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marianne Jan 2
There’s no mistaking the hollow,
familiar ache
there where ribs meet,
soft valley
where grief gathers and pools—

so I close my eyes and listen close
to the throb, the
gnaw, the empty space

the beat and lull
the clutch and pull

the sway and flicker
holy breath

bitter tear, honey sweet
rain on drum
the ancient thrum

slick of moss, warmth of spring
the me, the us
the everything—

Life brings life, it wants to live
it heaves and swells
to rhythmic swing

the trill, the drop
the pulse, the pause
the rise and fall
the hallelujahs
when the rhythm of my grief, finds the rhythm of the Universe
m Dec 2018
outside the snow lurks
a cold dew kissing warm birk
and inside our house
the tealight candles will melt
a flame will flutter
against a fogged window pane.

oh how my breath stills
captured there in bright beauty
Pete King Dec 2018
I've always feared the little things,
Because they're what stole my heart.
At first they'd sprout it's tender wings;
Then tear them and off, and me; apart.

So, I learned to hide my fragile self,
Behind walls that no-one could breach.
My broken parts on the top of a shelf,
In a box, that no soul could reach.

But then, you reached a lone hand out;
Butterflies broke through my ribs.
Ten-thousand words that I longed to shout,
Rooted themselves on my lips.

The little things will always scare me,
That much may always stay true.
But you,
You crazy,
You utterly absurd
You punch-something beautiful ******.
There's no better feeling than being terrified by you.
One I'm hoping to develop. Part of my #PoemADayToKeepTheDoctorAwayButOnlyUntilJanuaryExcessivelyLongHashtagChallenge
Chris Dec 2018
Seek it and Don't resist it
Say more
Seek it and don't resist it...
Fate..Say more

Except for people you can't save.. Mislead yeah..
The rhythm and diamonds off
And there all flamed up

Don't need em to make a hit
Metaphor Metaphor
Let's run this ****..out..

No weary rest....
Unless ending it
They are who
U should be fine.

Off with the wicked...

Cause in the minds mind mind
Yeah that's right
I'm in the middle

Now you should accept the fact
This is how you reach the stars now..
If ur sure they serve the mark
Ill show the passion...
Mohannie Dec 2018
How does a poem sound
When there's no rhyme around?
How do words fit
If the end does not transmit?

Rhyme, time, chime, dime.

You could write with a rhyme every line
This could change how it sounds
But still make it all align
This is now a poem that is still confound

Write, change, light, range

You could continue this pattern
And it will always sound good
But what if you don't rhyme?
How does this poem sound

Different, good, bad, odd

A poem does not need these rhymes
All it needs is feel
Something that is special
And is powerful anyways.
Liv Dec 2018
You feel like
Soft music in the morning
Stroking my soul as I sip my coffee
And soak in the beauty of our life together.
Your steady tone and acoustics
Warming my insides
Before I walk into a brisk morning to start my day.
Your rhythm steadying my thoughts,
Bringing a prevailing smile to my lips.
Your lyrics reminding me of the wonder the day has to offer,
Knowing when the song ends, you’ll be wrapped in my arms where sleep will take us.
Only to wake to soft music again
in the morning.
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