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Nyx Lilith Nov 2019
the world is colourless
colourless, because it's abandoned
colourless, because it's empty
colourless, because it's dead
colourless, because salvation requires there to be something left to salvage.

selfishness, greed, the lies we told,
there will always be consequence
there is no one left to pin the blame on
because now, we are all guilty.

but there is hope.

after we are gone,
it will finally rain.

after we are gone,
the sky will slowly clear.

after we are gone,
a green stem will grow from the earth.

after we are gone,
nature will survive.

after we are gone,
the world will bring itself back to the prosperity
that it had before we came.

after we are gone,
the world will reconcile
it will return to what it was
without us there to destroy it again.

because, before we were gone,
we forgot that it was not the nature that depended on us
but we the ones that depended on nature.

perhaps it was time for us
to take our leave.

perhaps it was for the best
that humanity was its own fatal flaw,
its own destruction.
an ending note for the three-part poems titled as the past, the present and the future.
Azulene Azulia Jul 2019
I get no replies of smiles,
I walkthrough a bunch of colourless miles....
RVani Kalyani Jul 2019
Crystal clear sky of Green,
And that red coloured stream.
If the trees turn to blue too,
Will that seem beautiful to you?
What's wrong with this happening?
I've fed up with u people changing.
Blinded by progression u don't see the crisis,
I still wait for the day u admit that Nature is the basis.
A plea made by the nature's messenger/ nature's part to find nature's lost self.
We people have become so worse that we don't feel gratitude for nature anymore.
And we are not humans anymore either. In a par of civilisation,we are only focusing about the things that profit us while ignoring the nature's saddest cries.
annh Jun 2019
Is it not a paradox that her deception should leave her beauty so unmarked? Her winsome countenance - generously admired - leaves her suitors abject; mere puppets on a string.

Verily, the essence of her is as a tarnished trinket. For to mine own soul she appears as jaded as a ***** house quean. Her eyes which once shone with the light of truth unblemished, a colourless and infinite mire overgrown with the entangled falsehoods she has seeded.

‘Deceiving others. That is what the world called a romance.’
- Oscar Wilde

‘And we all know love is a glass which makes even a monster appear fascinating.’
- Alberto Moravia, The Woman of Rome
Rinasekhon Apr 2019
Looking at my lifeless soul beside the unknown lake
Trying to figure out what life was?
I poured my pen ink to this colorless lake watch it drink from the shore
I don't want this love no more
Even though it is the one thing that I was waiting for
But I am afraid to be alone
This trap suffocate my soul
Leading piece by piece
I thought my demons were almost defeated
But you took the silent and throw it away
I kept your secret thought you would do the same
Being held in this darkness
Where there is no light in the end
I was poisoned by that intoxicated drug
Waiting to engulf me
Life is to short... Just live your life to the fullest
“Engulfed in bubblewrap
Oh, he's a fragile gift
A colorless soul, some would say

For anyone could colour it
Most would paint over the lines
Some would never even reach the delicate corners

I know of one fine artist that could paint him
Her fine fingers formed with delicacy
For only she could grace him with panache

Regrettably, their paths would never cross
As she is engulfed in bubblewrap too,
And lives in a separate box” — Demi.M Potts
Viseract Apr 2018
I try, so hard, sometimes
To **** it off but they just multiply
Drilling right through me, my heart, a divide
Pumping black blood, oil fuelling my rage and I

Can't seem to get over it
I hold grudges like they worth more than spit
Nobody ever told me to quit
But the implications speak of decisions split

Some days I wake up and I'm just fine
Breathe in the air don't want to die
The very next day I don't wanna try
He tells me it's true but that ****'s a lie!

I know what I hold
And he just refuses to let go
He opens his mouth and I shut up again
I'll listen but that's just not who I am

That's not who I am
That's not who I am
That man in the mirror,  man in the mirror?
That's not who I am

Sometimes, I look up at the sky
See the clouds roll so free, so high
While I pay fees just to not lose my mind
Just to stay alive, sanity is the price

I feel like this world could just eat me alive
I feel like this world is too slick and sly
I feel like I could punch right through it all
Fake as ****, reality is just a wall!

A barricade, thrown up in haste
That's okay, well **** well played
I remember the voices just asking to stay
Like ******* Jigsaw "Let's play a game!"

How long til he gets mad
How long til he gets sad
How long can he stay quitely violent trying not to cause a riot lose himself so mindless!

That's why I have her
She helps heal my hurt, brush off the dirt
Raise me up and say it's all okay
A brand new day, let's clean that slate

And I know, if I hold her close
The world might just be a bit less cold
Gray and colourless, just brain dead
Zombified in the eyes just blank like the rest

My mood switches, I need stitches
Coz this is, a split lip, for the *******
This what you get for selling my soul
Without consent, now ******* all!

The pain that I fought, the courage I bought,
All to be told that I'm out of gold
What remained unknown was just who was at fault
I asked for forgiveness but I slammed the door


But that's life
I ask for the path it turns off the light
Knife on my lips and a silent hiss
"Here take this now add your wrist!"

That's not who I am
That's not who I am
That man in the mirror, man in the mirror?
That's not who I am

It forces my hand I stay poker faced
Wore hoodies in the summer just to have my tracks erased
Never said ****, never mentioned it,
Til I got spotted and I just had to slit!

A rose red drop of shimmering liquid
From a lake to a stream, so of course I was addicted
It is so beautiful, something so vital
Is the deciding factor between live or die uh!

And that's that
You might hear my words and think "he's mad"
"That's so sad, so sick and twisted
How the **** is the pain addictive!"

Masochism, I know right? *****
A bit too dark now you you question "who is he?"
Like the ******* ever knew, that's cute
More than just a branch, I'm a tree and its roots!

I've hid so much, so far down
Oftentimes attempted being class clown
A painted smile above my frown
Yet when you turn your head in this world I drown!

Yet worse still is when I feel nothing
So I have to cut just so I can feel something
I grit my teeth, jaw locked and crunching
I'm lunch for the pain CANT YOU HEAR IT MUNCHING?

That's not who I am
That's not who I am
That man in the mirror, man in the mirror, man in the mirror that man in the mirror
Man in the mirror that man in the mirror
******* I hate that man in the mirror
Guess who hates you and does not rate you?
I hate you,
Because that's not who I am!
Jayanta Feb 2016
There is a transect from colour to colourless,
There is a traversing from sunup to sunset!
A track from vividness to lifelessness!
Morning brings colour to life
Birds sign and fly, hark back splendour of work,
Butterfly invigorate redden of existence
Existence of life in the doodle nature
Every one blossom for breathing!

But we are waiting for dusk
Becoming everything murky
Than eliminate nature from life
Carnage everything with our manliness
and swollen with pride!
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