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Crummy Apr 27
Don’t you try to hide that smile from me
I’d like to be among the lucky who provide you glee
Let me in on all the places that you’d like to see, cause baby girl I’d take you anywhere you’d like to be
Express yourself, tell me girl what’s on your mind
I find it difficult to read you cause you’re one of a kind
Even if it’s just a peek I’d like to see your design
Everytime I search for love it’s always you that I find
And that’s okay with me; especially; when you’re all that I want to see, honestly; everytime you smile it’s like my remedy
Pouring all my heart to you in rhythm with this melody
Wanna wake beside you living all my days in ecstasy
This simply felt good to write
xavier thomas Apr 14
Life fulfilling; stay well fitted; support my crew; always giving

Yes I’m different; never trippin’; features cute

No interference; way to brilliant; God man fearing

Keep ya distance; don’t act suspicious; too ambitious

Swag be hittin’; can’t slow my road; cause I be winning
Beautiful Rhythms Of Love,
Vibrations of a touch,
Reaching deep in the dirt,
Are you a medium my dear?
My heart dead in waste,
You speak languages it hears,
Digging it out like diamonds bright,
In too deep I've lost this last rhyme.
Ha oh Muse, how I imagine your experience as if it exists, dont awaken my love if am not the one.
Ahmad Attr Apr 5
I said talk about love
My heart raced fast
I turned my brain off
But you were in your fancy car
You texted you were going fast
With wheels on asphalt

I said show me how you rev your engines
Pick me up
Drive through my city
Drive through the dark
My heart raced fast
I turned my brain all off
And We were in your fancy car
You said you want to go **** fast
Music on
Your favorite song
Ninety one
Going all night long
Drive until the dawn of morning star
We can go to the snooker bar
It’s all home wherever we go wherever we are
No such thing as going too far

But I said I want to talk
And you’re going too **** fast
Wheels on asphalt
You forget that I’m here
Wheels on asphalt
I shout but you don’t hear
Drive me off, let me go
But it’s getting crystal clear
You like showing off
Your money and your white car

I just wanted to talk about love
But you can’t have enough
Of your fancy car
Going all so fast
So I just turn my brain all off
Wheels on asphalt
A poem/song about toxic relationship
Arroys Mar 21
We are the apprentice's of life
The owner of the sins
The fog hides the truth
Our path seems to blurry
But the ego creates the light

We have been fooled
With the thoughts that us believed
Break through the brains, its pain
Yet.. we were enjoying it

We are just afraid
By the concept of the dark
The more we stay
The more it eats us
deadhead Mar 19
sauntering to the
beat of an unheard rhythm
invisible drum
Mariah Roy Mar 18
My ears love to drum, tisk, tisk, bang
And my lips love to hum sweet melody slang
Metal core and rock, my mind engulfs the </c0de>
Pen on marble desk, to perfect the wild tone

Freezing bleachers, cold eyed teachers, are no match for silicone bud
Blasting screaming hymn of men, a low decrepit thud
The lyrics match my mind and heart, thoughts pounding in my chest
With battered, bloodied, bruised soul I'll be miserable at best

Though music hurts, it hurts to heal, to hold my hand too tight
It pushes, pulls and drags me through the darkest days and nights
I shake and turn, tap my fingers to keep up with the noise
With shifty eyes, heart paralyzed, I think I'm paranoid
Allesha Eman Mar 2
I leave empty spaces of crowded stillness
In hopes that past promises can sew themselves
into the embroidered stitches
of your wise words
And you speak to me, unbound
A heavy heart in your hand
And I carry it, quietly, searching for its rhythm
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