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Meticulously making milestones,
Don’t chase me,
Dripping dropping side roads of thoughts,
My train is racing,
Until it is up end by life,
The beat and time I’ve worked for entirely,
season yourself
look for something sweet
illusion to some
challenge your love
it was in your eyes
you new it was there
noticing the reflection off my
spherical bodies
where the pupil is the judge
retina is waiting
passing along the thoughts
poetic rhythm
unspoken words
discernment in the subconscious
scrutiny creeping in like salt
added to concrete
will eventually crumble
into a sandy foundation
sinking you into self doubt
for my thoughts remain sweet
searching for unconditional love
for it will only exist
when parallel
universes collide
with belief
for what you think is unimaginable
is imaginable
once you decide
control your own destiny
you’ll rule your kingdom
like tomorrow doesn’t exist
keep it dialed energy doesn’t lie
The human heart

No need to wonder
Why I said

Hearing the rhythm
And the basic beats


They let me know
What to sing
Genre: Experimental
Theme: The Muse
Whenever my minds slips into this wondrous state
It's feels like I meditate

Space and time is just a rhyme to some
Look deeper towards the sun and you might find
That sacred place inside your mind
Easy for some
Hard for others
Here we are all sisters and  brothers
Let's keep the vibes flowing
These words are written with out even knowing
Anything about you
But I hope you relate to one or two
Change your  mind state, create
That place in side
So so close almost there
Don't be scared
It's like a game of truth or dare
Il be there
For you
And a friend or two
Just let me spend a day or a few
To get to know you
Let the rhythm flow
Unintentional I know
I just want to let you show
Me how you feel
It's not such a big deal
It been  a long time
I feel like life's a crime
People can learn alot listening to the chimes
Just somthing that came out
Ms Noma Oct 10
Veil your windows to the world
Stretch your arms and take a whirl
Feel your heart beat as a drum
Each soul can dance when music comes

Heads will bop in affirmation
Songs may bring us all salvation
Shoulders bopping to and fro
Feet are tapping fast and slow

Swish and swoosh of swirling skirts
The drums and tambourines are flirts
Enticing us to join the floor
And shake our bones right to their core

We dance and dance till morning’s here
Embrace tomorrow without fear
Soak the spirit of the songs
This is where our hearts belong.
Simra Sadaf Oct 10
I now fathom the
mus(e)ic I used to worship –
just words and no rhythm
JAC Oct 9
A headphone splitter cable
for a late-night neon dance

like fools to the rest of the world
fully content in our own rhythms

the lights swirl around us in streaks
as we peacefully forget we're not alone.
You breathed tenderness
Into my bones
With pumpkin spice kisses
And waves of sunshine,
Leaking through locked fingertips.
And for moments, gone too soon,
We were one hue;
Red and orange in deep tones
Making music
With the rhythm of every inhale
and ex.
A symphonic masterpiece.
Gyrating top
In sync with the cosmic rhythm
Shofi Ahmed Sep 24
Be heard like a

Cut through like a

Get it off the chest from the
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