to every fiber of her being,
sang to her every bone.

‘You see, Mother Nature knows the cycles that feed the soul.’ I  whispered to her,
in my softly purring voice.

‘This is what I have been trying to tell you for all these years.’

Waking from this trance,
She tapped out a message,
read it aloud,


I quit designing LEDs and the bright artificial lights
that destroy the glorious night.

I quit this nightmare of a job!
I quit this life of a thief,
this one of stealing the stars!
I quit this very night!

That is,
unless I’m allowed to design the
smart dark-sky friendly lights
that I so love now,
that bring such subtle delight.

She threw her smart phone over the cliff,
this device hurtling down so quick,  
shaking the very earth with each bounce to the ground.

As she stood bare under the moon,
Bare under the stars,
Bare under the planets
And bare to Mars.

For the first time in so many a year,
I jumped up sinuously,
right up,
straight into her arms.

she laughed with such joy,
hugging me close,
so close and so near.

My lovely silky fur,
warming her frame,
warming her heart.

Snuggled so close
and snuggled so tight,

I purred once again
out loud on this night,
in absolute delight.

The ground rumbled beneath
the two of us,

shaking and quaking
the earth so near.

The stars up above
twinkled with joy,
at this sight of loving tight.

Dancing overhead,
streaking through across the sky,
celebrating on this night,

one more little human
remembering again,
the magic and mystery,
of the black sparkling night,
spreading out forever above.

We danced together under the
rejoicing stars,
holding each other tight.

My sweet, now smart,
little human
and me.

~ the Feline
Hamna Apr 2021
There is a woman,
With heaven underneath her feet.
When I take a glimpse of her eyes,
I forget about the stars.
For the twinkle of her eyes is better than that of stars.
When I gaze at her lips,
I forget about the crimson of roses.
For her lips are far rosier.
When I hear her laugh,
I forget about the nightingale.
For her voice is far too merry.
But do you know who this woman is?
She is Mama the Marvellous.
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