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Allesha Eman Jun 8
I’ve been trying to leave in silence
Escape the ruthless routines
Take my belongings and run off in to the sky
Hide my fears and escape before sunrise
But every time I find myself half way there
The ground grips my feet and my eyes start to stare
And I find myself entranced by the wonders of the universe
For every time I run, I come back for another day
I try to leave in silence but I can’t seem to escape
every time I try, the stars block my way
And they always take me home, where my heart tends to stay
5 years later....❤️
YusufKudsi May 19
A ghost under the moonlight
A fairytale in a world of reality
She passed through me and took my soul
Left me with an empty heart and wondering mind
A cloudless sky in a shining day
A starry night in a dark day
Waiting for the moonlight to fill me again.
Erian May 6
Knotting my kite
I'd travel across cities
To be with you in twilight
'Cause whenever I'm with you
My worries fade
An echo from far away
Without you

I wake up every night
With the thought of you beside me
But that never is true
I miss you
From daybreak to daybreak
Without you

I love you
Louder than starry skies
And Blurry midnights
I'll always be there
To help you through
The times of endless fights
Without you

Without you
My strings unravel
Untying, untying
Breathing gone tight
Untying, untying
In diming sight
I can't take flight
Without you

I promise I won't be
Without you tonight
Without you tonight
James R May 5
Night stirs, stars surging
in the hushed & vigorous
That void, ambient
in its design, holds artistry
and grace. Stars burst through veil
and shadow,
highlighting an ebony spire,
whose apex threatens
with beauty beyond
Their juxtaposition, a dance,
of heat and light and dark.
a poem inspired by Van Gogh's A Starry Night
Arisa Apr 1
Starry night.
Little uneven polka dots -
Precious as pearls.

I fell in love with a star once.
But like the celestial marbles above,
He burned out before I could call him mine.

I make a wish on a dying star,
Knowing it'll never reach him.
Joyce Joadiyce Dec 2018
Our Galaxy
Like starry
Planets and stars
Moons to Martians

Copyright 2018 Joyce Joadiyce
Joyce Joadiyce Dec 2018
Under moon nights
The planet Earth star-lights
But we're of starry-like
Looking up nights the lights

Copyright 2018 Joyce Joadiyce
Joyce Joadiyce Dec 2018
A galaxy of world's
Stars to moons
Our cosmos

Copyright 2018 Joyce Joadiyce
aL Nov 2018
These eyes are entertained
By looking to these stars while glittering
Other wont even take a glance
While I'll sit and take my time waiting

For life is day and night
And I chose the dark
I still appreciate your lights
But the sky is where I look for the spark

I express my love for the rain
All my colors getting drained
I am stuck in this blurry sight
And wont be enough stars tonight

I will be perfectly alone kissing this filter
Cause you wont be needing me in your arms closer
With the smoke I inhale I feel so desensitized
This now is one of the side of my dice.
love for the ciggs
love for starry nights
love for cold rainy nights, too
starry and rainy nights could not co-exist
just like my babe and my cigarette
Girard Tournesol Nov 2018
Eternity combs my hair with stars
For those I've loved this long life
Oh starry, starry, starry night
Part me on that painted dawn
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