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Bullet Dec 2020
Corduroy Bucket Hat,
Correspond too that
The core to your heart
A pond
Stop skipping that
Shade around your
Keep in mind the light
in your optics
Know that the op-s-tic
Tock that got the sky
limiters chattin’ pishposh
Then pour your sun out
through the sourdough clouds
Imagine the bucket hat
Capturing all that
Static starch sound

My view of an old love song
Keebo Nov 2020
I’m at a party
With my best friends Mary, Molly & Charlie
I’m wearing women jeans and a fishnet tee
With a smile I got from a post memory
I slip into a whole new personality
Because the other me needs some sleep

I walk around
Like I’m the bees knees and not the sheep
But I do say the most ridiculous things
Like Ringo was the real star of the scene
I wanna live inside Slash’s hat for a week
And Jim Morrison really died at age 43

I’m feeling things
These people are ******* ***** to me
They only love it when your mental health slips
It’s one big party for them until reality hits
That’s when they drift and forget you exist
Isn’t life one savage *****?
Betty Jul 2020
In the olden days
Everybody wore a hat
Has it got warmer?
Dante Rocío Jun 2020
Because the light and shade
of fedora’s peepholes
shines hot
like a golden mosque;
How being caught up by something
so up close
stirs fullness
and feels of attention
Al menos algo fructífero sale de la canícula, por debajo de la fedora y sombra
Thomas W Case Apr 2020
I found this
old hat at
the Salvation Army.
I liked it, it fit well;
kind of Sinatraesque.
I've received lots
of compliments.

But it doesn't stop the
cats from screeching in
the night.
It can't quench my
It will never bring
my Mom and Dad back.
It's just a hat.

It can't fix my
relationship- it won't
break the horse or
Lautrec's legs.
It won't give Vincent
his cobalt blue dreams or
give back Poe's
Annabelle Lee.
it's my hat and
I like it.
Chandler Jan 2020
What hat should I wear today?
It changes every day
Garrett Johnson Oct 2019

The candy lights won’t come back on.
My boots have been swallowed.
The table cloth chess players.
Roped into hallowing out their arms.
It’s ok the blankets don’t know any better.

Garrett Johnson.
Opposite loft blues
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