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annh Sep 24
Outta whack,
Outta sync,
Wanna write,
Can't think.

Words dance,
Outta time,
Bad rhyme.

Lines smash,
Commas fight,
Vowels heave,
Rhythm's *****.

Verses clatter,
Phrases crunch,
****** muse's
Gonta lunch.

Gotta write,
Gotta pen,
Words'll come,
Dunno when.

Day's boshed,
Outta sight,
Gonna bed,
Good night!
‘Nonsense wakes up the brain cells. ...If you can see things out of whack, then you can see how things can be in whack.’
- Dr Suess
Anna Sep 5
Today I felt the heat
The sun's fire burned me
It was 34 degrees's day
Soft but sticky droplets of sweat
They were going down my back
While I was throwing myself under a shower
Into which water would soon enter
In Bethooven Rhythm
By touching your keys, my body
Your cold and refreshing touch
Dry air, puddle vaporizing
And all the steam I used to do
From my hot bath rise
It became tiny
Thin ice cubes
In the form of water
In rhythm of Bethooven.
"If for me you’ll go through strife,"

Says the Spirit,

"I’ll give you Life."
Quinn Adaire Aug 31

The beat
Of the drum inside


The rythym
Of this song
I will not lose


I cannot sing this song
Only my heart can sing it
And yours too
The song never dies
He can silence your laughter, make still your movement
And extinguish the physical
Air may fade until only a beat is left in your conscious mind
Lyrics taken from your lungs
But the song plays
It plays behind shut eyes
Triumphant sound the deaf can hear
Shaken from the depths of your memory by a turbulent bed
The song never dies
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