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Sterne sonder Zahl aus der Nacht aller Zeiten
in einem klaren Ozean bewegt ihr euch
wenn ich euch mit menschlichem Zeitempfinden betrachte
seid ihr im Rhythmus der Jahreszeiten ewig
doch wenn ich in längeren zeitlichen Dimensionen an euch
denke so weiss ich euch sterblich.
Die entfernte Stadt löscht ihre Lichter
in der dichten Nacht erscheint ihr mal zögernd,
mal überzeugt über den Bergen wohlgesinnt.
In eurer Herrlichkeit findet mein Herz seine Ruh.


Stelle, innumeri dalla notte dei tempi
in un liquido oceano vi muovete
se con il mio tempo umano vi guardo
al ritmo delle stagioni eterne siete
ma se con altri e più lunghi tempi a voi
penso come cose mortali vi so.
Spegne la città lontana le sue luci
nella densa notte incerte qui e là sicure
sopra i monti benevole apparite.
Nella vostra gloria riposa l’animo mio.
A poem of mine translated into German by Cornelia Masciadri and currently being published in Switzerland. I am looking for an English translator. I can translate into Italian and look for a space in a magazine in Italy for those interested.
Khyati Aug 20
.At 2 Am,
Under the starry night
We danced to the beats of our cosmic hearts
while our love, just like those fireflies,
kept on glistening so bright
Zye Aldehyde Jul 4
I love you because you demand your dreams into existence. I love you because you love the skies in peach, light orange and a shade of purple. I love you because you always made me think of the starry night when I'm with you.
Feyre Jun 19
I realized too many of us forget to look up.
To look up from our busy lives,
Heartfelt cries,
and see the starry sky.

To look up from our troubles,
Our adventures,
Our times had on this earth,
And see the twinkling lights above.

Do we take them for granted,
These stars?
The ones always there?
Do we forget to realize that we can’t always see them?
So we should drink them in when we can?

Drown in the eternal abyss that is the night sky.
Breathe in deep,
Until we feel like we’re on an oxygen high.

Fill our lungs with fresh air,
Our eyes with the sky,
And get lost in all that God has created.

Watch the stars shimmer and shine.
Watch them glimmer and glow.
Watch closely for the ones that shoot across that starry sight,
Filling our hearts with childlike delight.

Make wishes,
Say prayers.
Give thanks-
That God made possible each clear dark sky and star filled night,
Each starry sight we see.
What a wonderful site to see!
A chilly summer night, took a gaze up into the dark starry sky and there it was, something flashed upon my eyes...could it be?
It was a shooting star!
With so much emotion i closed my eyes tight, words trembling in my mouth as i try to gasp a breath, trying to remember the wishing words before making the wish.
I hope the wish comes true,
and if it does then we know magic is not just a dream but something rich to enter our rare eye siting seems.
I seen a shooting star for the first time tonight!
Run away with me to the
mountains; we'll find peace of mind.
Let's snuggle close together;
leave our cares behind.
Look up and see the stars shining
high above the trees.
They glisten like a billion snowflakes
alight upon the breeze.
lua May 11
i can see the night on her skin
each freckle clustered
like constellations
scattered throughout her body
on the very dips of her hips
to the dimples on her back
a starry
starry night.
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