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daph 7d
how the lillies sway with you
swaying with you— every move
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Silver morning light
And swaying trees spoke desire;
The pulse of cosmos!
Dani Oct 2018
Your touch gentle as a petal in the wind
Kisses soft as the morning sun rise
Slowly rising from the dust undisciplined
Bringing a comforting warmth to my thighs

Your smell familiar as a dream once dreamt
A sweet taste on lips kissing
Hands on my body gracefully you tempt
Long lasting moments of caressing

A love so kind, as a flowers tender touch
Leaves tumble outside tap tap tap as one
Tightly to you I clutch
Skin now hot like the risen sun

Burning the day in sweet harmony
Hips playing a perfect symphony

A scenic view of warmth and motion
A breeze swaying wild and free
Like a curling wave in the ocean
Holding on as an unripe fruit to a tree

A sunset slowly falling down
Releasing the day with a wink of light
Night settles on the ground
Your beauty is all I have in sight

Together we breathe in coexistence
Your touch more tender than anyone
Resting now with peace and silence
Calm night, for the day is done
AnActualToaster Aug 2018
13 drafts that I won't finish
12 insecurities, writing is worthless
11 full stories that I could've posted

10 minutes to write, rewrite each line

9 different feelings I just can't describe
8 hours a night I find ways to hide
7 little things that impacted my life
6 pieces of me that I've yet to find

5 o'clock they call, I've slept in all day
4 times I checked, I still feel this way
3 years ago, and I still won't say
2 more, I asked, caught in the sway
1 just for me. Just once won't you stay?
Remember that? I don't.
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2018
Nature is feminine by nature
off the man keeps a step away.
Touch it not but do not sway
eye on to this butterfly
que sera, sera on the way!
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2018
Mortal earth is a shadow
nothing lasts here evermore.
The inside is a complete hollow.
Everyone takes a turn sway not
360-degree it’s a flute!
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2017
Come bask in the summer sun
     let’s slip out fly with the butterflies!
         While white fluffy cloud-swans  
              dip in and rise, surge and fly
                 up the rainbow arc sway away
                    come down the blue harbour
                       ambling along shady lanes
                           cast your glance treat your eyes!
K Balachandran Jun 2018
Lush tree sways in wind,
Sun ☀️ sends cryptograms through it;
I am in their plot!
Though unaware one figures in the ever extending cosmic narrative
Helene Marie May 2018
I want to dance with you
Our feet will move
step by step,
with you guiding
the way
through moves that
we're making up
as we go

I want to laugh with you
as I stumble
and we fall
on top of each other,
barely breathing,
with aches in
our chests

I want to sway with you
as we clumsily climb
back onto our feet,
aligning our footsteps
until we're matching
in our paces,
with our smiles
spreading across
our faces

From dusk til dawn,
take me dancing
Annete May 2018
What’s it on my lips,
You want to taste?
What’s it on my cheeks,
You want to touch?
What’s it on my nose,
You want to smell?
What’s it in my ears,
You want to hear?

What’s it in my hair,
You want to pull?
What’s it on my neck,
You want to bite?
What’s it on my hips,
You want to sway?
What’s it in my hands,
You want to grab?

What was on my back,
You chased so well,
Thinking that in was just lust.
When, in fact, you’ve found
Looking straight into my eyes.
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